June 20, 2023 | Molly Seif

Wedding Planners Share The Weirdest Couple They've Ever Worked With

Wedding planners have the daunting task of helping couples prepare for perhaps the biggest day of their lives so far. They must find a way to please both the bride and the groom, while also ensuring everything is perfect on their wedding day. However, sometimes the biggest obstacle to that perfection is the couple itself. Wedding planners took to the internet to share the weirdest couple they've ever worked with, and their stories definitely do not disappoint. Read on for some juicy tales of wedding drama:

#1 There's A Time And Place

I had one wedding where the bride told the groom aloud at the altar: "I'm not really that in love with you... but I think you'll be a good husband." The look on his face... He tried to laugh it off and told her to hush, but he was tearing up as they walked away. It was absolutely heartbreaking. Honestly, I would have walked out of there. I wouldn't want a wife that would say something like that at our wedding. That's terrible.


#2 The Body Language

There was one wedding couple that was literally about to walk down the aisle one day. We all gave them the standard "good luck!" and "congratulations!" and all that. The bride was over somewhere doing her thing. Someone was talking to the groom and was like, "Aren't you excited?" or something like that. He shrugged his shoulders. Shrugged his shoulders like, "Ugh, yeah, I'm excited, whatever." Sometimes you know it's bad, and they don't need to say anything.


#3 Nine Months, Tops

I attended a wedding as a groomsman's plus one. The bride didn't even know me but, while stone-cold sober, she chatted with me all about how even if the romance dies, she thinks they could be good friends and she'd be okay raising kids with him. They were 21 years old. She was holding on to that mentality at 21. It lasted nine months, tops.


#4 The Level Of Disrespect

I worked at a tux place. I was measuring a groom and his best man. The whole time, the best man was saying awful things about the bride. Finally, the groom said something along the lines of, “Oh well, that’s what divorce is for.” Stuff like that makes me so sad. I genuinely believed as a kid that it was normal to resent your spouse because it was so common to see "ball and chain" comments or friends hating the partner because they got in the way of things. I know far better now as an adult, but it's still sad to see just how incredibly disrespectful some people are about their partners when they're not around.


#5 Clearly A Red Flag

I was to be the best man. While the groom and I were being measured for our rent-a-tuxes (powder blue velvet with wavy black piping; it was that era) he blurted out, apropos of nothing, "If it doesn't work out, I'll just get a divorce." Narrator: It didn't work out. They filed for divorce ten months later. And although both were virtually penniless, they had a huge, expensive dust-up over who got to keep the dog, which was basically their only joint asset.


#6 Money Monster

I had one girl who wanted the guests to pay for the expenses she needed $900 per person. I don't think she got a single yes to her invitations. She asked me to lower my costs. At that point, I kindly asked her to get another person to help her. I don't know what happened after that. Maybe she canceled the thing. Weddings can be a big deal, but if I were to not have enough money to cover the wedding properly, I'd go for a less exorbitant wedding.


#7 Back To The Future

I met this couple who was so obsessed with the movie Back to the Future. They rented the original Delorean from the film and the groom entered the ceremony inside the car. The really weird part was they named their child Calvin. Calvin was the name Marty had he went back in time in the 1950s. I mean, I guess it could have been worse; they could have named him Darth Vader from the planet Vulcan.


#8 A Bunch Of Weirdos

I've had a few weird couples for sure. The one that comes to mind first is a couple that will be getting married later this year. The bride and groom are around 19 and 20 years old and they act like children. Like, the bride literally will only talk in a baby voice to her parents who hover over everything. They also picked to go with Spider-Man and Beauty and the Beast as their theme.  Yes, they want both to be depicted and not in a fun adult interpretation of it. They even want to use party supplies that you would use for a kid's birthday.

My venue also rents out a fog machine that can be used for the first dance. We had this one groom that was obsessed with ninjas and wanted to try to "hide" in the fog and jump out and do crazy karate moves and such. It was weird. Those are the only ones that stand out to me, but I've definitely dealt with a lot of weirdos.


#9 Party City Couples

I had a boss who was obsessed with using only the cheapest and worst of kids' birthday style decor for all events, even the very nice fundraising ones. And it was a choice, not at all out of necessity. She attended tons of similar events at other places so she definitely knew what was expected of event decor. So hearing about all of these Party City couples is weirdly reassuring.


#10 Wedding Day Happenings

Oh, I’ve had some good ones.

