October 18, 2023 | Scott Mazza

The Most Epic Revenges

Ever dreamed of getting revenge on someone, but somehow it just never ends up happening? Well, maybe these stories can provide some instant satisfaction, as Redditors took to the Internet to reveal the sweetest revenges they ever got.

1. In Need Of Some Training Wheels

My younger brother recently celebrated his 16th birthday and obtained his driver's license. Our parents were kind enough to buy him a car. However, I was disappointed when he recklessly discarded his bicycle, claiming that he no longer needed it. 

As a 13-year-old, my bike was essential for transportation. Unfortunately, my brother, who has a tendency to misbehave and frequently gets grounded, would help himself to my bike whenever he was prohibited from using the car. 

Despite several warnings, his behavior persisted. Consequently, I decided to take matters into my own hands—I deliberately loosened the handlebars on my bike. 

Witnessing the handlebars detach while he was riding and seeing him fall onto the pavement brought immense satisfaction and served as a moment of triumph in my quest for revenge.

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2. A Boy Only A Mother Could Love

In 7th grade, there was a boy who began spreading rumors about me and him having a romantic involvement. While my revenge may have been somewhat harsh, it's important to note that these kind of rumors were a significant issue in middle school. 

I chose to confide in his mother about the situation, putting on a slightly emotional display to emphasize the impact it had on me. She took action and reprimanded him, leading to a phone call apology from Evan. So long, Evan.

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3. Don’t Forgive, Don’t Forget

I can now safely confess something that happened around 8 years ago. I was hired by a law firm to handle their IT needs and provide training services. Initially, it was a balanced split between IT and training responsibilities. 

However, over time, the focus shifted more towards training, and the IT tasks were handed off to a few others. Eventually, someone expressed interest in taking over the training role, so they requested that I train someone new. 

Little did I know that this would mark the beginning of a nightmare. It turned out that this individual simply wanted an easier job and quickly realized that training was not as simple as they had anticipated. 

They wanted to return to their previous duties, but I had already invested significant effort in planning various training sessions with them. I couldn't simply let them go without finding a replacement. 

To complicate matters, the firm was going through some financial difficulties and had already initiated layoffs. This situation drastically changed my world. The company decided to eliminate training altogether, which meant I was no longer needed for the IT role either. 

Consequently, they brought me in and unjustly terminated my employment, using a trumped-up charge as justification. Their claim was that I had logged into the system from home and clocked out. 

Admittedly, I did log in from home, but I had proper authorization from the IT Director as I worked on training materials remotely. Nevertheless, I managed to find a job elsewhere and moved on, pushing the firm out of my mind for a while. 

One day, while working for the new company, we were in the process of purchasing a large plot of land to construct a new downtown office. This multi-million dollar project would serve as our headquarters for more than 10,000 members. 

To my surprise, I discovered that the law firm I had left was set to handle the sale, expecting to earn a significant fee from the transaction. This presented a perfect opportunity for me to seek revenge. I convinced our company president that the firm's cybersecurity was lacking. 

Using insider knowledge I gained during my previous employment, I hacked into their server and demonstrated to our president how easily personal information could be accessed. That very morning, our president severed ties with them and sought another legal firm. 

Even better, he reached out to other places and convinced them to avoid using the firm as well. 

Although I don't take pride in the unintended consequences that affected a few people in the IT department, as word spread about the firm's security vulnerabilities, I can't help but feel satisfied knowing that the director, who had lied about giving me permission to work from home, was also among those who were let go.

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4. Eau De Toilet

During my college years, I resided in the fraternity house where I had the bathroom shared among several other male roommates. 

I became aware that my cologne bottle seemed to deplete more rapidly than usual, leading me to bring my personal toiletries back to my own room. Before doing so, I decided to get petty—I secretly urinated in the now empty bottle. 

Over the course of the semester, I diligently observed the level of liquid decrease each time I checked. Eventually, after I moved out, I finally disclosed to my fellow suite mates that they had been unknowingly applying my urine as fragrance.

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5. Waste My Time, I’ll Waste Yours

Inconsiderately, my manager assigned me solely to the night shift despite knowing that my wife was heavily pregnant and needed my support at home. 

To add insult to injury, he gave me a negative performance review, disregarding a substantial pile of printed emails from satisfied customers who praised my work. 

Jumping ahead 10 years, my wife, who works in HR, recognizes a familiar voice in the office next door during a job interview. She was curious and asked, "Was that your manager?" It turned out to be none other than my former manager. 

Taking matters into her own hands, my wife decides to have a conversation about him with the interviewer. As the dust settled, he didn't secure the job. When my wife informed me, an overwhelming sense of joy consumed me for an entire month. 

Notably, this happiness stemmed from the fact that my manager would never suspect that it was my wife who single-handedly sabotaged his chances.

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6. One For You, One For Me

I used to work in the IT department of this company. Within our department budget, there was a specific allocation for purchasing chairs. Recently, my chair broke and I was determined to find a replacement that wouldn't cause me back problems like my previous one did. 

After spotting a $400 chair that fit my requirements, I informed the finance personnel responsible for ordering from vendors. I provided them with the chair's details and a link to purchase it. 

They assured me that the order would be placed immediately. Unfortunately, when my new chair arrived two weeks later, I was incredibly disappointed to find that it was the exact same model as my previous uncomfortable chair. 

Naturally, I was unhappy with this outcome. As time passed, the finance personnel approached me seeking an upgrade for their computer. Not only did they request an upgrade, but they also wanted a laptop so they could work from home. 

Frustrated by my previous experience, I decided to deny their upgrade request for two years. Eventually, when they did receive a "new" computer, it was a hand-me-down from another department.

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7. A Chain Reaction

This was my last prank in a series of retaliatory pranks. The very first prank came about because a co-worker, who frequently visited my office where I provided assistance, noticed a picture of my mother on my desktop. 

I had it there because I missed her, but he couldn't resist commenting on her attractiveness, day after day. Frustrated by his endless remarks, I hatched a plan. I convinced my mom to call him at work and scold him for being a negative influence. 

]She found the whole idea amusing. Unfortunately, my scheme backfired spectacularly. Once he realized it was just a prank, he ended up talking to my mom for an entire hour, and to top it off, he told everyone in the office that my mom was hitting on him. 

From that day forward, he took great pleasure in asking me about my mom and when she would call again. He even went so far as to record her number and called her on New Year's just to taunt me. 

Fast forward to my five-year work anniversary celebration, where this guy decided to regale a room full of higher-ranking individuals with the embarrassing story. Naturally, I turned beet red. That's when I made up my mind to get back at him. 

Being recently single, he constantly offered unsolicited advice on how I should be dating and exploring my options. Taking matters into my own hands, I discovered his daughter's name and found her on Facebook. 

I approached her with a proposition to prank her father, and she agreed. We went out for dinner, and I captured a photo of us sharing a drink with two straws. I had it printed and placed it in a heart-shaped frame on my desk. 

