October 10, 2022 | Maria Cruz

People Share A Terrifying Confession Someone Told Them While Intoxicated

If you’ve never had one too many before, you don’t know how easy it is to overshare with someone. Even if it’s something you never thought you’d share, your filter is obliterated during a night of partying. Here, these people share some of the craziest confessions someone made while under the influence.


#1 Starting to Settle

I worked in a hospital and an inebriated guy I knew from around my town came in. Of course, he was very tipsy, so he got a bed (he was homeless at this point). Just as he was starting to settle, he screamed, “I cut him!” I went up to him and asked him to settle and he started telling me that he did it while in the army and could never forgive himself for it. He cried himself to sleep and passed away in the local park a few months later.


#2 Angel of Mercy

I went out with some of my co-workers over the weekend one time. A co-worker told me she went all Angel of Mercy and smothered her elderly, dementia-ridden, grandmother while she was sleeping. As you can imagine, the next Monday in the office was definitely a weird one after that particular happy hour confession.


#3 To the Curb

My sister's boyfriend at the time told me he thought he might have fallen for the wrong sister. It doesn’t compare to some crazy confessions out there, but my sister is my best friend, and I was so scared he might ruin that. I never told my sister about it but they broke up very shortly after that because he was untrustworthy in other ways. He took some money and she kicked him to the curb.


#4 The Smell of Drilling

At a family gathering my grandma got tipsy and started to tell stories from her childhood. While she does this every time, this time it took a dark turn. She told us a story that is the reason she hates to go to the dentist and particularly hates the drilling part. She told us a story about when she was six years old. During WWII, my family lived in Hamburg, Germany right next to the harbor. During a particular week in 1943, the city was continuously bombed. Over 35,000 people lost their lives and more than 100,000 people were injured.

The houses that were hit mostly burned down, creating a huge fire with such force that it sucked not only oxygen in, creating strong winds, but also people. The fire created such heat that people running out of their houses got stuck in the molten asphalt on the streets and burned. As it happened around her, that particular smell was present for over a week in her part of the city. Drilling in your tooth creates that exact smell. My grandma had to stop going to the dentist as she recognized the smell immediately. This story shook us to the core, as it came out of the blue. It still sends chills down my spine.


#5 Wedding Ring

A friend of mine passed away from an overdose. After the funeral, a mutual friend of ours and I were getting tipsy when he broke down crying. He asked me if I remembered the time when he and our friend told me about an accident that they'd witnessed where they saw a truck driver lose his life. I told him I did.

He then told me the most messed up thing. He said that our friend ran up to the man and took his wedding ring. The man couldn't do anything but look up, terrified, at our friend as he was being robbed. I knew they were bad into substances, but I never thought they could do anything like that. I grew up with them, they were like my brothers. I don't really trust anyone completely anymore.


#6 Never Given a Name

I had a buddy tell me his friend confessed to him that he had ended his stepdad’s life and made it look like he did it himself. His stepdad had been cruel towards him and his mom for years and it finally broke when he made it look like his stepfather had taken his own life. I don't know who the friend was, I was never given a name or much else of the story.


#7 Last Two Standing

After a work party one time, the wife of a colleague and I ended up being the last two people standing. We were both fairly tipsy by that point when she started telling me about how she was approached by a priest when she was only a kid. The church covered it all up and that monster never even faced any charges.


#8 Friends for Years

I had a male friend tell me he had touched me once when I was passed out. I'm a straight male and had been friends with this guy for 15 years. I had been tipsy with him a lot. Since then, I have found out a lot of messed up stuff about him. I have no bad feelings toward anyone and I've learned to understand people and why they do what they do. I’ve also never let this affect my love and support for the LGBT community.


#9 Keeping That Secret

It was me who did the confessing. When I was 18, I was attacked on a bridge in the middle of the night when I was all alone. My mom works in hearing and she had always told me to bite someone if I got into trouble. So I did; I bit right into him until my teeth met again. He fell down and I ran all the way home.

