March 20, 2020 | Maria Cruz

Teachers Share The Most Disturbing Thing A Student Ever Did

The bond between a teacher and a student can be life-changing. We often relish in stories where teachers have saved students from themselves or vice versa. Some students, though, are memorable for all the wrong reasons. Between violent kindergartners, uttered threats, and random mischief, these are some of the most disturbing things students have done in the classroom. 


#1 Don’t Eat That

Kids in my mom's class tried to poison another little girl they were having a feud with. They tampered with her snack and put things like staples and hand sanitizer in it. They also put pencil lead in, thinking it would harm her. Obviously, it was ultimately harmless, but the intent was there. I'm glad one of the little boys involved came up to my mom and let her know what the plan was out of guilt. They're in fourth grade, old enough to know better, and to know what eating harmful things can do to a person.


#2 Screaming With Laughter

I used to teach a gym class to three to five-year-olds. I had this one kid who used to come with his friend from kindergarten. His friend's mother apologized to me numerous times and said she never would have offered to bring him if she knew what he was like. More than once, I had to evacuate the rest of the kids because this three-year-old would run around screaming curse words at the top of his lungs while trying to strike other kids. 

You never knew what would set him off. If you asked him to kick a ball, he was equally likely to kick another student. One time, he went so violent that I couldn't get him away from the other kids and ended up wrapping him up in the “firm cuddle technique,” which they definitely don't teach teachers about anymore. I basically dropped him to his knees with me on my knees behind him, arms wrapped around his arms and his chest. The only part he could move was his head and he kept trying to smash it into my face. 

Honestly, though, the worst part of all of that was the laughter. That kid normally had this vague, empty look on his face. But when he was trying to hurt someone else, he would scream with laughter with the biggest grin on his face. I only had him for ten sessions once a week, but I will never forget that kid.


#3 Random Gifts

One of my high school students came in one day and handed me a Pop! Vinyl figurine from one of her favorite bands. She said I could have it and I, not used to random gifts, asked her why she was giving it to me. She said something along the lines of she didn't need it anymore. I thanked her and told her to have a good day. The following day she ended her life. It immediately became clear why she didn't need the figurine anymore. That still bothers me.


#4 One Euro

I taught third graders for a year, so the kids were around nine years old. It was a couple of days before summer holidays and I asked the kids what they were going to do. I got to this one girl and she happily announced that she was going to Germany with her sister and parents. I asked her what she was going to do in Germany and she said she was going to ask people if they had one euro. 

I was like, “What?” and she proceeded to sit down on the floor with a sad look on her face, stuck her hand out and said, "See? Like this. ‘Please miss, do you have just one euro? I'm hungry.’ She didn't really see anything wrong with what she was doing. I'm pretty sure she didn't quite understand what was going on.

I was quite alarmed by this, so I informed the other school staff. It turned out that even though they weren't actually poor, her parents were regularly taking their two daughters to Germany over summer where they would make them beg for money in the streets. I heard the girl and her sister got pulled out of school shortly after that. I don't know what happened since I don't work there anymore.


#5 Unprovoked Attack

Back when I was a teacher, one of my students randomly started striking another kid (his friend) in the middle of class, no provocation whatsoever. The puncher was into body-building and pretty in shape. He had never been violent before in school, so this was both surprising and hard to break up considering his size. He hurt his friend pretty bad and was smiling after. I had no idea what he did was weird or upsetting.


#6 Quite a Shock

I recently had one of my students tell a pregnant teacher that he wanted to hit her in the stomach. Another student said, "You can't do that, she's pregnant!" The first student then said, "That's the point." These are fifth graders. This is also in a school that rarely has behavior problems, so this was quite a shock.


#7 Standout Scenarios

I have two that stand out. First, there was this one student who made a "hit list" and had numerous teachers and students on it. Second, I found a letter on the ground that an eighth-grader had written that talked about being approached by her uncle. I gave it to my principal and had to meet with the police to talk to them about the student and finding the letter.


