January 31, 2023 | Samuel Ira

People Share The Most 'Creepily Intelligent' Thing Their Pet Has Ever Done

We all like to believe that we're smarter than our pets. Sometimes, however, our furry friends can outsmart us! They often know much more than we give them credit for. Many have found astonishing ways to exceed our expectations and show off their brilliance. Out of all of the weird pets in the world, these peoples' cats, dogs, birds and more have some extremely unusual brainy behaviors up their sleeves. It's hard to believe that these maniacal, manipulative, and overly-empathetic creatures are actually real.


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#25 A Canine's Faucet-Turning Flood

I woke up one summer morning to a flooded basement. My dad was yelling at me that I had left the outdoor faucet running which caused the flood. Spent hours and lots of money cleaning it up. Come to find out my dog, after watching me use the faucet, figured out how to turn it on. We only found this out because one day my dad heard someone cranking on the faucet, and when he looked into the yard, my boxer's mouth was around the valve, twisting her head like a confused puppy until it turned on. She never did figure out how to turn it off though.

25-1533328019041.jpgVector Graphics

#24 Sarcastically Obedient Dog

My friend’s dog knows he’s not allowed onto one very specific carpeted area in the house and he knows never to step onto that area. How does he like to be a smart aleck about it? He grabs his favorite toy, casually tosses it onto said carpeted area, looks at us, and gives us the “well my toy’s there and I have to step onto the carpet to get it”. He does it so slowly and so deliberately that you know he’s being a complete smart aleck about it. I can’t help but laugh every time he does it which is not often. He typically does it when he’s desperate for our play because he knows he’ll get a laugh and a positive reaction out of it.


#23 Violently Rescuing A Beloved Watch

When I was younger, I lost a watch that I really loved. Around that time my cat developed a habit of using his front paws to reach under the fridge and just scramble around under there like crazy. He was seriously obsessed and did that for almost a year until one night he pulled out a tray that had been under the fridge, and on it was my watch. After that, he never touched the fridge again. He was a good boy.


#22 Hysterically Mocked By Sassy Cat

There was a time when, coming back from a trip, the balls of my feet were swollen and it hurt going up and down the stairs. My cat would actually imitate me by limping up and down the stairs (taking the steps one at a time) while meowing pitifully. I swear if he could talk, he would've said something like "see, this is how stupid you look."

22-1533334653124.jpgLil BUB/YouTube

#21 Outsmarted In Rawhide-And-Seek

I taught my dog to play hide and seek. I made him sit in the kitchen while I hid a rawhide somewhere in the house. He would then search until he found it and would then bring it back to me. I would then tell him to hide it and he would. One day I was searching for the rawhide for like ten mins and could not find it. Searched everywhere. Eventually, I had to give up totally confused. Next morning I open a dresser drawer to get a pair of shorts and there it is. He saw a slightly cracked drawer, dropped it in, closed it, and outsmarted a human. I was very proud.


#20 A Heartwarming Motherly Surprise

Not my pet but the dog of a farmer in my grandma's town that recently had given birth to puppies. When we were strolling around by the farm we saw the dog and said to her: “Hey, show us your puppies!“ next thing we know, the dog ran around the farm and came back with all her cute little puppies and let us play with them. What a wonderful day.


#19 An Incredible Koi Pond Rescue

My cousin had a koi fish pond and two dogs. One night the dogs started barking during the middle of the night really loud and urgently, and they almost never bark at anything. My cousin and her parents knew something was weird and went out to check.

One of the fish somehow managed to jump out the pond and was flopping around next to the water on the concrete, and one dog was trying to help it back in the water with his nose while the other was barking for my cousin or her parents to help.

Once they watched them place the fish in the water, they went back into the kennels to sleep. They would watch the pond a lot from then on.


#18 Brilliantly Baiting An Ignorant Mouse

My cat, Tuffy, stole a piece of bread off of the stove and put it on the floor next to the cabinet. She then stared at it intensely and motionlessly for an hour. We thought that was creepy. Then a mouse came out from behind the cabinet to get the bread and she pounced on it! She was using the bread as bait! This is the same cat who routinely burns her tongue licking lightbulbs, hisses at them, and keeps licking.

18-1533330302707.jpgDeviant Art

#17 Spookily Effective Passive-Aggressive Comment

My dog has epilepsy, so he has to take a pill every morning. I broke it in half and put it in his food and let him go at it. Checked a few minutes later and I see the bowl is completely empty except for one of the halves left in the center.

