December 19, 2023 | Mariam Esseghaier

The Hardest I've EVER Laughed

With all the terrible news we encounter every day, it’s nice to hear joyful stories about the kind of laughter that makes life so beautiful. That’s what this article is all about. 

1. A Perfect Series Of Events

A tiny kid, maybe 4, was running around with two pop bottles. It was already a bouncy scene, so it was a recipe for disaster. She tripped, sending the bottles flying while she faceplanted. As she raised her head for a good cry, the top of one bottle popped off, spraying her face with fizzy soda.

Her mom dashed over, inexplicably still maneuvering her shopping cart, which, of course, led to her slipping on the other soda bottle. In trying to keep her balance, she grabbed the cart, which only resulted in both her and the cart toppling over. A flour bag burst upon the whole spectacle, dusting the sticky kid.

The scene could have rivaled a 1940s slapstick film for its comedic timing. Regretfully, I didn't capture it on video.

Massively Mortifying ChildrenGustavo Fring, Pexels

2. Couldn’t Be A More Awkward Situation

Back in my teens, around the '90s, my cousins and I were alone at home when one of them decided to play an adult tape on the old VCR. Despite my warning about my dad coming back soon, he went ahead. 

Our plan was to keep an eye on the front door, ready to eject the videotape if we saw my dad. But, surprise surprise, dad bypassed the front door and chose to enter via the garage side door that day, catching us off guard.

When two of us saw him, we booked it out of the room. However, my third cousin wasn't as fast. He didn't initially see my dad behind him but when he saw us sprinting, he cluelessly shouted, "Hey, where are you guys off to?” I was rolling on the floor laughing so hard I couldn't feel my legs. 

I watched from the hallway as my cousin finally noticed my dad behind him. He freaked out, trying to shut off the elusive VCR but ended up awkwardly hugging the TV to block the screen, apologising through his tears. The sheer hilarity of the situation gave me a laughing fit so intense, it felt like a fever and left my ribs aching all day. 

But man, I felt sorry for my cousin.

kid with a bowl of popcorn watching tv at homeAndrea Piacquadio, Pexels

3. An Actually Fun Experience With Roommates

In university, me and my roomies made a game out of putting away our groceries. I'd be in the dining room with the bags, they'd be in the kitchen, and I'd chuck the groceries over to them. Didn't matter what it—glass, milk, soda—it went airborne, and they'd always catch it. But then one day I lobbed over a gallon of orange juice. 

They all thought someone else would grab it, and boom, it exploded everywhere in the kitchen. A gallon's a lot when it's splattered all over your kitchen floor. We were laughing so hard trying to clean up, even crying a little, till one mate said, “Good thing it wasn't milk, otherwise it'd be an udder disaster!”

We lost it. Rolling on the floor laughing in the pool of orange juice. Painfully funny. Man, do I miss my roomies.

Group of young people are laughing, gaming and having fun.Yan Krukau, Pexels

4. What Is A Sandwich?

I totally cracked up at my friend's bachelor party thanks to his lawyer buddy. This dude comes up with this idea. He's like, every food fits in one of four categories: sandwich, salad, soup, or ravioli.

According to his theory, a taco counts as a sandwich, because it's got carbs holding the filling with open ends. And a calzone or pop tart? That's a ravioli. I know, sounds insane, but we're used to this guy's crazy ideas. One of our mates, a New Yorker, wasn't having it. He's meeting the lawyer for the first time that weekend, and things got heated. 

The more agitated the New Yorker got, the more the lawyer leaned in with his crazy logic. Take spaghetti for instance. The New Yorker's all, "What about it?", and the lawyer goes, "Obviously a salad. You got tossed ingredients with a dressing". By this point, we're all trying not to completely lose it at how bugged the New Yorker's getting.

Then came the breaking point. The New Yorker gets up, slams his hands on the table, and yells at the top of his lungs, "PIZZA IS NOT A SANDWICH". Meanwhile, we're all crying because we're laughing so hard. Ah, good times.

Portrait of a laughing man pointing at the camera with both handsDean Drobot, Shutterstock

5. A Short Game Of Tag

I was chillin' on the sidewalk next to this metal electrical box, and my little sister was sandwiched between me and it. Suddenly, she screams "TAG! YOU'RE IT!" and swivels around to bolt. She whams into the box, just like Wile E Coyote smacking into a wall.

Man, I can't remember the last time I laughed that hard. People walked by later, seeing nothing but a sobbing child and an adult practically rolling with laughter. Eventually, I gathered myself, hoisted her up and reassured her she'd be fine. I felt kinda guilty, but I totally held back more giggles on the journey back home.

Clueless People FactsUnsplash

6. Making Someone Laugh Can Be The Kindest Gesture

Back in my college days, I roomed with my pal Matt. My first serious girlfriend did something crazy and ended it. She left me totally crushed. I bawled for ages. Dealing with some heavy depression only made things worse. There I was in bed, arm over my face to hide the tears from Matt. 

He let me know an old friend was visiting from Round Rock, TX over the weekend. Whatever, didn't care. Forgot about it until the dude walked in. His name was Chet. As he and Matt reconnected, Chet wondered what was wrong with me. Matt filled him in about the break-up and my depression. Chet immediately kicked into action. 

