People Share The Most Disgusting Instance Of ‘Rich Kid Syndrome’ They’ve Ever Seen

No one likes a spoiled brat. Rich kids are often arrogant, self-obsessed, and ignorant of the realities of the world. They throw temper tantrums over non-issues, mooch off their parents, and buy their way out of everything. In their bubbles of richness, they don’t often realize how they appear to everyone else.

Could you imagine someone having a meltdown on a skiing trip because his helicopter pilot can’t pick him up? What about someone not being able to complete her homework due to being stuck on a tropical island? Or someone going on vacation for six months…and forgetting to pay his company’s employees? These are just some of the “struggles” that spoiled young adults have had to endure.

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#1 Gosh, Your Life Is So Unfortunate

A girl I went to high school with got a Mercedes for her 16th birthday. She complained for days on end about the fact that she didn’t get a Lexus. Her name was Lexi and she thought it would be so cool to drive a Lexus with a custom license plate that said “Lexi” on it. Her parents ended up caving in and bought her a Lexus for her 17th birthday.


#2 You’re Really Getting Her Another?

When we were fourteen-years-old, my ex-best friend lost her Pandora bracelet, which was full of charms, at school. It was worth a total of $500. She called her mom and said, “I need a new Pandora bracelet.” The mom simply answered, “Okay, sweetie. We’ll go buy one this afternoon alright?” and then she hung up.


#3 Oh Man, He’s A Special Kind Of Spoiled

I worked at a gas station in my early 20s. It was the hangout spot for spoiled teens to show off their new cars. One rowdy kid turned 16 years old and his parents bought him a brand new sports car (don’t ask me what it was, it just looked really expensive). By the next weekend, he totaled that car trying to show off and do donuts in a nearby intersection.

He ended up slamming right into a pole. He was fine, but his car was demolished. Within two weeks, he already had another BRAND NEW car! He would brag about how his parents were so stupid and that he was already looking to ‘upgrade’ when the next model came out. He had no regard for the money his parents shelled out or the lives he put in jeopardy with his reckless driving. I wanted to throttle him.


#4 You Want Me To Crash Your Car?

I had to drive a girl home in her 2009 Tahoe. She asked me to crash it because it didn’t have a touchscreen and that it wasn’t fair her sister had a new one. The worst part is, she was 100% serious about it. She even said she’d pay me $200 to do it. She needed a reason for her parents to buy her a more upgraded version.


#5 Yeah, You Guys Raised A Monster

A girl in my school was “surprised” in the school’s parking lot with a new BMW. A freaking BMW. Her dad bought it for her and it wasn’t even her birthday. Everyone who was outside was basically watching it go down. She started crying and at first, everyone thought they were happy tears. Then, all of a sudden, she ran back into the school.

Apparently, they were supposed to show up earlier. (I’m assuming there would have been many more students to witness the surprise). I felt bad for the dad because he looked totally embarrassed and sad about it. You could just tell that in his head, he was thinking: “I created this monster.” Money can buy nice things but it can’t guarantee a good personality.


#6 The Chicken Literally Crossed The Road…

I dated this girl and she loved KFC. She ended up getting her dad to buy a franchise just across the road, then relocate it to the same side of the road as her apartment that was on so she didn’t have to cross the road. It wasn’t even for the investment. She literally was just too lazy to make her way across the street to buy some chicken.


#8 That’s Nothing To Be Proud Of, Sweetie

There are a lot of rich kids in my business program. I met this one girl a few months ago at a social. We were chatting about our program when at one point, she proudly told me about how she could always sue the school if things didn’t go her way. She also said something to the effect of: “They have to take my threat seriously because they know I actually have the means to follow through with it.”


#9 An Audi? How Did You Survive?

My brother and I grew up in a working-class family, but when my mom remarried we were all of a sudden in the 1%. One day when we were in high school, my brother’s girlfriend came over to our place in tears. It turns out she was upset because the family’s Mercedes was in the shop and she had to use the Audi for the day.


