March 22, 2024 | Dylan Fleury

Satisfied People Share Their Most Gratifying “I Called It” Moments

There are few better feelings in this world than playing Nostradamus and predicting something will happen and it comes true. Or, to put another way, everyone loves to be right. Whether it is a shot in the dark or a calculated guess, being able to look at someone and say the magical words, “I told you so” is extremely satisfying. Especially when someone is 110% sure they are right and act like a smug jerk about it. Being able to look at that person and tell them you were right and they were wrong, well, that is the closest experience to heaven on Earth that you can get. The second closest is reading other people’s “I called it” moments, which is what the list below is composed of, thanks to the people of Reddit!

1. They Just Don’t Know It Yet

When I met my mom's husband's adult kids. After a few minutes of hanging out with them, I followed my mom into the kitchen and asked her if three of his four kids were gay. She said that just one is, but I told her that three of them were. 10 years later, one of his children is in a same-sex marriage and two of his kids are living with longtime same-sex partners.

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2. Covered the Spread

My aunt bought a new Ford and I bet that my cousin would crash it in a week. The guy made me $50 richer in three days.

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3. Ahead of the Game

The first Avengers movie, my husband was wondering why the staff could stop the almighty Tesseract. I casually said, “Maybe they're both Infinity Stones.” He said, “Nah, the Tesseract is its own thing.” Because he was more into the comics at the time, I shrugged it off. Since then, every MacGuffin in the movies, down to Thor: The Dark World, I jokingly said, “Infinity Stone” to troll him. You can imagine how pissed he's been since Guardians.

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4. Choke Artists

“I don't care if they are up 28 to 3. They are the Falcons. They'll blow it somehow.”

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5. All Signs Point to a Cliché

My wife was watching some TV show. I happened to walk in during some scene in which it was raining out, and a guy and a gal were looking at each other through their car windows as their kid went from one car to the other. I said, “Here comes the scene where they make up” without knowing any of the background of the show.

My wife started telling me that it won't happen. They had had a failed relationship years earlier—hence the kid—and the woman was with a great guy. Right after she said that, the woman got out and ran to the guy's car basically professing her love for him.

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6. They Must Be From Quebec

I was following a car with its left turn signal on for two miles. The driver kept slowing at side streets as if to make a left turn, but didn't actually turn. I looked over at my daughter and said, “Watch, they'll make a right turn.” I called it. Yes, they were still signaling left when they made the right turn.

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7. Liquid Courage

I was in Vegas and was on a very good run. I was up $8,000. I had finally gotten some nice yellow chips, $1,000 each. The pit boss says I dare you to bet those on one hand. Well, I should mention I had some alcohol in me at the time so I plop my four yellow chips on the table. As the cards are being dealt, I yelled nine of spades, two of hearts, and dealer shows me a six.

Yep, it happened. Put the rest of my $4,000 on the table double down and yelled for a 10 of hearts. Yep, got it. At this point, I have not been paid yet. The dealer flips and she has 16. I said rather quietly, “Please show me a six of diamonds.” Yep, the dealer got it and bust. Thank you, pit boss, for daring this inebriated guy to place a big bet. $16,000 up, I walked out the door and drove home.

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8. Exact Change

I went to the theater to watch a movie with some buddies one time. While waiting in line to get popcorn I found 22 cents on the ground and one buddy said, “When are you ever gonna need 22 cents?” I jokingly told him that one day he’s gonna wish he had 22 cents and he’ll regret saying that. Sure enough, when we’re paying for popcorn, that same buddy was exactly 22 cents short. I gave it to him in exchange for a popcorn tax.

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9. Keep Your Eye on the Ball

Playing baseball in PE class we had a shortstop that was not paying attention. I was playing first base and told them they need to pay attention because the next hit was coming right for them. Sure enough, the very next pitch the batter hit a screaming line drive right at that person. If I hadn't warned them they would have been hit in the face. After they caught it everyone turned and looked at me and I shrugged, smiled, and said, “I told you.” Everyone thought it was awesome.

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10. Don’t Get Cocky

I was watching the BYU versus Nebraska season opener in 2015 with a family of Nebraska fans. They were rather rowdy the whole game which is fine, ‘cause I love college football and the passion that goes into it. Anyway, it's the second to last play and things look bleak for BYU and the Nebraska family was already celebrating the win. I told them it's going to suck when they lose on a Hail Mary…and they did.

