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These Furious Students Taught Their Awful Teachers A Lesson

For some people, school is the best time of their lives. For others, it's rife with tension, bad teachers, and misery. How many people ever wanted to tell an evil teacher off? How about rage out over something unfair in the classroom? Well, now is the time to live vicariously. These savage stories are about students absolutely losing their tempers at school.

1. Speaking for the Student

My mother and father passed when I was in my final year of school, I was off school for a while around the time of the second funeral. When I returned to school my tutor decided it was her job to tell the class what had happened to me, right there in front of everyone instead of letting me do it on my own terms. To say I lost my temper would be an understatement.

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2. Inspiring a Walkout

I once had a terrible history teacher. He was horrible to everyone and said some extremely questionable things. He never bothered me in particular, a few things here and there but nothing terrible. Well, until my best friend drowned while canoeing with some other students. A few days later the principal had a moment of silence for him. In response, this teacher said 'kid deserved it.' I lost my freaking mind. I started shrieking at him. I was crying, and he was just standing there with this mischievous smirk on his face. My friends pulled me out of the room while he called the principal. I ended up suspended but there was a student walkout the next day due to my suspension.

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3. He Don’t Got Game

I was near the end of my senior year in college and needed to take an elective to satisfy degree requirements. I took basketball since I love the game. The "professor" was an assistant coach for the school's basketball team, and he didn't care about the class. Our class starts at 8 am in the old basketball gym on campus, and he was the only way that we could get into the gym. A few times he had a colleague come to open up the gym for us, but at least 7 or 8 times over the semester, he just didn't show up at all so, after 15 minutes, the students just went back to their dorms or apartments.

I was a commuter driving 45 minutes each way, so I had to skip work on the days I had class. I was working to pay for school. Near the end of the semester, someone in class asked him about his attendance then he made an announcement that anyone that doesn't show up for the final exam (basically whoever could make a basket) will fail. On the day of the final exam, he didn't show up. No colleague. Nothing. On that last day, there were 30 students freezing cold sitting outside the gym in December. I ripped him a new one.

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4. Don’t Listen to the Haters

A friend of mine wanted to go to a certain university that was out of state and somewhat tough to get into. The counselor told him not to waste his time as he would never get in. This made him rage. He stormed to the principal who told him to trust the counselor as that was her job. He applied anyway, got accepted, and taped copies of his acceptance letter to the counselor and principal’s door.

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5. Spreadsheet Master

I had an 80-year-old professor "teach" us Excel by drawing lines on the whiteboard. Then he showed us an example from his spreadsheet on his computer with a screen projector. Makes more sense to just...use the projector, right? Not according to ths guy. When he wanted to show us how to edit Excel or change a formula, he would close the projector and go back to the whiteboard "because it was easier." How is this even allowed?!

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6. Ain’t No Zero

I flipped out on a logic professor who "lost" my assignment's records. I had to call him to talk sense into him. He responded by yelling at me, "You didn’t do them! I am looking at your grades, and they are all zeroes!" That's when I absolutely lost it. “Look you inept pissant,” I said, “I have papers that you've graded right here. They aren't even good, but they are definitely not zeroes.” Eventually, I read through his comments on my papers while he was trying to argue with me. That's when he's like "okay... that doesn't sound made up. Scan your papers and email them in." My grade went from a D to a B.

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7. Some Things You Can’t Plan For

One of my best friends in high school passed in a car accident, and a couple of days later my friends and I told my teacher we would not be able to make it to class because we wanted to attend the viewing and be there for our friend's family. The teacher then proceeded to tell us that we need to plan our days better and how irresponsible it was of us. I've never felt so much rage. Screw you, Mrs. Weaver.

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8. Some Teachers Never Learn

My I.T. teacher wanted to inspect my work on the computer and accidentally deleted the file. I was upset and tried to point out she just deleted my work. She started to shout at me, telling me I should have saved frequently. I shouted back telling her that wasn't the issue, she outright deleted the file. It got pretty heated. My parents were called.

We were outright yelling at each other for a good couple of minutes to the point where we were both in tears. I was about 14 at the time. She should have known better. A few years later, my sister had her when she went to that school and that same teacher berated my sister. She would belittle her and call her names in the middle of class.

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9. Disrespecting Grief

When I was 13, my friend's little brother passed. Because of her loss, she had been away from school for like a week, understandably. On her first day back, one of our teachers gave her a lecture about missing school saying she "had to face reality, time doesn't stop because of tragedy." She was beyond grief, and we all lost it on the teacher.

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10. If You Could See Me Now

When I was in 8th grade, we had a history teacher who lost her left eye at a young age. She was the meanest teacher I ever had, but one day she went too far. We were in class, and I was in the back of the room. She called my name to answer a question and I didn’t know the answer. She calls me to the front of the room, intent on embarrassing me in front of the class. When I failed to answer the next question she told me to get out of her sight. I promptly stepped to my right a few steps. Her face turned the color of a ripe tomato, and I was suspended from school. Totally worth it.

