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Principals Share The Most Bizarre Reason A Kid Has Been Sent To Their Office

Most of us remember our school days with a fondness that not many other memories might bring. Your first crush, that first kiss, or even that very first fight; they all probably happened back when you were at school. If you were a delinquent, you probably had more than enough instances where you got into the wrong books with your high or middle school teacher and got sent straight to the principal's office.

For those of us who were in very strict institutions, not much talking happened at the principal's office. You either got smacked back to your senses or would immediately get assigned a chore that was just meant to suck the life out of you.

If all this sounds mundane and all too familiar, then maybe these people's confessions about what went down in the principal's office might be a little bit more interesting.

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#25 Teacher Hearing Her Own Things

When I was a freshman I got sent to the principal's office for reasons I didn't really understand.

I was sitting at my desk taking notes and all of the sudden the teacher yells at me "GO TO THE PRINCIPAL'S OFFICE RIGHT NOW!!!"

I literally jumped in my seat, wondering what could be going on. I was usually quiet in school, and never really caused trouble.

As I grab my notebook the teacher gets on the intercom and says something to this effect, "I'm sending him down right now, you need to (something) about him."

So I get down there and the principal is sitting at her desk. She waves me in and asks, "do you know why you were sent down here?"

"I have no idea, ma'am," I say.

She looks at me blankly for about 10 seconds and says, "Neither do I."

Long story short my teacher for AP U.S. Government had been hearing voices for a while and thought it was me for some reason. She was put on a permanent leave of absence less than a month later.

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#24 Wrong Kid

When I was in middle school I was a really good kid. One day I got called down to the principal's office by the principal. This is a really big deal because the principal herself NEVER spoke over the PA system, only the other office workers did. I was terrified.

I walk in, she starts screaming at me to sit down. Starts flipping out about what's wrong with me, and suspensions, "Did I think it was funny? Was it worth it???" I'm in shock, I blurt out to be told what I had done. She loses it harder about paper airplanes out a classroom window and specifies what teacher's class it was in.

I tell her that I don't even have that teacher. She calls me a liar, shows me the class roster and asks me how it feels to be caught in a lie. All I get out of my mouth is "that's not me."

She says, "What?" I repeated. "That's not my name." She asks what I mean. I tell her that isn't me. My name is "Smuthford," you're looking for Smithford.

She just kinda falls all over herself and walks me out apologizing. Everyone else in the office was just silent. I feel bad for the kid she was really looking for though, he got called as I was walking back to class.

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#23 Yeah, It's "Health" Again

I got sent down to the office for reading in class. Twice. It wasn't like we were doing anything at the time. It was my freshman health class and my really rude health teacher was taking like ten minutes to pass out a packet. Every time I got sent down was during my dean's lunch break. The secretary would just point me to him and the moment he saw me he would ask "oh, is it health again?" I would respond "yes" and he would just let me read in the comfy chair outside of his office for the rest of the hour.

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#22 We All Got To Stay Clean

When I was in first grade, my teacher sent me to the office for wasting soap.






#21 He Probably Hated Hot Dogs

When I was in eighth grade, I was called down to the office because a 2nd grader told the principal that I called him a "hot dog."


#20 No Comprende

I was once sent to the principal's office for asking my Spanish teacher to say the pledge of allegiance in Spanish.


#19 Help Yourself

I once got sent to the office for asking for help 3 times throughout the lesson. I told him why I was sent there and he sent me back to the classroom with no punishment.

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#18 Not Taking Any Risks

I was in 5th grade and during our library time I got bored and looked through the encyclopedias. Eventually, after several days, I got to the "U" book and found uranium. I found out what it was, then isotopes, plutonium, and so on. The librarian (really just a retired nun) asked me what I was doing. I explained that this interested me and she said why would I want to learn about that? I replied telling her I wanted to join the navy and be a nuclear engineer. We continued talking for a few minutes and she asked why I didn't want to work in medicine instead. At some point, she asked if I wanted to make a nuclear bomb, and I said something along the lines of "if they want me to, sure!"

