January 2, 2024 | Violet Newbury

Best Friend Betrayals

Friendships can be complicated and messy. However, being betrayed is straight-up the worst. From lying to thieving, these stories reveal some of the worst betrayals imaginable.

1. Betrayed Over A Bloke

I had just left my husband, taking my kids with me, and my close friend offered to let us stay with her. Her husband was set to deploy soon, and she didn't want to be by herself. Everything was smooth for the first month. Then one day, a friend of mine visited, and we all spent the evening chatting and having a good time.

When her husband left for his army training, she made advances towards my friend, but he wasn't interested. She felt rejected and somehow believed I was to blame, thinking I'd ruined her shot with him. Things quickly spiraled out of control.

She took money from me, broke into my email, and sent hurtful messages to my professional contacts. She even took things from my children and kicked us out when I was still figuring things out. Despite all this, I managed to move on and create a fresh start. But she had one more trick up her sleeve. 

She bumped into my troublesome ex and spilled the beans, telling him we had been staying with her and revealing our whereabouts.

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2. He Pilfered My Prom Date

During my senior year, I was smitten with a girl named Ashley. One weekend, while chilling at a buddy's place, my three friends and I began discussing our prom plans. Chris was going with his girlfriend, Nel had someone in mind, while Nich was still undecided. When it was my turn, I confidently said, "Tomorrow, I'm finally gonna ask Ashley to be my date".

Fast forward to the next day, I gathered the courage to approach Ashley and casually asked, "So, any plans for prom yet?" She said, "Actually, Nich just asked me a few minutes ago!" I was stunned. But as fate would have it, there was a wild twist in store. That prom night led to Ashley getting pregnant, and now Nich is on the hook for child support.

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3. My Friend, My Foe

I once had a buddy who was super close to me. We even shared a place my mom owned, letting him pay reduced rent to save some cash. But a few months in, he started being secretive, always heading out with vague reasons. Well, turns out, he was secretly seeing my girlfriend behind my back.

Instead of coming clean, he dodged the issue. After a few heated exchanges, I chose to move on. I started seeing this fantastic new girl, while he ended up with my ex. Wanting to mend bridges, I messaged him during a Europe trip, suggesting we reconcile once I returned. 

Just as I was about to head out to meet him after my trip, my new girlfriend came over with some news. She revealed that he had been texting her, making inappropriate advances. She showed me everything. Since that moment, I haven't exchanged a single word with him.

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4. On The Outs

My fiancé and I had decided to live in the Outer Banks with a buddy before our wedding. We were expecting a room, but when we arrived, we were told we'd be sleeping on the floor for the next few months. Even so, we made the most of it and had fun.

I was assisting my buddy with his new business and had even offered to chip in for bills. But he kept insisting he had everything under control. When our wedding day approached in Michigan, we packed and began our journey. We'd planned to take our dog, but our friend persuaded us to leave him, saying we'd be too occupied.

After a joyful wedding, we were on our way back when I received a distressing text. It read, "You're the reason we're in so much debt. Pick up your things, and take your dog. Leave my house". We were blindsided. If they had concerns, they could have voiced them before we left.

So, we changed our route and headed back to get our belongings and our pet. When we arrived, half our stuff was packed, but the other half was locked away. We took what we could, fetched our dog, and set off again. All the back and forth drained our wedding funds, mostly spent on fuel and lodgings.

To make matters worse, my so-called buddy owed me $400 for work I'd done for him. I thought he'd settle up after the wedding, but he never did. Despite everything, I could've let it go if he'd just paid me what he owed. I'd helped him establish his business, and once it flourished, he left me high and dry.

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5. He Had A Trick Up His Sleeve

I discovered the love of my life at a Halloween party, and it was an instant mutual attraction. In due course, I popped the question at a spooky haunted house and she agreed to be my wife. I started a new role and made friends with a coworker— a developer—who seemed really chill. 

Before long, he became my best buddy and the three of us became inseparable. It was a bit strange that he didn't have any other pals, despite having a charming personality, but I brushed it aside. I'd confide in him about my love story, future aspirations, and the hitches we were facing. 

When he suffered a relationship split, my fiancé, and I played matchmakers for him. One day, I uncovered a shocking truth. In each of his past relationships, he had manipulated the girl to leave her partner. This raised red flags for me. Gradually, I noticed my fiancée and him getting pretty close. 

Ignorantly, I didn't worry since he was my closest friend and I trusted him implicitly. Equally, I assumed my fiancée had the same profound feelings for me as I did for her. Eventually, things with my fiancée reached boiling point, and she wished for some time out. She decided to stay at our mutual friend's place during this period of reflection. 

To my surprise, my best friend went totally silent on me. After maintaining my calm for a few days, I challenged my fiancée, only to realize I'd lost my best friend. He'd been behind the scenes, attempting to win her over. His strategy was a cruel game in which he enjoyed participation—this explained his lack of friends. 

Not only was he deceitful, but he was also a manipulative, faithless lout who took advantage of vulnerable women, projecting himself as a savior. Luckily, she saw through his deceit and dumped him.

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6. A Fairytale Ending

In high school, connecting with other girls was quite challenging for me. I befriended two girls for a while and thought of them as my friends. I was so thrilled to finally have a friend group and would even bake cupcakes for them to show my appreciation. 