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11. Projecting Hubris

A couple of weeks into my senior year of high school, the president gave a speech about the importance of school or something. I don't know. I wasn't really paying attention. Anyway, all the teachers in my school had to set up their projectors, so we could watch it. However, my math teacher couldn't figure out how to get her projector working.

So, me being the nerdy kid, offered to help. She had a total meltdown. She started screaming about how she wasn't stupid and how I needed to just sit down and shut up. After a few more minutes of her failing to fix it, she pointed at me and ordered me to fix it. I said, "Fix it yourself." Bold move.  She told the whole class to go next door to watch the speech in that teacher’s room.

When we got up to leave, she pulled me to the side and told me that when the class got back, I was going to stand up and apologize for being so rude to her. I refused and went to join the rest of the class. She spent the rest of the year making my life miserable. She told me on several occasions that she was going to make sure that I failed her class. Sure enough, I failed her class. It's the only class I ever failed.

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12. The New Kid Attempts to Prove Himself

We had a kid in class who would freak out over the smallest things. For example, if you dropped a pen while sitting next to him, he would grab your arm and force you to pick it up. For the most part, he was actually a nice guy to talk to. But one day we got a new student halfway into the year. We could tell he was the typical tormentor type and wanted to act "cool" off the bat.

Nobody really paid him much attention, and we went on with the lessons. Right after class ended, and we were about to head to the cafeteria, the new kid wanted to act tough and thought it would be funny to throw everything off the crazy kid's desk. Big mistake. He started screeching, picked up his whole desk, and threw it at the new kid's head. Both of them started crying afterward.

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13. Whistle While You Work

There was a high school English teacher, Ms. Blades, who was ignoring me for a while. It's worth mentioning that she didn't really like me for some reason. I had my hand up because I had to use the bathroom, and she kept pacing about the room, answering other kids' questions but would glance at me and immediately look away.

After about 5 minutes with my hand up and getting ignored (and about to poop my pants), I whistled as loud as I could. Interrupting anyone was completely out of character for me, but my whistle was the equivalent of firing a shot in a closed room. Absolutely deafening. The entire room went completely silent. The teacher then snapped her head around.

As her name might suggest, Ms. Blades was staring daggers into my face. Then one kid goes, "Ooooh, he just called you a dog, ooohhhhhhhhhh," then she gained serious momentum and said, "Oh, I don't think so! You think I'm a dog!? You think I'm a dog!?" I got sent to the principal's office for disrespecting an ignorant teacher. I "used the bathroom" on the way there.

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14. The Dog Days of Science

When I was in eighth grade, I had a crazy science teacher who thought it was a good idea to bring her dogs to lessons in the science lab...even though two kids were allergic to dogs. The day before the last test of the year, she decided to give us an extra 16 pages of new material to learn by ourselves that would appear on the test. Needless to say, everyone lost their mind and started complaining. I wrote her an angry letter and by the end of the year she got fired.

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15. The Latex Conspiracy

I had a teacher that thought latex allergies were fake. One day we did an experiment with balloons and a kid said she was allergic to latex and the teacher screamed, “NO YOU AIN’T!” She then started rubbing her violently with the balloon. It was a crazy sight to see, and the whole class was flabbergasted. She got fired that semester.

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16. He’ll Be Watching You

I did a math test and, on the paper, you could ONLY mark your answer and had to do the calculations on another sheet. Long story short, my teacher lost my calculations paper and wouldn’t admit it. He said I didn’t hand it over, claiming that I cheated and calling me names. So, I went to the school supervisor and asked to take the test again, and she let me.

My teacher asked to look while I did the test, and he made it, immensely more difficult. Guess what!? I freaking aced it, right in front of him. He hated my guts for the rest of high school and I couldn’t care less.

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17. Firm Rage

In my sophomore year of high school, there was a kid in my math class that the teacher didn’t like. One day, the kid was sick and missed a test, so the teacher made it known that he hated the kid. The next day, the kid came in and asked to retake the test, and the teacher said he would email him when he could come in to take it.

Well, he sent the email. Two weeks pass and the kid is like “when can I take that test, Mr. Collins?” and Mr. Collins said, “you never came in to take it so you get a zero. Tough luck.” So, the kid stands up and very calmly and firmly states: “You told me you would email me when to come to take it, and you never did. I just lost all respect for you because of that.”

Mr. Collins threatened to send him to the principal’s office if he didn’t sit back in his seat, and the kid replied: “I’m going to go ahead and go there so I don’t lose my temper on you. That was really not cool.” And he just went to the dean's office. Mr. Collins never let him retake that test.

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18. Stop My Heart, and My Brain Will Beat

I once flipped on my German language teacher (I am German). She obviously didn't like me and her marks were incredibly biased. This one time she gave me an F on a poetry interpretation. Interpretation! Although I got an A for grammar. After handing the papers back out to the students, she did some debriefing about the whole thing, comparing what everyone wrote. Her next words left me furious. 

She told the whole class how good my thoughts on the poem were and about the passages I wrote. She then wanted me to read my paper out loud. What?! I was raging inside, but collected myself and trembled, "You gave me an F!" Then I stood up, and left.

