October 13, 2023 | Scott Mazza

Best Friend Breakups

BFFs don’t always last forever, and even the best of friendships can end in the worst ways. From unpaid debts to spreading gossip, these people took to Reddit to share the most memorable and infuriating reasons why they broke off a friendship.

1. Wild Support Payments

I found myself almost $5,000 poorer because of a friend. He was in deep trouble, dealing with a harsh breakup and requiring money to sort out child support issues. He spun me a story about an unexpected child support deduction that left him without enough money to cover his monthly bills and rent. 

Over the course of three weeks, I gradually lent him a total of $5,000. This was during the same period that my wife and I were preparing for our own wedding, so we also had a laundry list of expenses to handle. But helping a friend in need trumped all and so I prioritized his needs. Later, however, the bleak truth about him surfaced.

Some common friends disclosed to me that he had been blowing the money on high-end living and several luxurious weekends with women. On confronting him, he admitted not having the ability to pay me back and soon began avoiding me. 

As life would have it, I relocated after my wedding and he ended up severing ties with our mutual friends once the truth about him came out. A decade-long friendship was nipped in the bud, just like that.

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2. Son Of A…

In 2021, my best friend and I decided to take a short break of four days to New Jersey, along with our kids. 

She had her eight-year-old son, while I brought along my four-year-old daughter. However, our vacation was absolutely ruined by the unpleasant behavior of her son who had absolutely no respect for anyone, used inappropriate language, and maintained a quite unfriendly attitude, giving my little girl an especially hard time throughout our trip.

Everything boiled over on the third day's morning when he rudely snatched a cereal box from my daughter's hands, causing her to burst into tears. If that wasn't enough, he even smacked her on the head. I couldn't let his behavior slide anymore, and I tried stepping in to discipline him. But my friend didn't take kindly to it.

She defended her son, evidently placing the blame on my daughter, who she branded as a "whiny baby". Unsurprisingly, this sparked an argument between us. I decided it was time for us to leave, so I quickly gathered our things, ready to make an exit. 

Afterwards, without uttering a single word to either of them, we embarked on a four-hour silent drive back home. Upon reaching her home, I promptly dumped their luggage onto her front lawn and sped away from her property in my car.

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3. Jurassic Snark

I ended my friendship due to numerous minor incidents that eventually grew to be unbearable. To give you an example, about seven or eight years ago, my friend purchased 15 tickets for a midnight premiere of Jurassic World, intending to take our entire circle of friends.

However, on the day of the screening, he sent me a text message saying he had neglected to buy my ticket, meaning I was unable to join them. With 15 tickets already bought, how did he happen to forget to purchase "my" ticket? As it turns out, he had given my ticket to a girl he had met the previous week to accompany him to the movie. That incident was just the tip of the iceberg.

While all these incidences seem minor in isolation, these hundreds of minor transgressions signified a cold, har truth: that I wasn't really their friend anymore.

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4. Two In One

My mom was friends with a woman who had a son about three to four years younger than me—but we ended up being friends. Truthfully, I merely put up with him. He was a troublemaker with a foul tongue that his mom never tried to discipline. He was spoiled rotten, getting away with anything and everything—until he crossed the line.

On a sunny summer day, we’d just returned from an outing. Unluckily, I had found myself on my mom's bad side and was sent to cool off with a timeout on the front porch as our moms headed inside. With me confined to the porch, the kid brought out my toy cars. I sat there, feeling utterly powerless, as he began to chuck my cars at me. 

With each throw, he tossed a nasty insult my way too. Fed up with the bruising barrage, I snapped and flung a car back at him. He exploded in a piercing screech and a storm of tears. But, as the day wore on, it would turn out he wasn't the only one to lose a friend.

His mother darted out of the house, swept him into her arms, scolded me, and bolted away in her car. On realizing what went down, my mom inquired, and I laid it all out for her. She understood why I retaliated, and called his mother to straighten things out. But she refused to listen and abruptly hung up. 

Just like that, the episode was over.

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5. A Friendly B&E

This was my final year in a country I'd called home when a summer vacation back in our native land got abruptly shortened. A phone call informed us that our house had been invaded and looted, necessitating our immediate return. 

That day, a friend confided in me that he had witnessed officers around our home, expressing his hopes that everything was alright. The scene that greeted us back home was devastating—belongings were snatched, furniture was shattered, wardrobes were toppled and totally empty. 

As a result, my family sped up our plans to move out from that country, and that was it. Around a year after this incident, this same friend sent me a comprehensive email apologising, confessing it was him and his gang who were behind the whole thing. He knew who was at fault, but chose to conceal their identities.

We handed over this evidence—the incriminating email—to the authorities and they interrogated him. He definitely didn't get away with it.

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6. DU Why?

My buddy ended up with a DUI when he was out driving my car. Afterwards, he tried to cover it up and made up a story about why my car had gotten towed. However, his lies didn't end there. 

He fabricated another story about misplacing his license, and out of the blue, he decided to go eco-friendly, claiming he was walking everywhere for some physical exercise. Then he went on to accuse me in front of our mutual friends, laying the blame on my expired car registration. 

When I had the courage to question him about these lies, he just kept piling them on.

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7. Neutralize The Threat

My best friend since the second grade really upset his girlfriend just by attending my birthday bash. He'd always been so close to me that even my parents and grandparents adore him immensely. The morning after my celebration, he rang me up. I couldn't believe the words coming out of his mouth.

