People Share Their ‘But Wait, It Gets Worse’ Story

Life is full of unfortunate moments, but nothing is worse than being kicked when you’re already down. When something bad happens to you, it’s hard not to let negativity seep into other areas of your life. Sometimes, the situation just gets progressively worse, no matter what you do or how hard you try to stop it.

They say when it rains, it pours. It has to get worse before it can get better. But it’s a lot easier to say these things than it is to believe them— especially when you’re right in the thick of it. Just take it from these people, who took to the internet to share their “But wait, it gets worse” stories.

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#48 Snot Problems

One time, I blew my nose near the trash can by the door of the classroom. I grabbed some tissue from a nearby tissue box and blew as hard as I could into it. I thought I had wiped everything, but I didn’t realize I still had left some snot running from my nose.

But wait, it gets worse. My desk was positioned in plain view of my crush. When I went back to my seat, I saw her giggle at me. I thought she was being flirty, but when everyone turned around to look at me and started giggling with her, I knew something was wrong.

I hated myself at that moment.

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#47 Airpod Mishap

I just bought a new pair of Airpods. I was so excited to use them that I opened them as soon as I walked out of the Apple store. One of them accidentally slipped from my hands and rolled into an escalator.

But wait, it gets worse. I went back to the store to buy a replacement. It set me back another $69. All was good until I arrived home and used the washroom while they were still in my ear. One of the Airpods fell out of my ear and into the toilet as soon as I flushed.

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#46 Forced Streaking

After my workout, I went to take a shower. My friends thought it would be hilarious to take my clothes and lock them in another locker. After I finished my shower, I opened my locker, saw that it was empty, and I heard them all laughing behind me. I knew immediately what they had done. I told them to stop playing games but they just kept on laughing.

But wait, it gets worse. While I was looking for my clothes in the other lockers, one of my friends snuck up behind me and ripped my towel from my body. I ran after him, but he swiftly went outside of the changeroom.

I had no choice but to streak the entire gym as I ran to my car. Don’t worry, I’ll get those idiots back.

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#45 Double Crash

I got rear-ended by a truck. When I pulled over on a hilly street to check my trunk, a car parked behind me rolled downhill and crushed me. I suffered some cracked ribs.



#44 Mooning The Mourners

My wrap-around skirt blew away while I was walking down the sidewalk.

But wait, it gets worse: It happened right in front of a funeral home, and yes, there were at least two dozen mourners filing into the building, as I chased my skirt down the sidewalk in my panties.


#43 Dog Death Then Divorce

On the drive home, just after we had to put down our family dog of 12 years, my parents told my brother and I that they were separating.


#42 Cheated And Assaulted

I came home from work to find my fiance in bed with someone else, three months before our wedding. It gets worse. I’m a female, and my ex-fiance a male… The other person in bed? ALSO a male.

He was using me to hide his sexuality from his family as he was too afraid to come out of the closet. When I came back the next day for my stuff, he pushed me THROUGH a wall and down a flight of stairs. I’m okay now. It was a while ago. Now I have a very stable, safe, honest relationship with a great guy who thankfully isn’t cheating, and isn’t in the closet.


#41 Dumped At Work And Home

My live-in girlfriend and I were in a rough patch. I was kind of riding it out until the end of the lease to see if things got any better.

They did not.

In late October, she told me that she was breaking up with me. A week later, I was laid off. She moved out shortly after. In a few weeks, I saw on social media that she had gotten engaged to someone else. Our mutual friends assured me that she had been cheating on me the entire time we were together.

I found a contract job which I hated. While there, I started a side gig. When the primary contract ended, I decided to take my side gig full time. Since I suck at sales, I couldn’t manage to get traction.

Fortunately, I am now in a job I enjoy very much, and back in the gym losing weight. If my life were an NFL team, the coach would call this a “rebuilding year.”


#40 Heart Disease After Healing

My dad was making huge progress in dealing with depression and other personal demons. He was about to start a new career, and it seemed like he had a new lease on life. As cheesy as it sounds, everything in his life was starting to get better… Then, he died of heart disease in his sleep.

It happened a few months after getting the all-clear from cancer.

He died four days before his birthday, and three days before my mom’s birthday.


#39 Puppy Accidents

My friend got a puppy recently. Adorable little jerk. He peed on the floor and I accidentally stepped in it. I waddled to the bathroom to clean up the spill and I ended up stepping in dog doo-doo on the way.


#38 Home Improvement Project Gone Wrong

I took it upon myself to fix some loose floorboards in the bathroom. I can fix this, I thought. I made a note of where the floor joists were and hammered in the first nail. It didn’t feel right, so I hammered a half inch to the left, and it felt much more secure. I put in the second nail, and again it didn’t feel right, so I moved it over a bit and hammered again. The next thing I know, I’m hit in the face with high-pressure, hot water from the heating system.

