February 22, 2023 | Molly Seif

Unfaithful People Reveal How They Got Caught By Their Significant Other

There is absolutely no justification for the act of cheating. It's the ultimate betrayal of love and trust—how can a person continue being with someone who promised he or she would be eternally faithful? Almost every time a cheater is caught, the relationship ends. Former cheaters from around the world took to the internet to share how their significant others caught them in the act. While these stories will have you shaking your head, they will also open your mind to the reality that all humans make mistakes. Hopefully, these cheaters have chosen to learn and grow from theirs.


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#1 Thanks, Pokemon Go

I caught my ex thanks to Pokemon Go of all things. She mentioned Pokemon Go was using up a lot of her data. I explained that in her settings she could see how much data an app was using. I proceeded to show her, then proved to her it wasn't using up as much... because Tinder was using much more... It was sad but also funny the way it went down.


#2 "Baby Cakes" Marco

I knew my wife was up to some shady stuff. So I went through her texts, which I sent to my lawyer. The one text that cut the deepest? “Baby Cakes” Marco asking she could take off her wedding ring. I hate you, Amanda.


#3 Creepy Craigslist

I advertised myself on Craigslist Casual Encounters and her brother-in-law found me on there. It wasn't until some time later I questioned what he was doing in there also.


#4 Seeking Something Casual

My first girlfriend cheated on me. She left to go to a party, but I couldn't go, so I kissed her and said, "Have fun, be safe!" She later called me and said she had been with two guys, and that it was so fun that she was dumping me. I'm still recovering from that one.


#5 Boyfriend vs. Girlfriend's Coworker

Back in the day, Snapchat used to tell you who someone's top three friends were. I saw that I was number one, her best friend was number three, and her dude co-worker was number two. I later logged into her Voxer account and was able to hear conversations between her and the dude. She'd say things like how she can't wait to run her hands through his hair. I confronted her and she told me I was taking it out of context.


#6 Bamboozled

I was on a "break" with my girlfriend at the time. I got a text from a girl that I had mutual friends with. Well, we started having a dirty conversation, talking about sleeping together, etc. Turns out, my girlfriend at the time had gotten a burner phone with a different number and she was the one sending me the texts the whole time. She was not pleased.


#7 The Treasure Trove

My iPhone synced to her roommate's laptop revealing a treasure trove of nudes I had saved in my camera roll. Years later, iPhones were fitted with a new feature that asks you if you want to trust a computer you’re charging from, rather than just sync automatically.


#8 A Turning Point

A buddy of mine was cheating on his wife with another girl. They were a very religious church-going couple in their 20s. The girl blackmailed him for $500 by threatening to send the videos they took together. He paid her off. When she asked for another $500, he confessed. She still sent the videos. It was pretty crazy for a while. The wife was considering a divorce until she got pregnant. They worked things out and things are all good now. The guy really turned around and became a much better person.

#9 The Biggest Regret

I admitted it the morning after. She knew something was up and I couldn’t keep it from her. It messed us up pretty bad for a while but we were able to work it out. Thankfully, we are still married to this day. It was the single biggest mistake I have made in my life and really wish I could go back and change it.


#10 Photo Evidence

Came back into town a day early and went to surprise him at work. I found him with the secretary. He didn’t see me, so I took a quick photo and snuck back out. I went home called my friends and family. They came over, helped me pack up all his stuff, and change the locks. I dumped his stuff at his mom's house. Then I sent him the picture. He did not reply.


#11 Zynga Poker? Really?

Not me, but my wife. We started getting distant from each other and we had planned a trip to see my grandparents who live a few states away.

A month before the planned trip, she told me that she wanted to cancel it and go to a family reunion on her side of the family in a completely different state. She also wanted to go alone and not bring the kids. I thought it was weird, but as I said, we were growing distant so I just thought maybe some time apart would be good for us.

She came back and suddenly wanted to move across the country to work at a hospital job that her distant aunt had offered her. She didn’t even ask me if I was willing to go. I told her, “You do whatever it is you need to do to be you, but you’re not taking the kids.”

After a few days, she realized that she couldn’t leave and not see the kids, so she begged me to forgive her. I did. Over the next month, we became more distant than we were before all this had happened. I took lunch at work and decided to go home for it, which I never do. When I got home, there was nobody home so I decided to go through her computer (which I also never do). I found pictures of her with some guy she had met on Zynga poker who lived in the state that her supposed family reunion was. I’d never had a panic attack until that day. I had to call my neighbor and have him sit with me because I legit thought I was having a heart attack.

I took pictures of everything I found— emails, Facebook messages, etc. I waited until the kids were in bed before I laid out all my pictures for her to see.


