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Victims Of Cheaters Reveal How They Found Out About Their Significant Other's Affair

In a relationship, there is no worse experience than finding out your partner has been unfaithful. Often, cheaters who are confronted will deny their behaviors to the best of their abilities. However, most people don't find out about their significant other's infidelity through an admission of guilt. There are a plethora of crushing ways that an individual can find out they're not the only person in their partner's life.

Sometimes, the clues are right in front of you, such as open emails, blunt photographs, and confrontations from their partner's side-significant other! Other times, it takes a little digging, hunting, and investigating to get the truth. Either way, the heartbreak that comes with the moment of realization sticks with you for the rest of your life. Because of this, most people who have been cheated on can recall exactly when and how they found out about their significant other's affair.

Here are some heart-wrenching stories about how these unfortunate people discovered that their partners were cheating, courtesy of Reddit. See if you can relate!


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#25 Accidents Happen

My wife tried calling and didn't hang up once it went to voicemail. She accidentally left a 2:45 voicemail. The voicemail consisted of her and her boyfriend talking badly about me and how much happier she was with him.

At the time I was home with our kids and I thought she was 1,800 miles away to be with her dying father. Two years later we are divorced and her father is still alive.


#24 Winning Strategy

"Okay look, I know you've been cheating on me."

"I haven't been chea-"

"It's okay, it's okay, I've been cheating on you too."

"....the heck?"

Been 12 years and it's still got me good.

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#23 Heart-Sinking Birthday Surprise

She pulled out her phone to take a video at my son's birthday celebration and there was a text on the phone saying "I love you too." Wow, Jess.


#22 A Photo Transfer Fiasco

She needed a new phone, so I put it in my name since I was working. Two hours after leaving the store and having lunch with me joking about how excited she was to get married, I found a photo reel full of pictures she had been exchanging with her ex whilst transferring her stuff to her new phone.

I put two and two together and opened her text inbox and surprise! She had been texting him for months and doing it with him for a few weeks.


#21 The Case Of The Mysterious Missing Pictures

I counted the pictures.

This was in 2000 before everyone had a camera on their phone and you had to get your holiday snaps developed at the Walgreens photo lab.

She brought home the pictures of her vacation to see her "old high school friend" in Vegas, but there was something missing. See, back in the day, the rolls of film were made up of exposures of 12, 24, 36 pics, etc. depending on the film you bought.

I went through the photos and it didn't add up. Literally. The 24 exposure roll only had 18 pics. Eventually, I found the remaining photos...her and the new boyfriend looking happy.


#20 Open Relationship

My co-worker told me he saw her being carried to her car at 4 a.m. by another co-worker of mine. She left this part of the story out when she stumbled home under the influence that night. I confronted her, and she confessed they made out.

Fast forward to present day and I’m still trying to recover from what she did to me. After this “kiss” she kept going out with him and eventually, they did it twice. She told me both times. I literally had to walk into my apartment one day to find her in bed with him. I quit my job (we all worked together) and we broke up finally. That was three months ago. I’m still messed up. She was my best friend and all of a sudden set out to destroy me.


#19 An Inappropriate Inbox

He gave me all his passwords when we first moved in. I didn't want them, but he insisted on it. And then he'd start asking me to answer some emails from time to time because it was stuff he didn't want to deal with. So I guess I was like his secretary. Anyway once he was away on business, and I decided to check his email. Found all kinds of craigslist hookup replies. He was trying to hook up with someone while he was out of town.

I confronted him when he got home, and he had the nerve to say I should feel sorry for him because it turned out none of them were real women (just webcam sites and stuff) so he didn't get any. He was jealous because if I posted on craigslist as a woman, I'd have my pick of guys. What a winner.


#18 A Restless "Other Guy"

Her boyfriend got tired of being the other guy and he (rudely) told me everything I needed to know.

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#17 Not Enough Minutes

My super genius ex-wife complained about the cost of our joint cell phone bill. She told me I was using it too much. I never used it except to call her phone which was free. So I looked over the bill and found the number to the dude she was cheating with.


#16 A Group Get Together...Without The Group

I already was suspicious for a few months that something was going on with her new coworker, but she always said I was just jealous and there was nothing to worry about. One night she tells me she is going out with a bunch of coworkers, including him. I don't like the idea, but I can't force her to not go. So I watch her shave her whole body, put her best clothes on and some perfume (she never used perfume, she had bought it recently). I wait for her, drowning my thoughts in vodka all night. She doesn't come home until 4 in the morning when I finally fall asleep. When I wake up the next day she acts like nothing happened. I decide to believe her and let it go.

Fast forward to 3 days later. I am at an important convention for work and her coworker's wife calls me in tears because a friend of hers had seen them in a bar, fully getting it on. I call my girlfriend and she just says she doesn't know what to tell me. Turns out it was a date, not a get together with all the coworkers. So I'm completely falling apart at this venue, trying desperately to hold myself together until I can excuse myself and cry hysterically behind the building.

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#15 Betrayed By Technology

iMessage linked to her computer. I was on her computer buying stuff off Amazon and she was sitting on the couch, feet from me, texting her ex. He was trying to get her to send him nudes and they were reminiscing about previous encounters. He was bragging about how he made her “leg shake” and all the while I was watching the conversation in real time, right next to her. My adrenaline kicked in and I simply closed the computer and left the house without saying a word. This was over a year ago and I’m still fighting her for custody of our children.