#8 A Stressful Year

I was a preschool teacher at the time. I was doing group time and all the kids were sitting on the floor. One left to blow her nose. She came back, walked through the crowd of kids to get back to her spot, grabbed a quiet girl’s hair, and kept walking. My assistant thought it was a mistake, but the girl kept walking. She even bent at the knees and yanked while the poor long-haired girl screamed. That girl had no remorse and would be so unpredictable. She would look in your eyes, but right through them. It was a stressful year.


#9 Tired of Chris

At the first school that I taught at, I had a girl come up to me one day and say, "Robert has something." I pulled Robert into the hallway to talk with him about it. He said that he didn't have what she said, but did indeed have something. I asked him why he had it and he said, "Because I'm tired of Chris." Chris was an annoying suck-up but wasn't really bad or mean to other kids. 

I asked Robert what he was planning on doing to Chris. He said, "I am going to get him in the bathroom." I usually took the class to the restroom after lunch, but I didn't that day because they were being rowdy in the hallway. I took Robert to the office and after hearing the story, the principal chewed him out. She then called Robert's mom, and she chewed him out on the phone. Here's the kicker. Robert knew that he was in serious trouble. He knew that what he was planning was wrong. He just didn't care. Not in a false bravado macho type. He literally didn't care. I hate to predict a kid's future endeavors, but that kid scares me. By the way, Robert was eight years old at the time.


#10 Disturbed Student

I taught mostly seniors and grad students in college. I had to essentially sit with a disturbed student in my office and keep him talking as campus police searched his office and workstation. The kid made threats against other students and the students waited to tell me until it got really bad. When I intervened, he started threatening me. He’d send things to my personal cell phone, personal email, stuff like that. 

My husband had enough and told me to tell campus police, which I did. But everyone told me that there was nothing really they could do. The chair of my department couldn't even kick this student out of my class because he was enrolled through a different department. His home department was slow to do anything.

I called a meeting with him to ostensibly "talk things out" but I had told my TA to search his stuff. My TA immediately called campus police, who went with him to search those areas. They found some stuff in his office, enough to kick him out of school, but nothing that rose to criminality. That is until he brandished something dangerous from his backpack. I watched a campus cop literally tackle him off his feet.


#11 Don’t Come to School

I used to teach at an alternative high school. A lot of my students were kids on probation, kids from areas with a lot of gang violence, etc. Many of them had issues related to the fact that they were born addicted. That kind of thing. I had a student who I had worked hard with to build a good rapport. One Friday, he looked me in the eyes and told me, completely calmly, that I shouldn't come to work on Monday. 

He kept telling me that he didn't want me to be there Monday. When I finally pressed him, he told me that he was going to blow up the school. I said, "You know I need to report this, right?" He told me to do what I had to do. He was arrested right out of my classroom and I had to be interviewed by the police.

It was honestly really traumatic. I ended up calling out Monday, even though I knew nothing was going to happen. I did it because my anxiety went through the roof. I called out a lot after that and found a new job shortly after. But, I still have a great deal of compassion for that student. I think about him often. I hope he's okay.


#12 Silent Reading

I had a middle-school student pull a tooth out of his own head to get out of silent reading. It was a baby tooth (thank God) but according to mom, it was not loose. He just sat at his desk, grabbed it and yanked it back and forth. It popped out and fell onto the desk. He said he wasn't able to read anymore and asked if he could just put his head down. He was sent to the nurse and his mom was horrified.

photo-1503676382389-4809596d5290 (1)Unsplash

#13 Art Projects

My mom had a girl in her grade four class one year who was oppositional defiant. It was so sad to see because she was honestly such a neat kid and we had lots of fun together when I would visit the class and help out. I never had an issue with her up to this point because I wasn't an authority figure in her eyes. I was just an older teenager there to hang out and do art projects with the class in a very casual way. 

