People Share The Worst Situation They’ve Ever Walked Into

Life is unpredictable. You never know what’s going to happen. There are all sorts of scenarios where you might walk into a situation that is downright terrible. Sometimes it’s awkward, sometimes it’s scary, and sometimes you end up saving someone’s life just because you happened to be at the right place, at the right time. People from around the globe share the worst situations they’ve ever walked into, and it’s not pretty. Be prepared to squirm a little while you’re reading, and remember to be grateful that it wasn’t you who had to experience those moments.

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#1 The Amount Of Blood Was The Scariest Part

I heard a bang in my kitchen. I walked in to find that my roommate had slipped and cracked his head open. There was so much freaking blood. He was out cold. He was fine—just a few staples and he was just the same as before. But the initial sight of him being completely still on the floor with all of that blood… That was a little terrifying.


#2 Not The Kind Of Family News Friends Want To Be Around For

I walked into my friend’s house just as his teenage sister told her family she was pregnant.

#3 He Caught His Mom Red-Handed

My mother was cheating on her boyfriend with her ex-husband, and I walked in on her during her act of infidelity. Later in life, I found out that my mother is a serial cheater. What’s even odder is that she claims to hate getting it on.


#4 His Uncle’s Words To His Wife Were Not The Most Pleasant To Hear

My uncle was going to drive me to school so I went to his house in the morning. He and his wife were fighting in the living room and I guess he didn’t see me walking in. He proceeded to take spare change out of his pocket, count it, and give it to his angry wife saying something along the lines of: “If it’s so terrible to be married to me, here, catch a bus and jump! And I won’t give you money for the ride back because you won’t need it!” Then he took his keys, jacket, and my hand and stormed out. The wife had the most indignant look on her face I’ve ever seen.


#5 An Odd Scene For A Library

When I was 12, I volunteered at the library in the kid’s section. If kids wanted a copy of something made, they had to ask me and I would charge it to their library card. I went to go make copies of a picture in Horton Hears a Who. I walked into the back and there was a cop with a guy bent over the table in handcuffs I said I needed to use the copier, and he said that was fine. So I stood right next to them while he finished emptying this guy’s pockets and I copied a picture of a Dr. Seuss elephant. I went back to deliver the copies to the kid, who was about eight or nine. I told the kid why it took so long, that there was cop searching a guy in the back. I explained the strange items I’d seen him pull out and the kid deadpan goes, “Those are illicit substances. My dad does them.”

#6 Not The Fun, Easy-Going Night They Were Looking For

I was with my friend during our first year of college. We were roommates and he happened to be 21. We were walking to a store to pick up some drinks. As soon as we got about 40 feet from the building, a car completely ran over two people. I could hear sounds I never want to hear again. People surrounded them and start helping as we stared in disbelief.

When we came back outside from the store, we saw two sets of paramedics attempting CPR. People were screaming. I could see one set of paramedics get up and you could tell by their body language the person was lifeless. We weren’t sure about the other person, but I believe they both shared the same fate. I will never be able to forget that night.

#7 Watch Where You Walk

I walked into a cloud of mace, once. The East Indian owner of a Greek restaurant was arguing with two native women on the street. I was walking along and just as I was about to pass them, he maced the women. It messed me up real quick. The authorities came and asked me for a statement. I told them exactly what happened and the owner was arrested.

#8 A Puppy Massacre Is A Tragedy

When I was about 11 or 12, I went outside to play and quickly found a trail of lifeless puppies that my pregnant rottweiler had left in the yard. I followed three or four of them into the detached garage where she stayed and found her. We were able to save three. It was her first litter and she clearly did not want them, so we took over their care. Still turns my stomach to think about.

#9 This Was Not Exactly What A Parent Expects To Catch Her Kids Doing

I walked in on my young sons all going #1 into the toilet at once while my daughter waited her turn. They were worried about going in on their own because they saw a movie about strangers hiding in bathrooms and hurting people.


#10 Hopefully This Doctor Got Fired

This morning, we walked into a patient’s room whose oxygen was at 78%, only to find a doctor already standing in there with the oxygen off her face. We asked, “What are you doing?!” And the doctor replied, “I wanted to see how low she would go.” That’s some messed up sociopathic nonsense there.

