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These Jerks Made Common Courtesy Fly Out The Window

Everyone knows that kids say the darndest things, but it turns out that grown-ups aren't much better. Unfortunately, respect isn’t universal, and living in the real world shows you how people take common courtesy for granted. These true stories reveal the most disrespectful things people have experienced from strangers, so-called friends, and even family members!

1. Poor Climate Conditions

When I was 16, I was working at a Dairy Queen. It was this hot summer day, and this lady came into the store and dumped her melted Blizzard upside down on my arm and hand. In the process, the ice cream went all over the register, the wall, and the floor. Then she started yelling that her ice cream had melted.

She went on about how I needed to make her another. She was served her Blizzard in the drive-thru, and I was working at the front counter inside. I didn’t even know when she ordered it, so I asked my co-worker and she said that the lady had ordered it over 20 minutes ago. I was fuming, but it didn't matter. I still had to make a new one and give her a refund. Unreal.

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2. Call It Like I See It

It was the first day of one of my college courses, and the professor made us all introduce ourselves to the class. So then, we were telling the class our names and a bit about ourselves. When I said my name, the professor responded, "My husband wanted to name our son that, but I didn't want him to get teased."

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3. Wrong Set

I was making out with this girl sometime after midnight at a bar on New Year’s Eve. I thought things were going great, until she pulled away, looked me up and down, and said, “What am I doing? I'm wasted, and you're ugly."

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4. Depends on the Size

I’m on the shorter side and was at a bar. I was just hanging out and chatting with a heavier girl one evening, until her friend, of a similar size, grabbed her away, and said loudly, “You know the rules! We don't hook up with short guys!” I was stunned, but the perfect comeback came to me. I said, "That's OK. I don't hook up with fat girls, anyways.”

Honestly, I thought she was a fun and pretty girl, and if she hadn't started to walk away when her friend came by, I'd have had no issue. But hey, she went there first.

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5. Happy to Leave

I was dating this girl who turned out to be my first manipulative girlfriend. On the night that I confided in her that my mom had abandoned me and that I hadn't seen or heard from my mother in years, we got into a fight about something. Then my girlfriend had the nerve to tell me, "I'm glad for your momma because she doesn't have to be around you anymore."

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6. Bunk out of Here

I rented a room to a friend. I didn't know it at the time, but it was a HUGE mistake. He had been using and selling illicit substances from my house. I found out about it and wanted him to leave stat. He left, but not before getting his revenge. It turned out that while he was staying at my house, he was too lazy to go to the bathroom. Instead, he peed in bottles. When I stepped into his room after he left, I saw that he had thrown the pee everywhere as a parting gift.

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7. Swipe Unavailable

I locked my new bike outside a supermarket and went inside to get some yogurt because it was a Friday night, and that's how I de-stress after a long week. The self-checkout line was busier than I expected, but I was in and out of the store in about 10 to 15 minutes. When I got out, I could see my bike was facing the opposite way I'd left it and got a little confused. I got closer and saw someone had tried to wrench off my lock and then tried to use the whole bike as leverage.

It didn’t work, but the entire aluminum frame was a total write-off and couldn’t be fixed. By trying to steal a LOCKED bike, this jerk cost me hundreds of dollars.

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8. Orc of the Bearings

I was holding my friend’s baby at a wedding, and this kid came up to me and said, “That baby is ugly. Does that mean your wife looks like an orc?” and giggled in my face. Screw you for insulting my not-child and my imaginary orc wife!

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9. Clean Cut Levi’s

When I was about 17, I was assembling a train track for a ride at an indoor amusement park, and the owner of the company came. He decided to "help me." After he assisted me with putting some track segments together, he seemed to decide that was enough work for him. He got off the floor and promptly wiped his greasy, dusty hands on my jeans.

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10. No Bother at All

I was going into work for a meeting when a co-worker said to the hoity-toity new hire, “Hey, do you want to meet your new coworker? He’s here,” and gestured back at me standing in the hall holding a whole bunch of files. This repugnant person looked me up and down, turned their back to my co-worker, and said, “No.”

