People Who Found Their Friend’s Secret Internet Account Share What They Discovered


What happens when you think you know someone, only to find out they are keeping a pretty big secret from you? It’s a jarring feeling to find out that a friend or loved one is hiding something major about themselves from you. It can cause you to feel differently about them; perhaps because you never expected them to lie in the first place, or perhaps because what they were keeping is enough to make you end the friendship.

However, there are times where you can understand why that person felt it necessary to keep their secret to themselves. The following stories are from internet users around the world sharing what they found out about a friend after finding their secret internet account. These stories may just convince you to go searching for the secret internet accounts of your own friends, particularly if you’ve been feeling suspicious about their behavior. After all, you never know what people might be hiding from you.

#1 People Are Not Always Who They Seem

I did some digging and found out my friend was dealing with some serious psychiatric disorders. She was a pathological liar and had emotionally abused her husband all throughout their relationship. It had turned to physical abuse after they got married. Eventually, she cheated and they got divorced. I was absolutely shocked, since although I didn’t see her regularly (we lived states apart), we kept in contact over social media, and I had absolutely no hint of this whatsoever.

I went back through her various social media accounts and, at first, things didn’t make any sense since she was still tagging the husband in photos. A bit more digging and I realized she had basically nuked her account—the account she was tagging her husband in was fake (so it wasn’t actually her husband, it was just an account with the same name and profile picture). She was pretending they were still together.

It seemed like she would log into both accounts and reply to posts as her “husband.” The next time she chatted with me, I asked about the husband, seeing if she would open up, but she pretended they were still together and that he had said hi to me, etc. It was really creepy knowing the truth and just seeing all these lies about what they were doing together.



#2 Bullies May Have Reasons For Their Behavior, But It’s Still No Excuse

I found the secret account of one of my bullies from high school, who used to bully me for having autism and Tourettes. I found out that her mom passed away about a month before the bullying started. That doesn’t excuse the horrible things she said and did to me, however, I do have sympathy for her. No one deserves to lose their mom.

#3 The Inkling That His Girlfriend’s Family Didn’t Like Him Was Spot On

I felt for a while that my girlfriend’s family didn’t like me, but whenever I said anything to her about it, she insisted I was wrong and just imagining it. Then, I found her brother’s secret profile. I started scrolling through, and sure enough, he has posted several times things like, “My family and I hate my sister’s boyfriend.”

It hurt my feelings, and I also felt like my girlfriend kind of gaslit me by insisting I was wrong. But I will say one thing made me feel better: He did a post on a thread “Am I The Jerk,” asking whether he’s a jerk for not wanting to invite me to family stuff. Basically, all the commenters said he was the jerk because his reasons for not liking me were really shallow and stupid.



#4 What Was This Coworker Hiding?

A new coworker of mine moved back home to care for his sick mom. A couple of months later, he asked management if he could come back and they said yes. He must have been having trouble coping with something because he disappeared sometime in the afternoon on his first day back. A day or two after he disappeared, a post was made on a local thread that was obviously written by him. He was just asking if anyone wanted to hang out because he didn’t have many friends. I got really worried and asked him if everything was okay. He never responded and deleted his account shortly after. Anyway, he was really into programming. We could have been really good friends.



#5 It’s Bad News When A Family Member Secretly Despises You

Found an extended family member’s account and was unpleasantly surprised by how many disparaging comments there were about me and my family.


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#6 You Never Know What’s Going On In A Person’s Life Unless You Ask Or Snoop Online

I found my coworker’s secret account recently. Apparently, she feels really invalidated and under-appreciated in her position, which really surprised me because she’s a highly influential manager who makes probably more than three times as much as me.


#7 A Pleasant Surprise On His Wife’s Little Known Social Media Account

I found my wife’s account. It wasn’t a “secret” account per se, but then again I didn’t know she even had an account, to begin with. Turns out, she’s a really nice person who posts positive and uplifting things to people who usually need to hear it. 10/10 would marry again.


#8 An Interesting Topic To Have Such Strong Secret Feelings About

According to my friend’s secret account, he is extremely opposed to the concept of circumcision. I’m extremely close with this person and I had absolutely no clue how passionate the was about the subject.


#9 Her “Friend” Had Secret Motives That Were Disgusting

He was my friend, but it turns out he made a whole incel-inspired post about how I was an “idiot” who wouldn’t sleep with him. Incels define themselves as men unable to find romantic partners, even though they very much want one. I was pretty sure it was him—a couple of clicks throughout his profile basically confirmed it.  We are not friends anymore.