I walked into the living room where he was, looked at him as said, "Forget something?" as a joke. He looked at me, got up, went back to his bowl and ate the pill in front of me.

17-1533330429505.jpgPhoto by Getty

#16 Sweetly Helping Their Ailing Owner

My dad has always had problems throwing his back out and it usually makes him unable to move for several weeks. Anyway, one time when he threw out his back, my dog grabbed a blanket in her mouth and slowly spread it over my dad while he was sleeping. We were all amazed and gave her a treat


#15 Ye Olde Bark And Switch

My brother was sitting at the table eating cake when he hears our dog barking at the front door. He gets up to check it out (usually means someone is about to ring the doorbell) and then our dog sprints back to the unsupervised cake and eats it all in one bite.

15-1533330741237.jpgPhoto by Getty

#14 Guarding Their Enemy's Favorite Tennis Balls

I have a Chocolate Lab and a black cat. My dog loves tennis balls. My cat doesn't want my dog to be happy, so he would sit on her tennis balls like a chicken hatching an egg. One morning I was getting ready for work and my dog is barking at my cat because he's sitting on her tennis ball. I thought, "Alright, that's it.", and I went to the closet, got three cans of tennis balls, opened them and tossed them around the apartment. My cat seemed unmoved as my dog yelped in glee at her newly-found fortune. I left for work. When I got back home that evening I hear my dog barking in the dining room. When I get there I see all ten tennis balls in the corner, guarded by my cat and my dog barking at him. He looked me in the eyes as if to say, "I win again".


#13 An Empathetic Cockatiel

I had a really bad day and was in my room crying when my cockatiel, Stormageddon, started screaming from his cage so I got him out. He jumped onto my shoulder and put his head on my cheek and started saying "it's okay it's okay it's okay" over and over again.

I say that to him when he freaks out in his cage at night time (a car honks a horn outside and he starts screaming and flapping his wings). I didn't realize he could tell I was sad and say it back to me to comfort me like I comfort him let alone say it at all.


#12 Using Their Body As Battering Ram

My 13lbs ginger cat always had to be near me. Some of the doors in my house didn’t latch, and he learned to open them by using his body as a battering ram. Okay, fine. So one day I’m in a closed room with a door that does latch, and I hear the doorknob rattle. It rattles for a bit then turns, and the cat pops the door open with his weight and saunters in.


#11 Fulfilling A Strange Request

My cat was sitting on the front porch sunning herself one day, and my dad walks outside to do some yard work. He tells her to make herself useful and go catch a mouse or something and walks off. (My mom confirmed she heard my dad say this through the open window near the porch.)

A short while later, my dad is passing through the front yard and sees the cat laying in the grass with her front legs outstretched in front of her. Upon closer inspection, she's got something clamped between her front paws. It was a mouse.

11-1533331633255.jpgPhoto by Getty

#10 Brightly Burning Out Their Collar Batteries

I have a wireless shock collar fence for my dogs. My oldest sits just close enough to the fence to hear the audible alarm but not get shocked. She does this to run the battery down so she can go exploring when we let her out at night. She's done this several times and doesn't come back until morning. We use three to four times more batteries in her collar than my other two mutts.

Image result for collar dog lightDHGate

#9 A Routine-Driven Feline

My cat is diabetic. About a month ago he had to start insulin twice daily. I have an auto feeder which goes off every 12 hours and gives a preportioned meal. Since I work early in the morning the first meal goes off at 5 AM. Half an hour after he eats he gets his insulin. He is a good boy and sits very still while I give him his needle. Every time I tell him "good boy!" and give him a quick once-over with his favorite brush. On my day off I forgot to set my alarm for his insulin. At 5:30 he jumped right up on my chest and patted my face ever so gently until I got out of bed. He immediately ran right to the fridge and sat down (where the insulin is) waited for his first brushing. Good boy knows he is a good boy.


#8 Saving Their Child's Life

I was in my closet getting dressed and my Doberman came over, obviously wanting me to follow him.

I did, in a hurry, and found my kid with a handful of screws that someone, one of the decorators probably, had left in the bay window. She was about to put them in her mouth.

Kid was two. That was the best dog.


#7 A Genius Toy-Retrieval Trick

I watched my Australian Shepherd problem solve how to get her tennis balls that get stuck under the furniture out by taking another tennis ball and rolling it to knock the stuck one out. She seemed very pleased with herself.

