June 12, 2023 | Maria Cruz

People Share Memorable Incidents From "That Kid" In School

Unless you were one of the lucky ones, every school had “that kid.” Sometimes they were harmlessly obsessed with Harry Potter and other times you found them listening to you in the bathroom. Whatever your situation was, these people share some of the strangest thing “that kid” from their school ever did.


#1 Ain’t Never Pooted

One day, the conversation turned to farts among the girls in seventh grade. The new girl, short and squat, and, as of yet, silent, shook her head. She then stated, “I ain’t never pooted in my whole life.” It echoes in my head regularly to this day. I also say it whenever I am accused of farting because it is hilarious.

Two Kids Watch the Parade, Covering Ears from Noise from a BandFlickr

#2 Spilled Milk

In the eighth grade, I was eating lunch across from the very strange kid in school. I remember him picking up his milk with both hands and squeezing it as hard as he could. Then, it obviously exploded and got all over him. His reaction was nothing more than a disappointed look on his face followed by, "Oh, man!"


#3 Band Camp

One time at band camp a kid started having an asthma attack. Everyone started to panic a bit, so we got the adults to try and do something. As the counselors were helping him, the kid started shouting, “This wasn’t supposed to happen until Thursday!” I won’t lie, I still think about that quote very frequently.

Band Camp ShowFlickr

#4 Never Coming Back

One time in elementary school, this weird kid got caught stealing from the teacher's assortment of goodies. She tended to give cool stuff away once a week to students. She chose students randomly based on a raffle system and you had more tickets if you were behaved. After a huge mess of him crying and trying to say it wasn't him, he asked to be excused to the bathroom where he was gone for a solid 30 minutes.

The teacher got concerned, and upon checking the bathroom sign-out sheet, we discovered he wrote, "Never coming back." So, one of us went to check the bathroom and he wasn't there. The teacher told the principal what happened and the police were called in. A helicopter was flying by and a couple of cruisers were on the scene. They eventually found him walking home.


#5 Remote Control

This kid once used an Apple remote to continually play a very crude song on our history teacher’s computer. She would walk away and the beat would start. She would run to the computer and he would pause it. She would walk away and he would hit play. This went on for like 20 minutes until she unplugged the computer.


#6 The Quiet Kid

In high school, there was this kid who wouldn't have a conversation with anyone. I spent four years with the dude in the same class and never did I hear him say more than, "Okay, sure. Bye." This continued despite the fact that everyone tried talking to him to cheer him up (we thought something was wrong or he was just shy).

He would just sit on his desk all day and look right in front of him unless disturbed. One day, we had a big school fight. No one expected him to show up since he wasn't friendly with any of us, but he showed up and proceeded to defeat five or six guys on his own. It looked like one of those cheesy martial arts movies. After the fight, he came back, grabbed his stuff, said “bye” like it was nothing and just left.


#7 A Child’s Comic

A science teacher in my school was cool, though a little weird. His room was always open for the kids to hang out in. He spent a lot or his own time and I suspect money managing an “animal club,” which the kids were responsible for looking after. We had hundreds of different animals from hissing cockroaches and snakes to chipmunks and chinchillas. He also liked to tell cool stories about his own life, such as the pigs that he kept (Rasher and Bacon), his caving experiences, sailing experiences, etc.

He would also spend his own time helping students that were struggling and give them extra tutoring if warranted. However, he never tolerated laziness or attitudes. He had no trouble whatsoever calling out students who couldn’t be bothered to take anything seriously. That’s where this kid comes in. This one kid made a comic book depicting the science teacher harassing the students while saying his little catchphrases.

It was found and brought to said science teacher’s attention. A meeting happened with senior management in the school. They brought the kid, the kid’s mom and the teacher in. This six-foot massive teacher with a huge ginger beard cried and said he had never experienced anything like it in his life before now. Even the rest of us hated that kid for what happened and at that age, we were really immature.

180927-F-NM764-1786Schreiver Air Force Base

#8 Hissing Children

In middle school, there was this girl whose long hair kept spilling onto my desk. This happened a lot, but for a while I kind of let it go and didn’t think much of it. But, since it kept occurring, I finally said something. One day, I asked for her to move her seat (or her hair), and she turned around and hissed at me.


#9 Firestarter

In high school, I remember this one crazy kid stole around a dozen textbooks. He then proceeded to bring them into the boy’s washroom and burn every single one of them. Not only did he cause probably thousands of dollars in damages for the books, but the whole washroom went up in flames on account of his actions.

boy-and-bookPublic Domain Pictures

#10 Exploding Pens

In the first grade, a kid next to me was mindlessly chewing on a pen. Nothing happened at first, but it ended up exploding in his mouth. He then raised his hand to go to the bathroom. So, the teacher called on him and when he went to open his mouth to ask to go to the bathroom, a bunch of ink just started leaking out.


