Disgruntled Daters Share The Worst Date They’ve Ever Been On

The movies make it look so easy: Meet Mr. or Miss. Cute, then fall in love over a series of romantic and wonderful dates. Even if that first date doesn’t go that well, we all know what happens in the end: the happy couple rides off into the sunset together, smiling together for the rest of their days.

No matter how unbelievable the film, we still enjoy watching two beautiful people finding each other go through a relatively pain-free courtship. We know Hollywood likes to wrap up things nice and neat, typically in the 90-minute to two-hour range. But in the real world, the truth is much different. There are bumps and hiccups that happen in the dating scene that aren’t nearly as fun as what’s portrayed on the big screen.

In fact, dating can be downright horrible and life-changing. Read on for the worst dates ever from the folks at Reddit.

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25. Three’s A Crowd

A friend set me up with a girl he knew. She was cute, funny, smart, everything you hope for in a blind first date. After spending a good part of the day with her, we end up at this frozen yogurt spot. We talk for a bit and she mentions how much fun she had today. Then she says how much her boyfriend would like this spot and that we should all hang out next week. I never asked that friend to set me up ever again.



24. Late Arrival

He was more than three hours late, and was texting that he was 20 minutes away for two of those hours. As soon as he arrived he tried to tell me to leave the venue I’d already paid to get into so we could go where he wanted. He tried to start a fight with a friend I’d happened to run into, then he insulted my aunt (who’d talked me into going out with him in the first place). I just walked away from him after that last one, and we never spoke again.



23. Breakfast Date

A Tinder guy invited me on a breakfast date on Saturday and I realized when I arrived at the meeting point that he meant a breakfast date at his place. I thought we were talking about having breakfast at a cafe since it was our first date ever. The meeting point was basically in front of his house; he’d planned the logistics of the date pretty well. When I realized that he basically tricked me (he never made it clear that the date was supposed to take place at his apartment) I got annoyed and told him there was no chance I’d go to his place on the first date when I just met him.

I gave him two options: either we have breakfast at a cafe or I’m leaving. He tried to talk me into it using all his charm. I was laughing in his face while listening to his absurd monologue and when he finished it I said I was done. I tried to walk away, but then he grabbed my face and tried to forcefully kiss me. I was furious, pushed his face away, told him he was a creep and walked back to the metro station.



22. Feeling A Bit Froggy

He and I exchange numbers, but don’t exchange photos because we both wanted to get to know each other as a person and not judge based off looks. He was honest and told me he was a little bit bigger.

I was having car issues so we agreed to have him pick me up for our date. I hear honking. The guy is honking the horn to let me know he’s there; doesn’t come to my door or even send a text. I go outside and walk to his truck. This man was more than a little big, he was huge. I wasn’t irritated that he was big, but that he lied to me about his size.

He starts driving and the conversation is going well, so no issues there. I ask him where we’re going and he just tells me, “A nice, small and local restaurant that I really like.” He parks right next to the handicap parking, so we’re really close to the door. By the time he walks to the front door he’s breathing extremely heavy and is really out of breath.

We get inside the place and it’s a buffet. As we make our way through the restaurant we get stopped multiple times because everyone knows him and wants to talk, slightly annoying, but fine; that is until I hear him introduce me as his girlfriend. People would ask how long we’ve been together and I would say it was our first date and that we weren’t actually dating. He looked like a sad puppy dog.

We finish dinner and he tells me we need to go back to his place real quick because we need to get some stuff for the second part of our date, but won’t tell me what the second part is. He asks me to go inside with him to grab the stuff and I’m greeted by his entire family. Mother, father, grandparents, uncles, aunts, sisters, brother in law, nieces and nephews. This is pretty much my breaking point where I decided I can’t keep looking for positives and that there is no way this man is getting a second date. As I’m meeting his family, they keep telling me how nice it is to meet his girlfriend.

We get back to the truck and I ask him what exactly we’re going to do and he tells me frog gigging. I have no idea what that is and ask him. Turns out frog gigging is frog hunting.

After enduring mosquitos and frog gigging, the date is over and he’s driving me back home. He keeps talking about how much fun he had, how he can’t wait for a second date and that he really likes me. Icing on the cake, he lights up a cigarette as he’s driving. I really hate the smell of cigarettes and my asthma starts kicking in. We finally pull into my driveway and he leans in for a kiss. I tell him I don’t kiss on the first date, which is a lie and get into my house as fast as I possibly can.