I could discern her voice behind the heated demands he was making—deleting all the photos from my birthday and severing our friendship. He followed her commands, blocked me across all platforms, and I couldn't help but feel devastated for a few weeks. It still brings me to tears even now as I write this. 

I was the person he first confided in about his relationship. Whenever we met or spoke on call, I made sure to inquire about her. I tried to make amends with her, but it seemed like she wasn't interested. What puzzles me is that he has other female best friends she doesn't seem to mind, but for some reason, she has an issue with me.

We don't even connect that frequently—after we finished school and moved apart, the distance made it tricky. We stretched out our calls and texts because of our academic commitments. So, it had actually been months since I last saw him when he attended my birthday. I dearly miss his presence, but I figured I must respect their relationship.

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8. Ultimate Betrayal

My mom had just passed. Amidst it all, I found out something really twisted through a mutual friend that added to my grief. One of my friends had been gossiping into my then-girlfriend's ear, suggesting she should end things with me. Here's the bizarre part: they were secretly involved with each other a week prior to her breaking up with me. 

The nerve of him to maneuver such a thing without having the decency to confront me directly. Thankfully, I haven't bumped into that coward again since then.

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9. She Wanted A Maid, Not A Bridesmaid

One day, my good friend declared me her best pal but surprisingly omitted me from her wedding party. To add salt to the wound, she kept seeking my input on styling advice for her bridesmaids. I admit, it was a bit painful but I managed to cope. Then, suddenly she needed me for her bachelorette party planning and I was roped in to toss around ideas.

Our daily chats continued. On one occasion, we had our usual morning exchange, but by evening, I saw her social media posts revealing her bachelorette party underway. Mind you, we've been best buds since our high school days. Yet there she was, partying with a girl she'd met barely half a year ago. 

When confronted, she lightly brushed it off, saying, "Oh someone surprised me with the party. Sorry if it hurt your feelings". That was when I decided to cut her off and move on, and I've never looked back. In fact, I've since had the honor of serving as a bridesmaid for more deserving friends on numerous occasions.

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10. Nice Knowing You

My best buddy found himself a new girl, which meant I saw less of him. A couple of years passed, then one day, I came home to find them packing up their stuff. We shared the same apartment complex, but lived on separate floors. They hadn't given me a heads-up or any sign that they would be moving—silence, total silence. 

They just disappeared, without so much as leaving a card or asking me to come along. Just like that, our friendship was over.

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11. Office Space

My closest friend since high school decided to pick her past Microsoft colleagues to be bridesmaids instead of choosing from her genuine best friends. It was a surprise considering we had always imagined each other as part of our wedding entourages. In fact, she was part of mine. The situation left me feeling upset and puzzled.

A few months prior to her wedding, I reached out to her on Instagram, questioning if I had done anything wrong. However, I thought better of it and deleted the message. Unfortunately, the fallout was rough. She saw the message before I removed it and from that moment, started giving me the cold shoulder. 

She totally snubbed me, acting as if I didn't exist, especially during the wedding events. I was even left off the guest list for the pre-wedding hike. It wasn't just me. Her other best friends, as confused as me and unaware of the actual bridesmaids' identities, approached me in surprise, expecting me as part of the wedding crew.

At the after-party, she came to me in tears, burying her face in my shoulders and apologizing amidst sobs. She expressed her love for me, explaining that she thought I disapproved of her fiancée. It came as a surprise because I had never voiced such feelings. 

This assumption was apparently the reason none of us, her actual best friends, were chosen as bridesmaids. As for her pick of her old Microsoft colleagues, she believed they functioned well as a team. Someone who can easily disregard her closest friends isn't worth keeping in my circle. 

Yet, we share so many common interests that I find myself conversing with her a lot. However, the harsh reality is that our deep friendship bond is broken and I doubt I'd ever rely on her to discuss serious matters again.

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12. Best Man To Worst Man

My buddy had begun dating a lady and they decided to live together. We would often visit them, hang out, and everything seemed alright; however, during his visits to us, my friend would cheat on her. Despite this, he reassured us that their relationship was stable and that she was okay with his antics.

Now, here's where things got a bit complicated. My wife decided to become friends with his girlfriend on Facebook, and this caused quite the reaction from my friend, who accused my wife of interfering with his relationship. But this raised a question—if all was indeed well in his relationship, why was he disturbed by this new friendship? 

It was apparent that he had been deceiving us, which was rather disappointing as his girlfriend was genuinely a great person. Sadly, we eventually had to distance ourselves due to the unease of witnessing him mistreat his partner. It was a tough decision.

We had served as the best men at each other's weddings and had a strong bond spanning about 20 years. But his behavior post-divorce was rather alarming as he started treating the people in his life quite poorly. And just like that, our long-standing friendship ended.

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13. Just Own Up

I once gave a buddy of mine $250,000 to chase after his dream in real estate. Six months rolled by and he basically disappeared. He never responded to the 50 emails, texts, phone calls, postcards, even a couple of certified letters I sent. It was so aggravating. 

On top of that, he quit paying taxes on the property and didn't even have the decency to tell me. Living on the opposite coast made it truly a huge hassle to sort out the mess. Ultimately, I did recover all the money, but he didn't lift a finger to help.

Honestly, I believe we could have salvaged our friendship if he'd just kept the lines of communication open, and acknowledged his mistakes. When we finally got to talk, what he said tore me up inside. We had been working to mend fences, but he only fessed up to the tax stuff and not any of the other things he'd done. 