#9 No Biggie, Just Wasting Thousands

My friend is a commercial pilot and works for a large company that has a “flight department” consisting of several jets and turboprop airplanes. The owner’s kids and a group of their friends were granted permission to take one of the jets from the central part of the US to the Bahamas. Upon arriving in the Bahamas, they met other friends and got on a very, very large yacht for a week.

They realized the yacht was equipped with fine dining food, but they didn’t want any of it. They ordered the pilots to fly back through US Customs and to their hometown in the Midwest. Once there, they picked up multiple sides of BBQ ribs, burgers, hotdogs, soda, beer and piles of other junk food before flying back to the Bahamas. It cost roughly $5,000 an hour to operate the jet they were using.


#10 No One Is Cleaning Up Your Messes, Dude

A kid who lived across the hall from me in my freshman year of college was from Honduras. On our first night, during one of the ice breaker activities, he leaned in to ask me if I knew when the maids would come to clean up. I guess his family was very well off in his home country and the entire semester was an eye opener for him.


#11 Oh, The Ignorance Of Sheltered Rich Kids

In college, there was this girl I knew who came from a wealthy family. When everyone was discussing their plans for the summer, some people talked about going on a trip together. She overheard someone say they couldn’t afford to go and her response was, “I don’t understand, why don’t you just have your parents pay for it?” She had always had her parents pay for everything and she genuinely thought it was the same for everyone.


#12 You Should Give Us Back Your Pancakes Then

I used to work for a restaurant that celebrated free pancake day. On free pancake day, I had a most interesting encounter. This college kid came in and took an entire four-person table all to himself. He set up his Macbook, then put on some fancy headphones which were connected to his iPhone. He didn’t take off his headphones to order his food, nor did he even look at me.

He just wanted the free pancakes and water. He stayed for over two hours during our busiest day. Finally, when we were getting ready to end the event, we started collecting donations for the local children’s hospital. I stopped by his table to let him know. He put up one finger and made a big show of shutting his laptop. Pausing his music, he turns to me and said, “I don’t think people should get free stuff.”


#13 Good God, There’s Two Of Them

These twins in high school got matching trucks for their 17th birthday. Twin A was a brat and smashed his truck in record time. His parents decided not to get him another one, so he decided to take Twin B’s truck and crash it ON PURPOSE so that they were even. If he couldn’t have one, neither could his brother. So much recklessness and spite in what he did.


#14 Hey, Someone Has To Make The Tough Decisions

I was in a theology class where we were talking about compromises. The teacher asked the class: “What are some compromises your parents have made?” Then, a very rich girl raised her hand and said: “My mom wanted to go to Hawaii and my dad wanted to go to Mexico, so we compromised and went to the Bahamas instead.”


#15 At Least He Was Being Honest…

My first teaching job was at a private middle school in one of the wealthiest enclaves in the United States. I taught a kid who told me he didn’t finish his homework because his helicopter had stalled over the weekend and he couldn’t leave his family’s island. He was telling the truth. The same kid was also a huge pain in the butt.

He would often misbehave with the “cool” kids then would lie through his teeth when held accountable. His parents knew he was a jerk. They cared enough to bring me a case of wine from their vineyard at every parent-teacher conference or before the holidays, but they didn’t care enough to discipline their kid. Talk about mixed priorities.


#16 Yep, This Is Obviously The Only Possibility…

My rich cousin contends that people are poor because they are fat and lazy. According to her, If they took better care of their appearance, they too could be rich in a society based on first impressions and looking the part. Clearly, she didn’t have much life experience. Not everyone who goes through financial struggle ended up there by neglecting their appearance.


#17 You Know What’s Dignified? Not Being A Jerk

There was this rich kid in our class who was literally disgusted that we would buy used stuff (like computer parts) on eBay. Once, during a conversation, I said I bought a memory module for my PC on eBay and he told me that I should have a little dignity. “If you buy used stuff, you should just keep that to yourself,” he’d say.