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11. Safety First

When I was a kid, my cousins and I all bought relatively low FPS Airsoft guns to shoot each other with on the back acre of my grandparents' ranch. The first day we got them, we decided to set up a scenario where my older cousin would go to the shed at the back of the property and barricade himself inside, and it was me and my younger cousin's role to break into the shed and apprehend my older cousin.

As we were walking out to the shed, I noticed my younger cousin hadn't grabbed safety goggles. I told him he should run back to the house and grab a pair of my grandpa's goggles from his workshop. So he turns around and runs into the garage, but comes back empty-handed. I ask him where his goggles are, and he said he couldn't find any and he'd be fine.

I insisted he go ask my grandpa to find them for him, but he was impatient and started getting whiny and said, “I'll be fine, let's just go.” I told him, “Alright, if you get shot in the eye, you got no one to blame but you.” We get out to the back shed, and my older cousin had nailed a large tarp to the inside of the door so that he could see our silhouettes when we opened the door.

My younger cousin gets on his hands and knees, and peeks under the tarp to look into the shed. The first shot my older cousin fires hits younger cousin directly in the eye, and he screams like a banshee. Starts hopping around yelling that the game is off, and I'm pissing myself laughing. Fortunately, there was no permanent damage to his eye.

The pellets we were using were plastic, and the guns were not very powerful. Still got to laugh to myself for the entire day while he iced his eye and complained.

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12. Seeing It Before She Does

That my sister is gay. Growing up, she'd develop what was very obviously—to me—a crush on different girls. In high school, I finally said, “Girl, have you considered that these feelings you have for so-and-so might be romantic?” She flipped out on me and we didn't talk for weeks. She'd date any guy that asked her out because she was supposed to like guys but never really felt anything for them.

Finally, in college, she called me and went, “Yeah, so anyway, you're right. I'm totally gay.” We joke that it took her so long not because she was in denial, she just didn't want me to be right.

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13. Baby on Board

When my brother and sister-in-law planned a trip home for Easter weekend, I told my wife and parents that they were coming to announce their pregnancy. Everyone told me I was crazy and they'd just use the family chat for that. Cue Easter lunch on Saturday and my sister-in-law refuses a glass of wine. Everyone guesses she's pregnant. Called it.

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14. Flew to Close to the Sun

I had a friend who bought $2,000 worth of a penny stock and share prices went up by a factor of 10, so he had $20,000 worth of this stock in LESS THAN one week. He called me to basically brag about how smart he was for finding this great stock. I congratulated him and strongly advised him, multiple times, to cash out at least $2,000—I suggested $5,000.

That would leave him with three quarters or more of his original shares and he would be playing with house money. If the stock continued shooting up he would be filthy rich either way, but if the shares tanked in value then at least he wouldn’t be out any money. Not only did he not listen to me, he invested more and lost absolutely all of it.

I found out later that ALL the money he invested—$10,000—was actually from a loan he had taken out to try his hand in the stock market. If I had known that I would have been even more adamant about cashing out. Imagine paying off a $10,000 loan in a week and still having $10,000 in the bank. But I don’t think he would have listened to me no matter what I said.

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15. A Thousand Dollar Mistake

My girlfriend's employer got sued in a class action for illegally withholding overtime pay and a bunch of other shady stuff over the course of a decade or so. Girlfriend got a paper in the mail saying fill this out and join in the class action. I told her to do it because it cost her nothing and had the potential to get her tons of money that she was never given in salary.

She declined to do it but most of her coworkers joined in. A few months go by and all of her coworkers get massive checks in the mail because the employer settled the case—like $2,000 to $5,000—and she got $0. I told you so.

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16. An Eye for Talent—or Lack Thereof

One of the old coaches for the Chicago Bears was Mark Trestman. I told everyone that he would not make it to the third year of his contact, as he would get fired after the second season. I made a $500 bet with my dad because I was that sure. Soon as the news broke, I called him and told him I prefer cash over cheque.

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17. Somebody Likes You

Caught up with a high school friend on a university campus. Pretty quiet guy, subtle good looks but never showed any interest in relationships. We were waiting for separate buses when he runs into one of his classmates, and she joins us in the bus line. We were having a pretty good conversation, but I saw her eyes repeatedly flickering over to his face.

Soon after, my bus pulled up, so I smiled and waved goodbye to my friend and said to the girl, “It was great meeting you! I'm sure I'll see you a lot more in the future.” She looked puzzled, but smiled and waved back. They're in a common law marriage now, and getting officially married next year. And they've been valuable friends to my fiancée and I for the last six years.

