January 16, 2023 | Maria Cruz

People Share Their “Thank God It Was A Dream” Moment 

Some dreams are so idyllic that we never want to return to our normal lives. On the other hand, some dreams can disturb us to our very core. When we finally wake up from a nightmare, there’s no better feeling than the realization that it was just a dream.

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#1 Feeling of Panic

This one time, my dream started with me waking up from a coma and discovering that I have been in one for eight years. My parents and brother had passed away and my friends weren't there anymore. I realized that I was all alone realizing that I have nobody in my life and that the best years of my life were wasted.

This dream was different from my other dreams; it felt very real and realistic. Usually, I can control my dreams, but I was powerless in this one. The feeling of panic, hopelessness and sadness was so strong that I took my life and that was when I woke up. Although I was panicking a little bit afterward, I was very relieved that I woke up.

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#2 Quite the Scare

I recently had a dream that my dog passed away. My sister came up to me and just told me. I had no recollection of him dying and when she told me, I had to do my best to hold back tears. I was so confused during the dream because the news just blindsided me. The next morning, I woke up and saw him sitting in his little bed. It was quite the scare.

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#3 Extreme Version

In the dream, I discovered my husband sleeping with my mom. I've had that dream a few times before, and it didn't make any sense to me. It would never happen in real life. But I realized that it usually occurred after days where I thought about her too much and remembered ways she used to purposely try and ruin my friendships and other relationships. I guess "my husband sleeping with my mom" is just the most extreme version of my memory that my jerk brain can come up with.

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#4 The Worst Dream

Once, I had this terrible dream that my estranged stepbrother attacked me while holding a knife inside my mouth. After he finished attacking me, he jabbed me through the back of my throat. Somehow, I felt it and even heard the crunch. Then I woke up. To this day, it was easily the most messed up dream I've ever had.

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#5 Dragging it Out

The most messed-up dream I ever had was when I fell from a 30-foot ladder and then spent 10 minutes in a dream slowly losing my life. I even remember that I was looking at my ribs sticking out of my chest. I've had plenty of horrific passings in dreams, but that's the only one that really dragged out the suffering.

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#6 Where Am I?

I was in the army as infantry before I had a family and kids. I still have plenty of dreams of going back over there and being so worried about it all. Then I wake up and I’m like, “Oh, thank God.” I don’t think I have PTSD. It’s just dreams. I think most people normally dream about past jobs. They’re not horrible dreams either. It’s just that I know I shouldn’t be back in Afghanistan and yet there I am, wondering why I got sent back.

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#7 Sink Mushrooms

So in real life, my kittens have ringworm, but it already passed to my dog, my sister, and my mom. For now, me and my dad are safe. In my dream, however, I thought I was safe until I turned my head and saw a huge mushroom growing on my shoulder (ringworm is a fungus). My parents told me not to cut it off, but I accidentally brushed it off and it fell into the sink. Then it morphed into a weird heart looking thing and it started beating like one. Then I woke up. I’m still pretty sure I’m ringworm free!

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#8 What a Relief

For the past three weeks, I've been having these nightmares where I’m back in school, all alone, unable to find my classes, failing my classes, missing the bus, and my bullies being much worse. I swore that I would never go to a brick and mortar school again after I graduated high school. One morning, I woke up, worried that I forgot my science homework. Five minutes later, I realized I don't go to school anymore. That was a relief.

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#9 Party in the Back

Last night, I had a dream that I cut my hair after I had spent years growing it out. It was pretty upsetting because I recently decided to grow out my hair. But I dreamed I picked up a pair of scissors and awkwardly chopped half of it into a mullet for no reason. I was very relieved to wake up and discover that my hair was all still there.

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#10 Got Away With It

I was arrested and the officer took me out of the car, about to walk me into the station. My hands were cuffed behind my back, and he kept roughing me up for no reason. He was smacking me on the head and stuff like that. It got worse and worse and I started getting really mad. Eventually, I snapped, and with my hands still bound, I charged him.

He fell back and hit his head against the station's brick wall. Then he fell down to the ground and was completely motionless. Immediately, I freaked out. I kept thinking, “Oh my God, he's gone! I'm a cop attacker! I'm gonna get executed!” The panic woke me up and it wasn't just a feeling of relief, but like I got away with it.