By the time I shut off the water, multiple gallons of water had already come through the ceiling in the kitchen under the bathroom. I went back into the bathroom and realized I could smell gas. The previous nail had gone straight through the gas main, and we had to shut off the gas. The gas board came round and declared the house unsafe, and it took us four days to get it repaired. When we went to repair the hot water pipe, it turned out the first nail had also gone through the shower drain. The good news is I’m banned from DIY for life.


#37 Bad Birthday News

I was in the hospital ICU getting dialysis for an acute kidney injury when my face got paralyzed. I was also my birthday.


#36 Sprain And Food Poisoning

Three days ago, I injured my back. It was a lumbar sprain—super painful, especially when leaning forward.

Two days ago, I decided to get a burger from a newly opened joint. I got food poisoning. And not just mild food poisoning, either… I’m talking sitting on a toilet for days, everything exploding. Ever had to throw up with a back injury? Would not recommend.


#35 Long-Haul In The Hospital

I went into premature labor with my son and had to have an emergency C-section due to placenta previa. The doctor had nicked the placenta, and I started bleeding out. Thankfully, we both came through it.

The next day, my husband was laid off. I also had no job to return to after having the baby. We had just bought a new house a few months before that, and we could no longer afford it.

I got discharged from the hospital four days later. The next morning, I woke up feeling like I’d been hit by a truck. I went back to the hospital and spent three days being poked while in agonizing pain, only to be told that I had the flu. At 7 p.m. on the third night, I had the sudden clarity that I was going to die, so called for the doctor.  I was taken in for emergency surgery, and they discovered I had a massive infection. I was a couple of hours away from going into organ failure from sepsis. I spent a week in ICU recovering.

A week later, a speeding idiot smashed into our only car, and it was written off.


#34 Fire And Water

The year I left my husband, I found out he’d been having an affair. I moved to Queens three weeks later and ended up getting robbed by my super. So I moved again, but the new place had a water issue. That November, my block caught on fire, and I was smoked out. The only good news here: I kept the smoky apartment, and met the best boyfriend ever.


#33 New Year’s News

I got in a car crash after coming back from the club on New Year’s Day.

But wait it gets worse.

At the hospital, they did a full body scan and found a huge tumor on my pituitary gland.


#32 Heart Attack Followed By Drowning

I was supposed to head out on vacation with my aunt and cousin, but it got postponed due to a friend of the family dying unexpectedly. On the way home from the funeral, my uncle, while driving my aunt and cousins, died of a heart attack.

But wait, it gets worse.

A few days after my uncle’s funeral, my aunt, cousin, and I drove up to our cottage on the lake. Two days into our vacation, my cousin drowned.

My dad drove ten hours to pick us up. As we were heading back home, we got pulled over by a state trooper. They had a been on the lookout for us. I was instructed to write a witness statement of what happened to my cousin. I was 13 at the time, and it was all too much for me.

We drove back to Maine so I could give my statement, then we headed out again. On the way home, our transmission blew out.

It was a rough time.


#31 Distracted By More Death

My mom died on a Tuesday. I was part of my school’s basketball team and had planned to attend one of our games on Friday to help take my mind off things.  The game got canceled because of a crash outside the school.

But wait. It gets worse. My best friend was the one who got hit. He was hospitalized for three months. Another friend of ours died in the accident.



#30 Forgot The Seat Buckle

My three-year-old sister died in a car accident.

But wait, it gets worse. I was the one who was supposed to buckle her car seat, but I didn’t because she was crying hysterically and I felt bad. The doctor ended up telling our family that if she were buckled into her car seat, she would have lived.


#29 Made It, Still Out Of Luck

I got food poisoning when I was shopping.

I got to the nearest pub to use the washroom. There was no toilet paper.


#28 Horrifying Mother’s Day

My mother was on chemo for breast cancer. She had a heart attack and was shortly hospitalized for that.

A few days after she was released, she started feeling a bit under the weather and went back to the hospital to check it out. They examined her a bit, then rushed her into emergency surgery. After removing two-pounds of flesh in her pelvic region, she survived.

She had Necrotizing Fasciitis, and the surgeons told us that if she had come in any later, the infection would have reached the base of her spine. She would have died.

This was on Mother’s day.


#27 Poor Timing For Jokes

One time, when I was 18 years old, I visited a Steak n’ Shake with two of my good friends. One of our friends was notably depressed, and he wanted to break some news. The table next to us was being rowdy and disrespectful, and he kept getting interrupted every time he was about to tell us.

Thinking of myself as an “alpha male,” I began arguing back, making the situation worse. The manager was sent in, and we got yelled at like a bunch of kindergartners. We ended up getting kicked out of the restaurant. But wait, it gets worse.