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19. Losing Her Professionalism

One day I did something to upset my awful, seventh-grade English teacher. I am not really sure what it was, but man, she was mad. One day, she walked around handing back an assignment and when she got to me, she just looked at me, gave me an evil smile, and kept walking. Knowing I would get a zero if I didn't hand in the assignment, I raised my hand and said “excuse me, I didn’t get a paper.”

She just replied, “don’t talk to me.” I told her I needed a paper to do the assignment, but she just responded with the same words. I went off! I told her she was extremely unprofessional and disgraceful, and that I was going to the principal. I walked out and marched right down to the office. That's where I learned that I was far from the first to complain against this teacher. Surprise, surprise, she "resigned" at the end of the year. Good riddance.

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20. The Teacher of Oz

I was pretty sick for a while, and a teacher asked me why I wasn’t in the last few classes. I said that I was sick. The teacher responded, "you're not sick, you look completely healthy." I said "Woah, look at you with the all-powerful eyes that can see disease inside of people at an instant.” He kind of realized what he said, apologized, and told me to sit. He didn't like me anymore, which is rare, and just kind of let me do my own thing for the rest of the semester.

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21. Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better

I completed my studies in Asia. And as such there are some pretty big cultural differences. One day in class a lecturer who was known for being a little nuts walked into class in a particularly poor mood. As an example we had a student from China whose English was fairly underdeveloped, and he needed to look at the slideshow on his laptop to follow and take notes in his native language. He kicked him out of class because he had his laptop out while he was talking and when he tried to explain, the lecturer threatened to leave the class and file a report against us.

On this day he got upset with me because I mentioned to a nearby classmate that I needed a pen. He shouted at me, saying “You there! Are you having fun?! Do you think you could teach this class?! Come up here and teach! I dare you!” Little did he know I am a certified lecturer and have taught TESOL students young and old for three years. So I did. When I was done with his three page slideshow, I went and sat down in my place. He yelled a little more, then left the class.

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22. Field Day Fun

In the second grade, there was a girl who got seriously angry because the teacher said she couldn't participate in Field Day. The teacher said that I couldn't either because I didn't put my name on the paper. I wanted to cry. Meanwhile, the other girl went with fury over sadness. It was an incredible sight to behold. This eight-year-old girl gave the teacher the middle finger, yelled out the F word, and called the teacher a witch.

I was shocked because I was only seven. She kept calling the teacher names, and we laughed so hard. The teacher stopped teaching and cried in front of the class. The principal was called, and she got kicked out of school. Field Day was canceled. The thing was that the teacher would always mess with the girl and the girl had enough.

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23. Mr. Rugby

When I was in high school, we had this small, angry teacher that played rugby—or at least tried to—that was always belittling students to feel better about himself. One day we had physical education and our teacher couldn’t come, so the small and always moody teacher that played rugby came to replace her. The little teacher was trying to show off his rugby skills and made our class play some game where we had to tackle whoever had the ball.

We didn’t tackle hard enough so the little guy joined to tackle some students and show off his grandness. He was having fun being unstoppable and yelling at us if that was all we could do. I was quite mad, and I raged full speed at him. I was a freight train. Choo! Choo! The little teacher got tackled and smashed into the ground so hard. That was something our class laughed about all year.

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24. Slaying the Cyclops

When I was a senior in high school, I had an AP English teacher that would grade people "based on how much she liked them." I had long hair and stretched earlobes, and she despised me even though I was an excellent student. She claimed that I didn’t turn in assignments on time to justify my grades, so I spoke with my guidance counsellor, and she investigated for me.

It turns out that she had sorted completed assignments into piles of "good" and "bad" and would arbitrarily grade the papers based on who she felt sucked up to her the most that day. I presented a long, detailed book report on The Odyssey, and she gave me a D. I told her "Screw you, this is the end of your career" and walked out.

She didn't realize that I had sent an identical copy to the guidance counsellor. She presented it to the school board, eventually got her fired, and the best part was she was also a drivers ed instructor and lost her job doing that as well. Apparently, I wasn't the first to speak up about her, but I was the one that put the nail in the coffin. It felt great.

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25. Tic-Tac-No

My 8th-grade science teacher was Mrs. B. Early on in the year, Mrs. B had given us a science fair project due in January. We had several class periods over the course of those months to work on it. My project was creating an unbeatable tic-tac-toe program. Because it would take significantly longer to have 20 people (the number of tests we had to do) each play 3 rounds with the program, I asked her if I could do fewer, and she agreed, allowing me to only do 7 people.

A week before the project is due, I make sure to thank her for letting me do fewer because I would never have gotten it done in time otherwise. She turns to me with this confused look and says something to the effect of "I never said that, you have to do 20 trials like everyone else." I became insanely furious; I even got a witness come in as evidence. Both I and my witness ended up in detention. I still occasionally think of it and want to punch a wall.

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26. Sometimes, You’ve Just Had Enough

When I was in high school, a girl absolutely lost her mind on my math teacher. Normally, we’d enter class, and he’d have the day’s assignment written on the board. Then he’d spend the first 20 minutes of class teaching new concepts and going over problems, then he’d give us about 30 minutes to work on our assignments, and he’d sit at his desk answering questions. Overall, I really liked this style, but some did not.