#10 Her Boyfriend’s Little Brother Has Got His Underwear Preferences All Wrong

I found my boyfriend’s little brother’s Tumblr. He apparently likes wearing girl’s undergarments, which I absolutely do not understand because it’s always the super itchy lacy ones that rip after one wash. You do you, little bro, but get some comfy spandex boy-shorts. Way comfier, I promise.


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#11 She Was Seriously Crushing On Him For Years

I found out through her secret account that she’s actually been in love with me for the last five years.  Good thing I found out because now we’re dating.

#12 He Was Stealing Other People’s Stories And Claiming Them For His Own

I was crushed to discover many of my friend’s funny anecdotes were stories from he stole from the internet that he simply said happened in his own life. He commented on most of them asking details so that he could be as elaborate as possible when telling the stories. It was pretty sad to learn he was not as cool as I thought he was.


#13 If You’re Not A Doctor, Don’t Diagnose

She boasted in a thread about being right when telling my ex-husband that I have bipolar disorder. For the record, I do not have bipolar disorder; in fact, I’m actually not diagnosed with anything, and a year after my separation, I’m doing loads of work on myself. If she stalks me too, I want her to know both my therapist and doctor agree that I’m 100% mentally stable.

#14 The Hypocrisy Of People Is Startling Sometimes

He’s surprisingly racist for a man who’s married to an immigrant. People think they can hide behind the screen and get away with horrible things… Little do they know that’s actually how their true colors come out for everyone to see. I wonder what he would do if I ever confronted him about his secret doings online, bullying other people.


#15 Live And Let Live

I found out one of my friends was into crossdressing and posted a lot of pictures where he looked like a very convincing girl. He figured out I knew when I said his username during a conversation once. He just went quiet, looked at me, and said, “So… Whaddya think?” I chuckled and said, “Do what you want to do.” I’m not going to judge. He’s still a good friend.


#16 A Secret Furry

He loves putting on a costume and acting like a dog. He said it helps him decompress and it’s mostly psychological. The most interesting part was how often and vehemently he denied being a furry. I know it may sound like splitting hairs to me, but it’s definitely had notes of ‘he who doth protest too much.’


#17 Sharing Secrets Is A Huge Relief To The Psyche

I found out one of my best friends was feeling very depressed. She was pretty sure she had a rare medical condition but didn’t want to burden others with the information. I was a little hurt, but mostly sad that she didn’t feel like she could share that with me. I never brought it up because I respected her desire for privacy. A couple of months later, she opened up to me about all of it and I’ve been supporting them however I can ever since.

#18 Even Tough Guys Have A Soft Side

Found out my good friend really likes the show 90 Day Fiancé. Like, loves it. I hope he somehow sees this. I got nothing against it, but he’s a big, tough, tatted-up jiu-jitsu black belt, so it just surprised me a little bit. He’s awesome.

#19 This Guy Is Secretly Making Sweet Comments About His Wife Online

I found my husband’s secret account and discovered he says a lot of really nice things about me. That’s what I’m living for, y’all.


#20 He Wants To Get Back Together

An ex-boyfriend gave himself away by a code we used to use. His entire profile posted to relationship and advice pages on how to get me back and how to get over heartbreak. It made me really sad—I was a bad person when we dated and I clearly messed him up. He was a good guy and I hope he finds somebody that makes him forget about me.


#21 Sometimes It’s Just Easier To Talk To Strangers

I found my best friend’s account and decided to snoop through her posts and comments. She commented a lot to group therapy and break up support threads when her boyfriend broke up with her. I knew she was upset but I didn’t realize how depressed she actually was at the time. It kind of makes me feel like a bad friend, but I only knew as much as she let on.


#22 There Are Two Sides To Every Story

I found a secret account belonging to a former friend. We were never close, but she made my friend’s life horrible for a while, so I didn’t feel bad snooping. It was interesting to see her take on what happened with my friend. I learned about it based on some comments she’d made. She had an interesting way of interpreting facts with little regard to reality to make herself look like a victim. I think about it a lot when I am online, and try to remember there are two sides to every story. Usually, people are trying to make themselves look good.


#23 The Other Cats Would Be Devastated

I found out that my girlfriend has a favorite cat. I didn’t tell the other cats.


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#24 Her Best Friend Was Actually Deranged And In Love With Her

I was currently living with my boyfriend and our mutual best friend, I’ll call him Dan. Dan, my boyfriend and I had all met and become good friends at about the same time a few years ago. The three of us were inseparable, basically, and we all lived together.  If the boyfriend wasn’t around, I hung out with Dan. If Dan wasn’t around, I hung out with the boyfriend. If I wasn’t around, the two of them hung out.

