June 14, 2023 | Jess Silverberg

People Share Their 'I Don't Care, I'm DONE' Moment

When you've had it, you've had it. Whether it's a bad job, a bad relationship, or a sketchy situation, nothing feels better than freeing yourself from a toxic part of your life. Negativity can easily spread to your core and can leave you in a dark place, so the sooner you can leave it behind, the better.

Most of us have been in at least one situation like this, which means we all know how much unnecessary stress can result from it. Many of the following stories shed light on just how important it is to recognize when it's time to leave a bad part of life behind for good. Of course, it's easier said than done; but even just reading about how others managed their way out can be inspiring.


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#1 A Nightmare Of A Boss

When I was a kid, I worked at a garden store as a carryout. During the summer, it was all about loading up customers' cars with sod, river stones, soil, plants, and paving stones. In the winter, it was Christmas trees.

The first year was great; my boss was amazing and the staff all generally got along.

The second year, my boss transferred out and his replacement was horrible. Sales started to dip, and she even joked about laying people off. Employees were freezing because they'd be forced to load Christmas trees outside for four hours in -30-degree weather? If you felt sick on the job, too bad: you came in, so you're staying. Want some water because you're loading cars in 30-degree heat? Nope!

She was just a generally mean person. It got to the point where I was the only full-time carryout left. Then, one day, I finished a shift feeling like I'd been kicked in the crotch. The pain just kept getting worse, so I went to my doctor. Turns out, I'd torn my groin muscle. He gave me a week off, as well as a script for two weeks of light duties upon returning to work.

I gave my boss the script and she screamed at me for causing her extra work. I got back after a week and school was out, so we had tons of staff. I figured I'd be doing light duties, but nope. It was back to the loading area for me, lifting paving stones. I didn't even bother punching out, and as the loading area for customers was right up front, I just walked out and kept going.

The company as a whole went bankrupt a few years later. I actually ended up working with someone who happened to be a manager at another location and knew the situation at my old store. Turns out, my former boss was fired after almost 60 people quit between June and October of that year.



#2 Kicking People While They're Down

Back during the recession when companies were taking advantage of the desperately unemployed, I found myself working for a temp agency that supplied day laborers. We had to come in every day as early as possible (they opened at 5) to get our names on the list. If they got a call in from someone who needed temp workers, they called out names. If you were there, you got the job for the day. They'd only call you out ONCE though.

So, one day, I actually managed to land a job! Yay!

I was on the other side of the city, so I had to drive myself. Okay, fine. When I got there, we spooled power cables onto giant pallets for eight freaking hours.

At the end of the day, they told us they'd send a check

A week later, I received it. It was minimum wage, but the company also took their fee out from the total paySo, I ended up getting paid essentially two dollars below minimum wage.

That's when I said, "Screw this, I'm out."

About two years later, I got something in the mail about a class action lawsuit against them. I can't remember what it detailed exactly, but of course, I signed it.

Six years later, I finally got the payout. $8.

The end.



#3 It Sucks To Be Unappreciated

I'd been telling my boss that there was an error on the website that I couldn't fix because I didn't have the permissions. I mentioned this several times to him. It would take him just one phone call to get it all straightened out.
The owner of the website noticed this error and called me out in front of the whole department, saying I didn't care about my job and was taking advantage of his kindness, It was the last straw for me. I quit the next day.



#4 Sister Wins Every Time

I used to work at a gas station. I wasn't scheduled to work on one particular day and my sister was in town. I hadn't seen her for about a year. My boss rang me up and said someone called in sick, so he needed me to come into work. In the past, I had been very accommodating as the gas station was just about a block from my house. This time, I told him I couldn't come in that day because of my sister being in from out of town. I'll always remember this. He said, "What's more important? Your sister or your job?" Screw this, I'm out.




#5 Get Out Of There Before It's Too Late

My friends and I were hiking in a secluded area in Maine one summer, just messing around and making a lot of noise. We stumbled upon what looked like an abandoned campsite. There was trash everywhere, and a desk chair set on some rocks. We took a lot of the trash and the chair with us. We were wheeling the chair down the path when we saw a stream off to the left and wandered over to it. We spent probably five minutes looking at the stream. When we returned to the path the chair was gone. We hadn't heard anything. We left very quickly.



#6 Weapons At A Party

I was in Phoenix on vacation and went out with my cousin. She took me to a party on the third floor of an apartment building. There were probably about 30 people.

Some girl showed up and some drama ignites with some other guys who were not at the party. They said they were coming over to the party and there was going to be a fight.

Two of the guys at the party went to their cars to grab weapons and an ammo box. There was only one way out of the apartment and I was not going to be there for the fight. We promptly left.