7-1533332838532.jpgWallpaper Flare

#6 A Squirrel Chase Turned Long Trek Home

While at the park playing fetch, my dog spotted a squirrel and took off after it into the woods. I couldn't find her for the life of me so my mom and I started driving around to look for her and checking our home voicemail every 10 minutes in case someone found her and called the number on her tags. Two hours go by and we decide to go home to eat before continuing our search.

Turns out she walked the 3 miles back home from the park and snuck under the backyard deck and up the deck stairs and was waiting at the back door for us upon our return.


#5 Persistent Pup Saves A Neighbor

My fiancé and I adopted a puppy back in February. We got her at 9 weeks old. She always slept through the night in her crate with zero accidents and zero problems. About two months after we brought her home, we were all sleeping in the bedroom when suddenly Kali (the pup) starts whining out of the blue, which was very unusual for her. My fiancé goes to let her out of the crate to take her outside but she just laid back down in the back of the crate and kept whining. Then we heard what sounded like someone coming up our basement stairs. Fiancé went to check, nothing. So he picked up Kali to take her outside when he hears the pounding again. He looks around and doesn’t see an animal or anyone in our yard making these noises. Then a car drove by and set off our front flood light, showing the neighbor across the street laying in front of his door at 4:30AM when it’s 20 degrees out, banging on the door yelling for help. Fiancé brings Kali back inside and rushes to the neighbor's house to help the guy out and call 911.

Turns out the man has dementia, got lost going to the bathroom, locked himself outside and slipped on his icy front steps. Kali woke us up to go help him. Good girl, Kal.


#4 Protecting A Runaway Child

My daughter is developmentally delayed. I was in the shower; my husband was getting dressed. We had company staying, still asleep, so door locking routines were off. The little lady opened the front door and started running. Not sure how long it was before one of us walked by and saw the door open. My husband started yelling, I threw on clothes, banged on our guest's door, and started running. We didn't see her anywhere. My husband jumped in the car. Our guest ran other direction in PJs. I collapsed on the sidewalk, then called 911.

Officers arrived and quickly located our 15-pound cockapoo standing alert on the sidewalk two blocks away. In the bushes nearby was my wandering child, happy as a clam, digging around in a neighbor's yard. We hadn't even realized the dog was gone. He happily walked back while my daughter, 5 years old, tried to outrun police officers. They cornered her in a school parking lot and had me come grab her.


#3 An Astounding Dog-Thieving Canine

Growing up, we had a half dingo dog who would unclip other dogs and then hold the leash in her mouth and take the other dog for a walk like a human. The neighbors were astounded when she took a liking to their Jack Russell and starting unclipping him and taking him over to ours.

Puppy, dog, animal, lovely,free pictures - free image from needpix.comShutterstock

#2 Where Are The Birds?!

When I lived with my ex, we got a cat that would occasionally come make pitifully adorable tiny mews outside my bedroom door (where my computer was) when she wanted attention. Usually, it was 50/50 wanting to be cuddled or wanting me to shake the food bowl so she couldn’t see the bottom.

One time she sounded a lot more urgent than usual. I went and opened the door and she ran off. Okay, not cuddles. I followed her down the stairs and she turned left into the dining room instead of right into the kitchen where her food was. Okay... what’s up? She went to the middle of the floor and sat down, staring at a window. Took me a couple of seconds to realize the bird feeder usually suction cupped to the outside was missing and she was very distressed about it.

I went outside and put it back on the window, and she jumped on the stool by the window to watch me do it. When I went back in I walked back into the dining room. She looked over her shoulder at me then jumped down, ran over, rubbed against my legs for a few seconds, then went back and jumped back on the stool again waiting for birds to show up.


#1 Chuckle-Worthy Chair-Stealing Cat

Had a cat with whom I had a rudimentary system of communication. When she was hungry, she'd walk into the room and sort of lick her lips if you will, flicking her tongue in and out a few times and I'd then follow her to the kitchen.

She also always wanted to claim my computer chair for herself but I wouldn't let her sit on it.

So one day she comes into my bedroom, licks her lips, turns towards the door and as I get up to follow her, she gave a little triumphant chirp, whipped around at the speed of light and jumped on my now vacant chair, then curled up in the middle and proceeded to groom her fur while looking very pleased with herself. I was tricked by a cat.



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