People Share The Most Evil Prank They Successfully Pulled Off

There are times when you just can’t pass up on the opportunity to prank someone. Sure, it may ruin a relationship or two, but the end result will be worth it. Plus, let’s be honest, those annoying people at work deserve pictures of Nicholas Cage haunting them. 

#1 I Scream, You Scream

I had these two friends who had never met one another before. For some reason, I thought it would be funny to prank them before they actually got introduced. So, before they spoke, I told both of them that the other is a little bit deaf. They shouted at each other for a few minutes before they realized that I’m cruel.


#2 Hidden ‘Stache

My mom’s laptop wallpaper was this nice picture of her granddaughter. I decided to copy the picture about 100 times and made her wallpaper a slideshow of the same picture over and over again, so the file would change, but nothing would change visibly on the monitor. The pictures would change every 10 seconds. 

In one of the pictures, I painted a tiny little curly moustache on her. So, randomly for 10 seconds, my niece would have a moustache. My mom thought she was either losing her mind or had a computer virus. Every time the moustache popped up on the photo, it was gone by the time she tried to reveal it to anyone.


#3 Is There a Sarah Here?

One summer in college, I worked in the registrar’s office, registering all the incoming freshmen. A professor, who was a mentor to me, was teaching a freshman seminar and asked me to hand-pick a class for her. Straight A students, high SATs, whatever. So, I did what she asked. I chose 15 students, all named Sarah.


#4 American Customs

I lived in Korea for a little while. When my mom came to visit me, I told my Korean girlfriend that it was an American custom to greet older women by touching elbows. I then told my mom the same story about Korean customs. It was a thing of beauty. As you can imagine, in the end, they weren’t exactly pleased.


#5 It’s Not Mayonnaise!

I saw a post about switching around mayo and vanilla pudding once. So, I emptied out a mayo jar and cleaned it well, filled it with a few pots worth of vanilla pudding and took it to university. Our university is very lax about eating during the lectures, so I waited until midday when I was sitting in the middle of all my friends and they were all eating lunch.

Cue me taking out the jar of “mayo” and a spoon, popping the lid and taking a big ol’ spoonful with a grin. At first, only the closest ones noticed. But after the third spoon, it was like everyone was frozen around me. Pin-drop silence. After the fifth spoon, someone faux-retched and the spell was broken. The looks of sheer terror and disgust were well worth it.


#6 Highlights of My Youth

My parents worked nights when I was in middle school and I stayed at my friend’s house while they were at work. This friend loved to torment me. One day, his 13-year-old brain thought it’d be funny to go number one off the deck onto the feral cats in the yard below. I told him I was going to tell his mother and went inside to do so. 

I told her, “When Trevor walks in, just act disgusted.” He walked in, she told him how disappointed she was in him (having no idea what he did), to which he replied, “I swear to God, he’s lying. I didn’t do anything to those cats.” Watching his face as he realized I told her nothing and he just told on himself was one of the highlights of my youth.


#7 Adjustable Desk

The AM supervisor at my office is a short little man who likes to work from a laptop on a rolling adjustable desk. For over a year, I gradually raised the height of this desk and watched as he went from sitting on a stool, to an adjustable tall task chair, to standing. Last week, he removed the wheels from the desk to lower the height. He doesn’t realize it’s adjustable.


#8 Stolen Sushi

A friend kept trying to nab sushi off my plate at a restaurant. So, while she wasn’t looking, I stuffed it full of wasabi, put a bit of fish back on top to cover my tracks, and pretended to not be looking when she started reaching towards it. She tossed it into her mouth, started chewing down, and I just swung my head towards her to say, “you messed up.” Five minutes of coughing, muffled screaming, and copious amounts of water later, she had learnt her lesson.


#9 Framed Face

One night, I replaced every framed object in my boss’s office with a picture of me making a stern face. Posters, certificates, photos, etc. It took, like, three hours because he had 30 framed things in his office. The next day, I made sure I was out doing field work to make him sit with it most of the day. He had a lot of foot traffic to look at his office that day.


#10 Dutch Oven

I was once hanging out with my girlfriend and thought it would be fun to razz her. I farted under the covers then pointed at the ceiling above my girlfriend and shouted, “Spider!” so she’d throw the blankets over her head. Later when she told her parents, that turned out to be the thing that earned her dad’s respect for me. It legitimately made him laugh so hard he needed an inhaler.