A few weeks later I read in the news that a serial criminal had gone to the hospital with neck wounds and later lost his life. They'd drawn it down to him attacking someone and them acting in self-defence. I never told anyone until I got really tipsy with my boyfriend last year and spilled it. He couldn't believe I'd kept that secret.


#10 Missing a Part

My mother's first husband, the sperm donor. I was 16. She had just walked out that same day and he got extremely tipsy and told me that I was never supposed to have been born. He said that I should have been buried with my brother. I asked him what he meant by “my brother” since I had no siblings. He confessed to attacking my mom when she was pregnant. I was a twin and the only one to make it.

At the time, my mother's English (she's Polish) was not good, so he claimed to doctors that she “fell down the stairs.” He also threatened to have her sent back to Poland and used me as blackmail if she ever told anyone. I followed her after once she contacted me, saying she'd found a place to stay. I asked her if she had anything to tell me regarding my birth and she told me the same story. I guess that explains why I felt like I was missing a part of myself all my life.


#11 Trip to the Beach

When I was 14, my mom took me and my sisters and a couple of our friends to the beach. My sister (15) and I got our own room with our two friends, wound up meeting some boys and getting tipsy. My sister’s friend (15f) was really tipsy, got super upset and confessed that her stepfather had been hurting her for years.

It was really, really horrible stuff and sobered everyone up fast. We rallied around her and told her we were there for her. When we got home from the beach trip a few days later, I knew I needed to tell my mom. After I told my mom, she got the state police involved. There was a trial and the man wound up sentenced to eight years in prison. It turned out, he was doing it to the younger sister as well.


#12 Making Him Pay

My mother once told me a story while she was intoxicated. She had a pregnancy before me, but her boyfriend wasn't ready for a kid, so he terminated it himself. For revenge, she had her friend who was a lady of the evening seduce him, take him to a hotel room, and tied him up. My mom then described how she walked in with a bat and made him pay for it. She was never tried for it so I'm assuming he lived. The whole bat thing was a new detail and she hasn't mentioned it since.


#13 How to React

I was having dinner with a group of friends. One girl was talking about how, at a party, she helped a tipsy guy friend get onto a bed. Then she got undressed him and did things to him. She said he woke up halfway through, but was receptive, very happy and "completely okay with it" because he found her hot.

After they were done, he joked to her that he would have "punched her face in and called the cops" if he didn't find her attractive. I honestly wasn't sure how I was supposed to react to that story, but then if her victim genuinely didn't mind, then… I don't know. Granted, she was talking to a group of friends including me, so I didn't really have to give her a reaction.


#14 Three Skeletons

When he was 11, my dad was abducted and attacked by three men. He was so terrified that he never told his parents. After my grandpa passed away, my dad finally told my grandma what happened. She told him that they already knew. One of my dad's siblings knew and had told grandpa. She just said that he had taken care of it. A few years later, a developer bought my grandparents’ farm and turned it into a development. During excavation, they found three male skeletons buried in a single grave. I guess grandpa really did take care of it. Rangers really do lead the way.


#15 Best Friends

Me. I wasn’t tipsy, but high as a kite. When I was in Peace Corps, I told my best friend that I loved him and then kissed him. I realized what I did and feared for my friendship with him. He told me, “I’ve known you were gay for over a year. I’ve seen you glancing at me. It’s okay, but I’m straight.” To add to this, we were both just wearing boxer shorts, as it was hot in Khoi Karen Thailand at the time.


#16 Close the Door

My mom was in another state for business and so it was just my dad taking care of me. I was about 10 and he came to tuck me in one night, but he has incredibly out of it. He opened the door to my bedroom, told me I was a mistake that saved them from getting a divorce and wished me goodnight. The worst part is he didn't close the door completely when he left.


#17 Never Been the Same

I got tipsy with my uncle and we started talking about relationships. And as a game, I asked, “What’s the biggest mistake you’ve ever made in a relationship?” We went back and forth saying all the dumb things we’ve done to the women in our lives. It was escalating and we were becoming more and more honest. Eventually, he shouted excitedly, “I beat her!” It got dead silent. We drank quietly then went to bed. It’s never really been the same since.