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11. Without Notice

For two years, I lived with my girlfriend. During that time, we broke up, and she moved out for two months since she couldn’t hold a job for long and looked for one in other states. When she got back, we started to restore our relationship. If I could take back anything, this would be it. But I didn't know that at the time, so we went on a few trips and visited each other’s families for Christmas.

Five days later, I came home from work, and all of her stuff was gone. She managed to move everything in eight hours. My rent and bills instantly doubled since I was paying for the whole place now. I felt like an idiot for bringing her to my family’s Christmas. They were so accepting of her, and she left mere days later.

I’ve wondered how long she planned this. I never reached out to get answers, but the whole thing nearly ruined my sobriety. It was hard for me to trust a partner after that, and I still struggle with insecurity. She left my dog, and my dog means more to me than she ever did.

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12. Find the Identity of X

I was in fifth grade, and I didn't do homework often because my teacher was mean, and I didn't want to do anything he asked me to do. But I decided to put in extra effort to finish all my overdue math homework and submit it. I finished all the worksheets one night, stapled them, and put my name on the top one.

I gave him all my completed worksheets. He looked them over, tore off the top one, then ripped the rest of them in half, and threw them away. He looked at me and said the cruelest words: "I don't know who those belonged to. They didn't have your name on them." And then he kept me inside from recess and told me to redo them all.

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13. Unknown Male Delivery

A friend invited a bunch of sleazy guys over despite me asking her not to. She let them in while I was in the shower, so I did not realize they were in my house. She then took one into my housemate’s bedroom and locked the door, which was super disrespectful to my housemate who kindly offered her room to her.

When I finished showering, one of them was in my room! And I was like dude, get out of my bedroom. He refused and said my friend said he could stay there. I was very not ok with that. I physically pushed him out of my house. The next day when she was sober, I made her leave and didn’t talk to her for three years.

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14. What the Duff

I was a teaching professional golf at a country club and had someone who I considered a close friend send an unprovoked email that outed me to the entire staff of the place I worked. Not only that, but my “friend” also took a screenshot of an online dating profile as proof and told everyone to keep their kids away from me.

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15. Getting a Kiosk out of It

Once, when I was working at a kiosk at the mall, this person sneezed into their hand and then wiped it on my back when they passed by.

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16. Bit of a Hairy Issue

One of my roommates spent ages trying to sleep with me. When he finally wore me down and caught me on a night when I’d had a few drinks, he told all the other housemates that I had “a giant 70s fro bush." Oh, but that's not the worst part. He did this when we were out at dinner together...being served by the guy that I’d just started to see.

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17. Respect the Essentials

Yesterday at my job at a supermarket, this customer immediately began to yell at me and curse at me about how he’s handicapped, then started reaming me out for not helping his wife unload their groceries. I tried explaining to him that I couldn’t touch anyone's groceries due to the current situation, but he wouldn't listen.

He just kept interrupting and insulting me. I just stayed quiet as he threatened to get his grandson to come hurt me. I don't know what's wrong with some people. I was trying to help him.

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18. Striking a Chorus

Back in the day, I was almost 300 lbs., had long hair that was always in a ponytail, and was very timid and quiet. One time, in seventh grade, a dude said his friend had a crush on me. His friend who was within earshot said full of disgust, "Heck no, I don't. Never." Other guys then started to chime in about how hideous I was.

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19. Working Relationship

My husband had a major cardiac emergency out of the blue. It was utterly terrifying. He had no real medical history, was a bit overweight, but nothing bad. In fact, he'd recently quit smoking for a few months. Even so, he was in the ICU and had many surgeries and re-admissions. I was by his side for all of it. It was weeks of touch and go.

I took care of bathing and feeding him while he was admitted because he was embarrassed to have the nurses do it. I also ran the house, took care of the kids, juggled sitters, and continued to work when I could. I had to contact his employer, insurances, disability, FMLA. I was a wife, mom, nurse, and repeat. It was brutal, but I was happy to do it, or I was until he betrayed me. 

