Students And Teachers Share The One Horrible Moment That Made Them Want To Rage Quit College


School can be tough. For students, your entire future hangs in the balance of that one impossible class with that one impossible professor. You know the one I’m talking about. The one who should have never been allowed to be around students as a profession. That one.

Although, professors don’t have it much easier. They see countless students come in and out of their classrooms every year – hundreds of personalities and hundreds of new stories that make them want to tear their hair out.

Whether you’re a student dealing with impossible teachers or a teacher dealing with impossible students, you’ve probably wanted to rage quit more than once. The good news? You’re not alone.

Here are 25 stories from Reddit about the times that these students and professors were ready to call it quits.

#25 More Like A Professor Fail

I was fairly confident about a final exam I had taken, but when I checked my grade it was a 56. I spoke to the professor and asked him to take a second look, but he refused and said it was obvious that I just hadn’t put in the effort. I finally convinced him to recheck it, and it turned out that only one side of my answer sheet had been scanned. My actual grade was a 94. Thankfully he changed my grade to the correct score, but it was still frustrating.

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#24 You Deserve The Grade You Earn

I get annoyed with students asking to have their grades adjusted, especially for reasons unrelated to their work. “I need at least a B to keep my scholarship!” “Then you shouldn’t have done C work.”

But, never a problem if it’s a computational mistake, or a typo entering grades into Blackboard or something.



#23 Sweet Sweet Karma

I had swine flu really bad in 2010. As in, I had to have a friend drive me to the hospital and the doctor giving me codeine cough medicine and swearing I would quarantine myself until I felt better. I was taking organic chemistry in a class of close to 200 people and had a big exam the next day. I somehow managed to contact my professor while in a medically induced haze to ask if I could reschedule, especially since I had a doctor’s note.

He flat out refused and insisted I show up for the exam or I’d fail the test, basically ensuring I wouldn’t get the grade I needed for the class (I was in a very competitive undergrad program). I finally talked him into letting me take the exam in his office before class the next day. I don’t know how, but I managed to get a B on the test… and who ended up with swine flu the next week? That’s right, my organic chemistry teacher. He had to take a full week off when he got sick. 



#22 There’s Always That One Professor

I tanked my GPA due to missing half a semester for a health issue. I was allowed to appeal to the dean and basically get my grades tossed (I would have been out the tuition but my GPA would have survived), however, I had to have all my professors sign off that they agreed the appeal was justified. One professor refused to agree on the appeal and I wasn’t allowed to turn it in.



#21 No English, Even In An Emergency

My advanced foreign language professor dictated that we could not speak English at all during the class, or we would have marks taken away. This was fine, until one day a girl started coughing up blood and we all stopped to make sure she was okay and help her out. The professor took marks off because we spoke in English. I’m still angry.

There were 13 people in the class, all of us disputed this when we became aware they’d be taken away (we were informed during the next lecture). The lecturer took a voluntary leave of absence. I’m not sure if he’s back at the university because I graduated before he could have come back. The language was Japanese.


#20 She Didn’t Even Bother Grading

I got a failing score on a lab report even though I and the rest of the group thought we did everything in the rubric. We went to our teacher assistant’s office hours later to ask about the score. She basically reversed all subtracted points because she was taking off points for things we had done correctly. The next year one of my labmates got a grading position with that teacher assistant. She admitted to him that halfway through the year she stopped paying attention to the reports and assigned random scores.

This is a college-level course for our major. You can’t do that.


#19 She Used The Class As A Babysitter

I did event management at university a few years ago. Our lecturer brought in her 8-year-old daughter, who had been a stage show once, to ‘teach us’ about stage management.

Almost all of the class didn’t turn up to the next lecture in protest.


#18 Who Are You Supposed to Email?

I missed a quiz due to a medical emergency and had the documentation of my emergency room visit and everything. I emailed my teacher’s assistant (our quizzes were during discussion sections led by our teacher’s assistants) about making up the quiz. The teacher’s assistant told me to email the professor because it’s his class policies. I emailed the professor who then told me to email the teacher’s assistant because the teacher’s assistant is the one who administered the quiz.


