People Share What Happened To Someone They Saw For The Last Time

When you’re the last person to see someone alive or before they go missing, it’s an event that sticks with you forever. You’ll never know when it’ll be the last time you see a friend or family member, which brings up questions of mortality and sometimes, an overall sense of regret. These people share what happened to someone after seeing them for the last time.

#1  The Final Time

I’m positive me and my little brother were the last ones to see my father alive. We were waiting for the school bus and saw him driving back home with a strange look on his face. We waved to him, but he didn’t wave back. After that, he went missing. A couple of weeks later, he was found; he took his own life. It’s a scene in my head that gets replayed in my head often and it hurts me to imagine whatever might have been going through his head.


#2 No Broken Contact

One day, I was walking home from a friend’s place. I was just looking at my feet when I heard someone skateboarding towards me. When I looked up, I noticed it was one of my skating buddies. So, I smiled and was about to call out to him, but he put his finger over his lips to shush me. He just held it there as he stared at me and he rolled by, but didn’t break eye contact with me.

I became visibly confused and he smiled. He then finally looked in front of him. I stood there for what felt like forever not knowing what to do as questions raced through my head. I decided to confront him in the morning at school only he took his own life that night. The memory is still burned into my mind. I always wonder what if, you know?


#3 Privileged to Help

I was the last person to see a patient of mine before his brother locked him in his basement for a few weeks. The patient was eventually found and I felt really privileged to have helped. By chance, he gave me his brother’s address as a forwarding address and the authorities went looking for him there. When he was found, my patient was dehydrated, but ultimately did well. His brother is currently in a secure ward.


#4 Days to Weeks

A friend in college had left a party because he remembered that he left his jacket in another person’s dorm. Nobody heard from him the following day; most figured he had just passed out somewhere. I even left a voicemail on his phone like, “Where are you? I hope you aren’t missing!” Days turned into weeks, there were campus-wide man-hunts with hundreds of volunteers… his body finally turned up in an electrical closet six weeks later. It was an accidental incident.


#5 Small Public Library

Years ago, I worked in a very small public library. There was a young man, maybe eight to 10 years older than me who came in every few days for several months. He was very intelligent and extremely interesting. We talked often. One day he came in, we talked for a while and he asked me to make sure he had returned everything he had checked out. I did and before he left, he thanked me for always helping him and being nice, etc. He walked up the street to his apartment and that was the end. I always wished that I had realized he was saying goodbye.


#6 Side of the Road

I was the last person to see a patient admitted with major depression after his divorce. He just found out that he didn’t receive custody of his kids. The senior doctor decided he was low-risk because he had no significant mental health history, didn’t disclose any specific plans to hurt himself, and appeared very well and optimistic.

When asked about his occupation during the interview, he vaguely mentioned he worked for the law. So he had an unescorted day leave to pick up some toiletries. I held the door on his way out. We never saw him again. Two weeks later, a stranger found his car on the side of the road and he was inside. Turned out, he was an officer and had access to harmful instruments.


#7 Never Solved

I saw him at a club with some friends on a night out, one of my friends was hooking up with him on and off, so they had usual drama going on. He left after that to go back home or something. The next morning, he was found lifeless. The last ever video was him getting off a bus and then there was no other CCTV footage of him after he walked a bit further down the road. They investigated our university for months, but no leads were ever found. His case was never solved and it’s really unsettling to this day.


#8 Getting That Call

I was eight when I went with my parents to drop off my little sister for a visit with her biological father. The next morning, my dad woke me up for school and said she didn’t come back that night. My dad went to Denver for the weekend to go try to look for them and contacted the Denver authorities. My local department didn’t assist in finding her at all. In fact, the DA told my parents that “you can’t abduct your own child” despite the fact that my parents had full custody.

I will never forget the day that we got the call that she was found. I was with my mom and two of my other sisters at the grand opening of the Cabela’s in my hometown when my mom answered her phone and burst into tears. She was in a small town in Michigan, had been homeschooled by the wife of her biological dad, and was going by her middle name. An officer responded to a missing person report (ironic) because the oldest son of the wife had run away. Somehow, the officer knew something was wrong and looked into the situation.


 #9 Personal Possessions

In high school, I ran into a friend while out gallivanting as a teenager overnight in a park. He was offering up some of his personal possessions, saying he was cleaning out his room. He went missing shortly after and his body was found a few weeks later. I still wonder what I could have done if I’d realized this was a sign of a harmful idea. I think about that night often.


