October 30, 2022 | Maria Cruz

People Share Strangers They Still Think About

Go ahead. Ask just about anyone you know and they probably have a great story involving a stranger. While we tend to think our strongest memories involve those we’re close to, sometimes they involve people we only met once. These people share the odd person they still think about from time to time.

#1 Willing to Help

I was in a crash last summer, pancaked between a Hummer and another SUV. Nobody was physically hurt but I was definitely stunned and in shock. I remember people seemed to materialize out of nowhere to help. Somebody called the police. One woman came over, told us she was a nursing student and gave the kids a quick check before the first responders got there. Another woman was yelling at the kid in the Hummer and making sure he didn't do anything sketchy. It was a horrid situation, but it was kind of nice to know that people jumped right in and were willing to help.


#2 One Word is Enough

A little over a year ago, I just started studying abroad in Japan and got into an accident with my bike. I didn't speak one word Japanese or know how severe it was at first. But, I was unable to stand or walk. Some people tried to help me, including this one middle-aged woman. A younger girl who was also there and spoke a little English said I had to go to the hospital just in case, but said I shouldn't call an ambulance due to the cost.

I waited for a long time on the sidewalk while this middle-aged woman called her friend who had a car. They took me to the hospital, she bought me one of those warm milky coffees from the vending machines and held my hand the entire time. We didn't exchange a single word other than me repeatedly saying "arigato" because that was all I knew how to say. Once I got out of surgery a few hours later, she was gone. But I still think about her from time to time. It amazes me how much she went out of her way for a complete stranger who didn't even speak the same language. The memory still warms my heart. I wish I could have thanked her more.


#3 Living Picture

When I was a kid, I flew by myself for the first time. At the airport, when I was about to check-in, I spotted an elderly lady looking at me. At first I thought I accidentally hit her or something, so I asked if she needed anything. She shook her head. I didn’t give it much importance so I just checked in and headed to my plane.

Later, already on the plane, I saw the very same lady, looking for her seat. I helped her and asked her what number her seat was. She handed me her ticket that read, “B37.” I’ll never forget it because I was the C37. She sat right next to me. I was scared. I was a kid and I wasn’t used to coincidences. Anyway, long flight.

When we arrived and were waiting for the plane to land, she finally said, “You know, you really look like my daughter. I even thought you were her! But she passed away five years ago, silly me. Here, this is her with my grandkids.” She handed me her phone with a zoomed-in picture. I was paralyzed when I saw her. She looked exactly like me. But she was 28 and I was 10. I couldn’t even talk. Now that I’m older, every time I look in the mirror for my birthday, I remember that lady and the picture. I’m a living photo of her daughter. Every year that goes by is a year that I look more like that woman in the picture.


#4 Job Interview

A stranger I still think about is an old man I overheard telling his grandkids that if their dad got accepted to the job he was interviewing for in town, they would move there. He then told them that they could visit each other all the time. I never even saw the guy interviewing for the job, but I really hope he got it.


#5 Fish Monster?

I was walking to work past a homeless shelter pickup spot. It was a sunny day in the middle of summer. A small lady was standing on the sidewalk wearing rain boots, a yellow raincoat, and wrapped completely in a blue vinyl tarp. As I walked by her, she leaned into me, looked me in the eye and asked, “... fish monster… ?”

I still think about her. Did she think I was a fish monster? Was she concerned that I had seen a fish monster? Perhaps she felt I was unprepared and her tone was more about if I’d heard about the potential of fish monsters. It was such a surreally complex interaction in just two words. One thing I know for certain is that whatever the fish monster status was, she was clearly the best prepared of everyone present.


#6 Up the Hill

When I was maybe five, my mom got really sick and was screaming in pain as she drove me and herself to the hospital (no one else was with us). When we got there, she passed out in the car. I ran up to the hospital and got a wheelchair. She managed to somehow flop herself into the chair and passed out again. The hospital was uphill, and I was too weak to push her. A stranger came out of nowhere, wheeled her in and made enough ruckus to get her immediate attention. She spent the next two months in the hospital. I never saw that guy again, but I think about him all the time and I’d like to thank him one day.


