Annoyed People Share The Most Obnoxious Attention Seeking Behavior They’ve Witnessed

Remember constantly asking the tired question “Are we there yet?” on a long road trip? How about always asking “But why?” to everything your parents ever said? Well, while it seemed cute to you, it drove your parents completely insane. It’s no secret that being obnoxious is a pretty common trait when growing up. We’re simply learning about the ways of the world and want to absorb everything like a sponge. When it comes to pulling the same stunts as an adult, it starts to look sad to everyone. Many friendships have been soiled because of attention seeking behavior.

We curated the internet and our user submissions to find out some of the most annoying things people have ever witnessed in their life. Some instances are completely off the wall while others are just cringeworthy to read. After checking out this list, you’ll probably avoid doing that one which probably annoys your friends or significant other.

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#35 Making A Scene

I have a friend that refuses to let anyone, especially me, get attention from men. Even after she got married, she would always have to get a little handsy and talk so loud and laugh so loud just so my boyfriend would pay more attention to her. If that doesn’t work, she tries to make me look bad. Not sure why she’s my friend.


#34 Go Eat Worms

A girl posted in a study group chat how her pet was going to pass away any day and how she couldn’t afford to take it to the vet.

It had a cold.


#33 Put Your Hands Up

A bunch of eighth graders were putting on a performance. The girls were doing one and the boys were doing their own. One of the younger teachers had taught the boys a dance routine. When it came time for the other kids and parents to watch, she was nowhere to be found. Anyway, the performance starts and there she is. Right in the middle of all the eighth-grade boys. She had made herself the center of the dance routine. It was to Beyonce’s song “…if you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it…” It was pretty ridiculous. All the eye rolls at that assembly probably changed the earth’s rotation.


#32 Time For Your Medication

I have a cousin who goes to the hospital weekly. Part of it is I think he is just trolling for pain meds but the other part is total attention seeking because I know from his mom that the hospital started denying him pain meds and yet he still goes. He will post on Facebook that his shoulder hurts or his back hurts and he is having 10/10 pain. If you are in THAT much pain you are not going on Facebook to post about it and then post updated comments every few minutes. He then would do video blogs on Facebook of him laying in a hospital bed. And the doctors would tell him “you just are having a muscle spasm” or “it is regular aches and pains you get when you enter your 30’s… take some Motrin and put some ice on it”. Yet, he still goes in.


#31 Gotta Get Those Likes

Guy sent his chicken wings back because they weren’t stacked high enough. He wanted a cool picture for Instagram. He has 5,000 followers. I overheard all this.


#30 Should’ve Used Twitter

People who announce that they’re deleting their Facebook. On Facebook.


#29 Oh, Brother

My wife was in the hospital battling hemolytic uremic syndrome. she recovered fully but it was pretty serious fora while— daily blood transfusions and plasmapheresis every other day. The drugs left her exhausted and she could barely interact with me, let alone a room full of visitors. I spoke to the whole family, explaining that any visitors would need to gown up and all visits should be very brief (per doctor’s orders) and asked them to maybe just refrain from visiting for a couple days or at least give me several hours warming if they DID choose to visit on a given day.

Her brother showed up one day, out of the blue, and texted me from the parking lot to say he was here. I told him he might as well turn around, cause she was mid-treatment and wouldn’t be seeing anyone—even me—for hours. He huffed around, half-angry that he had driven so far “out of his way” to see her and who am I to turn him away. Well, I’m her husband and we’re not going to debate this. You can hang out with me if you like, but you’re not seeing her.


#28 Time To Split

Was at this wedding a couple years back and I met this nice couple who were friends of the groom. The wife did a split in the middle of a conversation when someone mentioned the word ‘split’. It was weird to see. Like who does a split for no reason?