With a little help from my boss, word got back to him that I had a new romantic interest, with her picture proudly displayed on my desk. Within moments of hearing the news, he entered my office. He stood in stunned silence for a while before uttering, "But that's my daughter." 

Since that prank, he has curiously stopped inquiring about my mom's well-being. Oh, and as a delightful Christmas surprise, I had a mug made featuring that picture, accompanied by the words "World's Greatest Dad."

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8. What’s Yours Is Mine

A while back, I went skiing at a local mountain. Although my skis weren't the best, they still did the job. As the day came to an end, I placed my skis in the last slot on the crowded rack and turned to go inside. 

Suddenly, I was caught off-guard—I heard a crash and quickly turned around. To my surprise, some person had knocked my skis out of the rack and was putting their own expensive skis in their place.

I confronted the individual, saying, "Hey, you just knocked over my skis. What's going on?" They responded, "Sorry, man. These skis are new, and I want to protect them in the rack. Your skis are pretty worn out, so I figured you wouldn't mind putting them on the ground." 

I was taken aback and reluctantly agreed, saying, "Yeah, you're right. My skis are not in great shape. I'll just store them over here on the floor." "Thanks, bro. I appreciate it," they replied. 

I was fuming with anger. Watching the guy head towards the lodge, it suddenly dawned on me what I would do next. We had just agreed that it was time for me to upgrade my skis, so I made a decision. 

I gathered my belongings, leaving behind my own skis, and swiftly took their nice skis off the rack. Then, I hopped on the bus back to school. No doubt about it, those skis really are impressive.

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9. Don’t Bite The Hand That Helps You

During my time in middle school and high school, there was a guy in my circle of friends who consistently bullied me for being overweight. It wasn't just harmless teasing, but rather malicious and hurtful behavior. 

Unfortunately, his actions didn't stop there. As we grew older, he started intentionally excluding me from gatherings and even attempted to steal my belongings when I had him over with my other friends. 

I also remember instances where he threatened to physically harm me when we were alone together. It's safe to say that he was truly a horrible person. 

At that time, I felt compelled to maintain a civil facade and pretend to be friends with him, simply because I was afraid of losing the friends I truly cared about. However, everything changed when we turned 16. 

All of us finally realized the extent of his monstrosity and collectively decided to cut ties with him. It helped that I had also shed a significant amount of weight, making his taunting about my weight a thing of the past. 

He found new people to associate with, but my form of revenge was different. Interestingly, he developed epilepsy during this time. 

We were skeptical about the authenticity of his condition, as there seemed to be a growing trend of individuals faking illnesses through feigning fainting spells and fits. Moreover, his character didn't make him very trustworthy. 

One day after school, he sent me messages on messenger, typing frantically and incomprehensibly. Initially, I dismissed it as a ploy for attention. However, after a few minutes, it became evident that something serious was happening. 

Without hesitation, I rushed to his house, which was about a 10-minute walk from mine. Peering through the window, I saw him lying on the floor, experiencing uncontrollable twitches. I quickly entered his home through the unlocked back door. 

I placed a pillow beneath his head and cleared away any furniture that could potentially cause harm. Immediately, I called emergency services and then contacted his parents, who were out shopping at the time. 

They hurriedly returned home upon receiving the distressing news. When he regained consciousness, his parents explained the situation, and his gaze met mine. That look, it conveyed a profound understanding of the pain he had inflicted upon me throughout our school years. 

Witnessing his genuine remorse was a surreal experience. It was pure guilt. I chose not to speak to him and left his house. But that look of remorse was enough for me. 

The fact that he truly felt remorseful for his actions made all the difference. It may not align with your traditional revenge story, but having him confront his guilt and regret those years of torment was absolutely worth it.

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10. The Past Is Present

There was a woman at my previous job who displayed quite unpleasant behavior. She not only treated me poorly, but she treated everyone badly. She constantly inserted her opinions into conversations that didn't involve her and would frequently try to undermine others. 

She had a habit of prying into personal matters, attempting to extract information and then spreading gossip about it. What made it worse was that she did all of this with a straight face, knowing that she was disliked by her colleagues, but not caring one bit. 

People would pretend to be friends with her just to avoid being tormented or betrayed. However, what really bothered me was her terrible driving. We happened to take the same route home every day, and she would tailgate me and cut me off. 

It was as if she had no regard for anyone's safety, often coming dangerously close to causing an accident. She would even bring up her reckless driving the next day at work, making comments like "You need to speed up and stop causing a traffic jam." 

Fed up with her antics, I decided to take matters into my own hands. One day, I looked up her driving records, which were publicly available where I live. To my surprise, I discovered that she had been previously detained for certain activities. 

Initially, I thought about exposing this information to my coworkers, but it felt morally wrong. Instead, I printed out the court docket and discreetly placed it on her desk where she would find it. 

Upon discovering it, I witnessed her expression transform from shock to horror as she glanced nervously around the office. It may not have been the most noble of actions, but I must admit, it felt satisfying.

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11. Cruising For A Bruising

As a passionate car enthusiast, I frequently dedicate time to working on my Jeep. However, there was one individual in my high school who consistently tampered with my car. Determined to teach them a lesson, I devised a plan. 

One fine day, I snuck in four jack stands and a floor jack to school. Seizing the opportunity during a study hall, I strategically placed their car on blocks and cleverly disguised the wheels and tires throughout the campus. 

The most satisfying aspect of the whole ordeal was that I managed to avoid any consequences or trouble for my actions.

The Sweetest RevengesFlickr, G A R N E T

12. More Than A Little Inconvenience

My former neighbor is an immensely irritable and difficult man who becomes uncontrollably angry at the slightest provocation. One evening, he completely lost his composure when I parked in front of his house for an hour. 

We engaged in a heated exchange of words, during which he even made several threats to harm me. However, I came up with a cunning plan to get back at him. 

Being aware that he is a small business owner, I tactfully decided to take action by subscribing both his personal and business email addresses to numerous mailing lists. 

Initially, the progress was relatively slow, until I discovered a website affiliated with the FDA that allows one to enlist in over 2000 mailing lists simultaneously. 

I ensured that his business address was included in various computer security lists, retail lists, and any other suitable categories. Although my anger fueled my actions at the beginning, after two hours of executing this plan, I managed to achieve a serene and focused state of mind. 

Is this form of retribution truly fitting? I cannot say for certain. However, if one chooses to adopt a cantankerous attitude, they should expect to face the consequences of unfavorable experiences.

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13. A Taste Of Their Own Medicine

During my time in high school, I faced a problem where someone would often take my gum from my backpack. 

To address this issue, I came up with a slightly humorous solution by painting the top piece in each row with nail polish typically used to prevent nail biting. 

It was quite an amusing and effective measure.

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14. Big Brother Is Always Watching

In my brother's special education area, I was informed by one of the kids that there had been instances of bullying towards some of the more severely disabled children. 

This part of the school consisted of a diverse group with a wide range of disabilities, including one student who was neurotypical but experienced significant learning challenges. Wanting to support my brother, I decided to accompany him to school one day. 

