People Who Evaded An Extremely Dangerous Situation Share What Happened

Have you ever evaded death? Sure, we’ve all had some run-ins with danger at some point, but some people have escaped severe consequences at a nearly miraculous level. These superhumans have must insane resilience, great genetics, or pure, fantastical luck. While their stories sound unreal, they are as true as they are terrifying. It’s impossible to imagine surviving some of these harrowing, life-threatening incidents.

Could you imagine living through electrocution powerful enough to shoot you through the air? What about getting hit by a Uhaul truck…and immediately getting back up? Or breaking your neck at a pool party and continuing to partake in the festivities? What about nearly plummeting off of a cliff for the sake of not spilling your drink? Yes, people have lived through these mind-boggling experiences—and these fortunate people took to the Internet to share their miraculous survival stories.

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#1 Hey, Probably Not The Best Plan

One time, when I was young and carefree, I was riding a motorcycle for maybe the second time, at 30 mph. At some point, some wires in my brain just misfired. I was like, “I wonder what would happen if I crossed my arms and held the left handlebar with my right hand the right with my left?” I’ll tell you what happened. I just narrowly missed oncoming traffic and smacked right into a wall.



#2 You Must Have An Insane Pain Tolerance

Dove into a pool and broke my neck at the C2 level (it’s called a hangman fracture). I was so tipsy that I thought I just pulled a muscle or something, so I kept partying. There are pictures of me with a bag of frozen peas on my neck grilling, taking a shot from an ice luge, etc., all the while my freaking neck was BROKEN.

Once the disc popped out because I was PLAYING CHICKEN WITH SOMEONE ON MY SHOULDERS IN THE SAME POOL, that’s when I realized that maybe something was wrong. One emergency spinal fusion surgery, five days in the hospital, three months bedridden, medical discharge from the Army (RIP that career) and I was good as new. I totally should be paralyzed right now.



#3 Holy Crap, That Could Have Been Bad

I drove over an IED in Iraq, but the battery had gone bad in the heat. If the battery was live, I wouldn’t be. I was in a rural area. I didn’t see some disturbed dirt in the road that we were driving on, but my lieutenant in the passenger seat almost soiled his pants because his life flashed before his eyes. He literally curled into a ball in his seat.

I asked him what was up and he said he was sure that there was something back there. We were currently escorting troop carriers to drop off a foot patrol in the middle of nowhere, so after we completed our drop off, we went back on his order to check out the spot. My truck was the only one with an RF jammer, so I took the lead up to the spot my lieutenant had seen.

When I saw it, I thought to myself, “Holy heck, how did I not see that?” I was the “demo” guy since we didn’t have enough EOD in the area, so I went up to it, saw the pressure plate and wires, dug it up and there it was. A battery with the battery acid all leaked out. They didn’t bury it deep enough, and it was the middle of summer.

It was about 130 feet out, which is not good for the battery. Under the battery and pressure plate was a box, about the size of a footlocker filled with explosives and accelerant. If it had gone off, my whole truck would have been dust. We had to do a controlled demo since EOD was busy, and after we took it out, half the road had a 5-foot deep crater in it.



#4 Thank God For Your Hair!

I climbed onto one of those underpasses that allow river water to flow through when I was about five. I ended up getting swept in the current and taken down the river. The only reason I survived is that my dad saw my long hair barely under the current and he jumped in to save me. He pumped the water out of my lungs and I was able to breathe.



#5 That’s What I Call A Near Miss…

I was carrying a toilet by myself after having painted the bathroom. I got caught up in the drop cloth and fell on the toilet, smashing it into pieces. A slice of the porcelain cut into my knee. My father was there with me and immediately took me to the hospital as the bleeding was pretty heavy. The doctor told me that the piece missed an artery by a quarter inch and that if I had been a smaller man, I’d have bled out before I made it to the hospital. Being a very large man (6’2” and 350 lbs at the time) saved my life.


