Students Share The Best Stories About The Worst Teacher They’ve Ever Had

We all remember those teachers: the ones who were mean, who didn’t care, or who had absolutely no idea what they were talking about.

The teachers who would rather save face than to admit they were wrong in front of a bunch of teenagers – even if it meant ruining your day. In other words, the teachers who were just plain awful.

A group of Redditors recently came together to share their tales of the bad teachers they encountered growing up, and you will be surprised at just how awful some of them really are. Read on to learn about the woes some of these students had to deal with growing up in school.

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#25 The Chemistry Of Crying

My chemistry teacher in high school was a total jerk. He would tell us if we didn’t master chemistry, we should start picking out bridges to live under and how we would never get another job outside of chemistry. He would call people out in front of the class that had failed an exam, making several girls cry. The icing on the cake was one day, a larger girl asked him if she could go across campus to grab her notebook or something she left there. He said, “Yeah, sure, you could use the exercise.”



#24 He Likes Me, He Likes Me Not

In my engineering class, my final exam had 23 questions. Every kid in the class got a grade percentage by multiples of five (95%, 90%, 85%), which was impossible with 23 questions. It turns out he never graded them and just gave us a grade on how much he liked us.



#23 Time For Summer School

When I was in the 12th grade, I had an English teacher who was horribly picky with essays. Everything else was fine, but essays were very hard to get good marks on with him. I spent 15 hours writing a simple 3-page essay and finished it a few days before the due date so I could have him check it over. He took it home and said he spent about 15 minutes reading it and only checked off a few grammatical errors. He said the essay was fantastic, and if I fixed those, I would get a very high mark.

I did. I failed the essay… The same thing happened for the whole year for every essay, so I had to take the course over again in summer school.



 #22 No Excuses

I had a college professor for physiology that was an arrogant, self-righteous jerk. As finals were coming up, he told us that he wouldn’t accept any excuses for being late to the final and that we would fail it if we weren’t there at 8 AM. He even told us that it would be a good idea to put the number of a taxi company in our phones in case any of us had car trouble on the morning of the final. So the day of the final, we are all there early, and he walks in 45 minutes late because “his wife took his cell phone and his alarm didn’t go off.”

#21 Don’t Correct The Teacher

My teacher in high school tried to tell the class that Achilles was a Trojan soldier.

I was like, “No he was Greek.”

Her: “No, he wasn’t.”

Me: “Yes, he was. He fought Prince Hector.”

Her: “Oh, yeah. Right.”

She sent me to the office after class for making her look bad. I got detention for disrespecting her and arguing. The rest of the lesson on The Iliad after that was watching Troy – not even reading the story.


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#20 Teacher Or Textbook

My 7th-grade science teacher:

Him: “The air is around 78% oxygen.”

Me: “Isn’t it nitrogen?”

Him: “How can all that oxygen be nitrogen?”

Me: “Well it says in the textbook that it’s 21% oxygen…”

He proceeds to “talk” to me outside, which was basically an up-close intimidation.


#19 From Third Grade To Jail

In the third grade, we had to do a project that started with a prompt “I had a dream that…” and I wrote a two-page story about how I fell into the Harry Potter world and went to Hogwarts for the day. She called a parent-teacher conference, accused me of plagiarism and said I could go to jail for using the Potter characters. This was in third grade!!!

#18 Same Paper, Different Grade

My junior year of high school, I had this awful English teacher. She was looking to get promoted to an admin position, so she really didn’t care about teaching. A group of us got the feeling that she never actually read the papers we turned in and just assigned us grades based on who she liked the most. Maybe five of us decided to test her, and we all turned in the same assignment one day. She not only didn’t notice, but every one of us also got a different grade. I got the A.

Move to Trash#17 Kicked Out

I had a college professor who never once showed up to class on time. It was a Monday/Wednesday/Friday class, so it was only 50 minutes long. She would regularly show up 30 minutes late, then refuse to dismiss us until her 50 minutes were over.

