Betrayed Lovers Share The Most Hurtful Thing Their Partner Has Ever Said To Them

It’s true what they say— love hurts. No relationship is perfect.

Everyone has had their fair share of problems and upsets when it comes to love, and sometimes have to deal with their partners’ insecurities or even infidelity. Although lying and cheating can completely destroy your confidence and trust, words can be even more damaging to a relationship.

These real stories from Reddit reveal some of the most hurtful things a partner has ever said to their significant other. Heads up, you might need a tissue after reading these emotional, these heart-wrenching accounts!

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#25 That’s A Low Blow

I proposed…

Her: Are you just asking because you’re balding?


#24 A Silver Lining

Here are a few gems from my ex-wife.

While at a drive-in movie, she says, “You would be a boring father, our kids would never have fun with you.”

“If we ever get divorced, you will never find anyone else. You are too different and weird.”

Jokes on her though. I got remarried and have two wonderful children. And I’m a pretty fun dad.


#23 That’s Beyond Cold

“I don’t love you. I never loved you. You were just convenient because I was lonely.”

An ex after five years, a co-owned house, and an almost proposal.


#22 This Is Just Plain Heartless

Maybe if you had eaten better during your pregnancy our daughter would have been born healthy. He said this a week after our daughter passed away following open heart surgery. He’s not a totally despicable person but watching her die made us into different people.


#21 No Coming Back From This

A week after my mom died, we were moving, had been in the process for a while, and she says during a disagreement, “You’ve been a lil’ jerk ever since your mom died.” I was 22, she passed the day after my 2nd anniversary and right before both my kids’ birthdays.


#20 This Guy Needs To Be Locked Up Somewhere

Ex said if I became pregnant that he would “knock it out of me.”


#19 That’s The Spirit!

“Let’s face it, you’re probably not going to be the girl I marry.”

Shame. Who’s laughing now? Your lawfully wedded wife, that’s who!


#18 You’re Not Alone

“This is your fault,” said to me by an ex in a Snapchat along with a picture of where she’d slit her wrist. She said that she did it because I was ignoring her while I was at work and that she should be more important than me holding down a job.

We were both 16 at the time and I thought she was ‘the one’ because she was my first girlfriend. I reacted by doing exactly what she wanted whenever she did anything like this. I’m 18 now and in a very happy, committed, year-long relationship with a beautiful girl who’d never hurt herself or me.

If anyone is in this situation right now, the best thing to do is get yourself out of it. I know you feel trapped in it and are worried that they’ll do something drastic because of it, but if they’re shouting and screaming about it nothing will come of it. You deserve better and better will come along. Thanks again for all the support and love.


#17 Nope

I had an ex who was studying for the bar and this is like a 9-5 job, so she really couldn’t work. She was staying with me, rent free, eating my meals that I cooked, going out to dinner with my family, enjoying all of the freebies that came with that. This was early on and she told me that if it was the other way around she wouldn’t support me. And she didn’t. She hounded me about finding a better job, made me split every expense evenly (except groceries, I almost always paid for those), I did all of the cooking and cleaning. After cooking meals I was told that since she was making more and working more that I should also have to clean them. It’s pretty sad what you’ll live with when you can’t afford your own place. Thankfully I got away from her.


#16 Hindsight Is 20/20

4 years ago I got accepted into grad school across the country. My then significant other, who I had been with for 6 years, said this to me when I told him my hesitations about doing the whole long distance thing: “I don’t need you, you need me.” I guess I was in awe that someone can say that to their partner after so long together and it was a deal breaker for me. So I decided to show him that no, I did not need him. I left him, moved halfway across the country, and am graduating pharmacy school in 3 short weeks. Yeah, it was heartbreaking at the time but was also a blessing in disguise. So glad I dodged that bullet.


#15 Straight To The Point

An ex-fiance of mine said this several months after taking her virginity:

Her: “I want to find another person to have sex with.”

Me: “You want to break up?”

Her: “No, I want to stay with you, but also sleep with other guys.”

Me: “So you want us to have an open relationship?”

Her: “Yes, but only for me.”

Me: “So, you want to be able to sleep with whoever you want and I only get to sleep with you.”

Her: “Yes.”

Me: “So you want to break up?”

Her: “No. You’ve slept with other women before you met me, I’ve only slept with you and I think I’m missing out.”