#7 Father’s Day Card

I was doing last-minute Father’s Day shopping with my son for my husband. There was a young lady in the card section crying. I looked at her and thought, “Poor thing, I hope she’s okay.” We finished our shopping, lined up to check out and she was still there. She picked up a card, looked at it, burst into fresh tears, put it back and composed herself only to lose it all over again.

By now, my heart was breaking for her, so I sent my son off to grab a box of chocolates. We bought our stuff and waited just outside for her. When she came out, I grabbed the chocolates, approached her and said, “I don’t know what’s going on and it’s none of my business, but I got these for you. I promise things will get better.”

She burst into tears, grabbed me in a hug and said, ‘My dad passed away two days ago.” We sat down and she told me about her father and how she wanted to put a Father’s Day card in his coffin with the present she’d gotten him. She also said all the things people need to say when someone they love passes suddenly.

We went our separate ways when she saw how late it was and honestly, I don’t know if I’d recognize her if I bumped into her again. But I’ve always wondered how she made it through her first Father’s Day without her dad and how she’s doing now. I haven’t told anyone but my husband this story before. I’m only sharing it now on the chance she reads it and remembers us so I can find out how she’s doing.


#8 Banana Stand

When I was in Iraq in 2003, we were partnered with some local authorities. Their compound was a secure area and no unauthorized people were allowed in. There was this little girl, who was probably about seven or nine years old who sold bananas. She was allowed in or out whenever she wanted. I hope she’s doing well.


#9 The Peace Sign

When I was seven years old or so, I remember riding home from school and waving the peace sign out of the window of my parents’ car to all the passing cars. I spread peace to one girl, who instantly gave me the middle finger. I was so hurt. All I wanted to do was spread peace. I still think about that jerk to this day.


#10 Getting a Call

She wasn’t a complete stranger, but a classmate in my first year at university. We shared some classes but didn't really speak to each other besides the casual greetings. One morning, she got a call on her cellphone, came back to the classroom visibly upset, gathered her things and left. I never saw her again after that. I still think randomly about it sometimes, 14 years later.


#11 I’ll Never Know

I was on my way back from Disneyland Paris, sat in the airport and a guy beside me was typing away on his laptop. A little curious, I peeked over and saw the title, "The Last Letter I'll Ever Write.” I was frozen for a few minutes. I’m 24 and had absolutely no idea what to do. Eventually, I turned and said, "Look man, I really hope I'm making a fool of myself, but are you okay?"

Turned out, he and his long term partner had broken up and they were meant to be coming on this holiday. He had gone with his dad. He blamed himself and went to therapy for a while to get out of a pretty dark place, but some days were better than others. Writing the letters was an exercise from his therapist. We chatted for a bit, about her, his dad, me, life in general.

Turned out, his brother lived nearby me and frequented a coffee shop right by where I used to live. Eventually, my plane got called and we hugged. I told him I really hope things get better for him and that at the very least I'd had a lovely time talking to him. We left there and I still wonder what happened to him. I hope he's happy now. I hope that he's managed to find some good in the world again. But I guess I'll never know for sure.


#12 A Rough Day

I was having a rough day and thought I'd get ice cream to cheer myself up. I was standing in the line and this old lady looked at me and asked if I was okay. I said I was fine and just had a rough day. I got up to the front to get my ice cream and she told the cashier, "I've got this young man, he's had a rough day.” She smiled at me and told me to enjoy my ice cream. I still think of her whenever I have a rough day. I send her my good vibes.


#13 That Old Clunker

I was driving my grandad’s old truck that had an oil problem. It finally gave in, in a turning lane of an intersection. I was upset because it was my granddad’s truck and I treasured that old clunker like it was my child. I couldn't get it all the way over to the shoulder and ended up finding a Hi-vis vest to hang off the tailgate while I called my grandad. A gentleman with a flatbed saw my awkward position, parked his truck in a way that forced traffic around us, and helped pushed my truck while I steered. He was a cool dude, and I know I didn’t thank him enough.


