People Share The Exact Moment They Went From Being Attracted Towards Someone To Completely Turned Off

The dating game can be a bit of a minefield. After all, in a world where you have to showcase yourself on trendy dating apps like Tinder and pray that someone swipes right just to make a connection, there’s a high bar for behavior and expectations.

Despite this, most people seem to understand the basic rules of being around members of the opposite sex (or the same sex for that matter). It’s pretty simple to be polite, pleasant and try and get to know someone else, right?

Well, maybe it’s not so simple. A recent survey found that many people aren’t finding their perfect match out there. Instead, they’re finding their worst nightmares. These people went from “hot” to “not” for someone in record time and we think you’ll agree that they cannot be blamed for this.

We’re glad the single life is behind us.

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#1 The Ultimate User

Got to her bedroom, and there are photos of her at the Colosseum in Rome with another dude hung up over her bed. I asked when that had been taken, and she said “Oh, that’s <Jack>, we used to date – he’s not over me though, so I let him take me on holidays. He’s such a sweetheart.”

I left.


#2 Too Close To Grandma

I was sitting on reception at work. Lady walks in and I’m like “Wow she is hot!!,” she gets closer and she’s wearing the same perfume as my Nan.

My arousal collapsed like a dying star.


#3 Because Being Hospitalized Is Nothing

When she posts a rant on Facebook about the argument we were just having.

I had literally just gotten out of the hospital for pancreatitis which is very painful and the only thing you can do is take some pain meds and rest while not eating or drinking for a few days. She wanted me to be at her house instead of mine, so I go to be with her while recouping.

The next day I go to check my Facebook and there I see a rant about me… “Oh my life! I can’t understand why a grown up man would sleep for 12 hours while I sit here waiting for some company!”


#4 The Guy Who Just Had To Go

2 seconds. I was on a date and the guy just said “I can’t hold it anymore” and pees his pants. I had made plans to hit that, but something about seeing a 20-year-old guy pee himself while 100% sober is just the ultimate permanent turnoff.


#5 He’s Too Close To His Dog

One second. The first date, he starts bragging about his new phone, showing me his music lists and such, and then photos, swipes through his photo album, cute picture of dog eating, cute picture of dog playing, not so cute picture of a dog licking his intimate area.

As shocked as I was, it was sort of funny the way he panicked. Have never seen anyone swipe their finger across a phone screen that fast… and then came the awkward silence… that was bad, I mean really bad. What are you supposed to say to that??


#6 An Education, Get One

“Reading is so boring. Why don’t people just wait for the movie?”


#7 Truly Disgusting

My friend and old manager and I were drunk and dancing at the bar one night. Nothing really bad, just the usual plus a little grinding. She said something about having a one night stand. A little while later she was sitting down and I was giving her a lower back rub, I started to get low towards her rear, and she said “careful, I didn’t check how well I wiped.” My intimate parts ran inside me like a scared mouse running back into its hole. Totally lost anything that may have been there that night. Still grossed out by it.


#8 The Iranian Flasher

He pulled his most intimate part out while he was giving me a ride home. Complete 180 in attitude, went from genteman to total knob.

Sam was a friend of mine from work. He quit but we stayed in touch. One day he showed up and it was raining. Now I and my husband had talked to him before about some of the parties we had gone to. Kinky parties. I suppose somehow this translated to me being easily available. He offered me a ride home, when we got halfway there he pulled his pants open and grinned at me. I screamed at him and told him to let me out. He’s still grinning in a very “prepare yourself” sort of way and says that we are on the causeway and it is pouring. Traffic was slow enough that I was able to get out and walk on the shoulder and I refused to get back inside. I walked down the shoulder of the Tuttle back to South Beach shaking in the rain.

He called later giving me some nonsense about being from Iran and not knowing how to deal with girls properly. Told him he was slime and never call me again.


#9 Engraved For Someone Else

When I saw the two tattoos of his ex-girlfriend’s name I was a little worried but he said he got them in high school and regretted them. Yeah, I get it, we all make stupid mistakes. It was a little later on I found out he got them after they’d already broken up. It was like every good quality he had just didn’t seem to matter anymore and I couldn’t get past it.