#12 Sleeping Around

While at university, I walked in on an argument between my girlfriend and her housemate. The housemate shouted, "At least I'm not a girl who sleeps with everyone when she goes home!" It turned out that she was sleeping around.


#13 The Fake Facebook Account

My dad was recently caught cheating on my mom after 27 years. While using his laptop, my mom noticed Facebook said: “Hello Mike Long, can we log you back in?” My sweet mom still had no idea he was cheating, until my teenage sister broke it to her that he was using a fake account. That only opened a whole other world of nasty surprises. Love you dad, but I also hate you.


#14 No Bro Code

I signed into her Google Account to check her emails (She forgot her password so I had to reset it). I checked her Google Maps history and her most recent visits where at my best friends house while I was away for work.


#15 Overconfidence

I planned it well. I looked at her schedule and planned my trips so that she was too busy to dig into my alibis. I kept it simple and uncomplicated. I always went to the gym to hide the smell and any traces of the encounter. I always paid with cash to avoid a paper trail.

But she suspected something was wrong. We had made our promises in front of God, but she knew I was a man of large appetites before we made our vows. She noticed changes in my appearance. She saw the extra spring in my step.

Then she started going through my clothes. Sure enough, she found damning evidence of my activities. She confronted me with the all-you-can-eat buffet loyalty card nearly filled in and I confessed. It is time for me to now face the consequences.


#16 Evening The Score

I came home from work to find her in bed with one of her friends. I raged for a few minutes, but then I remembered that I did that to her too. So I relaxed in a matter of seconds and told her that a month prior this, I cheated on her with a colleague at work.


#17 The Ultimate Betrayal

I lost my job and my wife freaked out. She said she needed a good long vacation to clear her head. She wanted to go by herself and got her parents to buy her a ticket to go to Europe for a month. I fully supported her and said, “Go, it’ll be good to just spend some time by yourself and soul search. I’m sure you’ll feel better after you decompress."

Things got a little worse between us while waiting for the trip to happen, so I figured she needed more space sooner. I started staying in our guest room apartment above the garage.

I came into the house one day while she was at work and noticed a new webcam on her computer. I started up the computer and looked in her email to find that she was going to be meeting some guy in Europe. They'd been trading pictures and writing romance scripts about their first encounter. The scripts end in ritualistic vows of marriage including cutting each other’s fingers and signing a love contract in blood.

All this time she was just saying she needed time off and to find herself, but now I know she was planning on cheating on me. She’s not even a shadow of the woman I thought I was married to.

I’ve hired a divorce lawyer and am moving forward with dissolving all ties with her. I don’t want her back at all. She can rot in hell for all I care. We’ve been married eight years and I’ve been the most loving devoted husband possible to her and now this. I’m going to need some therapy after this because I’m scared I can’t trust anyone ever again.


#18 The Big Twist

It happened to a friend of mine. We were all on vacation (about seven friends) and everybody was drinking. We were the only two who didnt. He managed to snag his girlfriend's phone while she was passed out and pulled me to the side. He said, "She's cheating on me. Some guy named Joey's been texting her and meeting her after work every day." We ended up searching for names and mutual friends via Facebook. Turned out, Joey was a girl.


#19 Cutting Deals

Not the cheater, but the one she was cheating with. We were caught by a coworker at her cubicle after hours. She bribed the coworker to stay quiet by giving her position as head of the office’s party planning committee. This worked for a few months until there was a dispute over the way pita bread for a party was to be cut. She ratted out the girl in front of the entire office. I then had a duel with the fiancé but we ended up both dropping the cheater.


#20 The AOL Hookup

I almost got caught once in highschool. I invited one girl over to my house after some kinky exchanges on AOL Instant Messanger. While I was hanging out with her, my actual girlfriend dropped by unannounced. She came by because she knew me more than anyone and knew I wouldn't be doing anything useful with my time. So I convinced the other girl it was my crazy sister and we hid in the living room listening to her bang on my door, call my name, and call my phone for an hour.


#21 While You Were Away...

My ex-girlfriend cheated on me while I was in basic training. I was allowed to call on my birthday. Being madly in love, I used it to call my girlfriend who was pregnant with our daughter. I remember the conversation as if it were yesterday.

Her: Hello.

Me: Hey babe, I miss you, how are you doing?

Her: Ok, I have someone who wants to talk to you.

New boyfriend: Hey man, don't worry about her, I am taking good care of her.

Me: Oh, okay. May I talk to her?

New boyfriend: Sure, here she is.

Her: What?

Me: This is BS.

Apparently I echoed. I received a letter from her that day with her telling me she had a miscarriage, which later, I found to be a lie.