#14 Just Horrible

I found out he was cheating on me, the other girl didn’t know about me. I told her (rationally) what was going on, and we somewhat kept in touch after I broke it off with the dude. He didn’t go quietly and projected a lot. I eventually shook him off, and so did the other girl. But not before he told her, “your parents both died in that fiery car crash because you are an awful person.” She called me crying. He is the worst human I’ve ever known.


#13 Harsh Is An Understatement

“If you like someone, do them a favor. Stay away from them.”

Said to me by my ex after 5 and a half years, in one of the last conversations we had as a couple.


#12 Victory

“You’ll never be thin again.” Said to me by my husband as I was trying to start exercise. I was 50lbs overweight after giving birth to twins, postpartum depression, and was the only breadwinner of the house. I was stressed. I was unhappy. I was stress eating for years because it was the only bright spot of my days.

I’m thin now. Eating healthy. Feeling pretty again. He’s not alive to see it.


#11 Karma Is Real

“You’re a leech, I’m so sick of you, and now I’m going to do whatever I want and you can’t stop me.”

I was a stay-at-home mom.

Then he ran off with my best friend, who is unemployed, does not have custody of her own child, and sits around doing nothing except playing WoW and racking up bills.

Have fun with your new leech! Meanwhile I’m enjoying working as a librarian and I’m getting married next month.


#10 The Ultimatex-husband

My ex husband, husband at the time, had an affair with my best friend. (Hi Alyssa, if you’re reading this!)

So he was in LOVE.

I was devistated. Every time I ate I became nauseous, I lost twenty pounds in a month.

He said, “If only you’d lost the weight before I’d never have cheated.”

…I just had your baby!!!


#9 The Ultimate Betrayal

“I’m calling off our wedding.”

Said by my ex-fiance after he sat me down and asked for permission to explore his newfound bisexuality by participating in at this upcoming furry convention with the guys he had started chatting with every waking hour. And I said no. I’d like those 6 years of my life back.

One more detail, he decided that our 6 year anniversary was the best time to ask for permission sleep with other people.

#8 Can You Say Insensitive

My boyfriend said that I have weird teeth. It was very hurtful, since I was too poor growing up to afford braces.


#7 Reverse Psychology

One girl I went out with for a while had told me the difference between me and some other guy she had been talking to: that I was a man and he was a little boy, and then went on to tell me all the little things I do that she appreciates, which was obviously great because they were usually intentional, so knowing they’re appreciated is nice.

But, when I then spent another 2 months with her, and couldn’t get my head around why her telling me I needed to ‘step up’ and ‘be a man’ about stuff was getting to me so much, then I remember the compliment and it just clicked that she was intentionally using it to get me to do what she wanted and that felt pretty bad. Dumb on my behalf but still didn’t feel good.


#5 Horrid Bedroom Talk

Ex of mine was always trying new things in bed… he generally had bad ideas, and generally, they were a surprise. One night he starts ranting about how my private part is the ugliest thing he’s ever seen and how it makes him want to throw up and he can barely bring himself to like me.

He claimed later that it was “reverse psychology so now you’ll feel better about yourself” but I think you can guess that he was not, in fact, a psychologist or doctor and it did not work that way. Took me a few months to even look in the general direction of my private parts and made me feel ashamed when I did finally move onto new partners. Of all the messed up outright abusive stuff he did, this really misguided attempt at being kinky destroyed me the worst.


#4 Heartbroken

I killed Jasper.

Jasper was my cat that I had raised from a kitten. I thought he had gotten out while I was bringing in groceries and never came home. Turns out the psycho I was dating killed him.

I miss my fur baby!


#3 Beyond Abuse

“Ever heard of exercise, you fat woman!” and ,”You better not feed our son crap and let him get like you”. This hurt because it was the weight I put on while being pregnant with our baby. Stupid thing is, I took him back numerous times. Low self-esteem I guess.


#2 Never Believe It

I was told once that no one will ever love me. As a person with low self-esteem, that really stung me for a long while. I also was always compared and subtly told I was fat and that his exes were all model like. Found out later they were lies.


#1 Bite Your Tongue

My ex-husband told me that his sister probably didn’t hang out with me because she’s so vain she only hangs out with really hot girls. He meant it as an insult about HER. So I shouldn’t have been insulted a bit, right?