March 26, 2020 | Molly Seif

People Share The Worst Thing They've Done While Angry

Sometimes in the heat of the moment, we say things we don't mean or do things that we'll regret. The silver lining to those moments is that we can later learn from our mistakes. Here are the worst things people have done while angry:

#1 Just Not A Match

I threw a $3,000 engagement ring that we never found. I had a lot of regrets afterward. Firstly because I felt like it was a symbol of something. Later because I realized I had to pay for a $3,000 ring that I didn't have anymore... But when it's all said and done, we were two different people after five years. I'm glad we split. I have a wife now who I love and enjoy and I wouldn't have met her otherwise.


#2 Things Kids Say

When I was three years old, I got into a fight with my grandma. Nobody remembers what it was about anymore, but apparently it ended with me telling her to call me when she dies, so I could come to visit grandad. She says she never laughed so hard in her life before. Still, I can't help it but feel kind of bad each time she mentions it.


#3 A Legendary Burn

Sometimes, kids' insults are so brilliant or hilarious you just can't be mad. A friend of mine once jokingly put his hand up to my daughter's face and said, "Talk to the hand, kid." She grabbed his wrist and said, "Hello hand, did you know you're attached to a complete idiot?" She was 7 and it's still one of the most legendary burns in the history of my friend group.

#4 Fueled By Mockery

I had just gotten back home after tried to end myself and my older brother was mocking me, calling me different vulgar names. I got so angry that I started punching the wall and didn’t stop until my hand was broken in multiple places. There was also a good-sized hole in the wall. I’m not an angry person but being mocked just sets me off in a way nothing else does.


#5 A Gotcha Moment

Back in high school, I suspected my girlfriend was cheating with this guy she was friends with. I went onto her AIM, blocked him, cloned the username by replacing an l with a lower-case L, and then added it to her friend's list. Sure enough, she messaged me with a kiss face, thinking she was talking to him, and I got her to reveal everything.


#6 Father's Tears

I'm absolutely certain I've done worse, but... I was 13 or 14. I told my dad I hated him. He cried. I still feel that so deeply in my heart. I do not hate my dad. I love him so much. It taught me to be so much more careful. I think I have said worse things when furious. I'm pretty sure I meant them, though, so I don't feel so much regret. In adulthood, my rage is very cold and precise. Cruelty and truth is my ultimate style. Not proud. Not pleasant. But at least I don't make my dad cry?


#7 Bad Artists

When I was in the fifth grade, I drew pictures of a girl I didn't like (stick figures, literally) dying in various ways. A TA asked what I was drawing and I put the paper crumpled up in my mouth. She made me take it out and then showed the admin. Myself and two other kids (who also drew pictures) got suspended for three days, and the victim's mom put her in another school. One of the other kids who got suspended was the TA's daughter.


#8 Not Impressed

In engineering college, someone found a passport-sized picture of a student lying around, stuck it on the notice board next to the job placement officer’s office, and then people wrote various things under it (you can imagine what kind of things college students would write). This went on for a couple of weeks and no one noticed. Then, one day, everyone who had job interviews that week got suspended for that incident because clearly, no one who wasn’t scheduled for a job interview ever entered that wing. Apparently, the IBM HR who was in that week took offense to that joke and couldn’t imagine such people working at their prestigious company. We were punished for losing IBM as a recruiter.


#9 Love For Zeus

When I was younger and went to church, my mom gave us these little books that had a Bible in them but also a blank journal and I would draw in them. Hercules was my favorite movie at the time, so I drew Zeus with a trident. My mom got mad at me for putting the devil in God's spot. I said it was God because I didn't know the difference between God and Zeus. I still got grounded.


#10 The Written Threat

I wrote a note to my bully saying he was terrible and that I didn't want to be friends with him anymore. I drew a stick figure with a sharp object and signed it from his best friend. After a witch hunt, I had in-school detention for months, during which I was forced to copy the encyclopedia. This was negotiated down from having to clean toilets.


#11 Inspired By Hangman

Man, my little brother got really mad that I wasn’t playing with him during recess one day. He went up to the playground’s slide and carved a picture of me hanging with X’s in my eyes, and he also carved my name in. The recess monitor peeps were freaked out by it, but we got over the argument the next day. We occasionally still laugh about it to this day.


