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Teachers Reveal The Crazies Rumor They've Heard Circulated About A Student

Ahh, school. Full of homework, studying, pranks, and, of course, crazy rumors. In between the grueling homework and long classes, you had to have a little bit of fun here and there. Whether it was a teacher with a secret life, a wild homework excuse, or a student who disappeared and joined the circus, the rumors were out there. And the best part? The rumors that turned out to be true.

Everyone has that story about the kid who streaked during the football game, or ran away from home, or threw a big party. Maybe you were the class clown who everyone expected something crazy from, or maybe you were the straight-A student with some secrets to hide. School wouldn’t be the same without the crazy memories. These stories will make you laugh and remind you of your favorite stories.

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#25 This 12-Year-Old Hid Her Pregnancy!

A group of giggling 12-year-olds in my class told me that one of their fellow students wasn't in today as she was pregnant.

I phoned home, fully expecting this to be some stupid rumor started by the kids on the school bus that morning. But no - my 12-year-old student was not only pregnant but had actually given birth in her bedroom during the night. She was a little overweight anyway and wore big baggy jumpers (everyone did back then so it was nothing unusual there) so no one noticed at all and she told no one, claiming she had no idea.

I had taken them all on a school trip to Alton Towers theme park the day before and she'd been on all the roller coasters and rides! No wonder she gave birth...


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#24 He Really Did Have Cancer

I heard a rumor (from other staff members) that an exceptionally bad kid chose to misbehave because he was dying of cancer. It turns out the kid was told in second grade that he had six months to live. Despite having missed half the year, the school shuffled him along to the next grade so he could stay with his friends, trying to not ruin his limited time on earth. However, he continued to miss tons of school for treatment and continued to not die, despite doctors estimating his time remaining to be very short. He continued to be shuffled along in school until suddenly he found himself in high school and almost illiterate. So he acted out and misbehaved and when teachers tried to discipline him, he would scream, “I'M DYING!!” and try to guilt his way out of punishment.


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#23 She left for Sweden

One of our students showed up for the first month of school, and then she suddenly left for two weeks. In America, if a student is gone for two weeks, there is some form of talking to the parents.

One of her friends told my me and my co-workers to not bother because her family moved to Sweden.

We thought the kid was joking, but a quick check on Facebook showed that the family moved to Sweden and never told anyone.

No one has heard from the family since. There is minor activity on Facebook to show that they are alive and breathing. But aunts, uncles, and grandparents have not heard from the family since.


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#22 A Bank Robber In Training

I used to work with students at a construction college who were aged between 16 - 19. Shortly after a new intake, I overheard a couple of the new learners calling one of the others "bank robber." I asked them all to stay behind to talk to them about appropriate names and ensure there wasn't any bullying going on etc. The young man in question seemed extremely well mannered and had what I can only describe as a baby face with a cheeky grin. It turns out he actually had a criminal record of trying to hold up a bank with his dad using "garden implements." I had no words.




#21 Yes, She Actually Did Join The Circus

I add humor to everything while I teach because that's who I am. Whenever someone is absent I like to add random ad-libs as to what happened. I'll add things like "oh she's absent? Joined a colony of squirrels." "Absent? Became one with nature and started a hamster farm in Arizona." I try to make it as weird as possible. One day I added one of my ad-libs into an absent student and another student corrected me saying she ran away. I thought they were joking since the absent student is a really good student. So I went with it and said she ran away and joined the circus. A few days go by and she's still not in school so I call home. Turns out she did run away... She's still missing I just hope she one day randomly shows up in school so we at least know she's safe.


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#20 A Teacher’s Affair

The culinary teacher, who just had kids with her husband, and the biology teacher were caught making out by a student during an event. It was confirmed by them soon after. I saw on Facebook recently that now they're married. Honestly, they look really happy.

User Deleted

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#19 She’s Famous!

I was watching the Olympics where a female runner won gold. I recognized her as my student. It turned out the whole class was elite athletes, and that info was not really converted to me, or I missed it.



#18 The Creepy English Teacher

In high school, I heard a rumor that one of the English teachers was sending inappropriate letters to girls on the sports teams.

I found out it was true when one of the girls reported him.


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#17 That's One Way To Bring Some Luck

We heard from a disgruntled boyfriend that his girlfriend had let the entire basketball team make out with her; one right after the other. We took it as a jealous/angry attempt to smear her reputation but obviously had to look into it for safety reasons and because it reportedly took place on school grounds. We did some asking around and quickly found out that she had indeed kissed the entire basketball team roughly 45 minutes before one of their games. She said someone brought it up as a joke because it would bring the team good luck. One thing led to another... yikes.