#14 Past Renter

An old lady who lived next door to me and had a key from the past renter. She walked into my place and made us breakfast, thinking I was the same lady who lived there previously. She didn’t realize I was a different person. We talked about her grandson joining the police academy and she was worried but proud of him. She passed away that night.


#15 In the Street

When I was a kid, I went with my family on vacation to Veracruz in Mexico. We decided to eat some empanadas in the street. While we were eating, two Chinese tourists arrived and asked us with signs (they were speaking Chinese all the time) if the could take a photo. My parents said yes and each one of them took a photo with our family while we were eating empanadas. They said goodbye in Chinese and continue their journey.


#16 Be Like You

I was in a Trader Joe’s and saw this frail-looking man looking at this really buff dude in awe. I don’t know why, but I wanted to see what would happen to this guy. So, I watched. He went up to the big guy, tapped him on the shoulder, and said, “One day, I’m gonna be like you.” He then started doing push-ups right there. I had to leave with my parents but he had gotten 30 push-ups without stopping. I hope he’s buff now.


#17 Perfect For Her

The pregnant lady who was absolutely bawling in the lobby of a hotel I was visiting for the afternoon. I awkwardly approached the lady, asking her what was wrong. She told me that it was nothing. It was just that she had decided to serve as the pregnancy surrogate for her sister. She just had the realization that the decision to be her sister's surrogate really had been the right one for her. She was happy crying because it was all just too perfect for her at that moment!


#18 Painting the House

I was in middle school, walking home alone for the first time ever and feeling confident about it. Suddenly, a car full of rowdy high schoolers pulled up and harassed me. One guy even flashed a bunch of condoms at me, yelling something like, “Let’s have some real fun.” I was terrified. I bolted in the opposite direction of the car and ended up hiding in some bushes.

From there, I called my mom. She had me look around for anybody trustworthy to ask for help. I saw a man painting a house and just felt like he could help. He could tell by my tone that I was seriously scared. So, he told me to stick around until I could get a ride home and to tell me if I saw the car again. Sure enough, they came back but on a street parallel to us and kept going. I think about that man painting the house sometimes.


#19 These Are My Favorite

About ten years ago when I was in high school, I saw a homeless person. She was probably only a few years older than me. I passed by her without offering anything but came back to give her the remaining chips I had. She replied saying, “These are my favorite! Thank you!” I feel bad that I wasn’t able to give her a proper meal.


#20 Walking Home

One night, I was walking home and a man catcalled me from his car. I ignored him but then the guy literally got out of the car and began to follow me home. I was so scared but for some reason, didn’t call the police because I didn’t want to inconvenience them. So, I picked up my pace and, at some point, began running but the man continued to follow me.

About a mile into the chase, I heard footsteps getting really close. I turned around to fight the man but there was a frightening looking 18-year-old boy. He told me that the man who was following me had told him how he was going to “take me” and that the creep was recording me. The boy offered to walk me home to make sure I got back safely. I took him up on his offer and got back safely. So, if you’re reading this, thank you. I appreciate what you did for me.


#21 Properly Thank Him

I got into an accident on my way to class a few years ago. The guy I hit and another guy who also stopped to help were also students at my school. I was devastated because I totaled my fiancée’s car, but the guy who stopped to help was so nice. He gave me a hug and reassured me it would be okay. He even helped me push the car out of the road. A couple of times over the next year, I thought I saw him walking around campus, but my adrenaline was so high the day of the accident that I couldn’t exactly remember what he looked like. I constantly kick myself for not going up to him and asking if he was indeed the guy who helped me out so I could properly thank him.


#22 Fast Friends

When I was 10, I moved to a new school. Right around the same time, another girl (also 10) started there too. We never met before and didn’t know each other’s families. We had no connection between us. She was named what my mother was originally going to name me, which was weird. But, we were identical. Height, weight, glasses, eyes, build, voice, you name it.