#10 You Have To Be A Farmer To Understand

I live in a rural farming community; take that into consideration as I recollect this tale.

Hottest girl at the party. Oh lordy, she was a cutie. She pulls out wintergreen chew and puts it into her mouth. Nope. Gross. Never.


#11 Too Much Of A Control Freak

She told me to stop associating with my friends, I told her to get out. Took about ten minutes.

To clarify, we had been dating for a bit (few months) and I still hung out with my friends of three or so years from school. She didn’t like me having friends who were girls. It wasn’t a fun day.


#12 Racism Is A Real Revolting Trick

My company hired a very pretty and sweet young lady. An hour after meeting and talking with her, she seemed almost perfect. But then she uttered the “N” word, with pure hate in her voice. I can’t even look at her anymore. I want her to quit.


#13 Halitosis Leads To A Turn Off

I used to have the biggest crush on this girl in High School. Her name was Cindy. We had a PE class together and one morning I was talking to a friend when I smelt something so very intense that it almost lit my nose hairs on fire. It smelt like curdling rotten milk that discharged out of an unkempt belly button. About a quarter of a second after, I hear “HIIII WILLBO!”

It took me a while to realize it was her breath. How could the human body replicate something so awful? I was dazed from the smell, but at least I was still standing. She was a pretty girl, but no amount of beauty will get you out of that horror.


#14 Sneak Thieves Are Not Hot

Finding out that they steal money from their struggling family to support their substance use. Yaaaa that’s an instant turn off.


#15 Use A Toilet Man

About to have some drunken fun together. He casually stands up while looking for a rubber and farted. Not just any sort of fart, it literally was the longest most awkward fart in history. My libido died in horror and I made my excuses and left. He never understood why. Seriously, guys, that fart needed planning permission. Just. No.


#16 No Chemistry Is Fatal

My last girlfriend. Every time we had relations there was a certain lack of passion in it. I couldn’t put my finger on the problem. Then one time she stops in the middle of messing around and says, “I NEVER do this” and starts to get more than romantic. I’m like cool. Then literally less than ten seconds later she stops and we go back to making out. At that moment I realized that we did not have any sexual chemistry and we split up shortly thereafter. Wonderful girl though.


#17 Rejection Is Hurtful

This one time I was walking down the road back home from the bar. I see these two girls approaching towards me both were very attractive. I said “hello” to these ladies I would have been attracted to. Immediately her response back was “Maybe if you weren’t incredibly ugly” — instantly my heart sank to know that’s what girls think of me and from there on have been pretty much turned off permanently.


#18 As Bad As Jar Jar Binks

She referred to Darth Vader as Star Wars! As in, the character’s name being Star Wars!

I’ve never been that unaroused in my entire life!


#19 The Dog Destroyer

In the time it took him to complete the sentence, “You should get rid of that dog.”

Yeah. My first introduction to an attractive, polite and briefly normal-seeming psychopath.

The next day he tried to hit me with a car.

We were 17 or so, at my best friends (Chloe) place. Drinking in the shed, playing with the new puppy and the 12-year-old dog, and me to learn how to play pool.

Chloe invites a guy over that she knows well (Tom), and he brings his friend (Steve). This turns out to be a pretty terrible idea.

Things are going well, Steve is cute and sexily showing me how to play pool – I’m sure you guys have all used this trick before! Until Steve busts out with,

“That dog is really old. He’s kinda gross.”

“What? Get lost he’s my dog.”

“No really, you should put that dog down. He’s really old and gross. I’d do it.”


Follows by a 15-minute conversation that still kinda haunts me to this day, revolving around how he wouldn’t put the puppy down yet because he’s still pretty cute, but detailing how we could turn it into a guard dog (no points for guessing, but yes, torture).

We kick him out. Tell him if we ever see him again, Chloe’s big brother will be enlisted to kick him around a bit. His friend is quiet, but says that he’s just joking – we don’t believe him.

The very next day, we’re coming back from a football game, walking along the edge of the road to keep out of the long grass. We notice a car coming up behind us very quickly – look up and it’s PSYCHO STEVE!