#22 Applebee's Drama

I lived in a small, boring town. When we got our first Applebee's, it created a sensation. My side chick insisted I take her there for lunch, then when we got the check, I tried to leave the waitress a twenty.

Bad idea. My date thought I was trying to hit on the waitress with the large tip and got upset with me. "Oh, Mr. Sinatra, why don't you spend a little of that cash on me instead?" Her ridicule shamed me into pulling back the twenty and leaving a five instead.

Bad idea. My actual girlfriend developed a hankering for Applebee's that night. I tried to weasel my way out of going again but she wore me down and we got the same waitress. She was not too pleased to see me after that weak tip.

"Back again? You two really like to eat out in the neighborhood!"

My girlfriend gave the waitress a strange look and she said: "Oh, and I love the new pixie cut. Much easier to manage!"

My girlfriend looked nothing like my mistress. The waitress was simply playing dumb and acting like a haircut was involved to rat me out. And it worked! The girlfriend figured out I had been seeing that co-worker with long hair.


#23 Messages To Mother

I looked on her laptop and saw she was messaging her mother about this guy she was on a date with. She was supposedly at her friend's place but never came home that night. We were together for four and a half years and she couldn't be decent and break up. Does no one know how to be decent in a relationship anymore?


#24 The Worst Christmas Gift

My fiancé left me two days before Christmas. She told me she needed to move out and get space. She was moving to her friend's house. This went on for a week until I looked up her location. She was not at her friend's house... I'm now a single dad of a one-year-old and she's moving out west with him... Merry Christmas.


#25 Burglar In The House

My friend was caught by his wife who left her tablet on record when she went to work. She parked up the road and waited. Then she walked in mid-flow and called the cops saying there was a burglar in the house.


#26 Monopoly Money

The Monopoly money I'd brought with me from another set looked different from the Monopoly money of the current set. I guess they changed how the money looked at some point? I got caught pretty quick.


#27 Caught On Twitter

When I was at college, we had this campus Twitter account where people would post pictures of random people making out at parties. I blacked out one Saturday night and woke up to a few angry texts, after my girlfriend saw me in one of the photos, sloshing another girl.


#28 Emotionally Cheating

I never physically cheated, but emotionally I did. I connected on an emotional level with my old coworker, who I had met years before we had started working in the same place together. My ex went through my phone and saw texts where we were talking about non-work-related stuff We also had late-night phone calls between the two of us when we finished work to either talk about work or some random thing. Always non-intimate talk. Anyhow, it didn't go down well with my ex, and we broke up shortly thereafter as a result. It sucked. I still miss my ex pretty much all the time, but I messed up so I can never fault her for leaving.


#29 The Soap Opera That Is Life

I found out my boyfriend had cheated when my "friends" told me about it. They were some of the ones he cheated on me with. To be fair, they only told me after other friends (that had not slept with him) mentioned they thought something had happened. Turned out, he fooled around with several of my close female friends, including one who lived literally across the street from my own house.

My mom found out and begged me to stay with him because she didn't think I could do better. I knew because she would constantly tell me. Heck of a first boyfriend. It definitely set up 16-year-old me for the cruel, hilarious soap opera that is life.


#30 Trying To Be Better

I told on myself. I had been doing it for four years with randoms on the internet. I finally came clean and it was pretty difficult. We’ve taken counseling since and are still together. It’s been two years since I came clean and I’ve been clean ever since. It’s been hard work, but she’s kept me. I tried to divorce her twice, giving her the out, but she didn’t want that.


#31 Betrayal At The Movies

I’ve been cheated on and cheated with but never cheated. Each time the cheater just fessed up and told the truth. Except for my sixth-grade boyfriend, Chris. I found out from everyone else in my middle school that he made out with some girl at the movie that he had invited me to but I skipped on because I was busy. Screw you, Chris. Totally over it, though.


#32 Redemption

20 years ago, I caught my ex in bed with another guy on Valentine's Day. I had a dozen roses in my hand. What a terrible person. Fighting would have gotten me kicked out of college, so I told the much smaller guy that once I saw him off-campus, I'd end him. Fifteen years later, I was at an engagement party at a bar, and some friends came up and told me the guy was in the same bar, scared. He and thought I was really going to end him. I looked over and couldn't stop laughing. It was so far in the past, but for some reason that guy remembered it like I had sworn an oath to avenge my family. It felt good. His fear was redemption enough.


#33 Fishy Business

I confessed to her privately on Facebook. The very next day, the guilt crushed me. I thought we were going t be okay, but we broke up a year after. She tells me the incident wasn't the problem, but I'll never really know. This February will mark a year since our breakup. I'm still hurting since we were together for six years, but I feel like I'm improving myself slowly. I'm in my late 20s, so I shouldn't get so sprung over a girl. Still, I miss her... so, so much.