21. Somewhere Nice For Dinner

I met a guy online and he kept bugging me to take me out to dinner. I finally agreed and he said he wanted to take me “somewhere nice.” When I hear “somewhere nice,” to me that involves wait staff and tablecloths. We agreed to meet in a well-lit grocery store parking lot and ride to the restaurant in his car. It’s cool out so I put on a dress and tights and high heeled boots and go to meet him. He pulls up in a Mercedes and I wonder if I’m dressed well enough for wherever we’re going. We do the greetings and I get in his car and he drives across the parking lot to the Taco Bell drive-thru. I am not joking. I text my teenage daughter and she tells me that things like that only happen in the movies. Needless to say, there was no second date.


20. Macho Man

I worked in a record store where this guy came in every so often and we would have polite conversation. Then one day he asked me out. He seemed like a nice guy so I agreed.

So within the first five minutes of the date, he started chatting up the girl at the bar. So we’re sitting at the bar and he leaves to go to the bathroom, and this older man who had been sitting at the bar before we arrived starts talking to me, which I perceived as innocent small talk. When my date returns he slams down the money for the drinks and says we have to leave. On the walk to the next bar, he complains that he can’t leave me alone without another guy hitting on me and that’s why we had to leave.

We walked past a group of teenagers doing pull-ups on a tree, and of course my date has to “show them how it’s done” and starts doing pull up after pull up. And I honestly wasn’t sure if he was trying to impress me or the 14-year-olds.

At the next bar he starts telling me all the things that women shouldn’t do and the masculine things that women shouldn’t be trying to do. He leaves to go to the bathroom again and somehow manages to get into a fight with two other guys and he gets kicked out of the bar. I’ll always remember the look a girl gave me as I followed him outside of the bar; it was the look of “poor girl that has to deal with her boyfriend.” I promptly walked off from the date and never saw him again.


19. Smart Guy

The guy spent hours talking about himself. He made a point of saying his IQ was 130-something and was in his “I Am Very Smart” mode during the entire date. He told me I was a cheapskate for not having fancy clothes and for taking the bus instead of an Uber.


18. Ice Cream Date

I was on a Tinder date and agreed to meet this woman to go for ice cream. She said she would pick me up along the way and within 30 seconds of meeting her, she reversed straight into my neighbor’s parked car. Not knowing what to do I let her get out and check for damage. She said it was fine and drove off. I looked in the wing mirrors and saw a big dent in the car and she also had a big dent in her car. Needless to say, it was an awkward ice cream and we did not see each other again.


17. Great Opportunity

She wanted to get me into her pyramid scheme. The worst part was she obviously had never heard of them before. She explained the model to me and I said, “just like a pyramid?” She got really excited because I understood the concept right away.

I let her pay for lunch.


16. Looking Into The Future

He took me to go see a psychic, who proceeded to tell him that we wouldn’t last as a couple and we would eventually split up. On the two-hour drive home he cried and said he didn’t see the point in dating if we weren’t going to end up in a proper relationship. I just wanted to get the out of there, but to make matters worse, when he pulled up outside my house he locked me in his van and wouldn’t let me out. For three weeks afterwards, he would watch me from his van and call my phone continuously.


15. Loud Talker

My first and last Tinder date. We went to the cinema and before the movie started, he was the loudest, longest and most animated talker I had ever met. People were staring. After that we went for drinks and he went in for a kiss very quickly. I sort of froze out of embarrassment and it just happened. His saliva was all over the bottom half of my face and I had to excuse myself and go to the bathroom to wash it off. After that date, he wouldn’t stop messaging me. Their content was mostly him begging me to give him a chance and that we ‘had something.’ I’ve had to block him on everything.


14. Worst Dates Clown

I went on a date with a guy who took the train four hours to meet up in my hometown at a pizza place. He showed up in tattered jeans with patches made from towel swatches sewn on, and an equally tattered jacket. He was in one of my classes, so I knew this wasn’t his regular standard of attire. So we’re sitting, eating our pizza, and out of nowhere he puts on a clown nose and keeps eating. I ask him if there’s an explanation to that, and he said he was just trying out his new nose. Okay. Then he started jazz scatting like he’s Ella Fitzgerald. For two hours, just jammin’ to himself in a pizza place with a clown nose. I didn’t want to leave because I was his ride back to the station and he had come so far to see me. Eventually, I drive him back to the train station. He doesn’t get out of my car. I ask him why, he says “I’m thinking.” Then he leans in like he’s going to kiss me, rubs his face on mine like a cat, licks my face and leaves. Of all of my bad dates, none have ever left me more confused than that one.


13. On The Ice

We chatted on the phone for a few weeks and he seemed great: solid family, great job, similar interests. So I agreed to go on a date: ice skating, see a movie and grab a drink afterwards. Sounds like fun!