#12 Rainstorm Rage

I told my mom to go screw herself at an Old Navy while a young boy with his mom was holding the door for us. It all happened during a torrential rainstorm that literally no one was prepared for. My dumb self refused to get out of the car when my mom was already out there in the pouring rain, summer clothes and everything. After 30 seconds, I finally got out and got scolded by the entrance.


#13 An Eggsplosion

When I was a kid, I wanted a hard-boiled egg one afternoon and my mom said no. I asked why but she just said no. I got upset and went to my room. When she went to take a shower or whatever I had the brilliant idea of making my desired egg treat with speed and stealth. I took a coffee mug, filled it with water, dropped the egg in and stuck it in the microwave. I forget how long I set it for, but it was long enough for my mom to come back out to the sound of something cooking in the microwave.

She asked me to come to the kitchen, which I shamefully did in defeat. Just as she began to ask me what I'm cooking, the microwave started to beep. On the third beep, there was this very loud but muffled THUMP from the microwave. The egg had exploded... the cup had exploded... the microwave was ruined. This wouldn't have been so bad had my family had enough money to replace the microwave and I hadn't wasted eggs.


#14 A Sobering Reality

My dad mentioned how we only got a certain amount of eggs for dinner. He dished up all of the plates and I saw three chunks of egg stuck to the pan, an amount equivalent to half of a scrambled egg. I grabbed the chunks and popped them in my mouth. Dad set the table and looked back at the pan and exclaimed, "What happened?!"

I told him I saw the wasted eggs and ate them. He responded that I ate his dinner. I offered him my eggs but he wouldn't take them and suffered it out with no food. I understand what he was doing, and I don't fault him, but as a fat kid it messed me up for years knowing I ate my dad's dinner and mine and he wouldn't let me set it right. I understand the concept of suffering for your family but I ate more than I needed not knowing he had to starve. I would do the same for my kids, but it was a sobering reality.


#15 It's Gonna Blow!

My daughter wanted a hard-boiled egg a few years back, and I had just cleaned the kitchen, so I decided to just stick it in a mug in the microwave and cook it that way. It exploded with so much force, it opened the microwave door. I now had to clean egg off of everything. It would have been easier to clean a pot, but I had no idea it would blow the way it did.


#16 Trashing The House

I trashed my house after the doctor's told me my mother was dying. I scared the heck out of my brother and my nephew. I'm not really prone to fits of rage or an angry person. In my culture, we're told we should do that and also burn their clothes. The spirits sometimes can't let go of their family. This is a way of showing them that their loved ones are moving on.


#17 A Low Blow

In middle school, one of my classmates was permanently in a wheelchair. He was also a bit of a bully. He was making fun of me and a friend, so in the middle of it I said, "Come on, let's go find some stairs." I still cringe pretty hard about that. I know it was a low blow and I never did it again, but that guy totally deserved it.


#18 Breaking Point

My mother's ex-husband and I had a really volatile relationship. He was mentally and emotionally abusive. There was one day where things got extremely bad. Both my mom and her ex-husband were drinking. All I did was walk in the door and that's when it all started. I was told I had no friends. I was told my family didn't care about me and that if I disappear it would be a good break because I was disappointing.

I kept trying to tell them to leave me alone. I tried hiding in my room too, but they followed me. I, at one point, finally became so enraged at them. I flipped my bed over and then chased them out. I told them I would end them and not to go to sleep. Yeah. That was fun to explain to the cops.


#19 Regretful Words

My father was abusive and in the middle of a fight, I told him: "My life would be easier if you were gone." Some months later, he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I remember him crying and telling me, "Do you remember when you said you wish I die? Well, I hope you're happy now", This memory always breaks my heart, even when he wasn't the best father I feel like my words inflicted huge damage.


#20 Words Stick Around

I told my mom I hated her. I was a kid, so I absolutely forgive myself for having said it. I've had my own kids do the same thing to me when they didn't get their way. It happens, kids don't understand. But I know it hurts my mom and that hurt is still with her today.  I certainly regret it. She did nothing to deserve me saying that.


