October 12, 2022 | Samuel Ira

People Share Their Abnormal 'Glitch In The Matrix' Story

You have probably seen The Matrix films with their mind-bending concept that the lives we live are a digital simulation. Everything we do, say, and feel is all just part of some larger computer script that controls the outcome of our lives. Whenever something strange occurs like coincidence or Deja Vue, it's really a "glitch" in the computer code.

That's just science fiction, though, right?

Perhaps not. These real-life (and extra creepy) accounts of glitches in the so-called "Matrix," as told by Redditors, will have you scratching your head and wondering if life is but a dream.

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#40 A Fake Obituary Made Real

I took a hard news/soft news journalism class in college where one of the assignments was to write an obituary for one of my grandparents. (The professor told us to write it on a deceased grandparent, but if all of your grandparents were still alive we had to choose one. In my case, all of my grandparents were alive.) I procrastinated the assignment until the night before it was due because it seemed like a dumb assignment.

Scramming for an easy grandparent to write about, I gave my mom a call and asked her for some basic biographical information about my maternal grandfather, who was still alive.

As we were talking about my grandpa's career, my mom couldn't recall the name of one of the companies he worked at. She lectured me about waiting until the last minute to write the assignment because it was late - 10:30 pm my grandfather's time. However, she said she would give him a call to see if he was still awake and able to answer that question once my assignment was due the following morning.

When my mom called my grandfather, my grandma answered the phone in a panic. My grandmother frantically explained that the paramedics had just arrived and were performing CPR on my grandfather because he had stopped breathing and passed out. My mom was able to stay on the phone with my grandmother until they took my grandfather to the hospital, where he was declared dead.

In the time my mom and I had been talking on the phone about my grandfather's "obituary," he was dying (out of the blue, at that. He had been otherwise healthy considering his age). We ended up using the obituary I wrote for that writing assignment as his actual obituary. Still freaks me out when I think about the timing.


#39 The Self-Locking Door

Before my husband and I were married, we lived separately. He would come over and spend time with me, then leave later at night around 11 or 12 pm. He left one night out my front door, which has three locks - a lock on the knob, a deadbolt, and what I call a "hotel" lock (it's a lock that you flip the long piece over onto a short peg and then the door can only be opened a few inches). Well, he left and used his key to lock the knob and deadbolt, but I thought to myself I have to go lock the hotel lock. I come down and it's locked already. Absolutely no way he could have locked it from outside.

lock-1527692872121.jpgPins Daddy

#38 A Fight When No One Was Home

I heard the upstairs neighbors get into yet another fight at 3 am. There were plates thrown onto the ground, etc. It was very noisy as it is directly above me. I found out the next day that my upstairs neighbors moved out weeks ago and that the flat was vacant and completely empty. There are just three flats in the block: the first floor is an elderly couple, we're on the second floor, and then the apparently vacant third floor.


#37 Portraits of Nobody

I used to love drawing portraits when I was younger, but I wasn’t very good at it so I threw them away most of the time. But, one day, I drew one that I was really, really proud of, so I kept it. About a week or so later, we had a new girl start in our class and I thought she looked super familiar and, a few days into the week, I realized that it was because she was the girl I had drawn. I went home and found the drawing and, sure enough, they were nearly identical (nearly because I was 10 and unskilled). It freaked me out and I’ve felt weird about drawing portraits of “nobody” ever since.


#36 The Day That Didn't Happen

Not long after 9/11, on a Friday, I got up to go to class and had one of those mornings. I broke a glass getting something to drink, tripped over something going to my car, was late to class due to a wreck on the way there (not me thankfully). While at school, we heard about a plane crash. Something about the wings blowing off. I went to work and went home.

The next morning my roommate wakes me asking if I'm skipping class today. After he convinces me it is STILL Friday, I get up and go to class after noticing the glass I broke is not broken. On the way to class, I pass the same wreck in the same spot. All day long, I wait to hear about the plane crash, but it never happens. I end up having a kind of normal day.