This girl did NOT. Toward the end of the year, she completely snapped. The class was no different from any other, he explained the new stuff and did some examples and then said “anyone who needs individual help just line up at my desk and I’ll be happy to help.” She lost it. “What do you mean that’s it? I don’t want to wait in line for 20 minutes, help me now! This is total bull! Screw you!” She was growing more and more furious.

To my teacher’s credit, the angrier she got, the calmer and quieter my teacher got. However, the calmer and quieter he became, the more furious she became. The teacher offered to go to the hallway and talk about it. “No, help me with this bull here and now!” She replied. Eventually, she began incoherently screaming, cursing on the top of her lungs, telling everybody and everything off.

This is when the principal walked in and took the girl out of class. The teacher left for a moment to talk to the principal while we could hear this girl screaming all the way to the office. She used every curse in the book, all directed at the teacher. When it was all over, the teacher calmly walked back in, stood at the front, and said: “Well, anyone else has a problem with me, I’m happy to discuss it if we can be civil.” No one said a word. “Ok then. Anyone who needs help come see me.” The class went on as normal after that.

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27. Tiny Fists of Rage

In the third grade, we were having a math lesson and a para was helping our teacher out. I wasn't great at math and I would ask her for help, but she would ignore me and move on to a different student. I finally got her attention and asked her if she could please help me, and she finally said yes but then moved on to a different student. I got angry, slammed my fists on the desk, and the whole room went silent.

I raged, "I need help on my math can I please have some help!" The teachers were stunned, the kids ceased their giggles. The principal came down and talked to me and asked why I did that because I got reported for being "disruptive." She was really nice and I never got sent to the principal’s office before and I told her what happened, and she gave an evil glare to the para. Whatever that counts for.

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28. There’s No Stopping the Spew

I once had some kind of stomach pain, the worst pain I've felt my whole life, and was in science class. I started groaning in agony in the first row and my bud next to me said I needed to leave and go to the hospital. I wanted to but my teacher ignored me and suddenly tears started streaming down my face. A minute later I just stood up, walked to the door, and as soon as she tried to talk, I told her to pipe down, middle finger flying in the air as I left. Then I proceeded to throw up in the trash outside, good times. That got her attention.

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29. Now Walk it Out

My American Literature teacher said not to quote the bible in academic papers then assigned me a compare/contrast paper on the Bible and Indigenous myths. Hm. She proceeded to give me a C- for using the bible. I’m befuddled, but I try to stay calm and talk to her about it in her office. Later, when class began, she blew up in front of the whole class, lashing out at me.

So, I did the only thing I could do. I led a walk-out while she was erupting gibberish. In the next class, she looked angry and started focusing on me, giving me evil glares. So, I led another walk-out.

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30. Don’t Mess with the Sax Man

My band teacher in middle school. Oh, man. There was a kid in my middle school who couldn’t play his saxophone. I mean not a note came out correct. He got called out a lot early on, so he just started fingering the notes as best he could to avoid derision. I played drums and watched all of this happen from right behind him. The teacher either never noticed or didn’t care.

One day, out of the blue, he does care. He makes the kid play something on his own. Surprised that the kid can’t, he stops everyone. He makes him try it over, and over, and over. Maybe 15 minutes into not making it past three notes the kid starts crying. This isn’t even hard and I could probably have played this by now. It goes on for a while longer and everyone is quiet and uncomfortable.

Finally, I can’t take it anymore. I say “Hey, Kid. Can you play that?” Shakes head no. “If we sit here the rest of the class, are you going to be able to figure it out?” Shakes head no. “Do you promise to go home and practice and try again tomorrow?” Weak nod. “All right, good. Now leave Kid alone and move on.” That teacher lost his mind. 

He starts going red, starts yelling something at me, calls me something, and makes a vague threat. “Stay out of this or there will be consequences,” he says. Well...his wife had been fired from her elementary job because she had tied a kid to his chair. My confidence was soaring, “What are you going to do, tie me to a chair?” Everyone goes silent for a few seconds and then one girl next to the teacher starts laughing herself silly. Everyone loses their minds laughing...even the kid. The best part is, that first girl to laugh is now my wife.

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31. Picking on The Pickinator

We got this admin in my school whom we’ve nicknamed “The Pickinator.” In my sophomore year, she was patrolling the school, Dolores Umbridge style. She loves ruining kids’ days, and she busts kids for the most minor of things. This really annoying kid no one likes came up and snatched my backpack and ran. So, I ran after him and ripped it out of his hands. Pickinator comes outside and immediately says “you two, stop wrestling around and come with me!”

She escorted us to the office because apparently, we were wrestling and fighting. I tried to tell her I was just getting my stuff back, but she wasn’t having it. So, I lost it and blurted, “Well, got my stuff back, so there is no reason to stick around now,” and went to my next class. The Pickinator hates me now, but it was totally worth it.

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32. Sister Acting Up

In the second grade, I had a teacher named Sister Brigid. She didn't like me at all. One day I was feeling ill, and I asked to use the restroom. She told me that I was lying. As she tried to tell me why I was a liar, I vomited all over her shoes. Needless to say, I wasn’t the only one who ended up angry about the situation.