I signed up for this and did it all without a thought. After the last procedure that turned him around, he was feeling better but couldn’t return to work. He still can’t help out with housework. So, I’m still doing everything. Then, and this is where I lost it, he said he was bored, so he took up his bad habits again. I caught him puffing away; it felt like the biggest slap in the face.

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20. Unsettling Down

I was new to my middle school. This middle school was in a small town where everyone knew each other, and I was nervous since I didn’t know anybody. I walked into the cafeteria on the first day where we had to wait until class. I looked around and realized everywhere was full except for a spot at the benches.

I headed towards it and asked the girl who was in the space next to it if I could sit down. She looked at me, gave me a dirty look, and asked, "Are you homeless?" I was dumbstruck. I didn't say anything, but she did shift so I could sit. I don't remember who she was, but those words will always stick with me.

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21. We’re Squared Now

It was 2006 in algebra. I was having trouble understanding the Pythagorean Theorem. The teacher’s aid was steadily helping me on my left when one of my classmates walked up to my desk to my right and said, “You are a failure.” A couple of years later, I graduated high school in 2010 with honors. He, meanwhile, impregnated his deadbeat girlfriend.

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22. Look at This Big Mess!

I told my one year old it was time for his nap. I then took his diaper off to change him, and he proceeded to poop on me while looking me in the eye the entire time.

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23. Parasitic Leach Guest

A friend brought a guest to a party I was having. The friend knew I didn't really like her guest, and I had asked her not to bring her. She did anyway. The unwelcome guest proceeded to drink too much and then passed out on the couch early that night. For some reason, my friend left without taking her plus one.

I woke up the next morning, and the unwelcome guest had opened one of the leftover bottles of wine from the previous night and helped herself to it. Oh, and she had also carved a potato or carrot or something into a pipe, which she was using it on our couch. If your host "lets" you knock out at their party and does not kick you out in a taxi, at least go outside.

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24. Group Treasurer

When I was in cub scouts in third grade, my mom hosted a meeting for my school grade where we’d build birdhouses for some badge or something. While we were waiting for everybody to arrive, we started playing in my backyard. One scout, let's call him N, said he had to go to the bathroom "really bad" and left.

When everyone arrived to start the project, I noticed that N was sitting at the edge of the table looking down, and my mom was VERY angry and trying her best to suppress it. She asked us if I had allowed N to go into my room. All of my friends and I said, "No, he said he had to go to the bathroom really bad."

This response only made my mom even more visibly furious, and N ducked his head down lower. Five minutes later, N's mom arrived, and she apologized profusely to my mom. N had gone in my room, pocketed the 20 dollars of allowance I had been saving up, and was stuffing my toys and video games into his backpack.

My mom went upstairs to REALLY use the bathroom and noticed the theft happening and caught him in the act. So, he lied to my mom and said he was allowed to go into my room and he was "checking it out." But no, my mom had caught him red-handed, and my mom is SCARY when she is mad. He’d tried to take a lot too.

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25. Kneading into It

I have an issue with my knee. If I move in a certain way, it snaps sending me to the ground in much pain. I know this now and avoid that movement, but 25 years ago in school sports, I didn’t know, and it happened. Nobody cared. They just let me sit on the ground. I was confused, in pain, and unsure of what to do.

They thought I was making it up. After class, they took me to the school nurse to have my knee checked out. They found nothing except a slightly swollen knee. They decided to do something about it and called an ambulance. It took 20 minutes for them to arrive even though the hospital was a five-minute ride away.

The jerk principal took the liberty to assemble the whole school outside the office. Every. Single. Student. They stood and watched while the medics carried me downstairs. I tried to play it cool and wave to the people in my class, and then the class clown made a funny comment. That was when everyone lost it.

It was surreal being on display with so many of my classmates laughing at that joke basically seeming to laugh about me and my pain. My knee still hurt a lot, and my self-esteem was gone. All that I wanted to do was just disappear. So, thanks, Principal Hingerl, for teaching me such a valuable lesson in life.

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26. Crossed Off

I was living in a shared house with my friends and my ex. There was no one who would spend my 20th birthday with me, so I asked if my ex could just spend some time and mark the day. He agreed. Then, the day of, he canceled saying he had to help his mom, which was fine by me. I spent the day treating myself to a manicure and buying a new bed set.