#18 Time To Cut Him Off, Mom

My college roommate’s mom gave him $1,400 “for the weekend,” just randomly. He blew through the whole thing by Saturday and asked his mom for more money. He ended up screaming at her because she refused to give him any more. His argument was that he spent most of what she gave him on Friday, which isn’t a part of the weekend.


#19 Hey, Rich People Have Struggles Too

There were two children who attended the elementary school that was connected to my middle school. Every day, their parents would leave the house and drive separately to pick them up before returning home. I should mention at this point that they each drove a Lamborghini, one black and one orange. At first, I thought they were just being showy, but then I realized that they were two-seaters, so this was really the only way to do it.


#20 As It Turns Out, Laziness Can Lead To Riches

A long time ago, I was dating a rich girl. Not insanely rich, but rich enough. Well, I’m from Norway and we have a recycling system for plastic bottles (you get like, 10 cents per bottle). Her family had a literal mountain of empty bottles and crates in their warehouse. I asked her dad, “Umm, what are you going to do with these,” to which he replied something like, “Oh, those are from our employee staff parties from a couple of years back, I just haven’t had the time to get rid of them.”

Logically, I told him that I’d recycle them for a percentage. He said, “Keep it all, guy,” so I did, I had to do multiple trips to several different stores, but it ended up being like, $1,300, which was insane money for me at the time. I bought a guitar with it. I realize now it’s not a CRAZY story, but for me, it was insane to earn that much money for four to five hours of work because her family couldn’t be arsed to do it.


#21 It’s So Hard To Stretch $1,000

One time, a college dorm mate next door was stressed out because his dad hadn’t yet given him money for the month yet, and the $1,000 in his bank account wasn’t going to last him for the week. Well, maybe if he didn’t go out every night, it wouldn’t be an issue. Meanwhile, I had to donate plasma to afford my next meal. Life just is like that.


#22 Wait… He Has A Personal Wave Pool?

I attended a private school in a developing country, so a lot of my classmates were in the 1% of the country. Whenever we’d be swimming in the school pool, one friend of ours would always remark that swimming is more fun with waves. I had no idea what he was talking about and generally thought he was just being imaginative. One day, he invited me over to his house for swimming and he had a 50-foot indoor wave pool. He wasn’t lying. They are a lot more fun.


#23 Exclusive Friends

I had two friends in college who were from the UAE. They were brothers and their parents had funded their schooling in the US. They were actually pretty cool and down to earth. They knew I didn’t have a ton of money and couldn’t afford to do the cool stuff they did, so they covered me all the time. It was always crazy stuff, like renting a private plane to go to a concert, black cars with drivers, expensive dinners in exclusive clubs, etc.


#24 This Guy Is Living The Dream

I once had a roommate who craved for Japanese food one day. So, he went to Japan for dinner. He also once used his Macbook as an umbrella on a rainy day.


#25 One Man’s Idiocy Is Another Man’s Gain

My personal favorite was in college. A kid down the hall from me bought a brand new Fender Stratocaster and played with it for a day. He then got bored with it and sold it to me, case and all, for just $20. I still have it and play it fifteen years later. I asked him why he didn’t sell it for closer to its original price and he said he didn’t need the money. It’s a great guitar.


#26 Don’t Worry, Honey, You Just Burned The House Down

My dad bought his daughter a house in a VERY nice neighborhood so that she and her friends could live rent-free while they attended university. He remodeled the entire house. In all, he probably spent close to $2 million. Two weeks after moving in, they left a candle burning while they went to the store to get snacks for a football game. When they came home, the house was on fire. A month later, it was good as new for them to move back in.


#27 Wow, Your Life Must Be So Hard

While sitting in a group discussion in college, one kid whined that his parents were so disadvantaged, saying that they only brought home $500,000 a year. I sat there and kept quiet because my family only took home $30,000 a year. I was only at that college because of scholarships and financial aid. It made me feel really small.


#28 Hey, At Least He’s Respectful

On my first day as a librarian in a private school, I helped a 7-year-old with the printer. He offered to tip me.