We'd been friends since our college days—that's about 30 years. 

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14. Friendus Disappearus

When I was 13, my elder sister, who was 16 at that time, surprised me with tickets to the Harry Potter exhibition in New York City. She used her savings to buy a pair of tickets, one for her and the other for me. However, when my best friend came to know about our plans, she got upset. 

Believing herself to be the bigger Harry Potter fan, she complained to her mother, claiming that she should be the one going. In turn, her mother contacted my sister, pressuring her to give up her ticket so her daughter could go. According to her, it was the "right" thing to do. Nonetheless, my sister refused to give in, telling them to leave us alone.

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15. Not-So-Sober Companions

I decided to part ways with my friends when I noticed the only thing binding us was excessive drinking. They were unsupportive when I wanted to drink less, and even became annoyed when I declined invites to bars. Every time I tried to say no and explain that I was avoiding situations involving alcohol, they didn't seem to understand—especially one friend, in particular.

He tried to scare me into staying around, manipulatively stating that if I wasn't into bar-hopping, then I couldn't be a part of "our" friend group.

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16. No More Free Therapy

Looking back, I now see that over the past two decades my friend had subtly turned me into her personal counselor. She would reach out to me every single day, at all hours, hoping I'd handle all her problems and justify her harmful actions.

Late last year, I faced a horrid accident that landed me in the hospital. Physically, I was mostly okay, but I had visible scars. I was warned that I might require skin graft surgery in the future, based on how the healing process turned out.

My closest friend since we were 11, however, didn't even find the time to ask about my wellbeing. For two long months, she showed no concern. The only recognition of my injuries was her lackluster response of, "That's a bad way to start the morning," when I informed her about my situation in the emergency room.

She simply... didn't care. The moment I grasped that, distancing myself from her wasn't difficult at all. I have not missed her presence in my life, and my decision to cut ties with her can be counted as one of my best.

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17. Dear John…

I've had a buddy from as far back as when we were toddlers. We'll call him "John". About a decade after we first crossed paths, we found ourselves heading off to a youth camp together. The fact that John was going made me beyond thrilled. But, something about him was off. 

He was spending more time with another pal and seemed to be purposely dodging me. The first day at camp was full of these awkward, dodge-me moments until they escalated into something worse. Suddenly, he was taking potshots at me left, right, and center.

Unexpectedly, I suffered a dizzying panic attack there at camp—a situation not linked to John's newly-found, mean streak. When John found out about my panic attack in front of a crowd of our buddies, here's how our exchange unfolded:

John challenged, "Where'd you vanish off to last night? You were MIA in our dorm".

"I had a panic attack and then got moved elsewhere to sleep. Not sure why though," I replied.

To this, John sneered, "Oh, so you've got mental issues. Haha".

A short while later, John snuck up on me while I was hanging out with a new playmate from camp. This new friend asked, "Oh, are you also friends with him, John?" John's reply completely shattered me.

"Nah, he just assumes we're friends. I'm just forced into playing babysitter with him all the time," he retorted.

That was the breaking point for me. I completely stopped any attempts at starting a conversation with him. After that, a few weeks went by before John reached out to me through a call. It was as if he had conveniently forgotten his previous cruel jabs. He started casually chitchatting about some Minecraft trivia. I responded with vague "okays" and continued with my day, utterly bewildered.

Later, I called him back to clear the air about his hurtful conduct at camp. He flatly denied uttering any such cruel words. My insistence on remembering accurately what he had said was met with a dismissive, "I was merely pulling your leg with the whole mental issues thing". 

Even though he denied the rest of it, he never apologized for his behavior throughout the call. What hurt me the most was how I almost let him convince me—almost believed I was misremembering events, and that perhaps John was a fair-weather friend after all. I was still a tad naive due to my young age. 

As time passed and I grew more emotionally mature, I gradually began distancing myself from him until we lost touch entirely.

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18. Kissing Cousins

During a visit to my best friend's place, her cousin, who I never met or spoke with before or after, surprisingly tried to flirt with me, even though he was in a stable relationship. He suddenly kissed me that one night.

About a week later, my best friend phoned me because her cousin ended his relationship and requested my friend to get us in touch. She pointed fingers at me, believing I ruined her cousin's relationship and disrupted his life. She was quite upset with me. Unfortunately, we haven't spoken since that incident.

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19. Brunch Is On You

The turning point came when I visited her after a year of constant guilt-tripping for my inability to visit due to my teaching career. Besides teaching, I was also neck-deep in preparing my master's thesis.

On arrival, she left me stranded at the airport for five unnecessary hours while she chose to break up with her boyfriend. It seemed she just wanted me there to act as a support system. This uncalled-for action was the first red flag. But much more followed.

The day after, she invited me to join her for a high-priced brunch. On top of eating a hefty meal, she consumed a significant number of drinks. And as if that wasn't enough, she conveniently "forgot" her wallet when the bill arrived.

Fast forward to Monday. Just like me, she too was a teacher. She suggested that I visit her school, which I agreed to, provided that she could drop me off at a coffee shop during lunch so I could focus on my thesis work. She obliged but asked me to stay put as the neighborhood wasn't so safe. 

She promised to pick me up at 3:00 PM. An hour past the scheduled time, she was nowhere to be seen. After numerous failed attempts to reach her, she finally showed up at 5:00 PM, giving the excuse that she had a phone interview for a new job.