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33. Revenge Best Served Over A Full Course

This is the story of how I got revenge on the worst teacher in the world. I had a teacher in a private college that enjoyed calling everybody stupid and that we were only studying there because our parents showed how much they earned. There were a lot of scholarship students, myself included. I can't be quiet when I hear these kinds of things, so we argued in almost every class. She failed most of the class, but we appealed with the dean, and she let us take another test, with another teacher. Everybody passed.

In the second course the teacher repeated her actions, but this time the dean said we were being dramatic. The teacher decided that there would not be a test, only a group presentation. She settled the groups. I got stuck with two lazy guys who did nothing, so I did the entire paper and the presentation. Both of them got a 9 (A) and I got a 7 (C minus). I only needed a C to pass, so I failed and lost my scholarship.

I tried to talk to the dean, but she wouldn’t have it. So, I had to take the course again. I could do it with another teacher, but I chose her. I made sure I was the worst student she ever had. I sat in the first row, always made a fool of her, and even made her cry. She left the next year. I do not regret it and I would do it again, with an extra bit of cruelty.

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34. For the Love of Lax

In Junior High, I played lacrosse. Our indoor lax coach was one of the teachers. I was the goalie. I don't remember the circumstances that started it all since this was like 15+ years ago, but one night after practice, my mother confronted the coach. They had words about me, in front of everyone. After that, the coach had it out for me.

I showed up to one of our indoor games, ready to play, again, the only goalie. I'm suited up, and she tells me I'm not playing. I ask why. Because I called her a "witch." I was so confused. I've never cursed her, ever. I get undressed, go seek out my dad, tell him what happened. He confronts the coach. She still refuses to let me play. We leave. At this point, I'm infuriated and I just know it's only a matter of time until I lose it.

Then one day, during school, I'm in Social Studies. The teacher gets a call on the room phone, and she tells me I need to go down to the main office. OK? I head down there, and the coach is standing outside the main office, ready to confront me. Accuses me of all these things. Wants me to apologize. I am refusing since I haven’t done any of the things she’s saying. We are basically yelling in the hallway. I'm 13, this woman is in her 40s. I stormed away, without giving her an apology, and she had to eat it because I was the only goalie.

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35. The Troubles of a Marching Man

In the marching band, I was a section leader during my junior year. I had to lead six freshmen who had never even marched before, so we were having trouble getting a formation down. The director was completely unreasonable about it, making the entire band redo it because of me. He called me out, and I argued back. I told him I was doing my job as a section leader trying to make sure that my section was in line because it was tricky.

He flipped him out. Ok, great, so can I. It ended with him telling me to just go home from school in the middle of the day. So, I went to the office and told my guidance counselor what was happening, and that I wanted to drop marching band. He got in a lot of trouble, specifically for telling me to leave campus. It turned into a whole thing. I had to bring my parents in for a meeting with him and the vice-principal. In the end, the dude almost got fired and had to go to a seminar on how to communicate better. The other band director, who taught non-marching bands, talked me into staying in marching band.

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36. Nobody Likes Calculus

I hadn’t been doing well in Calculus all year, but I was trying my best and simply struggling. My teacher was one of the “cool” ones—you know, the kind who act laid back and friendly, cracking jokes and all that. I think this guy just thought I wasn’t trying, and he was as frustrated with me as I was with myself. One day in class he made a passive-aggressive joke at my expense about me not trying hard enough.

I was so over him thinking I wasn’t trying that I got up and walked straight out of class and to the school counselor’s office. I would have been sent there anyway for walking out of class, so I decided to expedite the process. That was on a Friday, so I didn’t see my Calculus teacher again until Monday. I was hoping we could just pretend it didn’t happen, but no such luck. He pulled me into the hallway to talk... and his words made my jaw drop. He truly, genuinely apologized.

He offered to adjust his office hours (which didn’t work for me) to give me extra help. He ended up helping me pass the class. I wouldn’t have graduated without it. In retrospect just talking to him more openly from the get-go probably would have been the more mature thing to do, but I was an awkward, self-doubting teenager who didn’t know how to ask for help. In the end, the experience helped me improve that skill and advocate for myself. I still hate calculus though.

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37. Ignoring the Issue

I went to a small high school. My graduating class was less than 50. We all knew each other and all the teachers and administrators on a personal level. I was a senior at the time. I was essentially the mom friend of the group of kids who were pushed around and severely bullied. The administration knew about this and refused to do anything, though I was also the golden child of the administration. I never talked back and never acted up...until one day. 

Seniors sat at the front during our school assemblies, and I sat in the very front row, middle. Near the very end of the assembly, the high school principal came on stage and started talking about bullying. They were going to start a seven-week-long program to prevent bullying. Then she goes into a long speech about how she knows that bullying isn't a problem we currently faced and that this is only preventative. This was not sarcasm. She very clearly truly believed this. My best friend had to go to a mental hospital because of this issue less than 2 years prior.