Around 9 PM, my ex asked me if I wanted anything from a boba shop to make up for being absent, and I told him I wanted a green tea and some popcorn chicken if they had some. I was excited that I wasn’t going to be completely alone on my birthday. I didn't know what I was in for. He pulled up to my house with a guy friend in the passenger seat.

My ex’s friend revealed that they were hanging out most of the day because it was his birthday. What were the odds!? I wished the dude a happy birthday, and my ex was all, “Ok, you got your tea, bye.” It was a little shocking, but I understood no one was obligated to spend time with me if they didn’t want to.

I wasn’t going to try and push it. His friend turned to him and asked why I wasn’t coming along if it was my birthday. Then he invited me to sleep over with them and then buy some drinks, eat cake, and watch movies. His friend was really nice to invite me even if my ex was trying his best to try and ditch me.

When we got to his place and laying in the same bed, the friend started to feel me up, so I brushed his hands away. He tried again, and I pushed his hands off. He got up to go to the bathroom and apologized before slipping out of the room. When he left, my ex started to get touchy, and I rejected him as well.

Then my ex basically confessed that I should sleep with his friend because “C’mon it’s his birthday, and I only let you come because I planned on getting you to sleep with my friend in the first place.” I left his house immediately and blocked him on everything. His friend at least reached out and apologized to me.

He hadn’t known that I was not comfortable with it and said that my ex talked me up when they were at the boba place together, which was why they asked me what I wanted from there in the first place. I felt stupid, humiliated, gross, and used on my own birthday, and it’s a birthday that I will always remember.

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27. All a Loan

I was having trouble finding a college course close enough to home so I wouldn't need extra money for residency. My mom thought I decided not to go to college, so she took my education fund and paid off her furnace. So, I definitely couldn’t afford to go. It was years before I could receive a loan for school. Even though I am the only kid that went to college and I graduated with honors, both parents are disappointed that I haven't paid off the loan yet.

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28. Want a Bump?

This random, 60-something looking guy confronted my wife and me over some bumper sticker on my wife’s car. It was this gay rights sticker – nothing all that controversial but just a rainbow and line about equality. We got out of our car, and this dude waddled up to me and said, “That sticker…that means you’re a communist, right?” The question was so stupid that I assumed that he was just joking around. “Yep! Do you wanna join my commune?” I replied. “Well...I’m going to start shooting people like you,” he growled at me.

I realized he wasn’t joking, and I immediately started watching his eyes and hands. I wanted to keep him in front of me away from my wife while we exited the profoundly stupid situation. “I have an armory! And a lot of ammo!” He continued. I had had enough of him and interpreted his words as a direct threat.

I guess he assumed that the sticker somehow meant the 6’1” tall, 185 lbs. young guy he was staring up at was incapable or unwilling to protect himself and his wife. I replied, “Well, I do too. I’m interpreting your actions as a threat. You need to back away from us, right now,” trying to keep calm. Doing that was like breaking a spell over this dude.

It was immediately apparent that he had never considered that his political intimidation might actually endanger him. He spluttered at me but quickly backed off. I cautiously backed to my car and fumbled around to open the door making sure I didn’t let him out of my sight. He’d turned around and waddled away.

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29. Swindle by Swindle

My long-time "friend" got into some fight with his girlfriend, and they ended their relationship. Sad, but whatever, not my business. Then, right after their break up, my “friend” immediately started to pursue my girlfriend. He convinced my girlfriend in a private conversation behind my back that our relationship was toxic and that she was meant to be with him instead. When I was asleep, he took my girlfriend of five years behind my back and moved her stuff, my dog, and cat into his apartment. There are few things more disrespectful than swiping your homie's girl.

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30. Committing His Specialty

My ex and I dated for 7 years and were married. Three months into the marriage, one of his best friends called me wasted and said that my husband had been cheating on me the entire time with various close friends and even family. He was not exaggerating, and most of my "friends" at the wedding slept with him.

