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Disturbed Teachers Share The Most Outrageous Thing A Parent Has Ever Said To Them

Teachers are a special group. They spend their time educating other people's children for little pay. So naturally, they love kids.

Not only do teachers have to educate and care for children, they also have to deal with parents. Most of the time, parents work with the teachers to make sure their kids are getting the best education possible. But sometimes when parents are getting different stories from their kids, they instantly blame the teacher.

In the parent's haste to defend their children, they can say pretty outrageous things to the teachers who care for their kids... especially if their kids are in the wrong.

Here are some of the most outrageous things teachers have heard from parents.

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#25 He Said What Now?

That clearly the reason their son was making inappropriate comments towards me was because I was "enticing him with flirtatious private meetings." They were referring to the times I had to keep him back after class to lecture him on his behavior. I actually said "Are you kidding me?" which, I admit, was also an inappropriate comment.

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#24 Don't Know Much About Science Books

"She doesn't have to be smart, she has to be pretty. She will find a rich man, marry him and never use chemistry again."

Well, she wasn't smart and she wasn't pretty, so there goes that.


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#23 Racial Grading (Not)

Student and parent emailed trying to get me fired. Recipients? Principal, board of education, and Barack Obama.

Edit: The student was half black. It was over a minor grading issue. And to top it off, the essays were graded by student ID number and not name. Even if I had wanted to treat her unfairly, it was impossible to.

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#22 You're Just Like Me!

I had a student tell her parents that I was picking on her because I tossed her a piece of candy and she didn't catch it, so it hit her on her forehead. When that did happen, I apologized and she had said it was fine. You guys should know that before I tossed it to her, I asked her to come get said piece, and she said "just toss it", and she wasn't so far away, maybe a few feet. Anyways, parents come in, call me every name in the book, and I couldn't care less. What got me fired up was that they called me racist for picking on their daughter because she's Mexican. I looked at them and said, "Are... Are you serious? Is this some sort of a joke?" And the mom proceeded to say, "Absolutely not. I can tell you're racist by looking right at you." To which I responded, "I don't know if you noticed, but I'm Mexican."

Ridiculous parents. This was towards the end of the year, so I didn't have to interact much with them after that.

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#21 Caveman Say Ugh

A few years ago, I had a couple come in to discuss the behavior of a child who kept disrupting class. He would curse, flip his peers off and made other inappropriate gestures. Eventually, I got sick of it and called them in.

I don't know what kind of bull story he told them in order to make me look like the bad cop -- I was actually appalled when his father had the audacity to call me a "fu**ing neanderthal" for whatever the son told them I did to him. His mother wasn't much better either, saying that I was a buffoon for my actions. The punishment I gave him stuck, and I'm still questioning what kind of parents they were to this day.


#20 But It's Not Homework

Yelled at teachers and made a fool of myself complaining about excessive amounts of homework assigned daily to my nephew. Turned out he had no homework and had tricked us into helping him do the work he was supposed to finish by the end of each class.

I was the parent (actually, uncle backing up the parent) in this story. During a parent/teacher meeting, we spent quite a while ranting and raving about the amount of homework being sent home with the child every night (several hours worth), which we felt was a teeny bit excessive for a 10-year-old. We were going to take him out of school and start homeschooling him, since we were basically doing that already. When they finally calmed us down, they showed us the school policy which basically forbade homework at that grade level, then explained that our kid was lying to us and his "homework" was actually a bunch of worksheets he was supposed to complete and turn in by the end of each class. They were actually doing my nephew a favor by letting him take them home to work on them.

#19 A Masters In What?

I teach math in an inner-city middle school. I once had a parent tell me that I "need to treat her with respect" because she had a "master's degree in typing" and is not "your typical girl". Needless to say, she was.

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#18 Um, You Left Something Out

Parent: "I find it quite frankly ridiculous that what you CLAIM happens bears absolutely no resemblance to the statement my 12-year-old son has written for me detailing the incident, and it's quite frankly appalling that you expect me to discuss it with you now whilst he is not sat beside me to verify that you are telling me the truth."

I nearly hung up on that one... Before explaining that I didn't find it that "ridiculous" that her son might have forgotten to mention that he hit another child around the face, called me a "witch" and threatened to punch my lights out.

This was the same mother who told me that I was denying her child's "student voice" ... I told her he was allowed a student voice when used appropriately, not when his "student voice" was aggressively threatening me.

I'm finding that I'm understanding my students a lot more once I've spoken to their parents.

Teacher training does not place enough emphasis on advice for handling difficult parents.

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#17 I Am Not A Crook!

One time, a parent whose kid committed plagiarism on an assignment about the Watergate scandal actually called me Nixon and demanded my resignation. For, you know. Pointing out that their kid committed plagiarism.

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#16 The Apple Doesn't Fall Far

My stepmom is a teacher who had an incident of bullying in her class a few years ago. She called this kids father, we will call the kid Billy because Billy had been bullying another student. When my stepmom told Billy's father that Billy was harassing another student and calling him names like loser and nerd, the father replied "Well, is it true? Is the other boy a loser?" She didn't know how to respond.