#34 The Other Guy On The Line

We went out. When the bar closed, I decided it was time for me to go home. She and a few friends decided to go clubbing. The next morning, I woke up in an empty bed. It went directly to voice mail when I tried to call her. I started to worry and decided to track her phone. It was located in a hotel, so I called and asked for her room. I was transferred to the room and a guy picked up. I'm still recovering from it and the fact that we share the same friends doesn't help at all.

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#35 The Best Revenge? A Life Well-Lived

My ex-fiance and I lived together and worked weird hours. She worked at a pharmacy and I was a barista. She had been hanging out with her boss a lot lately, mostly just stuff at work and going out in groups. One day, I got sent home early and wanted to surprise her. I bought dinner and flowers. I walked into our room and saw him on top of my ex. I just stared at him and said, "That's not me in our bed." She left me for him, but it worked out great for me. I lost over 100 pounds, I'm starting grad school, and I married the most amazing woman.


#36 Reading Her IMs

I knew my fiance had cheated on me. I knew the night it happened, but she kept lying to me. I ended up confirming it by going through her IMs on her laptop. I knew it was over the moment I violated that trust, but at least I walked away knowing I had been faithful. They ended up getting married and divorced.


#37 Groupie Excuse

My ex-girlfriend moved with her cousin for three months to Hawaii from Chicago while we were still dating. One night, she called me and asked me to guess where they were. Thinking she was rubbing it my face that they were enjoying Hawaii, I gave her a “Haha, very funny...” Turns out, she and her cousin had just been with the middling country band, Trick Pony, in their hotel room after a show in Honolulu. She was calling to break up with me.


#38 Oops.

The person I was with was cheating on her boyfriend with me. He and I ended up talking.


#39 Still Logged In

I did not log out. She saw an email. I came home expecting my happy wife but it was utter chaos. Turns out, she was attracted to a guy from work and was looking through my open computer to see if I SUSPECTED HER. Yeah, we split up pretty much immediately. We had it all but both wanted greener grass. Honestly, so much time has passed that now I can look back and say I honestly made a mistake. I loved her and she was a great friend. I wonder how she feels?


#40 Too Much Smiling

She was smiling at her cell phone too much. This is legit how I caught her. We went out to lunch and she wasn’t even able to hold a conversation. I had to repeat myself multiple times because she was so enticed in whatever hilarious thing she was reading. I asked her what was so funny and she just kept saying nothing. As I was on my way to dropping her off at her place, her phone, which was sat in the cupholder, started ringing.

The number wasn’t registered in her contacts. I went to answer it expecting a telemarketer or someone who simply had the wrong number with the intent of messing with them to have some fun. I went to grab the phone—granted, she never had a problem with me answering calls like that before. Anyway, she attacked me, started screaming at me, and ripped the phone from my hand. We didn’t speak for the rest of the ride, and needless to say, it was obvious what was going on. Shame. Turns out it was my only friend at the time. I lost two people I thought I could trust that day.


#41 The Pop-Up Message

I caught my boyfriend of two years. He had asked me to proofread his paper on his Mac and the text messenger popped up in the right-hand corner. He was sitting in his bed texting some girl "Goodnight I love you" while sitting right next to me in his bed. I deleted his entire paper, wrote "Who's Marissa?" then saved it. I left that same night. She ended up being his girlfriend of eight years who lived next to his parents' place two hours away.


#42 Her Sister's House

I caught my ex-girlfriend after she "stayed at her sister's house for the night," which is hilarious because it always smelt like cat food there and she typically refused to visit her. I went through her phone the next day and found the proof I needed. I moved out the next day.


#43 "Cover The Hickey"

My ex of 5 years forgot to discard the checklist she had made before we went on vacation. On the list, she had "Cover hickey" as one of the items. Unfortunately, I didn’t find it until we returned.


#44 A Genuinely Decent Guy

The guy she cheated on me with contacted me with pictures of her saying she wanted to do "bad" things with him. He went to her house and all they did was make out, then he saw I was messaging and calling her nonstop because she hadn't spoken to me for two days prior. He was genuinely a decent guy and she screwed me over. Of course, I took her back and tried to fix things because I felt like it was my fault, but we just ended up fighting all the time. I ended it a week ago.


#45 Evidence On Facebook Messenger

I logged into my Facebook account on her phone to contact someone for an emergency (I didn't have their cellphone number). I logged it out but the messenger was still logged in. She read everything and kept quiet for over a month until she asked me about the other girl. I denied it.

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