May 13, 2020 | Melissa Budish

People Share The Most Outrageous Thing That Happened At A Party

It's not a party until something outrageous happens. Pack a house, or any room for that matter, with a bunch of tipsy people and you're bound to have some memorable party moments. People took to the internet to share the most outrageous thing that happened at a party and their stories definitely do not disappoint. Read on for some interesting tales:

#1 Good Samaritans

Coming home from the party last night, we stopped for pizza. The super tipsy guy in front of us told us he paid for our pizza. He made a big deal out of it, but then fumbled the machine, almost forgot his card, and dropped his pizza box on the floor. We asked the cashier if he had actually paid for our pizza. She double-checked and said: "He... didn't even pay for his own pizza." We paid for his pizza.


#2 No Offense Taken

I had this happen to me two years ago. A guy dropped his slice onto my back (I had a backless dress on so it literally stuck to my back). He apologized profusely and offered to buy me a slice or something, I declined and he just ran out. The cashier said he didn't even pay for his slice that he dropped on me. I paid for it in exchange for the cashier wiping my back for me.


#3 A Dr. Pepper Problem

He fell down and spilled a can of Dr. Pepper all over the floor where he fell. He dropped his phone on the floor and said, "Oh no, my phone is in Dr. Pepper," then looked around and exclaimed, "Oh no, I'm in Dr. Pepper!" Also, plot twist, this is actually about me and I wrote in the third person so I didn't sound like such an idiot.


#4 A Strong Accent

I live in Texas and have a friend who moved here from Scotland a few years ago. Ever since she moved here, she consistently has faked an "American" accent to fit in. Last night she got so tipsy she forgot about her American accent and started calling everyone dirty in the thickest Scottish accent for an hour or so. The accent gets stronger the more they drink. I love it.


#5 Creepy, But Clever

A guy I'd never met named Tony kept asking all the female party-goers if they knew what his name was spelled backward. Then would slur out, "Y not." My wife thought it was funny and creepy at the same time.  In reality, I saw most females start talking with him then quickly make their retreat. He seemed to be having a great time though.


#6 Rockets Away

My tipsy buddy tried to shoot a firework while holding it in his mouth. He tightened it too hard—the firework never flew and exploded right on top of him. He ended up with the face completely black from the powder and some small burns on his face. Two policemen were next to us when this happened, they told him it was the most stupid thing that they had seen this year. Yes, we were still in 2016.


#7 My New Life Motto

There were a few singles at my New Year's Eve party. They were joking about, just all kissing each other when my buddy offered to kiss all of them. When asked how he was going to accomplish it, he managed to slur out the words: "Midnight is a whole minute, and I'm a tramp." My buddy is a lot of fun. That's my new life motto.


#8 Tipsy-Texting

I was the tipsiest person at my party because I was the only one drinking and my wife and kids were in bed. I started tipsy-texting people at midnight. I told around a dozen of my friends that I loved them over text. I was just being honest but I'm a little bit embarrassed about it. Apparently, tipsy-texting friends to tell them you love them is both very common and completely acceptable.


#9 Fireproof Shoes

The brother of the party hoster came to the party with us. So after some brandy shots, he told us that his shoes are fireproof up to 1,600 Celsius, and of course, no one believed him. So he stepped in the campfire and stood in there for 10 minutes. They were indeed fireproof. For those wondering, I thought "Brandy" is the English word for Schnaps, a traditional beverage in Austria.


#10 The Phone Finisher

My best friend went over to the keg to fill up his cup. He pumped the keg and preceded to spray its contents all over his phone which he thought was a cup. I was so stunned that I didn't say anything for like 10 seconds, and when I finally did, he looked at me like I was stupid. He then looked back at his phone and threw it across the room.


#11 That Pea Was Me

My friend started belting out the theme tune to an old British kids show called "Paddington Peas." Then he started crying and said: "When I was a kid there was an episode about a freaking pea who was too fat to get out of his house. All the other peas tried to help him, but they couldn't get him out. I remember identifying with that pea—that pea was me!" He cheered up once we bought him a kebab.


#12 Noodle Generosity

A really tipsy guy took the giant bowl of noodle salad and started trying to feed everyone with it. He would walk up to people and put a spoon in their mouth, it was pretty hilarious. He also tried selling his scarf because he owed some guy money so he would just casually ask everyone if they wanted to buy his scarf.


#13 Cleanliness First

My friend was hosting a party and got pretty tipsy. As the night wore on, he changed his shirt nine times and took three showers. He attempted to drink water and spilled it all over himself, then tried to take another shot (someone stopped him because he was pretty far gone). When I left, he was laying on the floor soaked in water with his headphones on, not plugged into anything.