The next day they arrest the 'shoe bomber' and I have wondered if someone rewound that day to stop him and somehow I didn't reset with it.

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#35 Dreams of a Car Accident

A few months before my first car accident I dreamed about it happening. Everything from the sounds to the placement and the smell was the same. Thing is, the girl driving tried to get me to find a different ride because she didn't want to do any extra driving that day. After the crash, I told her about my dream and she said she had the same one the night before and that's why she didn't want to drive.

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#34 Twenty Minutes or More

During college, I delivered pizzas to make money. I had a delivery that should have taken about twenty minutes. When I returned to the store, the manager asked me what had taken so long. I asked him what he meant and he pointed to the computer showing I had been gone for an hour and seven minutes.

Here's the thing: I don't remember delivering the pizza... only turning into the store when I was returning.


#33 Schrödinger's Illustrated Cat

When I was little I used to have a Thomas the Tank Engine book with fold-out parts and flaps. There was this one part that was like a shed and you could lift a flap to see inside it. Inside was all the usual gardening/shed paraphernalia, but there was also a black cat that sat in there. Here’s the glitch though - I swear the cat wasn’t always there!

I used to love that book, but every time I read it I would get to that page and guess whether the cat would be there or not. Not a clue what that was all about really, but it crept a young me out!

cat-1527694063652.jpgThe Spruce Pets

#32 Keys That Slipped Out of Existence

I was 10 years old in my grandma's front yard. She keeps her yard immaculate, award-worthy even. It's dusk at a family get-together. My mom says, "toss me the car keys," so I do. My throw is short by a mere finger length. I assume they landed in the short grass, but we never found them. That was 30 years ago. The yard has been mowed hundreds of times since then. The house is still in the family, still well taken care of. No keys, ever.

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#31 A Mysterious Lucky Penny Finds a New Home

I was once showering and after about ten minutes in the shower I hear something ping and hit the floor. I looked down and saw a penny. I was pretty perplexed as you can imagine, but figured, whatever, I'll keep it, as I imagined it could be good luck.

I kept the penny in my wallet for a few years in a zipped side pouch, I never really told anyone because it was kind of pointless to talk about a random penny I was superstitious about. So a few years later while at a music festival, a girl in our tent woke up to a penny in the crack of her behind. We all laughed it off as having a wild night. However, I remembered the penny I had, and when I looked in the zipped pouch I was shocked to find it was gone. I told my friends and they didn't believe me. I think they threw that penny away too.

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#30 The Talking Cat

Once, when I went with my grandmother to her friend's house, I was on the porch by myself with the grandmother's friend's cat, and the cat looked me right in the eyes and said the word "meow." It didn't sound like a cat meowing at all. It sounded very convincingly like a human carefully enunciating the word "meow," two syllables, in their most thoroughly unconvincing cat voice. Like someone intentionally doing a very poor impression of a cat, as a joke. But it was perfectly in time with the movement of the cat's mouth and there was no one else around, so it had to have been the cat saying it.

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#29 The Dead Visit at Night

When I was in high school, my friend Phil ended his life. I never really knew the specifics. All I know is that he ended it at one of the local parks.

Fast forward six years or so and I'm asleep in bed next to my wife. I'm having a fairly normal dream. I was at a store doing something or another, I can't really remember the specifics of the beginning of the dream. What I do remember is running into Phil in the store. When I saw him, everything got super weird. He actually looked like Phil, not like in most dreams where people will be certain people but not look like them. Nope, he actually looked like Phil.

He looked at me, smiled, and said, "Hey man." At that moment the dream got crystal clear. I asked him if it was really him and he said it was. He told me we were going to hang out for a bit and after that the dream got even more lucid. He showed me how to make stuff and generally we just messed around doing dream things.

Suddenly, I realized that my dream was coming to an end. I turned to him and asked him if I was about to wake up. He said "yes" and said he "had fun coming to hang out with me for a bit." I don't know why, but I asked, "So why did you do it man? Why did you end your life?"