That night, she asked me to take a cab to the airport (this was in a time before Uber) for my 9:00 PM flight as it was "too late" for her and she needed her rest for work the following day. Similarly, I had work commitments the next day, but it seemed my demands and needs were not important.

In a surprising turn of events, I didn't hear from her for the next six months. The next message I received was when she was in town and texted, “Hey! This is your long-lost best friend. How about we reunite? Can you pick me up from the airport, an hour away, and grab lunch?" The catch was, it was during school hours. 

I respectfully declined her proposition.

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20. Wake Up, Sheeple

My buddy has really delved into the world of conspiracy theories. I mean, he's into stuff like the flat earth theory, Columbine conspiracy theories, the concept of Lizard People, and predictions about 2012. Nowadays, he firmly believes that the vaccine is dangerous.

I wouldn't have minded if it was just a topic he enjoyed discussing. But it got to a point where he couldn't stop talking about it, and would really upset anyone who didn't share his views. He's become quite eccentric.

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21. Food Fight

During high school, my best friend started associating with some unfavorable folks. As a result, I decided to distance myself from her. In return, she began to circulate untrue stories about me.

One day in the school cafeteria during lunch time, she snuck up behind me. Without any warning, she grabbed my lunch tray, filled with fries, nuggets drowned in ketchup and BBQ sauce, and slapped me across the face. I certainly wasn't going to let her off the hook for that.

I quickly stood up and readied myself in a defensive position. When she tried to lunge at me, I reacted the only way a petite girl like me would have...I jabbed her hard in the stomach with a side-kick, causing her to fall back and land on a lunch table.

Thankfully, the years spent playfully fighting with my older brother and male cousins had prepared me well. Nevertheless, the irony wasn't lost on me when we met again many years later, and I found out she had taken up boxing.

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22. Time To Socially Distance

The pandemic ruined my friendship. She and I have been friends ever since we were infants. However, I have disabilities putting me at a high risk to the pandemic. My friend, unfortunately, bought into the mass fear. What broke our bond was her repeatedly stating only those with pre-existing conditions would be affected, implying the rest of the society should go about their usual lives. 

I am, however, one of those people at risk...


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23. Bye, Soul Sister

Once upon a time, my best bud and I were inseparable. Seven whole years, practically joined at the hip. He was my person, my soul-brother. He was gay, so we lovingly referred to each other as "sisters". We made a big move and started a new life together in a different city. Everything was peachy for a while, until he struggled with his half of the rent.

Having had a bit more experience living on my own, I was accustomed to managing rent and utilities. But I guess it was a bigger adjustment for him. That's why, at first, I was cool with helping him out. But the debts kept piling up and he seemed to have money for everything but rent—weed, drinks with pals, you name it.

It all came to a head when I finally mustered up the courage to have a chat about it. I suggested that he couldn't afford "luxury" items if he owed me money. His reaction shocked me—he exploded with anger.

A month after we'd renewed the lease, he dropped a bombshell, saying he wanted to live alone. "Alone," as it turned out, was code for moving in with another mate. He split without warning, and when I tried reaching out to him about his outstanding rent and utility payments, he blocked me.

Even his new roommate, who I had thought might be a voice of reason, refused to speak with me, apologized, and then blocked me too. My friend still owed me $3,000. Thank goodness for my savings. It's been four years and I haven't seen a penny of it. I've given up hope of ever getting it back. 

What I didn't expect though, was his unbelievable attitude when I eventually ran into him again. A year ago, I was hanging out with some of our mutual friends from back in the day. He showed up out of the blue. Despite the pleasant evening, I swore to myself we would not go down that road again. 

He tried to reminisce and said he missed me, but I knew better than to get drawn back into the drama. Now, he keeps sending me old snaps, captioned "we were so cute". I just respond with a little heart emoji and leave it at that. 

I've been tempted to remove him from Snapchat, but I don't want to stir the pot among our friends—he's a drama magnet and thrives on forcing people to pick sides. Looking back, I have no idea how I missed these signs when we were so close. But I'm glad that chapter of my life is over.

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24. Time To Cut Ties

My good friend from my Navy days got mixed up in a sticky situation with a girl. He ended up being held and wrongfully accused. She told the authorities stories that weren't true. The whole ordeal damped his spirits to points so low that he tried to take his own life with his cell's bedsheets shortly after he was taken in. 

Afterwards, he spent years trying to set the record straight. During this time, the girl found herself constantly in and out of rehab, all while continuing her pattern of dishonesty. Despite all this, nothing seemed to go in my friend's favor. 

I stood by him, providing nothing but moral support. But, he started turning on me, blaming me whenever I tried to lighten things up like old times, accusing me of being condescending and creating chaos in his life. I was always there for him to unload his frustrations on me.

Every time I tried to offer some sort of comment or advice, he'd respond aggressively, accusing me of ulterior motives. It reached a point where I'd had enough and finally exploded, calling him an unbearable jerk. His response was to completely block me out of his life, possibly still believing that I was the one in the wrong. 

I kept wondering what I’d done wrong but eventually realized he was probably just using me to vent his frustrations. It broke my heart to see my best friend of 10 years fall apart like that. Thankfully, he’s doing much better these days. We catch up once in a while, but it's nothing like our old camaraderie. 

We're more like distant acquaintances now. Maybe that's for the best because I can't fathom treating a close friend the way he treated me. In a way, this has been a life lesson for me—sometimes you need to distance yourself from awful individuals in your life.