#14 Boyfriend Of The Year

She passed out three times and hit her head on the concrete floor. She then got up and proceeded to projectile vomit on everyone in the bathroom line. I started telling them I was sorry and that I would buy them drinks. My boyfriend grabbed her Hulk-style over his shoulder and carried her out of the bar, then waited outside in the rain with her to make sure she got an Uber home safely. Don't worry, the night got better, it was only 10:30 p.m. My boyfriend gave her his coat because she lost her jacket. The jacket had my keys in it. so he proceeded to climb three stories of balconies to get into my apartment. I'm gonna marry this man.


#15 The Start Of Something New

I spent New Year's Eve at my girlfriend's place. For a little bit of background, her entire family mostly speaks Spanish. I, on the other hand, speak next to no Spanish. Anyway. At midnight, everyone started hugging each other, and one of her uncles came over to me and spoke, in very broken (and slurred) English, saying that he doesn't know me, and I don't know him, but that would change. Probably not the type of story you all were looking for, but it was incredibly touching to me.


#16 Momma Bird

My friend and I made spiked gummy worms. At one point, someone had tongs to take out the worms from jars and fed it to one of the girls at the party. He said he felt like a momma bird. In my tipsy wisdom, I decided I wanted a momma bird too and proceeded to flap my arms like a bird and squawk. I was then rewarded with a delicious worm. Cue about 10 people then squawking and flapping their arms in unison as we were being fed spiked gummy worms by a tipsy man with tongs. What a time to be alive.


#17 False Alarm

ER nurse here. A guy came in complaining of pain... down there. He stated he was at home, in his living room, quite tipsy, sitting on a bicycle when he slipped and caught himself on the sharp pedal. He got back to my room and finally found the courage to check the damage himself. He noticed he had just gone #1 in his pants and wasn't hurt in any way. He ran straight back out into the night without another word.


#18 Good Riddance

This lady was much tipsier than everyone thought and no one realized until around 12:10 a.m. when her husband tried to get her to leave and she grabbed him by the throat and pushed him down some stairs. He got up, dusted himself off, and calmly walked out the front door. She attempted to sober up in the dining room while someone downloaded Uber to her phone so she could get home. I felt bad for the guy, but secretly I was so happy to see him bounce completely.


#19  The Bathtub Fire

A guy kept feeding the bathtub fire until the TV ten feet away melted. I'll explain, it's a cast-iron bathtub that cracked and when they replaced it, instead of taking it to the dump which is about 30 mins away, they put it on some cinder blocks and the put pallets in to feed the fire. The fire got very large and very hot. They set up a table with a TV on it for the New Years' stuff on TV.


#20 Stinkbug Love

It was me, I was alone and tipsy. I decided the stinkbugs flying around my house needed a rest area, so I tricked out a five-gallon aquarium with fish tank gravel and decorations and put in pieces of fresh fruit and put them all in there to hang out. They all immediately gravitated to the fruit. Happy New Year, stinkbugs.


#21 The Blackout

He laughed himself unconscious. He was just howling away and suddenly his eyes went blank. He passed right out for a few seconds, then woke right back up and asked what had happened. He thought he had been out for several minutes because he had already started dreaming. Of course, this made the rest of us laugh uncontrollably for a long time.


#22 The Drama Bringer

A dude asked a girl out for the evening. He kissed her at midnight and told her how happy he was that she came out with him. Then extremely tipsy him took a different girl—one he had just met—into the hotel bathroom, Everyone noticed. He proceeded to do things with her that entirely upset the first girl. When he came out of the bathroom, his first action was to hit on another girl (me). Everyone was mad at the dude for the amount of drama he brought to the night.


#23 Chaotic Energy

I slammed 10 shots back to back then started pointing at people and saying, "WHAT GOOD THING HAPPENED TO YOU?" I then wanted to make a speech and started telling people to shush because of the countdown and apparently this was at 11:10 p.m. I'd like to add, that I'd been bartending this party for the first three hours making cocktails for everyone, so this was my way of catching up.. which really didn't go to plan.


#24 The Religious Joke

My buddy somehow found a large martini glass and filled it with drinks. Then he proceeded to walk around to everyone at the party and make everyone take a sip like it was communion. The guy isn't even religious. He later found a plate of crackers and made another lap around the party... Honestly, say what you want, but it was actually hilarious.


#25 An Influential Laugh

My partner was probably the tipsiest at ours. A friend of a friend dropped by at about 4 a.m. because his phone died and he didn't know the address of where he was meant to be going, so he came to charge his phone. He was pretty sober. My partner aggressively offered him German chocolates. The gem of the night was probably when he interrupted two of our friends making out by laughing so hard at a tweet that he ruined their mood.