I had the groom who wanted the minister to do the “speak now or forever hold your peace” thing, at which point the groom would reveal the dangerous object holstered on his belt by lifting up his suit jacket. I nixed that immediately. The bride was perfectly normal and sweet and I honestly worried that she was in an abusive relationship.

Then there was the father of the bride who was a very strict Presbyterian and was hosting a dry wedding for 225 guests and reprimanded me for using the words “cocktail hour.” Like, yes sir, I understand there will be no drinks served at this wedding, but it’s still called cocktail hour. He also wanted 225 prime ribs served in 20 minutes which was impossible with the size of our kitchen. He was a condescending jerk.

Then there was the mother of the groom that pretty clearly didn’t like the bride, and didn’t want to pay one penny more than she had to for the rehearsal dinner (which turned out to be a rehearsal luncheon). She decided on a deli buffet menu (make your own sandwich style) at $13 per person. Didn’t even splurge for the $15 per person version which would have gotten her some potato salad and desserts. She also liked to call me on my cell phone at 7:30 a.m., well before I was in the office. I stopped answering her calls until she would call my office phone.

All in all, though most of my couples were perfectly normal and nice. I honestly had more trouble with parents than I did with couples.


#11 It Comes From The 'Rents

Parents get weird at weddings. At mine, my mom tried to make every decision and finally said, "This is about the parents. People are coming here to celebrate our daughter getting married. When your children get married that's when you get to plan a wedding." She finally relented because I'm stubborn, but our relationship was really rocky after that for a while.


#12 Monster-In-Law

I had a mother of the groom wear a white wedding dress at the wedding. The groom was mortified and the bride handled it great. They were a great couple. I also had a couple break up for good at their menu tasting. The groom's family was doing things “the traditional cultural way” and she was just done (she was also part of that culture, for your information). Lastly, there was one wedding that cost over 200k. They didn’t last for even five years.


#13 The Wacky Groom

I’m not a wedding planner but I manage events at the facilities I currently work at and we had a wedding where the groom wore a three-piece tux, all white, with banana yellow converse and a banana yellow bow tie. His groomsmen wore all black with banana yellow converse and ties. Throughout the wedding service, the groomsmen would hold up emoji signs reacting to things that were happening (each holding up puke emojis when they kissed).

When it came time to get the rings, the best man acted like he had lost it when suddenly, a man in the audience stood up and threw a frisbee with the ring taped to it to the groom (they were all avid frisbee golfers). The frisbee was also their guest book signed by everyone who came. The thing that saddened me is it seemed the bride really did not want to be marrying the groom. One of her bridesmaids came to me before the wedding asking for any snacks for the bride because she felt like she was going throw up from crying so much.

I hope the best for them in the future but it was all a little hard to watch.


#14 The Scammer Bride

Not particularly a wedding planner, however, I was a wedding photographer at one of those cheesy wedding chapels on The Strip in Las Vegas. The story I remembered most was this couple who got married, business as usual. We didn't think much of it; they had the service and I took the photos. We told them to return the next day for photos. The next morning, we got a call from the groom we will call "James," saying that his new wife "Emily" threw him out of the car last night and left him on the side of the road.

We came to find out James wasn't an American citizen, so he essentially paid Emily I believe $10,000 dollars so he can start the process of becoming a citizen. He was now asking if he could annul his wedding after being scammed out of $10k. A few months later, we saw Emily on another competitor's wedding website with a different guy! So we assumed she was making this a business—marrying dudes for money and leaving them high and dry. I wish I had some more resolution to the story, however, that's all I have on my end...Other than that, you encounter a lot of interesting walks of life doing Elvis theme weddings and ceremonies with the occasional costume themes.


#15 A "Fairy" Tale

I was a wedding coordinator intern at a local banquet hall one summer. The actual coordinator on staff would work with them for months, then I’d typically help out with the rehearsal and ceremony or reception the next day. We had one couple that we knew was going to have an interesting ceremony. We knew she was going to have elements around the hall that were woodsy and natural because she liked fairies, and also their best friend was going to marry them. It was his first time.

They show up to rehearsal and she was in full fairy wings. She confirmed that, yes, she was going to wear them at the wedding. Sure, whatever. We started getting a ceremony order together. The groom was super awkward and wouldn’t give a straight answer; he barely even looked us in the eyes. The bride had somehow failed to inform us that her parents were divorced and hadn’t spoken to one another in years. Great. That eventually got worked out and they walked down the rehearsal aisle to the poor guy officiating.