One day, they announced that they were throwing a big fairy-themed costume party that everyone was invited to. I was thrilled since I hadn't attended many parties before. The excitement was too much for me, so I gathered a lot of fabric and crafted my own costume—a vivid pink tutu and fairy wings. 

I stayed awake the entire night putting the pieces together. The day of the party arrived, I showed up cheerful, hopping out of my mother's car wearing my handmade fairy attire. I was in for a major disappointment. All the other kids were there hanging out casually in standard T-shirts and shorts. 

I stood there, grinning and dressed like a fairy in front of some 20 schoolmates, who were all equipped with cameras and giggling at my unconventional attire. To top it off, my mom, seeing my predicament and feeling rather anxious, quickly intervened. She scooped me up and hurriedly put me back in the car to whisk me away from the awkward situation.

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7. Pokemon Punt

When I was 10, my buddy suggested we combine our Pokemon cards. We'd have a complete set and even some doubles. Even though she often took advantage of me, I agreed. We stored them at her place, and we'd play with them now and then. A bit later, a family friend's child became critically sick, and things looked bleak.

While in the hospital, his wish was to complete his Pokemon card collection. I told him to jot down the ones he needed, and I'd retrieve my half to help him out. I lacked only one card—Raichu. So, I decided to buy it for him from a local store. With Raichu in hand and his list, I headed to my friend's house to get my portion. 

I was taken aback when she denied giving them back and just shut the door on me. But, the story takes a darker turn. Soon after, I discovered she'd sold our entire collection at a school event just a day before my visit. She made a good amount, about £100 ($125), from the sale. 

She neither acknowledged that half the cards were mine nor did she offer to share the earnings. Her justification was jaw-dropping. She said there was no point since the boy might not even survive much longer.

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8. Ditched With Some Dudes

When I was just 14, my closest friend invited me to visit a friend of hers who lived about an hour away in driving distance. On arriving, I found it was mostly guys who were at least 18, engaging in drinking and other activities. I instantly felt uncomfortable and told her I wanted to go, but she assured me we'd only be there for an hour. 

However, after just 45 minutes, she broke her promise. Suddenly, she was nowhere to be found, off with one of the guys. It left me as the sole girl among four boys. As time passed, a couple of them began to inappropriately touch me quite aggressively. Scared, I escaped and ran until I was a few blocks away, then called her crying, explaining what had happened. 

Instead of helping, she got annoyed for disrupting her, and rudely ended the call. After that, she didn't respond to my calls. So there I was, stranded at midnight, attempting to navigate my way home from an unknown place. That was several years ago, and to this day, she can't grasp why I won't spend time with her anymore.

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9. Cue The Drama

When I was 16, my buddy snagged two festival tickets. I wasn't her top pick, but after her first choice fell through, she hit me up last minute. Honestly, the bands and the crowd weren't really my vibe. Plus, the venue was way out in the sticks, and we hitched a ride with someone we kinda knew.

Things were okay at first, until a minor push nudged her towards the mosh pit. She was the dramatic type and made a mountain out of a molehill. Without a word, she ghosted. With no phone credit and empty pockets (which she knew about), I was left combing the place for her. But it gets worse.

I borrowed a stranger's phone, but in such a remote location, there was no signal at all. I kept searching, even checking medical tents, and eventually, around 12:30 AM, I settled to watch the final band play. Hoping to catch her after, I hung out by the entrance. 

An hour ticked by, and it hit me—she'd left me stranded. Likely, she'd told her ride she was ready to bounce without me. Stuck with no cash, no phone, and in the boondocks, I felt really low. Opting to hoof it, I walked along the highway for about an hour, dodging jeers from post-concert goers and other drivers. 

I tried calling my mom collect, but no luck. Finally, I stumbled upon a gas station and managed a collect call to my boyfriend. Though he couldn't pick me up, he got through to my mom. As I waited, a stereotypical creepy dude in a van rolled in, offering a lift. NOPE. I dashed inside and the attendant let me hang out after I explained the situation. 

Turned out, my "dramatic" friend faked a rib injury to exit the festival on her terms. Yep, she wasn't injured, she just wanted an out—leaving me in the lurch.

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10. A Shattered Friendship

In college, I had this tight-knit buddy who always preached about being loyal in friendships. We were two peas in a pod. Come Cinco de Mayo, my roomies and I decided to host a big party at our place. With good weather on our side, half the crew was inside playing video games and pong, while the rest were outside enjoying a game of cornhole.

While I was engrossed in a pong match, my friend, probably trying to pull a prank on those inside, made a boneheaded move. He chucked his drink at our big front window, shattering it. It was a bummer, especially thinking about how to explain this to our landlord. But hey, we weren't gonna let a mishap dampen our spirits, so we just shrugged it off and continued the fun.

Next day, my roommates and I, with my friend (who had crashed on our couch), sat down to chat about the broken window and the repair costs. He swore he'd take care of it, and we all agreed to pitch in since, after all, it was our party. That chat, ironically, was one of the last times I saw him.

Funny thing, for someone who always touted loyalty, he ghosted us over something as trivial as a window. He ducked out of college, dodged most of our calls, and left us both puzzled and hurt. I remember thinking that even if he didn't pay up, a simple chat to clear the air would've been enough.