#10 New Year’s Eve

My friend was downtown and having a rough time on New Year’s Eve, I didn’t have the money to drive over to see him and I basically said, “If you can catch a ride, we’d love to see you.” He went back out, got some contraband, and took too much. I wasn’t the first person to blow him off that night and I probably wasn’t the last, but I miss him to this day and I wish I’d just called him. I don’t know if it would have made a difference, I just wish I had.


#11 On the Porch

This person didn’t go missing, but I was the last person to see him alive. My best friend and I were on my porch in college. It was about 3:30 am and I told him I was going to bed because I had to work the next day. He begged me to have another round with him, but I insisted that I needed to get to sleep. The next morning, I woke up to my roommate screaming for me to come downstairs. We did CPR even though we knew he was gone already. It was the most traumatic thing I’ve witnessed and had really affected my life. Just thinking that he begged to spend just a little more time with me, but I refused really hurts.


#12 Lori Hacking

I don’t know If I was the last person to see her alive, but one of the last. Lori Hacking and her husband Mark Douglas Hacking came into my cell phone store two days before she found out about how he had lied to her about pretty much everything in his life. They were both awesome people. She was happy and bubbly, and he was a really “nice” guy.

I came in from the weekend and there was a missing poster on our store door for Lori. It was really weird seeing that she was missing after just selling them cell phones and a plan. I reached out to the number and told them that she and Mark had been into the store two days before she went missing. I had to meet with the local police and an FBI agent. They had to look at the paperwork we had done, the video for the store, and interview all of the employees.


 #13 Across the Street

I was one of the last people to see a kid who lived across the street before she was kidnapped. Our neighbors across the street were raising their grandchild because their child (kid’s parent) wasn’t a fit parent. The kid was about six years younger than me and I used to babysit her sometimes. When I was around 14 and she was around eight, several men broke into the house and kidnapped her.

I had babysat her the night before, and I can’t remember if she was home alone or if one of the grandparents was there. The authorities found her 10-12 days later. Her mother owed a lot of money for contraband and some of the dealers tracked down her kid and kidnapped her to try to get the mother to pay them. I never learned the details of what happened while she was kidnapped, but she got therapy and is now married with kids.


#14 Clear as Day

He was a close friend of mine, practically family. I still remember it clear as day, he asked me if he could come over and hang out. That whole hour he talked about how he didn’t want to go home that his parents were the worst. I remember thinking nothing of it and I made a decision that I still regret to this day. I told him I had a bunch of stuff to do after school, which was a lie. I remember the bell ringing and I don’t remember if he said something like, “I’ll see you later.”

I got a text from his brother late that night asking if I had seen him. I told him “No, he asked if he could come over but that was the last I saw him.” I tried to call my friend but there was no answer. I texted him asking if he was okay to which I never got a response. The school was on edge for those next few days, his family wasn’t responding to anyone and I grew extremely worried. I can’t remember if it was two or three days but they finally found him, but they did. I still wonder what would’ve happened if I didn’t lie and just agreed to hang out.


#15 Ransom Note

Back in high school, a guy I knew disappeared and the cops interviewed my friends and I. Apparently, a note was found on his bed that read, “Give us $1000 or you’ll never see your son again” and that’s all it said. There were no contacts or drop-off location or anything. They found the guy three days later walking around the mall. He had been hiding behind an Albertson dumpster the entire time and got bored, so he decided to walk around a nearby mall. Idiot.


#16  Eloping in Turkey

My mom’s friend’s daughter has a disorder. I don’t know much about her other than that she’s 20+ but because of her disorder, she behaves more like a kid. She was missing the day after her and her mom visited us. After three days of messages and the police looking for her, the news came. She was in Turkey and got married. We live in the Netherlands, so yeah… Turkish and Dutch police are investigating if she was tricked or did this willingly because there’s a lot of unclear elements.


#17 Hiking Solo

My childhood best friend is currently missing and has been since August 30th. I live in a different state now, but my last text to him was about World of Warcraft and playing it together. I still don’t know how it’s affecting me, but I miss him so much. He went missing on a hike, so my only message to people is please try not to hike solo. If you are, please let multiple people know of your plans.


#18 Off the Grid

My friend’s father found out his wife was seeing someone on the side. He emptied his personal bank account, took his dog and backpacking equipment. He told his friends he was going to finish the portion of the Pacific Crest Trail we never finished, by himself. But he booked a flight to Alaska. I think he’s probably still out there living in a cabin on his own.