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25. No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Back in middle school, I befriended a guy who wasn't liked by many. Fearing for his mental health and intending to help him, I chose to be his friend and support him, hoping he wouldn't harm himself. Even though he moved away thereafter, we remained on good terms. However, that changed drastically over time.

A few years down the line, he's heavily engaged in politics and spreads misleading and prejudiced views about Latinos and religious groups—two communities I feel a deep connection with. These baseless claims left me disappointed and disheartened. So, deciding I couldn't stand by his side anymore, I broke off all my ties with him. 

It's disheartening that, after risking my social life to provide him support, this was the result.

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26. Just Married

My buddy totally stood me up at my wedding. Over the last few years, we've become a bit distant—just one of those things that happens as life gets busy with work and all. Though we've drifted, I still thought to send him an invitation since he has been a crucial part of my life, supporting me through the bad times. 

When there was no RSVP response, I gave him a ring in case he hadn’t received it, confirmed the date, and expressed how thrilled I was for him to join the celebration. But he was a no-show. Not even a courtesy text or call explaining why he wasn't there, no congratulations, nothing.

A few weeks later, he has the gall to message me asking if I could take some pictures of his dad’s car which he planned to sell. Hurt and disappointed, I decided to confront him about his no-show. His response was some lame line about how we'll always be friends, no matter what. Nah, that's not how it works buddy. Actions do speak louder than words.

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27. Stuck In The Past

In 2018, I had a one-time fling with this guy who is, as of now, my friend's boyfriend. Following our encounter, I made it clear to him that I was not interested in being more than just friends. Fast forward to 2020, he started dating my friend but their relationship seemed to be quite turbulent.

I've heard through the grapevine, that during one of their heated arguments, my name was mentioned. Apparently, he had indulged in some kind of bragging; showing off about our prior connection. This information didn't sit well with her, and her response was truly heartbreaking.

She opted for the defensive approach and completely cut me off from her life, blocking me on every possible platform. I was blindsided by her sudden withdrawal and was left in a state of confusion until another friend filled me in.

Honestly, it was a little abrupt. I feel she could have chosen to have a candid conversation with me about it. I would have gladly clarified things to help lift any concerns that may have been weighing on her mind.

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28. False Positive

My pal constantly centered conversations around herself, failing to express any interest in my life. She didn't think twice about chasing after taken men, yet she'd go ballistic if another woman so much as glanced at her own companion. To manipulate a guy into sticking with her, she resorted to faking a pregnancy. 

The icing on the cake came when she harshly berated me for merely being friendly to her latest beau—who, incidentally, happened to be the first good man she'd dated—mistakenly assuming I had a romantic interest in him.

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29. Sleep On It

So, I used to be really tight with a colleague of mine. This is how I ended up meeting my better half. At one point, we even went on holiday together, sharing the experience with another couple. Just to give you an idea, during this trip, my partner and I were put in a room with a pair of bunk beds, while the other two couples enjoyed the luxury of queen or king-sized beds.

Because of the lack of space, we eventually found ourselves shacking up on the sofa bed. We'd had a chat about this situation before our trip, and it was mainly my partner who was not too pleased about the sleeping arrangements. We laughed it off, though, because, honestly, it didn't bother me, and my partner also cooled down about it. With that, the issue was resolved.

This would have been around four years ago. Only a few months after our trip, I spent Independence Day with my so-called "best buddy," and it all went swimmingly. We had a blast, and everything was just peachy. A few days later, I attempted to text her, but got no reply. That was strange...

I was no longer working with her, having found new employment in my city, and I thought she might just be tied up, considering her notorious record of being poor at replying to texts. I gave it another shot a couple of days later, but still, no answer. Something was definitely off here. 

Over the next several days, I pinged her several more times, expressing concern and asking if she was alright, just in case she'd had a run-in with something awful. But she just dropped off the radar. Then, out of the blue one evening, a text from her popped up on my phone—it was quite confrontational, questioning why my partner and I had been displeased with our sleeping arrangements on our shared vacation. 

I texted her back, reminding her that we'd already discussed this, and it wasn't a big deal. I never heard from her again after that. Now, my partner and her husband have been friends since they were kids. Fast forward to this past Thanksgiving day, when I saw her for the first time in four years. 

I was anxious, given her confrontational streak, but I figured we were all grown-ups, and I wasn't scared of her. I thought we might get to hash things out because I'd been in a state of bewilderment the entire time, unable to understand why she was so peeved and why she didn't even afford me an explanation. 

She didn't utter a single word to me and didn't even glance my way. I've learned to accept that I may never know why, and I'm okay with that. I guess some folks are just small-minded and lack the skill to converse effectively.

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30. Some People Always Change

It sounds silly, but sometimes, people can act mindlessly. There was this one time, when we decided to go to Vegas, have dinner, and catch a show. After dinner, I wasn't feeling very comfortable in my dress and heels so I opted to change into a comfier set of clothes—a sweater, jeans, and some flats.

My best friend seemed irked by this. Apparently, I "always do this" and failed to "rise to the occasion" by dressing super fancy. She was so upset that she didn't interact with me or any of our other friends for the whole night. A few weeks later, she rang me up only to say that we are too different and that we can't continue our friendship of 17 years.

All this uproar because I switched my outfit. Goodbye and good luck, old friend!

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31. Heard It Through The Grapevine

My friend had been spreading gossip claiming I'd stolen some of her belongings. Weirdly, she'd never brought it up to me, despite the fact we hung out every day just like normal. I was completely in the dark about it until another friend, from a separate social circle, asked me about it after overhearing one of these stories. And that's when I uncovered the shocking truth.