We were so identical that not only did the teachers get us confused but our mothers couldn’t tell us apart at first glance. My mother went to the school one day, saw me, and started talking about something or other. Later, she talked to me again but I had no idea what she was talking about. Turns out, she had talked to the other girl without knowing it wasn’t her daughter. We were friends instantly. It was kind of fun after the creepiness wore off. Fun twist, she and her family ended up moving down the street six years later without knowing where we had moved to.


#23 My Future Self

A stranger I interacted with at Wall-Mart about four years ago is still engraved in my brain. I was with my mom shopping, and we found ourselves in the yogurt section. I love that stuff, so I was looking around at all the flavors pretty carefully. Well, after a little while, an older man came up and started searching through them as well. He was maybe in his mid-40s. He had my build, same skin complexion, same hair color, you name it.

As we're searching through, he chuckled and said how he had to find the perfect flavor. I agreed with him. It was like our little mission to find the best kind — a lighthearted feeling just searching through the brands and flavors with him. He asked what my favorite flavor is, and it turned out, we had the same favorite. I thought that was pretty cool.

A few minutes later, he introduced himself as John. My name is Jonathan. He then found the ones he wanted, which were the same brand as the ones I was getting, and he put them into his cart. He smiled at me and rolled away. I haven’t seen him since. But, every time I remember the story, I can't help but think that there's a possibility I met my future self, even if it's just a silly idea.


#24 Street Parking

My girlfriend and I were looking for street parking at a local festival. We were 17. I stopped at a stop sign across from the firehouse. A car slammed into me, breaking my tail lights. The middle-aged guy with his daughter got out and started screaming at me (you little loser), then opened my door and dragged me out. It was broken up pretty quickly. The cops came and the guy knew he was in trouble. He was charged with a moving violation, assault and some other stuff. His daughter was the most mortified person I’ve ever seen. Those firefighters were all out in front of the station enjoying the festival, in full view of everything. I think about that guy all the time.


#25 Thinking about Dave

Dave. I swear I think about Dave every week. I was hosting at a family Italian restaurant and it was packed . We had a spaghetti meatball promotion where it was 1/2 off the menu price, dine-in and take out. Dave asked for a table and we told him the wait. My co-host asked him for his name, to which he replied, “If I give you my name, what will people call me by?” Like, actual bonkers response. But he kept going and cracking jokes left and right.

He was waiting and this other guy came up and asked if another table would mind if he sat down with them. We told him that we couldn’t do that and he offered to sing for them. Once again, no. After a while, we seated Dave and the evening was smooth sailing. It slowed down and I was helping the busser clean out a few booths when I heard some traditional Italian singing, like almost operatic. It was Dave and his dad. They were singing to the people at the table next to them. I will never forget Dave.


#26 How Peaceful She Was

I was 16 and was having a bad day, but I had a couple of bucks and went to McDonald’s. I was at a table for two but there weren't any other seats left, so this older woman asked if she could sit with me. I found out that at 16 she had run away and a convent took her in in exchange for chores until she got married. Then her husband passed away some years later, they had no kids and she didn't have any family left, so she went back and struck the same deal. I'm in my 30s now and it still amazes me how peaceful she was.


#27 Spring Break

I was on a flight to China for a heritage tour over spring break. On the way there, I was struggling with something. This really cute Asian guy helped me with it and then carried on. I thought nothing of it. He then ended up being on the same flight as me. Two weeks later, he ended up being on the flight back with us. I didn't realize until we were on the shuttle back to the airport. He recognized me, said a few quick words to me in Mandarin with a smile and then walked off. I, being adopted, do not understand Mandarin. I still don't know what it is he said.


#28 Cool Math Tricks

I took the only seat on a crowded bus, sat next to an old man. He leaned over and asked, “Do you want to learn some math tricks that math teachers and accountants don’t even know?” You bet I do. I was a little worried it was a scam but he whipped out a calculator and spent the rest of the bus ride showing me a short cut on how to multiply 11s by two-digit numbers. Pretty cool.