#19 Service Missionary Overseas

Not 100% sure I was the last person, but pretty close. I was in Colombia as a service missionary. I just got to a new area and pulled up the phone directory the people before me left. There were some records about this guy they were visiting, so I stopped by to introduce myself. He came to the door but was busy, so we set a time for me to come by the next day.

About an hour before our scheduled time the next day, I called him to confirm and he said we were good to go, so I came by an hour later and knocked on the door. His girlfriend answered and told us she hadn’t heard from him in over an hour and was expecting him to be home, he wasn’t answering his phone, etc. Days went by and nobody heard anything, so she started putting up missing posters around the neighborhood with a sizable reward. Nothing.

Three months later, I moved to a new city. Not even a week later and I got a call from the people who replaced me saying they found the guy. The latest theory was that he was taken by the FARC, where they either might have tried to get a ransom or make him work for them, then ended up offing him when they were done or realized they’d get nothing out of it. He was an architect, I don’t particularly think he was super well-known, but his family was at least more well off than most in this town. It still gives me chills when I think about how he was found.


 #20 Weeks Before Graduation

Back in my junior year of high school, I knew a guy who was in his senior year because we worked together at a school job. While working, we were talking and he told me about how he was going to go hang out with his friends after work, etc. I didn’t think much of it. The next day, it was reported that he was hit in a drive-by. It all happened two weeks before he graduated high school. I was the last person who had talked to him before he got into his car to drive to wherever he went.

My school and especially his close friends were devastated. During the graduation ceremony, his name was announced and everyone was asked for a moment of silence as his father walked down the aisle in his position. It was truly saddening. It’s been two years almost now and his Instagram and other social media are still up, I occasionally pull it up from time to time to look at it.


#21  Nursing Home

I worked in a nursing home and right after I put a resident down for bed, I went to lunch. 20 minutes into lunch, a co-worker came and told me she had passed away. I was the last person to see her alive. It was sad, sure, but the downside to working in a nursing home is that you kind of get used to that. Healthy people don’t go to nursing homes.


#22 Hello, Goodbye

When I was in my early 20s, I was friends with a group of brothers, one of whom was one of my girlfriend’s roommates. On New Year’s Eve, they threw a party at her apartment. The next morning, I was taking the train home and happened to end up on the train with the youngest brother. He was acting normal but I remember saying, “See you later” when getting off the train and him saying, “Yeah.”

A few days later, one of the brothers says they haven’t heard from him since the party. I told him about the train interaction and it turned out I was the last person to have seen him. No one else had seen him since the party, including his roommates. They eventually found a note in his apartment that read something like, “I’m fine but don’t try to find me.”

Several weeks went by with no word from the younger brother. I was cooking dinner with my girlfriend and there was a knock on the door. Guess who showed up? He had run away to the Dominican Republic without telling anyone to see what life was like there, ran out of money, and returned. I was the last person to see him before he disappeared and the first person to see him when he returned.


#23 The Last Photos

Way back in the early ’90s, I was traveling and working in a youth hostel in Greece, on Santorini. I had talked about traveling together with a friend from home but we ended up doing our own trips. Six months into the trip, I met up with him in Santorini. We hung out for a week, but he continued eastward and I went west. Two days later, his flight crashed in the Himalayas near Nepal. All 200+ people on board lost their lives. After it happened, I wrote a long letter to his parents and family telling them about our week together on Santorini, and sent some pictures of us — these would be the last pictures his family had of him. The parents were too hurt to acknowledge my letter, I understand, but his sister wrote to me and thanked me.


 #24 To Parts Unknown

One of my best friends found out his wife was with someone else. He went ballistic and took off to parts unknown. Both the authorities and I went looking for him for several hours but we never wound up finding him. Eventually, he texted me saying that he loved me and where we could find his body, which we did.

I was the last person he ever spoke to in life. I think about him and that horrible day a few times each month. Worse, I live in a rural area where lots of people have the same build and wear much of the same clothing he did. So, every so often, I will occasionally see doppelgangers of him walking around and it never fails to flood me with emotion.


#25 Asleep at the Wheel

We were at my house after prom and one of my teammates from my basketball team stopped by with her date, who was her best friend. He stayed for a couple of hours and then headed home. He was extremely devout and didn’t want to miss Sunday service. He ended up falling asleep at the wheel, crossed a median and hit another car head-on. He and the other driver passed away. We were the last people to see him. I found out on my way to the beach and it almost made me crash my car.