#27 Miscarriage Misery

I knew a girl who had three “miscarriages” when she was in her late teens. She would disappear to her car during parties and roll around in her backseat clutching her stomach. She would then come back and tell everyone she had just had a miscarriage. There first time it happened, everyone was concerned and attended to her. She claimed she didn’t need to go to the hospital. I’m not a doctor, but I would imagine there would be some sort of “evidence” of this taking place of which there was none. To add a cherry on top, her miscarriages all happened at parties and within the same year. After the second, the third its charm and when she tried it again little to no attention was paid.

#26 I Get Wet

Farewell BBQ for a high school multi-cultural club. The officers planned a drive-by water balloon fight for the end, had super-soakers and everything for everyone. After several minutes of running around going bonkers, we notice a girl off to the side, in a white T-shirt, soaking herself, presumably so that her bra would show through. We just shook our heads and decided to call it a night after that. She was that girl all through high school, so no one was too surprised at her behavior.

#25 Cool For Cats

My cat makes this sound like she’s choking when you don’t pay her enough attention. It’s pretty realistic so it took me a while to realize she was pretending.

Basically, she makes a sound like she’s choking (sometimes acts it out too) until you pick her up. Then immediately she starts purring and licks my face.

The worst part of it is I can’t risk her actually choking, so I always check.

I love her but GEEZ CAT!

#24 Drop And Give Me 20

There was a guy I knew in high school. I don’t remember who first figured it out but if the word “push-up” was ever uttered near him he would loudly inform us that he could do 50 pushups, and if we responded with anything less then “wow, you must be really strong” or similar, he would drop to the floor and start doing them.

Every. Single. Time.

It honestly worked though because we started telling him “I hear you can do 40 pushups” at random times to get him in trouble—he dropped down and did 50 pushups during an important science test, in the aisle during a school play, and during a fire drill.


#23 Do The Dew

My sister sometimes acts overly intoxicated to get attention online and in group chats. One of these times I was a witness to this, another time my cousin was. The first time she told someone in a group chat to have their way with her in a chair jokingly and then proceeded to text in broken English. A few minutes later she snapped back to normal. She had two or three watered down mixed drinks that night and I was sitting next to her when it happened. Another time she said in a status message that she was attempting a speed run in a game and that she was also tipsy from playing drinking games. According to my cousin, she only was drinking mountain dew.

#22 Getting Grandma’s Attention

When I was sleeping on the couch once I heard the doorbell, and my step-sister knew it was her grandmother coming for a visit, so her dad let her grandmother in, and right before she walked in my step-sister laid down on the floor and started crying for no reason at all. I opened my eyes right before she did it.

I had eye contact with her as she was fake crying, and oh boy… Did she get attention, she said she fell on the floor.

| Humaverse

#21 Tempter Tantrum Tizzy

This was a very long time ago (1996) and the protagonist should be grateful that there was no YouTube or smartphones back then. Some friends and I were sitting in the beer garden of a live venue when an irate young woman started screaming in the queue (it was a busy night so she had a big audience). She was trying to push her way in past the bouncers into the venue and they were holding her back. She kept screaming, “My boyfriend is in there with some WOMAN!” Some people lining up saw her as an easy target and started goading her, so she started assaulting them. Once she realized her behavior was getting her nowhere, she threw herself to the ground like a two-year-old and put on the most pathetic tantrum I’ve seen from anyone, child or adult. At this point, we felt too embarrassed for her to keep watching.


#20 Jungle Gym Disaster

When we were like five-years-old, a girl in my grade flung herself off the jungle gym and broke her arm… specifically so she would get to wear a cast and have grownups fawn over her.


#19 All About Me

This one girl from my friend group always makes everyone else’s birthday night about herself. For my friend Lauren’s birthday, we all wanted to go to a strip club for fun, but she didn’t want to go inside and obviously we couldn’t leave her outside alone, so a few of us didn’t get to go in. For my own birthday, she made all of our friends drive out to this Mexican restaurant she loved, without asking me what I wanted. And for my friend Georgia’s 21st, Georgia was making a thank-you speech but that one girl could not even be quiet during the birthday girl’s speech. It was cringe.