Most of them knew they were backstabbing me, and he apparently convinced the others that he and I were in an open relationship that followed "don’t ask, don’t tell" rules, which simply was not true. But it was STILL NOT THE WORST PART. During our relationship, he convinced me that he had a kink for voyeurism.

He would often bring people to watch us. It was fine with me since I also have kinks and enjoyed doing it because my partner seemed to love it so much. But then I learned the awful truth: that he was getting money for it. I've never felt more violated, humiliated, disrespected, manipulated, and groomed in my life.

After I kicked him out, he fled the state and then wandered the country. He would not comply with any paperwork. It took me 7 years to prove to a judge of his noncompliance and nonexistent address. I literally had to put an ad in the paper for over a month to get it finalized, which it did on Valentine's Day.

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31. Best End Forever

My ex-best friend started hanging out with a bad crowd and ditched me all the time. I told her I was really depressed and needed someone to talk to, so I invited her over to bake cookies with me and watch TV. She bailed last minute to do something else. I felt like garbage, so I said whatever and went to bed.

She knew everything about me, and she knew I have trauma from my past which is what makes this next part worse. While I was asleep alone in my apartment in my safe space, she decided to come in and bring two of her sketchy friends in with her. I woke up to someone I’d never met standing outside my bedroom door.

My friend was looming over me in the dark, and I couldn't recognize her. I was absolutely TERRIFIED. I went into a full panic attack and freaked right out. When I calmed down, I told them to get out. They didn't. I persisted. One went raiding my fridge, and she and a friend were laughing at my "overreaction.”

I went to the front door, opened it, and just yelled "get out of my house," and they finally listened. The next day, she messaged me and asked me to apologize for yelling and being so “rude,” and could not wrap her head around the huge violation that had been. We don't talk anymore. That really hurt me a lot.

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32. What a Party Pooler

It was the night before my 21st birthday. My best friend in college was excited to take me to a bar at midnight to ring in the momentous occasion. Then the girl who was flirting with him called to tell him she was having a party. Thinking we could do both, he decided to drag me along before going to the bars.

Now her place was outside the city and outside nightlife. But my friend, who honestly up until this point was reliable, assured me that we’d leave after an hour so I could call my other friends to meet us downtown. It might seem like we didn’t make it to the bar because, “my friend hooked up with this chick.”

Nope, we went, hung out, and she was all over him and told everyone to go skinny dipping with her. We could see the danger sign flashing and decided that now would be a good time to go. But she took offense to this, called him a bad name, and smacked him in the face. She started to cry and told us to get out.

But not before she lobbed a glass bottle at his car, which shattered the passenger side window where I was sitting. This was all while we were driving away from her place. He stopped the car to scream at her, and then I got to spend my 21st birthday giving a statement and picking soaked glass off my shoulder.

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33. Taking a Seat

I gave my friend's friend a free ticket to a festival because he had a crush on her. They got to my house, and we're all waiting to be picked up. I left to go to the bathroom, and I came back, and she's on his lap. She asked me, "Don't you knock first?" It was MY room. She was just playing him for the ticket.

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34. Sharing Isn’t Caring

I had met the girl of my dreams. Despite several obstacles, we worked through all of it, moved to a bigger city, found better jobs, and eventually got married. Things were going well. We started making good money, and we were enjoying life as newlyweds. A year in, she said it might be fun to have a threesome.

A dream come true! But after not finding the right “unicorn” to join us, we tabled the search. A few months later, my girl tells me that two different couples (who we're also friends with) were down to try swinging. I declined for seemingly obvious reasons. I wasn’t attracted to any of them, it might ruin the friendships, and it wasn’t what I thought we were looking for.

We hung out with them for years even after the conversation, and things were fine. Then the other two couples invited us to a weekend getaway, and I couldn’t go because I had work. I told my wife who I trusted very much that there was no problem if she went. I sent her off with a smile and not a worry in my heart. She returned two nights later a little subdued and quiet. I asked how it went.

She confessed that they all were drinking, took off their clothes, and made out a bit. She repeatedly reassured me that it didn’t escalate beyond that, and I felt that she was genuine. Naturally, I was upset. But I wasn’t about to let it tear our marriage apart. We stopped hanging out with that group as much and began to focus on building our family.