To my dismay, I observed a sophomore student pushing him down, hurling insults, and even spitting on him. Without thinking, I intervened by striking the bully and delivering a few kicks to his ribs. It was an effective immediate response. 

The bully ended up with a black eye that lasted for about two weeks and his ribs required wrapping for a period of time. As a consequence of my actions, I was suspended from school for a week. 

The principal requested that I apologize, but both my dad and I found this request offensive. Since the school was situated in a well-to-do neighborhood, fights were extremely rare, which caused many people to advocate for my expulsion. 

However, the principal, who happened to have a child with disabilities, showed some understanding and supported my actions to a certain extent. On the other hand, my dad rewarded me with a new video game and $100 to enjoy during my time off from school. 

I understood that it was my responsibility to protect my brother, and I was grateful that my dad recognized and appreciated my actions.

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15. That’s A Stretch

During my time in 2nd grade, I encountered a particularly unpleasant teacher. She seemed to have a strong dislike for me, above anything else. Determined, one day I eagerly raised my hand, waiting patiently for her to call on me. 

However, I had to wait for a long 30 minutes before she reluctantly acknowledged my raised hand. My persistence paid off, though, as I was prepared with a clever response: "I was stretching." 

Her reaction was priceless—within just two seconds, a wave of anger overcame her, causing visible veins to appear on her temple. Although she punished me by putting me on "read" that day, I knew deep down that it had truly ruined her day.

The Sweetest RevengesPexels

16. Standing Up

During my childhood, my brother treated me terribly, resembling a colossal monster. However, when we relocated to a new town, I managed to make friends while he succumbed to addiction. 

Despite his attempts to continue his hurtful older brother behavior, a significant moment occurred one evening at the dinner table—and I'll never forget it.

He was laughing at me for something nerdy I had said when, instead of reacting negatively, I calmly responded, "I don't care about your opinion of me. I have friends." The snide expression on his face instantly vanished. 

Although it may seem trivial, this incident marked a turning point in our relationship and brought me immense satisfaction.

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17. Lay Back And Watch It Happen

I didn't have to lift a finger, but it's amazing how things turned out. My ex-wife chose to leave me for a guy who, while ordinary in appearance, had a substantial income. 

Fast forward six years, and she now finds herself struggling with five children, gaining weight, and facing financial difficulties. Interestingly enough, she often reaches out to me, expressing her dissatisfaction with her current partner and her current situation. 

The most satisfying part? This "revenge" was completely natural and didn't require any effort on my part.

The Sweetest RevengesPexels

18. Revenge Of The Nerd

Back in the day, I held the position of manager for a tech support department at an ISP. Our company had two call centers and a data center. Communication between buildings was done through AIM (yes, I know, I'm old) as I managed the personnel. 

Then, a new CEO arrived and decided that all chat clients should be eliminated because they could be used for non-work purposes. It was amusing to hear this solution, especially considering the CEO had no IT background whatsoever. 

His brilliant idea? Just use the phone! However, this posed a problem. When my subordinates messaged me, they were already on the phone with clients. 

I suggested creating work-only handles, but the CEO dismissed the idea, promising that our developers would eventually build an internal chat client. But, as expected, this never came to fruition. As luck would have it, I also had admin access to the mail server. 

Curiosity got the best of me, and I started reading the emails of this foolish CEO. To my surprise, I discovered that he was spending the majority of his time exchanging emails with his girlfriend in Colorado. 

Not only that, but they were also exchanging more intimate "pictures," some of which were taken in his own office. I printed out this extensive collection (it required a whole ream of paper) and presented it to the company owner. 

Unsurprisingly, the CEO was fired the following day. The moral of this tale is simple: if you dare to cross paths with the admins, make sure you have a squeaky-clean record.

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19. I’ve Got Your Back, Bro

I used to live with a friend who was in a relationship with a girl that none of our male friends got along with. She was insecure, excessively proper, and extremely clingy. 

It became too much when she started forcing herself to join us during guys' night and then complaining about how all we did was drink and play video games. 

Fast forward to them getting engaged. She practically lived at our place now, and I knew it was time for me to find a new home. As a parting gesture, I decided to gift my friend a collection of girly magazines for four years.

It only cost me a total of $54, thanks to a good deal I found. It was worth every penny. My friend gets to enjoy looking at beautiful women, and she becomes explosively angry each time a new magazine arrives. 

Since the bill comes to me, all I have to do is renew the subscription. It's satisfying to see a touch of karma in action.

The Sweetest RevengesPexels

20. Monster-In-Laws Get Monster Punishments

My mother-in-law has been quite difficult to deal with. During my wife's pregnancy, we had to share a house with her because she was facing some housing issues, and my wife and I were trying to save money. Unfortunately, my mother-in-law's behavior was far from ideal. 

She constantly tried to drive a wedge between my wife and me by spreading rumors that I mistreated them. She would intentionally make loud noises late at night to disturb our sleep, even though we were living in the basement. 

It only got worse after our son was born. Her actions became even more disruptive. For instance, when we would leave dirty dishes in the sink for a short while, she would take them downstairs and leave them by our door. 

She would play her loud Ukrainian polka music late at night, mocking our parenting choices, particularly targeting me. In addition, she would hide my mail and send threatening letters to my parents. 

But that's not even the worst of it—one of the most hurtful things she did was to speak poorly of me to our son, calling me names and belittling me. This was particularly distressing as it affected the joyous experience of being new parents. 

The first year of our child's life should have been filled with wonderful memories, but my mother-in-law's actions made it incredibly challenging and unpleasant. Reflecting on that time, I realize that I can hardly recall the happy moments of my son's early growth. 

Instead, my memories are tainted by the negativity and animosity caused by my mother-in-law. I deeply resent her for ruining what should have been a beautiful time for our family. However, I've come to realize that seeking revenge is not the solution. 

Even though I was tempted to do something to get back at her, I have decided against it. Instead, I focus on moving forward and creating a positive environment for my family now that we have moved out. 

During the transition, I made sure to retrieve all of our belongings, including a box of items that my mother-in-law had left for my wife. I took a few days off work to handle everything. 

While going through the house, I noticed my mother-in-law was at work, giving me the opportunity to search freely. In her bathroom, I spotted her toothbrush on the counter, and an idea crossed my mind. 

At that point, I had spent the whole day working and was quite sweaty. So, I decided to get petty—I went ahead and cleaned myself with her toothbrush. I meticulously scrubbed every inch of it before placing it back in its original position. 

I never shared what I had done with anyone, and my mother-in-law never mentioned anything about it. However, I have reason to believe that she used the toothbrush afterwards. 

Although my actions were driven by frustration and a desire for some form of justice, I have come to learn that revenge is not the answer. It only perpetuates negativity and does not lead to a resolution. 

Instead, I aim to focus on forgiveness and moving forward for the sake of my family's well-being.

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21. We Are Never Getting Back Together

After my girlfriend and I moved to her hometown with my two-year-old son, we stayed with her parents temporarily while we saved up for our own place. However, just a week before Christmas, she suddenly decided that she no longer wanted to be with me. 