As we were walking outside, I made a snarky comment along the lines of, “People like that are the cancer of society.”

My depressed friend then broke down sobbing, revealing to us his dad had just got diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer.


#26 An Accelerating Problem

My car blew a tire while I was on a road trip alone.

In the middle of the night.

In the middle of NOWHERE (Nebraska).

I had no cell service — no one to hear me scream.

Thankfully, after some time, a group of female bikers passing through let me use their cell phone.

But wait, it gets worse. The next day, my car, which was only three years old, wouldn’t accelerate past a certain speed.

I was on the I-80 on a two-lane road because of construction. I started going slower and slower, down to 30 mph. I thought, well, maybe I can make it to the next exit (just two miles away). There were several trucks behind me laying on their horn. My car then suddenly just died in the middle of the road. My catalytic converter or muffler gave out.

It took two hours for a tow truck to haul me out of the way.


#25 Painful Existence

I have knee pain so I can’t stand or walk a lot for a long time.

But wait, it gets worse.

I also have coccyx (tailbone) pain so I can’t sit down comfortably for a long time.


#24 Moved In And On

I helped my girlfriend move into a new house on her campus for a period of two weeks. On the first week, we moved and set up just about everything and drove extra that night to drop off a table for her sister (three hours away). She lacked furniture, and I just graduated, so gave my old furniture to her.

The next weekend, we went back to the house and she said she wanted to break up with me. I still moved all her stuff in and put furniture together because I am a pushover. She also still has my TV.


#23 Destroyed Hips

I got cancer as a teenager. Chemo gave me a secondary condition that required a hip replacement. All the extra weight from limping destroyed my other hip, requiring a second hip replacement. Both hips were recalled by the manufacturer because they are squeaky and falling apart. To be continued, I guess.


#22 No Cents

I did a trial at a coffee shop when I was 16. All was going well until I served one customer who I unintentionally short-changed. I had already closed the till.

But wait, it gets worse. Instead of asking the manager who stood right beside me how to open the till, I reached into my pocket and used my own change to pay the customer. Most embarrassing moment of my life.


#21 Disturbing The Nest

I fell 15 feet onto a rock ledge during a rock climbing accident. I tried getting up and collapsed from a fractured spine… into a hornets’ nest.


#20 Busy Doctors And Amputations

I stepped on a nail that went through my boot and into a bone in my foot. My doctor was “all booked up” and could not see me. They prescribed antibiotics over the phone, but the wound got worse.

When I finally saw the doctor, they told me to go straight to the hospital. I was then told that I would need an amputation and immediate IV antibiotics. I lost my big toe and a large portion of my foot.

But wait, it gets worse. It turned out, there was still a chance that the infection was still present in the remaining portion of the foot. I end up getting a second amputation about four inches below the knee.


#19 Close To Craigslist Killer

I met a guy on Craigslist Personals (desperate times, I know). We had a few dates, but he ended up being a total jerk, and I left him.

I saw his name on the news a year later… They had coined him “The Craigslist Killer.” Everyone in my family knows we dated. I’m the butt of every dating joke now.


#18 Pretty Bad Beach Day

So I was at the beach with my friends and nearly drowned. I had swallowed a ton of ocean water and sand.

That night,  I got severely dehydrated and threw up constantly, so much that my poor new pup got vomited on too.

The doctors couldn’t find a vein to stick the IV bag into, so they ended up poking me about six times until they could finally get it in my wrist. They ended up putting air bubbles into my blood.

But wait, it gets worse.

When the nurse examined me, she noticed an odd looking “birthmark” on my back. After some tests and skin scrapes, it turned out I had skin cancer.


#17 Sick And Injured At Sea

I had bronchitis. But wait it gets worse—I was stuck on a boat in Vietnam miles out to sea, and there was a terrible storm. Lightning had hit the small metal roof I was under, causing me hearing loss and a shock.

But wait, it gets worse. Later in the day, I touched a hot pepper then rubbed my eyes. As I was running through the boat looking for a sink,  I missed an open trapdoor and fell eight feet into the bowels of the ship, landing on pipes and breaking my hip.


#16 Burnt And Broken

My neighbors set their condo on fire. It’s the one below mine. They threw what caught on fire outside on our stacked decks. My deck has a wooden staircase. I ended up getting trapped inside and had to be rescued from the window. When the firefighter carried me out,  he lost his footing, and we fell.

I fractured my back and ribs. My boyfriend got out fine—he just had a slight case of smoke inhalation and a burn on his arm.

I lost all five of my cats in the fire. I ended up out of work for four months, and my boyfriend got laid off three months after the fire.


#15 Depressed Dogs And Failed Exams

One of my dogs got very sick. She had to stay with the vets for a couple of nights throughout a month. This was right in the middle of some very important exams for me.