We started trying and boom! A few weeks later, she’s pregnant! We were elated and started to plan out the birth and buying a home. Six months into the pregnancy, she abruptly woke me one morning with tears streaming down her face. She proceeded to tell me about that time years ago when she was with our friends. She proceeded to tell me that a lot more had actually happened that fateful getaway weekend.

It turns out that the 5 of them went all the way. She also apparently made out with a couple of my other friends while we were married. Having all this laid on me after being awake for a few minutes was crushing to say the least. I asked if the growing baby in her womb was even mine. She swore up and down that he was. My heart was broken, but I wanted to make it work. We went to counseling, and I empathized with the difficulty of her upbringing. She had a past of substance use, attacks, mistreatment, and horrible parents.

I believe she felt real remorse and deeply regretted ever letting those things happen. Regardless of how I saw that, I fell into deep depression after our son was born. Our marriage was suffering, and for the first two years of my son’s life, I wasn’t 100% positive that he was truly my child. I tried doing the right thing but saw she was not working to heal the emotional wounds. We’re divorced now living better lives and raising our son together. It was a heinous series of disrespectful acts but it gave me strength.

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35. Addressing Perspective

When I was 6, I went to an after-school program run by a friend of my mom who I called Aunt. So, on Halloween, I went to school dressed in costume. My “aunt” picked me up from school, and then yelled she, "doesn't tolerate costumes." When we arrived, she did something beyond inappropriate. She stripped me down in front of all the kids and teachers.

I was lucky that I had leggings and a white shirt on underneath. When my mom picked me up, she was furious and yelled at her and me a little for doing that. The strange thing is that I went to a Catholic school, and we celebrated it. I'm a bit mad at myself that I let it happen and didn't stick up for myself.

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36. Minding the Business

I take my lunch break in my car, which I’ve always done for the last 10 years. I park in a peaceful, quiet area overlooking a duck pond. I open the sunroof and get some fresh air and listen to the NPR lunchtime program with current/local events, and it’s a really nice change from the monotony of office life.

A co-worker who never liked me told everyone I was using illicit substances at lunch, which was why I never ate in the break room. She made a lengthy list of my behavior that would mimic drug use like being spaced out, more talkative some days than others, and tired, which are also signs of being an overworked adult.

She also started keeping a folder of little, petty “mistakes” I made to prove I was high at work. These “mistakes” were minor oversights, which affected nobody. She took this “proof” to not only our boss but also to the physicians who own and run our office. She presented it as if concerned for my wellbeing.

Luckily, all my bosses knew my work is always 100% and didn’t think twice about it. I didn’t even know about any of this until she was fired a year later for something else. Welp, Ashley, I’m the boss now, and I actually DO the things you accuse me of most days, but I wait until after hours because I do take pride in my work.

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37. Hard to Stomach

My freshman year, I met two awful guys on my floor. The first guy got mono, and while eating food with him, I answered a phone call and stepped out of the room. He unscrewed the cap of my bottle of soda and spat in my drink. I returned, finished my drink, and I got mono. He thought that was hilarious and admitted that he gave it to me.

The second guy figured out that he could unlock any dorm room door in our building with a credit card. He started to go into my room whenever he wanted and would do stupid things in there.

He did things like take baked goods from my mom that I would’ve gladly given him if he just asked. He also whacked off into my toothpaste container, which he only told me weeks later. Initially, I did not believe him on the toothpaste, because why would you do that? He explained in detail how he did it and seemed like he really put some time into this project.

It was gross, but he got what was coming to him. One day, he decided to sneak into my room and eat a whole tray of my mom’s brownies all at once. Sucks for him, my mom is a crunchy person and unbeknownst to me put flaxseed in the brownies to help her widdle boi with digestion, so he’d regretted the amount of “devil brownies” he ate.

It turned his bottom into a volcanic eruption of burning chocolate lava. I can remember the sound of him crying from the bathroom stall. Needless to say, I stopped hanging around these guys and the others in that group, which was difficult then, but I made friends who didn’t mess with my stuff for recreation.