#17 Rewriting the Whole Thing – For No Reason

My supervisor decided that I needed to completely rewrite my master’s thesis for publication to an angle that was complete nonsense and unpublishable.

She gave me an ultimatum so I refused to work with her. She delayed and blocked the examination of my thesis for 2.5 years until last week when the university removed her from my project after going through the research committee and finding I had done the work necessary and she was incompetent, selfish, and spiteful.

I won’t get back into research or my papers published because I’ve been traumatized by this. I dropped from a PhD and I’ll never know where I’d be today if I’d had a competent instructor all along.

At the same time, I’m really glad I’m no longer putting myself through the academic washing machine. I’m so much happier now then I’ve ever been.


#16 Only A C?

There are two colleges in my town, one university, and one community college. I chose community college because it was cheap.

English 101: Write a 3-page creative piece on why you chose this community college

So, not knowing how to stretch “it’s cheaper than university” into three pages, I wrote about how I struggled with menial jobs my whole life and wanted a better future for me and my family. I was actually pretty proud of it. Classic “overcoming hardship” story.

The teacher hands it back with a C and says I didn’t answer the question. I flipped. I circled the “creative writing” portion of the assignment sheet and stapled my graded paper to it and gave it to the department head and dean.

The teacher was replaced mid-semester due to “medical issues,” I assume I wasn’t the first one to complain about her.


#14 Well That’s Invasive

I was assigned a project to go to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and to then write an essay on what it was like.

It was a super weird/creepy invasion of privacy. We were supposed to either not say why we were there or to “just pretend” to be an alcoholic/ex-alcoholic.

My dad used to drink a lot and I took the assignment personally. I couldn’t even look at it. A few students straight up refused to do it. I ended up giving my friend money to make up some essay for me.


#14 They Didn’t Ask the Question Right

I asked a question and the teacher ignored me. Minutes later, a different student asked the same question and the teacher said “good question” and answered it enthusiastically.


#13 That Doesn’t Count as Adding to the Discussion

There’s always someone in a lecture who rephrases what the professor just said and asks it as a question to sound smart

Professor: “So based off X we found Y to be true”

Student “So does that mean that Y is true because of X?”

It’s infuriating.


#12 What a Rip-Off!

I just recently bought a $300 (loose-leaf!) textbook for math. Now, this isn’t any higher level math, it’s college algebra. Something everyone at my school has to take. Of course it’s written by my professor, and of course it “changes” every year. I took it out of the shrink wrap and saw that the book was ~150 pages. Leafed through it, and saw that it is literally NOTHING.

There’s hardly any information, like two practice problems per topic, and a glossary. The real information comes from a $100 access code that has more practice problems, and actual information needed to complete the class. So now I’m out $300 dollars on a PAPERWEIGHT and $450 on one… general… education… class. There’s nothing that can be done at this point. I can’t get a refund, all I can hope for is pawning it off to some unsuspecting student for likely less than half of what I paid for.


#11 Minor Details and a Lower Grade

I was docked 10% of a final essay because I had the wrong date so it wasn’t following MLA standards. I put the date I submitted instead of the date it was due. I got a 90% on the paper.


#10 He Should Have Been Fired

I had a professor who had serious mental issues. This guy was just a raging maniac with the scariest explosive temper. The smallest things would set him off, for instance, this one girl had a bunch of papers stacked on her desk and he asked her what it was and she politely informed him that she was a teacher’s assistant and they were tests that she was going to grade later. It’s not like she was grading them in class, she was taking notes and being quiet, it just happened to be on her desk. He shouted at her to put it away.

He would get angry when anyone asked any questions. He almost threw a chair at someone and yelled profanities. Everyone was scared of him. So I and another student spoke to the dean under the condition of anonymity since we were still in his class. The dean disclosed our names to him and our crazy professor started cold calling us and gave me a B instead of an A even though I made an A on every test and quiz because my class participation was abysmal. Nobody wanted to speak in his class anyway.

The whole thing was aggravating. There are people at the company I work for who have been fired for less. My brother is a college professor now and he says the world of academia has its share of arrogant egotistical jerks. But of course, there are also nice ones.


