November 27, 2019 | Jess Silverberg

People Share Exactly What Ticks Them Off

Honestly, people suck. As much as we try to hold on to our faith in humanity, there are just some people who ruin it for everybody else. It shouldn't be so hard to be a decent person... In fact, it's actually pretty simple—just don't tailgate others, don't cuss at workers who are trying to serve you, don't bully your classmates, don't litter or abuse animals, don't make a situation worse by being standoffish—just be kind to each other! People who hate people took to the internet to share what exactly ticks them off. Do you agree with what they had to say? Keep reading to find out for yourself:


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#1 Serving The Worst

Working in customer service. If you have never worked in customer service before I can assure you it's worse than you think. There definitely are a lot of harder jobs out there, but I swear I lose my sanity working customer service. People treat you like you're the scum of the earth, try and claim you should break company policy or do something illegal for them, and then scream: “I work customer service, so I know how things should be!”


#2 The Customer Isn't Always Right

That is what ruined my faith in humanity. Everyone wants it free and now or "I'll get you fired." You stick to the rules and customer complains to higher-ups and they give them what they want anyway. You try to work with the customers and high ups get on your case for not doing it right. The customer isn't always right, but they usually win.


#3 Pesky Litterbugs

People who litter. Especially when there is a bin literally a meter away. I love throwing trash at a can, but part of the thrill of making it in is knowing that I won't then have to go pick it up if I miss. If you just leave it on the ground, there are no stakes for your shot! You don't win the NBA Championship by giving up on your rebounds.


#4 Imposter Without Morals

My dog ran away five days ago and I've been posting on every website trying to find him. Someone posted him as "FOUND" yesterday and SOMEONE ELSE CLAIMED HIM. I had to contact the police to help me finally get him back after five hours of headache because the person that found him blocked me and they were only trying to cooperate after the Facebook group that originally thought he was returned to his rightful owner put them on blast for stealing my dog. People freaking suck man.



#5 Selfish Higher-Ups

Managers firing competent workers to secure their own position. I work as a programmer and this one guy in his 50s has been around for 20+ years. He's a complete idiot. And by that I mean, he doesn't try, he gives up fast and easy, he comes over to ask you a question and looks down at you condescendingly as you try to help him. He doesn't know the most basic things. The one time we tried to get him to do something, he broke everything. He complains all the time. And he's been employed for so long! It's insane.


#6 Gatorade Bottles And Doggie Bags

Plastic litter on nature trails is really messed up to me. Like, how does one enjoy a nature trail and at the same time think it's okay if we all toss Gatorade bottles there? And why the heck do dog owners take the time to pick up their dog's #2, put it in a bag and then leave the doggie bag along the trail for everyone else to see for all eternity? I'd rather the doggie bag because at least it goes away eventually. But still, what the heck is wrong with people?


#7 High School Drama Never Ends

Workplace politics. Period. High school drama never ends. It just puts on business casual and starts drinking coffee. I'm never sure if I work at a place where the drama is at a minimum, or if I'm just not in the know. I do feel, though, that the less involved you are, the more likely people are going to look at you as either an impartial sponge for their rant or someone to preemptively convert to their side.


#8 The Great Flip Flop Incident

When a coworker decides to "correct" me by sending a passive-aggressive email while copying the boss and the whole group instead of just saying something to me privately and in person. I used to work for one of the big health insurance companies in the marketing department. They were so guilty of this. We had one woman who wore flip flops to the office. About 100 emails went out that summer about flip flops being prohibited even though she was the only one wearing them.

After putting everyone through flip flop shaming for months, my boss finally told me they had confronted her and she had written permission because she had had foot surgery that had left her unable to wear conventional shoes. How much time & money was wasted on the "Great Flip Flop Incident?" The woman wearing them ignored the memos because she had permission.


#9 Family Matters

After working as a critical care nurse for years now, you’d think it would be the countless IV abusers or drinking addicts that I treat in the MICU... but no—I have to look after their families just as much. I get that most of the time, people are nervous about their loved ones. They don’t want to lose their parents, etc. But I see this situation happen over and over... When it’s time, people can’t just let go.