He yanked my covers off, tugged my arm away, and told me, "Not while I'm here. Not on my watch". Try as I might, I was still crying. But he got me up and seated me next to Matt. We all chatted. He cracked jokes. I can't recall a single one. All I know is, in less than half an hour, I was laughing so hard I fell off my chair. First time that ever happened.

Over the weekend, Chet had me in stitches. He was my lifeline. I saw him like a brother, or even an angel. When he finally left, I hugged him, told him I loved him. We'd chat now and then over Facebook. Until one day, I logged in and saw all these "RIP" and "miss you" posts. I was confused. 

When I asked his aunt what was up, she said, "I'm sorry, honey. Chet's gone. Took his own life". They spread his ashes in Garner State Park, by Round Rock. His favorite spot. I happened to be at my mom's when I found out. First time she saw me cry since I was a kid. Tried hard to keep it in, but I lost it. Even now, six years later, I breakdown thinking of him.

I once asked Matt what the heck Chet said that had me rolling so much. He told me, "It wasn't one thing. The guy was a natural comedian". I won't ever forget when he lifted me from my bed and said, "Not on my watch".

Dark Family Secrets FactsUnsplash

7. Ice Cream Unicorn

There were these two middle-aged folks with ice creams in hand. Unfortunately, they didn't notice the ledge in front of them. The dude trips and his ice cream lands smack dab on a kid's forehead. The kid's standing there like a unicorn, ice cream cone and all.

I totally lost it.

Parents Lie FactsShutterstock

8. Don’t Try This At Home

So, I was at this party. Some nutcase starts a ride-on mower and has the genius idea to let it spin in high gear. It was hilarious at first, but soon got really old. We decided to try to stop it, but even more chaos ensued. Speedy Gonzalez had nothing on this mower, and let's just say we were not exactly sober. 

Every attempt to stop it ended up with one of us face-planting mud and almost being run down by this beast. It was so ridiculous that we couldn't help but laugh our heads off. We even started tossing rocks at it, which looked like monkeys trying to hit a pinata. This crazy scene lasted for an hour before it finally ran out of fuel.

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9. The Most Ultimate Wedgie Ever

There's a closed school near my place that my four brothers and I used to goof around in one particular summer, pretty much making it our secret hangout. One day, our basket and skateboard session got busted by a passing officer. Since we weren't supposed to be there, we freaked out and tried to dash home, hopping over the fence.

All of us are pretty good at jumping fences, so we tossed our bikes over ahead of us, hoping to escape before he rounded the corner. I mean, he probably just wanted us to scoot off home, but being kids, we panicked.

As I was about to fetch a bike, I glanced at my youngest bro, who was like six or seven. Poor kid got his pants snagged on the fence on his way down, resulting in the most epic wedgie. He was just hanging there by his briefs, not touching the ground. Immediately, our rush to get home turned into a laugh fest. 

We laughed so hard that we found it tough to even help my brother, who was dangling with his behind showing and bellowing for assistance. I reckon it’s my most cherished memory from those days.

twin boys in denim jacketsalexaSH, Shutterstock

10. The Confusing Game Of Dress Up

So, when my little guy was just four, I told him to get dressed for the day. Off he scurried to his room, coming back half an hour later with something like 20 tees on, turning him into a mini hulk, atop a lone pair of shorts.

I bit back a laugh when he proudly announced, "Daddy, I'm dressed, and I've got my undies on," with a mischievous twinkle in his eye. It was clear, he'd skipped the underwear, and I had no clue about the shirt brigade, so I asked, "Buddy, how many shirts you got on there?"

"Just one,” was all he said. So, we goofed around for a bit and eventually, nature called. As he scampered off, I followed nonchalantly and got an eyeful when he left the bathroom door open. His pants down, no undies in sight, and again that puffed-up torso. It was hilarious, really.

I pointed out to him, "Dude, you gotta shut the door. Also, you aren't wearing underwear as you claimed". He parried with, "No, daddy, I'm wearing them, you just can't see". With a shake of the head, I replied, "Yeah, sure you are," and closed the door.

Later, he pranced back into the living room and launched into a t-shirt peeling session and stacked them high on the floor. I couldn't for the life of me guess what this was about, but he seemed to be enjoying himself.

Straight until he had a mountain of like 20-25 shirts and, as he pulled off the penultimate one, lo and behold, there was a pair of underwear on the floor. He triumphantly pointed at them, saying, "See daddy I was wearing underwear". I was utterly stunned. Cheeky little guy still fibbed about the single shirt, though!

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11. Classic.

That part in The Office when Kevin spills his chili? Absolute laughter riot.

Black man is laughing while working on the laptop in the kitchen.Tima Miroshnichenko , Pexels

12. Funny Weird Randomness

While chilling in the university canteen, my buddy and I joined a couple of guys we kinda knew. My mate asked them out of the blue what they liked.

Next thing, he's like, "I dig..." and went on rattling about random stuff for about half an hour, maybe even more. The dudes were just sitting there, visibly baffled. I was down with something, turned out to be mono later, and my throat was killing me. But the hilarity of the situation made me crack up, despite the pain.