One day, while I was at work, she called me and told me to come pick up our son, explaining that she had already packed my belongings. Upon arriving at her parents' house, I was faced with a heart-wrenching scene. 

There stood my son on the porch, dressed in his pajamas and without a coat, surrounded by our belongings. Meanwhile, she was inside with her family and her new boyfriend. We ended up taking a bus back home and sought refuge with my own parents. 

As I started unpacking my things, I stumbled upon a T-shirt of hers that had mistakenly been packed alongside my belongings. It was a custom-made shirt with a picture of her little sister, who tragically passed away at the age of eight the previous year. 

This shirt happened to be the last Christmas gift her sister had given her. Overwhelmed with emotions upon seeing the shirt, I decided to Skype call my ex. 

As she answered, I ignited the shirt with lighter fluid and tossed it into a burn barrel in the backyard, right in front of her horrified eyes. Before she could utter a word, I took this drastic action, leaving her speechless and shocked.

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22. A Kentucky Showdown

This incident took place two decades ago. At that time, my girlfriend, who is Japanese, had returned to her home country. It was my first visit to Japan, and we were maintaining a long-distance relationship. 

She had recently started working as a translator for the city where she lived. In Japan, it is customary to organize a drinking event for new employees within a month or two of their joining. 

One day, while I was staying at her parents' house, she mentioned that she had to attend such an event and would be home late. She advised me not to wait up and to have dinner with her parents instead.

So, I sat down to eat with her parents and enjoyed some drinks with her father. Unexpectedly, my girlfriend showed up at the table, slightly unsteady on her feet. She informed me that her bosses had heard about her "friend" (referring to me) and insisted on meeting me. 

Despite feeling uncertain about the situation, I went along with her. We hailed a cab, and during the ride, she warned me that I was about to witness a side of Japan that foreigners rarely see. 

She asked me to stay calm and assured me that she could handle whatever happened. This foreboding conversation set the scene. We arrived at a seedy karaoke bar, only to discover that she worked for the local city council, and the mayor and other council members were present for the party. 

My girlfriend was the sole woman in the group, surrounded by ten or twelve much older men. By this point, the city council members and the mayor were heavily intoxicated, treating my girlfriend as an object of desire. 

They made her sit on their laps, forced her to get on stage and sing duets while leering at her. Naturally, I was extremely unhappy about the situation, but I had promised to remain composed. After all, these were influential individuals from the city council. 

I seethed, contemplating whom to confront first. Among the council members, there was one slightly younger and more sober individual who looked over and, with my girlfriend translating, asked me what my problem was. 

In that moment, revenge entered my thoughts—a tangible path towards retribution. Through my girlfriend's translation, I explained that I hailed from Kentucky, where we drink bottles of Jack Daniel's, which was nowhere to be seen at the party. 

Instantly, the crowd of men caught on to the mention of "Jack Daniel's" and began excitedly chanting, eager to appear cool. The mayor said something to one of the attendees, and lo and behold, a bottle of Jack Daniel's with around 12 glasses materialized. 

The waiter poured a serving, but before anyone could react or say a word, I snatched the glass and downed the entire drink in one go. Then, I simply observed the room. Every man, from every country, in every corner of the world understands this challenge. 

No translation was necessary. I compelled all those individuals to drink shot after shot. No toasts, no clinking glasses—just a silent challenge that said, "You think you're cool? Well, let's see." 

I quickly realized that half of them were pretending to drink, pouring the shots into potted plants or wherever they could dispose of them. Likely, they had been feigning intoxication all night to "justify" their inappropriate behavior. 

At that moment, I knew I had single-handedly disrupted the party within a mere five minutes. Several days later, I encountered the entire group at a festival. They noticed me in the crowd, but neither they nor I acknowledged one another. 

And yes, I eventually married my girlfriend—the best decision I ever made.

The Sweetest RevengesFlickr, Zanpei

23. Spotlight On Revenge

This was my act of retaliation on behalf of my wife. I was employed by the BBC, working as a lighting controller for the music program "Top of The Pops". One day, a new group of dancers replaced the previous one. 

One of the new dancers happened to go to school with my girlfriend, who is now my wife. She had previously shared stories with me about this dancer's bullying and arrogance, and how she had made my wife's life miserable. 

Now, it's not uncommon for performers to have diva-like tendencies, so I initially brushed it off. After all, I had attended the same school but had never noticed such behavior, likely because I was more focused on my studies and not part of the popular crowd. 

I thought everything would be fine. However, things took a turn when I arrived at the studio. The dancer recognized me but assumed I was just an audience member. She greeted me with a tone of superiority, saying something like, "Oh, fancy seeing you here. 

I'm performing tonight, you know. Maybe I can get you into the green room later so you can collect autographs." On the surface, it may not sound that bad, but the way she said it, with a certain arrogance and a twist of her lip, deeply irritated me. 

So, when their performance rolled around, I deliberately dimmed the spotlight on her, ensuring that the camera never focused on her. I repeated this action the following week. However, that ended up being the last chance I had, as the dancer was eventually let go. 

The camera simply didn't favor her. I occasionally feel remorse about what I did, but that's the reality of it. Since then, I have performed numerous acts of kindness to make up for it.

The Sweetest RevengesFreepik,pvproductions

24. Don’t Fake It, You Won’t Make It

This individual displayed audacity by applying for a job using fabricated credentials. He went as far as claiming to be the CEO of a nonexistent company with multiple international offices. 

However, the situation worsened when I discovered that he had plagiarized projects from my own portfolio website. 

It is uncertain whether he was aware that I worked for the company—but his actions were unquestionably foolish. 

Our HR personnel noticed this deceit and forwarded me his portfolio link. Needless to say, he was not offered the job. When colleagues from other companies inquired about him, I sought revenge. 

You see, the one crucial thing he overlooked was registering the URL he had included in his email signature. Taking matters into my own hands, I registered the domain and set up a redirect to the Wikipedia page for "impostor". 

As of my last check, the domain received 2,000 hits. The individual discovered that someone had registered "his" domain, but remains clueless about the perpetrator. I find solace in the anonymity provided by domain privacy.

The Sweetest RevengesPexels

25. Childhood: Ruined

When I was around 14 years old, my friend and I were huge fans of the anime show Yu Gi Oh. We would get really excited after each episode and couldn't wait to play the Yu Gi Oh card game. 

One day, after finishing an episode, we decided to have a serious match, playing for keeps. After an intense hour-long game, I managed to come out on top and win. 

Unfortunately, my friend was quite upset and in his anger, he took my rarest cards and threw them into his turtle tank. His pet turtle, a Snapper, ended up ruining my cards. Feeling frustrated, I stormed out of his house and started thinking of ways to get back at him.

 Eventually, an idea struck me. I knew he had a fondness for chocolate, so I came up with a plan. I carefully placed my "gift" onto a napkin and cut it into small, bite-sized pieces. Then, I shaped them into tiny balls, resembling milk duds, and put them into a Ziploc bag. 