On one of those rare occasions when he did answer the phone, he kept assuring he'd settle the bill. Time flew, and as my roommates and I were about to move houses (under the same landlord), we were reminded about the unpaid window bill. Interestingly, the landlord mentioned that my friend had assured him he'd settle it fully himself. 

But then, out of the blue, the landlord got a call from what he believed to be my friend's elder brother, saying that my friend had tragically passed in a car crash. I was devastated. To get clarity, I had my girlfriend call him, and to our shock, he picked up. 

She blurted, "Aren't you supposed to be gone?" He just replied, “Oh, right," and hung up. And just like that, he was out of our lives.

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11. He Graduated To Being A Jerk

In high school, my closest pal was a boy and I'm a girl. We both chose the same college for further studies. Unfortunately, things started getting tense between us on campus. He started acting strange and began to show signs of dominance. He even invited me to a party one evening. 

At the party, he persistently pushed me to drink, which I found so SO weird. In the same setting, one of his new buddies kept making advances, trying to cozy up to me, which I declined politely. Our friendship took a fatal blow after a massive argument. 

Adding fuel to the fire, he confessed, just to spite me, that his only intention for inviting me to the party was to make me drink to such an extent that I would be unable to resist his friend's advances. GROSS.

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12. I Was Played

Once upon a time, an old bandmate planned a mini road trip, culminating in a performance at South by Southwest. The plan was to rent a van in New York and drive all the way to Texas. When we arrived at the rental agency, however, it became clear that my bandmate couldn't put the van in his name and let me drive, as he was unlicensed. 

Being a good sport, I decided to risk it and put the deposit on my credit card under the condition he paid the full amount upon our return. It was a gamble I'd soon regret. The fact that he'd successfully gathered funds from everyone going on the trip assured me I would be reimbursed. 

However, a week later we returned and he confessed, "Look, I don't have all the van money because I had to cover the venue costs. But don't worry, I get paid next week and then I'll sort it out". With no other choice, I had to trust him despite my reservations. 

My financial state was precarious at the time, having just started a new job and being pretty much broke. He was aware of this, yet I ended up with a whopping $2,000 charged on my high-interest emergency credit card due to this fiasco. 

The moment I boarded the bus and he announced, "I'm just gonna hoof it to the train station," I had a sinking feeling I would never see that money again. To add salt to the wound, I discovered the following week he'd been performing gigs with a whole new band, playing music we'd all contributed in writing. Honestly, the guy was bad news.

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13. Called Out

A young lady requested to stay over at my place because she had some serious daddy issues and needed some space to reflect, so I said yes. A few days later, I couldn't find my work cell anywhere. I had to tell my boss, and he was pretty upset about it. 

When I returned home, I asked her if she had seen it and explained its importance—mentioning that my job was on the line. We ransacked the entire flat for a good two hours, but it was nowhere to be found. The following day my stress levels peaked, with my boss dangling the threat of firing me if I didn’t retrieve it. 

I reached out to the cell network company to see if they could track it down by pinpointing its location, but they said they could only do that with a court order. Then, I visited the network provider's website, and lo and behold, someone had used my phone to make a call since it went missing. 

I put the call recipient number into Google, and you won’t believe what happened next. The number belonged to the girl's father. I texted her telling her that I wanted her to leave my apartment and give me back my phone. Once I reached home, she handed over the phone and confessed that she had taken it out of spite because she disagreed with something I said.

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14. I Saw Her For What She Was

A handful of years before I entered high school, I began losing my vision. I became dependent on assistive devices, like tiny telescope-like tools, to see the blackboard. To read textbooks, I needed to magnify the pages so the text was bigger. 

A childhood friend, who I've known her since we were little toddlers, decided it was hilarious to get our classmates to avoid me whenever I attempted to converse with them. Navigating my new reality was already tough, but the sense of isolation made everything so much worse. 

When I expressed frustration, this friend accused me of being an idiotic, petulant child. Our primary school was so small in our rural area that my class size was just ten students. The limited social circle meant I was stuck with this girl for several years. The teasing didn't stop there—other girls would taunt me about how I grasped my books close to my face, laughing at my expense. 

I ended up following this friend to the same high school, choosing to stick with her for the first few months out of fear of experiencing the same treatment from potential new friends. As time passed, she revealed she felt ashamed to be seen alongside me. Her new clique of pals sided with her, wanting me to keep my distance from their group. 

They were so judgy and 100% superficial. Although some urge me to "let it go" or "forgive and forget," the thought of it still leaves me seething, and I'm not ready to forget so quickly. The bitter part of me just can't help but wish that she, too, could experience what it's like to feel utterly alone and devastated.

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15. Sneaking Around In Sin City

Just a few weeks after my divorce became official, my so-called close friend and ex-spouse jetted off to Las Vegas. Instead of being honest about it, I found out through their shared updates on Facebook. Eventually, she recognized firsthand why I chose to leave him. What goes around, comes around, doesn't it? 

Later on, she approached me in tears due to his manipulative behavior. I simply asked her, "Surely, you're not serious?" Needless to say, our friendship ended at that point.