#11 Where’d It Go?

I remember it like it was yesterday. At summer camp, my cabin’s leaders found a little snake that wasn’t doing so well, so they decided to put it in an old terrarium in our cabin. A few of the guys were nervous about it. So the next day, when the leaders decided the snake was well enough to release, I asked that they keep quiet about releasing it. When the other guys got back to the cabin and found no snake in the terrarium, chaos ensued.


#12 Here’s Your Trash

Over a decade ago, I worked in the warehouse of a Guitar Center. We dealt with inventory, shipping and receiving. We had a dumpster behind the store in a shared parking lot that people would leave random things in, even though it wasn’t a public dumpster. One day, we found a broken beach chair in an open cardboard box. 

Well, the box had a shipping label on it. It was left in such a way that it was easy to assume that the chair and box were left by the same person. We packed the beach chair in another box and shipped it back to the customer. I wish I was there to see the person’s face when they received their trash back via UPS.


#13 Skeleton Party

I used to work at a science tutoring center when I was in college. One of the things we taught very often was anatomy. So naturally, we acquired a few skeletons and various skulls with some variation in how they looked or were marked. I was closing one night and I knew my co-worker was opening the next morning early, so before I locked up, I assorted all of the skeletons and skulls in a… welcome party near the front door. 

I had one immediately at the opening of the only door into the room with several backup skeletons and skulls just behind at a table. The best part was that you have to turn on the lights manually and that switch was immediately to the side of the door opening. So, when she reached down to turn on the lights, she had to come face-to-face with some lifeless skull. Needless to say, she screamed and it was loud enough to make our boss come to see if she was okay. I woke up to some colorful texts, but I’m still proud of that one.


#14 It Might Scream

I once pranked a friend of mine in college. I replaced a single system sound file (the click for the mouse) with a five-minute version. It started off identical, followed by four minutes and 50 seconds of silence. But at the end, it had me screaming. Now, if another system sound would play, it stopped playing the previous sound. So he would use his computer, and then when he would walk away, it might scream five minutes later.


#15 You Did What?

When my brother and I were in middle school, my brother liked to skateboard with our next-door neighbor. One day, my brother and the neighbor took the sheet of plywood from under my brother’s upper bunk bed out of the house and started making a skateboard ramp in the neighbor’s adjacent yard. My parents had explicitly told him that he wasn’t allowed to do that.

Now, in my defense, my brother teased me unmercifully (to the point of tears, on multiple occasions), so keep in mind that he had had it coming for a long time. Anyway, an evil little plan hatched in my brain. I ran to the upstairs window and yelled down at them, “Hey, guess what?! Mom knows everything and she is so mad.” Then I slammed the window shut, ran to the stairs and waited while watching my mom read the newspaper.

A few moments later, my brother walked in the front door, looking worried, and said, “Mom, I’m so sorry.” My mom (who had no idea what was going on) said, “About what?” while slowly putting the newspaper down. “For making a skateboard ramp out of the wood from the bunk bed.” Then she just went, “You did what?!” At that moment, a wave of shock and realization swept across my brother’s face and our eyes met. I let out the biggest little sister cackle and ran into my room. We are adults now and still laugh about it from time to time.


#16 Move Over

In high school, I knew this one guy who had one of those locks for his locker that just goes in four directions, not numbers. One day, I was zoned out and happened to see him put his combination in. I wrote it down immediately, didn’t have a plan, but I just knew that it was too good of an opportunity to miss.

I noticed the locker next to his was empty. The next day after class, I waited until he went home. I took everything in his locker and moved it exactly one locker over. Everything was in the exact same place, same shelves, and then I locked it back up. The next morning, he came into class so confused, and said quietly, “I think… someone moved my locker.”

Needless to say, all his friends said he was crazy since nothing was stolen, and everything was exactly the same place that he left it. The fact that he had written down his locker number in his planner was attributed as a mistake in writing and ignored. So the next day, I moved his locker five over. That was a fun meltdown to watch.


#17 He’s Watching You

I worked in an office that had four offices with shared partitions that had glass at the top. My neighbor wasn’t the most observant person and kind of rude, so I started printing random pictures like Nicholas Cage and setting them on my side of the office facing into his. He never noticed. It got to the point where everyone else in the office would check what photo I had set that week, but he never caught on.