#21 A Heartless Comment

I told my mother that I wish she'd never adopted me, and I've never been able to forgive myself. The older I get, the worse it makes me feel because I know how much she struggled with her infertility and how desperately she wanted to be a mother. I've apologized dozens of times for it, but I still feel like trash every time I think about it. Thankfully, I'm sure our mothers know that we were stupid kids who said stupid, heartless things when we were kids and that we didn't truly mean them.


#22 It's All Coming Back

Screaming at my little sister for over an hour for something that I had messed up. I still feel incredibly bad every time I think about it; she had a hard time back then (thanks to me) and I acted like such a freaking jerk. I was mean to her more than once, then I buried all of that deep inside me and now it all comes up again.


#23 Sibling Love

When my brother and I were kids (I think I was 10 and he was 6), we used to play Yu-Gi-Oh: Forbidden Memories on the PlayStation. I discovered a bug by accident that would allow you to duplicate cards, so I did it for our Meteor B Dragons on both memory cards.

The next day, we had McDonald's and my McFlurry was missing. I accused him of eating it. I was so mad that I stole his memory card and got rid of the duplicated dragons, with a nasty little note. He was heartbroken and we later found out it was our mom that ate it. I still feel awful all these years later, but we have a great brother-sister relationship now.


#24 It's Never That Serious

I punched my car twice after the battery died a second time in two days. It was dark enough to not realize it, but I managed to dent the curved area between the side and the top of the car, which is very difficult to fully fix and the replacement is freaking expensive. It was a permanent reminder to not get that upset. Take care of your belongings people, especially if you're paying thousands of dollars for them.


#25 A Watershed Moment

It's not something that I did, but something I came close to doing. I was in a very unhealthy (borderline abusive) relationship for two years with a woman who controlled me, isolated me from friends, etc. We argued constantly, and one night after what felt like weeks of arguing, we were screaming at each other again, while I held a heavy drinking glass (with water in it) in my hand. I was overcome with fury, and at that moment I came so, so close to just chucking the glass at the ground to shatter it, or at her to hit her.

I just wanted to let my anger show, or prove a point, something. At the last moment, I stopped myself. I've never hit or thrown anything during a fight, but that was my watershed moment because I knew if I did I could never take it back, could never un-shatter the glass or un-hurt her. We ended the relationship shortly after, but I try to keep that moment in mind in general. Words can't be unsaid and glass can't be unshattered. No anger is worth that much hurt.


#26 It Gets Better

This was me several years ago. She threw her keys at me, and I was ready to throw them back in her face from point-blank range with every ounce of strength I had. I didn't. We broke up about six years ago. Now I'm married to a wonderful woman and we just had our second child three weeks ago. It gets better. You just have to find the right people and not let anger dictate your actions.


#27 Saved By The Bowels

I ran away from home. I was 10. I gathered some blankets and snacks then headed to a mountain's resting place. I rode a bus for two hours then hiked up a mountain to the resting area my dad and I used to go to. There was a generator nearby which kept me warm. I drank water at the springs. Some campers even gave me food since there was a large camping ground a bit lower to the mountain. After three days, I just went home because I really had to poop. I did not want to go to the woods.


#28 Immediate Guilt

When I was very young, I would occasionally hit someone when I was angry. The very last time this happened was in sixth grade. My best friend and I got into a little fight (I don't remember what about, but I assure you it was dumb) and I hit her as hard as I could on the arm. The look on her face is what snapped me back. She looked as if she had never been hit by anyone, ever, and was obviously very hurt both physically and emotionally. I felt immediate guilt and I swore then and there to never do it again and to be in better control of my emotions. Glad I learned that lesson early.


#29 Smother Them With Love

I told my little brother that no one loved him and to just leave me alone. He died a couple of weeks later in a car crash and I never had the balls to apologize, not that I even deserved to be forgiven. I miss you, Luke. And this is why I started literally annoying my family with love so that if they died or I died then they'd at least know I loved them.

baby_boy_child_cry_crying_cute_dad_father-1530379 (1)Pxhere

#30 Dad Knows

I yelled at my dad to go away and stop criticizing my girlfriend because one day she might be my wife. I was 23 at the time. She dumped me a year later. A month after she dumped me, she began dating her neighbor (right next door). Three months after she dumped me, they married. Five months after she dumped me, they had a little girl. You don't know how much I regret what I said to my father.