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#16 He Married His Teacher!

As a student, there was a rumor a kid in our high school was dating this really hot teacher. He would hang out in her room every day after school and she drove him home a few times. It turns out after our junior year she got a divorce, and after senior year she resigned, joined his band, and they got married. I mean they're still married and it’s been almost eight years, but man it was super messed up.




#15 A Gang In A Peaceful City

During my time working as an English Teacher in Japan, I knew of two boys in Junior High, 2nd and 3rd grade who were potentially involved in a gang.

Fast forward 6 months after I've come back to my home country, those two boys plus five other from other areas had beat up another kid (from another school in the area). I was informed by a friend still teaching in that area.

It doesn't sound crazy but given the country and the low levels of crime of any level there in the area where I worked, it was a huge shock.



#14 Really, Teacher, My House Exploded!

I heard that a student couldn’t hand in their assignment because there was an explosion in their house. Having heard many excuses before I was very skeptical, to say the least. An hour later guidance called me down to inform me that there had indeed been an explosion at their house. I didn’t see that one coming, and the student got an appropriate extension on the assignment.


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#13 More Like Constructing A Relationship

When I was in high school our school was under major construction and remodeling. As a sophomore, I heard one of the junior girls met a construction worker in the hallway and they had run away together and eloped. It turns out it was true, they went to West Virginia because you can get married at 16 there (though technically that's with a parent's permission, I'm not sure how they got around that one). From that point on we weren't allowed to interact with the construction workers at all. No talking, no waving, no smiling. There were weird vibes in the hallway from then on, sharing the space without any interaction.


construction-1528763446294.jpgNY Post

#12 She Magically Got Better

A girl in year 9 told everyone she has cancer and was dying. Everybody rallied together, raised money, supported her, then she ‘took a magic pill and got better.’

She left school straight after that as no one would let her live it down.



#11 Maybe It Was a Movie Set?

At our school, there were three main floors and since we had the lockers furthest down we were mostly hanging out on the benches down there. Anyways, since I had a huge crush on this girl because I was a stupid 17-year-old, I often spent a few hours after school, watching TV shows on her laptop, while she was waiting for her basketball practice to begin.

So during a Friday, we stayed until around 6 o’clock before she started to panic, realizing that her practice already begun. So she had to run, no problem since we had to go in different directions anyway, so I helped her pack her bag and we said goodbye.

So I go and get my stuff, jacket, backpack, all of that, And when I'm about to go out the door (it automatically locks at five so I could only open it from the inside) I get a text from my crush telling me to get some permission papers from a teacher (we were in the same four-person group that was in charge of the garden). So I go to the teacher’s room, no response. So I head up to the third floor, thinking one of the after-school special class teachers might know where someone is.

However, when I get up to the third floor (the floors were pretty much just a huge corridor) there's police tape sealing off pretty much the entire floor. I see a few policemen further down and I notice how pretty much the entire corridor is filled with blood-splatter. Like someone went around smacking a blood-bag against the wall, floor, and ceiling.

I want to know what happened, so I yell to the policemen. Well when they hear me, two of them just turns around and goes down the other staircase at the other end of the third floor, while the last one casually walks up to me and says "You're not supposed to be here" and just closes the corridor entrance doors.

I go down to the second floor to see if I can go up the other staircase but it's been completely blocked off with police-tape as well.

So when I walk out I see two ambulances and seven cop cars. At this point I just send a text to my friend, asking if she saw anything about it while going to practice but she said that she didn't.

So the next day everything is gone. The police tape is gone, the blood is gone and not a single thing about it, either on the news or in the papers. At this point, I'm trying to tell all my friends about it but they just assume I'm crazy.

Since I'm not into the occult or anything like that I'm guessing it was something like someone was beaten, however, I still can't understand why it wasn’t in the papers or on the news.


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#10 These Students Were Surprised That They Were Right

In 4-6th grade, our teacher was this cool(ish), young guy. In recess, there would always a couple teachers be around to make sure we didn't do any dumb stuff. So this teacher and a female teacher, same age and somewhat pretty (to kids standards), would always watch us behind the building.

We (a group of particularly annoying kids) then made up stories about them, how they were secretly in love and whatnot, even though our teacher had a family that we conveniently ignored in our narrative.

We even sent him (very obviously) fake love letters in her name. Everyone knew it was just some stuff we made up and no one actually believed it.

