April 24, 2020 | Maria Cruz

Men Share Gestures Their Partners Do That Make Them Melt 

You may think that your kind gestures go unnoticed, but men take note of all the kind, adorable things you do for them. Whether it’s taking an interest in their interests or simply hugging them in the middle of a video game session, these are some of the cutest things men have seen their significant others do.


#1 Leave the Light On

When I have late meetings, my partner turns on one specific set of lights underneath the cabinets in the kitchen. We never really use them otherwise, but they're perfect to come into the house so it's not too dark or too bright. For some reason, I just really appreciate the gesture. Sometimes, it’s the small things that make the difference.


#2 Ah, I’m Going to Cry

My significant other cries very easily. Those sad "For just a penny a day" commercials? She cries without a doubt. I love that she's in tune with emotions so much. But the thing that melts my heart the most is that, when these cries start, she'll look up and tilt her head back and go, “Ah, no I'm going to cry" as her eyes well up with tears. It's ridiculously adorable.


#3 Overseas Message

I needed to go overseas for a while and, unfortunately, I was still away on my birthday. But that year, my partner actually made a "50 things I love about you" notebook and read it to me over video chat. I can’t think of a time I’ve ever felt more loved. It was hard to hold the tears back until after we hung up.


#4 Touchy-Feely Person

How physically affectionate she is with me, she's just a very touchy-feely person. Being cuddled up on me is the default. The other day, we had our monthly finances meeting at the kitchen table. When she left the room to put our child to bed after they fell asleep on the couch, her hand brushed over my neck and shoulders. Coming back, there was more contact. Simple things like that.



#5 Every Step of the Way

I did a half marathon once, but I didn’t train enough and am fairly overweight. I told my wife that I’ll be happy to hit 16 km. She appeared at the 10 km mark with our eight-week-old daughter and then at 12km mark, 14, 16, and 18. Each time I felt like giving up, I remembered she could be around the corner and didn’t want to let her down. It felt amazing.

runner-male-running-joggingWallpaper Flare

#6 Weather Girl

So, do you know how some people enjoy talking about random pop culture references or hobbies that no one else is interested in? Well, my partner likes talking about the weather, though I don’t know anyone else in the world who enjoys talking about that. However, I find it so adorable and I love humoring her.


#7 The Sweetest Sound

My girlfriend hasn't realized yet that most of the stuff that we watch are comedies, stand-ups, or have comedy elements because every time she laughs hard out loud, it's the best sound in this entire world. I'm never going to tell her either, so that that way, it'll always be genuine when she continues to laugh.


#8 A Kind Word

Her just being her really. She is a small, freckled, Ukrainian girl with bright blue eyes and a smile that stretches on for ages. She’s gorgeous far beyond what I deserve. She lets me lead our life just trusting that I’ll make the right decision and makes me feel handsome every day. Everything that comes out of her mouth is kind and makes me feel valuable. That's why she’s my wife.


#9 Come Back Here

On mornings where I wake up before she does and I’ll check my phone or something, she will barely wake up just enough to turn over, grab my arm, and roll back over so that I’m cuddling her again. She’ll then fall back asleep and it makes me so happy. I just love her so much and it’s things like this that remind me of it.



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#10 Naked Hot Dogs

Several come to mind, but my corny dad jokes make my wife laugh so hard. Talking about hot dog toppings, my friend said he likes his "hot dogs naked." I said that's cool, but he should put some clothes on next time. Low hanging fruit if you ask me, but she lost her mind. I just watch her laugh and it fills my heart with joy.



#11 The Perfect Partner

He is genuinely just… my perfect partner. He’s my best friend. He’ll come home and surprise me with a bottle of my favorite wine. He’ll snatch my towel and throw it in the dryer while I shower and then bring it back to me all warm and fluffy. He drives everywhere we go because I hate driving. I’ll wake up to him kissing my shoulder. He tells me that I’m perfect in his sleep (this is equal parts sweet and hilarious). We both do everything we can to put the other’s wants before our own, which is why I think we are so happy together.

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#12 I Am Watching

My favourite thing in the entire world is when we watch a movie on a Friday evening with a few decent drinks. I know full well that she’ll eventually fall asleep with her head on my lap about five minutes in. Occasionally, she'll wake up, ask a weirdly specific question about the movie and then doze off again.