So after the first week of this nonsense, some student said something to her right after she arrived late as usual. The teacher got so furious and personally offended that she kicked the girl out of class and told her to drop the course because she wasn’t going to teach someone so “disrespectful.”


#16 Bye-Bye, Teacher

Midway through the first semester, things started going off the rails. As an introduction to a book about racism, Ms. Witherspoon had us share every racist term we had ever heard and write it on the board, then added ten more. We never read the book.

One day she got tired of teaching and assigned quiet reading for the rest of the class, which was about an hour and a half. About a half hour into it, one person coughed and another laughed quietly. She then shouted, “Do you think I’m a freaking idiot?”

On her final day, she wanted us to tell her all of the bad things we had ever heard about her. She had been around that school for a couple of decades and was never well-liked, so there were a lot of stories. She wept as we told her, but encouraged us to continue. The next day, all of her personal belongings were gone from the classroom, and we never saw her again.


#15 No Vacation For You

Growing up, my family was pretty low income. My dad was a bus driver, and my mom worked as a social worker for the Department of Health and Human Services. Finally, one day, after years of saving, we bought tickets to Disney World. My first official vacation.

I still remember to this day how this teacher (3rd grade) yelled at me that she didn’t know how I could have a good time with all the homework she was going to give me. “Who goes on vacation during the school year?” she asked.

She wound up giving me multiple assignments, including a daily 2-page diary and daily homework that was WAY more than what they were even doing in class. My parents were really angry… They wound up having to get the principal involved.


#14 Repent Of Your Sins

In 1960, I was in fourth grade in a public school. As in many schools during this era, we had nuclear attack drills and had to sit under our desks (as if a desk would protect us from a nuclear fallout). My teacher would make us repeat Bible verses and have us repent our sins as part of the drill. To my 9-year-old self, this was terrifying.
Well, I’m 62 now and still have nightmares about this.

#13 There Must Be Something In The Water

My very first class in high school was English. My teacher was just absolutely crazy. Condescending, rude and just really unpleasant to be around. Her shining moment was the day that she told us that we weren’t allowed to drink water in her class because “there are many people in our school who are allergic to water so we have to be considerate of them.”

#12 Bullied By The Teacher

Our teacher was new to the school, so no one knew what to expect.

At lunch one day, several of my friends and I were goofing off and tossed a couple pieces of ice at each other. We didn’t disturb any other tables, and no one at ours got angry about it. She saw and decided to punish us for it with a week of detention, an essay on our wrongdoings and having to sit at a small table and not talk during lunch for an entire week.

I took a book to lunch with me one day, and she confiscated it, saying, “This is silent-lunch, not reading-lunch.” So the next day, I took a sketchbook. That got confiscated as well. “This is silent-lunch, not drawing-lunch.”

At the end of that quarter, she rated my conduct 0/5, which requires a parent-teacher conference (and is usually reserved for kids who get caught fooling around in the bathrooms, smoking, fighting, etc). No one else involved in the “ice incident” had gotten below a 4/5.

The final straw from the administration came when she started telling kids in class about her romantic life. She was a newlywed and would say things like, “Oh, I’m just so tired. I was up all night with my husband – we had SUCH an amazing time!” She was asked to not return the next year.


#11 Student Or Judge?

My graphic design instructor would be dead-honest about how she felt about our work, but she would also never tell you how to improve. If your work didn’t meet her expectations, she would literally write “SUCKS,” “AWFUL,” “THAT’S TERRIBLE” or “TERRIBLE CHOICE OF COLOR” on our projects. Shortly after, 90% of classmates would stop showing up to her class

Worst part: Apparently I was a top student in her class and she would always pick me to judge my classmates’ work.


#10 Something Smells Fishy

The first year of statistics class, I had a professor who was in his last year before retirement and extremely senile. When it came to his lectures, he spent the majority of them talking about fish and fishing, not statistics. On his exams, he made the answer key and all of the correct answers were colored red, and then he proceeded to print it out as the exam on a black and white printer. Obviously, you could see which answers were correct without doing the work, and, as a result, everyone in the class ended up with 100%. Sounds awesome? No. It was scaled so we all got a B- and learned absolutely nothing.