#18 Where it Started

My friend’s husband told me he was hiding liquor from his wife (my friend). It was weird because they both drink and it’s not a big deal. I told my friend what he said, she confronted him and all of his lies started pouring out. He was with multiple women, lying about his income, taking CC’s out in her name, racking up tens of thousands of dollars on them, stealing from their kids’ college funds. They’re now divorced. That weird little lie he told me while tipsy is what started it all.


#19 Freshman Year

A friend of mine once told me when we were out of college about his hazing back in freshman year of high school for wrestling. That was some repressed barbaric homosexual stuff. He started tearing up, it was bad. You hear about some of this hazing stuff, but there's plenty of times you don't hear about it and it goes unreported.


#20 I’m No Snitch

A friend of mine once told me that they witnessed a mugging outside of a bar. The guy was also attacked. My friend did nothing but watch the person on the sidewalk. I asked them why they didn’t call the authorities and the excuse was that they knew what happened and didn’t want to snitch on anyone responsible.


#21 Young Girls

My ex told me the only reason I was still alive was that he was stopping all his "colleagues" from taking it too far. I was 10, he was 17 (I met him when I was nine and was completely unaware that it was strange or dangerous. I didn't even know what I was agreeing to when he asked me out. Needless to say, that guy was a creep.) Anyway, his "colleagues" were his uncle's friends. I imagine that what he said was true because they were abhorrent people who did abhorrent things to me and many other young girls.


#22 Solving the Case

I overheard a confession. I was at a resort in New England with my family and went onto the balcony. I could hear people talking somewhere above and to my right. They were very tipsy. The man said he was going crazy with guilt. He shot someone over a deal and he drove by the memorial all the time. I couldn’t tell which unit the people were in. The man had no discernible accent. He never mentioned a city name or anything. I really wish I could have helped solve a case.


#23 At the Christmas Party

My boss, (who I didn't exactly love) told me that she had two female parts when she was tipsy at the Christmas party. She swore me to secrecy, which was hard because we all hated her at work. I'm not trying to make fun of her, but I never looked at her the same again. (I did keep her secret and only told my non-work best friend).


#24 It Was So Sad

A funny old tipsy guy in my town used to come in and chat with me at the ice cream parlour I worked at. He was a very kind old man who liked to joke around and he was always very appropriate to me and the other teens who worked there. He was just lonely I guess. One day, I was asking him if he was ever married and he got tears in his eyes. He said, “I lost her, she passed away with the baby, and that’s when everything went bad.” He then left. Me and the other girl working just sobbed, it was so sad.


#25 Look for Clues

A guy in a pub told me through tears that two guys took him and bound to a warehouse in the middle of nowhere. They attacked him and kept him captive for days. He got free while they were sleeping, hurt them both and left them there. Whether he was actually telling the truth or not I will never know. He seemed deeply traumatized by the experience. It was in the days when I didn't have internet access, so I wasn't able to look for clues about it.


#26 Cotton Lining

My grandfather grew up in the sticks of Texas. One time, he casually brought up that I shouldn't ever wear pants with cotton lining them. Apparently, his best friend burned alive in front of him because his pants caught fire and they couldn't get it out or the pants off in time. He never mentioned anything about it before or after.


#27 Not My Place

My best friend’s mother told me that her father is actually a black man who left her during pregnancy, not the white man that raised her. She’s very light-skinned but you can tell she’s mixed. Her parents just tell them she’s darker because they’re Native American, and she looks just white enough that it’s a viable excuse. She has no idea. But I do and I don’t feel it’s my place to tell her.


#28 Breaking the Lease

My roommate confessed that he took my identity, opened up credit cards in my name, and has been dating a guy but isn't gay because the guy is really a girl (this was way before trans was remotely accepted or thought of). That was a fun night. I moved out the next morning. I lost a lot of money on that fiasco and ended up being sent to collections because he paid his rent from my bank account. When I recovered it, they came after me instead of him. I had to also pay $1100 to break the lease.