#9 This Student Shouldn’t Have Been Taking Calculus II

I’m a professor. Normally I try to be understanding if students are just taking my class because it’s a requirement, so they’re rusty on some things.

But once when I was teaching Calculus II, a student asked: “What’s a derivative?” I actually gave a very quick answer, along the lines of “A derivative is a function that measures the rate of change of another function,” but come on. This is Calculus II, the course that comes after Calculus I, and Calculus I is all about derivatives.

It’s like going to watch the World Series at someone’s house and asking “What sport is the World Series again?”


#8 The Ultimate Slacker Class

I took a course called Companion Animals. No matter what I did I could not get less than 100% on anything. Missed a test, makeup at home, unsupervised, 100%. Final project completed in 15 minutes with a glue stick, poster board and Wikipedia, 100%. It was such a joke.

Granted I thought maybe by finishing the class I could have an Animal Familiar like a goat or something, never happened though.


#7 How Are You Supposed To Feel?

I had to write an essay about my feelings studying abroad. For reflection. So obviously I made the whole essay then had to resubmit it because “that is not how you should be feeling.”

She misspelled my name in the e-mail.

Still makes me really mad.


#6 The Impossible to Pass Class

The first day in a particular finance class senior year.

Professor: “Who here is taking other classes?”

Pretty much everybody raises a hand.

Professor: “Who here has a job?”

Most of the class raises a hand.

Professor: “Well, that’s a mistake because this class will take you at least 50 hours a week just to pass.”

I thought he was just trying to be a tough guy, but then the guy behind me confirmed that the class would indeed take that much time per week every week just to get by because it was his THIRD time taking the class, and he was otherwise an A student.

Sorry, I have bills to pay, other classes, and other responsibilities. The time does not exist to put that much time into this class.


#5 A Manipulative Test

My significant other is working on her master’s right now, and a couple weeks ago, the professor added a huge assignment that wasn’t in the syllabus, and it wasn’t even going to be graded. However, if they didn’t do it, it was going to count against their participation grade.

A few days ago, he announced that it was actually to try to teach them to stand up for themselves. He wanted the class to tell him the assignment was nonsense. They all failed this little “test.”


#4 Setting Students Up for Failure

Usually when you take any kind of math-oriented exam (math, physics, mechanics, etc.) You get a pack of problems slapped on your desk and you finish it in the time allotted. So you can generally blow through 90% of a test and get stuck on one difficult part for the remainder or just have that “A-ha!” moment at the end to squeeze in a few extra points. But this one guy had the bright idea if handing out and collecting each problem at 15-minute intervals. So once the problem was collected, that was it. Even if you figured out the mistake earlier, it was already too late. I hate the professor to this day.


#3 Never Stop Believing in Your Dreams

One time my English teacher had asked us what profession we wanted to pursue. When it was my turn I told her that I wanted to be a physician (I was pretty “hood/urban” growing up and dressed the part. I was in honors classes but always was the black sheep). Anyways, she went on, in front of the entire class to say “well, sometimes we want to do things that aren’t really meant for us…” No student should ever be told that he/she can’t achieve their goals. In the end, it’s all good, because I’m posting this between seeing patients after finishing my training and specializing in a field I’ve always wanted to specialize in.

If you have a dream, don’t stop until you exhaust every last effort. And never stop believing in yourself. Ever.


#2 Not Worth The Risk

I didn’t want to take a midterm in graduate school so I almost jumped in front of a Volkswagen Beetle in the parking lot.

Not going fast enough to die or get injured just get an extension. I decided against it and got my 78%.


#1 Lost Points After Hours of Work

I had to give a presentation for a class. There were going to be lots of graphs and stuff, so the professor made a point of saying that we should be careful with the colors we used because if the graphs weren’t legible he would deduct points. I spent hours agonizing over color choices, because why lose points for something stupid like that?

I load the presentation on the projector, and the bulb was messed up or something… so reds (and by extension, every other color) weren’t showing up properly. I was looking at my screen, so I had no idea. The professor gives me his comments (and grade)… lost points for the graphs being hard to read.