 #26 Technically Unsolved

I had a friend in college and we got into an argument one night. I said some things about how she had been acting, culminating in that night. I was done. A few months later, I decided to reach out. She had moved out of her apartment and disconnected her phone (back then we just had landlines). I heard from a mutual friend she had moved back in with her dad.

I called her and apologized. I asked her to come out with me and catch up. The argument had really affected her. She decided to do better. She quit partying, moved home and re-enrolled. I told her I was proud of her and asked if everything was cool at home (her dad had a history of violence). She told me it was good and we promised to keep in touch.

I woke up to the police knocking on my apartment door. They found her body a few blocks from her dad’s house after he attacked her. I was the second-to-last person to see her alive. The police were unable to arrest him right away and he passed away in the parking lot of a local bar a week later. They said he had a heart attack. He escaped justice and her case is technically unsolved.


#27 Pride Week

My friend and I were celebrating Pride Week in Toronto. His little brother (16) had never been, so my friend wanted him to experience the energy of the season. My friend and I met up with his brother and shortly after, my friend needed to go and meet some of our other friends, which he was going to bring back to meet us.

I volunteered to stay with the brother and buy him some street meat, which was a foot-long hot dog stuck between two huge meatballs. He and I laughed awkwardly at this, but we went and enjoyed our snack away from the millions of people in the streets. Once we finished, he offered to go and throw out the garbage and said he had to go to the washroom.

We haven’t seen him since. That was six years ago. We haven’t had any contact and there have been no posts on social media. Nothing. My friend doesn’t blame me because his brother was already a very independent guy, but I feel bad. I still have the picture of that meal we got on my phone. Whenever I see it, I think about what I could have done differently, if anything, to make him want to stay.


#28 Unexpectedly Finding Her

A distant cousin of mine went out partying years ago with a group of friends, but each friend drove their own car between various places (don’t do this, kids). She never made it to the final location and people suspected for years that she’d been abducted. Fairly recently, they unexpectedly found her. She had driven her car off the road and into a bay, where it had sunk. Don’t party and drive.


#29 Valentine’s Day Funds

In 2006 at the UTSA downtown campus, I was the last person to see a 40-year-old Hispanic woman and an early-30’s black male. They were both very well-dressed and they had a large trash bag filled with Valentine’s day plush bears (it was a week before Valentine’s day). They asked me if I could keep an eye on the bag of bears while they stepped out of their car to get more things. They came and grabbed the bag, thanked me for the favor and left. I thought nothing of it as they were very professional in their behavior and style of speaking.

This was on a Sunday. The following Wednesday, the news was asking for information on the whereabouts of the woman. The news even played surveillance footage of her at the UTSA campus. I appeared on that footage as well, but due to the angle of the camera, I couldn’t be identified. It appeared on the news for about two weeks and her family was all over downtown San Antonio with flyers.

I told them everything that I knew, but it didn’t really further the investigation. Fast forward two months and she had been found in Oklahoma. Apparently. she was embezzling money from a radio station she was working for and thousands of dollars generated from a Valentine’s Day fundraiser had been stolen by her.


#30 Never Felt More Guilty

When I was a little kid, my little brother and I snuck out of the house to go to the park at around 10:00 p.m. We stayed there playing for a while, then I ran off to do something (I can’t remember what) and when I came back, he was gone. I got scared and ran home. It’s now 10 years later and I still blame myself because he was never found. I have never felt more guilty.


#31 Fishing With Dad

I went out to go fishing with my dad. As we pulled up, some guy came up and chatted with us about my dad’s boat. After a few minutes, we left to go fishing. Fast forward a few hours and we were heading back to call it a day. We came up to a railroad bridge and there were dozens of search and rescue boats searching the river underneath and around the bridge. Turns out, the guy had a few too many and decided to jump off the bridge for fun. They think he got caught on a tree or some old barbed wire underwater. He never came back up. I think they found him a few weeks later washed up on the shore.


#32 Dark Social Media Posts

I reached out to a friend after they posted some pretty dark social media posts. He read my message and never replied. His social media was then silent for about a week. So, I reached out to his wife. Evidently, they divorced as he faked his passing multiple times with her in order to get whatever it was he wanted. He came back and acted like nothing happened. Everyone else who had asked has also got no response from him. I would say there are about six of us who confronted him this time about it. Needless to say, this has extremely damaged if not ended our relationship.