It looked like she'd been badmouthing me on the sly for some time, which led me to end our friendship. And the theft she was blaming me for? Turns out it never even occurred. Her sister had recently moved out and unintentionally packed up some of her stuff.

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32. Jealousy Hates Company

It was in my early twenties when I last heard from my best buddy from junior high. I landed a fantastic job and couldn't wait to share the news with him. In my excitement, I thought he'd share in my joy, so when he asked about my new salary, I spilled the beans. 

His reaction was far from what I'd expected—no rejoicing, no congratulations—instead, he froze up and the phone conversation ended on a cold note. The next time I called, his girlfriend picked up. I could hear bickering in the background, with her urging him to talk to me, but then, suddenly, the call was disconnected.

That was it, the end of our friendship that had stood strong for close to a decade. It ended because he seemingly couldn't bear to see me do well in life. He'd always had it a bit rougher than most, from facing constant obstacles in school to having a challenging time understanding women as they matured. 

Immature girls used to flock towards him, but as they became older and experienced, his charm appeared to fade. By then, I had found a wonderful girl and was settled in a steady relationship. Faced with my success and his future seeming bleak, I guess he felt taunted and maybe even slighted.

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33. No-Flex Zone

My friend had a knack for turning everything into a showcase on Facebook. No matter what it was—her cash haul from doing Instacart gigs, her husband surprising her with a car, her fully-stocked fridge, or just plain old living a life free from the shackles of a 9-to-5 job (though she dabbled in MLM too). 

And let's not forget her new RV, her pampered twelve-year-old son gaming on the Xbox in the RV, her recent cosmetic surgery photos, their family trips and much more. It always looped back to her—her life, her family, her material belongings, and her hardships. 

One day, I mustered up the courage and decided to say something about this pattern. I confronted her directly. In her defence, she revealed her struggles with anxiety and depression, her and her husband's lack of a college education and her fear of being judged.

Ultimately, her relentless quest for validation began to irk me and I lost interest.

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34. A Short Fuse

I wouldn't exactly call this dude my closest buddy, but I reckon I was his top friend, if you catch my drift. We first crossed paths in junior high, and we found that we shared a few hobbies and had some friends in common. As the years rolled by, he developed a serious inferiority complex as he stayed pretty short while the rest of us were sprouting up.

As a result, many of our shared pals began drifting away from him. Honestly, I was the last one standing because I pitied him, and also because I have a big heart. His brash attitude and temper tantrums hit an all-time high in eighth grade. 

Within a fortnight, he dumped his girlfriend, socked two girls in the kisser, got dodgeball scrapped from our PE roster, attempted to throttle one of our soccer players, and ultimately got his butt whooped by a girl at the back of the school. When he began unloading his woes onto me, I had to lay it out straight for him; he was acting pretty terrible. 

Then, he dropped out of sight the next week and he's been off the radar ever since.

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35. Bridezilla

I became pregnant and was expecting my baby around the same time as her scheduled wedding date. I let her know I would attempt to attend, but I could no longer fulfill the role of maid of honor. She responded in a way I'll always remember. She wished I had held off on getting pregnant.

This happened after I had previously suffered a miscarriage during my first pregnancy. Oddly enough, she ended up delaying her wedding in the end…

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36. Keeping Up With The Jones

I found myself having to distance myself from my friend when she became one of the first advocates for Alex Jones. The caring, amazing individual I once knew transformed into someone consumed by paranoia and suspicion.

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37. What A Gas

My once best buddy was in need of a place to stay during the summer so I invited her to bunk in my small apartment room. I clarified from the start that I'd need her to chip in for the rent and she gave her approval. 

However, as time passed, she crammed my already packed room with a bunch of her stuff, didn't bother to contribute even a dime to the rent and was utterly unappreciative. Despite claiming she was broke, she regularly bragged about her extravagant nightlife, blowing more than $80 each night on drinks.

We had arranged to move to a different apartment together. But, in the nick of time, she bailed out, leaving me to urgently find a new place. Considering I was attending college, it was a real challenge since most students secure their accommodations way in advance. I was upset but decided to let it go. Bad decision.

The following day, I asked her for a lift to the local bus station as I was heading home via Greyhound. The station was a mere 5 to 10-minute drive from my apartment. But, she made a pitiful excuse about only having enough gas in her car to get her to work and back. 

I had enough. I packed up all her belongings and showed her the door. We haven't spoken a word since.

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38. Why So Shellfish?

I had to let go of one of my oldest friends. After a while, it dawned on me that he was a sociopath of sorts, always using me, belittling me whenever he could, and creating issues for me with no apparent reason other than his ability to do so. The realization was a hard pill to swallow.

I believe he never understood the extent of his harmful actions, even after I confronted him about some of the shocking things he had done. In one instance, he gobbled down all the food I had prepared for our evening meal, only to apologize and repeat the same action the next night.

He consistently asked me for small loans, never making an effort to repay them or even keep track of how much he owed, putting the repayment accountability on me. He would also threaten me, saying he "could kick me out anytime" from the apartment for which I was paying half the rent, leaving me to sleep on the couch. That was the last straw for me.

He got a mutual friend upset because his ex showed interest in me and he tried to drive a wedge in that friendship. In another situation, he contacted all the guests I had invited to a dinner party, deceptively informing them that the party venue had changed to another city.