#18 Confusion and Chaos

At my sister’s swim meet, I found an ice machine tucked away in a garage. So, I started collecting the ice and somehow managed to put ice in nearly everyone’s shoe at the meet. It was a wild and beautiful moment of pure confusion and chaos. Everyone started freaking out and no one knew it was the little shy girl who secretly enjoyed turmoil.


#19 Planting Bugs

I was working in a hot factory once. My supervisor and job planner were in this enclosed cubicle with a window AC unit in the middle of the shop, while we all sweat our butts off. However, there were always flies around, so I kept grabbing the flies alive, walking into the cubicle to ask a question and then I’d open my hand behind my back. I put 14 flies in there in one shift. He never did catch on to what I was doing and the planner was super upset, swatting the flies. The supervisor was cleaning out every crevice, thinking some food was supporting life somewhere.


#20 Incoming Call

This one dude was harassing my ex because he used to have her cell phone number. He was being a real creep. So, I created an email address, signed up to Kijiji and placed an ad offering an 80″ 3D TV for free, with some excuse about a bad breakup and not wanting her to get it. I asked people to only text or call.

I then went to bed and forgot all about it until the next day at work. I got a text from my ex asking if I had “done something on Kijiji” because the dude was begging her to take the ad down and apologizing. I checked the email and there were five pages of responses, even though I had told them not to email. The dude’s phone must have been ringing constantly! I took the ad down and she never heard from him again.


#21 Enjoy Your Water

I never understood it, but people in school used to always take my Gatorade. So one time, I took an empty bottle, filled it with dyed salt water, and let them take my drink. I’m not going to lie, it was hilarious watching one person spit salt water in the middle of class only for their unbelieving friend to do the same.


#22 Cat Whisperer

I can meow just like a cat. In fact, I can do it so well that people will often look around for the cat that isn’t there. This has resulted in several hilarious instances of strangers running around frantically looking for the cat and me sitting off to the side, watching. Stray cats will usually stare at me for a couple of seconds before continuing doing whatever they were doing. Pet cats will usually hold a conversation with me, particularly if they’re chatty.


#23 Fashion Guru

This one time, I created a fake uniform policy poster for my high school. It wasn’t perfect but people were idiots, so they fell for it. It took everyone about a week to actually read the poster and see that it was obviously fake. Some people still showed up on the first day wearing the uniform that I designed.


#24 Totally Sold It

Here’s one that was played on me. I took my SATs on April 1st. That night, I went out with a group of friends and when I got home, my mom met me with a serious look on her face. She told me that the testing committee had called, that there had been an error and all test papers from that day were lost. Everyone was being contacted to schedule a date to retake the exam. She totally sold it. Face, reactions, everything. She let me believe it until lunchtime the next day. My mom is a diabolical person.


#25 Here, Eat This

I was at a house party at my then-girlfriend’s place. She knew me really well and knew that I have a fairly competitive spirit. Anyway, the place where we had the party was really dark. My girlfriend turned to me in the dim light and said, “I bet you can’t fit an orange in your mouth and eat it all in one bite.” I wasn’t about to say no to a challenge, so I took her up on it. However, it wasn’t an orange that she’d peeled, but a lemon.


#26 Up All Night

I used to work for a cruise line. A passenger asked if the crew lives on the ship full time. Me and my co-worker explained that no, the crew leaves every night to fly back to Miami and then returns each morning. She walked away satisfied. After that cruise was over, our manager was sharing the passenger evaluations with us and was confused about one in particular. It was a woman who had stayed on deck and complained that she couldn’t sleep at night because of the noise of the crew helicopter.


#27 Looking for Something?

I got my sister pretty good once. One time, I picked out every last marshmallow from her box of Lucky Charms. I then took a photo of me eating a bowl of what were just the charms, printed it, and put it in the bottom of the bag. After that, I sealed the bag back up, hot glued the box and back in the pantry it went.


#28 What’s Your Name?

I convinced a co-worker for two months that the guy she sat next to for three years was named Jay, not Dave. They worked in different departments, but sat three feet away from each other for years. I got the guy in on it… and his manager. Then later, his supervisor, group manager, division manager, and the entire department. 

