August 30, 2023 | Luke Miles

These Nice People Snapped

There’s only so much a person can take before they lose their cool. Even the nicest people have their limits, and these Redditors learned that in real-time. They all knew kind folks who finally put their foot down and showed others that they were not to be trifled with. The results were both mind-blowing and terrifying.

1. Asked To Do The Impossible

This woman, Mary, that I worked with was always pleasant and cheerful, always said "hello" in the lunchroom, and was generally liked. She spent 15 years working in finance for special projects, and she said she wanted to retire “in a few years”. Her boss started pressuring her to complete our annual budget report faster, but this thing was huge and comprehensive and a figurative beast. Mary told the boss it would be ready in a couple of weeks, per the usual schedule.

The boss said that it needed to be completed within one week to give to the higher-ups. Mary said it wasn’t possible. So, the boss did something that he surely came to regret. He emailed Mary, plus CC-ed a bunch of coworkers and the assistant managers. He called Mary out for having poor work ethic and making the department look bad. Mary said it wasn’t possible to do the report faster, and that she didn’t appreciate being singled out.

She put in her notice to retire by the end of the week, leaving the boss high and dry. She was the only one who could do the budget report in a timely manner—so the department was double-screwed. Good for her.


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2. No Appreciation For The Favorite Teacher

Back in fifth grade, I was super lucky to have the elementary school’s favorite teacher. Every single student loved her. However, my class was always super loud and annoying. One day, we were working on some assignment before PE, and everyone was ticking her off. She was only allowing students to go out if they finished the assignment. My slow rear end was, unfortunately, one of the last kids in the room. This one student, who was a godawful and annoying dirtbag kid, was being way over the top.

My teacher got up, put her hands over her ears, and just started screaming, “SHUT THE EFF UP! JUST SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!" And she just stomped out of the room still screaming with her hands covering her ears. All of us just sat there in horror. A couple of kids left to go to PE, and I sat there trying to finish the assignment.

Our principal came into the room a few minutes later and told the rest of us to go out to PE, but she made the dirtbag kid stay in the room with her. He was moved into the other fifth grade teacher’s room after this. My teacher was completely normal and fine after coming back. And there was nothing else that went wrong for the rest of year. She just worked her butt off and made all of us love her with her caring soul and all of that fun stuff. Still, I have to admit that moment completely scarred me.

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3. Bitter Music

We had a music teacher who had a breakdown. People took music class as a way to get out of other classes and this teacher was soft in a rough school—she couldn’t control the class. She eventually sat at her desk in one of our classes and just started sobbing uncontrollably, got up, and walked out. And we never saw her again. Our principal came up to the class five minutes later and tore us all new ones. But the teacher still never came back.

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4. Wasn’t Worth The Trouble

A long time ago, I used to do call center tech support for fairly complex issues. A really nice, quiet guy went through the same training class. He talked if you talked to him, but never went out of his way to chat. Right after training, the call center changed a ton of stuff—we started getting squeezed on the amount of time to do documentation, how much research time we had, and just metrics in general.

It was utter nonsense, because the favorites got to go on smoke breaks as often as they wanted with the managers. We’d essentially be punished for that because we had to keep the average numbers in a certain area. Nice Guy did all the right things: talked to his manager, talked to their manager, then to HR. But it only got worse from there, and he got enforced overtime.

Then, Nice Guy got a super long call—he was on it at least two hours—about a complex issue, and the customer was just straight-up mistreating him. Unfortunately, he had to take it because the managers wouldn’t give permission for him to hang up, and they were basically screaming at him to resolve this issue and get to his next call. But they knew we couldn’t end calls, the customer had to.

One day, Nice Guy just stood up and stepped onto his chair, then onto his desk. He threw his headset on the desk and sort of quietly growled something like, "Screw this". He looked around, staring people in the face, especially the people who took those long breaks and the managers.

Then he walked out and no one ever saw him again. Everyone was super quiet and afraid to move or say much of anything, but it was a great exit.

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5. That Wasn’t Something To Joke About

When we started the 10th grade, my best friend had lost his mom in a brutal way a few months prior. Somehow, he had pulled himself together just enough to start going back to school. I don’t know how he handled it, being an only child and growing up without a father. His mom was all he had. A kid who thought he was popular—despite getting on everyone’s nerves—wisecracked to my friend’s face about his mom’s passing. What he said, I’m not exactly sure, but my friend snapped.

My friend threw him on the ground and punched him in the face multiple times. The end result was a broken nose, a broken left orbital, and my friend got kicked out of school. We were very grateful he taught that kid a lesson, but sad it had to come at such a high cost.

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6. Put In His Place

She was an assistant manager and was known for being soft spoken. At a managers' meeting, one of the general managers—who was known for being a total jerk to everyone—was going off about how every store should be run. Well, the assistant manager snapped: “You have the highest turnover rate out of any store in the district! You can’t keep employees for more than six months before they just quit, all saying you were the problem. Maybe you should take that ‘advice’ you’re giving us and use it on yourself".