#11 Everyone In This Situation Suffered

I once woke up in the middle of the night to get some water. I had to go out to the garage where the case of bottled water was. I opened the door and turned the hallway light on. Oh, dear. There were trails of some black substance EVERYWHERE. Up the stairs, all over the upstairs loft, all over the wood floor in the living room, through the kitchen.

I woke my mom and we rushed our poor dog to the vet. They found he’d consumed an entire, lifeless animal, likely a squirrel given the size of the bones found. He ate it, skeleton and all. They gave us some heavy-duty meds to administer for about a month. The clean-up took about 16 hours over two days. The dog is nine now, doing just fine, and hasn’t eaten another corpse since!


#12 That Is Not Where Hot Tea Goes

I had a meeting with one of my professors at the university. I walked in on her screaming in agony after dropping hot tea on her crotch, screaming, “Oh, goodness!”


#13 Guys Can Be So Easily Entertained Sometimes

Half the guys in my class were comparing the color of their nipples and pondering over the biological aspects that lead to this variation.

#14 Renting That Apartment Was Out Of The Question

I was apartment hunting in an urban part of New Jersey and I found a “great deal” on a three-bedroom, two-bathroom unit in a horrible neighborhood. I went to see the apartment with my buddy and I was immediately like, “No freaking way, I’m going to get ended here.” But my buddy was like, “The owners drove up from Philly to show the apartment, so let’s just see it through.” Okay. Whatever.

My buddy mentioned to the owners that I was a med student and the owner was like, “Oh, the lady downstairs is sick, we could knock off rent if you take care of her.” No thanks. Not my job and I’m freaking leaving now. But wait! We just HAD to see the backyard. That’s when the one owner got a call on his cell—it was his wife upstairs and it sounded like the neighbor was feeling ill.

“Hey, would you go check on her?” Being the fool I was, I said sure. I went upstairs and sure enough, there was a freaking corpse on the ground and a hysterical woman. In summation, the crying lady hadn’t heard from her friend (the neighbor) for a few days and came to check on her, then found her unconscious and called 911. I went over to look at the lady and she was in freaking rigor mortis. Like, fully lifeless. Gonzo. Nothing to do here.

I grabbed the phone from the lady and told 911 of the situation. I spent the next hour consoling this woman I’d never met about the sudden and unexpected death of her friend while simultaneously trying to ignore the owners of the apartment. After I felt things had calmed down, I went outside and told my buddy we were leaving ASAP.  The kicker? The guy texted me the next day to ask me if I wanted the apartment. The real kicker? He offered me the dead lady’s apartment too.


#15 His School Project Partners Were Secretly Gay And He Walked In On Them

I was working on a school project with two other classmates at one of their houses. I was halfway home when I realized I forgot my coat. I went back up to his room. They were no longer working on the project. I saw gay things. Lots of gay things. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I was just surprised and didn’t know how to react.

#16 The Calmest Hero

A friend and I went out to get pizza and his little sister came too. We were gone for maybe 20 minutes, then when we got back, his little sister ran inside before us. He walked after her and I followed. As I got in, I saw both of them frozen in place, staring at something. As I rounded the corner, I saw their parents in a physical altercation. It was eerily quiet and I was in a state of shock.

I wasn’t paralyzed by it so I walked over, calmly grabbed his wrists and pulled his hands from her. Still no sounds at all, super quiet. She started gasping then and the sound snapped everyone out of it. That’s when all the craziness broke loose with everyone screaming and freaking out. My own mom asked why I didn’t beat the heck out of him and I had to explain to her that I was in a sort of calm daze.

I was watching someone trying to end someone else and I just couldn’t process it. As an adult now, I would have absolutely beat him to a greasy pulp, but I was like, 16 years old back then. She survived with a badly bruised neck and thankfully did everything right: restraining order, divorce, start over.


#17 Bodily Noises Are Not Always What They Seem

In my junior year of college, my best friend and I were helping pack up his girlfriend’s room at the end of the semester. I heard some weird noise coming from the bathroom that sounded like intimate moans, so I thought it would be hilarious to kick the door open and surprise them. It turned out, the cleaning woman was on the floor having a seizure.