#6 Yeah, Don’t Eat Stuff You Find On The Floor

I was three-years-old and I loved M&Ms. I found blue ones behind the stove, so I picked them up and stuffed them in my mouth. It turned out, they were covered in rat poison. My house had a rat problem and my parents had placed the poison around the perimeter of the room. Luckily, they rushed me to poison control and I was stabilized.


#7 This Mistake Actually Saved Your Life

I was driving from Italy to France. I was going to meet up with my husband and should have just flown, but I wanted to bring our dog and avoid renting a car when we got there. It was supposed to be a 12-hour drive but once I got to Rome, I realized I forgot my passport at home. I had to turn around and double back, putting me behind by two-ish hours. Because of my backtracking, I wasn’t on the Morandi Bridge when it collapsed that day.


#8 Well, That Was Certainly Unexpected

I was playing with the laundry chute in my childhood home when I was around five years old. My cousins and I took turns dropping things down the chute while someone else stood at the bottom and dodged them. For the most part, it was things like washcloths, stuffed animals, a clothing item, etc. It just so happened that when I stood under the chute, my cousin dropped a 5 lb dumbbell down and I, expecting something harmless, didn’t get out of the way. That ended the game real quick. I now part my hair in a way that hides the bald spot scar on my head.


#9 That’s Not A Great Concoction

On Christmas Eve many, many years ago, I couldn’t sleep so I took two sleeping pills. It didn’t really have an effect and I was impatient, so I decided to take two more heavy-duty allergy medications on top of the sleeping pills. Being a young, naive boy, I had no idea of the consequences of mixing medicines like that. I had taken maybe three times the normal dosage for a 12-year-old. I felt extremely “off” for the following week or so, but I ended up fine.


#10 Wow, You Guys Sure Got Lucky There

When I was 17 years old, I was driving down country roads at like, 2 a.m. with a friend. We had just left the movies and we were blasting a CD in the car, which caused me to drive like a maniac. My car was older so the speedometer only read up to 85 mph, despite the fact that we were going much faster. I didn’t see a turn and there was about an eight-foot drop-off right next to the road. We jumped over it and ended up in the middle of a field. After we calmed down, we went and looked and my car split right between two trees. Hitting either one would’ve killed us both since we didn’t have seat belts on.


#11 Let’s Try Not Chopping Our Heads Off

Back when I was 12 years old, I was helping my mom to cook. She asked me to cut the carrots, which I did, but after that, my brain farted. I felt an itch in my neck and instinctively tried to scratch myself with my non-dominant hand, the one that I was holding the knife with, I legitimately didn’t realize until I felt the tip of the knife. It wasn’t a specially sharp knife, but with a bit more pressure I would have stabbed myself.


#12 That Was A Shocking Surprise…

Many years ago, I owned a pub. I went upstairs to the house area and found all the lights turned off. I flicked the trip switches to turn the lights back on, which they did. I then heard running water from my co-owners fishtank in the lounge. Turned out, the protein skimmer had flipped over and was spilling water over the wall socket. Instinctively, (and very stupidly), I went to turn off the plug and as soon as I touched it, I got sent flying over the back of the sofa. I don’t know how, but I’m still alive to this day.


#13 There’s No Way You Should Have Survived

I was driving at 80 km/hr and hit a car that was going through a red light perpendicular to my direction of travel. I came to a dead stop after hitting the back quarter panel of their car whilst they barrel-rolled three times into the nature strip. I hit the windscreen with my head as well. I’m 6’5″ and wasn’t wearing a seatbelt because I thought I was top stuff.

Both the other driver and I walked away unscathed which was the most surprising of all. I was taken to the hospital because of my collision with the windscreen but was released shortly after the scans came back okay. I don’t know what saved me or the other driver that day, but I thought I died for a few seconds after the impact.