I spent the entire assembly glaring daggers at her. At one point she looked down at me and noticed. We maintained eye contact for a few seconds before she very uncomfortably looked away. She had the golden child's disapproval, and she knew it. When the head administrator got up to finish the assembly, he too started talking about how bullying wasn't an issue. He got the same treatment and had the same reaction.

I met with her later that day in her office, and as calmly as I could I laid out my complaints. She kept spouting the same bull she did earlier. Eventually, I had had enough and just stormed out. Which might not be an explosion, but for me then it was extremely dramatic. I hated her. And nothing changed.

Furious Students FactsPikist

38. Don’t Mess with the Pratt Daddy

Okay, maybe he wasn't the worst teacher, but he was definitely the strangest. Mr. Pratt was a substitute teacher I had in high school in the 1990s. It was an inner-city school, and he was an older black man with a loudmouth. There were a lot of disrespectful students though, who always mouthed back to every teacher which made learning difficult.

Mr. Pratt had an odd choice when responding to these kids. Imagine a well-dressed, but definitely, awful substitute. Now imagine this man with a puppet on his hand. Yep! When a student tried to act out, he would pull-out a puppet, obviously custom-made to look just like him. He would then start berating the student via the puppet.

The puppet was called Pratt Daddy, and he would force the student to talk to the puppet, and apologize. Most didn't, they were laughing and tried to talk over Pratt Daddy...in which case Pratt Daddy, the puppet, would kick them out of the class and lock the door. Then the puppet went back into the desk drawer, and Mr. Pratt continued. It was odd but worked as a solution to students losing their temper.

Furious Students FactsPikrepo

39. Misdirected Anger

My mother is a wretched person and was sleeping with my math teacher's husband. Of course, the spurned woman made it her priority to be demeaning to me in every chance she could. I understood where she was coming from, but at the same time, I'm not my mother and it's not my fault that she's a witch. My patience was wearing thing and then, one day I just snapped.

I threw a book at my math teacher's head, she fell backwards and slammed her head on the board. No concussion but was stunned enough that I had time to grab my stuff and bolt away while cursing at her What saved me from being expelled was that I didn't storm out of school. Instead, I went straight to the principal's office, and stated that either I was changed class or I would tell all about why the teacher was treating me so badly.

That would have been quite the bad thing for the school, so I was indeed transferred, but still was treated like a pariah for the remaining of my year there. Wretched teachers and staff knew I was beaten every frigging day and didn't do a single thing. May they rot feet first in a lousy third class retirement home.

Furious Students FactsPikist

40. Rallying the Temper

I was in math class in high school and having some difficulties solving a problem on the whiteboard, and she started to make fun of me and then laughing at me. Before I knew it, she had rallied the other students to make fun of me too. I lost my mind and flipped her desk, then when I was walking out, I punched a hole in the wall and then just left the school and drove home.

Surprisingly enough I didn’t get in any trouble because a few of the other students went to the office after I left and told them what happened. The teacher lied and said I flipped out for no reason (I’m not the type of person to do that). The teacher got suspended and I got to change to a science research class that they counted as a math class for me.

Perfect Comebacks FactsUnsplash

41. No Candy in Class

Back in the 7th grade, I had a teacher who literally didn't care about anything I did. Dude absolutely hated me. One day we were watching a movie and I got called for eating candy in class. I told the man that I wasn't eating anything that I was just playing with my pen. Dude tried to go into my pockets to see if I had anything, so I pushed him off because I was about to be felt up by no one.

Dude got in my face and started demanding me to empty my pockets, or he was going to call the administers. I told him that he didn’t have to do that because I was about to leave myself but the dude wasn’t having it and stayed in my face. I remember screaming "IF you don’t let me get out of this class, I'm going to punch your lights out." Long story short, he finally let me out and I got 10 days suspension for eating a closed fruit roll-up.

Childish Behavior From Adults factsPixabay

42. Two Can Play That Game

During my freshman year in college, I had a mandatory writing class. I like writing, but the professor was bad. The first day she said that all she cared about was the finished project and not the method we took to get there. It was even written in her syllabus. About 2 weeks later, we had our first writing assignment. It was to be a 5-page paper. But there was a catch. 

It was due in 3 weeks, and she wanted us to turn in 3 full 5-page rough drafts before then. So, my first turn in was 3 paragraphs. She gave me an F, and I told her that everyone in there just made stuff up for 5 pages and that she was a hypocrite. My second turn in was just 2 words: F. You. She gave me an F again, so I went to the dean of students.

I told him I'd take the F's, but she couldn't lie and say the writing process was independent, and then have mandatory rough drafts. He agreed with me, had the Fs wiped, and had a meeting with the professor. I was informed that I didn’t need to participate in the rough drafts the rest of the semester, but I did turn in the third one. 2 words: I. Win.

I got an A- in the class.

Furious Students FactsUnsplash

43. You Can’t Have My Heart

My gym teacher decided to tell me that having a heart condition is no reason to not participate in Track and Field. It was a hot day, and he enforced mandatory running, in addition to playing other sports. I have a bad heart, and even though I participated, I had to stop after one hour. But he forced me to do all the running events (except for the 1500m.)