She put in her two weeks not even three days later. The manager she yelled at was transferred to a different location outside that district. The store he managed has since bounced back and has been doing very well.

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7. A Star Player

An acquaintance of mine, “Darrel”, was always a quiet kid who didn't bother anybody. He was also 6’5” and 250 lbs, played football, and was generally respected and liked. One day in Spanish class, the class clown was making his usual rounds talking trash until he got to this one girl, “Nelly". He never really made fun of girls, so everyone around him was telling him to back off, but he kept going and finally got to the birthmark on her neck that was very large and dark red. He told her that it “dropped her a few numbers down".

At that point, just about everyone and their grandma in the class was standing up, about to rush him. But then Darrel got up, waltzed over to the class clown, and picked him up BY HIS HAIR. He said, and I quote, “If you don’t shut the eff up right now, I am going to put you through that effing wall”. He pointed to the nearest wall

Darrel dropped the clown and walked away. A few seconds later, with his band of merry men behind him, the clown tried to jump Darrel in the middle of the class. Darrel then proceeded to elbow him across the room, run over, pick him up by the shoulder, and put his hand through the drywall right next to the clown’s head. At this point, security was called and both Darrel and the clown were arrested. Luckily, they both got off with minor fines for damages. Every day, the spackle patch where the hole used to be humbles me.

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8. Anger and Adrenaline

One of my middle school friends, whom we’ll call Bob, was about a half-foot shorter than everyone else. Everyone was around five feet. He was an interesting interesting dude—loved learning, played video games, was great to hang out with. But he looked scrawny. It didn’t look like he could hurt a fly, if I’m being honest. But that's why we were all stunned by what he did during one gym class. For some context to the story, our gym teacher was a loser. Gave nicknames—some good, some bad—to everyone. He was always sarcastic. Always berating everyone, and speaking down to us instead of encouraging.

One day, the gym teacher said something about Bob’s mom. Now, Bob’s mom had fibromyalgia and some other conditions that made her her weak and unhealthy, not by choice. And something in Bob snapped. Bob completely took down this six-foot monster gym teacher. The gym teacher looked like he stood no chance. Luckily, before things could get any worse, they were quickly pulled apart. Bob got expelled and had to move schools, while the gym teacher was fired for fighting a student and being an overall jerk.

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9. Immediate Regret

This happened at my older brother’s wedding. He’s a very nice guy, almost too nice. He had a horrible girlfriend. He adored her, though. She told him that he wasn’t good enough and that she would break up with him unless he bought her this super fancy ring and married her. So, he did. The wedding was very stressful, and she was extra nasty. After they cut the cake, she got herself a huge slice and left him with none, telling him he should go on a diet. For context, he was underweight and was working his way up to average size. That must have been the last straw, because he totally snapped.

He threw a handful of cake at her pretty dress and hair, then told her to expect divorce papers to sign. He proceeded to scream, cry, and rant about how horrible she was and how she made him suicidal. I'm happy to say he’s better now. They split up and live in different continents.

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10. Epic Wedding

I know someone who snapped at her own wedding. She’s the daughter of a friend of an acquaintance’s mother. So, the bride has a very close friend who is poor. For the wedding gift, people usually send envelopes with money, but the friend couldn’t afford that, so she gave the bride a nice art piece instead. It wasn’t worth much, but was surely filled with love. The bride was happy with it, but her husband was a snob. He laughed at the gift and talked bad about the friend being dirt-poor in front of both their parents.

The bride snapped. She stood up, went out to the guest-filled party venue, grabbed the mic, announced the divorce, and left. It was the most epic wedding I know of.

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11. Breakfast Off The Floor

When I was in high school, my group of, like, six friends were sitting at a round table in the cafeteria for breakfast. A table over, some girls had been tossing small chunks of their food in our direction. My one friend, M, wore her hair in an unusual, spiked up style and I guess the girls at the table were trying to land food in her hair while cackling to themselves.

Cue the rage from my quiet, sweet, introverted friend, K. She got so angry I swear steam was coming out of her ears. One of the girls had thrown a decent-sized piece of her egg patty at us and it landed on the floor near K’s foot. K proceeded to step on the egg patty, pick it up off the ground, walk over to the table of mean girls, and shove the egg DIRECTLY INTO THE MOUTH OF THE ONE WHO HAD THROWN IT!

This was such an amazing moment in my high school memory. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing as K was the last person I would’ve expected to do that. Of course, she did get in trouble, but she didn’t regret it one bit.

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12. There Could Have Been Justice

A lady where I used to work was subjected to constant harassment by a much older coworker, "Tom", and the company failed to do anything about it. He was showing up at her house, which eventually forced her to move. After she moved into the new house, he bought the house next door. So, one day, she arrived at work with a baseball bat and stopped at reception to ask if Tom was in. When they asked why, she calmly told them she was there to end his life.