The Dumbest AdultsPexels

13. Listen, She’s Got A Point

Me and my ex were strolling into Target, and she burped and let one rip simultaneously. Then, she blurted out jokingly, "If you can't handle me when I'm gross, you don't deserve me when I'm great!" I couldn't stop laughing.

Power tripsShutterstock

14. Remembering The Experience But Not The Actual Joke

The first time I hit up Costco with my soon-to-be spouse, they cracked a goofy bee joke. We were freshly dating and I wasn't feeling too hot, so I was munching on some kale. We brushed past these beekeeper hives—and they let out a shirt pun that we can't even recall nowadays. 

I busted out laughing so hard, kale bits sprayed all over their face. This made me laugh even more and I ended up choking, flustered and crying, trying to keep it together.

I somewhat toppled to the ground due to my difficulty breathing from being under the weather. They simply stood there, cracking up at my chaos, and checking if I was alright. It was a hilarious and sweet memory that we continue to chuckle over.

Inappropriate Laughter Is The Best LaughterFreepik,freepik

15. Milk Football

A few years back, while I was nearly 8 or 9, my pops and I were tidying up after shopping. He reckons having a laugh and starts playing catch with milk packs. He shouts, "GO DEEP," and BAM, he smashes the carton before I could even turn. KABOOM, it bursts. Milk. Spilled. All over.

Inappropriate Laughter Is The Best LaughterFreepik,cookie_studio

16. I Doubt He’s The Target Of Their Jokes Anymore

Back in high school, my lunch squad had a bit of a scapegoat, we'll call him Simon. Simon was kind of awkward and he often ended up being the punchline in the group. We were a small gang of four and occasionally Simon took it to heart, understandably. 

One day, on our way to lunch, I gave him some advice. I let him know that he had to stand up for himself or the guys would never respect him. He had to respond when the others teased him, and I promised to support him. At lunch that day, I felt like I'd just dropped some serious knowledge on Simon. 

As we approached our friends, Parthik and Renello, we caught them in the middle of a joke that had them both laughing pretty hard. Simon, mistaking their laughter as being at his expense, confronted them with a menacing grin. "What's so funny, Renello?" Simon challenged Renello, who was still cracking up. 

Without hesitation, Simon grabbed his pizza stick, covered it in ketchup, and smeared it right across Renello's face. "How's this, you cheesy goof!?" Simon spat out. The table had already been laughing, but now the focus had shifted to Simon. 

Renello couldn't get out a response, barely able to breathe between his fits of laughter as Simon smeared his face with the ketchup'd pizza stick and repeatedly asked him if he liked it. In the midst of the bedlam, Renello managed to mouth the phrase "WTH!?" still finding humor in the pure ridiculousness of the moment.

Eventually, things settled down a bit and Simon learned that they hadn't actually been laughing at him when he'd walked up to the table.

Group of friends having lunch and making a toast at table.Kampus Production, Pexels

17. Sometimes Analogies Are Misunderstood

In college, I had a choir teacher who loved using odd comparisons. She tried to help us project sound by using our sinuses; she told us to think of our head as a huge basketball through which air was rushing. Wait, so my head's a ball now?

Another lesson involved singing with "rubato"—that's when the pace of the music constantly changes as directed by the conductor. She asked us to see ourselves as baseball hitters during practice. If we can't adjust to fast or slow pitches, we'd be hopeless during the game. Her point? Watch her like a pitching machine.

She never repeated her bizarre metaphors...except this one time. We had a major competition coming up. The dean and other administrators were there to watch our rehearsal. Our choir teacher made us do sectionals—one person from each section had to step up and sing alone, exposing all their imperfections.

I was chosen from the bass/baritone team. During a song with rubato, the entire choir was lagging. Instead of getting us back on track, she kept upping the tempo. Abruptly, she halted us and said we're not keeping up with her. I tried to argue that she was going too fast. She pointed at me and blurted, "Your balls don't appear at the same time!!"

Now, the funniest part was not what she said, but who she was. She was an epitome of elegance, grace, and propriety. She hosted phenomenal dinners and had impeccable language skills. Our teacher didn't have a bad bone in her body.

So, rather than laughing, I just stood there. I had a hard time digesting the phrase. I mean, what did she mean by "balls"? Looking around, my mates were all nodding, "Absolutely, balls don't land at the same time". Eventually, I voiced my confusion, "um, what??" Her son, bless him, was part of the choir and sensed my utter confusion. 

He tactfully hinted that his mom was referring to the pitching machine. Whoosh! Relief flooded me. It all made sense now! As I uttered an enlightened "OHHHHhhhhh," suddenly, everyone started laughing at my naiveté. Our choir teacher turned beet red. It was hysterical, I couldn't stop laughing. 

She left the room, almost breaking down and I followed, trying to stammer an apology despite my incessant laughter.

"I'm sorry for acting so childish (laughter) didn't mean to upset you (laughter)".

Most Embarrassing Childhood Memories factsShutterstock

18. You Never Want To Be The First To Crack

During my high school band days, the flute section was tuning a high note. It started with the girl next to me and we were all supposed to follow her tuning. Once the conductor got her tuned, she asked her to continue playing. She said the most hilarious thing possible: "Emily, awesome, now keep that D".