Three days after this incident my 5th-grade teacher says I'm needed in the main office. No big deal, I haven't done anything wrong. I get to Ms. Schriber's office and after beating around the bush she asked me if I was planning on bringing a nuclear bomb to school. This was November 2001 and in the wake of 9-11 so I guess she thought this was a legitimate possibility. She called my parents and my dad told her we were fresh out of plutonium. I got suspended for 3 days for threatening or something like that. She told my parents she wasn't going to contact the police yet as a courtesy to them.

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#17 Hot Tempered

My dad is an assistant principal at a high school. On one occasion, a large security guard (African American, about 300lbs, and who my dad was friends with), walked into his office panting and shaking early in the morning, slamming the door behind him. My dad quickly asked the man if something was wrong, and the man just continued to say "I did something bad... I did something really bad." He was sweating at this point. My dad immediately felt that he knew what had happened because he remembered that the man had told him that he and his girlfriend were having huge problems a couple days ago. He told him to leave and go back to his desk. Two hours later, a bloody weapon and clothes were found in the school trashcan. The security guard had ended the life his girlfriend before he went to work that day.

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#16 Excuse Me!

It was a substitute teacher and we were in a class of around 45 students. By the end of the hour, it was down to 8. She sent most of us (including me) to the office. After sending ten, I sneezed in class. She sent me to the office for it. One of the students told her that's going too far, but he got sent to the office too. The principal wasn't there, but when he came back he looked around, called the lady, and basically told her she needs to stop doing this. She never showed up again. Good news though, the guy who called her on it is now one of my best friends.



#15 The Natural Balance Of The Universe

I was walking with a friend in the hallways during lunch and I see a girl a grade younger than me delivering pizza to a club meeting. The club that was about to receive these 4 large pizzas was the French club which had maybe 10 members. We ask her for a piece and she gives it to us. We are super excited to get free pizza so we are kind of hollering as we walk away. A teacher sees us, stops us and says we are getting detention. I am flabbergasted and try to explain we did nothing wrong.

We end up having to go to the office. We get to the office and the principal says "So Mrs.__ says she sent you guys here because you pushed a grade 8 student on the ground and stole an entire pizza from her." I almost started laughing out loud because it was such a ridiculous lie. I explain that is not what happened. The principal talks to the teacher and the teacher admits she lied. We still get detention and have to pay for the pizza slices. The principal even said that by taking the slices we had upset the natural balance of the universe and in order to fix it we should do community service or maybe donate some socks to a clothing bin.

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#14 A Week-Long Visit

In 3rd grade, I got sent to the principal's office because I was apparently uncapping markers and leaving them on bookshelves, cubbies, behind desks, anywhere, you name it. Someone would find it and blame it on me. The teacher got fed up and sent me to the principal's office and even recommended me to speak to a counselor. The teacher never caught me in the act. Other students have been uncapping markers and throwing it everywhere and blaming it on me. So I stayed in the principal's office for a week. When I came back the teacher banned me from bringing or using any type of creative school supplies (pencil crayons, crayons, markers). I was devastated and not only that I was the only Asian girl while the majority of school consisted of Caucasian teachers and East Indian students.

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#13 Important Lesson

A girl I dated and I had "zero hour" which is where you went in early so you could leave for work in the afternoon. She drove up to give me something I had left in her car that weekend and we got into a bit of a makeout session. We get interrupted by Sarge Marge banging on the window and she hauls us to the office.

The principal asks what we were doing and we both reply that she had brought me something I left in her car. He asks what took so long and that he had been watching us for 10 minutes. She asked if he learned anything. I laughed and he dismissed us.