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#10 A Necessary Push And Shove

It might seem trivial, but it freaking drives me nuts when people get off an escalator and just stop, deciding where they want to go next... It's like, I can't stop this thing, so you need to keep moving. Also, people who stand in doorways. This happened to me at the airport a few weeks ago. A guy gets to the top of the escalator with his huge piece of luggage, stops instantly, and pulls out his phone to look at something. Meanwhile, about six other people, including myself, with our luggage are right behind him. Of course, he still had the audacity to get upset when I push past him and let him know he needs to move. I don't get it.



#11 Just Be Nice

People being rude to servers and hosts at a restaurant. My mom used to tell me, "Don't mess with the person who cooks your food," when I was being mischievous or difficult as a kid. I think of it all the time in regards to the coffee shop or restaurant courtesy now. When I worked at Starbucks, my coworkers and I would give decaf coffee to people who were being jerks.


#12 Meaningless Actions

Lately, there have been quite a few instances of someone or potentially multiple people putting poisoned meat out near dog parks. There is absolutely no valid reason to do that and I hope they catch the jerks. My colleague's dog lost its life because of this. She was devastated. They call themselves dog-hunters for some reason.


#13 Take Responsibility

People who say, "Oh, it's their job to clean up after me," or "I'm making sure that they're still employed," as an excuse for not cleaning up after themselves in public. Like NO. You don't leave a soda spilled everywhere and then not even attempt to clean it up. You don't leave rolls and rolls of toilet paper all over the floor in the bathroom. You don't leave bags of popcorn and drinks all over a theater floor and seats. Take responsibility. Clean. Up. Your. Mess.


#14 Backstabbers

People that find the utmost joy in saying nasty things behind other people's backs. That, or people who plot on other people's demise; you know, like sit there and watch them make a mistake only to use it against them for their own personal gain when they could have just helped them in the first place. Why is it so hard for some people to be decent?


#15 The Worst Kind Of People

People who mistreat animals. I just can't fathom the mindset that enables someone to hurt truly innocent creatures. Especially the people that go to a pet store and buy an animal without even getting the bare minimum for supplies or housing.

"No, your goldfish will not survive more than a year in a bowl, it will implode due to growth restraints."

"Well, I don't want it to live more than a year anyways. I'll take three fish!"


#16 Cart Culprits

People who don’t return their grocery cart. Like, who do you think you are? I mean, if I HAVE to deposit a quarter or have no cart, you can bet I'm going to be talking that quarter out or there's a chance I might not have one to deposit in my cart next time. Obviously, it's not a cost thing, but quarters aren't exactly common to come by nowadays when 99% of transactions are electronic or digital. It's a lot more extra work to get some quarters for cart deposits than it is to re-rack the cart.



#17 Porch Pirates

Porch pirates. People thinking, "Hey, I know that's not mine but I want it, so I'm taking it" makes my blood boil. We had that happen in our neighborhood ONCE. Now, I'm surrounded by three very, very nosy neighbors. Any strangers in the cul de sac and three sets of blinds get split by suspicious figures. I could have the Hope Diamond delivered by Amazon to my doorstep and I wouldn't worry about it.


#18 Twisting The Truth

When people twist the truth and accuse you of things you didn't do and people side with them. Oh boy. I went through a divorce. I could prove every lie she told wasn’t true, and people still sided with my ex-wife about the terrible things she accused me of. You just have to accept people will believe whatever they want or hear first and accept it as gospel.


#19 Unqualified Drivers

Driving. Every single day. Basic concepts like merging, passing lanes, using blinkers, etc. always seem to elude the backwoods jerks in the redneck-infested state that I live in. It's really not hard to pay attention to what you're doing on the road. Some people are absolutely freaking brain dead though. I find it a minor miracle that most of us get where we are going every day.


#20 Cancel Culture

People who actively try to ruin your life and livelihood because you made a mistake or simply did something they disagreed with. People don't believe anyone can change or learn from their mistakes anymore. The worst is when they pull up some random tweets from 10 years ago to ruin their current career or completely twist the meaning of things the person said. People change, times change.


#21 Warning: Patience Required

People who can't take "no" for an answer and will push you to agree or accept what they say. People who can't accept criticism when they mess up and affect other people's lives. People who can't have a discussion where they are being told a fact because "back in the day..." or authority arguments should always win. It teaches you some hardcore patience when you have to deal with people like these on the daily.