We spent basically every night together, the three of us. The trio felt impenetrable. Then,m Dan told me several months after we started talking that he had feelings for me when we first met, but he respected that my boyfriend and I had feelings for each other. He emphasized STRONGLY in the months to come that our relationship was just platonic.

 He was always a little bit of a ‘soft’ guy if that makes sense. He cried a lot, seemed really in touch with his emotions, was really complimentary of people and so, so sweet. Also, Dan was extremely protective of me and clearly jealous when I spent too much time with just my boyfriend. When I asked him about it, he said it was because I’m his absolute best friend in the world, nothing more.

Dan was also physically affectionate. At the time, I thought he was like that with everyone, but looking back, it was mostly with girls… More specifically, with me. He had a habit of coming to rub my shoulders after I got out of the shower. Now you might be thinking, how did you not realize that something was going on there?

After a while, Dan told me that he was mostly into guys. He really played up the gay best friend act to lure me into accepting his creepy behavior. The physical touching was generally something I’d be okay with a female friend doing, so why not a platonic male friend? I’m personally very physically open and really didn’t mind the touching.

Dan assured me he was into other people, not me, many times. Here is where his secret account comes in. He started hinting to me I should look at his secret account. He never said this explicitly, but he took the time to spell out his handle for me on multiple occasions. He clearly wanted me to look. I refrained for a while to respect his privacy, but after one insistence too many, I eventually looked.

The first thing he posted was an extremely long and elaborate love letter to me outlining a few key points. He loved me more than anything in this world. He dreamt of me at night and yearned for me to wake up by his side every morning. And he really HATED my boyfriend and had only pretended to be his friend so he could get closer to me.

It read like a manifesto. Completely deranged. He MADE UP stories about how my boyfriend mistreated and abused me; how HE would be my KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR to save me. He would treat me better than boyfriend ever could. He even bragged about how he TEXTED MY MOM more than my boyfriend did. Very weird stuff like that.

But alas, he was the tragic hero, doomed to watch his girl get snatched by an alpha male while he, the good guy, sat by the sidelines. For the record, I completely believe that he thinks his delusional stories are true. He was obviously mentally ill. He praised me like I was a god. My boyfriend and I packed all of our stuff in a panic and RAN out of our building faster than I can even describe to you.

Nevertheless, we ran into Dan. Dan looked at us in a pseudo-innocent panic, asking what happened. We, in unbelievable fear, yelled at him to leave us alone and we just kept running. Dan began to cry. He was taken away to a mental hospital that night. I haven’t spoken to him since. In summary, sometimes you don’t know your friends as well as you think you do.


#25 The Ill Fate Of A Rabbit Revealed

He ended my rabbit intentionally and confessed his doings in his secret account.

#26 He Is Who He Is Both Online And In Real Life

He was exactly who I thought he was! It turns out that sometimes a great friend is also a great person.

#27 People Always Have Their Reasons

He is gay. We’re in a liberal area with pretty progressive people, so it would be a non-event for everyone to know, but for whatever reason, it is just something he keeps to himself and has for years.


#28 His Past Behavior Was Unacceptable

My ex-boyfriend’s true colors came out when I found his secret account. He revealed in a comment that he had previously slept with his best friend’s girlfriend. He said that he didn’t feel sorry, and would most definitely do it again because he “had a good time.” Gross. Luckily, I dodged that bullet. Thank God I found that secret account.

#29 Mental Illness Is Serious Business

I found my brother’s account a couple of years ago. There were several rantings about me and how much of a burden my mental illness was on my family. It took me a cold minute to get over that one. I didn’t speak to him for months, but eventually confronted him about it. We’re okay now, and I know he’s got my back no matter what.

#30 The Sad Case Of Manipulative Relationships

I learned that my friend was in an emotionally abusive relationship. Her boyfriend seemed like a good guy but I found a bunch of her posts. I learned about how he made her feel guilty every time she didn’t want to be physically intimate, and would then threaten to hurt himself because she didn’t want to. It all happened about two years ago. They broke up, but she still tells all of our friends how much she misses him and still loves him.

#31 And They Lived Happily Ever After

I found out an ex-boyfriend of mine really, really likes guys. I hadn’t spoken to him in years and he never posted on Facebook, so it was weird that he suddenly popped up on my feed. I had just seen the exact same picture and caption on a thread while I was bored. I went back post, and what do you know, his username was the same as his barely-used Instagram handle.

I’m sure his girlfriend at the time had no idea, and I felt really bad that I’d uncovered this secret that he clearly didn’t want anyone to know. For the record, I never told a soul, until now… But I just looked him up on Facebook again and it looks like he and his husband are happily living their best life. I’m glad he gets to finally be comfortable being himself.