I snickered first, and then everyone couldn't help but laugh. Since I was the first to chuckle, I got singled out as the immature one.

Student SecretsShutterstock

19. When He Think YOU’RE The One Doing It Wrong

We were chilling at a campsite in the Netherlands. Me and my lil bro were messing around with a giant vertical wheel toy. It had holes for your feet and handles to hold onto. It was fun until our dad stepped in, saying we were using it wrong.

Without missing a beat, he hopped on it, backwards no less, and managed to spin himself upside down. It didn't take long before he was freaking out, his feet inching out of the holes. Then, bam! He hit the deck, sucking in air like a vacuum.

While pops was gasping, me, mom and my bro were cracking up. A lady from across the park came running over. She shot us a dirty look and yelled, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING? HELP HIM!" Which just made us laugh even more.

Terrifying Camping Experiences factsPixabay

20. I’m Sure The Clerk Didn’t Find This Remotely Funny

Back in my late teenage years, my buddies and I were super hungry. Walking around at 2am, hoping we'd find an open place, we spotted a convenience store. We dashed in and made a beeline for the sweets and snacks aisle. Ah, it was like a dream.

The shopkeeper was just there, glaring at us. The shop was only occupied by us and it was so silent we could hear our own heartbeats. My bud spotted a box of Ah Caramels and got super excited. We were all just standing there, mesmerized by the caramels, when we realized we didn't have the guts to face the shopkeeper.

We were having a hushed mini-debate about who should go and pay. After taking turns saying "you do it," we realized none of us was brave enough to do it. So, here we were, stuck in the store, unable to muster the courage to buy anything. The shopkeeper had seen us and we knew we needed to buy something. We felt cornered, how were we going to slip out?

My friend couldn't help but chuckle at the absurdity of it all. She tried to stifle her laughs but they kept slipping out. Eventually, she burst out laughing! Tears were streaming down her face and she was doubled over. Seeing this, my other friend decided to make a run for it. I followed suit. 

My hysterically laughing friend eventually gave in, dropped the caramels, and raced after us. We ended up in the parking lot, bent over in a laughter fit. Peeking back at the store, we noticed the shopkeeper gazing at us, an utterly confused expression on his face. 

After laughing our hearts out for a few more minutes, we composed ourselves, wiped away the tears, and just strolled off as if nothing had happened.

Interior shot of convenience store with employees and costumers.Sorbis, Shutterstock

21. Be Specific

I was chilling at my future in-laws' place post-Thanksgiving. Over breakfast and a newspaper, I came across "Thanksgiving mess-ups" with real-life stories. There was this one about a newbie sister-in-law hosting the big dinner. She wanted to play "Queen of the Castle," handling everything herself.

The story went on forever with the writer mentioning everyone and their dog giving tons of advice. But here's where I lost it. Apparently, someone told the sister-in-law to wash the turkey, and that got giggles going. As it goes, the turkey turned out pretty grand, apart from a weird aftertaste, at which point I was cackling.

Post-meal, the sister-in-law asked a trusted family member how to improve next time. The odd aftertaste was discussed. She chimed in, "I was told to wash the turkey. Wasn't sure whether to use dish soap or hand soap, I used both, just in case". I was helpless with laughter, and even broke some blood vessels around my eyes. 

Legit looked like I'd been in a scrap.

OMG I'm Dating An IdiotPexels

22. Cut Them Some Slack

One midnight, the chat was popping off with my buddies on Discord. We were on about how some stuff, really random unfunny stuff, cracks me up. They were ribbing me for laughing at anything. So, my buddy makes the power move and changes his name to "Just Dance 2014".

I lose it, laugh my head off. Can't explain why. Maybe all that talk about my random laugh attacks set me off.

Man is playing a computer video game in dark room and eating.Tima Miroshnichenko ,Pexels

23. Laughing Is Contagious

Back when my sis and I were kids, we were goofing around—and she made a dire mistake. She stepped on a rake. BAM. Right in the face! She was crying instantly but seeing my laughter made her join in too. Then, just as she'd started laughing hard, she stepped on ANOTHER rake. Yep, we had two of them. 

It was absolutely hilarious, and I still tease her about that epic fail to this day.

dry oak tree leavesDamien (DAM) Right, Pexels

24. Random Running

Just wrapped up my drive with the crew. I hopped back onto the golf cart, charged ahead around the corner. Oops, I forgot one of them flubbed their shot, so they stopped. All I could do was hit the brakes, locking the cart.

Being a free spirit, I drove with one foot hanging out. On impact with the other cart, I was thrown forward into a run. To my surprise, I was breezing past my buddies I just smacked into. Looking back, I caught my brother tangled up in the passenger seat, squished against the windshield. He was like, "Dude, why'd you jump the cart?"

The other guys couldn't hold their laughs after hurling some choice words. They were still processing the jolt when they saw me sprinting by. My bro, still folded in the front seat, seemed baffled. Everybody was safe, no one got a scratch, and I still giggle and cry laughing at the memory.

Just a heads-up—don't goof with golf carts, folks have gotten hurt, even fatally.