Only once I witnessed her anger when I asked her politely (but sternly) to put away her scissors because they weren't necessary for the assignment. She wasn't listening and was pretending to cut other kids' stuff. After I asked her that, she lost it. I thought she'd run at me with the scissors, she looked at me like I had caused the biggest betrayal and it was just pure anger. Honestly, it was the only time I thought, “Wow, you actually can be possessed.”


#14 Predatory Behavior

I had a fifth grader who I swore was sociopathic. His father had deported the boy's mother because he wanted a new wife, if that gives some context to the living situation. The boy would say very aggressive things, moon students on the bus, etc. But the predatory behavior was the worst. He'd wait as students left the room so he could be next to last, turn off the light and backhand the last kid in line. Oftentimes, his own cousin was his most common victim. I had to keep an eye on him constantly. He'd also steal electronics and things from his friends or force his cousin to do so in case they were caught. Yes, CPS was involved. This was almost a decade ago, so I'm not sure what happened to him.


#15 Separated From the Group

I had a girl who couldn’t be in the classroom and had to be on a 1:1 with me at all times. She couldn’t be in the classroom because she was extremely violent and deliberately injured another child, then laughed about it. The other child had to be hospitalized. When we asked her why she did it, she started laughing again and said, “Because I wanted to.” She would also randomly attack kids on the playground and in the halls. When they put her on a 1:1 with me and she couldn’t do that anymore, she started attacking me on a daily basis. She was four.


#16 Big Kid

A kid once tried to hold the classroom hostage by pulling out something he had with him. Immediately, he started making crazy demands. Before security could even arrive, a big kid pushed him down, grabbed the item right out of his hands and said, “Quit being an idiot.” Then, he sat right back down for the lesson to continue.


#17 Taking Photos

I caught some kid trying to take inappropriate photos of his lady friends in the class. When I noticed him doing something fishy, I told him to hand over the phone and he got visibly uncomfortable but complied. I handed it over to his form tutor, who was a lady, and explained the situation. The first swipe through his documents didn't reveal anything, but luckily I thought of suggesting her to check the "hidden" category. I'm told everything was in there. The school took disciplinary action as a result.


#18 Glass Bottles

My mom is a teacher for second-grade kids. A boy told her that he was planning to attack someone  one day and that they wouldn’t be able to stop him. She freaked out a lot and talked with the principal, but he dismissed it because the mother said she has financial problems. My mom then talked to the psychologist of the school, but she told her that kids don't know what they’re saying and dismissed it. My mom has seen the kid pick up glass bottles at recess and is now terrified of him.


#19 Hit List

We had a kid with a "hit list" at our school and it was really an unfortunate accident. The kid was supposed to keep a list of people who made him mad as an anger therapy thing (and cross them off when he wasn't mad). Someone saw the list and teased him with something like, "What's that, a hit list?" and he wrote that on the top as a joke. 

The poor kid almost got expelled from school. I say that as a name that was crossed off; he was a great kid but, would always play bicker with me, so he was always "mad" at me. It took quite a bit of convincing for the school to believe that I'd never felt unsafe around him and the list was just a misunderstanding.


#20 Toy Car

Today, a six-year-old boy in my class threatened to end my life simply because I took his toy car out of his hand after asking him multiple times to put it away. As if that wasn’t horrible enough, said student also trashed my desk in an attempt to look for it. Luckily, though, his little car was in my pocket.


#21 After School

I worked on a placement in a primary school back when I was in college. One of the pupils asked me for colored paper out of this tray. One of the rules of the class was that they could only use plain paper and had to use both sides of it before they got another piece. So, after I said she wouldn't be allowed to, she gave me an angry look. She told me to wait around after the school was out, so she could get her Dad to beat me up. Shame, because she was a nice girl.