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16. He Failed The Friendship Test

Back in my senior year of high school, I knew I needed to ace my classes to be attractive to universities. Working tirelessly on a chemistry report, I made sure to have my teacher look over my charts before I finalized everything. The day before I had to submit it, my buddy asked if he could check out my work to compare with his. 

I didn't see any harm in it, having shared work in the past—but this turned out to be a major mistake. A month later, we both received failing grades for our reports. Worse yet, these grades were part of our midterm scores that the universities would review. There it was, a glaring zero under the chemistry section. 

I was devastated and utterly baffled. Once my teacher pulled us aside separately, it hit me—my friend had copied my work. He had mimicked my diagrams to the last detail, without even changing the font in the text. I immediately wrote an apology letter to my teacher and the principal, expressing my regrets and explaining I didn't know my classmate would rip-off my work so shamelessly. 

Fortunately, instead of failing the entire course, I only received a zero on the report. I still managed to scrape enough marks to secure a spot in my dream program at university. As for my so-called friend, he wasn't so lucky. A zero in Chemistry meant he had to redo a year of school as he couldn't get into his desired program.

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17. She Was A Real Gem-ma

When I was in my mid-teens, I developed feelings for my best friend, Liam. I revealed it to my newfound friend, Gemma, who immediately gushed about how cute we would make as a pair. She was like, "You guys share so many similarities like you both are on the shorter side and wear spectacles!" She then persuaded me to confess my feelings to him. 

Though I initially resisted, fearing his rejection, her constant prodding led me to reconsider. At the same time, Gemma's behavior towards Liam started to change in the weirdest way. She would openly flirt with him while acting competitively with me during our hangouts and even began accompanying him on errands.

This left me bewildered and a bit hurt. Unable to bear the situation any longer, I decided to confess my feelings to Liam. He responded politely, yet, as anticipated, he admitted he didn't share the same feelings and wasn't looking to be in a relationship. Respecting his wishes, I accepted this. However, a mere three days later, to my surprise, Liam had a girlfriend, all thanks to Gemma's meddling.

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18. Payback Time

One of my mates found herself unable to pay for an abortion when we were 17 and still in school. She shared her secret with me rather than her baby's father. I felt it was important to support her decision, which I knew would be life-altering, no matter the result. So I ended up giving her $150—a considerable amount since I was only working part-time and earning less than that in a week. 

I ferried her to the doctor, was at her side post-procedure, and pitched a plan for her to return the amount in three equal weekly parts of $50. She agreed to pay it back without any qualms, but circumstances took a turn and she couldn't repay me in the following two weeks. Meanwhile, we graduated and all my attempts at contacting her hit a brick wall. 

I found out she would show up to our group hangs only if she was certain of my absence. And to make matters worse, I came to know about rumors she'd been spreading about me, which resulted in our friends excluding me from outings. I figured it out—her sudden changes of behaviour had one purpose: to dodge repaying me. 

As discomforting as it was, I realized I had to take action. We'd been inseparable pals for quite a while, and even though she chose to stoop low, I kept reaching out to her, speaking to her parents at times when she'd avoid my calls. 

Perhaps her parents persuaded her to speak to me because, after telling them about my concern due to her lack of communication, she finally picked up my call. She played it casual, as if nothing had gone wrong, but I went straight to the point. I gave her an ultimatum: either return the money within the next two days or I'd spill the beans to her parents. 

She tried to wriggle out with an excuse about bank delays, but I firmly insisted on having the money or I'd spill the beans, face-to-face, to her parents. Long story short, the money made its way to my bank account faster than you could say Jack Robinson.

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19. Mean Girls—The Sequel

My best friend and I had this massive online spat on MSN Messenger. I mean, we went all out—typing in ALL CAPS, changing our usernames to throw shade—the works. It was the usual teenage drama about who's cooler, whose boyfriend was better, and all that. The following day, I skipped school for a different reason. 

To my shock, I found out she printed our chat—like all 15 pages of it—and showed it around school. But she'd conveniently left out the not-so-nice things she said. Later, she pulled another move straight from a teen drama movie. She had my "boyfriend" dump me on a group call in front of the cool crowd. 

Totally felt like a scene from Mean Girls.

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20. Standing Up For What’s Right

Back in primary school, I battled serious depression. My only real friend was a guy who got picked on a lot for being different. Even though I was just a small girl, I often defended him against the bullies. I felt this need to protect him, but his family wasn't a fan of me at all. 

They believed I was the bad one, even though he struggled to make other friends. But in their eyes, he could do no wrong. There was this big incident where I tried defending him, and it got so heated that our families, another kid's family, and a teacher had to have a meeting. That meeting was tough. 

I was super emotional, trying to explain my side while holding back tears. But when it was my friend's turn, he basically threw me to the wolves. He said things to make himself look good, completely ignoring all I'd done for him. His parents did the same. Reflecting on it all later, it hit me that he never really had my back. 

Despite everything I did for him, he'd left me hanging more than once. So, I put up with him for a bit longer, but once primary school ended, I cut ties. Funny thing is, we lived just a few houses away but never reconnected.

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21. My Sister Was A Snake

My own sister pulled some real sneaky moves on me. Growing up, she was the slender, popular type, while I was the more curvy bookworm. Every time I'd crush on a guy, she'd go and date him. In 6th grade, I had a thing for this 5th-grade boy. She swung by my school one day, met him, and before I knew it, they were an item.