The way he answered chilled me to my core. Not necessarily what he said, just how he said it. He replied, "My girlfriend cheated on me, man." He said it like it was a question he had answered before. Like when someone asks you what your first job was, you've responded with the exact same sentence so many times that it just falls off of your tongue effortlessly. Except I had known his girlfriend and they were the kind of couple that everyone admired.

I said, "Sophie? Sophie cheated on you?"

His eyes lit up like he realized he was talking to someone that actually knew him in life. He said, "Yeah, man, Sophie cheated on me." We gave each other a hug and he wished me well. I woke up and felt super strange. It was somewhere around 2 or 3 in the morning. I closed my eyes and thought, Phil, if that was really you, I need you to give me a sign. No sooner than when that thought finished, my phone started ringing. It came across as an unknown number and only rang twice. I knew I wasn't dreaming anymore because my wife woke up and sleepily asked me who was trying to call me so late. To this day when I think about that story, I get chills.

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#28 There is No Spoon

When I was about 15, I was eating some cereal and accidentally dropped my spoon onto the kitchen floor.

I watched the spoon fall. As it hit the floor, it just vanished into thin air.

I was shocked. I thought surely my eyes were playing tricks on me. It must have just bounced away and gone out of sight or something.

I spent thirty minutes searching the kitchen for that spoon. I was honestly kind of freaked out. I tried to think of every possible place it could have gone. There weren’t many places it could have ended up.

I never found it.

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#27 Unreleased Leash

I was walking my dog. On his leash, there is a little plastic attachment that holds his poop bags.

I dropped the leash onto the ground. I heard the plastic hit the ground. But it turns out it ended up back in my hand.

Imagine dropping something. Hearing and seeing it drop. Then somehow it’s in your hand. All under a couple seconds.

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#26 Attack of the Clones

Just today at the mall I saw at least ten men with the same bleached haircut in the food court. I think the character generator is broken.


#25 Debit Card Withdrawn

I was sitting on my porch and had my debit card on the table in front of me. I went inside to get something to drink - patio furniture in site and a 6-foot privacy fence around the yard. I also lived alone. I went back outside and it was just gone. I searched EVERYWHERE, inside and out, but couldn’t find it. Nothing was withdrawn from my account, so two days later I canceled it and requested a new one. Two weeks later, I went out to sit on the porch (I did this every day) and the old card was sitting right there on the table. It just appeared. There was nothing else on the table. It was gone and then it wasn’t.

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#24 Phantom Popcorn

My daughter and I were on the couch one day when she was younger and we heard the sound of popcorn, like from the microwave. It wasn't a constant popping, but one or two pops every ten seconds or so, then the entire living room filled with the smell of buttered popcorn. No one was making popcorn, the microwave itself did not smell like popcorn, and the smell was only in the living room. I went as far to open the heating vents to see if there was a rogue bag of popcorn in there. If it was just the smell and not the sound or vice versa I would easily explain it away, but it was still one of the strangest events.


#23 A Whisper at the Door

A few nights back I was wide awake in the guest bed at my place and heard quiet footsteps and then my wife say, “Hey,” gently at the door. It seemed weird, so I got up to see what she wanted and she was fast asleep in bed.


#22 Who Did I Pass on the Stairs?

I was going down the stairs and went past my brother who was coming up the stairs. I said, "hi," and he sort of mumbled back. I got downstairs and walked through to the kitchen, only to find him standing there.

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#21 1st St. & Story

I had an Android phone that had a Google "cards" feature option that could notify you like "15 minutes to home" if you were out. I thought this feature was annoying and useless so I kept the feature off.

After several months of no card notifications, one night I'm at home and a card pops up saying "35 minutes to home," pinning me at a random intersection on the other side of town. Let's call it 1st St. and Story.

I think that's weird, I'm not even way over there, I don't even know where that is, I've never been to that area. I go to my cards setting to turn it back off, but it's already turned off. Even weirder.

The next night, the exact same thing happens. "35 minutes to home from 1st St. & Story." What the? Still definitely not over there. I check the cards feature and the notifications are still turned off, so no idea why I'm getting a notification.