#22 Here’s Your Wallet

I had a kid steal my wallet and then come give it back to me when I was alone in a hall after school. When he gave it back to me, he calmly told me I should be aware of what he could do to me since he was able to steal without me noticing. I actually never reported him for that, but soon after his parents pulled him out of our school because they thought we were too liberal and filling their godly son with bad ideas.


#23 Many Incidents

I had a kid pull down his pants and flash some girls, another student steal a girl's phone and destroy the SIM card so he could sell it, and multiple kids steal snacks that I had brought in. I also had a girl loudly tell me that she would accuse me of harassment because I wouldn't let her go to the bathroom in class. This was after she routinely spent 30+ minutes every day out of my class, wandering around. She was explicitly banned from going to the bathroom in my class by the administration. I'm glad to not be working there anymore.


#24 See You on the News

I taught preschool for a couple of years and had a three-year-old in my class who was new to the school. He was cute as a button, the perfect blonde hair and bright blue eyes with rosy red cheeks. He was a nightmare, though. He used to just randomly get up and run around the room, smacking other kids in the face. He got up one time to come over and punch me and my co-teacher. I was able to stop him and put him in a hold that they taught us at my preschool. 

His parents acted like nothing was wrong! They refused to see that their child had serious issues. The final straw was one day during crafts. He was playing at a different center in the classroom. He got up and ran towards a little girl I was helping. She had her back turned to him, so he grabbed a triangle-shaped building magnet. 

I have never reacted so quickly. I grabbed him up from behind by his arms and immediately walked him to the hallway and down to the main office. I was done. I told my director that he was either out of my class today or I quit. His parents withdrew him that day before we could start the process of expulsion. But my director still got him on some list that basically stays on his school record that he’s had these outbursts. I don’t know what happened to him, but I’m sure I’ll see him on the news someday… 


#25 Evidence of Non-Attendance

I taught at an adult learning college. The student was getting paid by their employer to come to college and get their formal qualification. Their employer was upset that after 12 months, this guy hadn't passed any of their subjects. They complained to the college that there seemed to be a mistake. The first I knew of it was admin staff asking why he had failed so many classes. I didn't know who he was as he hadn't ever turned up or submitted any work over the 12 months. That's the first time I've been asked to show evidence of non-attendance. Apparently, that's a thing.


#26 Broken Ruler

I started teaching second grade a few years ago (seven-year-old kids) and one of the students had a very complex personality. He was smaller than the other kids and he showed a lack of empathy. I never saw him have any joy of connecting to other people unless he benefited from it at that moment in some way. He was a bit less developed mentally.

I especially remember this one time the class worked on math individually. The room was completely silent and everyone was focused. I was helping a kid when I suddenly saw him standing up and walking over to another kid (who was always nice to everyone). He took his ruler, stared at him, and broke it in half and smiled. Then he walked back to his own seat while the other kid started crying silently. He sat down and was still smiling. It seems like such a small thing, but I remember that was when I realized how severe his case was.


#27 Little Treats

A few years back, I taught second grade. An eight-year-old boy would always bring little treats for me in the morning like candy, a cookie or even these tiny animal toys. This one morning, he came to my desk and told me he had a gift for me. He opened his bag, pulled out a big brassiere and gave it to me. I was speechless, took it, put it in a drawer and just said thank you. I called his mom and told her about this. That kid never gave me gifts again.


#28 Where to Begin

Let's see, there was the student who told me he was going to "call his boys to take care of me." There was the student who grabbed another student's hood, pulled it over his head and then tried attacking him. I had a student fight someone two blocks away from the school. I had one student who used a baseball bat to attack people. I had another student dive head-first from the top of the stairs. I also had a student who broke both of his fists punching someone in the face.


#29 Ingenious Invention

I’ll never forget how this one student somehow managed to create a boobytrap-like card for another teacher's birthday. He set it up so that when this teacher opened their card, out came a bunch of sharpened, unfolded paper clips. I was honestly pretty floored by how ingenious and dangerous of an invention it was.


