People Who Dated A Psycho Share The Incident That Revealed Their Horrifying Character

We all have a little crazy in us, but some people cross the line. When someone you’re dating says or does something psychotic, it can be pretty scary; especially considering you’re often in intimate and private places with that person. But craziness itself is a spectrum—there are people whose behavior is just unsettling at best, and there are people whose behavior can truly be dangerous. It’s hard to know who a person really is just from a couple of first impressions and dates.

Many of us have our own stories of dating psychos. That moment of realization that you’re dating a nut may never be forgotten. These internet users share their often frightening stories about when it hit them that the person they were with was not right in the head. Perhaps you’ll be able to relate to a few of them. How fortunate if you don’t.

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#1 Chivalry Is Unnecessary

I once dated a girl who told me she never wanted the guy to pay for her dinner. I’m all for splitting the bill or alternating from time to time, but to never pay for it even once? That’s a little bit too much.

Maybe it’s just the fact that I’m used to being the one in the relationship to treat my partner. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if I were the one treated this time around… But it gets kind of awkward whenever I try reaching for the bill and she throws a mini fit because she assumes I think she isn’t capable of paying.

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#2 Phone Paranoia

A guy I’d been seeing seemed to be exactly what I was looking for. He was tall, athletic, a little bit shy, but a gentleman for the most part. The only problem was, he would get super paranoid any time he caught me on my phone. He would always be like, “Who’s that?” or “Am I that boring that you need to text someone else while you’re with me?”

I ended things the moment he told me, “That better be your mom or else.”

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#3 Killer Vibes

I had been dating this guy for a while, and I thought things were going really well. I’ll never forget the day he took me to see Aladdin. After the show, we went back to my place, and everything was normal. We were just talking, and suddenly he got a weird look in his eyes.

He said, “I can’t see you anymore. I’m afraid I might hurt you.” I thought by “hurt” he meant emotionally; like cheat on me or something. I kind of laughed and told him not to worry; I told him I was a grown woman. His voice changed, and he looked even worse. He said, “You don’t understand. I’ve been having these dreams where I hurt you. I mean really hurt you.” Then, he jumped off the couch and ran out the front door.

I never saw him again. I never tried to call him because it really shook me up. I guess I should be glad it stopped there. He just seemed so normal up to that point.


#4 If He Talks Like A Sociopath…

On 9/11, my ex and I heard about the planes hitting the Twin Towers on the radio while we were on our way to a coffee shop. After the second report, I said, “That wasn’t an accident.” He proceeded to call me stupid and rambled on and on about how I could possibly believe the plane crash was intentional. Of course it was an accident, he would assert, saying that nobody would do that on purpose. We get to the coffee shop, where they had wheeled out a TV on a cart and had it in the middle of the restaurant so patrons could watch what was going on. We sat and watched. Eventually one of the towers came down, as we were watching the live footage.

Immediately, I burst into tears. I knew I had just watched innocent people get hurt. Plus, my brother was on a flight when it happened, and one of my friends worked in the financial district in NYC. I was distraught. Anyone with any humanity would have been distraught.

He leaned over and put his arm around me. I thought he was trying to comfort me. Then he hissed in my ear, “You’re embarrassing me and making a scene. Stop crying or go sit in the car.”

That was the moment I knew I was done. We lived together, so I was biding my time and planning to leave. A few weeks later, during an argument, he pinned me against the wall and said, while laughing, “I wish I could punch you in the face right now.” The next day I packed my stuff while he was at work.

He was broken. He was soulless.


#5 Not Such A Kind Hippie After All

When in the shower, he casually mentioned he had two kids. We had already been dating for a month. He was 14 years older than me, and his kids’ mom had a restraining order on him. Before this, he was just a slightly eccentric hippie with a kind heart and a love for spontaneity and bike trips.
When I left him, he retaliated by pouring patchouli oil all over my door, leaving cursed voodoo eggs on my porch, and sabotaging my bike so when I went down a steep hill, the brakes fell off, and the bike crumbled.


#6 Who In Their Right Mind Thinks They Are A Werewolf?