#22 Social Media "Influencer"

YouTube, Instagram, and social media "influencers" who make a living by being an obnoxious piece of heck, with thousands (sometimes millions) of mindless drones rooting them on, buying their merch, giving them advertising power, and imitating them. To clarify, I'm not talking about all "influencers," I'm specifically talking about ones who harass, annoy, distress people (usually completely random bystanders), cause drama, and have a mindless legion of followers who support it all the way.



#23 Bullying Needs To End

One of my friends is being bullied to the point of wanting to end it all because he is against underage drinking. No one should be bullied for standing up for what they believe in (within reason, obviously, and that certainly applies here). I hope they get help and that the bullying has stopped. People can just be so cruel.


#24 Disturbing The Peace

Facetiming. In public. Man, screw those people. My issue is more with people who do it over the speaker or in crowded places, like while walking on the sidewalk or on the bus where you're actively bothering other people. If you want to Facetime and talk through your headphones at a normal volume in a park or something, or Facetime your parents from the grocery store to make sure this is the thing they need, I don't mind much.


#25 I'm Right, You're Wrong

So a guy was tailgating me. Seriously. Not like he was kind of close. I mean if I tapped the brakes even just a little bit, we'd both be done kind of close. I was already going over the speed limit too. So when he finally went to pass me, I flicked him off. I turned to do it, BUT HE WAS ALREADY FLICKING ME OFF, totally taking the steam out of MY middle finger. He was the one driving like a jerk!


#26 Conditional Cheating

Cheating in some forms. Whether that's getting in bed with a person other than your partner or driving in the emergency lane to cut ahead of traffic. It doesn't matter. They both get me flustered. Weirdly, I don't consider cheating in exams or in sports to be that bad. Though, that depends on the manner of cheating. Is that fair?


#27 Exploiting The Defenseless

People who abuse the elderly, disabled, children, animals or anything that cannot defend itself push me over the edge. I can’t comprehend why anyone would do that. I work in the financial industry, and I can’t tell you how often we see elder abuse through relatives of the older customer, usually through draining them of their funds. It’s devastating to see, especially when the customer is either mentally ill or just not all there because of their age. People who abuse the elderly can burn.


#28 Opinions Are Not Always Facts

Anyone who parades their opinion around as if it is solidly factual.

No, your emotional reaction does not equal fact.

No, your deeply held “gut” feeling is not a fact.

No, getting belligerent and offended doesn’t make it a fact.


#29 A Bad Mentality

How some people have the “screw you as long as I get mine” mentality to a degree where they do it with pettiness attached. The people who want to fight you when they cut in line at the grocery store; the people who cross the street without giving a heck about traffic; the people who buy hyped products just to resell; the people who rush to the front of the line at a catered lunch and then take extra portions to take home for later.

There are enough people screwing most of us on a SUPER large scale—now I have to deal with you taking all the Halloween candy out of the “take one” bucket just because you feel like you are more important than everyone?


#30 Burning Up

People who leave their dogs or babies in a hot car! A few weeks ago, I sat down with a new hire to go over her benefits. A few minutes into the conversation, she proceeded to tell me that she left her sister’s dog in her car, “but parked in the shade.” On a 90-degree day. I grabbed my laptop and hurried outside at our shaded break tables. I gently read her the riot act about never, ever leaving a living thing in a car—ever. I work in a hospital. This new hire is studying to be a nurse. People are stupid.


#31 It's A Fire Lane For A Reason

People that believe it is perfectly okay to park in a fire lane with their hazards on because their spouse is just running into the store quick. If it is that quick, you wouldn't still be there when I get out. Looking at you, people at Walmart.


#32 Internet Hate

Those online hate bandwagons. People can really do some damage when they get told what to be angry at.  I’ve seen people get outraged by the same stuff, over and over. They eventually forget they were outraged, then see the same story after a year and get outraged again. It’s like watching goldfish grow ulcers. Just look at this whole ProJared situation.