#29 Not a Big Deal

When I was fresh out of college, I drove over two hours away for a job interview and got into a car accident a block away from the building. My car was completely totaled. A woman who was stopped at the stop sign near my accident pulled over and got out to make sure I was okay. I was completely fine physically but have very bad anxiety and immediately had a panic attack.

I was sobbing and couldn’t catch my breath. This complete stranger sat with me the entire time telling me to breathe and was so caring and supportive. She waited with me for the police to come, helped me talk them through what happened, and called my mom for me. She even called the office I was on my way to and let them know about the accident, saying I’d call them to reschedule my interview.

As if that wasn’t enough, once she found out that I was that far away from home and it was going to take my mom two hours to get to me, she cancelled her meeting that she was already late to so she could drive me halfway . She didn’t think it was a big deal. She just stepped up to the plate to help without question.

I would have been completely alone and lost without her that day. She was an angel, honestly. I lost her business card between all the paperwork from the accident and I’ve been kicking myself over it for the last five years. All I want is to call her and tell her how thankful I am. I want to tell her that I’ve kept her in my thoughts ever since. Roxanne, if you’re out there, thank you so so much.


#30 Who Was Who

I worked with a guy who met a lady at a garage sale. She showed him a picture of her son who had passed and they were almost identical. They were so identical that to this day, almost ten years since the introduction, my friend is still really good friends with her. He’s also friends with her family and regularly attends holiday functions. He showed me the pictures and even after working side-by-side with this dude for five years, I couldn’t tell who was who in the photos.


#31 Aren’t You Adam?

It was 1986. A year after graduating from a tiny college on Idaho, I was at Disneyland with a high school buddy. I was totally convinced that I saw a college friend, Adam, in line at Pirates of the Caribbean. I kept waving at him, but he looked at me like I was out of my mind. My high school friend tried to talk me down, saying that “Adam” clearly had no idea who I was.

The line finally snaked around to where I was standing right next to “Adam.” So I tapped him on the shoulder and asked, “Hey, aren’t you Adam M?” And he said, “No, I’m his twin brother, Aaron.” 34 years later and I still tell that story at parties. I only met Aaron once, in 1986, in line at Pirates, but I do wish him… and Adam… a very happy birthday on Facebook.


#32 Mr. Lemonade

I met a man at a Wendy's at 9:55 at night while I was working at Books-A-Million. I was 19 years old, starving, and had 30 minutes to get in, scarf down a small burger, and get back. The man came out, introduced himself as Mr. Lemonade, and informed me that he was off his meds. Then he left. Wherever Mr. Lemonade is now, I hope he's well and back on his meds.


#33 Taking a Picture

On our 29th anniversary, while on vacation, my hubby (M58) and I (F56) went for a hike and asked a young couple to take our picture. The guy asked me to take theirs too. While I did, he dropped to his knee, pulled out a ring and proposed! We exchanged numbers and I made them promise to update me after the wedding. They did! I think of them often and hope they’re happy and still in love!


#34 Far From Home

A boy walked me home (26 blocks) when I was stuck in a bad part of NJ by myself. It was also the middle of the night. We both got off at the last stop of the bus. He saw I was crying and asked if I was okay. I explained that I was very far from my apartment with no one to call. He walked me all the way home and asked for a kiss as a "thank you.” I actually tried to find him after that night and never did.


#35 What Do You Do?

I was living in Nantucket and would go to a bar alone on weekday nights. I got to know the bartender there casually. One night, I sat down and I was the only one there along with another guy. So naturally, we got to talking with the bartender. We sat there and joked around with the other gentleman that night, talked about smoking grass, sports, and bought each other a few drinks. We asked him toward the end of the night what he did for work… the guy was Dave Mathews.