The next day, when I met up with my friend, I offered him what appeared to be chocolate. Completely unaware of what I had done, he eagerly devoured an entire piece before realizing the truth. 

I don't consider myself a mean-spirited person, but when someone messes with a 14-year-old's Yu Gi Oh collection, it undoubtedly impacts their childhood.

The Sweetest RevengesFreepik,benzoix

26. Peaked In High School

In middle school, there was a girl who caused a lot of trouble. She targeted my friend who had Tourette's and a severe stutter. She would threaten and spread false information about us on the bathroom walls. 

She would mock our appearance, including our clothes and hair, constantly. We quietly endured it because she was intimidating, and she had a group of followers who hung onto her every word - although they were probably just as fearful as we were. 

Fast forward 10 years. My socially awkward friend is now engaged and working as a teacher in a prestigious private school. I have landed a fantastic job in an office, moved out, and purchased my own car. 

When I visited the local gas station, to my surprise, it was the troublemaker who was working there! She attempted to engage in small talk with me. 

I couldn't help but feel a sense of satisfaction as I shared how well my friend was doing, how attractive her fiancé is (which is true), and how I had recently bought a new car and moved into my own place. I could almost witness her ego deflate. 

It's true that living well is the ultimate revenge.

The Sweetest RevengesFreepik, freepik

27. Direct And To The Point

During my time in first grade, there was a classmate who consistently treated me unkindly. Although I can't recall the specifics, I vividly remember how much I disliked her. 

One day, she confronted me on the playground and I swiftly defended myself by kneeing her in the chest. It seems that even at the age of five, I was not one to be trifled with.

The Sweetest RevengesPexels

28. A Prank Gone Right?

In my relationship with my girlfriend, we always have a lot of fun and enjoy joking and playing pranks on each other. Once, while passing by the toddler's section in a department store, she decided to play a prank on me and told me she was pregnant. 

She thought I wouldn't be ready for it and would be shocked, which she found amusing. However, her assumption turned out to be incorrect—big time. I was actually overjoyed by the news, while she was taken by surprise. 

She started crying intensely, making me worry that something was wrong. My mind started racing, thinking about the possibility that I might not be the father of the child and other similar thoughts. 

However, I had it all wrong—her tears were actually tears of happiness because she was relieved that I was ready to fully commit to her and start a family. At the same time, she felt guilty for playing the prank and inadvertently crushing my dreams. 

To make things right, she made an extra effort to be exceptionally kind and pamper me throughout the following week. It was her way of seeking revenge in a sweet way. As a result, we grew even closer, and now we are happily engaged.

The Sweetest RevengesPexels

29. Down And Brown

I have this incredible friend. One night, while hanging out with a few friends at the pub, he noticed that his pint of Guinness mysteriously disappeared when he went to the restroom. Assuming it was a simple mistake, he ordered another one without much fuss. 

But the strangest thing happened. When he returned from the bathroom, his pint was missing again! Sensing that something fishy was going on, he informed his buddies that he'd be right back and left the table. 

When he returned, he seemed completely preoccupied, constantly scanning the room. His friends raised an eyebrow and inquired about his behavior, to which he cryptically replied, "You'll find out soon." 

After a few tense minutes, he burst into laughter, causing everyone's curiosity to peak. It turned out that a guy across the room suddenly started vomiting uncontrollably, simultaneously throwing a pint of Guinness to the floor. 

Here's the twist—while his friends were oblivious, my amusing friend had already purchased another pint, discreetly went to the bathroom, and decided to, well, poop in it. 

He then calmly left the pint on the bar, knowing that the thief would unknowingly savor a rather unusual experience. As I mentioned, my friend is quite the legend.

The Sweetest RevengesFlickr, Aaron Hockley

30. Didn’t Have To Lift A Finger

When I was in my early 20s, residing in NYC, my then-boyfriend chose to ditch our planned date night and join his colleagues for a night of drinking. 

Ordinarily, this wouldn't have been an issue, except that I had left some important work-related materials that I needed for the following day on his desk. So, I decided to let myself into his place. Little did I know that what followed would seal his unfortunate fate. 

I found myself in his office when he stumbled home with an unfamiliar woman, both of them completely intoxicated. Unmistakable signs of infidelity unfolded before my eyes. Shocked and unable to react, I quietly left after they had fallen asleep. 

Deep down, I knew it was time to end the relationship, but I was too embarrassed to admit that I had discovered his betrayal. Instead, early the next morning, I showed up at his doorstep without warning, and with frustratingly vague explanations, I put an end to our relationship, citing that things just weren't working for me anymore. 

In response, he spiraled into a state of frenzy. Over the next two months, he begged and cried, suspecting that I had somehow discovered his unfaithfulness. He went as far as accusing his coworkers and friends who were out with him that night of betraying his secret. 

Unfortunately for him, this only made them realize what a dubious character he truly was. His accusations and volatile behavior began to escalate, making those around him uncomfortable and posing a liability in the workplace. 

Consequently, he was let go from his job. A former friend and roommate of my ex informed me of this, expressing their belief that his conduct was despicable. Gradually, even the roommate distanced themselves from him. 

To add to his woes, his former roommates signed a new lease without him. With no job and no support from roommates, he was left with no choice but to return to his hometown and move in with his parents.

The Sweetest RevengesPexels

31. Stormy Weather

It all began during my freshman year of high school, a time when boys often feel insecure and apprehensive. What was my main source of insecurity, you may wonder? Well, it was my height. 

As a freshman, I stood at 6 foot 11 inches, towering over everyone else in the school by a solid five inches. And mind you, I was just a freshman. But I didn't really enjoy being so tall. 

It made me stand out, and everyone expected me to excel in basketball. Neither of those things appealed to me. All I wanted was to be a regular kid, not some abnormal giant (at least that's what I thought back then). 

So, naturally, I was not pleased when a kid two grades below me started harassing me and calling me names. I knew that he targeted me solely because of my size, and unfortunately, my size prohibited me from physically retaliating unless he initiated physical contact. 

One day, I was already in a bad mood. I had argued with my mom earlier about grades, and it seemed like everyone was being extra horrible. Then, during the fourth bell, this kid began getting in my face wherever I went, hurling all sorts of insults at me. 

I was seething with anger, but I could only clench my fists tightly by my side and endure it. It was truly an awful situation. But then, this kid, who took pleasure in tormenting others, made a very ill-advised decision.

I knew it was only a matter of time before he would say it, and unfortunately for him, he chose a day when I was absolutely unwilling to tolerate anything. This kid looked up at me and said, "Hey freak, how's the weather up there?" 

Without a moment's hesitation, I took a deep breath through my nose, mustering all the mucus I could. Then, I bent down to his level, spit on his head, and remarked, "It's raining." 

Every person in that hallway witnessed my act, and everyone laughed at the misfortune of my tormentor. Ironically, he ended up ratting me out, and I got in trouble. 

My punishment? A 20-minute detention, delivered by the assistant principal who couldn't help but chuckle at the situation. However, by standing up to this kid, I gained a certain level of fame throughout the entire school. Oh, and he also stopped bothering me.