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#15 Stranger Than Fiction

Maybe not the most outrageous interaction, but it came with a twist.

I had a helicopter parent get extremely aggressive and threatening when his daughter was given a B on her progress report. Whatever, dude. It's not a real grade, chill. The student later earned an A because it was deserved, not because dad was bullying me.

Fast forward about a year, he was arrested while on the family vacation to the home country for arranging and paying for his wife's murder.

I wasn't that shocked, honestly.

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#14 Careful Grading Those Papers

That I am a racist because I did not give her child an A on a paper that she chose to write on President Obama. The fact that it was poorly written, unsupported by factual evidence, and completely disorganized apparently should not be taken into consideration.

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#13 Time For An Update

"I have clothes older than you."

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#12 Too Much Leeway

I was told I had their permission to punish their child if they were not getting 100's on everything. This was in an elementary school.

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#11 Well, Aren't You Full Of Yourself

My mom was a preschool teacher and was doing an annual activity making gingerbread houses at a local school. The teacher, whose class she was in for the day, kept trying to cut in and taking over her activity. After my mom told her to stop cutting in the teacher said "You are just a preschool teacher. What do you know?" My mom was so livid, and she never did her annual activity again.


#10 Denial Isn't Just A River In Egypt

She said, "my son doesn't stutter he's just shy." I was dumbfounded. I have been a speech and language pathologist for a long time and that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever had a parent say to me. I really had to work to have a smooth reply.

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#9 Not Your Mama

Parent of a high school freshman: "My son is struggling so much. Can you send home a copy of the test ahead of time so he can prepare?"

But my favorite (from a different mom, also of a high school freshman) was "Can you [the teacher who has 130 students every day] make sure he puts his homework in his homework folder every day? I want him to be better organized, but I just don't have the time. I have 5 kids!"


#8 I'm Good Here. Thanks

A friend had a parent that insisted she re-do all the report cards using software he created, rather than the software used by the school board. The parent also complained that it was unfair his child was given 0 on assignments the kid didn't do, because nobody had explained that not doing the assignments would affect the overall grade.

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#7 I Gotta Be ME

I had a student once who was this fat ginger kid. I swear, this kid was the devil. He would come into class screaming on the top of his lungs. He would constantly get up out of his seat and just start picking fights with other students. He almost punched a kid who was sharpening his pencil because he "looked at him funny." He refused to do any work, so he was failing all his classes. One time he 'wrote' a research paper and left all the blue Wikipedia links in it. I obviously gave him a zero.

Anyway, the other teachers and I immediately set up a parent-teacher conference. We state his behavior and our concerns with his grades. The parent sits there listening to us tell story after story how her child is from he** and she responds with "Well, I don't want him to be a robot!" This woman didn't care about one thing we said, she just didn't want him to sit in class and "act like all the other kids."

I'm so glad to be done with that school.

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#6 Changing The Past

I had a parent of a 12th-grade student ask me to change her son's grade from a 9th-grade class in which I taught him, so he could apply for more scholarships. I did not do it and was fully supported by admin.

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#5 Exercising Self Control

One of my teammates was told that the reason she had a student teacher was because she "obviously couldn't handle her classroom herself."

This year, I was asked if I work in special education because I couldn't get a job teaching "regular kids." Took everything I had to not shout at this idiot.


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#4 Remember Who You're Talking To

I'm currently a piano performance major and teach piano part-time.

During a trial lesson, one mom said, "I want my son to learn piano but I don't want to buy a piano. It'll be a waste of money." I explained that she could buy a cheaper electric keyboard.

She then proceeds to tell me, "But I don't want to waste too much money on this small hobby. I don't want him to become a musician and waste his life away."

It hurt as I sat there, shocked by this insensitive woman, telling a musician that her life is a waste. Thanks, lady.

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#3 Fish Leads To A Higher IQ?

Apparently, my little dollop of sunshine who had a Napoleon complex told mom that I called him "slow." I obviously did not, but his mom came up to the school that day with three other kids in tote and yelled at me. This was a very, very large Latina woman with several face piercings and tattoos.

She told me, "My son is only allergic to shellfish, so I know for a fact he is not slow!"

And then sent me several messages on Facebook, after he was suspended later on and failing all of his classes, begging me to call her and help them.

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#2 Tell Me What I Want To Hear

After a conference wherein each teacher present (4-5) said the same things (student was disruptive, skipped class, didn't do work, etc), the mother turned to the guidance counselor and said, "I don't understand why all these teachers lying on my son."

Her eldest two sons were in jail. I suspect my student may have ended up there, too.

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#1 Call The Orkin Man, Maybe

I had a parent chew me out for letting her daughter get bug bites. At the daycare. On the playground. That happened to also have a barnyard and farm. When I tell people I'm a preschool teacher they said I must have so much patience because of the kids, it's really the parents you need patience for.



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