She walked upstairs to his office, but he'd run away down the fire escape because reception called ahead. So, instead of smashing him up, the lady demolished his office until the authorities arrived. She was not charged. The company and police knew she had announced her intentions to reception as a cry for help, so she didn’t actually find him, because it was clear that if she had found him, she would have ended him. She took some sick leave and eventually returned to work. But you know the saddest part of all this? The company put her on a project with this guy as her manager because forget protecting victimized women, right?

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13. Bible Thumper

I have a friend, W. Super sweet, kind of small, and she’s pretty soft-spoken. She never really curses, and even when something slips out, it's nothing super vulgar. For context, she’s Christian and I’m LGBT+. That's never been an issue in our 10 years of being friends. One day, her now ex-boyfriend was being a jerk about the Bible and how he interprets it. He claimed his way was fact, that “it’s right there in black and white". Oh, and he also told her not to let me tell her anything about being LGBT since that "lifestyle is wrong, it’s in the Bible".

I was watching this interaction go down, and I took his punches on the chin. Even though I was rather angry and am usually somewhat confrontational, I was willing to keep the peace for W’s sake. W hates being told she’s wrong, but she was willing to let that go too. But the second he insulted me, I knew it was over for him. I saw my friend get an intimidating look in her eye. She looked him square in the face and said, “Say what you want about my opinions. Everyone has different ones".

She stood up, now taller than his still-sitting self and said, “But insult my friends, and that’s it. We’re done, mothereffer!". I was so proud of my baby that day!

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14. Forbidden Video Games

I'll never forget the day our school librarian lost it. She never yelled, was always respectful and always calm. She was very easy to be around, even if you were a very introverted student. Anyways, there was this kid who was playing video games in the school library, which was heavily forbidden. Even when she kept telling him to turn off the computer, he didn’t give a darn about anything. That’s when she started getting angry and full-blown confronted him out of nowhere. She even said, “You’ve never seen me angry? Well, guess what? Now I’m angry! Angry because of you! Get out of here!"

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15. The Price Of Ignoring People

One of my best friends and I had noticed that the rest of our friends seemingly ignored her. It was like the just had her around because I was her friend. We were teenagers at the time and I didn’t want to lose all my friends, so I kept quiet. I occasionally mentioned it to some of them, like, “It feels awful sometimes when Best Friend talks and no one seems to respond or listen”. Some of them would agree and say they feel bad about it yet just never knew what to say.

This went on for a few months, until my best friend just couldn't take it anymore. She was talking one day, and another friend said in response, “Oh, sorry, I wasn’t really listening”.  My best friend turned and yelled, “Well, that’s the effing problem, you never even listen to me, do ya?!" The best part was watching everyone else try to defend themselves. I had to mention the conversations we’d had where they agreed that they ignored her, and asked them why they were now lying.

They didn't like that and ended up hating me and my bestie for “showing our true colours". Things worked out in the end, though. We’re good now and have found friends who listen to my best friend and care for her like she does for them.

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16. That’s The Problem

An excellent but quiet sales guy was called in for a meeting along with some other employees. The manager went “yabba dabba doo” about increasing revenue and said, “I don’t care how you get it done, but I want it done". The quiet sales guy went, “Yeah, that’s the don’t care, and neither do we”, and walks out. Like a boss, man.

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17. Please Don’t Mess This Up

I do research at a university in Virginia under the PI, otherwise known as, the boss lady. This lab is a cardiac MRI lab and we are encouraged to ask lots of questions and make sure we actually understand what we are doing, so we do it correctly. We work on over 30 patients, so if you mess up one, you will most likely mess them all up and that could mean a month’s worth of work.

Now, back to the boss lady. What a wonderful, knowledgeable, patient, and kind woman. I never once had a bad experience with her. I did what she wanted, and she treated me well. It was all great until she hired a new person for our lab. The new girl acted like everything was good even if she had no clue what was going on. For example, even if she didn't understand how to do something correctly the first time, she'd just keep nodding her head when asked if she knows what to do. Not even a question asked.

Fast forward two months, and the research was about to be submitted to NIH and others, so this was a very important time. The new hire gave the spreadsheet data to the boss lady and all the stats were wrong. She messed up for sure, a mistake definitely happened somewhere. These stats took two months to retrieve. The look on the boss lady's face was priceless.

She looked at the new hire and back at the stats. You could tell she was trying her hardest not to be angry, but she was picking out everything that was wrong. I have never seen her behave this way and it absolutely scared the heck out of me. She was trying so hard to control her tone, but her anger was seeping through the calm façade. Well, now, I haven’t seen the new hire in a few weeks and I think I know what happened.