We told the officiant that he could practice what he wanted to say or just skip it and cut to the ring exchange. Homeboy pulled out a stack of papers and proceeded to read a 25-minute speech. The bride looked like she wanted to ascend to another plane and the bridesmaids are barely containing themselves. They were nice and their wedding day was great and frilly and warm. Oh, and the officiant had them do their vows while he twirled a wand with streamers on it. What a weird weekend.


#16 Let Them Be Weird

As long as the groom and bride are both okay with it, I think that weddings and celebrations that are so personal and quirky are the best. Mine is going to be like that. There's a site called "rock and roll bride" that posts themed weddings (goth, pagan, carnival, the '80s, adventure, books, characters, rainbow, steampunk, etc.) Most of them were made with the help of friends, family, and DIY, and they ended up being super cheap and amazing. I love all the carnival-themed ones.

#17 How Do I Look, Boys?

Not “weird,” but “terrible in all ways.” Also possibly “socially inept.” This bride and groom were clearly both so rich and so entitled their entire lives that they didn’t know how to function properly. The bridal party suite (in a penthouse hotel room in downtown Chicago) was silent except for a comment here and there from the bride’s mother about it being a big day.

The bride complained about everything—the mimosa being strong, the water being room temperature, the bagels being bagels instead of fruit, everything. She didn’t respond when I asked her questions and instead she looked at a bridesmaid with annoyance to answer for her. The groom’s room was trashed with bottles and they were walking around in boxers five minutes before photos. I told them we had five minutes, and the groom responded, “Hey, HEY, I’m pretty sure I’m really important today. It’s not going to happen without me. And it’s not happening in five minutes.”

And then the guys decided to slide down the back stairwell banister instead of taking the elevator to the lobby. One of the groomsmen didn’t go with them and told me, “You really needed to take control of the guys, otherwise, why were they paying me?” OH and the groom’s mom came into the suite with her provocative dress and said: “How do I look, boys?!” They all hooped and hollered for her. I had to stifle a laugh. 0/10 would not recommend it.


#18 A Fitting Last Name

I had a couple whose last name, in another language, literally means an embarrassing body part.. which was actually really fitting. The guy would hit on me, all the female waitstaff, and even the company's owner's mother (who was 65) whenever his fiancee left the room. Not just harmless flirtations, I mean like legit vulgar propositions.

That wasn't even the worst part though. They had this request that we save all the bottles from the event because the husband and his groomsmen were going to melt them down and make inappropriate statues.  I just... that was the last wedding I helped coordinate. I left that company as soon as that wedding was done.


#19 50 Shades Of Grey

Not a wedding planner, but I attended a wedding of this super-rich acquaintance. It was a large venue to accommodate around 1,500 to 2,000 guests (pretty common in my culture). The theme for all wedding festivities was 50 Shades of Grey! Right from calling each other Mr. Grey” and “Ms. Steele.” There were masks to fans and color themes... the entire place was decked up following that theme. Not to mention, as you entered the venue, there was a pictorial depiction of their journey set to the same theme! I have some great memories explaining this to my super conservative parents!


#20 The Evil Lady

Not a planner, but how about the lady in GA who tried to slander a wedding venue and had all her friends write negative reviews on their website. She even bought a domain name as well, just for kicks. I have been sort of keeping up on that story and what irritated me most was not necessarily that she was so nasty to the venue owner, but that she got people to give them bad reviews and go after the business that had no relation to anything going on there. I would be upset too, but don't get friends and family to slam the business when it has nothing to do with them. That is why she is evil.


#21 Watch Out For The Mom

Not the newlyweds, but the parents of the bride at a wedding I coordinated my first year of business. I had not been warned of any family drama until the bridal party was walking in the door for the grand entrance and I heard the bride and sister repeating, "Screw you, Debra." Debra was the bride's mother and I got a crash course of her style of crazy.

There are no planned speeches for such reason. However, the mother of the groom took it upon herself to give a toast. Understandable, but there was a schedule for a reason in those settings. So the father of the bride soon after approached the DJ for the mic so he could give a toast. The poor bloke looked like a deer in the headlights, unsure what to do. Obviously, it was a normal request, but again, he had been warned about the mother, not the father right?