Black man wearing blue shirt and black hat is seating in golf cart.Jopwell , Pexels

25. The Kid Knows What He Wants

When I was a summer camp counselor handling second graders, I met Danny. He had a bit of social awkwardness and would sometimes cause problems, but he was intellectually mature for his age. We built a connection over shared interests in games like Minecraft and Five Nights at Freddie's.

One beautiful park day, our conversation was drifting between games and random topics. Out of the blue, completely serious, Danny blurts out an odd statement: "Mr Johrel, if I wake up as a woman someday, I'll be all kinds of mad". I couldn't help but crack up. His earnest face tickled me more. It was the highlight of my summer.

Teacher talesShutterstock

26. Most Things Are Funny At 4am 

During my first year in college, my buddy and I were working till 4am in our design studio. I left a tad earlier than him. As I was strolling, I heard the unmistakable sound of a skateboard getting closer. My mate speeds past me, his art stuff packed into a huge shoulder bag, and hollers, "Hey, YOU!" 

Then, he smashed into a curb and completely wiped out. He was fine, but I can't recall a time I've cracked up so much.

Person getting on a  skateboardMESSALA CIULLA, Pexels

27. The Hilarious Joke That Turned Into A Reality

My then-girlfriend and I were wrapping up a chill vacation, kicking it at the casino one night when I spotted a photobooth. We thought it'd be hilarious to take a phony wedding picture, given we had agreed when we started dating to never tie the knot.

We paid up and chose the wedding theme, but it turns out, it was a single person shot. Bummer we couldn't have our pretend wedding pic together. However, an idea popped in my head. I said, "Watch this". I tilted my hand towards the camera and gave it the finger. As the photo spit out, there we were: a beaming bride and a groom replaced by a finger.

The sight of it had us rolling around in laughter. Seriously, I don't think we'd ever laughed so hard. It was tears-streaming-down-your-face kind of funny. As we headed home, we'd calm down a bit only to lose it every time we glanced at that ridiculous photo.

We had a riot pranking some buddies who'd been bugging us about marriage. Told them we got hitched while on vacation and shared the photo after they'd wished us well. Laughs just kept coming. Years later, the photo is still magnet-stuck on our fridge. As for the marriage, well, we did end up saying 'I do' a few years later.

Weird Couple Secrets FactsShutterstock

28. Gotta Love It When The Teacher Is Involved

My health teacher is pretty laid-back during tests. If you have a question, he'll help out, probably cause he knows no one gives a hoot about health class—him included.

One time, a fellow student was going around begging for an eraser. Everyone just brushed him off. Instead of going back to his seat, he stands up and starts ranting and cussing about how no one will give him an eraser, right in front of everyone.

"Why won't you guys give me an eraser? It's only an eraser! You wouldn't lose anything by giving me one!" His hands are going wild, and he's clearly peeved. All of us—even the teacher—we just stop and gawk at him. Then the teacher bursts out laughing. 

Not a mean-spirited laugh or one that's mocking—he's in stitches, cracking up. Next thing you know, the whole class is laughing, including me. I'm not even sure why we're all laughing so much, but the fact that the teacher is howling at a situation that could've been seen as a cheat move or disruptive behavior? That just ended me.

Young student is answering in classroom.Max Fischer, Pexels

29. Yeah, I Take Her Side, Too

My girlfriend and I both battle the bulge. One day, we're at my digs and she's in the bathroom while I'm on the laptop. Suddenly I hear her holler, "I'm so fat!" Not missing a beat, I quip, "How fat are you?" She storms from the bathroom, looking mad as heck. I'm cracking up. 

Her angry looks dart to my decorative sword on the wall, and her unspoken—and then very spoken—threats have me in stitches. I'm crying from laughing so hard. I've shared this incident with buddies, and they always take her side. Deserved it, sure, but it was hilarious. Eventually, she moved in, so yeah, she forgave me.

Weird Couple Secrets FactsPxfuel

30. Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Once, I was at my sister's place feeling pretty off. We were hanging out in the kitchen, she was trying to give me some medicine. She accidentally poured too much, too quickly and it started to spill. Panicked, she tried to shove the spoon into my shut mouth to avoid a major mess, but I was taken by surprise.

Instead, I made a hilarious "hblaapblbm" sound as the medicine exploded everywhere, including all over my top. We both just busted up laughing. For the rest of the hour, we had to avoid looking at each other because it made us laugh even harder.

Young man is coughing and covering his mouth with his hand.stockking, Freepik

31. Who Brought A Fork

I first watched The Room at my college's cinema. They gave us these mini pamphlets with shout-out cues like "FOCUS!", along with plastic spoons. When the first spoon showed up on screen, spoons started falling from all directions. The clatter echoed everywhere. I was already a mess. 

Out of nowhere, the dude beside me picks something up, gets on his feet, waves it to the crowd, and yells, "Who the heck brought a FORK??!!!" Our collective laughter lasted for a stretch.

Couple is watching a movie at cinema.Pavel Danilyuk , Pexels

32. When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go

So me and my two best mates, who I've known since I was a little kid, were rolling out from a friend's place in our last year of high school. We're chilling in my bud's truck, which, mind you, has a back-up camera. He gets set to back out, but my other buddy puts a pause on that because he had to go to the washroom. 