#11 Reading Buddies

This happened to a kid who was in first grade with me. We had the sixth graders come and read harder level books with us. “Reading Buddies," as they were called. We had a kid named Mateo who was inspired by his reading buddy. His buddy dared him to shove a rock up his nose. Mateo did, then proceeded to tell the teacher and head to the nurse. Well, the nurse only got it stuck farther and the kid had to be sent home. I have no idea what happened after.


#12 Dragon Girlfriend

Back when I was attending high school, I had to take this computer literacy course. Well, there was this one weird kid who sat near me. Apropos of nothing, he would talk to me nearly every day about his imaginary dragon girlfriend and how beautiful she was. Even to this day, I don’t really know what to think.


#13  A Colorful Time

In high school, a guy I knew but never really hung out with came up to me during lunch. He was holding the largest set of mortar fireworks I had ever seen. He said, "watch this" and walked towards the stairwell entrance. As soon as he disappeared behind the doorway I heard a super loud noise. Loads of colored explosions went off and everyone freaked out and ran away.


#14 First Impressions

On the first day of high school, a kid found a pair of badly soiled boxer shorts in an outdoor bin that had clearly been there all summer. He then proceeded to put them on his head and start chasing groups of people around the playground. It wasn’t exactly the best first impression to make when starting a new school. The poor guy never really pulled himself out of the social rut he dove into head-first on that day.

1280px-Boxershorts_Pendelverkehr_(Workshop_Cologne_'06)Wikimedia Commons

#15 King Reptar

In my first year of university, there was a kid who wore a dinosaur hat that had a cape attached to it. He would walk around campus just staring at people. My friend asked him one day what his name was and he replied, "King Reptar." Weird kid, haven't seen him since.


#16 Spoon-Fed

A woman who seemed to be his mother used to come in and spoon feed this kid in the middle of the yard. This took place when all the other kids played, but many watched. He was a completely able-bodied kid of about nine or 10. You could see in his eyes that it was killing him and that the whole thing was about her.


#17 The Boy’s Room

There was this kid at my school, who would come into the boy's washroom, and literally go number two in the urinal. One time, I walked in on the kid squatting over the urinal. He immediately got up, washed his hands and said, “Dude, look. Someone ruined that urinal.” He then walked out. I felt so bad for the janitor.


#18 Cupcakes and Ice Cream

One day in fifth grade, a kid's mom brought cupcakes and ice cream for the class. We went outside for recess to eat them. The overweight kid, who I always tried to be nice to because I'm pretty sure she had bad parents, ate too many of these cupcakes and threw up on the playground. But, she proceeded to tell everyone she was fine and was alright to go play some more.

Not even five minutes later, I was by the school entrance and smelled the most horrible smell. I looked over and, of course, it was the same kid standing next to me. She got really close and whispered, "I just soiled my pants." She told everyone who walked by until the teacher called her mom to pick her up. It was the weirdest moment of my life because I'm not sure why she would tell everyone that.


#19 Bread Ball

I used to go to school with this one girl who would put a piece of bread in her mouth and proceed to roll the wet soggy bread mass into a ball. She would then take the ball out and look at it. She then put it back in her mouth, over and over again. I don’t know what possessed her to do this, but it happened more than once.


#20 All in One

I’ve been out for a little while now, but I distinctly remember one kid who went to the same school that I did. This guy would just combine all of his food at lunch, including whatever he drank, into a weird soup and eat it like that. I watched him do this all the time and he did it no matter what we were eating.


#21 Rick Roll

In my high school's Mac lab, the administrator’s computer had a feature that let all the other iMacs be taken control of at the same time to mirror whatever the administrator’s computer displayed. This wasn’t used a whole bunch; it was mainly to show instructions more easily for in-class computer assignments.

The teacher forgot to lock the computer during a washroom break, so one kid seized the opportunity to access the mode I mentioned, He Rick Rolled the whole lab (using one of those sites that makes the browser jump all over the screen), starting it right before the teacher came back. The teacher wasn't very savvy with computers, so she got very agitated and had to call the IT guy for help.


#22 Emo Cat Boy

This one kid walked around in black, extra-wide Jnco bondage pants with a ripped up fishnet shirt and a black tank top. He also wore cat ears and a hot pink cat collar that his girlfriend attached a leash to. She then led him around in the hallway. He also had black emo hair and wore lots of eyeliner.  Of course, everyone teased him for it. But he never cared. You do you, emo cat boy.

1109px-Boy_with_cat_ears_OsamuIwasaki_7301137448Wikimedia Commons

#23 Winter Wonderland

We had one kid who edited the slides to a song we had to sing during our weekly school assembly. The song was “Winter Wonderland” and he edited the last line in the chorus to include an expletive. They cut the music as soon as they saw that slide containing that lyric. It wasn’t really that funny, but I had to give the guy credit for having the guts to do that.