Wrong. The father barely got five words out before the mother took the microphone from him and launched into a (very narcissistic) speech about how it wasn't easy being a doctor's wife and how it was so hard to conceive the bride. I'd never in my life heard nor expect to again hear the word placenta used in a wedding toast. Eventually, the mic was cut and we got it away from her but it was after the bridal party and family had tried and failed to use normal social cues to intervene.


#22 A Green Card Situation

I had a couple hire me and on the night of our first consultation, they bickered and got a little inappropriate... maybe they thought it was funny, but they were strangers I had in my home and I found having them there uncomfortable. It seemed clear that they didn’t know one another very well and it looked to me to be a green card kind of situation. I would bet money that they are no longer together.


#23 Cult Curiosity

I'm a chef for a caterer and event planner, US-based. We coordinate everything for the couples (unless they choose not to). We always learn the crazy stuff about the couple direct from the person who has been meeting with them for months and is coordinating on the night of.  One couple got married in a gorgeous old venue. No drinks (VERY odd), no music, no dancing. The couple had their actual first kiss after the vows.

They barely looked at each other the whole night. A waitstaff found the officiant's wife crying on the floor "not knowing if she could keep doing it." She pleaded for a drink, which we didn't have because it was a dry ceremony. Then, she disappeared for a while. We think they might have all been in a cult. But that information wasn't relevant to the booking, so we can't know. Honestly, that is just the first one that comes to mind. After seven years of doing this, you see some weird stuff.


#24 From Bad To Better

Our daughter's first marriage was to a pastor's son. The father married them but left right after the food was served because they did not believe in dancing or drinking. They hated our daughter because she "corrupted" their son (who was also a virgin when they married) and when they divorced a couple of years later, the parents were mortified. They didn't believe in divorce either. She is much happier now.


#25 The Indian Wedding

I had a couple who were born in America, but both sets of parents had emigrated from India. The couple had already been married for 7 years but had a civil ceremony. They were now giving their moms a big wedding with all the traditions. The game plan was: Hindu ceremony, cocktail hour, western vow renewal, cocktail hour, reception. He was such a groomzilla; worse than any bride I ever dealt with. I could go into plenty of examples of why they were a weird couple, but one moment sums it up.

It was August and scorching hot. Hindu ceremonies are long and theirs ran longer. During the first cocktail hour, the couple was changing for the western vow renewal. It was time to start this second ceremony and the guests had been outdoors for two hours and counting. The bride said she needed 20 more minutes do redo her hair. The groom demanded I hold open the dressing room door and he started screaming at her to get her out. And. She. Started. Laughing. Hysterically. As I stood there between them, holding the door, wondering how the hell they'd already made it 7 years together.


#26 True Love Knows No Flaws

My cousin's friend (who watched anime regularly in her college years) is a wedding planner. She once told me about this couple who planned to have a Sailor Moon and Hunter x Hunter themed wedding. She said they were lovely, but the wife had the classic Sailor Moon cat's moon tattooed to her forehead. I guess he was truly in love with her if he could look past that horrendous tattoo.


#27 Nightmare Before Christmas

A friend of mine and her husband had a Nightmare Before Christmas themed wedding. It sounded tacky but it turned out fantastic. They had black trees and both wore all black. She wore a black dress, but it was a bridal gown 100%. Their flowers were lilies with black trimmings and fake black greenery.

The food was black squid ink soup, actually pretty tasty. A salad with blackberries and cheese that had been dyed black. Their cake was black of course but had Jack Skellington and his bride as the toppers. It’s was really cool and well done. Do it if that’s what you wanna do I say. It stands out and makes you happy.


#28 Your Day, Your Rules

It's your day, you do you. Seriously, I did stuff for my wedding just because other people thought it was the right way and I didn't feel like dealing with it all. If you feel strongly about one thing or everything just make it happen. Everyone else will eventually forget the details, but you will always have those little things bumping around in your head so make it what you want.


#29 All The Pyrotechnics

I was also planning to wear a black dress but ended up going with a red one. Can't wait until it's finished! One of my friends got married last fall and had lots of unique fireworks to play with: tubes you hold that shoot out fireworks, flaming firework swords, etc. It made for an amazing time so I'm sure your pyrotechnics will be enjoyed.


#30 The Square-Dancers

Not a planner, but I have catered to a lot of weddings. The best couple (weird too, but this was amazing) were these square-dancing lesbians. The reception was sweet, then the more feminine of the two unpinned her formal skirt to reveal cowboy boots. They were a well-tuned square-dancing machine together! It was unexpected and beautiful.