#13 Proud of Her

She cares for our kids. She was told that she would never have kids and she couldn’t shake that idea. She met me after two failed marriages. We didn’t think it would go far, but here we are, about to celebrate our sixth anniversary with two boys. She really takes parenting seriously, and for that, I go from dad to sitting on the couch with a tub of ice cream watching The Notebook mode real fast. I’m proud of her.


#14 Return the Turtle

I love practically everything about my wife, but perhaps my favorite thing about her is her compassion for animals. The other day, we were driving away from the lake when we spotted a turtle in the middle of the road. My wife made me pull over the car so we could take it back to the water so that it wouldn't get hit.


#15 Going for a Ride

My partner is quite a bit smaller than me (I’m 6'3" and she’s 5'3"). She loves being picked up and carried around. She can pretty much climb right up on top of me without me even helping her. Once she gets herself up there and I put my arms around her to support her, she always makes this really adorable sigh of contentment and hugs me back really tightly.


#16 Echoes Through the House

For some reason, my significant other thinks that I’m hilarious. For example, sometimes I’ll be telling her a simple story and she will actually start tearing up, holding onto her sides. Honestly, I suspect she even goes number one a little. I like how she laughs too, it’s a hearty laugh that echoes through the house.



#17 Genuine Sincerity

Seeing her sincerity in serving me (which is, of course, reciprocal - or one tries to be). Offering me things (like a massage, food, bath, etc.), bringing me whatever, helping me with things (like my job), and making herself available to me. She's trying hard to be a good wife and I see it. I try to serve her as best I can too.


#18 Stop Trying to Leave

She works early, so she’s usually asleep much earlier than me. While I’m up laying next to her, she always has to have an arm or leg or something wrapped around me. She also occasionally pulls me in and will jokingly say something like, “Stop trying to leave me.” It seems like something pretty small, but I absolutely live for it.


#19 Surprise Steak

When I lived in Florida, I saw a girl who lived pretty close to me. One day, I mentioned that I wasn't feeling well before work. Well, I got sicker as the day went on. I got home at 7.30 p.m. and she was standing in the kitchen, cooking steak dinner for the two of us. My roommate had let her in. It was one of the best dinners I've ever had.


#20 Top-Tier Gift Giver

Probably the amount of effort that she puts into my gifts. She never had much money growing up, so she gets really creative when she makes presents for me. She makes these huge scrap-book style anniversary books for us where she'll put movie ticket stubs, draw pictures, write quotes, and all kinds of other stuff.

I love these things so much. She hand-makes cards for me as well. But probably the most meaningful gift she's ever given me has been a video she spent days making. She pieced together videos and pictures of memories from Snapchat and our time together and put music behind it. I'm tearing up just thinking about it.


#21 Name That Song

Every now and then, we’ll be laying in bed and out of the blue, she’ll ask me if I know this song. She then looks me in the eye and starts humming. To be honest, it sounds the same every time, but she looks me in the eye trying so hard to get me to figure out what song it is. We have known each other since we were 10 and I have not once been able to guess what song she’s thinking of. It does remind me that I still have the same crush on her as I did the first day I met her and told her I was going to marry her one day.


#22 Pause for a Laugh Break

Occasionally, whenever I've got my mind on something or am busying myself with a task, she'll stand in front of me as if it's purely coincidental. Then she’ll move to remain in my way until my attention shifts back to her. It always makes me laugh and reminds me that she is totally willing to derail my train of thought so that I'll pay attention to her. I know this sounds incredibly needy, but it's all in the context of her knowing when I'm stressed and need a laugh break.



#23 Constant Surprises

In the morning, she’ll come to wake me up by snuggling up against me and gently rubbing my arm. She’ll then, ever-so-softly, tell me that it’s time to get up. Sometimes, at night, she’ll bake a dozen cookies and bring me some as a surprise. She’s also been known to hide bags of M&Ms around the house for me to find.


#24 Still Loves Me

When she calls me out for stupid things I do. For instance, she was cleaning the house yesterday and moved the coffee table. Underneath, she found about six pairs of my shoes that I've been stashing there. Of course, she's going to nag a bit. But, she knew I was like this when she married me and she still loves me.


#25 In It Together

My girlfriend suffers from horrible panic attacks and depression. Still, even when she feels like garbage, she’ll give me the biggest hugs and kisses. It makes me feel humbled, loved, and amazed that someone who goes through so much wants me to be happy even when she isn't. We’re going to fight her depression together for as long as it takes.