#32 Her Secret Pokemon Life

My coworker has a secret account that exclusively talks about Pokemon GO. Like, that’s all she does with it. A whole separate account for just that one game. The most shocking thing is that she thought her love for that game had to be kept separate from all her other activities, which are super normal and not at all weird.

#33 He’s Doesn’t Tell His Friends He’s A Famous YouTuber

I learned that my friend was a passably famous Youtuber (500K+ subscribers) but I never confronted him about it. If he doesn’t want his real-life friends to know about his online persona, I respect his choice.

#34 Faking A Developmental Disorder Is Just Wrong

My ex had been faking having Aspergers for the entire time I had known her.


#35 The Classic “Nice Guy”

The most shocking thing I found out was how much of a “nice guy” he was. He’d post his Tinder messages on his secret account accusing girls of never giving him a chance because “nice guys always finish last.” The messages themselves were quite insightful as well. He wasn’t terribly rude to them in the texts, just very generic and bland. Honestly, I would have never guessed; he always seemed like a genuine, chill dude.


#36 She Has More In Common With Her Boss Than She Thought

My boss. Turns out we both like badmouthing the same customers. God bless him.


#37 Sometimes It’s Best To Let The Past Stay In The Past

I found out the extent to which my fiancé cheated on me while I was deployed for a year. I had caught her already, but the timeline of comments made and the references in certain threads made it abundantly clear that she was actually trying to give her ex another chance… all while I was having the worst year of my life in the sandbox. She doesn’t know that I know, but I’m still trying to figure my next course of action.

#38 The Lies People Make Up To Protect Their Ego

The rumor was that my friend’s wife left him for her high school boyfriend. The real story was my friend pressured his wife to have an open relationship because she wasn’t losing weight fast enough postpartum to be attractive to him. He then demanded that she stop sleeping around when he wasn’t able to convince anyone to sleep with him.

#39 She Would Have Been Much Better Off Not Seeing That

I found my ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend’s secret account. I read a LOT about their relationship and ended up finding out that they got engaged before they announced it on Facebook. 

#40 His Friend Is In The Closet And He Never Realized

A buddy of mine recently got Snapchat and had a very unique username that had something to do with the place where we grew up. When I saw that username auto-populate on my Snap, I immediately knew it was him. You can imagine how shocked I was when I saw how active that same username was in groups like “Naughty from Neglect.” He married one of my best friends who is female, so I was really surprised to see him 0n the activity search, and even more shocked that all his posts were looking for males only.


#41 Being Humble Is The State Of Mind, Not Just Actions

He posted in a guitar thread and mentioned a qualification that you can only get in my country. Then he mentioned something about the college I went to and I figured out that he was in my class. I thought about leaving a comment like, “We went to the same classes, how’s it going,” but I had to think about this. He was my friend that I’d known for nearly 15 years and I had the upper hand.

I decided not to pursue the situation online but instead to confront him directly. He always had my respect because even though he was unbelievably talented at the guitar, he was never arrogant or judgemental about it. I read a little further and found a comment he left specifically trashing me, and how the was the best player in the class. I hate the fact that the guy I always respected for being a humble and passionate musician is an arrogant jerk. After speaking to him face-to-face, we’re no longer friends.

#42 He Did It Out Of The Kindness Of His Heart, Not For Recognition

That he was promoting my YouTube channel on multiple different online channels. It got me one of my biggest videos. Thanks, Ellis.


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#43 Good Thing Their Families Still Don’t Know Their Secret

I found out that he and his wife are swingers. They’re from very conservative families and would be very strongly ostracized if they were outed!


#44 It’s Hard To Feel No Emotion

I found out that my friend is afraid of himself. I don’t know entirely the extent of his mind and stuff, but apparently, he just can’t feel any emotion. Part of me always thought it was a joke because I couldn’t comprehend it. I felt really bad. I check up on the account regularly just in case there’s something worse that happens.


#45 Adults Can Be Really Into Legos Too

He is into legos. Like, really into legos. Spends ~$10,000 per year on legos. I’ve been to his home, I’ve seen several models lying around, but nowhere near to the extent his hobby would suggest. He never talks about legos, either. I asked him about his legos shortly after (I am nowhere near as huge of a fan, but I do enjoy their appeal). It was like opening the floodgates. For three weeks, he would talk about nothing but legos each time we met. Apparently, he keeps them in his attic, as his office is in his home and he still wants to keep a professional facade. I lost direct touch with him about three years ago, but I hear he got married, and his wife (fiance at the time) was quite amused by his “secret” hobby.