#29 A Little Tit For A Massive Tat

I was at a night club in my college town and my roommate’s friend who drove a Ferrari was standing by the bar. I started chatting with the guy and we were getting along, so I offered to buy him a Y-Bomb. Being as wealthy as he was, he said, “You don’t have to do that man, save your money. The round will be on me.”

I explained to him it didn’t bother me; I was having a good time and insisted I bought the shots. Immediately after that, he pulled out a black Amex and purchased the nicest VIP booth in the club for around $3,000. Then, he asked the staff what drink packages they had and requested if he could buy two bottles on top of the max package. He looked at me and said, “tit for tat.”


#30 I Sure Wonder Why He Wants Money…

A girl at work told me she hated her dad. She said he kept asking for money since she used his credit card for a Euro trip and left him an $80,000 bill from last year. He dad was a multimillionaire so he probably didn’t even need the money back from her, but he was clearly trying to teach her a lesson on the value of money.


#31 Geez, Can You Hold On A Minute?

A 14-year-old kid went into a full-volume cursing meltdown. “WHERE THE FREAK IS HE???” he yelled, referring to the pilot of his private helicopter that had brought him there. Apparently, the pilot had gone off to get a cup of coffee. The kid was done skiing for the day and found it totally unacceptable that he had to wait 10 minutes before he got flown home.


#32 Ah, The Wrath Of Stuck Up Mothers

I lived with five guys and I was the only one whose parents weren’t millionaires. They never cleaned, ever. About once a month, I would deep clean the house but two days afterward, there would always be garbage and food on the floor. I found out they all told their parents that I, the poor kid, made all the messes. One of their moms even came by to scream at me.


#33 Karma Is So, So Sweet

My ex-wife used to drive a 1998 Honda Accord that she treated like junk. One day, I drove it somewhere and noticed that it was falling apart. I had two options: leave it at the junkyard or sell it. I ended up going for the second option, and I put it on Craigslist for $250. I thought it would go to a low-income family, but when I met the buyer, he was not who I expected.

He pulled up in a brand new Escalade and told me that his son was spoiled. His son had crashed a BMW, Mercedes, and an Audi and so he was done buying him nice cars. Turns out, the guy purchased my car as a way of torturing his son. It satisfied me to know that the dad was going to use my car for his petty revenge.


#34 Oh Sweetie, You’re Getting Sued

I knew a trust fund girl whose dad gave her the money to start a company. She lost it when she went on vacation for six months and forgot to pay her employees. She assumed that they would still be there when she got back, despite them not getting paid for six months. I quizzed her on this for a few minutes and it was clear she had no idea what a job was.


#35 Alright, That’s Enough Of This Date

I met this guy off of Tinder. We hooked up a couple of times and while hanging out one day, it came out that he was rich. Not just normal rich, but rich to the extent that his family had staff whose only job was to polish the silverware. While I was reeling from that news, he proceeded to preach to me that he knew those staff members had such wonderful fulfilling lives, because they were helping to keep his house afloat and running smoothly. Did not see him again after that.


#36 Bud, It’s Literally Impossible

I had a lot of friends who were way better off than me, but one kid in particular had EVERYTHING. He was a Jehovah’s Witness, so he didn’t do birthdays or Christmas. Instead, his parents would often just get him stuff to make up for it. At times, he would chew his mother out for buying him something that wasn’t exactly what he wanted.

He was the type of kid that had all the games, consoles and toys in the world but would moan about it. During one of the last times I hung out with him, he was shouting at his mother because she had promised him that she would buy him a new guitar but she was working late that night and he wasn’t able to go.

All the stores were closed, so it was literally impossible. She promised him she’d go the next day, but he refused to stop throwing his little temper tantrum. The kid just kept chewing her out because of it and spoke to her like she was some kind of moron. It was painful to watch, and I was like, 14 years old at the time.