#26 Wrong Countdown, Guys

Not this year, but a couple of years back. Somehow, an infomercial got on the TV with one of those "Call now before this commercial ends" countdown clocks in the corner. Everyone was so tipsy that they counted down with the last ten seconds of the infomercial thinking it was the New Years' countdown. We were all the tipsiest people at the party that year.


#27 Holy Cheese

I ate an 8-piece family bucket of fried chicken and chugged a few drinks. While walking home, I vomited in the middle of the sidewalk and basically laid down on top of a bush to recover. Some guy with his lady walked past and when he saw the scene I just heard him say "Holy cheese." I started laughing to myself hysterically when I remembered that moment the day after.


#28 DIY Fail

I was the tipsiest at my friend's party. Around 11:55 p.m., I started freaking out because I didn't have any 2017 glasses. So I ran, got some paper and scissors, and started to DIY some. While sitting on the floor trying to craft some glasses out of paper, the clock hit 12. Everyone started cheering and kissing while I sat on the floor with scissors and papers hysterically crying because I didn't have any NYE glasses.


#29 Happy New Year

I work at a bar. This one older lady... in her mid-fifties jumped on the bar and started waving this light-up Bud Light bottle, throwing its contents on people's faces while yelling Happy New Year. She then pulled one of the Goose Island tap handles off the bar and started having a conversation with it. The conversation lasted a good 10 minutes.


#30 The Black Emperor

I'm a bartender in a luxury hotel, and this girl wasn't the tipsiest, but she was my hero. At 2:15 a.m., after the last call, she asked if we were still open. When I told her no, she thanked me for my service and my kindness. But when I turned my back, she grabbed a half-empty bottle of champagne an earlier customer had left and poured herself a large to-go cup of champagne and walked out. Happy New year's, you black emperor.


#31 Cool Party Trick

After OSU lost, he was throwing stuff around on the front porch (it was his house). He chucked a big cooler into the air and it bounced at a really weird angle to land perfectly and cover up one of our friend's heads. Everyone at the party collectively cheered. It was an insulated box for keeping drinks and food cold, by the way. They're typically made of plastic.


#32 It Goes Both Ways

I'm an ex-pat American in Japan. Somebody threw a huge party I went to for a couple of hours. Mixed Americans and Japanese. This one American guy—I don't know him—was tipsy. He proceeded to go up to every single Japanese girl at least twice and yell "Hello Kitty!" and then burst into laughter. The Japanese all laughed back. This fulfilled yet another stereotype of rude, idiotic Americans. So they were very happy with it.


#33 Best Friends Forever

For some reason, I texted my best friend, "I don't have enough in me to love you." I still don't know why. I think I was channeling my mother. Apparently, not all families talk like that, just mine. I'm sorry Katie. I know you're going to see this. I made it public. I do love you, by the way, you're my best friend and you always make me laugh.


#34 Ungrateful Guests

I worked at a coat check last night and the number of people that forget their tickets is unbelievably high, but my favorite was a lady who forgot her ticket and just kept telling me it was a long coat. So every time I would show her a coat she would just slur out, "No, it's long like this," gesturing the length. After the 15th try, I found it. Her husband didn't tip.


#35 No Sense Of Urgency

I had a pleasant evening drinking wine, whiskey, and playing board games. I found out my roommate (not at the party I went to) was in the hospital with part of his skull broken and blood leaking in his brain. I was still not sure what the deal was at that point. I had a coffee and started nursing my hangover before I headed to the hospital to visit him.


#36 The Baby Bet

After a game of Cards Against Humanity, where you take a shot every time you win a round, my tipsy sister grabbed my pregnant sister from behind, trapping her and rubbing her belly vigorously while yelling the child would be a boy. My tipsy sister shouted that our preggo sister owed her if the baby turned out to be a boy. Our pregnant sister doesn't want to know until the baby is born, which is in May-ish.


#37 A Total Frenzy

A fairly tipsy and desperate-for-attention girl at the party my girlfriend and I were at had thought she saw her boyfriend (the host) close up on his ex-girlfriend's sister. She freaked out. She decided to throw a full cup at him, spilling drinks over the kitchen, and then slapped him in front of everyone at his house during the following shouting match. The crazy girl's friends got involved and it became a total frenzy.


#38 Second-Hand Embarrassment

My in-laws were the last people to show up at my party. They were clear early in the day when they said they weren't coming. So we were all having a good time. My father-in-law, who is white, came to the kitchen where I and my black friends were sitting around drinking and talking. As he entered he said, "Let me come up in here to the hood. What's up my brothas?" All while doing some sort of secret handshake he must have made up himself.