A few days later, a friend and I are out running errands and he misses his intended exit, so he takes the next one. Once on the street, I ask, "Where are we? I've never been over here." Suddenly, a car to our right tries to turn left and crashes right into us. He messed up the wheel so bad he couldn't turn it anymore, so he pulled forward to the curb to call a tow truck. We had our kids in the car, so I call my sister to pick us all up. When my sister asks me for the location, I look up at the street signs: 1st St. & Story.


#20 Sebastians at Every Port

I was getting on an airplane and a red-headed person yelled out for some guy named "Sebastian" at a different gate. When I landed, a different red head called out for a different Sebastian.

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#19 The Simultaneous Connection

I was 11 or 12 in the early 1970s. My dad came home one Friday and announced we were going to King's Island (a fairly new amusement park at the time) tomorrow. I begged him to let me invite my friend, Chris, to come along. He said okay as long as Chris could pay his own way.

Great! Off to the phone, I went. I pick it up and there's no dial tone. "Hello?"

"Hey, is that you?"

"Chris? I was just calling you. What's up?"

"I was calling to ask if you would like to come to King's Island tomorrow, but you have to pay your own way."

No phone ever rang, we both called each other at the same time to ask the exact same thing.

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#18 Hidden Valley

When I was a kid there was this house right before the entrance to my subdivision that was in this super deep valley. I remember calling it "the house in the hole" and thinking about how much it must have stunk when it rained, and also how great of a sledding hill the sides would make. Then one day we were passing it and there was no valley; it was suddenly at the same level as the road. I asked my mom what happened to the hole and she had no idea what I was talking about. To this day (I no longer live there) I always check when I drive past.


#17 Reflections in the Guardhouse

I'm a security guard at a distribution warehouse. Sometimes I have to work the graveyard shift.

During this shift, the only people on the premises are me and the rare truck driver bringing in a late load.

Our guard shack is concrete with sliding glass doors on the sides (no locks) and big windows in front and back.

Sometimes when I'm the only person on the premises, I'll see a reflection of someone walking past the shack.

Every inch of this shack and the yard is covered by security cameras. No one has shown up on the footage when I see these reflections.


#16 The Disappearing Dam

Long ago, when I was a kid, my younger brother and I were driving our bikes on the embankment alongside the river and there was a huge dam-thingy on said river. I grew up in this town and I never knew we had a dam. When we got home, I told my mother that it was the first time I had seen the dam, and she did not know what I was talking about. Later, I returned and there was nothing there. My brother does not remember, but I had seen it as clear as day. I'm sure it was my imagination, but it's strange. I did not dream it since my brother remembered that we were there; he just doesn't remember the dam.


#15 The Disappearing Dam

I used to work at a juvenile detention center in a small town. I worked nights, and on this night I went in at 9 PM.

When I got to work, my supervisor asked me what I was doing there. I said, “I work tonight.”. And he said, “But they said you called in sick a few hours ago.” I was a bit confused and said, “It must have been someone else and they got the message wrong.”

Then things got weirder.

When I relieved the guard on duty and settled in for the night, I looked at the message that said I called in. It said that I had called at 6:50 and said that I had gotten sick while out cleaning up after the storm. There had been a storm the night before and it was a bit bad, but not anything that I had to go out to clean up. It was truly weird.

The supervisor came into the control about that time. He was also a friend of mine outside work and we started talking about it, and how odd it was. I decided to call my wife at home and tell her about it while he was still sitting there. I picked up the phone and dialed.

After two rings a man picked up the phone and with a raspy voice said “Hello?”

I did not know what to say for a few seconds. I looked at the phone to make sure I dialed the right number, and I had. After a few seconds, the person said “Hello?” again in the same raspy voice.

I said “Hello. who is this?”

“This is Taylor who is this?” the person said.

My head started spinning because my name is Taylor also.

I said in almost a scream “Where is Ann?”

He said “Ann’s in bed. Who is this?”