#36 Heart of Milk

The pretty, cute girl who served me in Starbucks one time. I'm pretty sure she was flirting with me and is the only person who has ever done so. I went in just before they closed, so I was the only person there at the time. She made a comment about the band on my shirt. We then had a short conversation joking about music, and (at the time) current local events. All seemed tame and she was just being nice and making conversation. That is until she pointed out that she drew a love heart out of steamed milk in my coffee. Unfortunately, I was too awkward and stupid to realize the connotations of that comment until I was on the train home.

McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas.Wikimedia

#37 Good Afternoon, Pals

This old dude on the subway. I decided it was time to go home after a long day, so I took the subway. This old dude came in, loudly saying, “Good afternoon, pals." I smiled and was the only one who responded to his greeting. He sat next to me, thanked my manners, and spoke to me for five minutes. He made my day, then stepped out of the cabin at the next stop, saying, "Goodbye, young lady." Honestly, he was just so sweet.


#38 It’s About Time

I was a teenager and accidentally backed into a lady's spotless fancy car at a gas station. I left a dent and was panicked and distraught. I talked to her, was going to give her my information and was hyperventilating because this hadn't happened before. She seemed to think a minute and said, "It's about time this car had a dent." She refused to take my information and drove away. I still think about her kindness.


#39 Haha, Yeah

I was coming out of a show on the lower east side, late at night, tipsy, with a friend. We walked to the taco truck across the street from Berlin, and this guy walked up with his dog. I said, "Haha his [the dog] hair's like spaghetti" and without skipping a beat the guy said, "Haha yeah, al dente". I still think about it from time to time.


#40 Some Kind of Joke

I met my husband's doppelganger once. The man looked exactly like my husband. I was with someone at the hospital waiting for their medical transport to pick us up and I saw who I thought was my husband across the street. My husband was supposed to be at work, so I was confused. I called out to him but he didn’t respond.

My patient and I walked over to him but I stopped short a few feet away because I started to realize it wasn’t actually him. His clothes were different and this man was assisting someone in caregiving. My husband absolutely would not do that. The guy noticed me staring at him and so I explained why and even showed him a picture of my husband. He swore that was a picture of him and this was all some practical joke.

I had to show him pictures of my husband and I together for him to realize the pictures were not of him. This man could have been his identical twin. I often think of that encounter and how insane it was. I also think of the astronomical chances that not only did my husband have a doppelganger but that we lived in the same city for a while and I happened to cross paths with him.


#41 With a Look

I was working at a grocery store once as a cashier. A woman came into line and the best way I could describe her is she was light as a feather. It was like nothing in the world would ever phase her. She had her baby up top in the cart and it started crying. And at that point, I was expecting the standard, "Oh, shh shh shh. It's okay, mommy's here. I'm so sorry."

She didn’t instantaneously react as most parents do. She just gracefully turned her head, looked at the kid lovingly, and the kid stopped crying. Somehow, she could just show that kid that everything was going to be okay with one trusting look. I had never seen anything that beautiful and sincere happen in my life. I had to stop and just question everything. Whoever that woman was, it just made me think there are some amazing human beings that exist out there and I may never encounter one like that ever again.


#42 Active Zone

I was at a therapist’s appointment in the waiting room. This woman sat down next to me, nearly in tears, telling me I looked just like her son. I was like 16 at the time but I’ve always looked much older because of my facial hair. We just talked for a little bit, but I mostly listened. I learned her only son was overseas in the military in an “active” zone. She explained, “That’s why I’m here.” She then followed it with a half-hearted teary-eyed, “This young kid has no idea how to respond to this” chuckle. I hope her son came home and I hope she doesn’t need therapy anymore.


#43 Gratitude in His Eyes

There was once an autistic kid I passed when walking to the shops. He was in a wheelchair and had dropped a toy of some sort. His parents weren't there for some reason, so I picked it up and passed it to him. The gratitude in his eyes is something I will never forget. To this day, the memory brings a smile to my face.