#24 Quiet Girl

We were in fourth grade and this girl who was really quiet would eat from trash. She would also go from table to table looking for food left. She was kind of overweight as well. I was on the same bus route as her and saw that she lived in a beautiful historic house. So, I knew that her family wasn’t poor or anything.

We met again in high school. I just said hello to her and wished her a good school year. Later, the principal called me to her office because this girl said I was bullying her. I was so shocked. I had never been mean and was pretty naive, so my principal believed me. After that, that girl would look at me as if I was prey to be cautious about.


#25 A Cape Every Day

My freshman year of high school, this dude showed up wearing a cape every single day. He then convinced a bunch of other freshmen to lay in different positions in the courtyard during lunch one day. However, with the way he had them positioned, all of their bodies actually wound up making a giant obscene symbol.


#26 I Want the Swings

I remember being on the swings in primary school and there was another kid who was upset that all the swings were taken. So, he tried to forcibly remove another kid. The teachers told him not to bother other kids and so he stood next to the swings, crying loudly, waiting for some time to get off. When I looked at him, he was crying so much that his nose was running. But, it looked like someone squeezing out a tube of toothpaste. It was the grossest thing I’ve ever seen.


#27 Silent Listener

I was in a toilet stall in elementary school trying to go and I got stage fright. I hated it when someone was in the bathroom. A guy was in the stall right next to me, so I waited. He flushed, washed his hands and I heard the door. It was quiet. I proceeded to go, feeling great. When I was done, “that kid” was just standing there by the door. He pretended to leave just to hear me.


#28 100 Dollar Bill

My school once gave out pencils with 100 dollar bill designs on them because “hard work pays.” A friend decided it was time to seize an opportunity. He tore off the design, rolled it up, approached a girl he sort of knew and asked her for a dance. She told a teacher and he was suspended for a week. We were in sixth grade.


#29 Learning Elvish

When I was in high school, I had a classmate who had a rough home life, to say the least. As a result, he was a bit...odd. He was into Lord of the Rings but to an unhealthy extent. He learned to speak Elvish, crawled around and acted like Gollum. He then tried to alter his own ears to be pointy. He asked me to prom because I "looked like Legolas."


#30 Spicy Pepper

My Mexican friend once gave another friend some spicy pepper powder to try in the third grade. My white friend had to get in an ambulance because he couldn't breathe and my Mexican friend got suspended with less than a week of school left. I’m still friends with both of them and we all find it hilarious now.


#31 Do You Play Football?

In the 10th grade, a girl asked me if I played football. I have pretty broad shoulders and am just an overall thicker guy. I told her that I actually didn’t play, but I asked why she thought that. She then said, “Well, because you’re fat." Honestly, it didn’t even hurt me, I was just kind of startled someone would say that.


#32 Being “That Kid”

I'm pretty sure I was "that kid" for a good while. I wore a tiara to school every day in the sixth and seventh grade. I never brushed my teeth or hair, so my breath was rank and there was a giant rat's nest on the back of my head. I would also scream about anime all the time. We don't talk about middle school.


#33 Standoff With Teachers

This guy in my middle school had some behavior problems. He was a class clown and would do all sorts of stuff for attention. But, he would often cross the line and then have a total breakdown when he got in trouble. On one of these occasions, he got sent out of class to cool down, but instead, he climbed the drain pipe to the music building and had a standoff with the teachers.

Then, he ran and took a huge leap to the next building and ran across the roof. He then climbed into an empty art classroom window. A bunch of teachers ran up the stairs to get him, but by the time they got there he had jammed the door shut. He began throwing gallon cans of paint out the window into the parking lot. One of these cans of bright yellow latex paint splattered all over the hood of the gym teacher's Mercedes. We didn't see Chris again after that.


#34 Last Name Change

Someone in my high school changed a person's last name to the B-word and they didn't notice until after it was published. All of the yearbooks were distributed. They did a recall and taped her correct last name over it in every yearbook. The girl was a champ, though. She even changed her last name on Facebook.


#35 Nail Shavings

I remember a pretty light-hearted story about this one person I used to go to school with. There was a very strange girl who sat next to me in math class. On a few occasions, I witnessed her biting her fingernails and very carefully arranging her nail bitings in tiny little piles on her desk. Suffice to say, it was strange.


#36 Haunted House

I was in high school decorating my science club haunted house, hanging up some black tarps. This new weird kid came in the room and started acting creepy. He then started messing around with the chainsaw. I ignored him and kept working on the spider webs and such. I then turned around and he moved right behind me with the chainsaw in his hands.