He floors the car and jerks the wheel over, but we pretty close to the footpath thankfully, and scramble between two parked cars.

I’m not sure if he really planning to hit us, honestly, or just wanted to really scare us – but he was doing about 100km on a residential street came close enough to us that we felt the wind from him passing.

We leg it back to her parents, but nobody would believe us.

If that guy had kept his mouth shut, there’s every chance I would have made out with a guy who tortures puppies.


#20 You Can’t Force A Kiss

Told me that if I didn’t kiss him he wouldn’t get out of my car.

Because everyone knows that blackmail is the way to a woman’s heart.


#21 Laziness Is A Turn Off

There was this really nice girl I met online and we started talking about my weight loss because I’d lost about 60 pounds from being like 260 forever ago and she was trying to lose a little bit of weight from her 155 or so. So anyway, we’re talking and she’s being flirty and she’s really cute, and I ask her what she thinks about a job, and she said ” My parents can just take care of me forever.” She was 20 years old. Instantly went from pretty darn cute and attractive to a 3/10.


#22 The Class Is Weak With This One

We were going to go on a date in New York City. She told me the only places she ever goes is Times Square, and she loves Sbarro.

… I wish I was making it up.


#23 Too Much Arrogance By Half

About a minute. My boyfriend of three years and I had broken up about a week prior, And I was just past the crying stage. Beginning to realize how much of a jerk he’d been and that maybe this would work out for the better, but still had some residual feelings.

I get a Facebook message saying “maybe we made a mistake,” and call him back. First thing out of his mouth? A smug, “look how fast you called me.”

That isn’t an attractive look on anyone.


#24 The Smartphone Addict

Being so involved in her phone that I have to repeat everything I say. It’s one thing to ignore someone to show them that you’re not interested, but to say “what?” after a 10-second delay is just plain rude.


#25 She Wasn’t Very Charitable

Went out to dinner with a girl, had a great time, and decided to grab a bottle of wine at Kroger and head back to my place for a movie. In the entrance to the Kroger, there was a guy collecting money for the Salvation Army. When that guy happened to make eye contact with us as we were walking in, she responded with “DO I LOOK LIKE THE KIND OF PERSON THAT GIVES A HOOT ABOUT CHARITY?!”


#26 Don’t Flaunt Your Privilege

I made a comment about paying student loans and she proceeded to laugh hysterically and go, “Awww, your parents didn’t pay for your college?”

Kind of ruined the mood.


#27 Just Be A Nice Person

I thought he was ridiculously hot when I saw him, then I overheard him talking with his friends and making extremely homophobic remarks.

Any attraction I felt for him quickly switched to contempt.

And another guy, I thought he was very attractive until he was a jerk to his waiter, complaining a lot and bossing him around like he was his servant. Again, all I felt was disgust for him. Being mean to waitstaff or being rude to anyone who is forced to wait on you for a living is just absolutely uncalled for.


#28 The Risks Of Online Dating

I really liked this guy I met online through a dating site. He was nice on the phone, kinda green when it came to relationships. We agreed to meet for dinner, and it went downhill. He gave off the creepiest vibes ever, and made my skin crawl.

I didn’t want to hold his hand so I crossed my arms. When I put my hand down for a second he grabbed it. I shivered. He wanted to introduce me to his family, he was treating me like I was his girlfriend like 10 minutes into the date.

I couldn’t wait for that date to end, and never contacted him again


#29 Her Powers Must’ve Been Off That Day

This one time a girl I liked tried to fix my sprained ankle with her mind powers by using psychic surgery. I appreciated the gesture, but seriously? We are still friends and I still like her a lot, but when we hang out and she starts talking about her conversations with angels, dead people, ability to read the future with tarot cards (and most recently that the government is trying to eliminate us with chemtrails) I remember that some people just aren’t compatible with each other.


#30 Warmongering Is Never Attractive

I’m an ex-marine and I work at the university. This cute girl would come in and I was planning on asking her out. Then, one day, she came in and started explaining how her mother was a DoD contractor that makes drones, and how she likes it when we go to war because then her mom gets a lot of money. She didn’t understand why some people didn’t like that.