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18. Here’s What I’ll Do

One of my friends is the nicest person ever. She’s the kind of person who knows when you’re upset and what she can do to help. She’s super respectful and never argues with anyone. If she has opposing ideas, she’ll talk it out. One day, we were doing a one-and-half-kilometer (one-mile) run for PE. She’s really unathletic, so she finished it in around 11 minutes.

No one really cared except for this one track athlete. He started mocking my friend and laughing. She was visibly upset; she’d been having a bad day and couldn’t deal with more. “Don’t be rude, not everyone is good at everything”, was all she said as she took a step closer to him. “What are you going to do?" he said, mocking her British accent.

At this point, she was riled up because he had done this multiple times before and she’d dealt with him respectfully every single time. But he just wouldn’t listen. He got one warning: “I’ll do this". She punched him. Right in the nose. Blood started pouring out of his nose and he rushed to the nurse. my friend was suspended for a day. The principal was generous to her because he knew how much of a jerk this guy could be.

She never apologized, and that dude is now legit scared of her.

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19. Ex Versus Football Star

My ex-boyfriend was a really nice guy. We were juniors in high school and had just broken up, but we still loved each other. I had just transferred to his school as well, so he was the only person I knew. He was kind, the type to always stay back and help, even when not asked. The kid had permission to do practically whatever the heck he wanted because everyone loved him and he didn’t misuse the power. He practically taught some of the classes we were in together.

It was math class. I was sitting next to a football star who thought he was all that, and he kept touching me and harassing me even after I told him to quit it. I was obviously very uncomfortable with it. Finally, one day, he just wouldn’t stop and he started making comments about me that were unwelcome and had me feeling very uncomfortable and shy. My ex stood up abruptly.  The entire class went quiet as he looked Football Star straight in the eyes and said in a serious tone, “Don’t talk about her like that".

It doesn’t sound like much, but he had rage written on his face. If Football Star had even dared to talk back or continue harassing me, guaranteed there would’ve been a fight. My ex would’ve won as he wasn’t all that bad either, being a soccer star. The entire class was talking for weeks about how they thought my ex was legit going to destroy him. The entire room had this icy chill to it.

You could’ve heard a pin drop. My ex is a pacifist, I’ve never seen him get into a fight or even get into an argument in the 10+ years I knew him. But at that moment, he would’ve thrown away everything to teach Football Star a lesson. I was allowed to move desks to be next to my ex, thankfully, and the harassment was never a problem again.

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20. A Big Waste

My manager never swears and is never mean. Our store recently had a problem because we were losing money for months. Turns out someone left an entire U-Boat of frozen food sitting out in the back room, which has a heater in one of the aisles. My manager asked, “What is this?” So, we cut it open and he yelled, “Are you effing kidding me?!? Who the eff left this out here?!?”

Till that point, I’d never heard him swear or even sound mad. He immediately called AP and asked them to mark which camera he was on now and said he was going to check the footage later. He chilled out afterward but someone definitely got the boot the next day.

These Nice People SnappedFlickr, U.S. Department of Agriculture

21. A Lesson On Boundaries

I had a friend who was relatively quiet—and looking back, clearly had been raised to believe boundaries were made to be broken. Let’s call her T. Well, T was friends with a girl named G, and T basically let G do whatever she wanted. G wanted to straddle T in the middle of chemistry class just because? Fine. G wanted to shove herself at T and tell her horrible things, like she didn’t deserve love and she should off herself? Apparently, that was fine too.

Nobody thought to question whether or not T was uncomfortable because we were dumb teens and too self-involved. The final straw happened at lunch. We were all gathered together at a set of two tables and T was sitting at one of them. All of a sudden, G got up, walked around the table, and started completely invading T’s space. She put her hands all over T’s head, swatted at her sides and arms and neck. All the while, T was telling G to stop, but there was no sign she was planning on stopping.

Finally, T rocketed out of the table, explosive anger evident on her face. She turned around to face G, and said, “When I say stop touching me, STOP TOUCHING ME!" Everything went silent. You could hear a pin drop. After a while, things settled down again and I’m not sure what happened, but we all were shocked that such a normally quiet person could get that angry. I guess she had been pushed to her breaking point. I never saw G bothering her again.

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22. A Waste Of Time

I have a coworker who rarely shows any emotion at all, but if he does, it’s normally a smile. He’s got a very dry sense of humor and his timing is always perfect. He's one of those people who rarely says anything, but when he does, everyone listens and it’s always very important or hilarious. I’ve never seen him say anything less than neutral about anyone in over two years of working with him, save for one, single exception.

He was doing a technical phone interview and at the end of the call, he slamed the phone down so hard I thought he broke it. I heard him mutter, “What an idiotic waste of time". We were all stunned.

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23. Corporal Punishment

I was in sixth grade the year the towers fell. I had gotten a hall pass to use the bathroom and rounded the corner just in time to see Mrs. Brown smack my friend as hard as she could. He already had a horrible home life, so I walked right up to her and took his hand to get him out of there.  She started to yell at me that I needed a pass, so I held my pass up.