They bought him new nameplates for his desk and changed stuff in the system so his name would print as Jay, etc. The only thing they didn’t change was his phone number and email. She thought she was going crazy. When I finally told her, she was not happy. It was totally worth it and I laugh about it over a decade later.


#29 Get the Door

Not a prank I pulled off, but one I was victim to. My manager had left me in charge of the store when I was 16 for a whole weekend. Saturday went well and I was happy with how it went, although my paranoid brain is always concerned about whether or not doors are actually locked. I’m the same with my house, but the store was worse. 

So, I made my dad drive down to the store to double-check that everything was okay. 15 minutes later, I got a phone call from him saying, “Your manager and the police are here because the door was unlocked and people were inside.” Cue to me on the floor in tears hyperventilating, while my dad is telling my mom (who had since picked up the phone) that he was only kidding and that everything was fine.


#30 A Cool Trick

I was in the breakroom and called my co-worker in. I had a chair, a plastic cup with an inch of water in it, and a broom in the corner. I asked him to help me stick the cup on the ceiling, climbed on the chair, and he held the cup up with the broom. Then I said, “Want to see a cool trick?” I climbed off the chair and walked away with it. You could hear him cursing and yelling out in the parking lot.


#31 How They Roll

I went to a party at someone’s house who I didn’t really care for all that much. The first thing I did when I got there was go into the bathroom and turn their toilet paper around, so the roll was on backwards. After that, everyone who went to the bathroom there saw what kind of Neanderthals the homeowners were.


#32 To the Floor

This one time, I actually welded a co-workers boot to the floor. He had worn out the toe caps on his steel toed boots. So, while he was making a weld kneeling inside a large piece of equipment (on steel), I decided to put a small tack weld on his boot. That way, he had trouble breaking it loose and getting up.


#33 New Television

I bought myself a new television after saving up for a couple of months to afford it. The next day, I played a video on the television to make it look like it had fallen and was broken. The good news is that my housemates all individually fell for my little stunt. Not going to lie, I was pretty delighted with myself.


#34 Ranch on Everything

So, my husband absolutely despises ranch. Seriously, he hates it. I, on the other hand, put ranch on everything. I use ranch in my dips, I put ranch seasoning on the vegetables that I eat, etc. It’s my long con. One day, my husband will mess up big time and then I can say, “Oh yeah? Well, I’ve been feeding you ranch for years .”


#35 Sea Salt Level

My mom can’t tolerate sweet things. Since she can remember, she never ate sweets. When I was six or so, during breakfast, my mom left her newly brewed coffee on the table. My older brother encouraged me to put more sugar as a prank. So I did. My mom came back, stirred, then drank and spit out a rocket. We started laughing, saying it was a prank, explaining that we put extra sugar in it. She looked at us as if we were stupid. Apparently, I put salt instead. Her coffee was at sea salt level.


#36 Kid’s Profile

My brother used my Netflix account and I made his profile a kid’s account. He likes kids shows and movies, so he went two weeks without even noticing what I had done. But, I waited it out. I waited a month or so and randomly changed it again. My timing was impeccable, though, since he was watching The Punisher at the time .


#37 Hide and Seek

Whenever I was playing hide-and-seek, I’d place stuffed animals in certain locations, such as under the covers on a bed, to make it look like a child was hiding there. I made sure to always hide nearby so I could see or hear the other kid’s reaction when they pulled up the covers to see a pile of stuffed animals. It was so funny.


#38 Tampering with Things

I worked at a fast food joint and there was this boy who I had a love/hate relationship with. We would always prank each other. But, mine were always tame… until one day. He left his drink in the back while he was flipping burgers. I grabbed a vinegar packet, cut open a corner and put a straw directly into it. I then exchanged it with the straw from his drink. Moments later, I was at the front of the store and I heard him spit and scream my name while calling me names. He still high fived me, though.



#39 Missing Chocolate

I texted my wife when she was at work and let her know I just got home. I told her we just got robbed. She called me and started panicking. I told her someone broke into the house and took all the chocolate because I couldn’t find it. She said that was me, I ate it last night. She did not find it very funny, but it was hilarious.