All I could think of was the friends I lost, and how they didn’t get paid anything while they had to do all of the dirty work. She went from cute, bubbly blonde girl to a worthless in less than 15 seconds.


#31 A Religious Commitment

Just asked out a cute girl. She’s funny, good at drawing, and is pretty cool. Then she says, “If you want to take me out anywhere, you have to go to my church first.” Nevermind.


#32 All It Took Was One Joke

Went on a date with a girl and it was going okay – then she made a joke about “putting those people out of their misery,” referring to mentally ill people. I’m in school for social work and work with mentally ill teenagers. I had just told her this.


#33 Never Underestimate Proper Grammar

We met, talked for a while, seemed to have a lot in common and he was quite attractive. Then we started talking via text and his utterly terrible use of English spelling and grammar made me do a complete 180. It sounds horribly shallow, but I couldn’t get past the feeling that I was talking to an illiterate 12 year old.


#34 What’s Wrong With The Monkey House?

I started grinding on the dance floor with a 9/10. After a song or two her first words were, “so how much money do you make?”

I told her I was a zoo keeper and got free rent in the monkey house. Then walked away. (I am actually an engineer)

Uptown Dallas clubs have some real wannabe princesses. Hope they find their millionaires.


#35 Don’t Let Tom Cruise Find Out

I dated a girl I met on Myspace a couple times. She was this super hot actress chick with sexy body and a great smile. She’d recently moved from Holland to LA.

We had some awesome conversations before having a little fun, then ate breakfast the next day. Right before she’s about to leave, she sets a bunch of Scientology literature on my coffee table and asks me if I’d please read it.

The dissipation of my attraction to her was almost audible. Like someone let go of an inflated balloon without tying it off first.


#36 Too Much Male Energy

I have an interest in geology (collecting rock, carving rocks, you name it) and I foolishly picked up what I referred to as, “A really nice example of a large quartz crystal.” She told me that, “My male energy had just polluted her moon stone.” Noped out of there as quickly as possible.


#37 That Tactic Clearly Did Not Work

This guy I liked tried to make me jealous by texting me about how he is going to a bar to hit on teenage girls, which according to him is completely acceptable because he is “still a young demigod” at 29 years old.

Then, he tells me that I should be happy because he still wants to take me on a date, even though he could have all these 17 year old girls instead of me (apparently at 24 I am too old for his taste). Immediately realized I want nothing to do with him!


#38 Reading Is Not Stupid

Half an hour into flirting she proudly “admits” that she never fully read a book and even in school cheated by listening to audio books, because reading is stupid.

Instant turn off.


#39 A Typical Clinger

Had a few dates with this girl, and things were going really well. We were really into each other for the short amount of time we were dating.

Then one morning around 9 a.m. she asked me to come over to cuddle with her because her dog threw up, and she was scared. I explained that it was 9 a.m. on a Monday, and I couldn’t drop everything to see her. I assured her that the dog would be okay. Keep in mind we had only been out on a few dates.

Her response was to call me a jerk, tell me that I had changed, and then say she didn’t want to hang out with me anyway. Then five minutes later she changed her mind and begged me to come over again.

Thank you for the giant red flag. Goodbye.


#40 No Temptations

About and hour and a half into the first date. We were laughing and having a good time and he tells me. “I’m having a really great time with you, so I’m going to let you know now that there are some rules if we are to continue this relationship.” Relationship? I just met you!

He told me that I would need to get rid of all other males in my life. Right then as he watched. He wanted me to get my phone out and name off all the men that were listed in my contacts as I deleted them one by one in front of him. He believed that to be in a successful relationship both people needed to get rid of any “temptations” of the opposite gender. It would prove my devotion to him and him alone.

I wish I could say I came up with some witty and amazing comeback to make him see the error of his ways, but I just said no. He then told me that he must have been wrong about me and that I wasn’t ready for his level of commitment. Thankfully, we were outside the restaurant already at this point so I just got in my car and left. My head was still spinning while I was trying to understand how anyone could think this way.