I dropped the phone and told my supervisor to ring me out, I had to get home, and I took off towards the door. I could hear Dave pick up the phone behind me and say, “Hello?” followed soon after by “What the hell!” rather loudly.

I ran to my car and drove home faster then what was legal, my mind racing the entire time.

I busted through the door and my wife was sitting watching t.v. and was shocked at me being home. I asked her who was there and she said no one has been here. After a rather long talk with my wife, I went to call the prison to tell them what was going on, but the phone was dead.

I went back to work and when I came in Dave was acting weird and asked me “How the heck are you doing this?”. He told me that when I left, he picked up the phone and the person on the other end sounded like me. He kinda freaked out and hung up the phone.

A minute later as he could see my car leaving the parking lot, I had called back from home and asked what was going on. He said that I was a bit irate and said I was sick and did not feel like playing these games and was telling him to stop prank calling me and hung up.

After convincing him I had no idea what was going on we went back to work.

Later, I find out that the phone line for my area had been knocked down the night before by the storm. This is absolutely the strangest thing that has ever happened to me.


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#14 Muted

My wife and I bought new phones. They came with earbuds. This is not the weird part.

I hate grocery shopping but my wife asked me to pick up things from two different stores. I brought the ear buds with me so I could listen to a podcast while I was there. Time to check out so everything went in my pocket. Fast forward ten minutes and I'm at the next grocery store. Pull my phone and ear buds out of my pocket. The rubber piece for the left ear is gone. Search my pockets and tear the car apart. Nothing. I lost it at the first grocery store. This is also not the weird part.

Two weeks later my wife is watching videos on her phone. Her left ear bud won't stay in. Well, what do you know? There are now two of those rubber things on her left ear bud. Cool! Now I can use mine again! That was the kinda weird part.

A month goes by and the left rubber thing for my ear bud is gone. I blame the kids. They say they never touched it. Kids always lose everything. Then another month goes by. My wife came home from work. She took her shoes off and sat on the couch. We talked about our days and a half hour later decided to head out. She put her shoes back on. She said there was something in her shoe. It was that damn thing again. I'd love to know what was going on with that.

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#13 Glitching Your Life Away

As I type this I am already feeling deja vu. I’ve always wanted to share this part of my life with someone but have never been able to. So… I’ll just tell a bunch of people on the internet.

One day I was walking to work and all of a sudden had an urge to walk a different path than usual. I work downtown in a big city. It was a strange spur of the moment urge to walk a different way that changed my life forever.

I turned into an alley I had never seen before. As I remember it, I made it about 15 feet or so when an actual “glitch” happened. Everything in my mind scrambled. I felt like I didn’t have a body anymore, just that I was a semi-conscious entity floating through some weird dimension.

All of a sudden in the array of different colors and shapes a vision came to me. It was a bunch of strange looking people that in my mind resembled businessmen in suits. They looked startled and panicked that I could see them. One of the “people” made a quick movement and everything turned to black.

When I regained normality, I was on a completely different street. It was the same street that I always use to walk to work. I felt sick and severely disturbed/depressed.

I’ve never done any hard drugs, never experienced any hallucinations, never have had anything like this happen to me. The weird thing is when the glitch was correcting itself and I could see those “people” watching me like a caged animal I had the feeling that I knew I was being controlled. It still bothers me very much to this day.

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#12 Nothing Is The Same Anymore

A long time ago I had a conversation with an old workmate who described much the same thing.

The detail is hazy, but he said one day he in his house when he felt a sudden NEED to go outside an stand on his lawn, he claimed it was the strongest clearest feeling ever, and on doing so he experienced a sort of “wobble” he just said everything was screwed up for moment, and he experienced a feeling of detachment/outside-ness. When it passed he turned to go back inside.

Now, while talking to me he got quite upset at this point and asked me not to think he’s crazy but he said the next thing he saw was his car parked in the street and it was the same model/registration but a different color.