A bit later on, I met this cool guy named Billy. I was totally into him. We went on a couple of dates, but then he met her. Next thing I know, they're a couple, and she's parading him around our place daily. It was tough seeing them together. They broke up after a short while. But here's the worst part.

Turns out, she didn't care much for him; she just wanted to get under my skin. Plus, she liked spending his money.

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22. A Cross-border Debacle

So, my ex-girlfriend was relocating from the US to a city in Canada for work. She didn't want to make the journey alone and asked for my help. Even though I was newly married, my super understanding wife said it was okay. The ex assured me she had everything planned out.

I was dealing with some health challenges at the time but thought, "Hey, she needs help, and I'm good at road trips". Turns out her idea of "planned out" was a printout of Yahoo driving directions. Things got dicey at the US/Canada border. 

She didn’t have the right paperwork for working in Canada, no vet papers for her dog, a banned can of mace in the car, and no idea about our accommodation. When I voiced my worries, she snapped, suggesting we just lie to get through. But that wasn't even the peak of the chaos.

We somehow got past the border, but soon after, those directions messed us up BAD. We were lost in a city I barely knew. Trusting my instincts, I somehow found our supposed "home". It was a complete mess, like someone had just started ripping it apart for renovations.

At that moment, I was done. I left her, the dog, and her belongings at that disaster of a house, and got myself to a hotel. My health was deteriorating by then. I mustered the energy to book a pricey flight back home and sadly, that trip cost me another friendship.

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23. Friend-Zoned For A Friend

In high school, my best buddy and I both liked the same girl. I only realized his feelings for her when she and I began to get close. We weren't dating, but we spent a lot of time together. 

One day, as we hung out, he shared this story about how he fell out with a friend over a girl they both liked. He then subtly hinted that he was into the girl I was seeing, kind of hinting, "Are we headed for trouble?" Feeling awkward, I decided to step back. 

Time went by, and he never pursued her, so I nudged him about it. I told him to take a chance or he might end up just being her friend. However, he then started distancing from everyone, which left me in a dilemma: should I go for the girl and possibly lose a friend or just stay friends with her?

Before I could decide, she began dating another guy. My chance was gone, and soon, my buddy and I drifted apart. We reconnected years later, and over a drink, I mentioned how things almost got serious between me and the girl.

A few weeks later, during a night out which I couldn’t attend because of work commitments, I learned from her that he was buying her loads of drinks and making moves on her.

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24. Game Over

My mother had this pal with a kid around my age. Every time she stopped by, her son would tag along, too. My mom thought it would be good if we hung out together. Plain and simple, this guy was a nightmare. We were both big into Pokemon: I had the silver version while he had the gold one. 

Honestly, he was pretty lousy at the game, his Pokemon were all underpowered, he couldn't surpass the first gym, and so much more. Proud of being a Pokemon pro, I opted to give him some guidance. I pointed out which Pokemon were superior and suggested which attacks to launch. 

One day, he innocently proposed to bring my Gameboy to his place to check out my Pokemon, promising to return it the next day. Trustingly, I agreed. I had this idea that he'd marvel at my Pokemon and deem me the 'coolest'. But that never happened. 

He transferred every single one of my Pokemon, my level 100 Typhlosion included. And guess what he gave me? A bunch of Pidgeys and Caterpies in return.

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25. League Of Deception

My so-called "best" friend persuaded me to join a school club—I only agreed so that I could spend more time with her. There was an annual convention which I attended, acting as an aide since I wasn't keen on presenting a project. Once we boarded the bus to depart, she completed changed.

She acted as if I was a stranger and ridiculed me in front of her other pals. Unfortunately, we shared the same hotel room. When I got back home and my mom inquired about the trip, I just couldn't hold it in any longer and started crying. 

Mom was upset so she called my friend a harsh name and tried her best to comfort me. When school resumed the following Monday, she resumed play-acting like we were inseparable best friends. I finally resolved that I was better off without her in my life.

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26. A Tricky Triad

My pal was constantly pestering me to meet her partner's housemate. Having just ended a relationship, the idea didn't appeal to me. However, she kept praising this man—telling me he was an absolute gem—highlighting his impressive self-built home, reliable truck, thrilling snowmobiles, exceptional fatherhood, and his honorable community service as a voluntary firefighter. 

Eventually, after weeks of nagging, I decided to give it a shot. After going out together a few times, I started to genuinely enjoy his company. One evening, while having dinner with another friend and her partner, I couldn't help but share how much I liked this man. She then dropped the awful truth.

My matchmaker friend had been secretly involved with him. Apparently, she connected with her own partner on the internet and things escalated too quickly, resulting in an intimate encounter involving my current date on their first meeting. By this point, we had been dating casually for several weeks.

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27. A Job Undone

My buddy and I were so close that we served as best men at each other's weddings. Later, I moved to a place with a super tricky gravel driveway. Around the same time, he was kicking off his own paving business. I thought, why not hire him to fix my driveway? I made it clear I didn't want any favors or discounts. I just wanted to support his new venture.

After giving me an estimate, I promptly handed over the money. But time passed, and he didn’t get to the job. A few months later, I checked in, and his response was, "I'll get to it when I can". I reminded him that I wasn't asking for special treatment; I was just another customer. That's when things went south.