#18 So Much Blood It Was Nauseating To Witness

In my teens, I’d spent some time living with my sister and her husband on the 10th floor of an apartment building. Entering the lobby, returning home after work, I called the elevator. As the doors opened, the entire elevator floor was covered with blood. I almost vomited. It was creepy, gross, and surreal. Apparently, an older man opened a vein in his ankle upon getting out of his car (on what, I don’t know). Upstairs, I found the floor where bloody steps led from the elevator to his suite. The ambulance had already been called. It was a lot of blood, and I don’t know if he survived.


#19 Deer And Motorcycles Are A Dangerous Combination

This summer, I was leaving work in a rural area in NY. I got to the main highway, let a motorcycle pass, made a turn and started down the road behind him. He was going fast. Anyone who lives in rural NY can probably guess where this is going. I saw a deer bolting across a field ahead of us. Surely this man on the motorcycle saw the deer? Nope. The deer ran into the road, the guy wiped out, and the deer miraculously jumped over the skidding bike.

I stopped my car and started running to the guy while I was dialing 911. There was a thin layer of what used to be his foot spread out over the road. He was screaming for me to get the bike off him. Other cars were stopping and we pulled the bike off him while I was trying to get an ambulance. His hand was completely messed up. His foot was pinned under his bike. He took off his helmet, and we saw he was probably close to 80.

He was chewing on a toothpick and it went through his lip. We wrapped a belt around his leg to stop the bleeding. The ambulance arrived, they took him, and I never heard what happened to him. He was wearing jeans, a leather jacket, no gloves, and loafers. The bloody skid mark that used to be his foot was there for days until it rained and got washed away.


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#20 While One Love Begins, Another Dies

I was hanging out with this girl I was trying to date while her mom was being served divorce papers.

#21 That Poor Little Girl

At my girlfriend’s house, I was about to go home when we heard a car crash. Sometime later, there was screaming from a young girl. A tipsy driver hit a 12-year-old girl against a school gate. Both her legs were crushed and bent in a way it shouldn’t bend. I didn’t get much sleep that night. Later, I found out the girl survived but is in a wheelchair for life.


#22 They Probably Should Have Warned Him

When I was 11, I walked into a hospital room where my mom was lying down, lifeless. No one could find the words to say to me so they decided to just let me see for myself. That was messed up.

#23 An Unplanned Home Birth

My eight-and-a-half month pregnant wife was screaming from the bathroom, “Call 911.” I walked into my wife laying on the bathroom floor with the baby’s head crowning. We had no plans for a home birth. My daughter was delivered by me about five minutes later.

#24 Neck Wounds

I walked into the living room with both of my parents hurt by a teenage robber last September.

#25 Smacking Your Handicapped Son Is Not Right

I was at my ex-girlfriend’s house waiting for her to get home, when I heard a SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, a few seconds apart. I looked out the window and saw the neighbor in his backyard slapping his son across the face HARD. He must have hit him 15-20 times. The son just stood there not making a sound. I called the cops but by the time they arrived it was over and both people involved denied it. It was one of the most upsetting things I have ever seen. Every now and then I see the son pushing the father around in a wheelchair (this incident happened maybe 12 years ago) and I always have the urge to run the old jerk over with my truck.


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#20 The Dog Must Have Been Heartbroken In The End

I walked out of my house for an early morning workout at about 5:45 am. I started driving down the street, and within 10 seconds I noticed a dog lying next to what appeared to be another dog. I cannot describe the feeling that came over me when I realized it was a person, laying face down in a plank position, the dog leash still in hand. The guy must have passed away while jogging.

Before the police came I had to do CPR on him, but it was pretty clear he had been lifeless for a little bit. It was just so surreal… like the air was dead silent, there were no birds chirping or people talking. The dog was freaked out, obviously, and as I got closer I showed him I was friendly. He jumped on me and greeted me like no dog ever has… he went from being scared to relieved in about a second.