#29 Biggest Disappointment

My mom told me everything about her childhood and teenage years, which was pretty horrific. Her dad was horrible and her mother enabled it. My dad told me how he wished I was never born and he wished he'd never had me. He added that I was his biggest disappointment and he wished that my brother was alive to take my place.


#30 Do Not Tell People

At a work Christmas party, it was an open bar. This new guy found out we were going to Vancouver on a work trip, which is where we did our new hire training when he started. He proceeded to tell us about all the " happy ending" massage parlors that are there, where they are, and what to ask for. This guy is married with two kids, telling us about all the times he went. I didn’t really know this guy at all. All I could think was if this is what he’s comfortable telling me, what is in his " do not tell people" list?


#31 Never Speak of It

My friend is in the military. We were out partying and had been moving bars every couple of drinks. When we got to one (that was the last of the night) he went white in the face when he looked behind me. He then proceeded to tell me the bar man looked like somebody he recently attacked. I ended up consoling him on the street before we got a taxi back to mine. In the morning, he made me promise I would never speak of it again.


#32 A Lot to Take In

One day, my dad went to a bar by himself, got tipsy, and tried to ride his motorcycle home. He crashed it into our neighbors mailbox, messing up both the bike and his knee. As I was treating his wound, he confessed about how he had been sleeping with a co-worker over the last few months. Apparently, he was drinking out of depression because the co-worker quit her job and ghosted him after she got him to spend thousands on buying her expensive gifts. He then cried his eyes out and that was my first time ever seeing him shed a single tear. I was only like 16 at the time and it was a lot to take in.


#33 Grappling With That

A guy I knew admitted to being the passenger of a vehicle that hit a girl he went to high school with at like 50km over the speed limit. It was midnight, she was out cold but still breathing, and they fled the scene because the driver had been tipsy. He said that she survived but no one ever found out who was in the car. He seemed to really be grappling with that.


#34 His Aspiration

My friend's boyfriend at the time got super out of it one time. He then started telling me about how his aspiration in life was to become such a good hacker that he could set off all the nukes and end the world. This dude was unemployed for about three years and spent his unemployment on different vape flavors.


#35 Five Minutes Later

I met my wife’s co-worker at her Christmas party. Everyone was drinking. Five minutes into meeting him, he told me he was a lonely virgin whose virginity was eating him up inside. He went to Vegas alone to maybe get a lady of the night and just live. But he was too nervous to get a woman. He ended up buying a substance and stayed alone in his hotel room for the weekend, crying the whole time.


#36 Don’t Mention It

My father was helping our very inebriated neighbor into the house after a night out. In between hurling into the bushes, our neighbor (a happily married man with two daughters) looked up with a stained grin and said to my father, "I love you, man." He then sloppy kissed him on the lips. Yeah, my father didn't mention that one to him the next day.


#37 An Angry Conversation

When my mom was angry and tipsy once, she told me I reminded her of my father. This hurt a lot because my dad attacked her and I’m a product of that. I was only 12 and took more of my medication than I should have. She never apologized and kept calling me a liar and a spoiled brat. I then moved in with my grandmother. It's better now and my mom is trying to make things better. I forgave her because I know she went through a lot during her life. She had me when she was only 15 and never got a chance to learn some things she needed to know.


#38 New Boyfriend

My ex-roommate came home tipsy one time and started complaining to me that she couldn't bring her boyfriend over because of the nosy landlord who lived downstairs. I asked her why they didn't just go to his place, and without hesitating she told me, "He's married." She went on to elaborate that he was this old, fat guy who worked at the same hospital as her and that they would hook up in empty hospital rooms. She was 25 and had gotten divorced from a guy she had been with since high school a while before that. I don't think she would've gotten involved with him if she hadn't been depressed over the divorce.


#39 An Accident

My mom told me that I was an accident (they already had my brother and sister and were happy with that until I came along). She made it clear I wasn't a mistake, though. Years later, she was tipsy and I brought it up. She basically said I wasn't an accident and she planned me. Apparently, my dad didn't want any more kids, so she just stopped taking birth control and led my dad to believe that I was an accident.