#14 Thanks For The Efforts To Save Me, Sweetie

I tried to take a Nyquil pill last night, but I choked on it instead. The thing was lodged in my throat for maybe eight minutes, I think. I was lucky that there was just enough room in my airpipe to keep some air flowing, but man there was a lot of pain. My poor girlfriend tried her best with the Heimlich but she was just not strong enough to force a good thrust of air out to dislodge it. The pill finally started dissolving and went down about a minute before the local fire department arrived.


#15 A Wall Of Knife Rocks? Oh Heck No

We spent a day hiking Mt. Rainier around the Sunrise area. I went off the trail and started to walk up a slope of sharp, broken rocks. The edges were literally like dulled knives. I was halfway up, and a big chunk of the ground started to shift under me. It looked like the entire hillside started to slide. I freaked out and ran sideways as fast as I could, hearing the wall of knife-rocks slide down behind me.


#16 Welp, Your Plans Sure Fell Through

Back in high school, a group of friends and I decided to explore an abandoned mental hospital located in Indianapolis. We got up to the roof and we were hanging out, just enjoying the view. At some point, we saw some plastic looking things on the roof and a couple of guys started breaking them. I full sprinted at one and jumped on it. Turned out, they were skylights and I immediately began to fall through. Luckily for me, one person grabbed me and stopped me from falling down four-stories. I should have died that day.


#17 Well That Turned Out Pretty Terrible

I fell down my friend’s basement stairs when I was eight (I hit my head on the concrete floor) and ended up being airlifted to a major city hospital after being knocked out. I woke up a couple of days later and found out I was missing a tooth. The doctors told me that when they were putting a breathing tube in, it knocked my tooth down my throat.

But I was super happy cause I played Melee for the first time in the game room and ate jello for meals. Turned out, I was actually in a comatose state and gradually got worse over 48 hours until I had zero brain activity for about six minutes. So, I guess I did die, but I didn’t find out from my family until afterward, because who tells an eight-year-old that they died?


#18 Thank God For The Revolution…

When my mother was pregnant with me, she went to the doctor’s office and he asked her something along the lines of: “Woman, what are you doing here? Go home, the revolution has begun! They are shooting people!” She took his advice and went home because the Romanian revolution of ’89 had just started. She could have been caught in a deadly crossfire if she didn’t return home at that very moment, and I wouldn’t be alive today.


#19 Don’t Drink And Run Through The Woods, Kids

I passed out in the woods after running from the cops. I was at a party in college and when I was tipsy beyond measure, I started walking home. I got like, half a mile from campus when a cop pulled over to talk to me. It was like, 3 a.m. and my intoxicated butt couldn’t walk in a straight line on the sidewalk. My instant reaction to seeing the blue lights was to bolt into the woods at full speed.

Of course, I couldn’t see what obstacles were in my way, so at some point, I had tried to either climb a fence or run through thorn bushes. Eventually, I ran head first into a tree and fell down. I had probably the most absurd thought I’ve ever had. “If I hold my breath, the cops can’t see where I am.” So I did that and passed out while lying on my back in the woods.

I woke up a few hours later as the sun was coming up and realized I had shredded my clothes. I had one really bad cut that ran lengthwise down the interior of my forearm, starting at my wrist. This was 12 years ago and I can still see the scar from that particular cut. The rest have healed and faded, but that one is still prominent. Had it been a little deeper, I have no doubt I would have bled out while lying on the ground in the woods. There were probably three or four things that should have killed me that night but didn’t.


#20 What An Awful Way To Go Out…

I nearly fell into a volcano leaning on a rope fence. I was on an excursion to a volcano and we were helicoptered to the top. I wanted to lean in to get a closer feel of the heat emanating from the volcano and my foot slipped. My body flung forward over the rope fence, and luckily my friend grabbed me to stop my forward momentum.