#39 The Whole Burrito

I was at a bar outside and a Mexican dude came out huffing and puffing acting like he was about to get in a fight. Another guy came out and the Mexican guy told him to back off. This random white guy who was obviously friends with the Mexican guy walked up to the other guy and said, "Listen,  don't mess with the bean or you'll get the whole burrito." I lost it, laughing. Everyone was laughing so hard that they just stopped fighting.


#40 What's New Year's?

I was tipsy. We were walking down the block to my buddy's car. When we got in, my buddy turned on the cabin light. As the light hit their faces at different angles, I suddenly couldn't recognize anyone (friends I've known for over 10 years) and was apparently giving everyone wide-eyed glares. My buddy asked if I was okay. I responded, "Who are you?" Between laughs, he said, "Dude, it's me, Dave, we're out for New Year's." To which I responded, "What's New Year's?"


#41 My Coworker's Party

I went with a friend to his coworker's party. By the time the party was settling down, his supervisor's girlfriend was all over him and I mean like sitting on his lap, trying to get him to dance, kissing him on his cheek on her way out, etc. Meanwhile, his supervisor was right there, kind of tipsy, fairly embarrassed. She kept looking over to her boyfriend and saying things like, "It's okay if I dance with him right, you don't care right? See he doesn't care." I felt so bad watching the whole thing unravel in front of my very own eyes.


#42 An Arkansas Tradition

I moved to rural Arkansas in August. No one warned me about the shots on New Year's. The clock ticked over and I started hearing shots go off everywhere. There were shots behind my apartment, coming from cars going down the street in front, everywhere. I freaked out and called the police. The dispatcher said, "That's how people celebrate around here." Arkansas is insane.


#43 Accepting The Blame

He was the host. He got really tipsy, then really sad, then REALLY mad. He was throwing things and punched a wall. He may have broken his hand, after fighting with his girlfriend. Everyone left to go to someone else's house, including his girlfriend. The rest of his night was spent trying to apologize to his girlfriend while he laid in bed, sad and humiliated... This morning, he's even sadder and his girlfriend still won't talk to him. He is me. I'm an idiot that shouldn't be allowed to drink.


#44 Cheesesteak Lo Mein

We went to a Chinese takeout place and a guy walked in, asking: "Can I have a cheesesteak?" My friends and I started cracking up because the lady at the counter got super annoyed. The guy tried to apologize and then asked, "Alright, let me get the cheesesteak lo mein." The lady started yelling and chased the guy out. We were in West Philly.


#45 Staring Contest

The tipsiest guy at my party last night picked up our dog (a pug) and slowly moved it closer and closer to my friend's face. My friend started by asking, "Why is there a dog in my face?" Then the dog kept getting closer. The tipsy guy ended up literally pressing the dog's face against my friend's face while staring him down. My friend just stared back. They stared at each other for about 15 seconds. Zero words were spoken. Dog on the face. Then the tipsy guy just walked away with the dog.


#46 Moose Donations

Last night, my boyfriend was wearing a sweater with a moose wearing boots on the front. One of my friends was extremely tipsy and asked about the moose boots. I told him that because of global warming, there weren't enough trees to prevent lots of snow from hitting the ground in moose habitats. Because there was so much snow, moose now need snow boots. He now thinks my boyfriend's shirt is for a charity that collects boots to give to moose. He tried to donate to them last night but couldn't find their website. I told him I would send him the link today.


#47 Hot Tub Happenings

We had a party with about 15 of us at a lakehouse. We decided after the ball dropped that we were going to get in the hot tub. At this point, we were all sloshed beyond repair. 15 people in a hot tub meant that the water was unclean, to say the least. Anyway, we all decided to get out except for my buddy—he and a girl decided to stay behind, but they didn't realize we could see them through a window. It was legendary.


#48 Thank You, 2017

I drove Uber all night. Around 2 a.m., I pulled up to an address and it was the scene of a car accident—cop cars, people standing around gawking, etc. The group that got in was just in the wrecked car—their Lyft driver hit another vehicle, and they got out and called Uber. Then they rap-battled about it in my car. Thank you, 2017.


#49 Words Of Wisdom

I had my parents' neighbor asking a childhood friend of mine and me what we were doing nowadays. I told him I'm an engineering student and he continued by giving me and my friend life lectures. He encouraged us to stay in school because medical science is important. At least it was more inspirational than his last year's lecture about the importance of long johns.


#50 The Roll Over

My friend's very sweet boyfriend got too tipsy and proceeded to roll over (as in, he felt the most efficient way to get to the laptop on the ground was to fall down and roll over to it Mission Impossible-style) to the laptop from which the music was playing and change it to songs on the SpongeBob soundtrack. The people hosting the party didn't seem stoked but it was the best thing I'd seen all night.



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