He towered over me, turned it on and backed me into the wall as I panicked and started screaming. He kept approaching me and touched the chainsaw to my stomach. That's when I learned that chainsaws can have the chains taken off and they don't hurt. Regardless, I seriously had an "I'm trapped by a psycho" moment.

101029-F-5795G-115Minot Air Force Base

#37 Something in the Air

This one student was constantly doing weird stuff like picking a scab on her shoulder repeatedly or awkwardly sucking on her hair. Once, me and a friend were walking back from the gym and my friend burped. Then, that one kid turned around, looked my friend in the eye, and sniffed the air as hard as she could.


#38 Psych!

A kid I knew in high school got pulled over by the cops with a friend of mine. He decided it would be hilarious to get out of the car, bolt down the street a couple of blocks, and then turn around with his arms up and say, "Psych!" The cops did not find it hilarious. They then tackled him down and arrested him.

170518-F-DL164-257Fairchild Air Force Base

#39 Putting on a Show

Without a doubt, I was absolutely “that kid.” I remember one time when I pulled my pants off in kindergarten for some ridiculous reason and proceeded to moon the class. I’ll be honest, that memory still haunts me to this day. A lot of the time, I still wonder whether or not those people have forgotten about it.


#40 Key to My Heart

There was this one scenario in school that literally left its mark on me. This one time, a kid threw a padlock at someone he was fighting with in the locker room. Well, the intended target ducked before it hit him and the padlock nailed me right in the chest at full speed. It left a keyhole-shaped mark right over my heart.


#41 Believe, Tigers

There was a friend of mine (perfectly intelligent, hilarious, and funny guy) who was elected to do the morning announcements senior year. He had a catchphrase that I’ll never forget. Well, it's not so much a catchphrase, but more just a funny pronunciation of our school motto. Our motto was just "Believe," so he would say, "and remember Tigers, believe." He had a super silky and bassy radio voice, so it was a nice way to snicker at the beginning of first period every morning.


#42 Amazing Confidence

This one kid did a runway catwalk in the heels that he'd wear every day. He would just strut down our school hallway in between classes. He was gay and got made fun of a lot. The school was strictly religious, but he flaunted it unashamedly, wearing bright red lipstick, curling his hair and wearing heels to school. One day, he put on a show and strutted in those heels. It was amazing to see his confidence despite all he went through.


#43 Kindergarten Dare

One time in kindergarten, this kid asked me to hit him over the head with a chair. I seized the opportunity, because he was being annoying. But, despite the fact that he was laughing while I was doing it, I still got in trouble. The reason why was because he just denied everything when we got to the principal’s office.


#44 Here’s Your Prize

In eighth grade, we had a crazy hair competition. They were going to broadcast the best hair on school TV and give the winner a prize. When this one kid got up there, we saw that one side of his head still had his long hair, but the other was shaved with dots of hair remaining in a pattern on it. His prize was a pack of Skittles, poor guy.

100626-F-1342R-027.JPGRamstein Air Base

#45 Realistic Quack

A fellow classmate of mine back in elementary school would go up to people and make duck noises. It doesn’t sound too bad on the surface, but, I’m not talking about your average quack. He made a hyper-realistic squawk. When I look back, it was pretty terrifying for third grade. He left the school after that year.


#46 In the Trunk

My friends and I once wanted to go to Taco Bell for lunch. However, there were seven of us in a car that fit five. We squeezed four in the back and the Mexican guy volunteered to go in the trunk. When we got to Taco Bell we let him out (in a fairly busy parking lot) and he started running around yelling in Spanish.


#47 Backhanded Flirting

My crush in third grade was the bad boy in class. On Valentines Day, he walked up to me with all his friends and said he wanted to talk to me. He said, “You’re pretty... pretty ugly!” He then ran off with his friends, all of them laughing. I was pretty devastated and it took me years to realize this was flirting.


#48 Timed Surprise

We had a school time capsule in 1990 to open in 2000. Each class put something in it and it took a while to decide together. We had a ceremony once we decided and closed it up. "That kid" took the cement lid off and went number two in the time capsule. I think he was the only kid to be expelled from our school.


#49 The 50th State

In fourth grade, the teacher asked what we thought the 50th state was. I said Hawaii and this kid told me I was wrong and it was Alaska. It ended up being Hawaii and he got so mad that he threw his chair over everyone's head. It went into this supply table on the side of the classroom before flipping over. Chaos ensued and he had to be pinned down by security and taken out.


#50 Witch Among Muggles

This girl in my eighth grade class was obsessed with Harry Potter and thought she was a witch. She carried a wand around at school, wrote down spells in a book and would start to cast spells at you, brought "potions to school,” etc. She also brought a laminated picture of Snape to school and claimed they were in love. Someone cut it in half and she cried so hard she threw up.




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