March 3, 2023 | Jen Browne

How To Know If It's Time To Quit Your Job

Everyone has a bad day at work every now and then. You might leave the office frustrated with your colleagues, cursing under your breath, and mumbling to yourself that you're never going back again. But when do you know when you should give your job a second chance, and when it's time to call it quits? These five tell-tale signs can help determine whether or not you should write that resignation letter:

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#1 You're bringing negative energy into your home life

Are you coming home from work stressed, angry, and fed up? Do you lay in bed at night worrying about that email you have to send to your boss or that phone call you have to make to a client? If the negative energy you feel at work is seeping into your home life, it may be time to reconsider your current position.

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#2 There's no room for advancement

Don't waste time in a role that doesn't offer you the opportunities for growth that you need. Instead, commit your time and energy to a company that will grow with you and offer support for your career progress. If you don't, you could hinder the development of your career in the long run. It's better to make the change now than regret not making it later.

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#3 You dread going to work every morning

No one wants to dread waking up in the morning. While it's normal to not want to go to work (we all have those days), if you feel off every single day, it may be time to consider giving in your two weeks' notice. List down all of the things that give you anxiety in your job and ensure that when you look for a new position, it's void of everything on your list.

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#4 You can do your job with your eyes closed

If you think you've been in your job too long, it may be time to move on. There are times when we have to take boring jobs just to get by, but if you’re in a job that you are overqualified for, don't feel like you have to stick it out. If you have skills that need exercising, there are likely other jobs in your area that you can switch to. However, if you're content with clocking in and clocking out without much change to your daily tasks, this might not be a telltale sign that it's time to quit your job. Instead, you may be happy doing the same thing day in and day out.

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#5 You tell yourself, "It's just a job."

If you take pride in what you do, a job should never just be a job. Instead, your place of work should be somewhere you can propel your career ambitions, learn new skills, and advance into better positions. You should feel important, appreciated, and a part of a team. If you're feeling uninspired or bored by your 9-5, it may be time to hand in that notice.

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