Given it was night and we're basically in the middle of nowhere, he goes to do his business behind the truck. Now, the truck's still in reverse gear and my mate still has his foot on the brake. And my other pal? He's relieving himself right in the path of the backup camera.

Me and my friend in the truck just burst out laughing, watching that bizarre spectacle on the screen and then looking at each other. We're just pointing at the screen, in complete shock at this random act. 

Finally, he climbs back into the truck, and we're still cracking up, trying to explain through our fits of laughter, pointing at the backup camera screen, that he'd just peed on live TV, well, sort of. All he had was a resigned grin and a shake of his head in response.

red pickup truckAndrea Piacquadio, Pexels

33. Maybe Next Time Just Do Pit Stops

We're coming back from a rugby tournament, four of us crammed into an SUV on a 13-hour road trip. While the driver keeps his eyes on the road, the rest of us are chilling with a few drinks.

To make the journey smoother, we grabbed a couple of those large-mouthed Gatorade bottles. The idea? Drink the sports drink then use the empty bottles as makeshift toilets, chucking the contents out the window. Seems like a laugh, right? And it was, until one buddy in the backseat requested a "pee bottle". 

He starts to pee into the first bottle and soon it's clear there's a problem. He's got a lot more to give. He asks for the second bottle, but there isn't one available. Anxiety hits as his bottle fills up and emptying the second bottle becomes a race against physics. My buddy's freaked out about peeing all over himself.

As his bottle reaches capacity, he decides to attempt to hold the flow while the second bottle frees up. Just when it looks like pee will overflow, the passenger shouts that he's cleared his bottle. We quickly pass it back, and I hold it out for my friend. But instead of grabbing it, he gives a half shrug and declares, “Don’t need it anymore. I peed in my pants”. 

He then points to a mammoth wet patch that has soaked his shorts, looking like he'd taken a surprise dip. The insanity of the whole event has us all cracking up. I laugh so hard that my contact lenses pop out. It's definitely the most I've ever laughed, even if the story doesn't quite do these hilarious pee antics justice. There you have it.

Road Trip EntertainmentAdobe

34. Tears Of Laughter Or Repulsion

So, last year in our dorm, we were too lazy to buy toilet paper and used kitchen roll instead, which led to a monumental disaster—a toilet clog. After shrugging it off and deciding let it be, my bestie and I went out, got incredibly hammered, and came back home.

Since my room shared a wall with the can, I heard everything clearly—like my hungover friend freaking out about the blocked toilet. He came to me, obviously uncomfortable, asking where to do his business if the toilet's clogged. My genius ideas? The garden or a bag.

Turns out, the bag suggestion clicked with him. He grabbed a plastic bag from the kitchen, but came back to get a tutorial on how to use it as a makeshift toilet. His face when he realized I'd used this strategy myself earlier though—a priceless mix of shock, disgust, and hilarity.

My friend then locks himself in the bathroom—redundant considering I was already privy to all the sound effects through the wall. The images those sounds made will haunt me till eternity. Finally done, he comes out with a plastic bag filled with his dung, and we both are literally in tears—either laughing-our-heads-off or completely grossed-out, not really sure.

Next came the disposal convo—mine was sneakily tossed in a neighbor’s bin. After a game of chicken with the bag of poop nearly smashing towards my face and us tearing around the house, he finally decides to chuck it. Surprise, surprise—our postman was right outside our front door as he opened it, poop bag in display.

This story still cracks me up. I have a photo of my friend triumphantly holding his poop bag, though I've sworn to never let it see the light of day.

Secret Lives of the RichShutterstock

35. Jump Scare

So my boyfriend and I hosted a sleepover for my little bro about a year ago, it kicked off pretty great. Turns out, mom forgot to tell me this kid likes to crash her bed for some late night snuggles. Fast forward to 2am. My guy's sleeping with eyes towards the open door that's straight out onto the hallway.

We'd left on these reddish pink fairy lights in lil bro's room, which made the second floor glow with a creepy red vibe thanks to his open door. Next thing I know, I'm yanked out of a deep sleep by bloodcurdling, hair-raising screams. Like six full-on seconds of this. When my eyes open, I find my guy screaming next level high pitch, like Marv from Home Alone with the tarantula situation.

I'm yelling, "What the heck! What’s going on?!" I've been with this man five years, never heard such a noise. He suddenly chills out, says "Oh, hey mollypop’s bro," totally cool about it. Little brother is grinning in the doorway. He'd decided to try his midnight snuggle move on us and had begun whispering my boyfriend's name from this spooky, red-lit hallway. 

My boyfriend, half-asleep saw him as some demon kid, not loving the view at all, hence the terror screams. Once it's clear what happened, with my brother thinking it's the funniest thing ever, I lose it. We all end up laughing till we're crying. Definitely a memory for the books.

He high-tailed it into our bed and my boyfriend peaced out back to sleep pretty quick after that adrenaline drop. My brother and me, we laid there, giggling ourselves silly for at least 30 min. Every time one of us started to chill, the other would set it off again. Easily one of the funniest things in my life. I totally wish we had a recording of those screams.