He was so thrown at this, and then more so because then his wife came out to ask what he was doing, and he said he realized “She was in all appearances his wife, but somehow not his wife.” He said from that point on, she liked foods she had claimed to hate before, and sometimes brought up memories that he said had zero relation to things they had done in the past.

He said things like his route to work, was still the same but somehow different, he said there were buildings on the way that either he had missed in the six years he’d driven past them five days a week or had just “appeared” overnight. He even said some people he remembered from other departments in work had just vanished, and asking about them brought total incomprehension from other people.

He was a totally regular healthy guy, but he said he measured his life in relation to that afternoon. There were things that happened before the change, and everything afterward. He went to say he was now living his life with a feeling that about 15% of it had spontaneously changed that afternoon.

We moved on and drifted apart since then (different jobs) but I’ve never really felt so sure about the permanence of “reality” ever since.

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#11 Physics Bends To Save A Life

I got in a motorcycle accident about six years ago. I’m going 45 through town and a woman, who didn’t see me, turns left in front me. It could only have been a millisecond but I remember weighing my options and thinking if I should try and go over the car or under it by laying the bike down. I put the bike down.

It went straight under her car, I went diagonally. I Slid across the pavement wearing no helmet, no jacket—just jeans and a cheap zip up hoodie from Walmart.

So I slide for 80 feet or so—not sure on the exact measurement but it was a long way—on the pavement and when I stop, I just stood up and the only thing wrong was that there was a hole in my hoodie cuff about the size of a dime. Not a scratch anywhere on me.

I remember looking at it, then at my mangled bike, and just screaming in my head “PHYSICS DON’T WORK THIS WAY”

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I was sitting in my car with my dad and I distinctly heard my sister (who was at home) say, “Are you guys almost home? I’m scared” in a very specific, concerned tone of voice. Two seconds later, my dad’s phone rings. Guess who’s on the line?

My sister. She said, “Are you guys almost home? I’m scared” in the same concerned tone of voice. I was pretty freaked out.

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#9 Alt Life

I had a long, involved dream where I was a vendor in a fish market. I remember getting up early, dressing, doing a whole morning routine, going to get tea, heading out to the docks, buying fish, loading them in a cart and going to get ice, then haggling for ice, buying some less fresh fish while I was at it, then going to a market to my stall, setting up and selling fish all day.

It was so real. I talked to friends, smoked nasty cigarettes, haggled customers, ate lunch, had tea and just lived through the day. At the end of the day, I cleaned up, counted my cash, paid the stall rent, went home, cooked some of the fish I hadn’t sold, along with some veggies and rice that I’d traded for.

I drank more tea, relaxed a while more, then drew a hot bath, soaked and smoked some more cigs, then went to bed.

The next morning, I woke up refreshed, ready to go down to the docks to buy fresh catch… Except I was in my house, next to my wife, truck parked outside and it was Saturday—no work. My wife and I were getting geared up to go skiing in Oregon and the car was already packed. Weird thing was….

In the dream, I was single. And a smoker (I’m not). And the whole long dream had been in fluent Chinese. The effortless kind of fluency that only comes from a lifetime of speaking it. Oh, and I had been Chinese in the dream.

I’m a big, hairy white dude—somewhat fluent in Spanish and I know a little bit of Russian, but I’ve never…. It was just weird. I’ve never worked in a fish market.

I wonder who I was. I wonder what that was.

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#8 Get Away From The Car

I was heading home with my dad, we stopped at a drive through. I start feeling more and more anxious for no reason, to the point where it makes me lightheaded and sick to my stomach. We have to wait a little bit ahead because they gave us the order wrong. So I sit there, feeling like crap, and it suddenly comes to me an urge to call my brother.

He was trying to call us, he was in a car accident. No one died, some got seriously bruised, he was only shaken. I told him to shut up and get as far away from the car as possible.

He didn’t understand but followed through, trying to call some of his buddies, and I could hear them calling him a wuss, him giving up and getting far and then a loud noise, people shouting.