After the running events I was having chest pains and he wouldn’t let me sit out of the field events, so I just punched him and then called my mom. Afterward, I did end up going to the hospital and my heart kind of was like “nope” and stopped for a few minutes.

Furious Students FactsFlickr

44. Antique Math

In my sophomore year of high school, I was in a SAT prep program with a math teacher who was a 90-year-old man and thought that math was stagnant. He refused to teach the class anything he didn't know how to do and refused that way's existence. I would sometimes calmly correct him for using an unnecessarily long way of answering a question, but one time he decided to yell at me when I tried teaching him about the diamond game, quadratic formula, and the value of I.

He lost his mind and yelled at me, accusing me of making fun of him. When he started yelling I remained calm and started telling him how it was done and did the entire equation for him with fewer steps than him while he acted like a baby trying to be disruptive. Then he started making fun of me for how skinny I was and nitpicking other stuff about me and my friends. I lost my mind and screamed at him and told him he was just an old man that should've retired, so he could stop being a burden on society.

He told me to go to the counselor's office. I went to the bathroom and played on my phone and came back 10 minutes later. I just looked at him, sat down and continued to correct him, but now patronizing him for the next 2 months. I ruined his credibility among the class and any student that passed our room. Thank god I left that awful place.

Adults Suck FactsShutterstock

45. Getting in the Halloween Spirit

When I was in high school, my English teacher asked us to write Halloween or Horror themed short stories to help us get in the Halloween mood. It was due that Friday and I got it done that Monday night since I didn’t have any other homework to do. The limit was ten pages or less, and I did ten pages exactly. When I told her that I had mine done and printed to be turned in early, she asked if I could just turn it in on Friday so it wouldn’t get lost. I told her okay and kept it safe. For extra credit, I taped a small pack of Halloween stickers mostly to make my teacher laugh.

Friday came, and I turned in the story with the stickers. My teacher loved the stickers which made me happy. Then Monday comes and I go to English class. My teacher had me stand to the front and held up my paper and said it was copied off a website because the words were spelled wrong. I explained that I typed fast and if she wanted me to fix the spelling, I wouldn’t mind doing it.

Then she said the character names were too hard to read—I used Ed and Albert. Then the teacher said the story was like a movie. My teacher got so mad she ripped the paper right then and there. My classmates said my face went from annoyed to murderous. Five hours of my life just ripped away. I called my teacher a witch and the only reason she was even teaching high school English was because she didn’t have the brains to teach anything else. My classmates all walked out with me. The teacher was suspended and later fired for doing the same thing to ten other students' hard worked stories and calling another student a name for wearing space leggings.

Furious Students FactsPexels

46. You Cannot Change What You Are, Only How You Argue with Teachers

In Year 11 English, I had a book review assignment that stated “pick any book.” I picked The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman. I didn’t need to read it as I've read the series so many times. Regardless, I read it again and wrote my report. And practiced hard on my oral report because I hated public speaking. But I got it and I nailed it. Teacher said "very well-spoken." Then a week later handed me a D. Giving me a whopping fail and dragging my overall grade down to a bee's feet below a failure.

When I asked why my grade was so low he replied, "you picked a bad book." Whoa now, fella! I erupted and we argued. I told him some rancid words he could do to himself and headed for the door. He jumped up and shut the door. I stepped on a desk, climbed out the window, scudded down a drain pipe, and walked out of school. Two weeks later the head of department asked me why I wasn't in remedial English. My response of "because I'm not a decrepit idiot" landed me an inter school suspension.

Furious Students FactsFlickr

47. Cool Glasses, Man!

I had an issue with a chemistry TA losing my lab reports or other homework. After he confronted me about another missing assignment in our chem lab we had a fairly heated exchange and I stormed out of the lab. I made it about halfway across the large public campus before realizing I still had my lab goggles on. I can only imagine what people thought of some random angry off dude walking around with lab goggles on.

Furious Students FactsFlickr

48. The Teacher with no Faith

I had a history teacher in high school that decided that because I was doing so well on my tests and not on the homework that I must be cheating on them. She proceeded to move the 2 people sitting next to me on the next test, only to find out I nearly aced it. Next test, both the person in front and behind, as well as the 2 next to me, were moved. Same result. Next test, moved me into the hallway. Same result.

After all of this, she pulled me aside and said she would still be failing me on the exam because I must have had notes hidden somewhere. Had no proof, but low and behold I got a 0 on the test. Took it up with the assistant principal, and he said nothing could be done. I walked back into the class and lost my mind on her when she handed me the test back with a large 0 written across it. It was 14 weeks of rage.

Twin Stories FactsPiqsels

49. Pushing All The Wrong Buttons

In high school, a teacher wanted to play a movie on a DVD, but she kept pressing the eject button thinking that it was the play button. The third time she went to press the same button after inserting the disc again, I may have slightly snapped that she shouldn't press the button. To which my teacher responds "Well sorry, at least I get along better with people than with computers."

Cue class laughter due to the sick burn of the teacher. Fast-forward to next time I have that class, at the start of the lesson the teacher waits till everyone is seated. Then she says, "I'm sorry about what I said in the last lesson. I was unaware that you're autistic." As far as I'm aware, I don't have autism.