#33 An Officer’s Reminder

I’m a police officer in Canada and while you should think about these events occasionally as a healthy part of recovery, it’s so important to not beat yourself up for “missing signs” or thinking you could have done something different. Missing persons are some of the hardest and most complex investigations we do. If someone has already decided to go off the grid or harm themselves, there is often very little that you can do. If someone wants to be saved, they’ll reach out in a concrete way.


#34 Arguing with Neighbors

I was at a movie theater with my brother when a guy my brother knew saw us. We all talked for a little while, then told him we were leaving. He asked us for a ride to his apartment, so we gave him one. He asked us if we wanted to come in a hang out for a while but we didn’t want to, so we left. A few weeks later, we found out after we dropped him off that he got into an argument with his neighbor and they ended his life. I wonder sometimes would he still be alive if we stayed or would we have been injured too.


#35 Side of the Road

I know I was the last person to see my uncle alive. He was a hotshot driver, so he would deliver oilfield parts across states at a moment’s notice. I was at the local truck stop waiting in line to pay for gas early one morning and I was groggy. Out of nowhere, a random man grabbed me from behind and put me in a headlock. He then said, “Hey boy, you want some man love?” I freaked out and shouted, “Get away!”

I turned around and saw my uncle laughing his butt off. That’s how he always was and it was great seeing him that way. He was always joking around. He was on his way to Pennsylvania, pulled over for a quick nap and just never woke up. He was missing for a week or so before they found his body. He was only three hours away from home. It was really sad because of how sudden it was and he was only 45.


#36 Great Falls Park

I was at Great Falls Park in Virginia and saw a teenager attempt to swim across the rapids. He immediately got sucked under and I didn’t see him again. I left the park, in absolute terror. I thought, “I just watched someone drown and I didn’t do anything about it.” It was an absolutely terrifying experience and I didn’t sleep well for days. The kid lived, however, I didn’t find out until after I left the park. I was under the impression he had passed for a while and I hated every minute of it.


#37 The Manson Family

My sister had a best friend whose sister was about my age. I’m one of the few people who last saw her. She was 13-14 when she disappeared. It’s believed she may have gotten in with the Manson family, but no one knows. She has been missing all this time. I am 65 years old now and I never forgot her, it still pops into my memory and bothers me.


#38 Did What We Could

Back in the day, I was in the Coast Guard. As we were approaching a call, I saw a 16-year-old go under. We locked eyes and she slipped away. She wasn’t found for three weeks. I’ve seen worse situations but that really stuck with me. When they found her, her mom invited the boat crew to the funeral because “we did what we could.” I was crushed.


#39 Missing at Disneyland

I was the “missing” person in this case because I got lost at Disneyland. My grandpa took me and I wandered off since I was a dumb kid. I ended up leaving the park because I thought I could remember where our hotel was to find my grandma. I didn’t have a phone or anything. I couldn’t find the hotel and was sitting at an ice cream shop on the street over when I finally decided to tell someone.

When I told those people, they obviously got the police involved. My grandpa had a mini-heart attack and had to go to the hospital. He was okay, didn’t pass away, he even said he probably didn’t even need to go to the hospital, but it was still spooky. I definitely became a brighter kid after that whole experience.


#40 Still Worried

Last year, I worked at a school for kids with bodily and mental disabilities. There was a kid I always talked to in the hallway. He was 15 at the time and he was a pretty chill guy. He was in a wheelchair because of a cross section paralysis, so his “brain” was completely fine yet it bothered him a lot. Two weeks ago, he was found missing. Even though I didn’t have to do with him anymore, I still was worried about him and his well-being. Last week, he was found in a river. It actually kind of destroyed me since he was a super positive guy.


#41 Ominous Comments

I was the last to see my friend. He was pulling out of my driveway after making ominous comments after a really bad breakup. I could and should have stopped him. I didn’t based on advice from another friend. That was a mistake. He sent several of us an email that night and they found him the next morning. I made the wrong call. I don’t let the guilt drag me down — we were kids and I did the best I could. I would like to think that I’m better informed now, and I have saved enough lives to maybe even the balance sheet.


#42 Pretty Bad Idea

I was working in a coffee shop and a very wild-haired, crazy-eyed 20-something came in acting all jittery. He aggressively moved a few random pieces on a chessboard I had brought in, then kind of froze and stared at me without blinking for a minute. He ran outside and we just talked a little about how odd he was, but ultimately forgot about it.