The Sweetest RevengesFreepik,freepik

32. Paying For It

I received an unexpected letter from the IRS yesterday, stating that I owed $10,000 in unpaid taxes along with penalties. This confused me because I didn't have any income during the specified year. 

To clarify the issue, I decided to call the phone number provided in the letter. After waiting on hold for an hour, I was able to resolve the situation. Then, the awkward truth was revealed—it turned out that the letter was actually intended for my father, who shares the same name as me. 

It seems that the IRS still had him listed at my address. Taking this as an opportunity, I swiftly provided them with his current address. 

Given the years of mistreatment and the difficulties he caused my mother after their divorce, I can't deny that I felt some satisfaction redirecting the IRS's attention towards him. As a result, I slept peacefully, knowing that the IRS's scrutiny was now centered on him.

The Sweetest RevengesPexels

33. Fuel To The Fire

During my time in college, I had the opportunity to work for a laboratory that assigned student researchers to local businesses. Our main objective was to oversee the research process and generate publishable outcomes. 

In my case, I was assigned to a biofuels plant. Unfortunately, the person in charge of me was severely lacking in competence. My role was to lead a new research project involving the use of an alternative method to convert lower-quality oil into biodiesel. 

To make matters worse, the individual I worked under hastily hired a "biodiesel guru" named Maria Alovert, also known as "Girl Mark." Maria Alovert had gained celebrity status in the biodiesel field due to her invention of the "Appleseed" home biodiesel production method.

 Although innovative and useful, her expertise did not align with our specific project objectives. From the start, I found myself assigned menial tasks such as sweeping floors and washing dishes, while Maria was given control over the actual research. 

Despite numerous complaints from the laboratory about their expectation of me producing publishable results, I remained confined to cleaning duties. Soon, it became apparent that Maria was not contributing to the research at all. 

She exhibited a lack of understanding regarding our project's methodology and became defensive when questioned. However, matters took a turn for the worse when laboratory equipment began disappearing. 

In an attempt to address the situation, I approached our boss but was unexpectedly fired via email. The email contained a vehement defense of Maria as a biofuels icon and criticized me for accusing her of any wrongdoing, insisting that she was excelling while I was idle.

 Fortunately, my previous boss at the lab reassigned me to a different project and severed ties with the biofuels plant. I also took the initiative to inform the biofuels plant's director through an email about the events that unfolded. 

Surprisingly, two months later, I received a call from the director. He requested my return to work for the plant, this time with direct payment from them. It turned out that Maria had vanished, taking valuable equipment worth thousands of dollars with her. 

A warrant had been issued for her arrest, and the individual overseeing the project had "resigned." They urgently needed someone to take charge, and I had the perfect response. I politely declined the offer. 

Meanwhile, my former boss found a new occupation repairing home furnaces. Several years later, my landlord sought his expertise for a significant job. 

As I encountered him again, I seized the opportunity to share my previous experience, remarking, "I used to work with that guy." When he inquired about his character, I simply replied, "He's full of hot air." As a result, the job was awarded to someone else.

The Sweetest RevengesPexels

34. Honesty Is The Best Policy

My former partner and I were planning to get married, and my parents had already paid for a grand wedding. The whole idea was his, and it was quite extravagant. Then one day, I received a call from a Russian girl who claimed to be carrying his child. 

At that time, he was serving in the Army and was stationed in Alaska, while I remained at home. When I confronted him about it, he denied everything, insisting that it was a fabrication and merely a ploy by her to gain American citizenship through a soldier's child. 

In my youthful naivety, I chose to believe him. However, the girl persisted in calling me repeatedly. I still don't know how she obtained my number, but it doesn't matter. 

About three months before the wedding, his best friend contacted me, confirming that the allegations were indeed true and that he had been unfaithful throughout his time away. Finally, I spoke with the girl myself, and she even offered to undergo a paternity test. 

She claimed she only found out about my existence shortly before she began reaching out. Frustrated and bewildered, I gave my ex-partner an opportunity to explain and be honest with me. 

I hoped he would confess and that we could somehow work through the situation. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. He looked me in the eye and lied, dismissing her as a "stupid Russian princess." 

So, I insisted that he consent to a paternity test. He flat-out refused. However, he had underestimated something. He hadn't considered that his commanding officer was good friends with my father and his father. 

I informed my father about this (knowing exactly what he would do), and he promptly contacted his two friends, who convinced the grandfather to take the test. As it turned out, my ex-partner was indeed the father of the baby girl. 

Now, he is obligated to pay child support to the mother who restricts his visitation rights, and he has lost a significant amount of respect from his superiors. 

Additionally, he had to reimburse my father for the cancelled wedding expenses, move to a cheaper apartment, and sell a large portion of his musical equipment. 

During this process, he had to part with his cherished car, which he held dear even more than anyone or anything else. On my end, I took the engagement ring and sold it, earning $10,000, which I used to go on a honeymoon with my friends. We spent the money as if it were nothing.

The Sweetest RevengesPexels

35. A Hate Follow

During college, one of my former girlfriends made the questionable choice of sleeping with one of my close friends while she was housesitting for me. This happened while my family and I were away. 

When we returned to school, she ended up living in an apartment right across the hall from my dorm room, which obviously added more complications to the situation. Eventually, they found their own place and moved out midway through the semester. 

A couple of months later, she called me to complain about my friend, calling him a jerk, and asked if she could come over. Without much thought, I agreed and she came over. We ended up being intimate on multiple occasions. 

On the last night, she surprised me by mentioning how she had considered asking if we could reconcile. However, she seemed to realize that my family probably didn't have a favorable opinion of her. 

In response, I bluntly stated that they were not the only ones who felt that way. I told her to leave.

The Sweetest RevengesPexels

36. It’s Getting Hot In Here

Upon my first wife's command, I was urged to swiftly gather my belongings and vacate the premises while she embarked on a brief trip to the store, lasting approximately 10 minutes. Startlingly, she confessed her affection for one of my companions. 

While it may have tempted others to promptly pack their things, I opted for a different path—and it was genious. I retaliated by taking hold of her collection of "toys" and dousing them thoroughly with my potent ghost pepper sauce. 

This act of vengeance, though both satisfying and fiery, proved that revenge can indeed be bittersweet.

The Sweetest RevengesFreepik,8photo

37. Words Have Weight

During my time in grade school, I was on the chubbier side, though I wouldn't say I was fat. Unfortunately, my small private school didn't have enough players to form a full basketball team. 

There were only four of us in my grade who were interested in playing, partly because the coaches were mean and partly because sports weren't really their thing. 

Even though I didn't particularly enjoy basketball, I knew how much the other four players loved it and looked forward to the season. So, I decided to join the team. However, one of the coaches started calling me names. 

It began when I couldn't keep up with my teammates due to fatigue from recovering from the flu. As time went on, the name-calling became more frequent and I became the scapegoat for our poor performance. 

Whenever we missed free throws or lost by a large margin, it was blamed on me. The coach's insults about my weight not only affected me but also influenced the other players and even some of my friends, who thought it was acceptable to join in (even during games, in front of others). 