#37 Sure, Let Me Just Pack My Bags

Upon mentioning that I had never been outside the US, a classmate of mine told me, “You should definitely go,” as casually and nonchalantly as you’d tell someone to check out that new restaurant down the street. I was so frustrated that I just straight up told her, “We don’t have that kind of money.” An awkward silence followed.


#38 But…You Never Even Drove It…

I knew a kid whose mom was the CEO of a local bank and his dad was a seedy personal injury lawyer. On his 13th birthday, his parents bought him a brand new truck and he was the talk of seventh grade for a few weeks. Fast forward to three years later and he’s about to turn 16-years-old, now demanding that his parents buy him a new one. They, of course, oblige. He got expelled from his school less than a year later and was sent to an alternative boarding school for kids with behavior problems.


#39 College Is Hard, Here’s A Porsche

I went to a private university with a girl whose father was an executive for Tommy Hilfiger. She got homesick while at school and instead of getting a care package with cookies and other little things from home, she got a Porsche Carrera GT.


#40 Well, He Sure Didn’t Give A Heck

I was about seven or eight years old, spending the night at my cousins’ house. They were much better off than we were. It was an amazing place. We played for hours. But picture this: we’re playing with LEGOs as any 8-year-old kids would do, and he needed a simple little 1×1 piece. He found a 1×1 piece with the little loop attached, then took wire cutters and cut the loop of. I was mortified. I still am 30 years later. Destroying a “special piece” always struck me as the most “I don’t give a heck” rich kid thing I’ve ever seen.


#41 This Is The Epitome Of Lazy

At the end of the school year, we had to clean out our dorm rooms. Well, this one kid’s parents flew out a servant from China to the US to clean his room. Still blows my mind to this day.


#42 Who Invited You Over, Man?

I attended a boarding school and lived across the hall from the kid of a major CEO. This kid was a little brat, to say the least. On multiple occasions, he would walk into my room while I was doing homework and start going through my clothing. He’d get to my belts and start ridiculing my taste in them. Apparently, they weren’t “rich” enough.

“What is this? This belt sucks. Why don’t you get Gucci?” I would respond, “I like that belt… and I don’t need Gucci to look nice.” He then grabbed all of my belts, threw them in the trash, then dropped a stack of hundreds on my bed saying, “Here, you need Gucci in your life.” Another time, he had been saying that he didn’t want to microwave mac and cheese anymore, so he offered me $50 to make him mac and cheese whenever he wanted. I accepted instantly. Easiest money I’ve ever made.


#43 Have A Little Sympathy, Dude

My old roommate had been doing an internship with Nike in Portland over the summer. When he got back for our last semester, I told him I was worried because I hadn’t saved enough money for tuition. He then shared, while nonchalantly eating his chips and salsa, that he had been charging thousands of dollars in Nike Limited Edition shoes, Gucci products, and alcohol to his credit card for the past four months. His response was, “It’ll all work out, I just need to send my bills to my parents. I keep forgetting to do that.”


#44 She’s Lucky The R.A. Was Nice

A girl in college kept putting her clothes on the floor and then would knock on the RAs door and tell her the clothes were piling up. Our RA was a foreign exchange student but such a sweetheart and she was actually washing the clothes to be nice. The floor told the RA to stop and scolded the girl to do her own laundry. She was absolutely insulted that she had to do her own laundry to the point that she ended up re-wearing clothes or throwing them out and just buying new ones.


#45 How Old Are You Again?

My 30-year-old girlfriend threw a full-on, psychotic meltdown because her incredibly wealthy parents’ Christmas check was not written for the amount she’d been expecting. She was like, writhing on the floor, loudly bawling like a five-year-old. In her fit of rage, she picked up her dad’s new iPhone and threw it against the wall, smashing it to pieces.

When her folks wouldn’t acquiesce, she began threatening to hurt herself. She was thirty years old. Thirty! I’d already purchased the engagement ring and was planning to ask her on New Year’s Eve. Man, that was close! I could never be with someone so spoiled and self-centered as that. Hopefully, I’ll find someone better.