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38. No Council for You!

I recently graduated from law school and will write the bar soon. This awful couple I know had the nerve to a) tell me they didn't like me and make my life the worst in undergrad then b) ask me for help when they found out I was becoming a lawyer. It was because they needed a lawyer but didn't want to pay for one. Even though I’m not licensed, I still wouldn’t help them.

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39. Short Exchanged

It was junior high, so all these little elementary school classes in the area had just been smashed into this new school, and each had its own pecking order and cool kids or whatever. I didn’t really know any of the kids from the other schools. But I had been playing hockey in the same league as another dude.

We had never spoken or anything, but he was one of these cool kids from a different elementary school. A few weeks into the first semester, I saw him at the ice rink and decided to see if he wanted to practice/get some pickup games together. So, I went and walked up to him then said, "Hey, what's up, (name)?"

And before I could continue at all, he gave me the most disgusted look and said, "Don't even think about talking to me ever." Like, it wasn’t even that bad, but it made me really, really hate that guy so much. I hope he got herpes or something equivalent that’ll make him suffer for being such a rude pre-teen.

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40. Dampening the Mood

My ex-husband left me in £15,000 of debt and refused to move out. One night while intoxicated, I went into his room because something felt off. There were empty packets and a lot of bottles and stains everywhere. It looked like he'd had a pretty fun night, even though he claimed that he never had enough money for bills or rent.

I called him on it, and he threatened to literally end my life. Terrified, I called the authorities who did nothing. I said no one threatens me in my own home and he had two days to leave. Leave he did, but only after leaving every single glass in our house in his room filled with urine, bottles scattered, and the whole floor stained red.

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41. Can’t See Your Taste

I was working in optometry and had the most brutal experience in the store by far. Once, I spent half an hour looking for something that suited her difficult perception. This customer seemed disconnected to what I was saying, then she finally said, "I'd rather have a woman help. They are better at fashion than men are."

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42. Friend Ditched Effort

I just moved out of my parents’ place into a new city. It wasn’t all bad. I was getting reacquainted with a college friend. He had introduced me to a really cute girl of whom I was becoming rather fond. After a few months, he had made it to a solid "best friend" status, and signs were looking good between me and her.

I told my buddy I was thinking of asking her out. He told me to go for it and that she'd definitely be down for it. He was so excited to hear it, and he really kicked my self-esteem into high gear. I invited both to celebrate my birthday at a pub where hopefully I'd work up the courage to make my move on her.

Having my friend's recent encouragement really did do a lot of favors for my confidence and comfort about the idea. I arrived at the pub. I was 10 minutes late, but no panicky texts, so I assumed it was okay. Well, they weren't there either. Guess we're all running late. I ordered a drink and got comfortable. I figured it would work out, but spoiler: It definitely didn't. 

Another 20 minutes passed. I decided to give my friend a call. He didn't pick up. I sent a text. I got no answer. After about an hour, I was now calling the girl and asking if she’s coming, but no answer. I sent her a text and again, no answer. I was on drink number 3 in a pretty empty pub on a Tuesday night.

After two hours of waiting, I made a last attempt to call my friend desperately hoping he would pick up. Nothing. I called the girl. Nothing. I had accrued a $30 bar tab and was in no shape to safely drive home, so I decided to wait it out for a little, but then I just felt myself getting sadder and lonelier.

I was also the unfortunate soul closest to the window in clear miserable view of all the happy meandering couples and groups of giddily chirping friends passing by on the sidewalk. The original plan was to just sober up after a couple of hours, but that fell through. I couldn't stand being in the pub anymore.

After one last call after four hours of waiting for them to come to my birthday, I just walked home. It took about an hour, but the fresh air and exercise at least made me feel less mopey and downtrodden. There could always be another day or chance. Maybe they had a really good reason like maybe an emergency.

I got home, and my friend finally texted me back, "Oh, hey. Yeah sorry." I didn't wait for the follow-up text. I immediately called him asking him what was up. His words made my blood boil. He said, "Okay, so I went to go pick up that girl, and I decided I would ask her out. We’ve actually been hooking up for the last four hours nonstop!"