#14 A Sweet Surprise Turned Heartbreak

I went to surprise her after basketball practice by making her a giant cookie (the size of my freaking face) with some frosting spelling out "Thanks for being the best" and some nice flowers. I even dressed nice and wanted to surprise her by taking her out for dinner that night to show I appreciate her. Her little sister let me into the house and that's when I saw her with another dude making out on the couch.

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#13 Sudsy Slip-Up

She sent me a picture of herself in the bath, and then sent me a message afterward saying, "Oops, wrong person."


#12 Mischievous Messages Just Before Marriage

Got a Facebook message from some lady telling me that my fiancée was a homewrecker. Apparently, my ex was sleeping with this woman’s husband, and she was divorcing her husband because of it. Fortunately, this happened the weekend before our wedding, so I dodged a bullet.

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#11 A Facebook Status Surprise

I saw the guy she told me not to worry about changing his relationship status. Asked her about it and she became a nervous wreck and told me. Last week was quite something.


#10 A World-Wide Adulterer

I came home one day and my husband's work phone was going crazy. He had taken my son snowboarding and they weren't going to be home for awhile. I was trying to turn it off and found dozens of messages between him and another woman. He met her while he was working in China. He'd even offered to move her to the US and have her take my place. I confronted him and he swore he'd end it. Well, he ended it with her and moved on with a lady in Israel where he was working. I found out about that one when I found photos of them on a trip to Egypt that he said he took alone. And I found out about the 3rd girlfriend when I found nude pictures of her on his tablet and phone. I finally left after that. I knew he'd never change and I don't think he ever truly loved me.


#9 Secret Social Media (And Secret Double-Life)

He said he didn’t have a Facebook account, but one day I saw that he had the app on his phone...so I searched him up, and a little stalking later found out:

His name wasn’t Sam; that was the dog’s name.

He had a wife, and the “family vacation” he had gone on a few months back was actually his wedding.

I was definitely the side chick.

The confrontation was...unpleasant. We’d been together for almost two years, and looking back from where I am now I realize he’d always been a manipulative, abusive jerk. But I didn’t want to see it for what it was. I eventually left him, but some days I’m not sure I’m over him. That relationship broke me.

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#8 A Novel Affair

She left her laptop because she took the car. One day, I was bored and I used some app to decrypt skype message history.

For the last six months or so of our relationship, she made plans to move with her next boyfriend. Love words, pictures, projects, a two-year long flirt, everything was there. What they'd done when they met for a week-long work-conference. She helped him choose their future apartment; she even moved to the other side of the earth, choosing a bad post-doctorate, just to be with him. Lines after lines of betrayal, and hours of reading material.

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#7 Meeting Their Not-So-New S.O.

Dated for 2 years until one day, out of the blue she says she's not happy anymore and breaks up with me. It sucked but I figured it was for the best if she wasn't happy.

About a week after we had broken up I saw her at the bar with some guy who she sheepishly admitted she was on a date with. Later that night I end up standing next to him ordering drinks. He apologized to me for the awkwardness.

"Yeah, it's just weird since we've only been broken up for a few days and she's already dating."

He pauses, ".....a few days? She and I have been seeing each other for like three months now."


#6 Their Respectful Side-Guy

The guy she cheated on with was a real bro and when he found out she did, in fact, have a boyfriend, he messaged me saying that she cheated on me and he was sorry and she had told him she didn't have a boyfriend. When I confronted her about it, she denied it for about 30 seconds before starting to cry and admitting to everything.

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#5 A Non-Work Work-Phone

I was married for about 6 months and something just wasn't right...Finally one day she and I were driving in her car to her parents for an event and once I got there I dropped her off and said I wasn't feeling well, and that I was going to go back home instead of staying. On my way home I stopped at a grocery store parking lot and tore her car apart...Finally, I found a cell phone hidden behind the trunk liner.

I turned it on and read the text messages. All of the texts she sent to her boss saying she missed him and that she was on her way, etc...coincided with all of the times she said she was meeting her girlfriends for lunch or something. It was a phone he bought for her. I called the number and he was surprised it was me, her husband, on the other end. I chewed him out and he played dumb. I explained he can keep her...I'm done. I called the wife from the same phone and told her I found her phone, and don't bother coming home.


#4 Following The Trail Of Clues

A receipt for flowers I never received, a shortcut to a part of town that only local residents know and he wasn't from here, and someone at a dinner party asked him where she was as if they expected them together. That's the reverse order. The final blow was the receipt for flowers. That was 12 years ago. I guess it sticks with you.


#3 Major MySpace Mistake

She changed her MySpace profile pic to include her and another guy.


#2 Get Your Story Straight

His best friend's wife told me accidentally because my ex-husband failed to get his story straight with his buddy/scapegoat. Then after the divorce was final he admitted it in a ploy to get me back.

My ex-husband told me he had been working late, then met his buddy for drinks. I talked to buddy's wife (we were friends, I was oblivious, I didn't go out hunting for info) that weekend at a dinner party and she mentioned a big decision they'd spent the evening discussing the same night ex-husband was supposedly out drinking with him. It's really that dumb because he could have just said he worked even later and had a beer at work or when he got home before me, and I'd have been none the wiser.

After the divorce, I found out he'd been with "Maria" for months and had managed to keep it from all his friends. His friends only found out about her when he dumped her to try to "call off the divorce" but I was long gone by then. I'd moved 4 states away and started a new life, and he cried to his friends when his stunt didn't work out and now he'd lost us both.

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#1 Immediate Admission

She walked up the stairs all quiet one night, and I just felt something off. I came out in the hallway to catch her and said, "Were you cheating on me?" She replied, "How did you know?"—I didn't, it was just a feeling.




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