#9 It’s Not My Job

My math professor would say, “It’s not my job to teach you; it’s your job to teach yourselves.” He’d constantly complain about the textbook he had us buy… that he chose to use. It was absolutely a terrible textbook, but it was far better than his lectures, which consisted of him going on about bug procreation, the Golden Gate Bridge and starfish migration patterns in the Atlantic.

#8 You Should Have Known

I had a college professor whose textbook consisted of a binder filled with power points, photocopies of two old textbooks, and other random stuff. I was doing a homework assignment one night, and one question told me to refer to a chart on page X of the book. The “book” ended 20 pages before page X. It also references page Y, which turned out to be a power point that had nothing to do with the assignment.
I emailed the professor that night (this was a Thursday, and the assignment was due Monday), asking where the chart was and explaining that the directions were wrong. An hour before class on Monday, there was no response, so I did the best I could from my notes and turned it in. Three hours AFTER THE CLASS WAS OVER, I got a reply email from the professor. He called me an idiot, saying I should have known it anyway.

#7 To Argue, Or Not To Argue

Teacher: “The Crusades happened in the fifth-sixth century B.C.”

Me: “B.C. stands for ‘before Christ.'”

Teacher: “Yes…”

Me: “The Crusaders were Christian.”

Teacher: “Yeah, fifth-sixth century B.C.”

I just stopped arguing because it was useless.


#6 My Way Or The Highway

I had an AP Chemistry teacher who was teaching that level of course for the first time. He was horrible; he had the other AP Chemistry teacher even come in and teach us a few lessons he couldn’t explain properly. He would take off points on my exams because I did the math in a different way than him, so he said he couldn’t be sure I wasn’t cheating (all my answers were correct) because he didn’t understand my work.

#5 “Stupid” Questions

In elementary school, before religion was removed from the curriculum, I had a teacher who repeatedly gave me detention every time I asked a “stupid” biblical question during religion class. My parents are atheist Chinese immigrants. I had no idea who Moses was, how it was possible for him to part the Red Sea or how Jesus was able to turn water in wine and resurrect himself.

She looked at me as if I were the antichrist.


#4 Wrong Accent

I had a geography teacher who was Hawaiian (I live in Hawaii), and we learned nothing about geography, only Hawaiian culture. Before we could enter the class, we would have to do a Hawaiian chant. This was every day we had this class. When it was my turn to chant, I pronounced all the words correctly, but she said I had a “mainland” accent–I’m originally from California, so I couldn’t do the chant right. She made me redo the chant seven times, and I was the only one who couldn’t do it. Everyone laughed at me, and I cried at the door.


#3 No Left-Handed Writers Allowed

The worst teacher I ever had was when I was in grade two. She whacked my knuckles with a ruler because I was left-handed. She insisted I absolutely could not write left-handed. If I handed in anything that was written left-handed, I would get a zero.


#2 A Semester Of Work Down The Drain

First, my professor approved my research paper, and then after I had done all the research and written a rough draft that I turned in, she said I should pick a different topic. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, except that the final paper was due in less than a week, and it was the only grade we were going to get for the entire class. To compound this, I’d been researching the topic for the entire semester, and she was going to grade our research for print-off dates to make sure that we had been doing the assignments when she assigned them. When I asked about that part of the grading, she said I would receive no credit for my research. I had to go to the dean and have myself removed from the class and take it the next year.

#1 The Government Isn’t A Source

One of my friends was doing a report on the war in Afghanistan. He sent the teacher the powerpoint ahead of time so she could check it, and she gave him the OK. Well, the day of the presentation came, my buddy clicked to his first slide and she immediately interjected with, “That picture and information came from the government. You can’t use that; it’s not a source.” A report about government involvement in the war, and he couldn’t quote the government. At all.