#21 I’d Rather Not Be A Human Shish Kabob

My dad got trashed and tried to jump over the fence at Yankee Stadium with his friends. He failed and an iron spike punctured him. He remembers being rushed to the hospital and bleeding everywhere. Everyone thought he was going to die of blood loss. He didn’t die, but he also made several more stupid mistakes after that, such as riding a motorcycle without a helmet on and breaking several ribs, etc. Honestly, he is still stupid and I’m surprised he hasn’t died yet.


#22 You Vastly Underestimated Your Injuries, Buddy

This was 13 years ago. I was skateboarding with some buddies at a busy shopping center. A few minutes before leaving, we were waiting at a crosswalk to cross the street. One of my friends took off running across the crosswalk and we all followed suit.  I wasn’t even paying attention to the light, but the lane crossing the crosswalk was on a green light.

My two friends in front were in the clear, but my other friend and I both hit by a U-haul truck going probably 40-45 mph. My friend in front of me didn’t get hit too bad, but I got hit square in the chest. I had no clue at the time what even had happened.  I was running, then I was on the ground in a daze, with no pain. I even got up and instinctually ran back to the sidewalk that I had come from.

I had no clue I’d been hit by a truck, I was more just like, what in the heck just happened? A nurse that was at the light came and helped me, told me what had happened and helped me stay calm. She asked if I was having trouble breathing.  I was, but I always attributed it to my asthma. Later, they found out it was an entirely separate issue.

Anyway, the ambulance showed up. I was holding up very well, no clue why. I was kind of just thinking, okay, I must have gotten super lucky. I’m conscious, talking fine, and there’s really no biggie. They only had one bed in the ambulance, so my buddy was lying on it, and I was sitting hunched over on the bench for the ride.

We got to the hospital, and I tried to pull myself up to get out of the ambulance. I couldn’t because my shoulders hurt way too bad. The EMS guys told me I probably dislocated my shoulder and that I’d just have to get it popped in. Once inside, WE GOT PUT IN THE WAITING ROOM. Here we were, two guys close to death, being put on hold.

We had skateboards with us, and the desk people had no clue. They assumed we just fell on our skateboards or something. I was still feeling pretty good—other than some sore shoulders, I was just chilling there watching Wheel of Fortune. Then, all of a sudden, I started feeling super clammy and disoriented. I remember hearing my mom screaming, “HE’S GOING INTO SHOCK” and then next thing I know I was being wheeled down a bunch of hallways.

It was like in shows where it’s a blur of those florescent lights just flashing overhead one at a time. Anyways, after a ton of tests, it was discovered that both of my lungs were punctured. My collar bones were also snapped in half and I had broken ribs, a cracked sternum, and a concussion. I ended up spending the next couple weeks in ICU.


#23 That’s Way, Way Too Much, Pal

About three days ago, I started developing a cough. I hate coughing and how it tears up my throat, so I finished off a bottle of Delsym and bought two bottles of Theraflu that I could basically sip throughout the day to keep the cough away. At about 7 p.m. on Tuesday, I started drinking the Theraflu and that night had gone through about half a bottle. No biggie.

The next morning, the cough persisted so I kept drinking, and by 11 a.m. I had gone through both bottles. Now, of course, I didn’t read the bottle or what was inside, because it was cough syrup. Like, how bad could it be, right? Wrong. Turns out, there is 650 mg of acetaminophen per 30 ml dose of Theraflu, and with 245.5 ml per bottle. I had taken something close to 10,000 mg of acetaminophen.

Now, the recommended max daily dose is about 3,000 mg. I had accidentally taken over double the limit. The next 36 hours were spent trying to flush my system out with as much fluid as I could as it was too late to throw it up and closely monitor for signs of liver failure. I went through the worst pain because of a stupid little cough.


#24 I Can’t Imagine Your Mother’s Face…

I wasn’t wearing a helmet while on a bicycle and I stupidly turned left just as a car overtook me. Somehow, I only got a neat scar through my eyebrow and some torn up kneecaps from it. But the look on my mother’s face when she picked me up from the hospital… That made me realize how profoundly stupid I was that day.