#31 Some Demanding Couples

I had one couple who left with the song "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy" playing; her a tiny thing in a pink gingham dress and he about 6'1" in overalls with no shirt.

One couple, very young, who wanted to do the dance they had learned in ballroom class but could only do it to Santana's Smooth.

One couple, again very young, had nine bridesmaids in floor-length hot pink gowns with matching elbow-length hot pink gloves and matching hot pink Converse. And they served pink lemonade to drink.

One couple who wouldn't let me play any songs but the ones they requested which were all hardcore rap and most of their guests were 60-year-old white people.


#32 Poor Woman

This is not my story, but my friend's story. So, she was on her way to meet the couple, and she was weirded out because they planned the meeting in a graveyard. When she arrived, she noticed that the woman was a lot more attracted to the man. She just shrugged it off and asked them what do they want for their wedding. The woman said: "Anything you want, honey!" And he said: "You..." Then, he pulled out a syringe and my friend started running. She barely made it. A few weeks later, she quit her job and later found out that another poor woman was called by the couple and went missing. She is still missing. Poor woman. She was just doing her job.


#33 The Selfish Ones

As a former caterer and venue manager, I've certainly seen my share of crazy. Like the mom who insisted on serving chicken, but then said our (brined) chicken was raw and swore up and down for months that we were trying to poison her. I was never able to convince her to just switch to the freaking short rib!

But the selfish couples are the ones who really make me sad. I had one couple book an old barn for their wedding. The ceremony was out in a field, cocktails on the ground floor of the barn, and reception up a narrow staircase on the second floor. THIS WITCH booked a non-accessible venue knowing that one of her guests uses a wheelchair.

He showed up to this venue 1.5 hours outside the city and was basically only able to attend the cocktail hour. We served him and his wife a nice private dinner on the ground floor and made them as comfortable as we could. They were super nice but you could see the sadness in their eyes They thanked us for dinner and left without saying goodbye to the couple.


#34 Standing My Ground

Not a wedding I planned, but one I did help with. My dad, stepmom, and most of their family insisted I dye my rocking red hair back to boring brown in a process that would have killed my hair right before starting college. I stood my ground and pulled it off. Also, I offered to wear a wig but they said it wasn’t good enough.


#35 Can't Hold It Any Longer

I had this one couple, the groom was having second thoughts, so he hid above the altar with his best man. The groom asked the best man to go text everyone and tell them the wedding was off. But the best man really needed to go to the washroom; he couldn't hold it in any longer and he had an accident in his pants. They did eventually get married but divorced a few months later. The groom never did get nana's cottage.


#36 Seeking A Venue

I was checking out temples in my new neighborhood after moving. After getting a tour they give you a packet, which usually contains information on scheduled events, the associated school, adult classes, etc. My favorite one had a two-page letter to parents about Bar Mitzvahs at their temple, including rules for parents. The letter stated that too often parents are so excited about their child's bar mitzvah day, they forget it's not their day, it's their kids. It was followed by a list of words banned in speeches parents give at such events. It was long, and I lost it when I read "crowning."


#37 Not That Uncommon

I met a couple who, upon a very easy internet search, appeared to both be gay! Apparently this is a thing. Never knew! It could be a marriage of convenience thing if they both have strictly religious or culturally conservative parents. It's not that uncommon—they have kids together and raise them as a family, but both parents have different partners who are understanding of the situation. Very sad and not that uncommon in some ethnic communities.


#38 Trump Forever

As a musician, I’ve performed for some strange wealthy couples... The weirdest was playing a January wedding at the Vancouver Trump hotel. The couple spent much of the evening sitting at the head table not speaking, or really smiling for that matter. Also, front and center was a podium with a giant TRUMP logo on the front... which I’m assuming the couple chose to have there because it’s “classy.”


#39 Silverware Specific

Not a wedding planner, but I worked as a nanny in college. A couple I worked for each had their own set of dishes in the kitchen and they were not allowed to use each other's plates or silverware... Their kids were not allowed to play with each other's toys either, each had their own identical set... It was weird.