#31 A Haunting Scene

I snapped for just a moment and hit the door with my fist, however, the person I was talking to and who got me so upset thought for a moment that I was about to hit her. The way she stepped back and looked terrified of me will haunt me forever. I don't really want to elaborate on the situation though. That terrified look is soul-wrenching.


#32 Drowning In Our Reality

I ripped my shirt off of my sister in front of my friends (she was wearing my shirt). At the time, I snapped and I could not deal with her. There were much bigger issues but that is what I snapped about. I want to crumple up and die of a thousand paper cuts when I remember it. We're good now. We have fights, as sisters do, but we are best friends. Not even being an awful person in anger can get in the way of the bond that grows when you survive the stuff we got through. It is still the worst memory I have though. I wish I understood things then the way I do now, but we were both young teens drowning in our reality.


#33 Pure Hurt

When I was a teen, I told my mom once that I couldn't wait to put her in a nursing home and abandon her. What makes it worse is that abandonment is her greatest phobia, though I wasn't fully aware of it at the time. I have regretted those words for the rest of my life. My mom's a good person, and we've been on good terms for longer than I was alive at that point, but I still feel sick, gut-twisting guilt about that whenever I remember it. I don't even remember what the argument was about—just the way she cried afterward.

family-mom-daughter-baby (1)Wallpaperflare

#34 A Thickheaded Reply

I was being baited by a couple of people online. One of the girls tragically had lost her parents in the Tsunami in Asia back in 2004. Well, she really kept calling me heinous stuff online and started getting others to do the same. She told me to say the worst thing I could as I was clearly too thick to think of any rebuttal. To cut a long story short, I said:

"Your parents purposefully jumped in the water to end themselves as it'd be less painful than dealing with you."

Needless to say, when I got into the sixth form. The next day, I got suspended.

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#35 A Hard Break

I was in an emotionally abusive relationship for years. At one point, I snapped when he told me he was dating someone else as well and I went after every weak point I knew he had, mentioning everything he was insecure about. I told him after I was finished that he was a worthless person with no more than trash and kicked him out of my car. I literally made him walk home.


#36 Deep Cut

When I was in college, I got tipsy one night and punched a pint glass out of frustration. It ended up slicing my finger really badly, like there was a flap of skin that came up. I went to the bathroom and ran it underwater, but it just kept bleeding. I didn't know what to do and was too tipsy to try to deal with it, so I just wrapped my hand in a towel and tried to go to sleep.

I woke up to knocking at my door and it ended up being security. He followed a trail of blood from the bathroom to my room and wanted to make sure I was alright. I showed him my finger and he was like, "Come on, you gotta go to the hospital." The dude was a bro and drove me there even though it was like 3 a.m. I saw a doctor and he had to give me a bunch of stitches. He said I was very lucky because if it was just a tiny bit deeper I would have probably had done permanent damage and lost mobility of the finger.


#37 I've Got Issues

I broke up with a girlfriend I really loved and had no real reason besides being angry at mostly myself. I didn't do the right thing. I should have worked on us and talked to her about the minor issues I had. Yup. That sucked. I don't think she'll ever want to speak to me again. (I had a lot of issues I needed to work on, and have gotten help since).


#38 Skype Wars

So this was back in the Skype era when anyone could change the group or call name. A couple of girls kept changing the name of it and teenage me got angrier and angrier because I wanted it to be a specific thing. Now, I was close to one of the girls and she had confided in me that the love of her life had died in a car crash. Pretty terrible stuff. Teenage me had enough and decided to insult the girls rather than give up, so I changed the group name to something along the lines of: "No wonder your boyfriend left you behind." And that's my biggest regret.


#39 Respect Is Earned

I said this to my mom (in reference to my dad, whom I have had many struggles with): "Respect is earned, not owed. Didn't he learn this lesson with his first son?" My dad was previously married and he has lots of regrets in regards to not having contact with his son from that marriage. I feel as though I have somehow put a terrible burden on my mom by saying that.