After the whole thing was over he told me what happened. His drunk friend tried to impress some girls in the car, hit the gas, drifted and hit the bottom of the car on some rocks, completely messing with the engine. They stood near the car, the driver still inside trying to turn the engine back on.

The hood burst in flames and the car started to burn fast, the driver managed to get away but got severely hurt. Some of the guys and girls who stood around were hurt and burned too, but not as bad as the driver. My brother was the only one with light bruises from the whole thing. He told me that when I ordered him to get away from the car he was in front of it, inches from the hood.

I never experienced anything like this before and after, just this once. It’s just a weird memory, I don’t remember what I was thinking, I remember it like watching a movie and seeing myself and everything from an outside angle.

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#7 The Dream Wasn’t So Stupid After All

I’ve always had those deja vu dreams, the ones that a lot of you have already been talking about, where the events in your dream happen in real life, days or years later… Because of these dreams, knowing what would happen next played a role in saving my life, I suppose.

My dream was simple: I was driving down from the mountains back home with friends in the car after (what I vaguely remember) was a snowboard skiing trip. The conversation was, I suppose, the usual for a long car ride, playing “I spy” and just stupid stuff.

Then, the song “All Star” by Smash Mouth came on. I remembered it because everyone started singing along. We were speeding down the mountain and after signaling into the passing lane, all of a sudden, a huge car wreck happens right in front of us, happening so fast that cars were smashing into each other. One of the cars rolled right off the mountain, over the divider.

I was too close to avoid it and so I pulled to the right, which caused the car behind us to plow into the side of us, rolling our car to the opposite side of the road. I remember just a fuzzy feeling, being upside down, and glancing around the car and just seeing my friends mutilated. It sends shivers down my spine to even think about it. I woke up in tears, I was just so frightened and scared… it was so surreal.

This is where the glitch begins, Years after the night I had that dream, my friends and I decided to get together to plan a small trip to have a ski and snowboard day for the first snowfall. We knew a storm was coming so we headed up the mountain. Good runs, fresh snow, it was overall a great success, we had gotten exactly what we had come for. We packed our things, headed down the mountain, and it clicked, the same stupid car banter, “I spy,” and then Smash Mouth “All Star” came on… it had happened, I was in my nightmare.

The wreck happened just as I remembered, but I didn’t pull right like I did in my dream, I pulled to the left, into the opposite lane, and somehow just avoided it. Everything slowed down, it was like I was in my own world, and everything happened the same, except for my actions.

We pulled to the side of the road and called 911, I broke down, it was too much… I was scared and shaking, but somehow that stupid dream saved my life.


Glitch In The Matrix Moments factsFactinate

#6 Spoiling Your Exam

Back when I was in fifth grade, I remember sitting in class about to take an exam. It was one of those where the teacher would write down the question and we would all write the answer on our sheet. After about the third question, I started to realize that I had already seen these questions, in the same order and knew the answers.

I honestly remember it being like groundhog day, where I had this deja vu moment like I had already sat through the test the previous day.

I raised my hand and said we had already done these questions, and I got this dumbfounded look from the teacher and classmates. I looked around like seriously, I’m the only one realizing this? “Oh really?” our teacher says, “what’s the next answer?”

I went up and wrote the next several answers that just came to my head. He looked down at his test, verified the board, then canceled the test.

Spent the rest of the afternoon with the teacher and principal being accused of compromising the test. The principal had him go through all his notes and lesson plans to see if he had briefed the test by accident in the past. They asked the other kids, nobody else remembered—they all scored poorly on the test.



#5 Where Did My Time Go?

Ten years ago I was returning home from a road trip with two friends. I received a phone call from my parents asking when we would be arriving, and I explained that we were about 25 minutes away.

About a minute later we came around a bend; it was a full moon and we could see the reflection from a lake below us and other than that the road was completely empty. Suddenly everything went completely dark in the car, no lights from the dash or gauges or headlights on the road.

The music also stopped and re-started at the beginning of the CD we were listening to.