Man and woman sleeping in the bedroom.Kampus Production , Pexels

36. This Is A “You Had To Be There” Moment

So, I popped over to Michigan to see my cousin. We were chilling in a restaurant, talking about everything under the sun. Somehow, we ended up discussing the Canadian accent. I guess because Michigan's pretty close to Canada, quite a few people there have a hint of it.

I tried to spell out "sorry" as if I was pronouncing it with a Canadian twang. "I dunno, they just say it odd. Sorry, like s-o-r-r-y. Wait, that's the actual spelling. LOL, you get what I'm saying". Then there was this awkward silence and we both just burst out laughing. I'm talking real tears, gasping for breath, holding our bellies kinda laughing, for a whole ten minutes. 

Reading this, you're probably like "Ok, that's dumb and not even close to funny," but I swear, I've never laughed so hard in my life. That's a memory I cherish.


37. It Was A Bull’s Eye For Laughter

So a while back, I was chilling in this bubble tea joint with my girl and a buddy. There's also this other couple there who looked like they were on a study date. Apart from us and the staff, the place was deserted. I was the only one facing them.

As the evening rolled on, the other couple decided to play a few rounds on the electronic dart board. If you don't know, it's just like a regular dart board, but with darts that stick onto a rubber bit that keeps track of your score. It was clear the girl had no idea how to play, so her date showed her how to throw. 

She finally mustered up the courage to give it a shot, she wound up her arm and let it rip. BANG! She slammed the dart into the bottom of the dart machine with all her might. It was like she was taking out her anger on the poor thing. 

The sound was so startling that we all looked around, but no one made a big deal out of it since it was obviously her first time. I chuckled a bit, and my girlfriend caught on. Her date encouraged her to try again, suggesting she aim a bit higher. She wound up again and let it fly. BANG!

She missed again, this time slamming the sign on top of the machine. I think she felt pretty awkward after that and stopped. At that moment, I remember feeling sorry for trying to hold in my laughter because it was such a silent place, and I nearly wet myself laughing.

It just happened that my friend was in the bathroom while all of this happened. Not only did I have to suppress one of the biggest laughs I've ever had, but I also had to recap the whole thing to my friend after I finally stopped laughing so hard I was tearing up.

Spouses With Secrets FactsShutterstock

38. Maybe The Birds Don’t Like Their Eggs Being Stolen

When I was a kid, my dad and I would gather bird eggs on a seaside cliff. We'd put on safety harnesses and connect to the same rope. But a few nests were out of reach while harnessed, so I had to unclip the rope, with my dad holding onto me.

Everything went smoothly until one bird decided to repeatedly attempt to vomit on me. Despite dodging its attacks, I was ready to pull it away from its nest. That's when the bird let loose a massive pile of poo right next to my face. The whole ordeal lasted for about a minute.

I was shocked for a moment, then I just burst out laughing. The bird must have been feeling light as a feather after depositing all that extra weight. So there I was, hanging from a cliff with no harness, laughing my head off. My dad, unable to see what was happening, was really confused.

Dumbest personPexels

39. At Least Someone Was Laughing

Once, when I was back from univerity, I crashed at my folks' trailer. My dog used to stay with them, so we'd usually bunk together when I was home.

Picture this: One side of the trailer had a "lounge" with a couple of recliners, a sofa, and a telly. Jammed next to it was a teeny tiny kitchen and a dining space with a small round table and three seats. Then, there's a step, a super small bathroom, and finally the bedroom.

On that fateful night, after walking the dog, we both hopped onto the sofa to sleep. A few hours later, I woke up to my dad's voice and a revolting smell. "Did you poop?" He asked. At this point, I realised my dog was missing. I heard the bed groan as dad got out, and almost instantly, he said in a dazed voice, "Good lord".

Though I was still lounging on the sofa in the dark, dad thought I'd nodded off and tried to wake me amid his gasping shocks of "good lord". Half-asleep as I was, I asked him about what went wrong. Turns out, my dog had a bad tummy and squirted diarrhoea all over the kitchen floor. 

I mean, my dog is part lab, boxer, and pit bull—he's not small. And clearly, he had more in him than anyone thought. The smell was something else. Like vomit-covered rotting carcass exposed to the sun too long. The floor was basically drowning in it.

The moment dad said, "Your dog squirted all over the kitchen," I completely freaked out. I was laughing so hard; I was sobbing. I was shaking so violently that it jolted the whole trailer, waking my mom up in the other room. Hearing me cry, she asked what's up. Between fits of laughter and tears, all I could muster out was "Deku," my dog's name, and "poop".

Mom was mad I woke her up more than anything else. Guess who ended up with pooper duty—dad. He obviously found the whole episode far less amusing.

Leonard Nimoy FactsShutterstock

40. This Show Has So Many Laugh Out Loud Moments

The scene in Parks and Rec where Rob Lowe is ill and tells his reflection, "Stop. Pooping". I cracked up for a half hour. My guy was getting a bit anxious since I couldn't stop laughing.

Couple are seating on the bed and watching a movie.cottonbro studio , Pexels

41. Contradictions Are Funny

I was at this huge bookstore, multiple floors and all, going down the stairs when I heard a phone ring. Some worker picks it up and says, "Self-help, how may I assist you?" This struck me as the funniest thing ever, so I started laughing. We’re talking belly laughs here, the kind that have people turning to stare at you.