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#11 He Doesn’t Exist

I had a dream recently that I was at my aunt’s house and all my family was there. I kept saying, “We need to wait for (my husband)” and everyone kept giving me weird looks. They finally sat me down and said “He doesn’t exist, he’s never existed, you’re still with your toxic ex.” I’ve never been happier to wake up from a nightmare — and I often have night terrors involving the traumas I’ve already been through.

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#12 Psychotic Demon

I dreamt that there was a guy with a knife jabbed me in the chest. Instead of what I would do like a normal person and call the police, I stuck it in deeper and grinned like I was a different person. Sort of like I was a psychotic demon if you will. It was one of those “not what happened to me, but what I did” that disturbed me.

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#13 Still Scary

I had sleep paralysis once. I felt a presence lean over me where I was laying with my eyes closed and breathed heavily. At first, I thought it was one of my children but then realized I couldn’t move and remembered reading about sleep paralysis earlier. So I knew what was happening but it was still scary as heck.

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#14 Great Stress

Using. I’m five years sober and in times of great stress, I will occasionally have dreams where I fall off the wagon. It takes days to shake off the shame of it. Literal days. I have to tell myself over and over that it didn’t actually happen, that I didn’t actually let myself (and my family) down, that I’m not a failure.

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#15 Look at His Eyes

My dad, just like the rest of my family, has blue eyes. I dreamed that my whole family was sitting in our living room with my dad talking about something. Very quickly, I noticed that his eyes were a weird colour. They were basically three different coloured "rings" around the pupil, yellow, red and again yellow.

Additionally, his pupils dilated and contracted quickly, but not symmetrically (one pupil being bigger/smaller than the other one). At first, it seemed that he was very enthusiastic about the conversation, but he looked more hyper and feverish by the minute. I poked my mom and said, “Look at his eyes... I don't like them. They’re weird.”

He became more excited about whatever, started sweating, and then just slumped onto the sofa, passing out. My mom (nurse in real life) went over in a relaxed way and checked on him. I just looked at him in a very confused manner. Then I heard my mom coming into my room and waking me up with the question, “It's 10 past 8. Are you getting up yet?”  I was very confused and my heart was beating quickly for about 10 minutes, but I was super relieved when I saw that my dad had returned safely from his night shift. The dream reminded me of Supernatural , in a scary way.

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#16 Thanks, Hormones

Dreams during pregnancy are really, really weird thanks to hormones. In one, my little sister was having another baby (she has four), instead of me. I woke up super pregnant and confused. In another, my husband paid for an escort. In the dream, I was angrier about the amount he paid than the act itself. Once awake, I was mad about both.

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#17 Frantically Looking

I once dreamed that I got a new puppy and took it to a new apartment that I was moving into. I went back to move my other stuff from my old apartment and forgot where my new apartment was. Time passed and I was staying at a friend’s house for months when I remembered that I had left a puppy in that new apartment. In my dream, I ran around the city frantically looking for that new apartment. I was very happy to wake up from that one.

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#18 Tears of Joy

A few years ago, I had a very vivid dream where my girlfriend of five years passed away. It was extremely long, I went through years of grieving her and it was the most pain I’ve ever been in. When I woke up, I cried because I missed her so much. When the dream started to fade and I realized that she was alive, I cried again, but out of happiness. It was the worst experience of my life.

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#19 Bleary-Eyed Morning

Getting pregnant. I'm terrified of pregnancy and the dream was a nightmare too. I didn't know whose it was and my family cast me out. Plus, I remember waking up and still not being convinced that I wasn’t actually having a baby, so I had to keep reminding myself that I was fine. But, that dream really shook me up.

The second one has to be reoccurring dreams I have where I accidentally eat meat (I'm a vegetarian). It's so heartbreaking because you feel like... ashamed. It's weird to admit, but the feeling I had from the pregnant dream is exactly the same as the feelings I have in the accidentally eat meat dreams. Both having the same residual "Was it a dream?" feeling during a bleary-eyed morning.