She made out with her cousin, threatened to end herself, and then said she was really a werewolf.

#7  Spitting Is A Crime In Some Countries

It was a normal Sunday evening. My ex-husband had been without a job for a few years. He was well aware of the fact that I had to approve several dozen employees’ timecards before Monday so I could submit payroll. I did this every Sunday evening for three years, and the process takes about an hour and a half.
Apparently, he had some severe issues with me completing my employees’ timecard approvals after I had spent an hour cooking dinner for him and my son. As I ate dinner and worked, he started yelling at me to put my work down and pay attention to him. Before I could say, “I’m almost done, just a few more moments,” he came up to me with a full plate of food, took a huge bite of tilapia, chewed it up real nice, then spit it out all over my face. I was in complete and total shock. I couldn’t believe the man that I was married to would spit food in my face and all over my work. I just sat there in awe of it all.


#8 Breaking Up With Your Own Stalker Is Hard

He told me to text him my work schedule every week. He would call me at work and wait in the parking lot for me to come out at the end of the day. He also wanted to know how much I was making each paycheck.

One time, I texted him my work schedule, and he misread it. He freaked out non-stop for six hours, searching for me. He called my whole family and was about to alert the police. It was his own fault he misread what I had texted him. I broke up with him in public because he would not believe it when I broke up with him in private.


#9 Leg Trauma

She purposely hurt her leg, blamed me for the injury, and I got my butt kicked by her dad.

#10 Time Travelers Are Dangerous

She overdosed on her prescription medication and spent three days in a coma because she thought it was a safer alternative to being eaten by me, a supposed time traveler.

#11 No Means Yes

When I was 20 years old, I dated a girl who told me up front that she really liked it when guys “just go for it.”

Being a clueless boy with no experience, I figured she was kidding and didn’t attempt anything after our date. When I dropped her off at my house, she gave me a hard time for not heeding her advice. We made out, and she told me I should go for it next time.

On our next date, in my car, I had the sunroof open so we could look at the stars. I tried to make a move with her, and she pushed me away, saying, “What are you doing? Do you really think I’m the type of girl you can force yourself on whenever you want?”

To this day, I have no idea if she was just testing me. To be very clear, there was no way I was going to try anything after being told no. No means no means no, and that’s final.

The whole thing left me so confused, and this date wound up being the last time I saw her.


#12 Apologize Or We Both Die

Well, we were on the freeway one day, and I was driving. I said something mildly teasing, and she put her hands over my eyes and said, “Say sorry, or we both die!”

I did apologize, and soon after that, I removed myself from that relationship.


#11 Stage One Clinger

My friend met her at the bar, and he ended up taking her home. She decided it should be more than just a one night stand and suggested a date the following weekend. He obliged. On their first date, she took him to meet her parents. She told them that they were going to spend the rest of their lives together.
He dated her for about a month, and after they broke up, she started stalking his friends. Not him… his friends. She had somehow found out where we would be and threaten us with lawsuits for ‘ruining her life.’

#13 A Girl That’s Worth The Grudge

She was manipulative. I should’ve listened to her friend who warned me not to date her.
She did all sorts of stupid stuff to get me to buy her things. When I finally shut her out of my life, she threatened to get her dad involved. She was in her mid-twenties, come on.

Then, she bragged about using me for money to our mutual friends. I don’t generally hold grudges, but for her, I made an exception.

#14 The King Of Gaslighting Takes It Too Far

He’d get out his weapons (with the safety on), point them at me and go “Bang!” And when I’d jump, he’d laugh and say, “It’d be funny if the safety were off, wouldn’t it? Wouldn’t it?”

Then He’d gaslight me and tell me he didn’t do anything of the sort the night before. He was the king of gaslighting. It got to the point where I was seriously doubting my own sanity because he would deny everything.


#15 Living Multiple Lives

We were in a long distance relationship. While visiting him, I found handwritten love letters that were VERBATIM what he had written to me. The only difference was there were different women’s names on each one.


#16 Why Didn’t She Unblock Herself?