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18. Easy to Forget

At school, everyone got these award ribbons that were made just to make us feel special. Well, my last name starts with a Z. Rough, I know. Well, I had a feeling that I was going to be left out, because of the whole last name thing. The ceremony starts, and everyone goes and gets their “Citizenship”, “Perfect Attendance” and “Honor Roll” awards, but guess who they forgot? Me.

Everyone's walking out of the auditorium, and one of my teachers comes up to me and asks, “Wait, why didn't you get any awards?” I told her I didn't know why, but I had a strong feeling I was left out, by accident, of course. I go to class, while those who got all three awards went to the cafeteria to get a soda and a cookie.

We get an announcement to our class, asking for me. I go to the office, and they explain that they left me off the roster. There were about four total pages of students, and I was the only one on the fourth page. They got rid of the page because they thought they printed out too many. I got two sodas and two cookies as compensation, and a bit of an “I called it” moment.

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19. Cautious Eye

I was in the car with my boyfriend in some traffic at a stoplight that connects to a freeway ramp. There are only two lanes and people often cut in or get impatient when waiting for the light to turn. Well, this one car decided to, at the very last minute, suddenly cut in front of our car without a blinker and almost hit us.

He sped up really fast and then braked super hard because the light was still red. I told my boyfriend, “Be careful, this jerk is going to hit somebody.” Sure enough, the light went green and the car took off in front and not a second later the car in front of the jerk had to brake for someone in the bike lane. CRUNCH!

The jerk had rear-ended the car in front. They pulled to the side and my boyfriend said, “Damn baby, good eye.”

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20. Perfect Day to Start a Family

In Canada, we have a holiday called Family Day in February. In 2008, my wife was dealing with a sick family member out of town, and had come back for a visit. We were trying to have a child at the time. Well, with our crazy schedules, we had one chance on Family Day. The moment we were done, I jumped up, gave her the double finger guns—first time in my life—and said, “Bam! You're pregnant. Twin girls, red hair.”

Turns out I got everything right except the hair, her Italian genes beat me in that one. I win for our entire marriage with that prediction.

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21. Not Idiot Proof

It was New Year’s Eve and we were about to set off the fireworks. My friend and I wanted to set up the box for the fireworks—just putting four bricks around it to keep it safe—when this girl came and said she was gonna do it because she bought it. We told her how to do it and she said, “Nah, I’ll just start it up”. I told her, “Don’t blame me when it tips over and starts shooting at us”. She said it won’t happen, and that’s exactly what happened. The firework just tipped over and started shooting at cars and people. I just calmly walked up to her and said, “I told you so”.

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22. Sometimes It Sucks to Be Right

Told my girlfriend at the time that her best guy friend was into her. She kept saying she only saw him as her gay best friend and he only saw her as a sister. Well, she ended up cheating on me with him and they started dating after I broke up with her. I like to think I won that argument…

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23. Oh Snow You Didn’t!

Back in March, I was driving home for lunch. I live in a place with snow during winter and we had had a decent snowfall, followed by a warm day. Anyway, as I'm driving, some idiot turns in front of me with a six-inch layer of snow on their roof. I wished with my whole heart that they would suffer consequences for their stupidity.

Fast forward five minutes and ALL THE SNOW cascades down onto their windshield as they attempt to roll a stop sign. I relished pointing and laughing as I drove around them, while they had to switch to park, get out of the vehicle and try to brush off all the snow in a live lane.

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24. Always Have a Backup Plan

My coworkers Ben and Jill had just started dating, and Valentine's Day was coming up. I asked Ben, “So, did you book a romantic reservation for dinner?” He said, “Oh, no, Jill said she didn't want to do that, so we're going to just do something casual.” I said, “Dude. Just book a reservation, and then cancel it if you don't need it.”

He got a panicked look in his eyes and told me he would. After Valentine's, he told me, “At the last minute, Jill admitted that she wanted to do something romantic. Thanks for the advice!” They're married now. Have beautiful kids. What can I say except, “You're welcome!”

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25. Breaking Down Barriers

The last few months of my wife's pregnancy with my daughter, the little baby would regularly, as clockwork, around 10:30 PM, put her feet against my wife's ribs and try to straighten her legs so she could head butt her way out of my wife. My wife would jump up cursing like a sailor every time. It was painful, but also hilarious, reliable, and I guess we knew she'd be an active little kid well before she was born.