#33 Inconsiderate Guests

I'm a housekeeper in a historic B&B that attracts a specific... clientele with a lot of money. Messiest people I've met. They will leave rubbish everywhere, leave personal "artifacts," and just straight-up treat their hotel rooms like a zoo. Don't get me wrong—they're on their holiday, they deserve to have fun. But the complete disregard for the people who have to clean up after them will always make me say, "Man, I freaking hate people."


#34 The Kitchen Is Closed

When someone orders a main meal as soon as the cafe or restaurant is about to close. I work as a dishwasher in a cafe and the fact that I have to put the close routine on hold for you to wolf down a beef lasagne makes me physically ill. Next time, just freaking order take-away.


#35 Heads In Their Screens

People who would rather stay on their phones 24/7 than pay attention to the world around them. Your kids are crying for your attention, you almost ran a red light, and the dinner is burning, get off of Instagram. Don't get me started with people who decide they need to film or record every single minute of every special event. Like, please enjoy the concert, don't record.

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#36 Karens And Kyles

People who are not self-aware of the noise they produce. No one wants to hear you complain about Becky over speakerphone Karen. Also, stop blasting your car stereo at 3 a.m. Kyle, some of us have work early and don’t live off mom, dad, and food stamps. Dang kids, get off my lawn.


#37 A Real Threat To Society

I work in an ER. Antivaxxer parents drive everyone up a wall. One mother came in and her six-month-old had MEASLES. We said as much and her response was, "That's good, she won't be getting it again!" YEAH OKAY, IF SHE LIVES! Oh, and did I mention she had EIGHT OTHER KIDS, one of whom was upstairs for pneumonia, exposing all the OTHER IMMUNOCOMPROMISED CHILDREN because she was too stupid to understand that she was putting other people's lives in danger. Ugh.


#38 Ignoring The Science

Anti-science groups like flat-earthers, anti-vaxxers, and global warming deniers. Not having the ability to re-evaluate your own views really brings out the worst in people.

photo-1507413245164-6160d8298b31 (1)

#39 Extreme Extremism

I hate extremism in people. Their extreme becomes their entire being. Every aspect of their life becomes tainted by their chosen extremism. From health to gaming. From Christianity to Islam. From left-wing to right-wing. Nothing good comes from extremism.


#40 Unwanted Commentary

People who talk in movie theaters like they’re in their own house. No one here is paying to listen to your dumb, unfunny commentary for two hours. A guy sitting right next to me called me a jerk and told me to screw off when I asked him if he could please keep his comments to himself. This happens at concerts too. You spend hundreds to hear two girls behind you talk about boys or who is on IG.


#41 Sports Over Books?

Adults who take youth sports way too seriously. My cousin is super smart. She had the opportunity to be accepted into an honor's program and get a scholarship, possibly a full ride. Her softball team had a tournament game the same day as honor's day and her mother made her go to the game because "the team needed her." Now, she's up to her eyeballs in debt and they lost the freaking game anyway.


#42 Leave A Tip, Make A Day

When people trash hotel rooms! I work as a housekeeper, and it is the worst thing ever! Walking into a room that’s totally trashed, you know you’re going to be there for an hour when you’re supposed to only be in there for 35 minutes max. Please, be kind to housekeepers. Take out your trash, put dirty towels all in one place, and for god sake, leave us a tip! Even if it’s a dollar, it makes our day and really helps us!


#43 Not Making Adjustments

People who don't adjust their driving habits to the weather conditions. I've lived in Wisconsin my whole life, and the first snow ALWAYS puts an insane number of people in the ditch. It was raining awfully hard yesterday, we're in a 60 mph construction zone and people are flying by without headlights on. Idiots.


#44 Help Yourselves!

People who REFUSE to help themselves. I get people screaming at me that they can't do their work because the computer we gave them doesn't work. Yet, every time, it's something stupid. Like, it's very obviously unplugged or they didn't try pushing the power button. Like... You don't need to be a power user to use your freaking eyes and see that the power cord is unplugged. Take even a slight amount of initiative for yourself.


#45 Defacing The Beauty

Graffiti on historic monuments or buildings. Same with natural features, like graffiti in national parks. It's not good for the environment and it's just disrespectful. I'm pretty sure writing on historic structures or natural features is pretty frowned upon by most graffiti artists though, which is nice.



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