#18 Truck Yeah

Friends and I were getting ready to go out for dinner and a movie. We were about to leave when my roommate shows up and claims that someone cut her brakes. My friends are nice people who like to help people. Instead of going out, my friends and I comforted my roommate. The guys got to looking at her truck checking to see where it was tampered with. The brakes weren’t cut. She didn’t want to be alone so she made up the story. She was an evil roommate.


#17 A Hefty Craving

A couple of years ago, I knew this girl who was a grade higher than me. A background history of my school: This was during eighth grade (the girl was in ninth grade). My school was not a normal school, we only had around 50 people in the whole building (staff+students) which mean that all of us were pretty close and knew each other pretty well. It is also very common for students to take a grade higher in our national language (which I won’t name).  I was both in English and my national language. Back to the story:  She would do some questionable things, such as using other people’s picture of self-harm as her own and posting in on Facebook with the caption of “Nobody likes me”, or even take a photo of herself in the hospital making others feel bad for her. My friend who was very close with her told me that she would constantly try to be the main attention in the group, yelling and just straight up showing psychotic behaviors. She has changed schools since then and as far as I know, nobody has contacted her except for one of my classmate (who acts the same as her).


#16 Sling Is The Thing

Some time ago, a bunch of Belligerent Teens come into the store right on closing, looking to steal or just generally be a pain. Customer Service is onto them, moving them on and out of the store.

Words were exchanged and ‘Loser’, hearing it, empties out his pockets and charges down to “assist” Customer Service and does so by shouting abuse at Belligerent Teens.

Loser arrives and turns an unpleasant but ultimately harmless situation into an actual fight in which Customer Service breaks his wrist and injures his rotor cuff. Loser leaves with Customer Service, no worse for the incident.

The very next day, despite leaving uninjured Loser is wearing a sling, milking his non-existent injury harder than a bankrupt dairy farmer.

In the span of two days, he went from uninjured to pushed, punched then headbutted during the fight and now claims he has PTSD from the incident.

He still comes to work in the sling, milking sympathy from literally anyone who will give him even the tiniest shred of a shadow of anything remotely resembling sympathy.


#15 A New Disease

I was having a heart to heart with a previous friend of mind. Told her that my grandma died of leukemia so I never got to meet her— what a tragedy it was in my family in how it affected my mother so much that she had to drop out of school and has never gotten to finish.

She then went around the next time we were in a group telling our friends that she had leukemia and probably was going to need to drop out of school and what a tragedy it was and how much it was affecting her family. When people realized she didn’t have leukemia it became another disease. And another. And another. Random fainting, crying out in pain, clutching a body part and swearing LOUDLY. Anything to get the attention on her… disturbingly always involved her dying or being nearly terminally ill.


#14 Gotta Love Grandma

My grandma was the worst about not being the center of attention. She was a teacher from the 50s to the 80s. We all joke that she only became a teacher to have 30 people’s attention all at once.

One year for Christmas, she was sitting in a chair in the living room and there were deer outside so everyone except her got up to go look at these deer and she pretended to have a heart attack so we’d all rush back into the room and spend time with her. She’s also faked seizures, cancer, brain damage, choking. Paralysis and PTSD. She still does it to this day but now nobody does anything cause we all know it’s for attention.


#13 Gymstagram Famous

There is this girl who comes to my gym and is all over the place all the time, but she is not working out. She is always just getting clicked with her booty posing out from each and every angle.

Definitely guys check her out, but the ones who don’t are on her radar the whole time. She is going to come to your area where you are lifting weights, she is going to lift some weight and would ask her friend to click a pic there and then you can hear her shout about how her 100k Insta followers are going to love these pics. Give her a few more seconds and hear her shout her username before every new guy in the gym.

It started with 15k followers, and it’s been two years of torture.