#40 Online Sabotage

Back in like 2003, teenage me created a fake AIM name because I suspected my girlfriend was cheating on me. Not only did she flirt with this fake random stranger I created, but she also confessed to getting intimate with many different guys; just bragging about it. Instead of handling this well, I logged into her AIM (I knew her password) and sabotaged all of her "relationships." I also got her kicked out of her church. Definitely the worst angry thing I've done.


#41 One Brick, One Brother

When my brother was three, he kept rolling this stupid brick around, hitting me with it on the foot and ankles. He was pretending to be a dog or something. Anyway, I got mad after him doing it a couple of times and I grabbed the brick. Since I was mad, I went to throw it down. I picked it up, turned 90 degrees to the right, and wailed this brick to the ground as hard as my seven-year-old arms would let me. I didn’t know he crawled around, because he was still pretending to be a dog, and I cracked him in the head with it. I knew I was in big trouble. It took like ten stitches on the back of his head to fix it.


#42 Think Twice

When my brother was in middle school, and he biked to class every day. I told him that I hoped he got run over. He was hit by a car that very morning and had to be revived 12 times that day. Nobody expected him to live. I've never gotten over what I said. Since that day, I've always made sure to think twice before making any sort of comment.


#43 Senseless Damage

I ended up getting exceptionally disappointed and angry when I got the tax bill last year. It was a ridiculous amount that will take a long time to pay off. It's the second time this has happened. Anyway, I punched a cabinet a couple of times with a stifled shout (I lived in an apartment with neighbors connected). I didn't break anything, fortunately, save for the skin on my knuckles. It would've just cost me more.


#44 The Look Of Defeat

I've probably done worse at some point, but the one I feel the worst about is when my then-girlfriend came over in a really talkative mood. I was feeling really low energy and just wanted to chill, so her talking started to really overwhelm me. but I overreacted and said, "You haven't stopped talking since you got here," and I will never forget the defeated, sad look in her face. I still feel a knot in my gut when I think about that.


#45 Picking On My Sister

My sister's name is Victoria. When she was little, people used to make fun of her by calling her Icky Vicky and singing the song from Fairly Odd Parents. So one time, she made me mad (I don't remember what she said), so I started singing the "old cartoon" version of the song which has much harsher lyrics (Who's breath smells like a dog's behind? Who's cuddly as a porcupine? Who's a curse on all mankind? Icky Vicky!) By the time I finished the song, she was in tears.


#46 Parents Deserve The Best

I wrote “I hate daddy” on my wall when I was a little kid. I forgot about it for a while. Then, when we were getting ready to move, my dad was going to repaint the walls or something and he found it. It made him cry. I never felt so terrible and didn’t realize the impact it would have on him. Still bothers me... I don’t even know why I wrote it.


#47 Not Very Bob Ross Of You

Some girls ran a light and almost T-boned me. Then on the road, they no-looked cut me off and flipped me off when I honked. So I got ahead of them and tossed a small can of gesso (a primer for canvases) out my window. It smashed open on their windshield while doing 55 mph. That wasn't very Bob Ross of me, for sure.


#48 Too Much Pressure

I told my dad I hated him and that he is the reason I quit the sport I loved my whole life. He used to be my coach and he just put so much pressure on me. He always gave my teammates credit but never gave me my dues. This is something I told him long ago, and I’ve apologized for it, but I still fear it haunts him inside when we have slight arguments, or I talk about my wedding plans. He and I aren’t close now but we aren’t strangers either and I worry that he will take that to heart forever.


#49 A Little Overdramatic

I told my mom I hated her and almost pushed her down the staircase... Now I can't forget that and I hate myself for it even though it happened like two years ago and she forgot about it... I know that because I once casually said sorry for saying stuff and she was like... Huh?... You said something bad to me?... I'm glad she doesn't remember but I still hate myself for it.


#50 Quick Break Up

My ex and I argued, a lot. I grew up seeing abuse and everything else under the sun. I taught myself to respect women and virtually everyone. I wanted to be the polar opposite of what my father was. We were having our usual argument, and I was quite fed up with it. She was a very modest and caring girl. So when the words “screw you” came out of my mouth, I was shocked. It may seem like nothing but it definitely felt like I meant it. I hated myself for a solid week after that. We ended up breaking up a couple of months later.




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