Cut to the evening of her birth. The doctor is telling us around 9 PM that things are going well, but he's going to go get dinner because he hasn't eaten and there's no way this kid is coming out before midnight. I look at my wife, look at the doc, and say, “Don't go far, the kid is going to deliver herself around 10:30 PM, I promise you. You're just going to have to catch her.”

He laughed, told us he's been doing this a long time, and he wasn't worried. At 10:25, he's rushing in and barely gets his gloves and scrubs on before my daughter shoots herself out of mommy like a greased bullet. Direct quote from the doctor looking at me as he holds my little darling: "Well, I guess even I can learn things still."

I don't blame him at all. Who would believe parents about something like that? But that kid had done so many test runs, on such a regular schedule, I knew there was no stopping her. And fair game, getting headbutted daily for a month or whatever as a trade-off to having a very short and easy labor? There are worse deals!

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26. Easier Ways to Get Out of a Marriage

I don’t know about satisfying, but do y’all remember the Runaway Bride? Not the movie, the actual woman? Well, there was a woman who was “kidnapped” before her wedding—maybe a couple of days before, if I’m not mistaken—and the whole world started looking for her. If I remember correctly, she was able to make a phone call to her family and she told them she was kidnapped by some “Mexicans.”

As soon as she said that, I knew she was lying. Whenever people specify a race when explaining a crime, my ears perk up, but I understand why she did it. People will believe it. Either way, my girlfriend at the time got so mad at me, saying, “You always think you know it all! This woman was kidnapped and all you can do is think of something to be right about! Have some compassion.”

A couple of days later, guess who shows up? Apparently, she didn’t want to get married and decided to get “kidnapped” rather than call it off. Luckily, the state made her pay back all the money they spent searching for her, but of course, no jail time. I never said, “I told you so” to my girlfriend, but I know she was waiting for it by how she was acting—didn’t speak much, acted aloof. So we never spoke of it after.

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27. That’s Not How Physics Works

In college, I went to a theme park with my then-boyfriend, right before I moved away to California. We had decided to break up as he didn't want to do long-distance, mostly his decision. He had driven us in his SUV. He has really bad eyesight and had just gotten brand new glasses. I believe they cost about $400. As we're going up the stairs in line for a roller coaster, I said, “Hey, why don't you give me your glasses and I'll stick them in my purse.”

He said, “Nah, it'll be fine.” And I said, “Are you sure? You're making a $400 bet where if you win you just get to keep what you already have.” And he said, “The forward momentum of the roller coaster will keep them on my face.” So I thought, he's an adult, whatever. Literally first drop of the roller coaster I hear him yell over the roar of the wind, “DO YOU HAVE MY GLASSES???”

So we spent the next hour walking around the base of the roller coaster looking for them and leaving a report at the lost and found booth. I then had to drive us home in his SUV, which I had never driven before. He had to attempt to navigate while practically blind. So yeah, still pretty smug about that one.

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28. DJ Khaled Voice—Another One!

I’m on the airplane traveling home after seeing family and I keep trying to throw up on landing. I looked at my husband that night and told him that I was pregnant. He was a little shocked that I’d think that since our other kid was seven months old, I was exclusively nursing and I would have only been about two weeks along at that point.

A home test wouldn’t have shown anything at that point so I walked into the OB clinic and asked for a pregnancy test. They didn’t believe me but humored me, regardless. Our second kid showed up nine months later, and the nurse I talked to still couldn’t believe that I was right so early in pregnancy.

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29. A Picture to Prove It

I drew myself as a scientist in kindergarten for our “what do you want to be when you grow up” sort of activity. I still have that drawing and will be defending my PhD thesis this summer!

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30. Am I Pronouncing That Correctly?

I tried to convince my wife that we should spell our daughter's name “Beulla” instead of “Buella” since the first is phonetically correct and the other would likely be pronounced like the Spanish word abuela. She insisted it would be fine and we put her spelling on the birth certificate. Went along to the first pediatrician appointment. The nurse comes out and pronounces my daughter's name the way I predicted. We filed the paperwork to change my daughter's name that night while I tried not to smile too broadly.

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31. Never Trust the Weatherman

My dad's employee—whom I am not particularly fond of—left his car at our house today and rode with my dad to the job site. He left his windows down. I get migraines and can usually tell when it's going to rain based on how my head feels, so when my head started hurting this afternoon, I called them to warn them that he might want to run back over here to roll up the windows.

They insisted that it was fine and that he had checked the forecast and it wasn't supposed to rain until tonight. Well, it's been pouring for the past hour and guess whose windows are still down?