We were riding the train home from a date. I looked over, and she was logging into her ex-boyfriend’s social media account. When I asked why, she said, “I’m just checking up on him, I want to make sure he’s okay. He never changed his password.”
I asked why she couldn’t just look at his profile normally, and she said that he blocked her. She also said he blocked her number too. I had so many more questions, but she started getting angry and defensive. Plus, I still had a long train ride home, so I let it be.

#17 Never Trust A Woman Who Kills Animals

I took her, and her four-year-old boy to a carnival, and the kid won some goldfish. They were in a clear plastic bag like the ones pet stores use. The boy was super excited. On the way to the car, without saying a word, she slammed the bag on the pavement, bursting it, and started stomping on the flopping fish. The boy was instantly hysterical. When I asked her why she did it, she replied, “They probably would have died anyway.” Then she called a few weeks later to ask why I had not called her.


#18 Macho Much?

One day, I woke up to find all the men missing from my Facebook friends list, including cousins and uncles. My ex didn’t think I’d notice.

#19 Always Go With Your Gut

Was seeing a girl for a while and I thought I really hit it off with her. But something was really off, so I broke it off and tried to remain friends with her.

I found out later from her roommate that she was playing a long con with me and was only pretending to be into everything I liked in an attempt to domesticate me. Also, when I broke things off with her, she apparently got so angry that she smashed a shot glass against their door.

When her roommate went to sweep it up, she said, “No, leave it. Those are the shattered pieces of my heart.”

Safe to say I have no regrets and have never doubted my gut instinct since.


#20 He’s Either A Psycho Or A Mystic

He told me that he unlocked the unknown power of the universe. He began to cry as he described the day when he would walk into the nearby children’s hospital and heal all the patients.


#21 Flawless Logic

The police called me and asked if I had gone out on a date with her. They named every dinner and movie we saw together because she had kept all the receipts and was trying to use me as some kind of alibi.

Then they asked me to check the front page of the paper, and I discovered she had been accused of throwing a 4-year-old child out of an apartment building. And said she couldn’t have done it because she had been dating me and no longer had feelings for the child’s father.

It was about then I realized she was a psycho.


#22 The Girlfriend Test

Once he asked me to shoot him a text at 5 a.m. to wake him up. I usually got up at 7  a.m., so this was sort of asking a lot of me. Well, I set my alarm and sent him the text, to which he replied, “Yay! You passed.”

I went, “Huh?” and he just explained how it was all a test of girlfriendhood, to see if I was obedient and loyal. I said “Bye!”


#23 Some People Never Grow Out Of Tantrums

 She threw a full-blown temper tantrum in the middle of the store because I wouldn’t buy her a new dresser. My tire had just blown out, and I needed to buy a replacement, so her dresser was no longer in the budget. She called a friend to pick her up and left the store in a huff.

The next week, she called me up as if nothing had happened.

She was 33 years old at the time and was screaming like a 5-year-old because she didn’t get her way.


#24 Never Share Your Bank Info

I went out and got home to find her checking how much I had spent that night. She had accessed all of my online banking accounts.

#25 So Insane It’s Actually Funny

He tried to make me apologize to him for not caring enough after he cheated on me. He wanted me to buy him and his lover a pizza to make up for it.


#26 Omnipotence Is Not Attractive

We were talking once about kids and how he wanted to have them at some point. I definitely did not. He said that the reason why he wanted to have kids was so that they could revere him. He wanted to have that kind of omnipotence.
He also said that kids were great when they’re young because they’re so gullible, you can make them believe in anything. He just loved the idea of having that kind of power and control over other people.

It was sick and seriously disturbing that the only reason he wanted kids was to warp their minds.


#27 Saying She Has Trust Issues Is An Understatement

I went out to eat with a few friends, and I had told my girlfriend about my plans. Later that night, I saw a couple of her friends come in and sit at a table near us. They never ordered anything. They just drank water and sat there, occasionally glancing at us.

After we were done eating, we walked outside, and sure enough, I see my girlfriend’s car in the parking lot. Her driver’s seat was leaned all the way back, and I could see that she was in the driver’s seat trying to hide. By that point, I was already kind of weirded out, so my friends and I left.