#27 Not Very Neighborly Behavior

I caught my neighbor stealing food out of my parents’ refrigerator a few years ago. And not just like a few things… like, the entire fridge was being emptied into a gallon bin. We ended up calling the police.


#28 Floods Are Messy Business

I was in the army in 1998 in Korea. We had a really bad flood and we all evacuated upstairs. After about a half-hour of increased flood waters, we decided we needed to check on the other barracks across the motor pool. I was the first one down the stairs as I was the CO’s driver. I came downstairs into about six feet of pure human excrement mixed with the floodwaters. It was disgusting. I swam through it out the front door, only to realize my Humvee was washed away.


#29 Do What Your Mama Tells You Or Else

Back when I was in the Philippines, my mom came into my uncle’s computer lab and told me not to go outside. Being eight-years-old, of course, I went outside only to be greeted with my uncle beheading a goat for dinner that night. I went right back to video games after that.

#30 Death Is Not Usually Very Pretty

I work for a nonprofit that houses women experiencing homelessness with mental illness or chemical dependency. On my 90th day there as a case manager, I was asked to check on a client. When I did so, I opened the door to find the client lifeless on the bed. It had been a few days so she wasn’t flesh-colored but instead, her face was all black (lips included) except for the inside of her mouth. Her body was very swollen. She didn’t look real. There are few things in this world that I’ll remember for the rest of my life and I think this is one of them.

#31 Witnessing The Bad News Was Awkward

I walked into a patient’s room right as the doctor mentioned that he had AIDS in front of his family and partner who did not know… Very, very awkward.

#32 Spoiler: It Wasn’t Dust

I was house-sitting for my friend. Well, I showed up at probably 4 a.m. before an early shift one day and the floor was covered with an entire thick layer of dust. My mind was blown, I could not figure out how this dust had materialized overnight. Well, I lean in closer and it’s not dust… it’s insect wings. Turns out, an entire swarm of termites had flown into the house, shed their wings, and were settling down in the walls. They had to get that entire building treated by exterminators.
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#33 Kittens Are Fragile Creatures

I walked into the living room to tell my parents something about a game I got for the Wii at Christmas. As I walked in, my dad stood up from the reclining couch. We heard a commotion from under where he was sitting and realized that the kitten that we had just adopted was under the couch. My dad flipped the whole unit on its back revealing that the kitten was caught in the reclining mechanism by her neck.

Frantically, we tried to free her. I grabbed my little brother and took him to the other room and told him not to come out until we get him. I ran to the basement and tried to find my dad’s bolt cutters to cut the bar. I returned to the upstairs to see that they had just freed her. My dad tried to give mouth to mouth, but she had obviously already passed. We buried her after dark in the snow. It was the last day of our Christmas vacation. I was 12, my brother was seven.


#34 Strange Rituals Can Be Startling

When I was in college, I was sharing a house with some friends. One night after a late class, I walked into the house to find my friend laying on a blue tarp while my other friend was kneeling over him making a design into his leg. It was disturbing.


#35 Her Mom Is A True Hypocrite

My mom works for a health-related nonprofit and has done so her entire life. She’s also a health freak and is basically vehemently against anything she perceives as unhealthy. Fried food, GMO’s, anything processed pretty much. I walked out on my porch one night when I was probably like 12 and she was drinking a soda. Not messed up in the traditional sense, but the level of hypocrisy still angers me to this day.


#36 That Rabbit Deserved Better

I went on the front porch and found a world-class mess. Some local dog had apparently eaten a rabbit the night before. The WHOLE rabbit. He went #2 in about five piles on the porch. You could see skin and fur all in it. And one pile, I swear to all that’s holy, it had a pair of ears poking up from it.

#37 Not a Rubber Duckie

I was fixing radiators in the most horrible, awful, gross house. The owner was in her 60s and was walking around in her knickers while sporting a surgery patch from a kidney transplant. I went to open the door. “Are you afraid of rats?” she asked, “or ducks?” I wasn’t. I opened the door the room had two rats and a duck in it… free-roaming. The carpet was squelched deep in rat and duck excrement. They just watched me bleed the radiator. I closed the door behind me, didn’t even bother to ask why.