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#20 Favorite Cousin

I dreamt that my mom, dad, aunt, and uncle decided that my cousin David had to lose his life. They told me I had to do it. I got a butcher knife and chased him outside around the house. He tripped and fell and I stuck him in the throat. It was a horrible dream, so I was happy to wake up, but also confused. David’s my favorite.

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#21 That Little Guy

I dream of my pet every now and then, though he passed away four years ago. I loved the little guy, and it was especially painful that he passed while I was away for about a year. Honestly, I remember how he used to lie down on my lap and I loved the fact that he put his entire weight on me and just fell asleep.

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#22 Black Mist

I sometimes dream that I wake up but instead of doing my usual routine, something really creepy happens. A few days ago, I "woke up", played on my phone and wanted to take a photo. When opening the app, I could see a black mist in the doorway of my bedroom. I put the phone away and there was something demon-like floating in the air. Then I woke up and checked the doorway with my phone. Thank God there was no black mist.

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#23 Never Get Out

I always dream that I'm left alone in a big and dark building that resembles a school. In my dreams, I can never get out. I'm tired of dreaming, they aren't nightmares but they aren't interesting or pleasant either. Also, like a month ago I dreamed that my mother passed away. I woke up and started crying, ran to her room, and hugged her for a long time. She had a couple of surgeries so I guess I was afraid of something going wrong. The dream feeling took some time to wear off that day.

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#24 Taking Control

I once had a dream where I couldn’t move and this thing was watching me from a corner. All of a sudden, it started walking towards me. With each step, I heard some kind of a watery squish. Once it got to me, it climbed down my throat and started to control me. Then I watched as it took the lives of all my friends.

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#25 Bear Creature

The dream started when I woke up in my room. I walked out of my room and a floating bear head told me that an evil creature would end me if I didn’t get out my dream. To get out, I would have to lie down on the couch downstairs with my blanket and fall asleep. Just as he said that, a monstrous bear with the head of my classmate walked out of my sister’s room from across the hall.

I ran downstairs and saw a blanket on the couch. Of course, I dove for it and wrapped myself with the blanket. I tried to fall asleep but I couldn’t. The creature ran down the stairs and was coming for me. I started to blink slowly and the last thing I saw was the sharp claws on his hand extend for my eye before I woke up.

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#26 You’re Not Ready

Back when we were still dating, I had a dream that I lost my virginity to my first serious boyfriend and got pregnant. I was 16 at the time, he was 18. I cried in the dream as I told my mom and grandma and they yelled at me. The dream fast-forwarded a few months to my baby shower. All of my friends and a few of my family members were there. My mom wasn’t. Nobody was having a good time and I was bawling my eyes out. I’ve never been more relieved than when I woke up and realized it hadn’t happened. I took it as a sign that we weren’t ready yet.

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#27 Completely Revolted

I dreamt about a voluntary euthanization. I had been in a doctor's office, was given an IV and then the doctor told me it would take a couple of hours for it to work. I was allowed to leave and told to go spend the rest of my time alive with those I care about. I wandered the city, which looked so different. The buildings were gold, the sunset technicolor. But, I couldn't think straight, and I didn't have my phone.

I wanted to find my best friend or my mom. Instead, a guy I knew but didn't really like found me. I knew he liked me in real life, but I didn't share the same feelings for him. Anyway, he asked me what was wrong and I tried to explain it to him. He held me until I passed away, and I lost my life completely revolted.

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#28 Guttural Groan

I dreamt that my mother passed away and I hadn't come to terms with it. In the dream, I saw a note in her handwriting telling me to reach out to her if it ever gets too much. The guttural groan, the falling to my knees, and clutching at my chest only to release a primal scream was too painful. I had never been so happy to know I was dreaming.

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#29 Scary Tickling

In a dream I had about a year ago, my little brother was swapped out for a fake. It's kind of irrational fear I have that a family member was swapped out for an exact clone meanwhile the real one is in trouble. Also, my own mom being possessed by some demon and taking my life. Sometimes I know that it’s going to be a nightmare and I force myself to wake up.

If I can't, I just end up trying to either hug, kiss, embrace, whatever the scary, monster thing is, which feels awful. I would say it feels like someone is tickling you nonstop, but it doesn't make you laugh, it's just insanely scary. I kind of try to make a terrifying situation into a funny one, something like that. It's really weird but what else can I do?