Perhaps the strangest act was when he gifted me a large frozen crab, knowing full well that I had never eaten shellfish in all the years we’d known each other. He stashed it in my freezer and left the door ajar. Consequently, I woke up to a flooded kitchen the next day and had to discard everything in the freezer.

He also managed to block my bank card by entering the wrong PIN three times, under the pretense that he "thought it was his because they were similar". All the while, the card was at my place.

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39. I Thought You Knew

My high school "pal" gossiped about me due to his interest in my girlfriend at the time. I moved on to college and, unintentionally, forgot about him. Unfortunately, that wouldn't be the last I'd hear from him.

Jumping ahead to four years later, he barges into my flat, furious because he thought I'd been with his wife. The fact is, I had been—but a year before he'd even met her. This situation made it clear that our friendship was done. He seemed to see our "buddyship" merely as a contest of who could win over more women.

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40. Don’t Be Late

My buddy would routinely manipulate me and try to undermine me. She often made attempts to humiliate me or was blatantly disrespectful to my other pals. Despite this, I tolerated her behavior simply because I had sympathy for her. She had strained family bonds, was single, and had more issues. 

However, the moment she overstepped the line was when she furiously berated me over a phone call for arriving 10 minutes late. And believe it or not, she actually equated my tardiness to transmitting AIDS to someone! You read it right, AIDS. It wasn't even my fault, but that of a designated driver I had organized to bring us to a pub. 

All I wanted was to lighten her mood.

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41. Stop The Car

At university, I befriended a fascinating girl who studied the same course as I did. We bonded over regular hangouts and indulged in all sorts of fun experiences together. This friendship developed pretty rapidly.

I was sharing my place with my closest buddies, who were a gay couple. I planned a get-together so everyone could meet which resulted in a delightful evening. That night, I ended up staying over at her place.

During our ride back to my place the next morning, she confessed disliking my friends due to their gayness, as her Christian upbringing didn't align with it. In the same conversation, she boldly disclosed her prejudice against Asians, those facing financial hardships, and those who attended public schools.

I exited her car and haven't communicated or crossed paths with her since then.

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42. Wore Out Their Welcome

My partner and I snagged a condo and asked a mutual buddy to join us. Just as we were buying the place, he started seeing his new girlfriend. We were pretty close with him, so it was all good.

We'd just began revamping the entire condo—but his new relationship threw a wrench in our plans. We requested his help repeatedly, reminding him he'd be living there too, right? Yet, we only saw him twice in the span of two intense work months. 

One of those times, he left within an hour under the pretext of delivering keys to her. They had been arguing, and it seemed like he had to attend to more pressing matters elsewhere—that was his excuse anyway, before moving in.

Fast forward, he moves in, and his girlfriend is an immediate fixture, there every evening and most days. She's unemployed and without a car, so while he's at work, she lounges around our home. All day, she's hanging out at our place, attending her one-year-old. She consumes our food, uses our gadgets, and is a constant presence. 

All the while, she contributes zilch and has the nerve to ask us to buy her child's milk. Out of the blue, our buddy is unable to chip in for anything but rent, all thanks to his new makeshift family that he's suddenly responsible for. He justifies this with claims that her kid is now his son. 

Five months into dating, and with the child not being biologically his, he still referred to the child as his son. I could share a ton more stories, but here's the gist of it. Once, while feasting on food that my partner and I had bought and cooked, she confessed to me she tends to "forget that food costs money". 

Imagine the audacity of someone living practically rent-free in our home. Unsupervised, her child would roam around our place. One unforgettable instance was he started playing with a blade we were using for a task, which she completely overlooked. The list of such incidents is endless.

Even funnier, our friend who was once a strong atheist, is now into wearing stuff like "JESUS 4 LIFE"—a complete shift inspired by her devout religious beliefs.

Eventually, they took a vacation and returned in a huff that we couldn't pick them up from the airport at the last minute. A major argument broke out the moment they returned home. The fallout? We gave them a piece of our minds and asked them to leave. The friendship ended, and honestly, it felt liberating.

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43. Talk About Paranoid

For context, there's myself and my boyfriend Dan, along with my once-close friend, Tiff and her boyfriend Todd. We are two couples who are friends with each other.

In the beginning when we all started hanging out together, Tiff and I were quite tight. But as time passed, I began spotting negative aspects about her. She's quite self-centered and boastful. I remember once she grumbled over the fact that her parents gifted her 24k gold diamond earrings for Christmas when she actually wished for cash. 

Honestly, the list of her shortcomings is quite extensive. Now, fast forward to a friend's 21st birthday celebration about a year ago. Tiff's boyfriend, Todd, is hardly allowed to go anywhere without her except for work. He can't even enjoy a boys' night out, nor is he allowed to glance at other women. 

It clearly irks him when I casually bring up how Dan is off for a solo weekend trip or that we'll be rating the tasty brews at our local pubs. Yet, this is not the most absurd part. During the birthday party, Tiff had a bit too much to drink and grew paranoid. 

She became convinced that another girl—a mutual friend of ours—at a different table was gossiping about her. She then insisted that none of us should talk to this girl anymore. At this point, I had reached my limit with her unreasonable behavior. 

I confronted her saying, "Look, you can put restrictions on YOUR boyfriend and maybe he's foolish enough to accept it. But you have no right trying to control MY partner. You need to pipe down, take your seat and keep your distance from me from now on". With that, I simply walked away.