#25 Hey, At Least You Gave Cleaning A Shot

I remember organizing my room when I was 10 or so. I had a lava lamp on the verge of falling off my cabinet, but I didn’t notice until I heard a loud shatter on my floor. For some reason, my brain thought it would be a good idea to pick up all the shards. I jabbed my foot with a huge piece of glass and passed out from the pain.

I woke up in a hospital bed and realized the shard was gone from my foot. I looked around at the relieved looks from my family. It turned out, when I passed out, I hit my head on the cement floor (I was living in my parent’s basement) and cracked my skull partially open. I was bleeding profusely, apparently. I got taken to the hospital by my family and they thought I was dead.


#26 So, Your Wife Kinda Rocks

It took on 70+ hours a week at my job, just for the money. I hated the job, I hated my boss and I hated myself. I could not look myself in the mirror anymore. I was extremely close to having a heart attack, gained 60 kg and could hardly sleep, but every month, $12,000+  was deposited into my bank account and that made me get up again and again. My wife said either you quit or I walk. That really saved my life.


#27 This Is All Sorts Of Hazardous

I fell asleep at the wheel while driving nine hours to a new job cross country. It was nighttime and it was raining really hard too. I should be dead. I made it out with just fractured ribs, collapsed lungs and chipped teeth. But no… Seeing my car, a Honda Civic,  as a crushed cube, just from the accident, really opened my eyes. Again, thank you, paramedics.


#28 Thank Goodness For Helicopter Parents

I live in Texas. As a young child, my family drove out to this scenic spot out in the hill country to look at wildflowers and chill. I must have been about six or so at the time. Anyway, we get there, and we’re at the top of this hill. At the bottom, there’s this huge expanse of bluebonnets, so of course, I take off at a flat sprint to see the flowers.

But I was too young and stupid to understand gravity and slopes, and about halfway down the hill I completely lost control of my legs and was flinging down this hillside. And, surprise, at the base of the hill before the flowers started is solid rock. Little did I know, my dad had seen my dumb mistake far before I had taken off.

All I remember is my body being perpendicular to the hill, then being lifted into the air. My dad had managed to sprint down the hill at a diagonal angle and snatch me out of a path that would have led to my doom. It was pretty incredible. I’m so incredibly grateful for my dad and the fact that his dad reflexes were strong that day.


#29 When They Said That Television Kills…

About 10 years ago, I was trying to hook something up to a 36″ tube TV that my father had. I turned it at an angle on the counter and then knelt down to pick up a cable. Next thing I knew, the TV was on top of me. It fell off of the counter and caught the back inside of my right shoulder. A couple of inches to the side and it would have landed right on the back of my neck.


#30 You’re Not Quite Invincible, Kiddo

I was very young and I was at my grandmother’s. I couldn’t have been more than two or three years old. My grandparents had an outdoor pool, and back then I had no idea how to swim without water wings. But I, being the stupid kid I was, convinced myself that I could dive in no problem. No one heard me as I basically drowned to my death.

Yes, I actually died for a short amount of time. I think like, a minute or so. My dad noticed I wasn’t making any noise and found my body in the water. He dove in actually resuscitated me back to life. It was a scary as heck experience. But if no one was around, or even waited just a little bit longer, I would have been very, very dead.


#31 Protect The Pizza At All Costs, Dude

I was on my way home, after getting a pizza for me and my girlfriend. It had snowed a few days prior and most of it had turned to ice by then. I knew this particular sidewalk was pretty treacherous, as the laundromat on that corner hadn’t done anything to clear it, but I didn’t want to cross the street to be safe because it was cold and I just wanted to get home with the pizza.

I tried using the wall to brace myself across. On the very last section of ice, I start tumbling. I gripped the pizza box to keep it secure as I fell, expecting to hit my butt and nothing more. Unfortunately, the way the street sloped downward toward the curb made me slide at a weird angle. I hit the back of my head on a brick extending out of the wall.