#30 I’m a Geologist

I worked in a kindergarten for about a year. The craziest thing that ever happened was one summer afternoon when all the kids were playing outside. One three-year-old needed to go number two, so he decided to go right there in the middle of the playground. All because it was too far to walk inside and use the toilet. 

Anyway, after that happened, another kid picked it up and threw it at another kid, who started to scream and cry. Luckily, we managed to clean the kid up before his father came to pick him up. However, the first thing the kid said to his father was that the other kid threw something foul on him. Later that afternoon, the mother of the thrower arrived. I tried to explain that there had been an "incident." While I tried to explain what happened, her kid sneaked up on her from behind and started wetting her leg. I didn’t know what to do. I’m a geologist.


#31 Check This Out

My mother has been a public school teacher for over 20 years. For the last decade or so, she's been in a better school. But she would tell me stories of the children that knew how to manipulate other adults. She would also tell me stories about kids who would bring dangerous things into class just to show off to their friends.


#32 Didn’t Mean It

I'm a teacher at a language course. One student in particular is very challenging. He took his pants off twice — once in my coworker class, once in my class. Both happened right after we yelled at him for being disruptive. Then, it escalated. I was writing something on the board and the boys were giggling and laughing. I thought they were being silly as usual, but when I turned to face them one of the boys told me that the challenging boy flashed them.

Two weeks later, he was running to the classroom, stopped in front of my manager and headbutted her chest. On the same day, he also planted his face in our janitor's chest when she was trying to break up their fight. We have told his mom about this and she said she would talk to him about the flashing incident, but not the headbutting. Apparently, she was sure he didn’t mean to do it.


#33 No, I’m First

I was never an actual teacher, but I was a camp counselor over a summer. We were going on a long hike and the kids were encouraged to drink lots of water. Because of this, many kids would have to go to the bathroom. By the time we got back to camp, all the kids really had to go. We only had one porta-potty, so all the kids had to wait their turns. Well, we had these two brothers and when nobody was looking, they went inside together. Five minutes later, the whole porta-potty tipped over and they’re literally covered. From what I hear, they were fighting over who would go first.


#34 Digging Around

When I was doing student teaching, one of the girls in there would constantly shove her hand down her pants and dig around. I had been trying to work with her on this by discouraging it. One day when I was telling her not to do it, she pulled her hand out and wiped it down my arm. The smell just about made me sick.


#35 Rocket Day

I was an assistant. We had a rocket day where every student made mini rockets to be launched. They were in fifth grade and in the cafeteria. I was walking around to help anyone who needed help. One little girl called me over from my class. I came up and asked what was up because everyone was almost done at that point. She looked me dead in the eye and slowly licked the side of the rocket. I had never been more uncomfortable up to that point.


#36 Fearing Adulthood

I’m not a teacher, but a speech therapist. I had a kid with oppositional defiance disorder, language impairment, and reactive attachment disorder. He honestly scared the daylights out of me, as much as I tried to love him. We tried to include him in social activities but he would do completely unpredictable things like push people, bite his fingers, etc. 

He once gave the psychiatrist a concussion by head butting her while she was trying to cuddle roll him into his weighted blanket. He has also broken and punched through windows and drywall before. So many tears were shed trying to get through to the little man. I’m so fearful of the type of teen or adult he will become. 


#37 Third-Grade Drawings

A co-worker of mine had a third-grade student who would draw really graphic pictures of him hurting people. We brought up our concerns to our admin, as well as the mom. Everyone just treated it like a joke. The mom would laugh and say, "Oh, he draws stuff like that for me that, too.” Eventually, and thankfully, that kiddo ended up being hospitalized.