Some 10 years or so later, we had a reunion and joked about all kinds of things and then brought up the "haha we told everyone you were seeing Ms. XY!!!"

He goes "You were right, though."

Imagine our surprise.


teacherslove-1528766477203.jpgThought Catalog


#9 He Really Did It

It's freshman year during the Homecoming game.

There's this legendary senior who does daring things.

Everyone is saying he's going to streak during half-time, but... no one is that dumb, right?


Halftime starts, cheerleaders are all out there when a guy wearing a football helmet... and only a football helmet... runs out into the field, past the cheerleaders, naked, and into the surrounding woods.

He was later found by police lurking in a nearby swamp, waiting for his friends to pick him up.


streaker-1528766672165.jpgInside Socal

#8 You Have To Pay Those Student Loan Bills Back Somehow

A rumor went around my school that I just graduated from that a teacher with a very good reputation with students and faculty had a severe gambling problem. Nobody believed it until she was let go about a month before the end of the year. I later found out that she had stolen over $30,000 from student activities to play slots at a nearby Detroit casino. Their records showed she had spent $90,000 in the past year.



#7 Trapped In The Closet

In middle school, our math teacher locked a student in his closet. Another teacher heard her yelling and saved her. There was a rumor going around of who it might be. The rumored girl didn’t end up being the victim. Three years later in high school, my best friends first girlfriend ends up admitting that she was the victim. She told him and I this. It didn’t seem like she was lying and I’m not sure why you would lie about that. It was really heartbreaking to find out it was her. She was a nice girl.


closet-1528767041383.jpgThe News Minute

#6 So That’s Why They Got New Computers

When I was in middle school, all of the computers in the school library were switched to another brand of laptops.

My friends and I thought that this was a horrible deal, like why would anybody think of such a thing and that the school just lost a ton of money. At the same time, there was a rumor that there was a kid who urinated on all the computers in the library.

A year goes by and I am sitting in class. A kid gets called up to the office. The kid is suspended for about two weeks or so. Anyways, turns out he came to school and urinated on all of the old computers! The oddest part was that this kid was sitting close by me and that I would have never expected it.



#5 Mike Has Made Some Weird Life Choices

A student (Mike) walked into a situation where a boyfriend was hurting his girlfriend in a grocery store. Mike assisted her out of the situation, probably saving her life. Mike got cut in the hand for his trouble. At the time, a lot of other students were saying Mike was in a gang and that dude was an idiot for attacking Mike.

A few years later, Mike got beat up for attempting to steal from his own gang. Mike was eventually the key witness in a federal racketeering case and disappeared (probably witness protection).

I never believed the rumors until I heard about his second misfortune. I have such a range of feelings towards his life choices.


gangfight-1528767571064.jpgTall Grass Pictures

#4 A Surprise Life

I used to work at this job with this girl who went to the same school as me. Anyways, she was a very sweet person. She had a bad attitude, yes, but we got along every once in awhile. Well, a former coach of mine in middle school got charged with having inappropriate pictures and videos of children on his phone. He was inappropriately texting kids that used to be in his classroom. It turns out, this is actually my coworker's dad and I just never put the connection together. The last I heard of her she’s dropped out of high school and deleted all her social media accounts. I feel so bad for her.




#3 The Principal And the Lunch Lady Did What?

Our principal in high school was arrested along with the head lunch lady. Apparently, they were caught embezzling money from the school.


steal-1528768102109.jpgSic Investigations

#2 Catching His Rumors

We had a rumor going around that a kid stole one of those motorized shopping carts from a local grocery store. They were riding it down a local highway when the police pulled them over and arrested them for theft (no idea how the thing didn't stop working when it reached the end of the parking lot). The kids were all abuzz that a fellow middle schooler got arrested. We told them not to believe it, as we thought it was just a stupid rumor posted on social media. It wasn't until a local police officer came in to inform the school of this kid's infraction that we knew it was actually true.


rumorsSome Sugar Added

#1 He Didn’t Even Bother to Grade Papers

I got an apology from our principal because I told him that the Chemistry teacher shouldn't be trusted. I had difficulty doing well in Chemistry. I was getting bad grades and not paying attention to my tests I was getting back. One day I compared mine to my girlfriends and we had the same answers. She had a 97 and I had a 75. He wasn't even grading them. I told the principal that I think he was giving preferential treatment to girls.

My grades immediately improved, so I guess the principal DID actually approach the teacher about the tests. Two years later the Chemistry teacher was fired for sending inappropriate emails to cheerleaders.


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