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32. A Mother Can Always Tell

When I was about three months pregnant, I walked into my house, tossed my car keys onto my kitchen table and in that very second, totally out of blue, I hadn’t even been thinking about it, this absolute certainty came over me—your baby is a boy. A few weeks later I’m getting my first ultrasound and the tech asks me, “Do you want to know if it’s a girl or a boy?”

Honestly, I was so sure it was a boy that I hadn’t even thought to ask her myself. So I said sure, tell me. She said, “It’s a girl.” Not one fiber of me thought she was right. A few seconds later, she moves the wand around a bit and says, “Oh wait, sorry, it’s a boy.” I KNEW IT! And yes, I now have a boy.

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33. That’s a Lot of Power

My class was putting on a show of sorts in a library. It was part of our course, the teachers look at us do stuff and give a grade. There were lights, music, fog machine, and a big screen and some VR stuff. I was looking over a couple of the guys—I was the only girl in our 10-person group—sorting out our electricity need. I'm sorry I don't know the English terms.

I was the one who had, in advance, talked with the library staff and counted basically what will blow the fuse. They were about to plug in this big/main power cable and I said not to do it because I was 99% sure it would go bad. Even the teacher said it would be fine and didn't believe my calculations. They argued with me for like 15 minutes. “It’s fine, you counted wrong!”

Eventually, I threw my hands up and said fine, go ahead and screw us all up. They went ahead and plugged in the cable...darkness. The whole library went dark. I just laughed bitterly and called maintenance. They didn't even say sorry or acknowledge that I was right. I hated my class, haven’t talked to any of them after I graduated three years ago.

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34. Medical Explanation

All throughout high school, I could not sleep at night. Sleeping early was impossible, which made waking up in the morning impossible. I was always late for school. Of course, I got the usual responses from everybody, like “You just have a messed up sleep schedule and need to reset it.” Well, midway through junior year I was behind on credits because I was missing class.

My father finally took me to a sleep specialist who diagnosed me with delayed sleep phase syndrome. Basically, I can't sleep at night but I sleep perfectly fine during the day. My sleep schedule is delayed but other than that perfectly healthy. After years of a power struggle with my parents, this was the biggest I told you moment.

I switched to night school, which the high school I was already attending offered, and it never caused any issues ever again. Just being diagnosed with it helped my life so much. Also, to every one that told me I was just lazy and didn't want to sleep—go screw yourselves.

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35. Always Trust Your Gut

After a motorcycle accident, I needed a skin graft on my foot. While I was recovering, nurses would come and change dressings at my house every day. I pointed out to three of them that there was a loose piece of bone sitting in the graft, poking out. “No, no that's just glue from the graft surgery. It'll dissolve”, they all told me.

A few weeks later I was back in the hospital to get two screws removed from a broken bone near the graft site—that in itself is another I told you so moment! The surgeon came around pre-op, followed by all the training students. I mentioned the piece of bone, which was still there. The same thing, in a very condensing way, “it's glue.”

I replied, “Okay, just look at it please.” Hours later he came to check on me in recovery. In a daze, I asked about the "glue." He sheepishly told me it was bone. I must have given him the biggest “screw you” smile as I drifted back into happy unconsciousness!

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36. Riding the High

I phoned my significant other at the Kentucky Derby and asked her to place one bet for me, a $2 superfecta. Told her I had just won money playing golf for the first—and likely only—time ever. Today is my day so please place a $2 bet for me. She gladly agreed. I called her immediately after the race, barely able to control myself. The people in her booth told her nobody ever wins those sorts of bets and not to worry about even placing it. 14,000:1 odds never felt so bad.

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37. World’s Fastest Pregnancy

I'm late to the game but going to post anyway. Back in college, about five years ago, there was this girl in one of my classes. She was Latina, woke, and very outspoken. The class was during the fall, and after Thanksgiving break, I realized she came back and had a bit of a belly. No judgment, I figured she really went all out during the week off.

But then I noticed it getting bigger, but not at the rate a "normal pregnancy" would. I confided in my best friend that this girl seemed pregnant, but something was off. Fast forward to the end of the spring semester in May. She does this whole "coming out" and the school newspaper did a story on her "social experiment."

Apparently, this girl pretended TO BE PREGNANT to see how people would treat her as an unmarried young Latina. I CALLED IT! I KNEW SOMETHING WAS OFF! It was so satisfying when I heard the news.