He became upset, accusing me of treating him like a mere worker. Since then, he's gone silent on me. I've heard from others that he thinks I let a bit of money ruin our friendship. Despite trying to reach out, he's never picked up or responded.

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28. It Was Lights Out For This Friendship

My bestie, who was also my roommate, left me hanging with a $1,200 electric charge. Guess whose name was on the bill? Yep, mine. I had been in the hospital, and when I got out, I was doing a daily treatment program. She had some old issues with the power company, so she couldn't have the bill under her name. 

We agreed that I'd keep it in my name, but she'd handle the payments. But, she dropped the ball. I decided to remove my name from the account, but she got super upset, saying she'd be left in the dark. So, against my better judgment, I kept it under my name. Soon, I was getting hounded by collection agencies. 

I asked her if she could chip in a bit, even if it's just $10 weekly, to show she was trying. Her response floored me. She claimed she was broke. Because of all the piled-up charges, I was stuck with the whopping $1,200 bill.

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29. Hung Out To Dry

I had a friend who was pretty irresponsible and not very clean who rented a room in my place. He told me he was clean and sober, but I suspected he was still involved in his old habits. He didn't contribute to the housework and was often neglectful of his chores. 

One day, I walked in to find his room nearly empty. I phoned him, and he confirmed he was moving out by the end of the month—and it was already the 28th. He hadn't given me the customary 30-day notice which the law requires. Here's what really infuriated me though: His mother reached out to me, criticizing how I had treated her son and threatening to report me for tax evasion. 

Well joke's on them, because I'd already reported the rental income.

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30. A Whole Latte Lies

A buddy of mine informed my potential boss that I had previously stolen funds, all to prevent my hiring. This was about a job at Starbucks, a place she passionately disliked for her own wild reasons. She wasn't thrilled about the idea of me working there. In her tipsy state a few weeks later, she finally admitted what she did.

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31. He Was A Liarsaurus Rex

Back in primary school, I was all about dinosaurs. I had this super cool Velociraptor toy that I couldn't wait to show off. The coolest part was that if you squeezed its legs and it'd snap at your fingers. After proudly showing it off, I stashed it in my bag and left it in the classroom corner. Being the usual dawdler, I was the last one to pick up my bag. 

When I peeked inside to say hi to my dino pal, I made a horrifying discovery. He was gone. I was heartbroken. Deep down, I was sure Melvin had taken it; he'd been eyeing it all day. Mom tried sorting it out by speaking with his grandparents, but Melvin played innocent. She felt so bad that she got me a replacement Raptor. 

Then, half a year later, Melvin's grandparents spotted him playing with a suspiciously familiar Velociraptor in their garden. He handed it over with a lame excuse, "It just appeared in my bag. Oops, my bad!"

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32. Dealing With A Devil

This person ensured that my home's windows were left unlocked. That way, he could sneak in while I was at work, engage in his shady activities, and then slip away before I returned. It wasn't until long after I had moved from there that I discovered he had been stockpiling a significant amount of goods in my home. 

Word of this eventually reached me from others. They admitted to consistently purchasing items from him whilst he was operating out of my house.

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33. Cray Cray On The Vacay

Every year, I'd bump into this girl at a vacation resort our families frequented. Her younger sister had a massive crush on me. Although she was easy on the eyes, she had a knack for causing SO much trouble. Time and again, she'd land me in hot water for mischief around the resort, with me somehow ending up as the fall guy.

Figuring I only had to dodge her antics once a year, I tried to keep my distance. Now, I attended an all-boys school, and by some wild twist of fate, she managed to discover and befriend some of my pals. It ended badly.

She spun them this elaborate tale about her "traumatic" experiences with me, painting herself as the victim and me as the villain. And just like that, my own friends started seeing me in a totally different light.

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34. He Was A Liar And A Cheat

We were part of the same circle of friends. He was in a relationship with my closest buddy, while I was involved with his sibling. Well, turns out, he was a total cheater. I stumbled upon his infidelity and urged him to clear up this mistake before someone got hurt. 

Ignoring my advice, he deliberately chose to bring his secret lover to my gathering the following week to provoke me. That very evening, my buddy gave me a ring, sensing that something was off. Noticing the change in my voice, she demanded the truth, which I provided. 

He reacted strongly, employing his deceptive skills to manipulate the situation and accused me of fabricating the story. He then influenced his sister to end our relationship, and dishearteningly, none of our friends stood up for me. My mate, however, valued my honesty and chose to trust me. 

Despite this, she pardoned his actions and resumed their relationship within a few weeks, ultimately distancing from me because I couldn't maintain peace with him.

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35. Sixth Grade Psycho

In sixth grade, I had this buddy named Matthew. We chatted a lot since we were both big into computer games. Everyone was hopping on the MSN bandwagon, and when my pal Sam dropped by, he shared all our classmates' MSN handles with me, Matthew's included.

So, there I was, gaming with Sam, when my mom pulled me aside. She showed me this chat she had open with Matthew. The guy was using some pretty strong words, wondering how I got his MSN details. Mom felt it was right to loop in his mom on this.

When he got on the line, he was sobbing, full of apologies. But the next day, he confronted me with some pretty harsh words about my mom, who was battling cancer. It was harsh. A month later, things took another twist. The school had to step in because a couple of students, including Matthew, had been sending threatening messages to some girls in our grade. 