004-1548668880986.jpgMax Pixel

#7 They Punished The Wrong Guy

A co-worker violently punched a dent into a freezer when I told him to shut up. This was after months of him harassing me.

And I was reprimanded!

The director got a nice report after that, and he was fired two weeks later.



#8 She Cray

"You should get me and my sister pregnant at the same time so that they will be cousins AND siblings at the same time!"


 #9 A Sure Way To End A Friendship

A friend of mine asked for my help to move her stuff into a new flat. She promised me a nice dinner as payment. I drove the car she had borrowed, lifted all the heavy stuff, and helped her until way after dark. She made dinner, which turned out to be $1 canned tomato soup. When the time came to return the car, she left me to drive alone for 40 minutes, return the car to people I didn’t know and wait in the middle of the night with no return transport. My dad picked me up, and I never talked to my friend again.




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#10 Some People Just Won't Listen To Reason

I worked as a bartender in a busy city center pub. We had been getting slammed all morning, probably because we were short-staffed. It was miserable. Just as we had caught up, I took 20 seconds to grab a drink and greet with one of my favorite regulars. Just then, my new area manager walked in, spotted me, and berated me for standing around doing nothing. I tried to explain how busy it had been, but he didn't care. I got my first disciplinary in four years off the back of it. I was angry and handed my notice in the next day.



#11 Nearly Tricked Into The Pyramid Scheme

A friend and I went to go interview for a summer “job” that some random guy invited us to on our college campus. Five minutes in, we realized something about the interview was off, but we were too non-confrontational to do anything about it. Ten minutes later, after the “We’re not a pyramid scheme, we’re just, uh...vertical marketing!” spiel, someone got up and left, and we followed.


#12 Turning A Negative Situation Into A Positive One

I got denied a two or three percent merit increase at my company despite the fact that they were making money hand over fist. I was in a meeting with my boss's boss and he got an email about the merit increase for one of my peers. He was already making about 75% more money than I was and he still got an increase. I immediately changed my status on LinkedIn and started getting bombarded with opportunities. I started a new job immediately.


#13 Pettiness Is Not A Virtue

I was hired to open up a small bottle shop for owners who lived out of state. I did all the planning, hired all the contractors, and built the place from the ground up. I had been managing it for around 8 months with a small staff when I decided the workload was too much.

I stepped down from the manager's position to just a regular cashier's job and one of my employees was promoted to manager. I interviewed, hired, and trained this person from the start and on my first day as a cashier, he handed me a written warning for placing a SINGLE bottle slightly off center. Soon after, I got a second warning for 'arguing' with him.

I said, "Screw it, have fun running the place without me," and walked out.



#14 The Professor Is Dismissed

My college professor required us to sign up for a class at a different college (and pay full price) to get credit for "his" class.

I said, "Screw this," and dropped that class.


114-1547852706653.JPG110 ATKW

#15 No Thank You Very Much

The guy I dated for years ran through the front door of our apartment, yelling, “Honey, I know you don’t approve of illicit substances, but I just did some and it was AWESOME.”



#16 Good Advice

I went to a borderline abandoned mall in my town and started exploring one of the empty restaurants. When I got inside, I walked into the back where it was dark and noticed the words "GET OUT" written in red on the wall. I turned around and walked straight out.




#17 He Definitely Dodged That Bullet

A few years back, I had a job interview. When I showed up, it became clear that the company had scheduled multiple interviews at the same exact time. That wouldn't have been a problem, but there were only two interviewers and they conducted the interviews together. By my estimate, I could have been forced to wait over an hour for my interview, even though I had agreed on a specific time with the recruiter. I left pretty much instantly because the company clearly didn't care that they were wasting the applicants' time. I was afraid of what kind of employer they would turn out to be.


#18 Who Wouldn't Skip School To Be A Stock Boy At A Grocery Store?

A couple of years ago, I was working as a stock boy in a grocery store. They messed up my schedule and put me on shifts while I had class, even though I had submitted my schedule three times. After not coming into work, they suspended me and said that I would have to talk to my boss.

I said screw it and left. I never went back to work there.



#19 Some Necessary Information Was Left Out

The owner of a restaurant I worked at offered me $200 to remove an evicted tenant's old furniture and belongings from an apartment he rented out. He had a dumpster delivered and gave me the key.

He failed to disclose that the evicted tenant was a hoarder.

I pretty much left when I first opened the door.



#20 What A Slap In The Face

This happened years ago while I was working at a Safeway in the produce department. I worked from 1:30 p.m. to 10 p.m., 3 days a week. After 4 p.m., I was alone in the department and as it got later in the evening, I would spend my time helping the night manager with his duties because everything in my area was handled. I would help stock other departments and clean the warehouse, all while keeping my department perfect.