He walked out the door and immediately to a 13-storey building where he was somehow able to get on the roof. I guess the guy’s parents were some kind of prominent lawyers and were renting a small apartment from my boss for him to live in. I think they were trying to let him sort things out on his own and avoid institutionalizing him. I’m not sure if it was an embarrassment thing or not, but it looks like that was a pretty bad idea.


#43 Out the Front Door

When I was a kid, I lived in the same house as my great-grandfather. During the afternoons, I usually stayed home with my little sister, a babysitter, my great-grandfather and his nurse. Despite being around 90 years at the time, my great-grandfather still walked without help, which was an issue because he had dementia, so he needed to be supervised 24/7.

One day, when I was nine years old and my sister was a year old, the babysitter was bathing my sister and the nurse had gone home early for “personal reasons.” So my great-grandpa and I were unsupervised for a bit. He just walked out of the house through the front door. I tried to stop him and convince him to go back home, but that didn’t work. I ran back home and told my babysitter. She went to look for him immediately but didn’t find him. He was found a couple of days later wandering four kilometers away from our house.


#44 Touching Hair

I was waiting for the bus once and there were two people there. They may have been a couple but they had this creepy vibe where the guy asked for a hug and he just held onto her while she was motionless. I lit a smoke and she asked me for a light for her own. After she lit hers, she touched my hair and said it was pretty.

Then she and the man walked into the forest behind a big store. Just straight up walked there like they were out for a stroll. I saw her picture in the paper a few weeks later, an obituary. I recognized her because she had a spider web tattoo under her eye and piercings. I have no idea who she was or how she passed, but I have this feeling that the guy was involved. I felt something was off when she touched my hair.


#45 Hard to Tell

I was the last one to see my mom alive. It’s something I’ve thought about almost daily since it happened in 2017. She had dropped off my sister to my apartment and was noticeably depressed, as she had been for weeks beforehand due to issues between her and my dad. I just wish I could have somehow known what she was planning. It’s so hard to tell what someone is thinking.


#46 Still Think About Him

I used to work at Mason Shoes in Wisconsin as a summer job. I got to know this kid who had just graduated from high school. We would spend our lunch hours with him telling me stories of how he got so partied out the previous weekend. One Monday, he didn’t show up to work after I dropped him off at home. About a week later, he was on the front page of the city newspaper. He’d partied, wandered off, and accidentally choked. It’s been 30 years and I still think about him.


#47 Basketball Court

I was seven and playing on the basketball court at my apartment. It was almost dusk, which meant it was getting close for me to head home. On the other side of the court was a boy of about two. He was all alone with a couple of toy trucks. I was seven, so I honestly didn’t think anything of it. A man came by, picked him up and left as I started walking home.

About 30 minutes later, a man was knocking on our screen door. My dad answered and the man was super flustered. He kept asking if we had seen his son who he had left for just a moment outside. I was shy and this was adult talk, so I sat on the couch and said nothing. When he left, I told my dad what I saw and he informed the man. The boy was found a week later. I honestly could never remember the man who took the boy, but I remember the boy very clearly and it’s been nearly 15 years.


#48 Waiting by the Hole

There was this guy in his 30s who started spending time around our college hangout. He used to leave his dog outside and it would wait for him. I’d always talk to him a bit, as I was a few years older as well. One night, he walked home, crossed the frozen river that splits town, and fell through the ice. The next day, they found his dog waiting by the hole in the ice. They found him after the thaw, about a mile downriver, caught in some brush.


#49 Going Clubbing

I was one of the last people to see and speak to a girl we were out clubbing with. She went missing on her way back from the club and her body was found a couple of months later. This all happened around the time of a bad break up and I ended up questioning life. I also came to terms with my own mortality around that time.


#50 A Piece of Me

I was the last person to see my nephews before their mom took off with them. It felt like a normal day like any other and she seemed fine. She even stuck around and chatted a bit before she left. A week passed by and nobody could get ahold of her. A month later, we all lost complete contact without even the slightest clue where they went.

I was more than a little bit of a bad guy to my nephews. I grew up in a super strict household and thought discipline was the only virtue. Still, there were times where we truly felt like a family. They lived with me for a little over a year because of trouble at home and it’s not an exaggeration to say they became the highlight of my life. When she took them, it hurt me in a way I had never felt. It was like she took a piece of me.