I got back up feeling all fuzzy in my head but decided to continue home. A family just up the street saw what happened and intercepted me halfway down the street near my house, asking if I was okay. I hadn’t realized until they took me inside to check me out (one of them was a nurse at the nearby hospital) that I’d cracked the back of my head and was bleeding pretty badly. Never did get to eat that pizza.


#32 You’re Lucky Your Buddy Came Prepared

Decades ago, I was 100 feet underwater on a scuba dive in the Mediterranean Sea. The ‘octopus’ rubber piping that connects your breather to your air tank and pressure gauge collapsed under the pressure. It had been badly maintained and I started to inhale water instead of air. I switched to my second breather but of course, that was leaking in massive amounts of water too.

I was drowning. My dive buddy was a noob, too. I was supposed to be looking after him, more than him looking after me, but he swam off without doing the thing where you look back on your buddy every now and again. If I shot to the surface, I’d have gotten the bends and died. If I stayed, I would have died. I had no chance of reaching my buddy to get a go on his oxygen.

At some point, I was completely oxygen depleted. There was nothing left to do than inhale water. Drowning isn’t peaceful. It’s terrifying, a bit like being on fire. Your vision narrows, like looking down a tube, and your brain stops thinking about anything other than getting the heck out of there. So, I was flapping, screaming inside my head, and decided that shooting to the surface was the best option.

I inflated my BCD, the inflatable jacket, dumped my weight belt and up I went. Then, I felt something pulling me down. I looked around and saw another diver holding onto me and doing everything he could to pull me back down. He was also deflating my BCD. “He’s trying to drown you” is how my brain reads it.

So I decided to pull his mask off so he’d be distracted and let me go. As I reached for his mask, I made eye contact with him, and that instant, I reached for his spare breather, sucked in the sweet, sweet air, and my vision immediately returned.


#33 Sucks For Your Arm, Great For Your Head

I was cutting a piece of plywood on sawhorses with a skill-saw that had the guard wedged up. Of course, that piece of plywood broke before I was finished cutting. The saw fell and landed blade side up still running and I fell on to that. My arm saved my face from getting saw chucked.


#34 Don’t Screw Around With Pills, Punk

I was flying overseas for the first time on a school trip. I. Hate. Flying. I never sleep and I get horrible anxiety when I fly. So my mom gave me two sleeping pills before the trip and said to me like five times: “One for the trip there and one for the trip back.” Me, a 15-year-old idiot, completely forgot and took both shortly into the flight.

Now let’s be real, it wasn’t a deadly mistake, and I was probably going to be okay, but about 15 minutes went by and the pills started to creep in. I began to panic, thinking that I possibly overdosed. I tried to keep myself awake but it took over fast. I flat out COLLAPSED. I was like, a 15-year-old version DiCaprio in the Wolf of Wall Street.

I was slurring my words, trying to stay awake but failing. My friends sitting with me thought I was losing it. I shortly passed out and woke up sometime after the food was being cleared away. I begged the stewardess to bring me food because I legit thought I was dying. In the end, I was, of course, totally fine; but man, did I make a darn fool out of myself.


#35 Try To Be A Lot Less Clusmy

I was running like a maniac to school while not looking forward. One of my neighbors left their gate open and WAM! I cracked my head open, and bled everywhere on the sidewalk. I would like to personally thank the nice old lady who helped me stand up and walked with me a few houses down to my home. She may have saved me from dying of blood loss.


#36 Why Did You Have To Chew Them?

I found an AC cord with exposed wires as a kid. It didn’t connect to any device, so I thought it was probably just a spare part. Being a child at that time, I thought I could “eat electricity,” so I plugged it in and just chomped the wires. Naturally, I was exposed to 220V of electricity, and it was strong enough that I couldn’t pull away. I passed out after what felt like five minutes. When I woke up, I already had a discoloration on my tongue so it was probably not a dream.