I asked the store manager for more hours after about two months of doing this extra work. She told me, “If you worked harder I would consider it." So I turned around, clocked out, and never came back.



#21 The Wrong Kind Of Friend

I went to a friend's birthday party at his favorite club. I found out he'd not only invited my abusive ex but also paid for her train ticket. One of my good friends let me know that she was there, and the friend I rode with was like, "Nope, screw this. We're out."

We went back home.



#22 Deception Never Makes People Feel Welcome

A group of friends and I were invited to an off-campus house party and we walked into a completely silent house with a bunch of dudes sitting in the living room. They were using the floor since the couches had been packed. The host and the rest of his frat buddies started handing out paperwork and applications so we could join their fraternity.

No, sir. We bailed.




#23 Know Your Weaknesses

I was a young and dumb kid fresh out of high school. I saw an ad in the paper for a job offering $18 an hour with no experience required. It ended up being for Rainbow Vacuums. I went in and they did their spiel while myself and a group of defeated looking 30-somethings looked on in boredom. They said, "Alright we're going to break for pizza," so I chowed down on a few slices and pondered on my life. I thought, "You suck at talking to people, you have no sales experience, and this is probably a pyramid scheme." I grabbed another slice, asked if I could just run out to my car really quick, and sped off into the sunset.



#24 Car Jacking Successfully Averted

I was sitting at a red light in the worst neighborhood in Baltimore when a group of young men started to slowly crowd around my heavily-modded car. One of the guys came up to my window which was slightly open and started asking about my car. During that conversation, another one tried opening my passenger door, and when I looked at him the guy I was talking to tried reaching in my slightly open window to grab me. I hit the gas and launched my car through the red light and didn't slow down till I got out of that neighborhood.



#25 The Worst Possible Job Training

I took a Christmas job at a call center for a delivery company. All the calls we received were about missing or late parcels right before Christmas. The training was 95% comprised of the company's history, then we were thrown on calls without knowing how to check anything. I went on my lunch break on my first day and didn't go back to work.


#26 Standing Up For What's Right

In high school, I was a nanny for this family during the day. The mom would later drop me off at Cold Stone, my first real job. The assistant manager who was always there was a completely horrid person. Looking back, she had to have been under 24 years old at the time. She was rude, invited guys to come and hang with her during shifts, and they were always kind of sketchy. She had it out for me because I was a first-time employee who was overly keen on doing a great job! I remember dreading going to work and getting that pit in my stomach because I was so terrified of her. She would always threaten to cut my hours or just do things to screw me over.

One day, the mom was late to drop me off at work. She came in with me because she knew I was scared of this girl and would get yelled at. She went up and apologized for me, saying it was completely her fault. The girl lost her mind!! She called the mom names to her face and went on some rant that I don't remember because I was in utter shock. The mom looked at me and said "You done here? I think you're done here." She turned to the crazy manager and said, "You are the rudest person I've ever met. I'm sorry for how insecure you must be to act like this. She quits!" She grabbed my arm and we stormed out! I was SHOCKED and horrified... At the time, I thought she had ruined my career by quitting my first job for me. Looking back, I think it's hysterical and I wish I had a recording of it.



#27 He Got Catfished

I went on a date with a 33-year-old girl I met through a website. We had talked on the phone and texted for three weeks before meeting each other. She lived an hour away, so we decided to meet in a bigger town fifteen minutes from where she lived. I rolled up and she very clearly didn't look like the person from her pictures. They must have been five or six years old because she really let herself go. I decided to say screw it and just sit with her for lunch. After we ordered, I excused myself to the bathroom and came back to see our table being joined together with another table. Apparently, her grandma, brother, and three friends had "just happened to show up." She had told them I was her boyfriend.

Anyway, I sat through lunch for about fifteen minutes and quickly ate my food. The moment I finished eating, I went and tracked down the waiter, paid for the meal with a hefty tip, then bounced.

#28 Asking For A Bit Much

I had a job interview for a secretarial position at the police headquarters in my city. As part of the process, they strapped me into a lie detector test and asked me EVERYTHING. Did I use illicit substances? Have I ever stolen anything? Do I take any medications? I said, "Screw this, I’m out," when they asked me to write down the names of my friends who they suspected of doing illegal things.


#29 DUI Avoided

I used to have a scooter as an undergrad because it made it super easy to park on campus. One time, I took it to a coworker get-together downtown that included beer. I went to go home and drove probably a quarter mile before I realized I was too tipsy to drive. I got off and pushed my ride on the sidewalk for another quarter mile. Eventually, got fed up with that. There were at least four more miles left to go.