#38 I’ll Take Care of It

I teach four-year-olds part-time, which means I usually do art and recreation in the afternoons. There’s this girl in my class, let’s call her Mary, who is a tiny terror that frequently runs around making other kids cry. Her moves are very calculated — a hair pull, kicking a toy over, snatching art. She waits until the other child is crying before she relents. She never wants the toy, just the reaction.

On the other hand, this boy, “Jim”, is her polar opposite and often the voice of reason in my class. He’s a gentle giant, the biggest kid in preschool. He shares happily, is kind during playtime, and is probably the most thoughtful human I’ve ever met. Well, one day during Outside Time, Mary kept targeting Jim. He was pretty good-natured the whole time. She would snatch a shovel from him and he would respond kindly by saying, “It’s okay, you can have it, toys are for sharing.”

Mary was leaning against a wall and Jim was pushing one of those cars. The kids like running around with them, so that was normal. Jim was probably a good 30 feet away from her when he suddenly started accelerating. He was aimed like a homing missile, pointing straight at poor clueless Mary. I genuinely believed he would turn away at the last minute or stop. I was wrong. He slammed the car right into Mary, effectively crunching her against the wall.

I’ll never forget how long it took for her to inhale. I was shaking, I thought he cracked her ribs. Her entire back was bruised, but thankfully no further damage. I was too shocked to be angry. After passing Mary to my co-teacher, I turned to Jim, who was sulking in the corner, and asked, “Why did you do that?” He just shrugged and very calmly said, “I was just trying to take care of our problem.” 100% scared of this kid now.


#39 English Teacher

I’m a male, high school English teacher. I had a male student slap my butt for no reason. I also had a male student cup my cheek romantically with his hand in the middle of an instruction. I’ve had a male student stick his finger in my mouth when I was standing next to a group of kids. I was staring at them, annoyed, to non-verbally indicate that I needed them to be on task with the assignment.


#40 Welcome to My World

I used to work at a school for kids with disabilities. I worked with this awesome little kid with autism who had very intense verbal and motor stereotypies (e.g., repeating off-topic words in a non-functional way, arms flapping, etc). One day, in the midst of one of her long-winded scripts (which were often spoken quietly as she gazed into La La Land), she paused and turned her head. She looked me in the eyes (a rarity) and said with the most clarity I’d ever heard, “Welcome to my world.” I was stunned. She immediately reverted back to her script before I had a chance to respond.


#41 New Camera

We had a brother and sister that were adopted at birth from Russia. These kids were… trouble. For Christmas, they got a camera. It seemed like a fun gift idea and they were really excited about it. I knew their family didn't have much in the way of income, so a cool gift was really special for them. But then they brought the camera in and began showing other children the pictures, which is a pretty big no-no.  The pictures were some of the most explicit images I've ever seen. It was never overtly crude, more just them thinking they were funny. That was quite the conversation with the parents.


#42 Never Seen That Before

When I was a preschool teacher, we had two students who were three: a little girl and a little boy. The little boy was known for being a troublemaker in the class and his parents didn’t care. He was usually only physically hurtful towards teachers exclusively. But on this day, this little girl had the flu and was being sent home early. She was sitting beside me, crying because she didn’t feel well while we waited for her parents to pick her up. 

The little boy approached us and asked why she was crying. I said her tummy didn’t feel well. He looked at her for a moment, and then with all of his force, kicked her. She screamed out in pain and started crying even harder. I, of course, calmed her down while he started to snicker. He had such a smug grin and honestly, I think he was proud of himself for it. In fact, he was going to do it again until another teacher physically restrained him. He also injured other students soon after. He was always like this and I really think he’s going to really hurt someone someday. He completely lacked remorse at such a young age…  I’ve never seen that before and it’s terrifying.


#43 One-On-One

I worked in a nursery and had a little girl there who I had to do one-on-one work with because of her serious attachment disorder. It wasn't diagnosed at that point yet, and the nursery staff were totally under-equipped and underfunded to deal with this poor kid. She just turned three at the time, had really underdeveloped speech, didn't know how to cry, and was the most violent child I have ever met. 