#12 Girl, Bye

Anyone who says “bye” over and over because they’re “fed up” with the conversation but do not, in fact, leave. Instead, they keep throwing insults and arguing while hovering over the entrance of the bar, or house, or facebook group, or street corner or whatever.

This happens a lot online, but there’s nothing more obvious and obnoxious and re-affirms that a person is a drama queen than if they are doing this in real life.

The common bro-male equivalent is when a dude takes off his shirt as if he’s going to start a fight but instead keeps throwing insults while walking away, then walking back, then walking away. . . but ultimately, he’s walking away…he knows he isn’t going to last and he’s in the wrong here, yet he literally cannot stop prostrating.


#11 Oh My Goth

I generally dress goth and there’s this one person around university who really gets to me. This sort of stuff happens on a regular basis: Them: “Awhh, I wish I could do my makeup like that, you’re so talented.” Me: “Thank you, it’s just practice really.” Them: “Haha I wish I could do that but I have no talent and I’m too ugly to wear those clothes / wear makeup like that. And I just don’t have any time in the mornings because my life is so busy and it would take forever to get ready. Also did I mention I’m ugly?” And of course, her friends begin to validate her, tell her she’s not ugly, etc.

Like, I just wanted to sit down and drink my tea? Not hear any of this?


#10 Keeping Up With Attention

The Kardashians.


#9 We’re All Family Here

A friend of mine was dating a woman who wanted to be an opera singer. She started singing during dinner at the Olive Garden. Loudly.


#8 Aching For Food

Admitted a nine-year-old boy to the pediatric floor for an EEG test because of “seizures” at home. Dad was completely convinced they were real and was very distraught. We get his head hooked up to all the electrodes. As I am getting him admitted, I realize he only has a few minutes to order dinner or our cafeteria would be closed so the kid orders chicken strips and BBQ sauce. I call down to get his order in quickly when Dad screams, “He’s having another one!” The kid is moving in a way that I can only describe as the popular dance move “The Worm”, but upside down on his back, in bed. I immediately knew it was fake, turn around so Dad doesn’t see me smile and say to the cafeteria worker “Could room 349 please have chicken strips for dinner?” And in the middle of the “seizure”, the kid yells “With BBQ sauce!” It was a miracle. The test showed no seizures.

#7 One With The Force

We were going to see the new Star Wars: Episode 1. We were all 15 and we bought plastic lightsabers and we were all excited. This guy shows up with his girlfriend, and he sees another girl in our group and runs over excitedly hugs her. The girlfriend, while we are lightsaber battling, gets down on her knees and screams “NO!” and starts balling her eyes out.


#6 Flexing For Days

This girl was dating my old roommate and had a massive crush on my boyfriend. Whenever we had people over, she would get up and do a handstand against the front door, or do a split, or, the best, she would take her pants off and walk around with just a shirt and underwear on.


#5 Regretful Phone Calls

EVERY SINGLE TIME my mother calls or texts me, she will ask me a question. I answer and then she completely changes the subject to her. Her miserable life, her crummy job, blah blah blah. This has been routine for the last 6 years. It’s extremely exhausting and it’s pretty much the reason why I avoid talking to her.

#4 Cosplay Is For Everyone

Check any cosplay group on Facebook and you’ll see way too many attempts at people trying to gain any attention at all.

It’s why I quit that toxic community a few years ago. It has only gotten worse.

#3 A Tantalizing Stare

A really hot girl at my old job dropped some stuff in the break room one time and like four guys rushed to help her pick it up. I just sat there eating my chips. She gave me a weird look. A few days later when it was just me she dropped things again and looked at me like she expected me to come over and help. Just stared at her. I was so satisfied.


#2 Quote Unquote

Constantly posting pictures of themselves with inspirational quotes or some sort of text either in the caption or overlaid on the picture.

Like, all the time… every day… multiple pictures of yourself with some quote or music lyric about beauty.

#1 Groove With Me

Bad music played loudly in public on your phone. Bonus points if you rap along with it. Double bonus for doing the facial expressions and hand gestures.