This was before Uber but after smartphones. I posted a Craigslist ad for anyone with a truck who could take a tipsy guy and his scooter to the south side of town for $25. I sat down in the dark staring at the stars kind of tipsy until some other college student showed up and did exactly that. I like to pretend that he went on to invent Uber.



#30 Trust Is Crucial In A Relationship

I was engaged to a guy who wouldn’t tell me the state of his finances, which I already knew was not good. I just wanted to see what we would need to do to improve it. He didn’t trust me enough with that information and I didn’t trust him with my heart after that. I ended it.


#31 All Thanks To Carl Sagan

I was raised as a Mormon and was heavily invested in that lifestyle. Then, several years ago, I was sitting there reading The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark by Carl Sagan. I came across a passage where he gave examples of how 'faith healing' had about the same success rates as no action at all, whereas specific doses of certain substances had a vastly greater effect on those with certain illnesses.

For whatever reason, that was the straw that broke the proverbial camel's back and I almost instantly de-converted from both Mormonism and theism in general.



#32 Sometimes You Just Have To Start Over

I woke up one morning and realized that my house was no longer my home. It was just a place where I was storing my stuff while I was going through the motions of my life.

I decided then and there that I was going to sell the place in the spring, pack my stuff, and move somewhere new to start the next chapter of my life.

It was unbelievably liberating, and I was extremely lucky to have been able to do it. Most people never have the flexibility, financially or emotionally, to do something like that.



#33 That's How They Get You

I answered a job posting for a telemarketing job. On the first day of training, they told us to make a list of the five most important people in our lives. Then, they told us by the last day of training, that we were to cut these people from our lives.

They were definitely recruiting for a cult.



#34 What A Way To Take Advantage

It was my last day of work and my boss wanted me to take on a major assignment. I was not to leave until it was done. I responded to him by email: "Is this a joke?" He said no. It was 4:30 p.m. on a Friday and I wanted to go home to my newborn son, so I just left.



#35 He Handled That Maturely

I worked a job as a waiter at a fine dining restaurant about 15 years ago. During a particularly busy night during the holidays, the owner of the restaurant put his hand on my back, pushed me and said: "Move faster." Instead of punching him in the face for being totally disrespectful, I finished my shift, went to his office and told him that his behavior was totally unacceptable. I quit right then and there.

I had the whole of the holidays off which was awesome.



#36 Don't Mess With The Russian Mafia

One time, I was applying for a job at a furniture store in Philly. The store was owned by some Russian guy and because I was also Russian, I had an upper hand and got in. During my third day of getting trained, a group of large dudes in black leather jackets showed up at the place. They started demanding some money from the owner that he apparently owned them. They smashed his fish tank to pieces and left. I promptly got up and left without saying a word.



#37 Working With Criminals

My supervisor was embezzling, so I told the company president. He told me to mind my own business, so I walked back to my desk, gathered up my personal belongings, and walked out.


#38 Everything Is Scarier At Night

My friend and I were waking at like, 2 a.m. to go back to his house and I heard something behind us. Just in case, I turned on my flashlight behind us. There were five sets of eyes staring back at us from about 20 feet away and another pair of eyes in a tree.

We ran as fast as we could.

I’m pretty sure they were raccoons.



#39 Brainwash Them While They're Young

I was just a tween when the church I was in told me they frowned upon interracial dating. I was shocked. Left that cult a few years later at 18.



#40 Enough Said

I went to a girl's house to watch movies. I asked about the photo of her with the kids on her wall. "Yep, those are my babies. I had those three until CPS got involved."

That was that.



#41 Morals Over Money

I became a software engineering manager at a Fortune 500 company. I have a unique team because we are remote so I can literally hire the best in the world, whereas our main office basically gets the people who couldn't get a job at Facebook or Google.

So when I found out we do stack ranking and that no matter how much my team accomplishes, I still have to give a bad review to someone and torpedo their bonus, I said screw that.

I accepted a job with Google a couple of days ago.



#42 One Of The Many Things Trump Is Not Doing

During the Sunday sermon, the pastor began his preaching by saying Trump was bringing Christianity back to America. I got up and excused myself as soon as he uttered those words, no cares given.



#43 It's Time Better Spent With The Parents Anyway

I went to my ten-year reunion around Thanksgiving. I didn't like anyone I went to school with but it was an excuse to fly back and see my parents. I lasted maybe 30 minutes at the reunion.



#44 Thanks For The Heads Up

My professor said, "Nobody ever gets an A in my class." So I dropped his class.



#1 Never Trust A White Van In The Middle Of The Night

I drove to the bank late at night to use the ATM.

I saw a white van parked out front.

Hollywood movies played through my head.

I got out of there right away.




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