This experience shattered my self-esteem and left a lasting impact. Still today, I struggle with severe anxiety, which I'm actively working on managing with medication. Recently, I unexpectedly ran into that same coach at a fancy restaurant. 

Years have passed, and I'm now in my mid-20s. I was accompanied by a beautiful blonde I was dating at the time. In that moment, I felt it was an opportunity to show him how wrong he had been to belittle me for three years. 

I had transformed myself and was now in great shape, looking confident with my attractive partner by my side. It was time to strike back. We sat at the bar, and I caught his attention. 

Confused, he waved back until I approached his table where he sat with another man, surrounded by papers. To disarm any initial alarm, I spoke to him in an excited tone, asking, "Are you Coach K?" 

He responded positively, and then I reminded him, "Oh yes, you used to be my basketball coach! Remember me?" The coach must have thought I had forgotten the way he had treated me. With feigned enthusiasm, he replied, "Oh yeah, how are you?" 

It was then that I dropped the bombshell, saying, "I'm actually doing really well now after years of struggle. You probably remember me better as 'fat boy,' since that's what you called me for three years." 

He stammered, "What, I didn't... What are you talking about?" But I continued, "Yes, because of you, I developed severe social anxiety that plagued me for years. Additionally, I battled depression throughout the time you were coaching me until a few years ago." 

"Unlike you, I managed to lose weight. I saw your family at church recently and it dawned on me how unfortunate it must be for you—being overweight, having an unattractive wife and children. That must truly suck. 

On the other hand, I've become successful, owning my own company, driving my dream car, and dating women I never thought would give me the time of day. Oh, and by the way, screw you." 

With that, I promptly left the restaurant with my girlfriend. The coach appeared stunned and bewildered. The expression on his face seemed to say, "Did that really just happen?" There's another twist to the story. 

He was actually at that restaurant for an interview, hoping to secure a coaching position at a private high school, a step up from middle school. But the athletic director overheard our conversation and decided not to hire him. 

I learned this when the coach's wife called my parents, claiming that I had threatened her husband and that he took it very seriously. 

She demanded an apology and mentioned how his opportunity to be the head coach of a prestigious high school basketball team was tarnished because of me. Needless to say, I was overjoyed. It still brings a smile to my face. 

In the end, I saved many young athletes from being tormented by that coach. I never bothered to call and apologize because I hadn't actually threatened him—I'm not sure where that part came from.

The Sweetest RevengesFreepik,benzoix

38. Scientifically Proven Revenge

During my time in high school, my physics teacher delivered a crushing blow to my aspirations of a future in science, claiming I lacked the intellect required. 

However, I refused to let this setback deter me from pursuing my dreams of becoming an astronaut. Today, I proudly lead a STEM education project and am currently completing my second year as a Ph.D. student in Science Education. 

Instead of seeking revenge, I have channeled my energy towards making a positive impact and proving that determination and hard work can overcome any negative comments.

The Sweetest RevengesPexels

39. Perfect Aim

In gym class, there was this guy who used to constantly bully me, as is often the case with jocks targeting nerds. One particular day, while leaving the gym, he took it too far. 

He snatched my hat, a simple baseball cap with nothing special about it, and I had finally reached my breaking point. Driven by anger, I started pursuing him around the gym. However, I quickly realized the futility of my plan, being a nerd against a jock. 

He was heading towards the exit doors, and I knew that if he escaped, I would lose my hat forever. All I had on me was my book bag, hanging on my back. So, in that moment, I halted, observed him closely, and slid my book bag across the freshly waxed basketball court. 

Just as he was about to push open the door, the bag slid perfectly under his foot, causing him to trip and crash into the door with great force. He collapsed onto the floor in a bloody mess, crying like a baby. 

Walking past him, I calmly placed my bag back on my shoulder, retrieved my hat from his grasp, and effortlessly stepped over his convulsing body. 

I never faced any consequences for my actions (the teachers recognized he had it coming), and from that day forward, he never uttered another word to me.

The Sweetest RevengesFreepik.stockking

40. If You Build It, He Won’t Come

Throughout the entire semester, I had the unfortunate experience of having a less than pleasant classmate. He would consistently sit in the corner, claiming to be working, but I often caught him watching Glee instead. 

However, as soon as the professor entered the room, he would quickly spring into action. He would speak highly of our progress, then, when midterm time arrived, he had nothing to show. 

He then went on a hunt for assistance, approaching everyone from the poor TA to other team members. It was quite challenging to conjure up a midterm project overnight when he had spent the entire semester watching Glee. 

Due to the nature of our team project in architecture, it was essential not to have a glaring void where the classroom buildings should be in our design. Therefore, the rest of the team and the sympathetic TA stepped in and pulled an all-nighter to complete his project.

 It was during this episode that everyone in the program realized his true incompetence. He had absolutely no understanding of how buildings function or how to design them. I distinctly recall an argument he had with the team regarding where walls and floors intersect. 

We were all working on traditional Italian masonry house designs, and he insisted that each floor should extend two to three feet beyond the perimeter of the walls, resulting in floors protruding from the walls. 

He believed this was the correct way to construct his model. You can imagine the disbelief amongst us, especially considering he was a third-year architecture student. 

Despite his ignorance and lackluster effort, he still had the audacity to flaunt his work in front of the professor and make derogatory remarks about his only friend, claiming superiority in comparison. Things only got worse from that moment on.

By the end of the semester, he and his one and only friend were no longer on speaking terms. The professor was not oblivious and quickly caught on to his charades. 

While the rest of us received perfect marks, he was awarded a C, a grade that, in my opinion, was still too generous. However, everything changed when finals approached. 

As finals season arrived, we, the team, realized that if we wanted a successful project, we would have to pick up his slack. If you are acquainted with architecture students, you know that our reputation lies in our ability to work tirelessly on a project day and night. 

However, the same couldn't be said for him. Each night, around 11 pm, he would abandon his Glee-watching sessions, complain about a headache, and declare his need for sleep. 

Initially, we tried to reason with him, explaining that he couldn't afford to sleep with no progress made a week before the final. But soon enough, we noticed that our project flowed more smoothly and was more enjoyable to work on when he was not around, so we stopped intervening. 

During the two weeks leading up to finals, we dedicated our efforts to our individual projects. When 11 pm struck, we dedicated an extra 2-3 hours to complete his work. This led to numerous confrontations in the studio, often resulting in him making a girl cry or irritating everyone else in the program. 

The following year, I secured a job in the department, managing various social media groups, including the department's Facebook page. This is when I decided a change was needed. It didn't take long for me to discover the ability to remove individuals from the page. 

So, each time he annoyed me, I would delete him from the page. In the grand scheme of things, it wasn't a significant consequence; he simply missed out on announcements about guest lectures he wouldn't have attended anyway and amusing comments on the page.

 However, it brought me weekly satisfaction, and seeing him "like" the page again was an added bonus. This happened two or three times until, upon leaving the position, I permanently banned him. 