In the end, Matthew was kicked out of school.

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36. Ousted For No Reason

A few weeks post-high school graduation, I returned from a visit with my mom and found my belongings dumped on our porch. Oddly, some of my stuff was missing, presumably kept by my roommates. And trust me, unpaid rent wasn't the reason, as I'd settled that already. I wasn't even sure how long my stuff had been outside.

To add insult to injury, one of these roommates spread a disturbing rumor about me. He claimed that I'd punched him, which he "validated" with a mysterious black eye. Because of this, my buddies gave me the cold shoulder for weeks. 

Mind you, this was the same dude who'd crashed at my place (with my mom) for nearly a year, without chipping in or working. Eventually, I decided to move. Some friends did reconnect, but things just felt different.

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37. Planting The Seed Of Insecurity

At fifteen, I landed a gig at a garden center. The work was challenging but enjoyable. I clicked with a bunch of colleagues close to my age. Considering the teasing I endured at school, it felt good to connect with people who seemed kinder. Our work banter soon transitioned to after-hours hangouts. 

One evening, after wrapping up, we all met up. The vibe was off. It felt like they just looked past me. Disheartened, I just sat quietly, hoping the evening would end soon. As the night was winding down, one from the group confronted me, saying, "We never really enjoyed your company. It was all out of pity. We'd prefer you not join us again". 

Just like that, they departed, leaving me stranded. I had to ring my mom for a ride. That night left a scar. Now, I struggle with trust and often second-guess my friendships, wondering if they're merely out of pity.

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38. High School Hijinks

During high school, I was part of a group of friends. One day, I received a creepy letter. It was from someone pretending to be the father of a close friend. The message hinted at teaching me about intimacy and asked me to signal my interest by tying a red ribbon on the mailbox. The threat? Stay silent or face consequences.

Alarmed, I confided in my dad, who alerted the authorities and shared the ordeal with my friends, whom I thought had my back. Still, I couldn’t shake the feeling they were behind it. Soon, red ribbons appeared frequently on our mailbox. This created a rift at home; my dad was protective, while my stepmom believed I was seeking attention.

Things spiraled out of control. My window got pelted with rocks at night, my car was damaged, and our house was TP'd. At school, they checked my car for drinks. Then, an old secret of mine, which I'd only shared with this group, became public knowledge. Worse, they began ambushing me at work with insults, and one night, I was tailgated all the way home.

All these events spanned about two months. After high school graduation, I cut ties with them, and the chaos ceased. While I can't directly pin it on them, I'm no fool. I was a top student with a job, scholarship, and loving boyfriend. They just tagged me as the odd one out.

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39. She Trashed Our Friendship

I submitted an application for an intern role, where my best friend was the principal person authorized to approve applications, and also a member of the acceptance committee. A mutual friend who served on the same committee hinted to me that my application had been discarded by my friend without even being evaluated.

 Clearly, this warranted us escalating the matter to our university's ethics committee, with my mutual friend ready to drive the issue forward. However, I chose not to move ahead with it, aware that it would destroy my friend's academic record. Understandably, we have stopped communicating since then.

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40. They Were Playing Mind Games

My buddies and I got hooked on Minecraft and soon built our very own village. Every day after school, we'd hop online and dive straight into it. Before we knew it, our tiny village grew into a thriving jungle city with over 50 players each having their own space. Another mate played using someone else's account.

I was just going about my day in the game, looking after my zone, and I shared leadership of the city with my closest pal. The game only allowed one leader at a time, and somehow, this other player got the title. What he did next was heartbreaking. He began tearing down everything I'd made—my home, our community, everything.

Distraught, I phoned my buddy, pleading with him to kick this guy out. I was genuinely attached to that place and had poured so much effort into it. Nobody could help, and I was freaking out, struggling to catch my breath. The chaos only ceased after our once magnificent city lay in shambles, and that's when I decided to quit Minecraft.

To add insult to injury, I later learned that this whole scheme was orchestrated by my "close friends" for a laugh. My emotional phone call? It was the highlight of their prank. They told me they found it "hilarious".

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41. He Muddied My Mama’s Reputation

My childhood best friend, who I had been close with since elementary school, had an affair with my mom during our high school years. To make matters worse, he boasted about it to everyone we knew for three years before I learned the truth. 

It came as such a shock, it felt as if someone was playing a cruel joke on me. Unfortunately, this was no joke and it became something I had to accept as part of my life. Since then, my relationships with my friends haven't quite been the same.

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42. Our Friendship Went Up In Flames

I thought I could trust my "friends"—but they snagged my vehicle while I was asleep. They pushed my car to the limit, speeding as a fast 80 mph in our local area...then they got into an accident and wrecked it. 

After they informed me, I trod a mile distance to discover my car was already swallowed by towering flames. I alerted the fire brigade, but after everything, I didn't even receive a single word of regret.

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43. Fighting For The Sake Of Mental Health

Back in high school, I had a close friend who started showing concerning signs related to his mental health. Unsure of how to help or handle it, I shared my worries with another friend, explaining how helpless I felt watching the situation unfold.