#37 Yeah, Those Are Super Deadly

I was swimming at a beach in Florida. I put some goggles on and looked under the water for crabs and other cool things. Anyway, I reached down and picked up a moving shell. I looked at it and recognized that it was a Cone Snail. I threw it back down as fast as I could and ran out of the water in fear. For those who don’t know, cone snails have a tube-like appendage that can shoot out a small harpoon that has deadly venom. It’s extremely dangerous to humans, and I could’ve gotten stung.


#38 Wow, You’ve Got Some Great Sisters…

I was burning cardboard to start a campfire and my sisters wanted to see a mini explosion. They rushed next to me and threw a plastic bottle in the fire. The fire hissed but didn’t explode (right away) I scolded them and told them not to do it again. Turned out, that the plastic bottle had gasoline in it and five minutes later I went to put some wood in it and BOOM! The fire blew up in my face. Luckily, the only damage was a few permanent scars on my hands and trauma whenever I hear unexpected explosions.


#39 Call It A Mother’s Intuition

My mom took me to the hospital by force. I didn’t want to go even though I had a pretty high fever. Turns out, I had a seizure at the hospital that night and I got moved to urgency. The doctors said I had Salmonella and I would’ve died if my mom hadn’t taken any precautions that day. Thank God for my mother’s intuition. I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for it.


#40 Get Out Of There Pronto, You Guys

I had a very bad rebellious phase. At one point, I ran away from home for a week and hitchhiked my way across my country along with one of my friends. For context, we were both 15 years old at the time. One of the cars that gave us a ride happened to be two suspicious looking foreigners — older men, who spoke between themselves in Turkish. Only one of them was able to address us in our native tongue.

But we were too dumb to realize the red flags. It finally occurred to us that we were in trouble when they passed up our exit and refused to let us go. It turned out, they genuinely made a mistake and just accidentally missed the exit. They refused to let us go only because they didn’t want to drop us off at some random location. They turned around to go back the right way, and even offered their cellphones to us to make a call to our parents.


#41 That’s Not A Garden Snake, Kiddo

When I was a kid, I was really interested in reptiles and always wanted a pet snake. I went fishing with my dad one day at the local lake and found a group of gardener snakes. I got really excited and picked one up by its neck. My dad saw me and screamed at me to throw it out, so I tossed it into the lake. It turned out to be a water moccasin, which has extremely deadly venom. Luckily, when I let go of it, it didn’t try to bite me and just slithered away. If it had bitten me, I would have been fighting for my life.


#42 It Definitely Wasn’t Empty, Man

A buddy of mine cocked back a weapon thinking it was empty, pointed it at my back, and pulled the trigger. Thankfully, nothing happened. His dad came in the room fuming at his son and took the weapon from him. From that point on, he kept the weapon concealed from his son and in a large metal case with a serious security system.


#43 Didn’t Your Parents Ever Teach You About Toaster Safety?

My parents never told me that taking the toast out of a toaster with a metal utensil could cause injury. I only found out when I was well into my teens and watched that Dumb Ways to Die short. I basically played with freaking electrical currents for years. I’m not sure how I lasted all this time without getting electrocuted.


#44 Fifty-Five MPH Is No Small Number, Guy

I crossed an interstate without looking. I got hit by a grandmother doing 55 mph. I managed to not die or break anything. I did, however, get first and second-degree friction burns on a good portion of my right arm and first-degree friction burns on my right leg, with further scrapes and contusions all over the place. I also had a deep tissue bruise in my right leg that kept me from walking for about a week.


#45 At Least You’ve Got Your Priorities Straight

I tried to climb a slippery cliff face whilst tipsy and being more preoccupied with not spilling my drink. About 30 feet up, I slipped and slid, stopping about a foot from the edge. And I spilled my drink.