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38. Try and Keep up

Really tame, but we have an automated system at the generic grocery store that tracks how many customers are in the store and how long wait times are to help us know how many lanes we need to have open to keep everything running smoothly. Everybody treats it like a benevolent God that can't be predicted, but I'm the fastest checker in the store and I noticed that every time I get on a register it would ask for one fewer lanes to be open.

There's this kid that's basically just as fast as me and I was with the other floor managers looking over when to send people to break. Two people needed to go but we only had one person to take over for them. I told them to put the fast kid on there and he'll bring it down a number and they laughed, but then when we put him on I set a timer for five minutes and then dramatically pointed to the counter as it dropped, and it felt pretty badass.

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39. Motion Denied

I've been practicing law in the same venue for many years with the same judges and attorneys. New hotshot attorney out of law school is opposing counsel. It's a death case. My client was not responsible, but opposing counsel would not listen to reason. On the eve of trial, my client is willing to offer a decent amount to settle the case.

I call the attorney and encourage her to take it. I told her that if she didn't accept, when we went to trial the next day I was going to have all her evidence thrown out and strike her witnesses. She thought I was bluffing. I assured her I was not. I told her to call any attorney in the area and ask them if I was a straight shooter.

She basically told me to shut up and that she'd see me at the trial. Sure enough, the judge excludes her documentary evidence—all hearsay—and strikes her witnesses. She has zero evidence when the judge is through with her. Her client was in tears. I think she got sued for malpractice. She wasn't at that firm long after that debacle. But I told her it would happen.

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40. Baby Mama Drama

Found out my now ex-husband was sleeping with a coworker. So naturally we divorce, but still have to keep in contact because we have a daughter. Well, her fiancé finds out and leaves her as well. Now she is a decade older than me and had mentioned that she and her ex-fiancé had been trying for a baby for a long time, but never conceived.

He continued to see her and eventually, she moved on with him. He didn't want any more kids. I told him to be careful because I suspected she was only with him to have a baby. Fast forward a year, and she's pregnant. He comes to terms with it after being slightly upset. Fast forward a year after their baby was born, and she breaks up with him. Shocker.

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41. Shouldn’t Need a Background Check for Dating

In high school, my best friend’s little sister—16 at the time—brought home her new 18-year-old boyfriend from work to meet the family. I was over at the time and talked to him for a while because we were the same age. After meeting him something was off, I got the impression that he was much older than he was claiming and he had been to jail.

I wound up saying something to my friend, who told his parents and sister. Long story short, the family freaked out on me for spreading rumors that weren't true, telling me to mind my own business, etc. Two years later, the sister comes home from a date with him in tears. He finally came out and admitted to her that he was 30, not 20, and he had spent two years in prison, but refused to say for what.

I was very quick to point out to the family how I called this years earlier and was basically shamed out of their house.

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42. Conspiracy Theory

A coworker made a very unethical, behind closed doors deal with another company, and he was an agency resource, not even a full employee of my company. After months, I spoke up about something being fishy, and concerns of pre-committing purchasing, etc. My apathetic boss ignores me. All the while, coworker secures a job at the other company to work on the project that he set up with my company. Fast-forward a year later, now they are citing that project as a pre-commit for service. Wisdom never tasted so sour.

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43. The More You Know

My wife and I went to Red Lobster one day. My wife likes the shrimp and lobster pasta with Parmesan cheese. They sat her plate down and she got a weird look on her face. She told me it smelled weird—it smelled normal to me. I straight up asked her if she could be pregnant. Her eyes got wide as she starts doing some math in her head.

We went to the pharmacy afterward and got a pregnancy test. Sure enough, she didn't even know yet. All this because I remembered some random tidbit about some foods smelling off to pregnant women.

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44. Fighting for His Life

My husband is super medically fragile—he's had cancer twice and a bone marrow transplant in the last nine years. A few years ago, he had surgery on his wrist and I had a gut feeling he was brewing an infection despite being on antibiotics. His surgeon's office saw him and switched antibiotics. I contacted the cancer center because I just knew it was going to become more.

They blew me off and punted me back to the surgeon's office. I knew this was beyond the surgeon's scope. I pitched a tantrum-y fit and pretty much told them they were going to see him and I wasn't accepting no for an answer. The triage phone nurse was condescending and telling me it was probably nothing and could wait.

We got to the clinic and the nurse there started looking around the incision site. She told me that she believed my gut and pushed to admit him. The CT showed a huge infection that landed him in the hospital for a week on potent IV antibiotics with another surgery to clean out the site.

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