#40 Kansas City Holiday Inn

My co-workers in the Chicago office asked me to bring back a phone book and the hotel stationary from my business trip to Kansas City. They were preparing for another co worker’s bachelor party for the night before the wedding. The groom was known for partying to an extent that was considered legendary. After a night of doing so, he woke up on the morning of his wedding in a hotel room. 

He checked the nightstand and found the Kansas City phone book. The desk was stocked with KC stationary. His friends had clued the front desk staff in on what was happening and convinced them to answer his room phone with, “Good morning and welcome to the Kansas City Holiday Inn.” It was five hours to the wedding and he was actually only a couple of miles from the venue, but the freakout was epic!


#41 Going Loopy

I was nine. My dad just had hernia surgery the day prior and was recuperating on the couch. Before I left for school, I put the Martha Stewart channel on and left the remote just beyond his reach. He spent eight hours learning how to arrange pillows on a bed. He exacted his revenge 15 years later, though. I’d just had my emergency C-section and he put Frozen on and left it on a loop while the entire family left for the mall. He also left the remote just out of my reach. Revenge is indeed a dish best served cold.


#42 Black Tip Thumb

I once put a black tip on my thumb with a rubber band and made my little brother believe that I had actually cut off the circulation. I also got my entire family in on the prank. So, one of my family members was just calmly eating cheese balls in the corner while my little brother yelled at him to call the cops.


#43 Shut Up

My friend from Palestine was in love with a Danish girl. We all lived together abroad with another Danish speaking guy. For six months, me and my Danish-speaking friend would greet each other by saying “shut up” in Danish. It worked perfectly. Our friend travelled to Denmark, telling the whole girl’s family to shut up, leaving them all very confused and him very mad.


#44 Super Bowl

I’m currently playing one. My friend was being rude about people liking the Super bowl on Facebook a few years back. I watch the Super Bowl every year now and tag him during the plays. Last year, he revealed that he’d written a script to block me only on that day. So, I printed a dozen football memes on postcards and sent them to him this week.


#45 Craigslist Cupid

Back when Craigslist had personal ads, I reached out to a hook up with two people. I took the picture they sent me and sent it to the other person, and the other person’s picture I sent to the other person and had set a meetup. One of the guys showed up, but the other didn’t. My attempt at Craigslist cupid came up short.


#46 Extra Mouse

I have an extra mouse in my desk drawer at work. I have the USB plugged into the docking station of the obnoxious guy, who’s a couple of cubes away. On days he’s particularly obnoxious, I will take out the extra mouse and move it around every few minutes. He has never realized because it’s plugged into the docking station and not his laptop. He even had the laptop replaced. But, he never noticed. It brings me to tears silently laughing sometimes and I have to be careful not to overdo it.


#47 Gnome of the Game

I made a friend believe she was being followed by a garden gnome. For years. Many of her friends are involved as well as other helpers. One day, she showed up at a B&B in Scotland (that we’d recommended) and there was a gnome in the garden. It looked exactly like the gnome that’d briefly turned up in her yard. Then, she saw it on her way to work. Then in Provence. And Germany. It really did look like the same gnome. It was.


#48 Estrogen Effects

When I was 16 and my brothers were 12, one of the twins was eating all of the delicious Yogurt clusters out of my “women’s health cereal” like a monster. So, I decided to be a monster. I got my mom in on it and I told her how I needed more of my “women’s health cereal” for my female development and period support, with my brother next door. My mom explained what female hormones do and we went on our way.

Later I found out that I legitimately terrified my brother. I caught him looking in the mirrors, checking his chest. For almost a week, he’d put things around his chest and I caught him googling estrogen effects. It was especially funny because he was starting the changes of adolescence and his voice was cracking. It went on for about a week before my mother made me tell him.


#49 Sound the Alarm

My father retired from the fire department about a year ago. I decided to hide a Bluetooth speaker in my parents’ bedroom and at 3:00 in the morning and played the fire department tones dropping at full blast. I’ve honestly never seen him in such a confused panic before. It was pretty amazing to see that I’d pulled it off.


#50 Into the Glass

I was out with my roommates and one had brought a bunch of friends with him. They were being quite loud whereas I prefer a quieter meeting. Still, I had had a bit too much to drink as well. So, I filled one of the spare shot glasses on the table with vinegar. I assumed when I passed it to him he’d smell it and realize it. Nope, he downed it, then coughed and spat it back into the glass.