I said, “I am taking Blah-Blah to the office and there is nothing you can do to stop me, and by the end of this day you will not work here". Her face turned so white, it was scary. So, I marched my friend to the office. I walked right past the secretary, who got up to follow me straight into the principal’s office. She was on the phone, so I showed her the red hand print on my friend and told her to hang up the phone. She did.

I told her, “You are calling his mom first, then my mother, and then the police. If you don’t, I will". The look on her face was priceless, but the best part was standing there watching Mrs. Brown get taken out the building in cuffs by three officers. I did not give any cares. I was never afraid to tell anyone off when I thought something was wrong. Other than that, I try to be nice to everyone I meet in life.

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24. Exposing The Other Side

My girlfriend is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met, which is why I was so shocked when this happened. The day we started dating, her ex-girlfriend posted on her Instagram story about a bunch of personal information from when they were dating and stuff talking about how our relationship shouldn’t last. My girlfriend saw it and almost started crying. This was all on top of stuff her ex had done during their relationship.

When we saw the ex after first period, she mentioned how we looked stupid holding hands. That was my girlfriend’s breaking point. She brought up what her ex posted and looked like she was holding back tears when she mentioned everything her ex did during the relationship. But she held her ground and let her have it. I had never seen my girlfriend get that mad at someone and to this day, that is the only time I have seen her like that.

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25. Quiet To Loud

In middle school, I had a really nice teacher who dealt with problems well. But one day when I was in reading, I heard someone yell, “WHY DID YOU DO THAT?" It was my teacher. Mind you, my reading class was near the other side of the school, but I could still hear her clearly. We couldn’t believe it was her who yelled because she was often quiet. Apparently, what had happened was a few little menaces were annoying her and broke a pencil in front of her. I guess that was the final straw.

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26. Are You Sure About That?

I was in my English class in senior year. This person had sat next to me for three years before this incident, and was the most friendly kid at the school. Eventually, this other guy in my class, who was a total jerk, started to claim that he had “special relations” with the person’s sister, not knowing she was five, but only knowing he had one sister. The jerk never could have guessed that his joke would lead to a world of pain.

So, the person came into class the next day with a slideshow that the teacher let him present of his sister’s then-recent trip to the zoo with her class. And at the end, when the teacher asked what the slideshow had to do with English, the person quietly reminded everyone what the jerk had said about his sister. Then, stood there as the jerk, who was a little taller than him, shoved him.

The person, waiting for the jerk to return to his seat, then grabbed the back of the jerk's head and smashed it into the desk before the jerk sat down. My teacher sent the jerk to the nurse and called the nurse to tell her to send him to the ISS room when she was done with him. The person sat down and nothing happened to him because he claimed self-defense, and no one in my class disagreed.

The jerk was later expelled for substance use while the person ended up as our valedictorian.

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27. Band Rehearsal

A few days ago, in college band rehearsal, this fifth-year clarinetist very aggressively told me I set my squad wrong. I did, but he made it a very clear point to use this certain tone I really did not like, as if he was trying to assert dominance over me. I may only be a sophomore, but I turned to him and I said: “Listen, this tone you’re using? I don’t like it. I’m not stupid, everyone makes mistakes. In fact, your squad isn’t in quite the right spot either".

I continued, "I get it, you’re a fifth-year and I’m a second, but if you can’t respect me, I won’t respect you. End of story. Now go back to your spot so I can fix this". He shut up, went back, and didn’t speak another word for the remainder of the two-hour rehearsal. My girlfriend, who marches the spot next to him, told me he’s always like that....and I just responded, “Wow, what a jerk".

These Nice People SnappedFlickr, Gresham College

28. Teaching The Boyfriend A Lesson

I have several aunts and uncles. They're all great folks, super nice. One of my aunts was in a relationship with a horrible guy. Once my uncles found out the dude was hitting their sister, they went to his house, dragged him out, and threw him in the trunk of their car. Then they drove him out to the middle of nowhere and beat him silly.

They left him out there. I still don’t know what became of that guy.

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29. The Flying Nun

Middle schoolers—they can break anyone, and nice teachers and substitutes are a dime a dozen. We had a nun sub in for a class and she made the mortifying mistake of letting out some squeaky gas. For the next three years and probably thereafter, she was known as the “flying nun”, and God knows what else. She tried to crack down and be tyrannical, but she didn’t have the grit for it. Last I saw her, she ended up burying her face in her hands and leaving the class.

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30. Keep Her Name Out Of Your Mouth

This incident happened last year. This jerk—let’s call him “T”—in my college decided to drag me, a woman, into a verbal fight between his friends and my guy friends. He called me all sorts of foul names, and the fight was happening in a WhatsApp group, with around 120 students from my college reading the chats. I was in my hostel when I read the comments about me, but then the messages suddenly stopped. I didn’t know why.