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#30 No Future For Me

I just graduated from school, but my graduation didn’t go as planned. So, I looked at my old school and it was grey and destroyed, like no one had been in it for years. I hopped on my bike and went to the university I was planning to attend, but for some reason, that was destroyed too. It was like the world ended and there was no future for me. Then I realized it was a dream and it was lucid for 30 seconds, but then I woke up.

File:Destroyed building, Slovyansk (16801154088).jpgWikimedia Commons

#31 Ghost of Some Kind

I had a pretty strange dream a few years ago where I was in elementary school. Everyone was there as usual except me. I passed away and wandering as a ghost of some kind that nobody could see. But, I didn’t know I was gone. I was crying out for someone to see me and to talk to me. Then I woke up with tears in my eyes. I can’t stand being ignored for long so it was absolutely terrifying.

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#32 Normal White Wall

I had a dream about a zombie apocalypse. I woke up in shock when I lost my life because of the zombies. First, I was extremely relieved that it was only a dream… until I felt something stroking my back. When I turned around, I saw how the wall behind my bed turned into a dark window filled with zombie’s arms.

They were all starting to grab me and forcefully pull me out of my bed, into the window. Their claws slowly scratched my clothes and skin into shreds. That was the moment I actually woke up, literally screaming in my bed. I turned on the light and was extremely relieved to find myself in my real room, with a normal white wall.

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#33 Pregnancy Dreams

When I was a few months pregnant, I had a dream that I miscarried. It was horrible and I woke up screaming. Luckily, everything went fine with my pregnancy and I now have a three-month-old. Also while pregnant, I had a dream that I grew a man’s member and I was asking my partner to “service” me. A few days later, I found out I was pregnant with a boy. Pregnancy dreams are the worst things ever.

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#34 Painful Hit

I often dream that my pets have passed away. Also, dreams that my pets have escaped. They absolutely suck. But nothing hits as painfully as dreaming about a pet that passed away. I’ve had multiple dreams about my old cat being revived, somehow coming back, or just being alive in general. They feel so real, but then I wake up and she’s not there.

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#35 The Baby’s Kicking

I had a dream during my third pregnancy that I was watching her kick my belly, and I could see the clear imprint of her foot. She kept pushing it and pushing it until her foot popped out of my belly. I grabbed her leg and tugged her all the way out. So, I was quite confused when I woke back up with a belly on me!

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#36 Charlie and Charlie

I have this stuffed dog named Charlie that I got for my sixth birthday. He came with a blue leather collar with his name. Anyway, I recently started dating this guy that coincidentally is named Charlie. So here’s the dream. Charlie (my boyfriend) and I were hanging out in my room, the first time he’d ever been there. He was walking around and found Charlie (my stuffed animal).

He saw the collar and came to the conclusion that I bought it for him. At first, he was shocked but then... Charlie puts on the collar. Turns out, he’s into puppy play?! He started crawling around on his hands and knees and barked at me. I was mortified. Then I woke up. I’ve hidden the stuffed animal downstairs... just in case.

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#37 Burying My Head

I was marrying my own grandmother and it was horrifying. Everyone from the family was there and they were so excited for us. I was so terrified once I figured out what was going on, that I ran off into the Japanese woods. Yeah, I have never been to Japan. So I found a pool of deep mud and start writhing around in it. I put my head under the surface of the mud and I wake up completely horrified. Thank God that was a dream.

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#38 Happy You’re Here

My husband and I were in a car accident and he didn’t survive. I woke up and he got up earlier than usual. The dream had been so normal and realistic that without him there, I legit thought he was gone. I just kept thinking, “What am I going to do? There are so many things to take care of. I don’t even want to be alive, never mind dealing with everything.” I forced myself out of bed and found him on the sofa. Then, I burst into a huge fit of crying and couldn’t stop for 15 minutes. I was just so happy he was alive.

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#39 Going Insane

I had a dream where everything was just going insane. There was so much happening at once that it felt insane. I remember seeing people running as fast as they could as stuff fell from the sky. From what I could tell, a giant monster with one eye literally picked up a city block and used it to hit a group of people, turning them into a pile of guts. Then I woke up and thought, "What led to this?!"