Furious Students FactsPikist

50. Don’t Mess with the Thesis

It was the day of our final presentation during my 4th year in architecture school. I had worked my butt off the whole semester to produce the design and had been severely sleep-deprived for 2 weeks producing the final set of drawings. We had to pin up our drawings on partition boards. I had like eight A0 papers worth of drawings and our grades heavily depended on this set of drawings (80%). I had moved several partition boards from our studio to pin up my drawings the night before.

On the day of the presentation, my lecturer had received a message from lecturer B saying that several partition boards from the seminar room (on the 4th floor) were taken away and he needed the partition boards for his seminar. I knew that it had nothing to do with me since I didn’t take the boards from the seminar room. Our studio wasn’t even on the 4th floor, we were on the 5th floor. Surely I could keep my boards, right? Nope. I was so wrong. The lecturer assumed I robbed the boards from level 4 and proceeded to yank the partition boards and ripping one of my drawings in the process. I was furious. I shouted at him and told him to leave my drawings alone.

He was surprised that I raised my voice as I am usually a mousy and quiet person. He thought he could intimidate me because I seemed like a pushover. I was sleep-deprived and had slaved away all semester for this day just to have him yank the boards away, no way Buster. After that incident, he never really talked to me anymore and avoided eye contact with me whenever we happened to bump into each other at the faculty.

Micaela Almonester FactsPikist

51. Orgueil et Préjugés

I had a French teacher in high school who was an incredible xenophobe. I had heard about it from my older sister, but we all brushed off her concerns because she was generally dramatic about everything. He told prejudiced jokes in class and then told the kids not to tell anyone outside the class the joke because ya know, it was funny, but they wouldn't get it. He would give better grades to white kids who worked on the same project as non-white kids.

At that point, I had enough. I decided to withdraw from french as I felt I already knew the language and didn't need this garbage. I took a free block instead where I worked in the library. Other French teachers tried to talk me out of withdrawing from the program, but he argued that I wasn't very good at french anyway and it was probably for the better.

One day one of my friends who was a visible minority came running in the library crying. I don't remember what he had said to her but it was pretty culturally insensitive. I marched up to his class room with her and called him out for his prejudice, telling him off in French. After that school year he stopped teaching and returned to France.

Alcibiades FactsNeedpix

52. Stop Doing That

I had a calculus professor in college who had such poor English, she could only say “you do this.” I confronted her about her lack of vocabulary one day after class. She said that it wasn’t her fault I was failing the class. So, I recorded audio from a lecture of hers to show to the head of the Math dept. I was able to count over 150 times the phrase “you do this” was used in a 45-minute lecture. She was replaced two weeks later and that’s when I started understanding calculus. But I was furious that someone was put in a place to teach that could only explain things by saying “you do this.”

Furious Students FactsNeedpix

53. Why So Serious?

An English teacher I had in high school asked the class to spend half of the class in the library, finding a love poem. I chose Sonnet 130 by Shakespeare. It's not a standard love poem; it says nothing nice about the lady until the very end. She failed me on the project. The very next project was to choose a poem that described our general feelings around that time.

I chose a poem from the existentialists. I don't recall exactly which one, but it was about taking your own life. Again, I failed the project. I'll never forget her response after I read it aloud, "Why would you choose something so awful and sad??" A girl in the class said, "maybe that's how he feels?" She sent me to the principal's office for punishment. I felt like I wasn’t allowed to feel what I felt, and it made me want to rage even more.

Furious Students FactsPxfuel

54. All’s Well That Ends Well

A friend of mine got into a discussion with a teacher. It quickly turned into an argument. He held up the rest of the lesson, with the chap basically being awkward and pedantic, not letting it go, getting unduly steamed up himself, and apparently not realizing that everyone was getting pretty tired. The teacher made some snide remark and the chap flipped, threw a chair, and walked out. He waited outside to cool off, and afterward, the teacher went outside as well, said something to the effect of "I think we both ought to apologize for what just happened" and so they did. And all was well. This was about 15 years ago, and the two are now good friends.

Unprofessional Teachers FactsFlickr

55. Llorar a mares

I had a Spanish teacher, and in order to gain other students' sympathy, she would make fun of one of the students for the entire class. Of course, other students would sometimes laugh because the class was super boring so it was like a show. However, I HATED the whole thing. She would pick the students that didn't reply to her provocation, the low-profile type, and she would say "Oh, it's just a joke!"

One day, she chose the guy that never caused trouble for her next victim. She used him as an example to describe a homeless guy in a picture. After 10 (long) minutes, he stands up and leaves the classroom crying. And when she stops him before he leaves, he turns around the drops the mic. He says his dad passed the previous night and pushed her away.

Once the door closed behind him, she paused for a second, pretending to be crying, and mocked him saying, "My dad just passed cry cry, poor baby" Before I realized it, she had my Spanish book flying in her face, and I called her an "ugly witch." Yeah, yeah, my insult level isn't great in Spanish, but it got the job done!

Furious Students FactsWallpaper Flare

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