Turns out my friend, N, went to the jerk, asking him to apologize and delete the messages. T was not budging, so N hit him in the face with enough force to make his face swell and cheeks red. Law enforcement got involved in the case, and N got away with some warnings. N is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. He hates to get mixed up in dramas and is very considerate of everyone. But man, even I get scared when he’s angry. I’ve seen him like this on two occasions in my four years of knowing him, including this one. He’s strong enough to mess up anyone if he wants to.

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31. Lunchbox

This kid that I have known since the first grade was a particularly nice person. I had no issue being around him, but we weren't that close. Anyway, one day at lunch, there was a group of girls sitting across from our table. The kid had his back turned to them and was eating a sandwich out of his lunchbox. The girls thought it would be funny to take his lunchbox while he went to throw away his trash.

I don’t know what the deal was with that kid and his lunchbox, but he shocked the whole school with his anger. He started screaming and threw everything in his reach at the girls’ table. It was terrifying at the time, but looking back on it now, it is hilarious.

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32. Can’t Deny It

In high school, we took a field trip to a nature center to do a science project, and I got put in the same group as the grade’s future valedictorian. We had really terrible weather that day, so the entire group ditched Valedictorian and me, so we did the whole thing alone while they huddled under the pavilion. I came back from gathering samples at the lake to see that Valedictorian was FUMING.

He was dissing the rest of our group, along with the weather and anything else he could think of, until he ran out of breath and just threw his water bottle down a hill. That was the first and last time I ever heard him swear or raise his voice. One girl in the group, who contributed literally nothing to our project, called him out on the bus since another group overheard him rant about how useless she was and told her.

My dude Valedictorian just looked at her with the most passive-aggressive glare before saying, “Are you going to deny it?" That shut her up.

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33. Double Trouble

My Geography teacher is a cool guy, but I've seen him snap two times. The first time happened last year when we were in class. Two girls in my class wouldn’t stop talking and when he asked them to pay attention, the girls didn’t. My teacher went off the rails. He threw the marker that was in his hand, stomped, and slammed the door closed. He came back in a few minutes later, calmed down, and continued the lesson. Then, a year later in February or March, he snapped again, and it was more frightening than before. My geo teacher is one of the coaches for a soccer club in my school, so usually, he has fun all the time.

But one day, our principal was talking to us about something, when my geo teacher came up and yelled at us. Just so you know, he’s the only geo teacher in our school, so everyone knew him. He’s very kind, so it was weird and scary to see him snap. He yelled at us for something that happened when he was watching kids in the soccer club. Turns out that a kid got mad at someone and almost started choking them.

The teacher stopped what was happening. Then, an hour or so after the situation, the teacher asked the kid who almost got choked how he was doing. The kid was still shaking and was scared. This made the teacher more irate, so he screamed at us that bullying was not okay and that teachers should do something about it. The principal had to go and try to calm down the geo teacher. It took about two minutes to calm him down. When the teacher was done, everyone smartened up.

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34. You Were Warned

It was my sophomore year in high school. I went to a school with a big engineering program. That year, I was in an aerospace engineering class. The teacher was, and still is, my absolute favorite teacher of all time. He was chill, funny, and would bring us cookies and other snacks for exams. Around the end of the year, we made water bottle rockets that we would pressurize and shoot off. During one of the launches, one of the students ran into the field yelling, “Imma catch it!" This was something the teacher had specifically forbade us from doing many times while walking toward the launch spot, due to the obvious danger.

Those rockets end up going hundreds of feet into the air. If one falls on you, you’re going to have a REALLY bad day. The teacher completely lost it. He chased the student off the field, cursing at him and throwing his clipboard at him. Everybody went completely silent for about ten minutes while we just sat there doing nothing and waiting for the teacher to calm down. He finally regained his composure and profusely apologized to all of us.

To be honest, I don’t blame him for losing it, though. The student was being a complete idiot and putting himself in serious danger, completely ignoring my teacher’s many explicit warnings. My teacher probably got overwhelmed by that. Thankfully, that was the only time I ever saw him so angry. He really cares for his students and I’m happy to have been his student for all the classes he taught.

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35. That’s "Kate" To You

My boy, Matt is a sweet dude. I'll never forget the day this girl, who usually caused issues within our group, was messing with him. Her name was Kate, but Matt called her "Kaitlyn". Now, Matt wouldn’t hurt a fly, but I had never seen such fury from him or even expected him to do something so wild. Because he called her Kaitlyn, she whacked him in the back of the head. Matt turned around, swatted her hand, and stomped on her bag of chips on the floor while saying, “And tell your ugly boyfriend, too, that I’ll whoop his rear end". She dated another guy in the group and so we awaited a fight. But bro completely understood and backed Matt up. Thankfully, they no longer date.

But that very day, I gained a newfound respect for Matt—I had never seen someone so chill look like he was ready to end a bloodline in about 2.5 seconds.