#26 Big Brown Eyes

I am a lot taller than my wife, so what she does is come up to me, hugs me around my waist and rests her chin on my chest. She then looks up at me with big brown eyes and I’m powerless. She does this knowing I know it's a power manipulative move, but I fall for it every time. It's been 16 years and that still works as well as the first day.


#27 Cheetahs Are Cute

How he cries at music, Disney movies and one time just because “cheetahs are so cute.” He has this beautiful goofy crooked smile. He'll tell me about things he's excited about over and over again and I love it just because I love seeing him so happy. He'll surprise me with little treats when he knows I've had a bad day. And, he's the absolute best little spoon.


#28 Please Do Disturb

I love it when my partner comes up behind me while I'm playing video games and gently wraps her arms around me. She’ll also put her head beside mine and just stay there for a moment. To me, it says, “I love you, but I know you're in the middle of an intense fight and don't want to disturb you.” I love her consideration.


#29 Still in Awe

The fact that she even exists around me. Sometimes I just stare at her while she sleeps and I’m in awe that after everything, she still stands by my side. I've done some dumb things, I've said some dumb things, and I've put us both in financially terrible situations that still keeps us down. But, even living paycheck to paycheck, she's stuck with me through it all.

One day, I'm going to get us out of this trailer and give this girl the world and everything she deserves. I don't think my heart could take it if I ever hurt her again. She's my absolute world and it's painful to me that I ever treat her any differently. Her smile. Her eyes. Her love. That huge heart of hers. I just love everything about that girl.


#30 Sharing Breakfast

When she makes me breakfast or somehow acquires it to share with me. It sounds silly, but knowing that I was on her mind while she made herself breakfast really gets me in the feels. And honestly? This could be something as elaborate as pancakes with eggs and bacon or, like, a simple croissant from Burger King.


#31 Squeak at the Peak

When she’s napping and subconsciously pushes her head into my chest, or tries to get closer in general. Or when we’re both in bed and I wake up to her trying to hold my hand in her sleep. Also, when she yawns, a tiny squeak comes out at the peak, it makes my heart swell a little bit. Sometimes, she’s on the verge of falling asleep, and she reaches a state of delirium that makes her forget almost everything that happened until she’s asleep.


#32 The Warmest Feeling

If I put my arm around her as we are walking, sometimes she puts one arm around me and the other on my chest. Then, for whatever reason, when her hand touches my chest, I get the warmest feeling. There are probably countless other things she does to make me smile and feel great, but this one is the simplest and the one I always think about.


#33 Keeping the Card

My wife made me a “50 reasons why I love you” card. Each card was connected to a big keychain ring. I work the night shift and she left it on the counter for me when I got home. I bawled like a baby. I leave it in my winter jacket so, after the summer and fall, I forget about it until the next winter. I've done this for the past two years. Each winter, I cry when I see it again.


#34 Wake Up Call

When we first started dating, I woke up in her apartment and she wasn’t in bed next to me. I rolled my eyes because my last relationship was a four-year downer where my ex would wake up in a bad mood and start cleaning or getting ready for work. So, I checked my phone, still annoyed, but it’s nothing I haven’t already experienced.

I got out of bed and as I opened the door, I heard the sound of eggs being whisked. I went to inspect the kitchen and it was her cooking breakfast. It was something I never expected anybody to do for me in a million years. It turned my heart into a warm goop the moment she asked me to sit down and placed a cup of coffee on the table in front of me. I married her almost an exact year later.

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#35 This Kitchen’s a Mess

She doesn’t play video games, but she recently mentioned how she used to love Diner Dash . So, I downloaded Overcooked on PS4 and played all day. We kept joking around during it, saying the levels were horrible working environments and one of the things we’d say often was, “this kitchen’s a mess” in a very serious, concerned manner. We went out to eat that night and it was particularly busy, so the service wasn’t as good as normal. She just looked at me, sighed and said, “This kitchen’s a mess.” I just about lost it. She’s so cute sometimes.


#36 Gawky and Graceful

I'll make pots of stew or soup in a good size pot. My wife will then come through and just kind of lean forward, pigeon-toed for some reason, and stir it while getting a whiff of what's cooking. It’s inexplicably gawky and graceful. It just kills me to see that. don't know either, but it's always the little things.


#37 Getting to Sleep

My wife is lovely and really adorable. One of the cutest things she does is that she cannot fall asleep unless she’s lying on my chest. It's gotten to the point that when either one of us travels, I struggle to fall asleep because she’s not snuggled up against me with her head on my chest. Sometimes she drools… but I don’t mind.