To my surprise, a few days later, word got around that my confidant had blabbed to anyone who'd listen about our conversation. He wanted to drive a wedge between my close friend and me, arguing that "people with mental health problems don't belong in society, and you should keep your distance".

I couldn't hold back and confronted him. By doing so, I realized I'd dodged a bullet with this guy. Down the line, he made a habit of spreading vicious lies.

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44. Catching Heat Over A Housecoat

My buddy gave me a housecoat that she had borrowed from her mom. Later, her mom called, wondering where it was, so I quickly gave it back. But then, on Christmas Eve and a week after I'd returned it, her mom reported me to the authorities, claiming I'd stolen it. Even though her daughter had handed it to me, I was labeled a thief.

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45. A Photo Finish

During my last year of high school, a buddy snapped a photo of me and a classmate while we were collaborating on a project. He then shared it with my girlfriend of three years, trying to make it look suspicious. Sadly, his plan worked and we broke up. Later, he tried to make a move on her but got turned down.

He lost a close friend in me, someone who had his back since middle school. Heck, we even let him crash at our place over the summer when he was going through tough times at home.

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46. Banished Blood Brother

I had this buddy I've known since '97, and he was super close with my family. My mom even looked after him when he had troubles at home. Fast forward to 2012, my mom needed surgery and required blood. Lucky for us, he was a match. I reached out, asking if he could donate, and he said he'd be there first thing the next day. Then he did me so dirty—I'll never forget it.

He never came. He stopped answering my calls and texts and ghosted me completely. Later, I found out he relocated to another city for college. We haven't spoken since.

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47. This Christian Girl Was Pure Evil

In middle school, I met this upbeat girl who seemed very kind-hearted. She was actively involved in charity work and youth groups. Since I had been struggling with trichotillomania since fifth grade, which led to a lot of bullying and loneliness, I felt grateful when she started passing notes to me in class. 

Given our shared religious beliefs, I thought maybe this was an answer to my prayers. Boy was I wrong. On top of my anxiety, doctors discovered an inoperable mass in my brain. It hit me hard, considering my family history with brain tumors. While I tried to stay brave, seeing my parents' pain was tough, especially as I felt like I hadn't really experienced life yet.

On the last day of school, this girl handed me a letter, acting a bit cold. She asked me to read it at home. I was stunned by what it said. She wrote, "I only befriended you out of pity, thinking it was the right thing to do. But I never really saw you as a friend. Now, others are giving me a hard time for being close to you. Please don't contact me again".

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48. Left With A Bloody Mess

Andy had John over for a weekend sleepover at his house. At the same time, Andy was hosting a girl he was interested in, hoping sparks would fly. On that night, they were all socializing and enjoying some drinks when both John and the girl stepped out for about ten minutes. 

Once the nightcap was over, the girl headed home and John fell asleep on the couch. Tired and tipsy, Andy stumbled into his room and flopped onto his bed, only to hear a squishing noise. It was wet. Turning on the lights, he was shocked to find his bed drenched in blood. 

It seemed that John and the girl had been intimate on his bed while she was in the middle of her period. Rather than saying, "Maybe we should postpone this," they left behind an unpleasant surprise. Now, Andy was left with the task of cleaning up the unexpected mess.

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49. No Misunderstanding Here

I let a friend crash at my place when he had nowhere to go. Around that time, my girlfriend seemed distant. For the three weeks he stayed, I noticed some weird vibes between the two of them.

Little moments caught my attention: she'd give him pecks on the cheek, or I'd come home to find them cozied up on the couch together. I was suspicious but also thought maybe I was overthinking it. Then one day, I found his phone on my bed. It was unlocked, and I couldn't help but see a text from my girlfriend. 

Curiosity got the best of me, and I looked. What I found were messages coordinating meetups when I wasn't home and some inappropriate photos. I showed him the messages, visibly upset. His reaction told me everything I needed to know. Livid, I told them to leave. Both of them claimed it was all a misunderstanding. 

As my girlfriend left, she spitefully said something about what I was "missing out" on. About a month later, she revealed she was pregnant. Considering our lack of intimacy in the past two months, the timeline didn’t match up. Despite her claims, I was pretty sure it wasn't mine. She later showed her true colors, trying to convince me otherwise.

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50. What Happened To Baby Jane?

I attended a fairly small school, which meant we all knew each other well. I had a cousin named Jane who I was very close to; we'd often hang out after school and accompany each other to various functions. Then, during my first year of high school, a tragic car accident took the life of a young girl. 

Unaware of the tragedy that had unfolded, I showed up to school and proceeded with my routine, completing an assignment before the class began. One of my acquaintances, a girl named Ashley, barged into the classroom spreading some kind of news. 

I wasn't really paying attention until she approached me, saying, "Oh my God! Your cousin Jane, she didn't make it, I'm so sorry". I was taken aback and asked her what she was referring to. Ashley then informed me that Jane had lost her life in a car crash that morning. I was shocked. 

Feeling numb and on the brink of tears, I was stunned into silence. But before I could process what Ashley had said, one of my closest friends rushed in to clarify. My cousin Jane was certainly not the one who passed in the tragic accident—Ashley was aware of this too, but just wanted to upset me for no reason. 

Furious at her for playing such a cruel prank, I confronted her after school, and this resulted in us ending our friendship abruptly.

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