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#40 Chipped Tooth

I had a nightmare a week ago about my teeth. The dream started off feeling like another tooth had chipped and I had to pull it out since my teeth are slowly decaying in real life. But then as I pulled it out, it dislocated my entire lower jaw for that section on the lower right of my mouth. That was unpleasant.

Teeth Brushing - Free Image by Dev Memory Maker on PixaHive.comPixahive

#41 Bad Guys

Last night, I had a dream that some girl was told she had to take my life and they (whoever “they are”) attacked her until she agreed to it. Apparently, she had to complete the job or it was five more years of getting hurt. She chased me relentlessly all over the city and I woke up when she had me backed into a corner.

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#42 Washing Machine

I asked a gas station attendant where my sister was and he laughed, pointing to a washing machine. There was my sister, without clothing and in the fetal position, drowned in there. It was very vivid. He killed her to mess with me I didn’t even react. I had to tell my dad in the dream and ask if he wanted to get the body. I woke up crying.

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#43 Not Great

I still have a lot of nightmares about waking up and my toxic mother being in my house or in different situations. It’s a “surprise” wherever I am. I’ve been NC with her for almost 10 years now, but my dad used to try and make us reconcile by taking myself and my brothers on trips where my mother just happened to conveniently also be at the destination. Not great, Bob.

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#44 Broken Foot

Two days ago I broke my foot. I had a dream that just kind of went along as my normal life until in the middle of the dream when I looked down and realized my foot was completely shredded with bones popping out. I woke up and freaked out about how long the recovery would take and how I’d never be able to walk again. Then I looked at my foot and realized it was just my regular foot (albeit broken). It took me a bit to calm down from that.

File:Foot xray.jpg - Wikimedia CommonsWikimedia Commons

#45 No Control Whatsoever

I betrayed my current boyfriend with a toxic ex and I had no control over it whatsoever. I went to bed in the dream afterwards and thought about what just happened. I felt incredibly guilty not knowing what to do and how I would own up to something like that. I was just overall trying to understand why I did what I did when my relationship was so good. I woke up hyperventilating.

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#46 Neverending Subway Rides

I had this recurring dream of the subway going around endlessly and I couldn’t get off. When I did, the tunnels never led to an exit, they got progressively worse with time from tighter tunnels to longer in-dream subway rides. I stopped having them for about a year now but sometimes just thinking about them and how realistic they were will throw me into a small panic attack. The relief when I woke up from those was unlike any other.

File:Subway lights in tunnel.JPG - Wikimedia CommonsWikimedia Commons

#47 The Wrong Pipe

I had a dream that I was stuck in a room filling up with water and had to escape through a connection of pipes. The pipes also went underwater so I had to hold my breath, though. Halfway through, I ran out of breath but the pipes were too narrow to go back so I just had to keep going. I chose the wrong pipe to go through and they just kept getting narrower. Then, I got stuck in a pipe, slowly drowning. When I woke up, I was pretty shaken. It felt so real.

Inondazioni, Surreale, Soggiorno, Design, FantasiaPixabay

#48 For the First Time

This happened just the other day. I had this really intense dream and all of a sudden I got sniped. I fell to the ground and felt so much pain in my head, and my body started twitching. I laid on the ground for about five seconds before finally waking up in an absolute panic. It was the first time I actually lost my life in a dream.

marines, sniper, rifle, aiming, scope, weapon, shooting, special, gun, uniform, armedPikist

#49 Don’t Worry

I dreamt I took my landlord’s life, complete with very lucid execution and burial within walking distance of my apartment. She was a kind woman who didn't deserve that. But, I buried her in a park where I used to play all the time growing up in small-town America. I even crept back to the apartment and drank until I passed out with my roommate. It felt so real I had to ask my friend if I had actually done the deed last night. He said, "Don't worry."

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#50 Human Snack

When I was a kid, I had a nightmare involving a rogue lion that somehow ended up in our backyard. It was trying to get inside the house, presumably to grab a human snack. My dad threw all my toys at the lion but the lion continued to break in. Finally, my dad said we have to give him what he wanted or he wouldn’t ever go away. Then, my dad jumped out of the window and the lion ate him.

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