Couple_lying_on_grassWikimedia Commons

#38 Cards on the Wall

Whenever I have exams to do or I'm stressed or for any really good or bad situation, my partner makes these cheesy hand-made cards. They're really what get me out of bed in the mornings. I have every single one that she’s ever given me posted on my wall. I probably don’t deserve someone so wholesome, honestly.


#39 Dealing with Tough Days

We're in a long-distance relationship and every time I leave his house, he packs a little snack bag for me so I have something to eat on the journey back. Whenever I have a tough day coming up, he always writes me cute and supportive good morning messages so I can start the day on a good note. He also made a playlist for us to add songs we think the other would like. He makes me laugh so much and really just goes out of his way to make me feel happy and loved.


#40 Under the Sheets

My wife and I have been married for almost 30 years at this point. I'd say there are a variety of things that make me so happy to be with her. But, many times after I get up from bed, I just look at her laying under the sheet and how the curves of her body are revealed. I then remember how utterly lucky I am.


#41 All-Time Favorite Gift

I think there's nothing I like more in this world than watching a movie with the person you love and just cuddling in your pajamas. It feels so nice. Also, I collect empty bottles. They're not rare or anything, but they all hold some sort of memory of an event in my life. A girlfriend once gifted me a mezcal bottle, but she hand-painted it. It's one of my all-time favorite gifts.


#42 LEGO Collector’s Edition

I noticed that LEGO had made a new collector’s edition Y-Wing set. I looked at her and gave her a face since I was going to let her know that we wouldn’t be able to eat out for a couple of weeks to let the budget recover. Before I could say I word, her reaction was, “I’ll buy it for you, don’t worry.” I didn’t let her, she has tires to think about, but my heart still melted.


#43 Dog Names Itachi

She pays attention to all the stupid nonsense I say. Yesterday, I was talking about how I wanted a dog named Itachi. I woke up this morning with a message saying something along the lines of, "In the future, it will be you, me and Itachi being happy." It honestly just makes me love her even more than I already do.


#44 Happy Tears

My partner writes me these little poems. They're usually for special occasions, like our anniversary, a birthday, or Christmas, etc. But every so often, she'll write me a poem and email it to me and it's the first thing I see in the morning (we're long-distance). Whenever I see them, I break down in happy tears.


#45 Super Aligned

I like that we can go out to eat and there’s a completely 100% understood rule that a bite of what’s on each other’s plate is up for grabs at all times. (Unless it’s macaroni. We don’t share our macaroni.) I also love how passionate she is about her hobbies and interests, and that she enjoys telling and showing me daily. Our sense of humor is also super aligned and she puts up with my occasionally awful dad jokes and puns otherwise.


#46 Lunch Every Day

When we first met, we were 10. I was really poor and my mom didn't do the free school lunch program thing for me. (Let's just say that my mom wasn't there most of the time, if you catch my drift.) From the age of 10-16 (We started dating at 13, we're 19 now), she made me lunch every day. Sometimes, that was my only meal of the day. Thinking back to it reminds me of why I fell for her.


#47 Soft, Sweet Voice

When she finds something cute, her voice gets softer and she does this shy smile that I can't explain. She already has this soft, sweet voice, but when she finds something really cute, it gets really soft, content, and small. She’ll then smile up at me and hug me tight. Getting to see that every day is my goal.


#48  Blanket Hog

She's the worst blanket hog ever. Not only does she hog the blanket, but she does this thing where she tucks it in everywhere, so you have to really pull to get it. One morning, I let her know that I was freezing because she took the blanket. Since then, I’ve caught her touching me in the middle of the night to see if I'm covered and she'll put the blanket on me.

1024px-Seated_couple_snuggling_(Unsplash)Wikimedia Commons

#49 Feel So Loved

My wife brings tears to my eyes every birthday, anniversary and Christmas. Her gift-giving is beyond thoughtful. She remembers things I mention in passing several months before and turns them into awesome gifts. My birthday was last week and it made me realize that I could never love her as much as she loves me, it melts my heart to feel so loved.


#50 Taking an Interest

She makes an effort to get into my interests. She followed the entire NBA season with me and learned about the whole league so she could talk about it with me. She follows my interests on social media just so she could be informed and talk to me about it. At least, that's what I think. She may just really like all of that stuff now, but I love her and this is what I tell myself.


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