That just made it even funnier to me. I tried to dodge the stares by moving to a different section, but I was still laughing and getting even more attention. So I walked faster, laughed harder and drew more eyes with every new section I passed. Eventually, I did like a half lap of the place before ducking under the stairs I'd just walked down, just to catch my breath again.

Woman Browsing A BookstorePixabay, Pexels

42. The Wind Can Be Tricky

So, it was a blustery day, and I was having a packed lunch with my colleagues. All of a sudden, a strong blast of wind whipped my bag and entire meal right from my hands, leaving me left holding a fork and facing an empty table. I didn't even bother going after it. Instead, I began to laugh so uncontrollably that I had to drop down on the ground.

Young asian man is sitting outside and laughing.Armin Rimoldi , Pexels

43. Will Ferrell Never Fails

The part in Step Brothers where the bunk bed falls down had me cracking up. I can't explain it, but when I watched it for the first time, I couldn't stop laughing.

Inappropriate Laughter Is The Best LaughterShutterstock

44. But What Could It Mean?

My recent dream had this buddy of mine spending a solid two hours totally engrossed in scribbling something. When he finally completed it, he flashed it my way. Scribbled in a kindergartner’s handwriting with a crayon, the paper just read, "Apple Cider Dognuts".

It was so funny; I giggled myself awake, with tears rolling.

Petty vengeancePixabay

45. Hopefully The Mom Laughed As Well

My ma once went "Boo!" at my pa who couldn't quit hiccuping. The way she said it was so genuine and sweet that it got us cracking up. We laughed so hard we couldn't stop.

That whole giggle fest went off for almost an hour.

House Visits Gone SO WrongShutterstock

46. Teenagers These Days!

I can't recall the specifics, but my bestie and I, back when we were young teens, were rolling around on her bedroom floor, yelling "FISH OUT OF WATER". We were determined to show her mom, who gave us this "what are you on" look. I nearly blacked out, I was laughing so hard.

Perfect Comebacks FactsUnsplash

47. Until Your Lungs Give Out

The first time I watched the SpongeBob SquarePants episode where Mr Krabs kicks the crew out of the Krusty Krab for Squidward's commercial, except for a clown who's allowed to stay and celebrate. I was 11. And boy, did I laugh so hard I thought I would pass out from not being able to breathe.

Inappropriate Laughter Is The Best LaughterPexels

48. Beware The Laugh Cycle

Hanging with my bestie and her new guy, and we went out for some Mexican food. She's totally head over heels and doing her utmost to impress him, looking cute, saying all the sweetest stuff, the works. Suddenly, he peaces out to the toilet. Not long after, she goes for an epic sneeze mid-monster bite of a bean burrito. 

Then she hunches over, a weird wheezing sound coming from her. Worried, I asked if all was okay or if she was choking. She looks up and it's obvious she isn't choking. Instead, the power of her sneeze had fired beans from her mouth to her nostrils and now they're glopping onto the table. 

The panic in her eyes is real as she checks to see if her guy is coming back from the bathroom. I'm bewildered for a bit, but when I finally catch on, I crack up, big time. As I'm laughing, she attempts to say, "Please don't tell him," but she's still got a mouthful of beans and they start slipping out.

The sight of my stunning friend with beans erupting from her face, the fear in her voice, just the whole crazy moment, had me laughing like a loon. She managed to de-bean herself before her guy came back, but I couldn't stop chuckling. Tears were streaming down my face. 

Soon, she starts laughing too, and we contagiously bounce off each other. Her guy comes back asking what's the joke. We are in such a fit, we could hardly speak. It took a solid ten minutes for us to reign it in, and even after, looking at each other was just a trigger to more giggles.

Just for the record, I've never spilled the beans to him, but they're hitched now, so who knows, maybe one day.

Worst Dates factsShutterstock

49. A Lot Of Weird Stuff Goes Down In Hostels

I was bunking in a hostel when I heard loads of noise from the room next door. Curious, I went to see what's up. The four dudes in there were trembling like they'd just seen a ghost. One guy's fingertips were bleeding.

Apparently, two cats had sneaked into their room and started a catfight right on top of the dude with bleeding fingers. He freaked out, jumped off his bed, and started desperately clawing at the wall.

When I pictured the scene in my head, I busted out laughing along with everyone else. It was so hilarious that it hurt. I couldn't even eat properly for the next couple of days because I'd burst into giggles in the middle of my meal.

Black And White CatДмитрий Рощупкин, Pexels

50. Long Road Trips Will Do That

In the height of those funny "what the heck?" memes, my college pals and I hit the road from Michigan to New Orleans for Mardi Gras during spring break. Around ten hours in, when we were all feeling super restless and bored from the long ride, a tire randomly rolled across the highway right in front of our car.

My buddy, just as the tire was passing us, yelled, "WHAT IN TIIIIRE NATION!” That was the heartiest laugh I ever had, all thanks to that ridiculous gag.

a man and woman driving in a car with a highway in frontAiram Dato-on, Pexels

Sources: Reddit,


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