#38 He Walked Into A Room Of People Crying, But No One Would Tell Him Why

I visited a friend’s house and everyone was in tears. He wouldn’t talk about it and it was super awkward. I asked if any had been hit. Nope. Not it. Years later, I suspect that was the day they found out the dad had HIV.


#39 Bad Timing To Meet The Family

My boyfriend took me to meet his family at the nursing home where his grandpa lived, literally just in time for his grandpa to pass away. So nice to meet everyone.


#40 Her Cheating, Lying Heart Really Hurt Him

My ex-wife went to an army camp for the summer. She came back and told me she wanted a divorce. I assumed she had something going on with a guy she met from Arkansas at camp. She swore up and down that nothing was going on with anyone else and she wanted time to herself. I had basically moved out but needed to pick up the rest of my stuff.

A couple of weeks passed and I stopped by earlier than when I said I would, but my wife was at work. I found a car that I did not recognize in the garage, from Arkansas (we live in Illinois). I walked into the house and said “Hello??” In the deepest manliest voice possible. I go upstairs to find a guy who I assumed my wife had been having an affair with, by himself, in my house.

It took everything in me not to destroy him and anything else in the house. His stuff was everywhere, I recognized food that I knew my wife didn’t like, and I was a hysterical mess. I told the guy to leave and he supposedly drove back to Arkansas, without any of his belongings. Here’s the kicker, that guy was also married. Needless to say, you can assume why I’m now divorced. There’s a lot more to this crazy story where cops get involved, lawyers, and money. But, at least we didn’t have kids.


#41 Some Mobsters Were Just Casually Beating Up A Guy, No Big Deal

In the late ’90s, there was an after-hours bar I used to go to in Philly. I bartended so it was a good spot to grab a drink after work. It was also run by the mob, you pretty much had to know someone to be allowed in. Then, they’d close and reopen at 2 a.m. One night, I got cut from work early and decided to go over there. It was at about 1 a.m. The bouncer knows my uncle really well so when I walked up, he said it was no problem; I was allowed to go upstairs and get a drink even though they weren’t open yet.

So I walked upstairs and when I turned the corner, I saw the bartender behind the bar with a guy chained to a chair. These two mob-like characters were punching the guy, I have no idea why. They weren’t asking questions, and there was blood all over him. The bartender turns to me and asked if I wanted a drink. I was like, “Nah, you know what? I’ll come back after you guys open up.” I turned right around and walked back downstairs, Grandpa Simpson style. When I left, I told the bouncer he might not want to let people in early that particular night.

#42 It’s A Serious Offense To Kick A Pregnant Woman

I walked into a house party minutes after a girl kicked a pregnant girl in the stomach. The pregnant girl was the ex-girlfriend of the kicker and she came to the party to reveal to the guy that she was pregnant. Sadly, the girl miscarried from the kick and was rushed to the hospital.


#43 He Literally Could Not Speak

My father-in-law was going on vacation to Greece and my disabled sister-in-law was terribly bummed because he would be gone for her birthday. In the days leading up to his trip, we’d call and she’d pick up, telling us repeatedly that, “He can’t talk right now.” A week later, it was my sister-in-law’s birthday. We walked into the house and were surprised to find him not in Greece but sitting on the couch in the living room unable to move. He had been there for days. It turns out, the migraines he’d been having had been due to a brain tumor. When the sister-in-law said, “He can’t talk right now,” she meant he was completely incapable of speech. It’s hard to describe how heartbreaking that situation was.


#44 Watch Where You’re Walking If You Know What’s Good For You

I used to have the bad habit of walking while reading in the week before exams. I accidentally walked into a fight. Or rather, I walked too close to the edge of one and they slammed into me. I was hit really hard and my textbook went flying. I also got hit by a near-simultaneous kick in the leg. Luckily, the two guys stopped fighting and just stared at me. It really ended the fight as they started working together to figure out who I was, pick up my papers, and get me back on my way.


#45 This Is Why You Always Lock The Bathroom Door

I walked in on my roommate shaving his butt in the bathroom mirror. One leg was propped up on the counter for maximized viewing.