Since then, I've barely spoken to her, only a few words when absolutely necessary. I only bump into her occasionally when Dan and Todd decide to meet up at the pub.

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44. Request Denied

In high school, a few individuals decided to cut off communication with me because I attended prom with a friend who identifies as a lesbian. It's pretty funny that, after all this time, they're making attempts to connect with me on Facebook, especially considering we haven't had a conversation since 1996.

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45. Friendship Is Magic

My buddy and I were incredibly close, more like siblings than friends. This was a unique bond for me, seeing as my own family isn't exactly the picture of harmony. Therefore, I hold my remaining friends in high regard. He's about a year older than me, now 17, and we first connected at a local gathering in town.

Over time, we became unbelievably close. Despite the distance that separated us, we made it a point to hang out every weekend. This brotherly bond inadvertently led to me developing feelings for him. It somehow appeared we were more than just friends, with simple gestures like hand-holding. 

He eventually questioned me about this and, while I admitted my feelings, I clarified I wasn't ready for another relationship since I had just ended a not-so-pleasant one. Now, here's where it gets odd. He suddenly becomes overly dramatic, insisting that he'd be unfaithful to his so-called girlfriend in Japan. 

This is the girl he barely talks to, never mentioned on social media, only vaguely referenced once, and didn't even clarify as his girlfriend. He argued that continuing our friendship, now that he was aware of my feelings, would be wrong. 

To him, this made him an upright and moral person, and he wouldn't like it if his "girlfriend" was in the same situation with a guy who had feelings for her. Not even my most logical argument could convince him otherwise.

Ultimately, he cut all ties with me, erased all online connections, and carried on as if we never had a bond. Basically, this was one of the most emotionally challenging experiences for me.

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46. Escaping The Friendzone

There was this one friend who seemed to be sending me definite signals. She was openly flirtatious, hinting through her words and actions that she was interested in me. However, she then made it clear that we were just buddies. One occasion truly shook me. 

One night, she was engaged in a conversation about another male friend of ours. Her words sent a chill down my spine. She said to her other girlfriend, "Sure, he would kill for a moment with me, but I'd never give in. Nonetheless, I enjoy teasing him into thinking he has a shot. In fact, I typically spice things up at clubs, just to keep him intrigued".

She urged the other girl to do the same and mess around with this guy's feelings. I'm not okay with this. Neither he nor I am playthings. It's fine to be flirtatious, but to deliberately arouse guys for one's own amusement is something else. Consequently, I stopped being friends with her, and I haven't looked back since.

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47. Benign Tumor, Malignant Friend

I had this friend, let's say for about three years. Originally, she was the girlfriend of one of my bros. I was there for her during all the rough patches when they broke up, through all of her sad stories, and so much more. Then came the day when I had to go to the hospital for a biopsy. I was seriously scared—I thought I might have cancer. 

When I finally got home, I picked up my phone. What I saw made my blood run cold. My message inbox was brimming with texts from her about her terrible day, along with a lengthy email about how she wanted her ex back. But there was nothing about me—she didn't even ask how I was doing, or how my tests came out. 

I realized she just wanted someone to vent to. That was the day I decided to block her number and all her social media accounts.

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48. Best Friend, Worst Roommate

I once moved in with my supposed "best" pal, her unbearable boyfriend, and her recluse of a sister. My friend and I shared a deep bond throughout our school years, but in six months, it began to fray. The boyfriend was controlling and refused to let her go out without him. He was often belligerent, picking pointless arguments just to feel victorious.

The sister had firm house rules, one of them being she needed a one-day notice before having guests over—even my boyfriend wasn’t exempted. She claimed to be terrified of "outsiders". However, what really got to me was when their mother decided to crash at our place for a fortnight, unannounced. 

Even though I knew her, she instructed me on my daily routine as if I were her own child. On one occasion, she pointed out that it was too late and disruptive to have friends over. Our friendship started crumbling bit by bit. Every time there was a disagreement, my friend chose her boyfriend and sister's side over mine. 

The tension grew intense, prompting petty actions like exchanging nasty notes and her unpleasant habit of leaving dirty dishes on my bed. My discomfort escalated to a point where I began avoiding my own home. Then, without even a word to me, they decided to move out. 

I found out about their plan to hire movers through an overheard conversation. In the end, my friend and I mutually concluded that parting ways was our best bet. However, my ordeal was far from over.

On the night they moved out, my friend faced a financial snag; she couldn't afford to pay the movers. Out of respect for our once-strong bond, I offered to loan her the money. My plan was to deduct it from her share of the pending lease payments and other bills, which amounted to a total of $600. 

To my surprise, she had been receiving government assistance which she hadn't previously told me about. So, her share was returned to the Department of Housing instead of to me.

After this incident, I couldn't get hold of her. I’d been taken advantage of constantly over those six trying months. I thought I was being generous in her hour of need, but in the end, I was swindled by this "best friend" I had known since I was just ten years old.

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49. Snitches Get Stitches

When I was a 17-year-old guy, I had the house to myself, and my older girlfriend was staying with me. A friend of mine who was rather envious decided to spill the beans to my parents about our little adventure. The fallout was unbelievably harsh. 

It spurred a massive argument with my dad that included shattered glass, raised voices, false accusations, and hostile threats. I even had to explain everything to the authorities, who also threatened me. My so-called friend tried to deny her involvement in this mess...but I knew better. I chose to sever all ties with her and a decade has passed since we last spoke.

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