As soon as we backed out, her car started backing out as well. She began to follow us through the parking lot. I texted her, asking what was going on, but she lied and said she was with her mom, hanging out.

Needless to say, I ended things shortly after that.


#28 Taking Jealousy Too Far

She took my phone while I was on a call and threw it from the ninth floor because she heard I was talking to a woman. My mom was on the phone.


#29 Two Partners For The Price Of One

She started pretending that she had a split personality and that her second personality was a guy named Darrel.

#30 His Secret Relationship Status Could Not Have Been Scarier

I found his secret social media page. We were married and just had a baby. His relationship status: “Widow looking for a good woman to help me raise my son.”


#31 Pregnancy Is Not A Joke

She told me she was pregnant. She told our families she was pregnant. She started to buy maternity stuff because she was pregnant. We even contemplated engagement because she was pregnant.

She was not actually pregnant.


#32 That’s A Burn

I missed a brunch date at the cafe because I overslept. She let herself into my house and poured hot coffee on me.

#33 A Hypothetical Murderer

We were on our third date or so. We were watching the sunset together by the hills. He slowly turned toward me with a smile and said, “You know I can easily end you here, dump you over the hills and nobody would ever find out whatever happened to you or who did it.” And then he laughed hysterically.

To this day, I’m convinced I was REALLY lucky to have survived.


#34 Some Things You Just Don’t Lie About

She lied about having cancer, so that happened.

#35 A Strange Form Of Revenge

I broke up with my ex. She slept in her car in the parking lot of my apartment so that she could rudely wake me up at 8 a.m. This went on every day for a week.

#36 I’ll Take Red Flags For 1000, Alex

On our first date, she started screaming at a guy when we were leaving the restaurant. He took off running. She stood there yelling all sorts of horrible names. I assumed the worst, and when she settled down, she informed me: “We went out a few times, then he said he didn’t want to see me anymore.”

#37 A Man And His Machete

He grabbed a machete and sat in my closet staring at me while I was trying to sleep. He said that if I tried to leave, he’d end me. The next morning, I convinced him to go to work.

I moved to a new state within a week. Just packed everything I owned into a truck and left with my dog. Best decision I’ve ever made.


#38 Film Foreshadowing

He had a bit of breakdown after watching American Psycho because he strongly identified with it and it made him want to hurt people.

#39 No Dogs Allowed

My ex wrote a fake number on my dog’s collar and dropped her off in a random neighborhood. She tried to justify it by saying that “it was a really nice neighborhood.”

#40 When Your Wife Is An Attempted Murderer

When I met my ex-wife, there was some talk in her family about a car wreck a few of them had been in a year or so earlier. Toward the end of our two-year marriage, she admitted that she caused it to try to end them all.


#41 That’s What Is Called A Truly Insecure Man

He said, “I can’t wait to get you fat, so I can wheel you around. You will be too fat to run away and leave me.” Wow, bye.

#42 Road Rage Is Better With A Weapon

He would ride with a weapon on the seat of the car and point it at other drivers during events of road rage.

#43 When “Bad Romance” Is More Than Just A Lady Gaga Song

I was driving my ex and I somewhere, and the Lady Gaga song “Bad Romance” came on the radio. I turned it up a little and started singing along. He. Lost. His. Mind.

He started scream-crying in the car, saying that I was sending him a secret message about our relationship.

I tried to calm him down, but he was convinced that I thought we were in a “Bad Romance” and that this was a telltale sign of some impending breakup. He was still inconsolable, and his parents had to intervene.


#44 An Appropriate Time To Ghost Someone

She wanted to try for children after a month of dating. When I told her she must be joking, she starting crying, claiming that I didn’t love her. I just said, “Okay then,” and ghosted.


#45 Sympathizing With Killers Is Not A Good Sign

He told me how he broke into the Columbine memorial site to put up memorials for the culprits.


#46 Take The Dog And Run

He wrongly accused me of stealing his money. He said he could no longer afford to feed his dog and threatened to end her. When I had the chance, I gave his dog to a friend and moved where he couldn’t find me.