She had stayed a few days in a row near the end. It turned out, she got put to sleep at that time. I had no idea. I never got to say goodbye. She had a rare case of kidney failure.

But wait, it got worse. My other dog got cancer. All his paws were ruined. He died two months later after the worst depression I’d ever seen. He died from a broken heart. I stayed up with him all night before he was supposed to get put down. We brought a vet out while I was at school. I came home to a house with no dogs that day.

But wait, it gets even worse. I did poorly on my exams.


#14 Clogged Toilets And Car Crashes

My boyfriend broke up with me, and so I went to work sobbing and inconsolable.

I went to the bathroom and managed to clog the one toilet we had, so I spend two hours locked in there unclogging it.

Then, when I could finally go home, one of my tires burst, and I spun out of control on the freeway, crashing into the side of the road.

When I got home, I called my friend to tell her about my horrible day, and the first thing she said to me was, “DONALD TRUMP IS PRESIDENT!”


#13 Evicted And Stranded

I got kicked out of the basement that I was renting with less than 12 hours notice. It was also where I worked from home, so when I was evicted, I essentially became homeless AND jobless overnight.

I loaded up my car with all of my stuff in less than two hours. I was ready to get out of there, but when I started my car, the transmission chose at THAT moment to break completely.

I had spent $2,000 the week prior on car maintenance.


#12 A Family Affair

My dad found out my mom had cheated on him. But wait, it gets worse: turned out, she did it with his best friend.

My dad agreed to work through it and make the marriage work. He later found out that she was cheating on him again with someone else.


#11 Robbed Twice In A Day

I got mugged on my way home one night.

The next morning I got an email from campus police telling me that my car had been broken into.


#10 A Christmas Surprise

On Christmas Eve, my grandma sat me down and gave me an envelope with $200. She said to me, “Honey, no matter which parent you go with I will always be here for you.”

I was 14 and didn’t know my parents were divorcing, so I walked into my aunt’s living room to confront them. My mom told me that she was moving in with my dad’s best friend from college. My dad didn’t know either. Fun Christmas.


#9 A Tragedy For Teenagers

After a funeral for a teenaged boy who died of natural causes, a truckload of his family was leaving the cemetery and hit a pothole. A 15-year-old fell off the back of the pickup, hit his head and died.


#8 Break Up Then Beat Up

After a breakup, I went to a bar to take my mind off things. She still wanted to be friends, but I was still torn up about it. On the walk home alongside a very busy highway, I was mugged and beaten. No one stopped.

But wait, it gets worse. They didn’t care to take my cheap, old phone. I called her once I got home, just desperately needing someone to talk to. A guy answered, and before I can say anything he said,  “Don’t call again”.


#7 Trauma In The Tanning Salon

I had an angry customer at the tanning salon I worked at go #1 in the trash can.

But wait, it gets worse.

He had also went #2 in the tanning bed and allowed it to “cook” the full 20 minutes.


#6 No Teeth But Diabetes

One time in fifth grade, I stood between two desks to swing back and forth, as kids do. I went too far back, and my arms gave out. I fell straight to the ground with my two front teeth taking the brunt of the fall. They didn’t get knocked out, but they got pushed back through my gums and into the base of my nasal cavity. I needed emergency dental surgery, root canals, etc.

Three months later, I got diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes with no history in my family.


#5 Oblivious To Impalement

I was swinging on a tree branch. It broke. I fell seven feet onto the back of my head, which collided with root and rock. But wait, it gets worse.

My head hurt so bad that I didn’t notice the rest of me come down on a piece of metal rebar holding up a sprinkler underneath the tree. I was partially impaled.


#4 Arrested Then Injured

Labor Day weekend: I got a DUI on a Friday and spent the night in jail with a girl in the next cot telling me she was going to hurt me all night. My boyfriend bailed me out on Saturday morning. I cried all day and night.

He then came over on Sunday and said: “Let me take you out to a party on the barge before I put it up for the winter.” I ended up getting three broken ribs and a cracked sternum at the party.


#3 Widowed Before Wedding

My fiancé died. It was 11 days before our wedding.


#2 Car Trouble With Grandma

I drove my grandmother around in an old car. We got to the mall using the backroads because the car couldn’t go over 45 mph without stopping.

Anyway, we got to the mall, and the car stopped working. Then, out of nowhere, my grandmother told me that my grandfather has stage 4 cancer.

At that time, I was the only one that knew about my grandfather in the immediate family, besides my father.


#1 The Double ACL Tear

I tore my ACL and other ligaments at a college lacrosse camp. After surgery and eight months of physical therapy, I was able to play again and garnered some interest from division three programs. I tore the same ACL again during my first game back on the field.