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#12 Artist's Impression

I got sent to the principal's office in 4th grade for drawing a gladius. Gladiator had just come out and I was really bored. The principal chuckled and we chatted for a bit. I had already been there once for "lying" (I read The Chamber and reported reading 747 pages that 9 weeks, the teacher got angry, even though I had been sitting there in her class reading it) and once for running an accelerated reading business (dumb kids gave me their prizes for taking the quizzes for them on the computers in the library).


#11 Daddy Told Me So

My brother got sent to the principal's office for calling a student a "window licker" (fifth grade). He said that my dad said to do that as a good come back. So when they called home my mom was confused why the school wanted to talk to my dad for she handled all of the school business. My dad apologized and set my brother straight.


#10 Too Much Spare Time

During elementary school, I got sent to the principal for almost completely filling the school's hard drives by myself.

I did it accidentally by repeatedly copying pictures over and over. A bit lame, I know.



#9 Politically Incorrect

One of my friends was sent to the office because a teacher completely misheard him. The class was discussing how the U.S. should deal with North Korea. One kid said, "oh, we should just bomb it." And my friend said something like "no, we shouldn't just bomb North Korea."

The highly intelligent teacher decided that this meant my friend was planning to bomb the school, so she sent him to the office.

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#8 She Just Didn't Believe Me

I was sent to the principal for being covered in flour. We were baking in class and a girl came up to me and emptied a bag of flour over my head. The teacher saw it and decided that there was no way I had not done something bad to deserve it. I had no priors either.

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#7 Wrong Girl To Mess With

My sister was sent to the office not too long ago for stapling a bully's finger to the table repeatedly. One staple on each finger.

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#6 Hurt Feelings

In 5th grade, 6 of my friends got sent to the principal's office for telling a girl she was being a little bossy. She burst into tears and all my friends got 2 days suspension.


#5 Mistrial

The day we discussed the book "The Jungle," we had hotdogs for lunch. We told this girl that there was pig residue in her hot dog and my friends and I were sent to the principal's office. My friend got suspended because the girl thought he was the one that said it. It was me.

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#4 Wasted Opportunity

Back in grade 8, there was a group of boys in my class who used to get into trouble all the time; they practically lived in the principal's office. They used to hide in empty garbage cans after the garbage collection came around and jump out at people passing by, which got them into a fair amount of trouble.

The one incident that stands out in my memory, however, is when one of them set a grade 7's hair on fire one day. I was in the vicinity while it happened and it was a sight to behold. The next day the principal had an assembly with all the upper school (grade 7 and 8) to basically say "well guys, I can't let you take lighters to school anymore."

Once the word 'anymore' left his lips I immediately felt cheated. I had been allowed to take lighters to school and I hadn't taken advantage of it? Man.



#3 How Could I Have Caused It?

When I was in first grade, this kid sitting next to me was feeling pretty sick, and eventually, he threw up all over me. The principal (he was an awful one, he also eventually got fired) then called me down because he heard some kid say that I caused the sick guy to throw up. Needless to say, there was a lot of "I didn't do it!"s and crying.


#2 They Took Me Too Seriously

From grade 6-7 I changed schools. From a school where if I said I would injure another kid, they'd laugh, brush it off and ignore it because of the context. Then I went to the new school, same general context. I told a kid if he didn't move from in front of my locker I'd injure him. I got his attention and he moved. Later I found out his friends ratted me out. There I am 20 minutes later, balling my eyes out in the principal's office.


#1 God Bless Her Principals Soul

I once got sent to the principal's office in year 8 for doodling in my poetry book.

There was a picture of a scorpion on one of the pages and it was just after double history, so I turned it into a battle between allied forces and a giant evil nazi scorpion robot from space.

The teacher tried to make a case that I was disturbed because of the Nazi imagery and tried to get me suspended, but the headmistress pointed out that the scorpion and nazi aliens were obviously the bad guys because of the terminator skull armor and glowing red eyes (also saying "raar I'm evil.")

She continued saying it was my book, and that I could doodle whatever I wanted in it, but the teacher spent my lunch hour using tip-ex/white-out on it anyway (the cow, that thing was a work of ART).

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