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36. I Miss You

My late friend was amazing! She was literally the nicest person I’ve ever met and known for the eight years she was in my life. A couple of years ago, when she was alive, her mom had a coworker over who was an obnoxious drinker. We were all outside on the porch and the lady was sharing a 24-case. My friend kept trying to interact in a nice way, but her mother’s coworker kept talking about how she should listen to her mother and not do this and yada-yada.

My friend kept trying to change the subject, but this lady WOULD NOT STOP. We were all uncomfortable because this lady was acting a bit aggressive with the things she would say to my friend. Then suddenly my friend SNAPPED! She said, “I would appreciate it if you would back the eff up out of my face! Quit telling me what the eff to do!" She grabbed one of the lady’s drinks and stormed inside.

The lady looked at my friend’s mom, who was clearly embarrassed, and the lady said, “Darn kids, Lindsey, you should teach your daughter some respect". The whole time, her mother didn’t say anything because she was just as nice as my friend, though she would never snap like that. I felt so bad. I got up and grabbed one of the lady’s drinks too without asking because I didn’t care in the moment either.

I went to my friend’s room, gave it to her, and we just laughed about how that lady’s face looked. Man, I miss you, Emily.

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37. Stalking Doesn’t Work

I had a friend that used to be so kind to everyone—so kind that, even though it would’ve been so easy, nobody walked over her. Well, that is until one day. A "nice guy" decided that because he had a crush on her, he could overstep all her boundaries. This got worse and worse, but all she did was find ways to avoid him without hurting his feelings. That is, until the stalking got too extreme.

I don’t remember what the guy said as she was walking away, but she turned around with a fire in her eyes that would scare the devil and broke his nose in one sucker punch that threw him against the wall. It took us the time she crossed the distance and punched him to react and go in to hold her back before she sent him to the hospital. Even in her rage, she wouldn’t hurt us, and was solely focused on the scum bleeding out on the floor.

We were 13 at the time and I’m still shocked at her strength, but not surprised that he got suspended and she got congratulated. For some reason, the guy never bothered her again…

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38. Art Class Drama

A guy in my art class was a quiet kid. He was pretty popular, but generally kept himself to himself. One day, we were doing some paintings and some loser “accidentally” ruined a painting the guy had been working on for a couple of weeks. This guy snapped and slammed the loser's head down HARD on the table. His head started bleeding and he had to go to the hospital. The guy wasn’t expelled, though, because this behavior was so out of his nature. He only got suspended for a week.

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39. Something Snapped

I knew this kid in my brother’s high school class who was considered one of the smartest in our whole school. He was a down-to-earth guy, friendly to everyone, but was also really shy and wouldn’t ever talk back. One time after school, we were in the school bus and a known jerk from his grade started picking on him. Halfway through the ride, something snapped. The kid rose from his seat all furious and landed the nastiest uppercut I’ve ever seen. The jerk ate the floor, but this kid didn’t stop there. He started whooping the jerk with his shoe until he started to cry. The whole bus was silent on the rest of the way home.

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40. Are You Kidding Me?

This happened with a teacher. He was our English teacher and he was super nice, and everyone liked him. He was really chill with students, very lenient. He stepped out of class to handle a fight between two students and the class went crazy. One girl stood up on the table, started dancing and shouting. Our teacher then came back in and shouted, “Are you idiots effing kidding me?!" No one reported him, though, because we all felt bad. He's still an awesome guy.

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41. A Helping Hand

During my first year teaching, I had some rough classes. One period in particular remains the worst class I’ve ever had. The boys were absolute animals. The girls were great, though. In particular, there was one girl that was super sweet and friendly. She moved here from South America halfway through the year and just had a great attitude about everything.

One day, one of the boys just wouldn’t stop interrupting me and being obnoxious, and the girl had enough. She turned around and screamed, “You are a FOOL!" and proceeded to verbally tear into him about how rude and disrespectful he was every day. He didn’t know how to react—every time he opened his mouth to respond, she’d yell at him again.

Everyone calmed down after a little while and I resumed teaching. At the end of the period, she came to me and apologized for causing a scene. I said, “Don’t you dare apologize, that was awesome. Thank you for defending me, and I’m sorry that I couldn’t handle him better myself and you had to do that. But never apologize for helping me".

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42. It’s Getting Too Loud In Here

The really nice, polite, friendly, popular guy in my high school class once snapped in music class during a video because the two guys behind him were talking. He just started yelling at them, then barged out of the room and slammed the door. The whole class was in shock and surprise, since we’d never imagined he could get mad like that.

If I recall, he later said he had auditive sensibility, but I don’t have perfect memory.

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43. At Eye Level

In middle school, my six-foot-two gentle giant friend, who is literally the nicest guy you’d ever meet, got teased about his mom by some short popular kid. With no hesitation, my friend picked him up by his shirt and slammed him against the locker at eye level and said, “Never talk about my mom like that". That’s one of my favorite memories of him.