She was incredibly strong due to trauma early on (children who have lived in bad homes generally have much more strength because they're constantly in the fight or flight reflex, high on adrenaline). She was already removed from the home, living with her addicted grandparents. I saw her swing a metal pole, stomp around, shout curses, you name it.

But her most disturbing thing was biting other children, specifically babies. Whenever we had outside playtime, we had to have someone right behind her all the time, especially when the babies were out at the same time as us. She would be sweetly playing in one corner, you'd look away, and bam. She'd be on the other end of the playground. She put one of those poor little babies in the hospital before I started there, and there were many other incidences during my time.

The good news is that after working with her for just a few months, really giving her attention, love and patience, the work paid off. She learnt how to cry. She learnt how to show love and frustration. And she stopped biting towards the end. It was really hard work and I definitely got too emotionally involved, but it was worth every moment. It broke my heart when I had to leave.


#44 Possessed Him

My brother was like those kids (flipping over desks, throwing chairs, screaming in class) until he was about 10 years old. We even had to switch elementary schools once. He and my parents noticed a lump on his neck and it turned out he had major thyroid issues, an autoimmune disease, and a few other issues. Once taken care of, he was an entirely different person. He was a complete introvert for a few years after. I'm assuming he was just in shock at how badly he behaved and how mortified he was of it socially. He still says to this day that it felt like someone possessed him.


#45 Eightth Grade

I had a student once when I taught eighth grade who would pick apart his socks while sitting in class and leave it all under his desk. The same student would also relieve himself in class at least every other day. He also climbed on top of the storage area in the gym and wouldn't come down until the one student who was nice to him went in there and talked him down.


#46 Girl Fights

My mom is a teacher and always told me that she would break up any fights between guys. No problem. No matter how big and scary, once you pulled them apart, they were done. Girl fights were different. She told me a story about a fight that broke out and was broken up. Three weeks later, one of the girls snuck up behind the other while she was at her locker and knocked her into it repeatedly until someone stopped her. Cat fights are scary and girls hold grudges way longer.


#47 Letter in Crayon

My mom is a teacher and she once got a letter written in crayon stuffed into the mailbox. It read "I'm coming for your family, then I'm coming for you." She knew the kid who sent it because she recognized the handwriting. It really shook her and we spent the night in a hotel for our safety. Turns out, the kid watched some show and got the idea from that.


#48 This is Kindergarten

My wife is a teacher. She's had children take off all their clothes and run around, sometimes it's playful but usually aggressive. She's had them relieve themselves on the floor. Some students have thrown chairs and desks at her. A lot of them have even said all sorts of various profanity. This is kindergarten. 


#49 Confiding in the Teacher

One of my seventh-grade students confided in me that she met a guy online and planned to take a bus two hours away to be with him. I had to lose her trust in order to save her and told her mom. They investigated and it turned out to be a 43-year-old man and not the 15-year-old she was talking to. I'm so grateful she told me because there is no telling what would have happened.


#50 Popular Kids

I wasn’t a teacher but a teacher’s assistant. One time during recess, I was walking around, keeping an eye on all the kids. I saw the “popular” kids in a dark corner and walked over to see what they were doing. I asked and they said they were summoning a spirit. Sort of like the Charlie Charlie scenario. I just said no and walked away.




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Teachers Share The Most Hilarious Answers People Have Filled Out On A Test

When students are uncertain the answers to questions, they often just give it their best guess or leave it blank. Some kids are a little more creative.
February 1, 2023 Samuel Ira
Unimpressed People Share the Craziest Things Admirers Have Done To Impress Them

People Share Their Creepiest "Secret Admirer" Stories

This random guy attacked me—but I fought back. I hit him and pinned him down. That’s when he started yelling stop, and I learned the horrifying truth.
March 1, 2024 Miles Brucker

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