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43. Fake Tragic News

About 6 years ago, I had a project that took me to Detroit to do some art for Google’s HQ in Ann Arbor. I departed from San Francisco and spent a month working. When I returned, I learned that my two "best friends" had been telling people I was dead. Even though eventually they both apologized, we definitely aren’t friends anymore.

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44. Imma Tell You One Time

I was happily eating a burger on my lunch break alone since I work in customer service, so being able to not talk to anyone is sacred. And then some dude tried to come up to me and start playing his favorite Justin Bieber songs on his phone for me and talking about how much he was a big fan of all his albums.

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45. What an Exposed Breach

My ex-husband and I were on the road to divorce. I had done absolutely everything I could possibly imagine to try and turn us around, and as a last-ditch effort, I wrote him a letter. I knew it had a 0.1% chance of changing anything, so I thought of it as a kind of a "thank you for the good years" letter too.

Well, his evil mother found the letter that I wrote, and not only did she read it, she took pictures of it and shared it with multiple people who started tearing me apart by text. I found out because I would usually bring her phone to her because she never heard it. I went to do that and saw the mentions of a letter and saw the context of what was sent.

I just set the phone back down and went outside to get a breath of air. Later that week, she said she was tired of me being around. She said that my husband needed me to sign the papers right then and there, and I didn't get a say in any of it. I mentioned her sharing the letter, and she said she was allowed to do that because it was in her house. Therefore, it was her property. Then they sat there and watched TV while I packed my things.

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46. Money in the Family

My wife’s cousin was staying at our home because he was going through marital problems. One night, I woke up in the middle of the night, and I heard some change rattling. He was walking down the hall with my five-year-old’s piggy bank. He was taking money from my daughter’s piggy bank for drinks so he could have a night on the town.

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47. The Snack the Didn’t Smile Back

Back in college, my roommates and I hosted a birthday party for a mutual friend at our apartment. Earlier that day, we gifted her a pet goldfish because she had been talking about wanting a new fish. Later in the night, our male friend, Mike, decided he needed to find a way to impress our other friend, Darla.

Mike tried all the lame jokes and pick up lines on Darla and failed time and time again. He saw the fish in the tank, and he scooped him up in his hand. He said, “check this out!” And then he plopped the fish into his mouth and swallowed it alive. My roommate and I immediately rushed over to make him to puke.

We kept trying to make Mike puke the fish back up, and Darla quickly made for the door and left the party. Sadly, the fish had met its doom in Mike’s stomach that night. He never apologized to us for swallowing the goldfish gift although he did complain about severe stomach issues for several days afterward.

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48. Not Under This Roof

One time, my sister brought our cousin who I absolutely despised to sleep in my apartment, saying that it was “just for the night.” The next morning, that awful cousin proceeded to invite my ex-boyfriend over to MY apartment. My jaw dropped as I watched her start to make out with him in MY living room on MY couch. I truly despise them both for being so rude.

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49. The Insult to Our Alarms

My roommate in the army was in a different unit. I had to be awake for 5. He had to be up at 8. It was 10:30 at night, and I asked if he could stop talking on the phone while I was trying to sleep or go outside, and he responded with, “it’s not my fault you have to get up early,” and continued his phone call.

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50. Don’t Even Heifer

I was the fat girl in middle school, and there was one guy who would moo at me during classes we had together all year. We went to different high schools, and I’d lost more than half my weight. There was a wedding my junior year for a family friend who was marrying that jerk’s older brother, so he’d be there.

The bride called me over and introduced me to her new brother-in-law and said we would hit it off. He immediately asked me to dance, and I turned him down, not wanting to cause a scene. He kept insisting, so I said, “I recognize you, we went to middle school together.” He looked puzzled and didn't remember me.

I said, “Yeah, you were that guy who used to make cow noises and moo at that girl in some of our classes.” He instantly started to crack up and said, “Yeah, that was me, that chick was nasty!” I looked him straight-faced and said, “Yeah, well now you're looking at the cow.” His jaw dropped, and I walked off happy.

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