#40 Weird Done Right

I sometimes do wedding playlists for extra cash. Basically I'm the alternative to a DJ for people on a budget. They pay me a flat rate and give me parameters and I give them a setlist of music based on their suggestions. The weirdest, and in my opinion, the best song a couple has chosen as "their song" was Spookshow Baby by Rob Zombie. It was a totally normal wedding with a white dress and cake, a black tie, all that. But these two just really loved Rob Zombie and wanted their first dance to be to Spookshow Baby. Totally awesome, the crowd loved it, and everyone was really happy.


#41 The Messy Bridesmaid

My personal favorite story is one of a couple, not the bride and groom, but a bridesmaid and her husband. They got incredibly tipsy, even before the ceremony. Well, you know there's only one thing to do when you have just consumed a significant amount of liquid. So the bridesmaid lifted up her dress and went right next to the cake table! My mother watched this all unfold and had to quickly move the bridesmaid and the husband (who had just unzipped his pants to do the same) away to the actual restroom. Thankfully, it was an outdoor venue and the cake table was on gravel so we didn't need to do much for the cleanup.


#42 Gone Overboard

Early in the morning, I had to go on a hunt for the missing groom in the Marbella who had been on a tipsy bender with his groomsmen and best man the night before the wedding. I found him in one of his mate's rooms at the hotel, still wide awake. There was a mess all over the floor, and the room they were staying in had kids in it (who were asleep at the time but still). The bride was threatening to leave but eventually changed her mind and the wedding went ahead. The groom hadn’t slept and his dinner speech was the worst I had ever seen. The very angry father in law had to prompt him throughout on what to say. I later learned that two of the bridesmaids got divorced from the groomsman after that night.


#43 The Flip Side

I went to the flip-side version of the Presbyterian one—the father of the bride was a pastor conducting the ceremony, and the bride and groom had met in rehab. The father insisted that the wedding could NOT happen without actual wine for communion. No way, no how were they going to be married without it. At least he was fighting for authenticity.


#44 Letting It Go

Before even the wedding planning process, my dad offered to just give us cash instead of contributing to the reception so we didn't have to go through all the pain. I didn't want to do that, but before I could even respond my mom said, "No." If I made a big deal about it to her, she would have had an aneurysm so I basically just ignored her and she ended up crying a lot.


#45 Lots Of Doubts

I once spent an hour at a wedding consoling the crying bride who was only getting married because she got intimate with her now-husband. She wasn’t pregnant but felt obligated to him now. I barely knew her (her husband and my husband were coworkers), but no one else at the wedding thought to come and find her, not even her new husband. They were all too busy dancing. We ran into her husband years later and they were in kid number four. He said they were happily married but I had my doubts.


#46 Disney Princesses

You raise a bunch of young women ensuring them they’re “princesses” and they all want a lavish Disney style wedding with 100s of guests. My cousin works in HR and her husband coaches little league baseball. They had a $200,000 wedding that they’re still in debt for six years later. True story. She always says she wouldn't do anything differently, but I'm sure her husband thinks otherwise.

#47 Super Entitled

I love her to death, but she’s always been the “I deserve the world” kind of girl. She wound up being single in her early 30s and married a guy who worked at her resort in the Dominican Republic. He’s a super cool dude, he may or may not have used her to get citizenship, but that’s none of my business. She got her family and kids and wedding out of it.


#48 No Truer Words

If it becomes more about attention-seeking than celebrating love at that point, then the wedding should not even go through. Many people do it but it's kind of uncool. I mean, bills are expensive! You spend that much on a wedding, what the heck do you pay your bills and stuff with? Gosh, these people... It makes me nauseous just thinking about it.


#49 Owning A Village For A Day

My cousin, who is a performer in a circus, rented an entire village for a day for his wedding. There weren't more than 500 inhabitants in the village so it could be arranged because everyone knew everyone. The main street was closed down to everything other than the wedding. My cousin's fiancée traveled from one end of the village to the other (where the church was) in a horse-drawn carriage and "princess saluting" the people watching. She was clearly the one who demanded a princess wedding, and in general, she didn't respect her fiancé. They divorced something like 1 year later. My cousin is still drowning in debts from the wedding ceremony.


#50 Butterfly Cruelty

The bride and groom had frozen (dormant, or sleeping, I don't even know) butterflies shipped in, put in boxes while they woke up, and placed on the guest’s outdoor seats in August heat. The intention was to have them released as the newlyweds walked down the aisle, but a lot of them were already dead. It was really sad, I felt bad for the butterflies, and the couple is now divorced.




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