Despite his attempts to force his misguided theories upon me and the hours I spent completing his project, my revenge was admittedly petty. Yet, the feeling of power and excitement that coursed through me when I first removed him from the page was indescribable. 

He eventually switched majors and is now diligently working towards obtaining a structural engineering license to design buildings in your vicinity.

The Sweetest RevengesPexels

41. An Expensive Mistake

When I was 22, my girlfriend cheated on me. In a surprising act of support, my best friend gathered all of her cosmetics from my bathroom, threw them into an empty garbage can, and set it ablaze. 

Upon her arrival to collect her belongings, he simply gestured towards the container that was still burning. Filled with anger, she departed, leaving behind what was likely a substantial amount of valuable items, amounting to several hundred dollars.

The Sweetest RevengesPexels

42. You Get What You Don’t Pay For

In the past, I used to be paid for writing essays on behalf of others. I had written all the application essays for this particular girl, who had applied to eight schools. 

However, despite owing me a significant amount, she only paid me a fraction of what was agreed upon. What was frustrating is that this girl came from a wealthy background and had no trouble spending around $10,000 each month on shopping. 

She certainly had the means to pay me, but she chose to be frugal and neglected her responsibility, even though my essays played a crucial role in securing her admission to a much better school than she initially hoped for. 

Nevertheless, I did manage to get my revenge in a way. The academic demands of the school I helped her get into were far beyond her capabilities. As a result, she struggled and flunked most of her classes, eventually leading to her expulsion. 

It's ironic, but I couldn't help but feel a sense of satisfaction.

The Sweetest RevengesPexels

43. Not Fun And Games

When I was in first grade, there was this classmate who would tease me during recess every single day, even though I repeatedly asked him to stop. 

One particular day, while I was playing in the sandbox, he started making fun of me again. I had reached my limit. Feeling frustrated, I decided to take action.

Swiftly, I gathered a handful of sand and slipped it into his pants. It was an instant lesson for him, as he stopped calling me names from that day forward.

The Sweetest RevengesPexels

44. Hands Off

During my time in the service, there was this individual who would frequently enter our room without permission and help themselves to food from our fridge. 

One day, I decided to take action. I poured out half of a lemon-flavored Gatorade, filled it with my own urine, and securely sealed the lid. I made sure it was the only item left in the fridge as well. As expected, the individual came in, took the Gatorade, and consumed it. 

My roommate, who was aware of my plan, felt remorseful and revealed the truth to him. His response took me aback—this person threatened to report me to our superiors. 

However, I calmly replied, "Are you seriously going to confess to a group of grown men that you unknowingly drank my urine?" From that day forward, he never dared to enter our room or touch any of our food again.

The Sweetest RevengesPexels

45. Family Feud

As a kid, I owned the Sabrina the Teenage Witch "Handbook," which was filled with playful experiments. One day, feeling annoyed by my older sister, I decided to try out one of the "tricks" from the book. 

The trick involved filling a cup with water and corn kernels, placing tinfoil on top, and waiting for the kernels to pop and create noise against the foil. Mischievously, I hid the cup under my sister's bed. However, I soon forgot about it as a few days went by. 

Suddenly, one night, I was awakened by the hushed whispers of my two sisters. It turned out that the cup had popped during the night, and my sister had thought there was a rat under her bed.

The Sweetest RevengesPexels

46. Kids Can Smell Fear

During my time in grade 9 or 10, we had a substitute teacher for a couple of weeks. To my surprise, she gave me detention, which was my first ever, for something I didn't even do. It was an issue so minor that it didn't warrant detention even if I had done it. 

Though I can't recall the exact incident, it was something as trivial as coughing while she was speaking. Little did she know who she was dealing with. Instead of confronting her directly, I cleverly turned my entire class against her and subtly undermined her authority whenever possible. 

We orchestrated actions like synchronized coughing, crafting paper planes out of our worksheets, and attempting to throw them out of the window (we were on the 3rd floor of the school). 

We also asked deliberately silly questions about simple tasks and politely corrected her when she made minor speaking errors. The list of our mischief goes on and on. Ultimately, our actions drove her to tears. In hindsight, it was quite cruel. 

Fast forward to the present, I find myself working at my old primary school in a childcare program. On one occasion, I believe I caught a glimpse of her. The look she gave me conveyed a mix of remembrance and disdain. 

I simply smiled and carried on with my responsibilities.

The Sweetest RevengesPexels

47. Best Buds No More

At work, there was a guy who started around the same time as me, and we became good friends. We would hang out together, play Xbox, and have a great time. We worked together at this store for two and a half years and eventually became the most experienced employees. 

Then, an opportunity for a promotion as a Director's Assistant came up. This meant a higher pay rate and full-time employment. We both went through the interview process and agreed to do our best without any regrets. 

Unfortunately, in the end, my friend got the promotion instead of me. I congratulated him on his victory, but I noticed that something seemed off about his behavior. He told me it was a close competition but assured me that I was a strong candidate. 

However, I later discovered his shocking betrayal. About a week after the promotion, the store director asked me for a serious meeting. He accused me of cheating the time clock, stealing, and giving unauthorized discounts to friends. 

I strongly denied these allegations and demanded proof, warning that I might take legal action. As a result, I was given a three-day suspension while the corporate office investigated the matter. 

A week later, I was called in for another meeting with a higher-up. They apologized for the misunderstanding and offered me the Director's Assistant position. 

They explained that my friend had been caught on camera stealing multiple times, and his records showed consistent improper use of discounts, among other things. It turns out, he had tried to manipulate the situation by falsely implicating me. 

When confronted about his actions, he broke down, apologized, and returned some of the stolen items that he had planned to take after his shifts. It was truly shocking to realize that this person had tried to frame me in order to get ahead.

The Sweetest RevengesPexels

48. Pulling The Puppet Strings

There was a time when I had a colleague who was extremely condescending and arrogantly annoying. I came up with a hilarious plan for retaliation—I discreetly inserted an additional Bluetooth receiver into his computer, and secretly stored the mouse in my drawer. 

Every now and then, I would innocently open my drawer, causing utter confusion and disruption to his computer. This little game continued for approximately two months, until I realized it was time to put an end to his mounting frustration before he exploded.

The Sweetest RevengesPexels

49. Avengers, Take Notes

During my time in school, there was this guy who constantly skipped classes and then asked me for my notes. We had a group project that accounted for almost 40% of our grade, but he contributed absolutely nothing. 

When I approached the professor about it, I received no sympathy or assistance. Instead of simply refusing to give him notes the next time he asked, I took a less admirable approach and sought revenge. I started providing him with altered versions of my notes. 

I intentionally excluded important information from lists, purposefully gave incorrect definitions, or even wrote nonsensical stuff. For instance, I might have included something like this:

"To determine the return on investment, subtract the total of your yearly earnings from your current bank balance, and then multiply it by Escher's factorial." If he had taken the time to actually analyze the text, he would have realized it was a prank. 

But apparently, that was asking too much of him. As a result, he ended up having to retake that class.

The Sweetest RevengesPexels

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