#44 Respectful Conversations

I met a girl at an airport in Kuala Lumpur. We started chatting and happened to share an interest in having real down-to-earth conversations. We talked about every topic "that you're not supposed to discuss with strangers.” We went on about religion, politics, pro-choice vs. pro-life, etc. We were on opposite ends of just about every topic, but neither of us ever got offended and we were able to listen and respect the other person's opinion while also sharing our own. We went our separate ways and I still don't know her name or anything like that. But, it was one of the greatest conversations I've ever had with a stranger.


#45 Square Peg

I was a freshman in college and got into a conversation with a busker. He came super close to convincing me to quit school and join him. He said I was a square peg, that college was taking away my sharp edges so that I’d fit into the societal machine like a proper round peg. He said he never went hungry and rarely didn’t have a roof over his head, and didn’t mind occasionally sleeping under the stars. I swear, I almost went with him. I still wonder what would’ve happened and what my life would be like now.


#46 We Should Skate

One day I was skateboarding around my neighborhood and a guy stopped me. He asked if I skate around and that we should skate the next day. We never mentioned a time or place. The next day, I skated around in hopes I would see him again, but I never did. If I remember correctly, he had blue hair, a piercing, tan skin, and glasses. He had such a nice smile when he was talking to me.


#47 Muffin Man

Once, my friend and I were walking down one of the main hallways in our high school. There was the guy in his sophomore year walking in front of us with a plate of about six muffins. My friend was kind of thrashing about, as they usually did, and I kind of loudly said, “Hey watch out. There’s a dude with muffins." He sort of glanced at me and I guess he was amused by that a bit.

I think about a month or two later is when I found out that he was in my study hall. I've never known his name and I've thought about talking to him, but I guess it just seemed awkward. I've always referred to him as the muffin man in my head. I don't think he would even remember me if I talked to him at this point, so I guess I'll just leave it at that.


#48 Got Nothing

I got lost in the hotel I was staying in and stumbled upon a girl dressed as a pirate. She was part of a kids’ program and they took all the kids on a treasure hunt throughout the hotel. I asked her for directions. Instead of telling me, she led me to where I was heading. We had a great conversation and she told me she worked part-time at a local comic shop near the hotel.

She was working the next day and told me I should stop by. We parted ways and I couldn't wait for the next day. Unfortunately, plans changed the next day due to my stepmother pitching a fit to my dad because of some restaurant that was closed or something. I never got to go to the comic shop. Never got her name, number, nothing.


#49 Exactly the Same

When I was in little league baseball, my dad introduced me to an old friend of his and his son at the time. The son was about 20 years old. They claimed I looked exactly how the son did when he was my age. Now that I’m almost 20, from time to time I wonder if I now look exactly like he did when we met. Since I only met him once, I can’t remember what he looked like. But I remember that conversation very vividly.


#50 Seeing the World

I was on a Greyhound bus and sat next to an older guy. I'm not too chatty with strangers so he probably said something first. Then we got to talking. He bought one of those passes where you can travel by bus any number of miles in a month. I asked where he'd been in the last month, what had he seen. We pretty much chatted the whole two-hour trip. It took me 30 minutes to figure out he was blind. He was traveling blind and seeing the world.




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While many people live pay-check to pay-check, there are those who are able to earn over over $100K a year. Here are their stories.
February 8, 2023 Casey Pino

Dishonest People Confess The Most Unethical Way They've Made Money

We searched the web for the most unethical ways people have made money and the answers have been both hilarious and frightful.
February 1, 2023 Daniel Swift

Regretful People Share The Most Expensive Mistake They've Ever Made

Often the biggest mistakes we make are the ones that end up teaching us the most. We ask the Internet, “What's the most expensive mistake you've ever made?”
January 30, 2023 Casey Pino

The Biggest Money Mistakes People Are Making, As Told By Successful Savers

Whether we step in or not, watching other people make silly money mistakes can be frustrating, especially if you've made those same mistakes. 
February 1, 2023 Daniel Swift

Bank Tellers Reveal The Most Depressing Financial Mistakes They've Seen People Making

Bank tellers reveal the most depressing stories about those who ruined their finances thanks to their own mistakes or the foolishness of others.
January 29, 2023 Daniel Swift

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