So the day comes and we hit it off. He’s handsome and witty, holding my hand while we’re skating and having a great time– until I hit a rut in the ice and fall. And that’s when the pain hit. It took me 20 minutes to walk a half block to our car and then I couldn’t sit because the pain was so bad. I told him I think I should go to the emergency room to check it and he said, “Can’t it wait? I really want to see this movie.”

By now, I was in tears since it hurt so bad and he was still giving me a hard time. Finally, he agreed to take me to the E.R. We pulled up to the hospital and he said, “You can handle this yourself right? I’m pretty tired.” By this point I didn’t care. It turned out I had fractured my tailbone landing on the ice.


12. My Fault

I’m the cause of one of my worst dates. I’m a big strong guy, but I am a scaredy-pants when it comes to horror films. However, this beautiful woman wanted to go see a horror movie as our first date and I was willing to act tough … except I couldn’t. I tried, but I just can’t handle jump scares. Gore, blood, and other disgusting things I’m fine with, but please don’t try to scare me. Long story short, a jump scare happened and I spilled a good portion of my cola onto her white shirt.

For a moment I hoped that I would just apologize and a few weeks later we would just laugh about it and have it as our cute story. Well, she had a different opinion: she changed seats, finished the movie, let me drive her home without saying a word, and didn’t respond to my texts anymore.


11. Automobile

I picked her up at her apartment and she said, “I’m sure glad you’re not one of those guys with a fancy red sports car!”

We got to my fancy red sports car and the date went downhill from there.


10. Good Boy

I have a service dog. My date spent the entire time petting him. He initially asked and I said yes, but he never stopped petting him. He kept asking me about him and spent more time talking to my dog than me (“Good boy!” “Do you help your mom out?” “Do you work hard?”).

The next day he texts me, “How’s your dog?”

No, thanks. I’m not into dudes who are more interested in my dog than me.


9. Ping Pong

I told my date that I liked ping pong and it turns out he’s a professional. He took me to play and absolutely annihilated me for an hour.


8. Musical Man

It was my first-ever OK Cupid date. The guy shows up talking on his phone, looks me up and down, and motions for us to go into the restaurant. It was a Lebanese place and he declares, “I don’t really like African food.” He continues to tell me how lucky I am to land a date with him and somewhere in the monologue I hear the words “9/11 musical.” He had written a 9/11 musical. It was a comedy. I also paid because he was a “feminist.”


7. Movie Time

My friend set up a blind date for me to see Captain America: Winter Soldier. My date was obsessed with the Bucky character and would shriek loudly every time he appeared on the screen. She also kept asking me if I wanted some Sour Patch Kids, and when I said I didn’t care for them, she started to shove them in my mouth without asking. She’d also stick popcorn into my shirt, and try whispering things in my ear which I couldn’t understand. Halfway through the movie, I left.


6. Making Plans

Our idea was for me to plan dinner and she would plan the second half of our date. I take her to a nice restaurant and blow about $80 a person, then she takes me to Home Depot.


5. Lunch And A Movie

We went on a standard date: lunch and movie. She asked to stop by the grocery store on the way back to her house because she needs groceries for dinner. The date’s been going well and we’ve been really hitting it off. The groceries are about $70: steak, potatoes, bottle of wine, and a few other things. I offer to pay and she accepts.

When we get back to her house, she doesn’t invite me in and she says she has to go in and start dinner before her boyfriend gets home.


4. Life Of The Party

The guy showed up drunk. Told me for half an hour straight how awful his life was, how he had a hangover from the night before, and how he had to go partying again although he didn’t really want to. He didn’t ask one single question about me and was completely uninterested. Needless to say, I didn’t join him when he went to the party. I went home instead and when I arrived home he had already unmatched me on Tinder.


3. Poor Furby

I dabbled in some online dating a while back when I was single. This one guy refused to meet me inside the coffee shop. Stupid me decided to meet him anyways. We walked around the mall for a bit chatting about our jobs and such and what he wanted to do after our little “date.” He ends up driving me home and showed me this Furby that he claims he likes to punch when he’s mad.


2. Creepy Blind Date

For a blind date we met up at a coffee shop close to our university. It was hard to get a conversation going. He just kept telling me I was as beautiful as the brick wall we were sitting next to, and that my skin looked soft enough to be made into a nice robe. The date was over in 15 minutes.


1. Fan Fiction

We met for coffee at a popular chain, and the conversation went well at first until it turned to our hobbies. It turns out she wrote fanfiction and had samples with her. Seemed interesting for a while but got to be a bit much after an entire hour of her describing in detail her fanfiction about how she became Superman and used her newfound power to seek vengeance on her ex who had cheated on her. She told me this while mentioning that she shouldn’t be talking about her ex on a date. I couldn’t get one word in the entire time. In the end I looked at my phone and did the old “Is that the time! I’ve got to get going!”