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44. Decorum Out The Door

My dad was always nice to his family, but everyone walked all over him his entire life. He finally snapped when his sister took him to court and accused him of committing elder abuse against their mother. I was one to always use curse words when describing his family member, but when he did it, I knew he’d truly snapped.

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45. The Self-Consumed Friend

My friend did everything for what had been her childhood best friend. She dedicated her entire future to being with her and helping her stay on track. But that friend was incredibly nasty, constantly complaining about what were indeed miserable circumstances, but to a point of excess and exaggeration where she became self-consumed. She constantly complained about how unfair everyone was and how insecure she was.

One day, that nasty friend decided to cut everyone off to hang out with “more popular kids”, who were in reality just the weird incel type of gamer boys. But since she was one of those “not like other girls”, she didn’t see this. My friend, as gentle and quiet and wonderful as she is, finally snapped. When her ex-friend inevitably came crawling back, she didn’t respond, and instead joked and trash-talked her to me. It was the first time I had seen her genuinely upset and display anything besides a calm demeanor.

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46. No Gratitude

My mother is the sweetest, kindest woman I have ever met. I've never seen her even so much as raise her voice at someone who wasn’t my siblings or my father. My 16-year-old niece, whom we hadn’t really known very much growing up, got kicked out by her mother in Vermont, so my mom took her in. She had been here about a month, acting like an entitled little brat the whole time, not at all grateful for what my mom had gone through to make sure she didn’t end up in foster care.

One night, as we were getting into the car, she called my mom a series of choice words to her face. Mom told her to get out of the car, but she didn’t. That was a big mistake. My mom SNAPPED. She crawled into the car, grabbed my niece her by her hair, and DRAGGED her out. She then proceeded to give her the wallop of a lifetime, which she has CLEARLY been needing for a LONG time. Meanwhile, I just stood there watching my gentle mom drag this girl and it was the most glorious thing I’ve ever seen.

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47. Trapped At Work

Does it count if my boyfriend snapped for me? I worked an annoying job and hated it. My managers wouldn’t let me leave and made me stay after my shift for no good reason, which would’ve been fine, except I had to get a lift every night. The managers sucked. It was a customer service job, so I dealt with rude customers and often they’d yell at me—and me being me, I have bad anxiety. So, I  one had a panic attack at work, with full-on sobbing and freaking out.

My shift was due to end at nine o’clock, but my manager wouldn’t let me clock out early. He gave me nonsense about how I couldn’t let customers make me cry, even though I WAS 16 AND BEING THREATENED BY A 30-YEAR-OLD MAN. Anyway, I would always complain to my boyfriend about it, so one day, he took matters into his own hands. one day he came to pick me up, but he couldn’t wait for long. My manager decided to be a jerk and didn't let me leave.

I had to keep answering phones and stuff, so my boyfriend walked into the customer area and repeatedly picked up the phone and putting it down immediately, which sent all of our customers to voicemail. My boss was not happy. He let me go home, though. I handed in my notice not long after. I’m now at a new job with lovely people.

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48. Remember The Mission Statement

I worked at Goodwill for a while when I was younger. I was a job coach for high-functioning autistic adults. A regional manager came to our store one day to make adjustments. One of the adults I’d been job coaching had trichophagia, a hair-eating disorder. So, she had a big bald spot that she would cover with a clip-on pink hair lock. The regional manager decided to tell her that she needed to go home and dye her hair to a natural color because she was breaking the company dress code.

She started crying and I told her, “Don’t worry, I will handle this". I explained to him the situation and he had no sympathy. My store manager at the time got involved and tore him a new one. She reminded him of the mission statement, “providing job opportunities to individuals with special needs”, and that he used to chain smoke on company time, and that climbing the corporate ladder for Goodwill Industries was nothing to be proud of.

She ended it with, “Your name is Jaret. That’s not even a real name". We had time cards at the time, so we let the girl go home and clocked her out at the end of her shift.

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49. This Teddy Bear Has Claws

I did think my father had it in him but, boy, did he ever snap. My father had two sisters and one brother. Father was always looking after them despite being the youngest of them. His brothers-in-law were spoiled and overspent everything, ending in debt. My father cleared them every time, trying to preserve the good name of my grandfather. My father's brother cheated my father out of his inheritance by taking money from his wallet while he was in the hospital taking care of my grandparents—he was there all on his own.

One day, the siblings tried to kick my mother out of my grandfather’s home because she didn't share her inheritance with them. My dad, who was usually a teddy bear, went livid. He canceled all cheques for payments he'd made for them the day prior. He took away the cars he gave them, blocked them from all properties, and disowned them in the newspaper. After a couple of weeks, the three of them left town with their families, hiding from people they owed money to.

Eventually, they fled the country. The sisters are somewhere in Canada, while the brother is a taxi driver in Australia.

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