There was now a vehicle pulled over by the police about 1/4 mile in front of us that hadn’t been there a split second before. I assumed I had dozed off for just a second as it was late. I thought it was still quite peculiar, though. After about a minute, the driver of the car turned the music all the way down and said: “did that just happen to anyone else?”

The other passenger in the back seat sat forward abruptly and exclaimed: “I thought I just fell asleep…”. We then realized that the clock in the car was reading an hour later than it just had a minute before.

To keep ourselves from freaking out we decided that the car had possibly had a momentary electrical failure and reset the clock to an odd time, turned off the dash lights, headlights, and gauges, and restarted the CD player. But when we arrived home 25 minutes later, we were one hour late.

I am missing an hour of my life, and to this day have no idea how it happened.

Glitch In The Matrix Moments factsSerenity Financial Planning

#4 Hearing Voices

When I was like 10 or 11 I was going to the beach with my aunt and her friends. There were two cars of us. To get there we had to go through a very large industrial area. We didn’t know the direction, so our car was following the other. Suddenly, they did an unexpected turn and so our driver had to take a sharp bend.

At that moment we heard a very clear, loud voice inside the car saying laughing “Sharp bend, hm?!”. The driver immediately hit the brakes. We looked at each other, puzzled: we all recognized it as a voice not belonging to any of us.

In the very same time, we noticed that the other car has stopped as well. The other driver got out of the car with a scared face and shouted to us: “Did… did you hear that as well?”.

They heard the very same thing inside their car. The area around was full deserted.

Glitch In The Matrix Moments factsUCD School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health Systems

#3 Dreamin' Or Dealin'

When I was a teenager I had two really intense dreams one night. The first one was about an online friend of mine calling me to say she’d broken up with her boyfriend, and I sang a few lines of Seal’s “Don’t Cry” to her over the phone. The second dream was finding a (real-life) friend’s dead body floating in her bathtub.

I didn’t think anything of it up until I went on my computer that evening and the online friend chatted me to tell me her boyfriend broke up with her. I immediately asked if I could call her, and she said no. I remember thinking that it meant something like I could change it.

Not long after, my phone rang, and it was the real-life friend from the dream calling me. I was completely freaked at this point, but talked to her normally… she was just talking about school and stuff… up until I realized I heard a splash in the background.

I asked her, “Are you in the tub?” and when she said yes I felt like my heart had stopped. I asked her, “What did you do?”. She didn’t answer me right away, and then after a very long pause, she told me she’d taken an entire bottle of pills and chased it with mushrooms and vodka.

She’d gotten scared waiting for it to hit her… so she called me so she’d hear someone’s voice. I hung up and called 911. By the time they got there, she was unconscious but alive. Today she’s a mom to a beautiful little girl, and she’s ok.

Glitch In The Matrix Moments factsFantasy Interpretations

#2 Car Pile Up

I’m way too late to this party but this is a true story that nobody believes. I was driving northbound on I-5 into Seattle at about 3 am. It was raining very, very hard and I drove under the Convention Center in downtown Seattle, which is like a tunnel.

When I got out from under the center, I saw something that made me slam on my brakes and skid to a stop in the middle of the freeway. There were five cars upside down in the middle of the road.

I thought I had happened upon a horrible accident, but then I realized there was not a single person in sight… the cars were completely empty… no headlights on… no cops…. no fire trucks… no ambulances… no tow trucks… and then I realized what made me hit the gas and get out of there… not a single dent on any of the vehicles.

They were just sitting there, upside down in the middle of I-5. It has freaked me out to think about ever since and everyone thinks I’m making it up but that was a glitch if ever there was one. I checked the news for days afterward and couldn’t find a report. Weeeeird.


Glitch In The Matrix Moments factsDellEmc

#1 Matrix Bug

I was waiting for the bus next to a busy road and I was starting to feel anxious, so I decided to stand up and walk about 50 feet away. I already felt better.

So I started walking back and at that moment I saw a truck lose control and demolish the spot where I’d been 20 seconds before.

Since then, I believe that people have destinies.

Glitch In The Matrix Moments factsSandy And Rich



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