#40 Horrible Six Months

When she was black-out tipsy, my then-best friend told me she betrayed her absent husband right after she told him they needed to separate. She slept with a guy she’d only met once. That along with her other nonsense was a tipping point in our friendship. She also foisted her kid off on me while she left to go sleep with random guys, in the middle of the night, without telling me. She blamed all of her shortcomings on me and constantly gaslighted me. It was a horrible six months. All of that combined with her getting back with her husband and just trying to use me ultimately ended our friendship.


#41 Disturbing Revelation 

My mother got incredibly inebriated one night when I was 15 and started talking about wanting to end her life. I basically had to talk her out of doing anything while desperately calling my dad, who wasn't picking up. Ever since then, I have a fear that when she storms off in an argument I won’t see her come out of her bedroom.


#42 How Things Might’ve Been

I was out with my friends a week before my wedding. I ran into an ex who got me alone and told me it should be her I was marrying and not my now-wife. She was a great girl but we were never in the same place in our lives. Man, seeing her that night tore me up, but when she took her life many years later. I’m not vain enough to think it was about me, but I always wonder how things might have been.


#43 Give Me Your Phone

A guy I was splitting a cab with was texting someone, his crush, and he kept saying how in love he was. He also mentioned how he didn't want to mess it up. So, I tried to take his phone and said I'd hold onto it for him while we're in the cab. He gave it to me and passed out. I then saw who the dude was texting and got confused for a moment.

I realized he was gay. I just kind of accidentally found out because he was so hammered that he didn't realize what he'd done. So I kept the phone and gave it back to him when we got the place. I never mentioned it again and I don't even think he knows I know. He's still straight, at least publicly for six years after that happened.


#44 Overly Flirtatious

I was out with a bunch of friends. I had a good friend of my now-husband pull me close and tell me I made him wish he didn't have a girlfriend. Even though it made me really uncomfortable, I brushed it off as a dumb tipsy confession because it would have started a lot of drama in the friend group. Years later, he and that same girlfriend got married with kids. I keep my distance whenever we encounter each other because I still find him overly flirtatious with me.


#45 Don’t Want to Know

I’m a twin. I was born after my sister (I’m male, we’re fraternal). I heard my uncle say once while everyone thought I was asleep that I obviously wasn’t wanted. He also said that he pities my parents for having to carry around extra weight. I ran up to my room. I don’t know if there was a conversation about this, but I don’t want to know.


#46 A Happy Ending

I (17M at the time) was the one who was tipsy. My parents were out of the country for a week, so I made myself a distilling station with two pots and duck tape. I made myself some alcohol and texted my best friend (16F at the time). I confessed my love to her and asked her to sleep with me that night. In a normal situation, it would have been a creepy message to get from someone. When I sobered up, I would’ve been terrified. But she said yes and on the 23rd we’ll celebrate our anniversary. So, a happy ending at least.


#47 Never Angry

I was talking to my ex since we’re still close. All of a sudden, she broke down crying and started saying, “I’m so, so sorry. I never wanted to hurt you. I’m so sorry, oh my God.” I told her that it was best she realized she didn’t love me early on instead of years down the line. I also told her that it hurt but I was never angry at her.


#48 That Shook Me

I studied chemistry in university and one dude kept drinking too much at the parties, which resulted in him often hurling all over the place. I began to mock him a bit because it was really disgusting. At one point, he confessed that he had thought about pouring acid in my drink because I was mean to him. We were chemistry students so he had access to some strong stuff. That shook me a bit.


#49 Four Women

My brother drunkenly confessed to me (at my older brother’s wedding) that he had gotten four separate girls pregnant at the same time and was freaking out. His girlfriend was one of them. The other three were waitresses at his work. I have a niece now! Just one, the girlfriend’s. They’re also not together anymore.


#50 Internet Best Friend

When I was 13, I had this internet penpal who I was super close with. I texted her every day and she was my internet best friend. She once took a bottle of wine from her parents, drank some of it and started texting that she was in love with me. That was how I learned that she was a lesbian and I was not. I freaked out and ghosted her soon after. To be honest, 11 years later, I still feel guilty about it.




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