February 19, 2020 | Jess Silverberg

Gloves Off: People Share The Worst Things They’ve Done In Anger

We all get angry sometimes. But sometimes that anger boils up so bad that we do something we regret for months, even years to come. These Redditors know what it’s like to be overcome with rage. They did things out of anger that they regret to this day, and came together to share their tales. The stories range from embarrassing, to enlightening, to downright hilarious in retrospect. Times like this may not represent your best self, but sometimes all you can do is look back and laugh at the bad choices you once made, and appreciate the growth you’ve achieved. Here are 50 stories of anger taken too far.

#1 That Voodoo

I drew a picture of my family members and drew fire around them while crying. I was eight.

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#2 That Was Only 999, Start Over

I forced my sister to apologize to me 1,000 times. I sat there and counted each of them. I can’t recall how old I was at the back then.

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#3 One Eye Open

My mother's ex-husband and I had a really volatile relationship. He was mentally and emotionally abusive and my mom was an alcoholic. There was one day where things got extremely bad. Both my mom and her ex-husband were drinking. All I did was walk in the door and that's when it all started. I was told I had no friends.

I was told my family didn't care about me and that if I disappear it would be a good break because I was disappointing. I was told that they wished I was dead. I kept trying to tell them to leave me alone, but they went too far. I tried hiding in my room too, but they followed me. I at one point finally became so enraged at them I flipped my bed over. Not just the mattress, I'm talking bedframe and all.

It was because I kept a knife under my bed. I then chased them out with a knife and threatened them. Yeah. That was fun to explain to the authorities.

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#4 Burn, Buddy, Burn

I drew my friend burning in lava with the devil hanging out next to him. I was nine. I got expelled from after-school care.

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#5 The Forbidden Egg

When I was a kid I wanted a hard-boiled egg one afternoon and my mom said no. I asked why and she just said no. I got upset and went to my room. When she went to take a shower or whatever I had the brilliant idea of making my desired egg treat with speed and stealth. I took a coffee mug, filled it with water, dropped the egg in and stuck it in the microwave.

I forget how long I set it for, but it was long enough for my mom to come back out to the sound of something cooking in the microwave. She asked me to come to the kitchen, which I shamefully did in defeat. Just as she begins to ask me what I'm cooking, the microwave starts to beep. On the third beep there was this very loud but muffled THUMP from the microwave.

The egg had exploded...the cup had exploded...the microwave was ruined. This wouldn't have been so bad had my family had enough money to replace a microwave and I hadn't wasted eggs.

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#6 Til Torn Do Us Part

Me and my mom had a huge fight and so I tore the one pic from her wedding day of her and my dad. They are divorced, by the way. It happened when I was a baby. She still has feelings for him and she always says that he is her one true love. There is no other pic of her with him except one. She was so hurt and was crying because I did that. I was a teenager then and out of anger I just did it to spite her.

Later on, I saw she had taped the pic back and she still has it... which made me feel so guilty and felt so ashamed of my actions. So yeah, that was the worst thing ever.

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#7 That Look

When I was very young, I would occasionally hit someone when I was angry. The very last time this happened was in 6th grade. My best friend and I got into a little fight and I hit her as hard as I could on the arm. The look on her face is what snapped me back. She looked as if she had never been hit by anyone, ever, and was obviously very hurt both physically and emotionally.

I felt immediate guilt and I swore then and there to never do it again and to be in better control of my emotions. Glad I learned that lesson early.

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#8 Ain’t No Bear

Ran away from home. I was 10. I gathered some blankets and snacks then headed to a mountain's resting place. I rode a bus for two hours then hiked up a mountain to the resting area my dad and I used to enjoy ramen cups on. There was a generator nearby which kept me warm. I drank water at the springs. Some campers even gave me food since there was a large camping ground a bit lower to the mountain.

After three days, I just went home because I really had to poop, but I did not want to poop in the woods.

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#9 Screaming Over Spilt Yoghurt

My brother spilled yogurt all over one of the shelves in the fridge and when I told him to wipe it up he said, "If it bothers you, you clean it." So I grabbed him by the back of the neck and shoved his face into the open fridge and screamed at him to clean it up. This was after years of him being a jerk in general, so it was pent up rage.

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#10 Bricked

So, this one, in my opinion, was a total accident. But no one believes me. When my brother was like three or four, he kept rolling this stupid brick around, hitting me with it on the foot and ankles. He was pretending to be a dog or something. Anyway, I got mad after he did it a couple of times and grabbed the brick. Since I was mad, I went to throw it down.

I picked it up, turned 90 degrees to the right and wailed this brick to the ground as hard as my seven-year-old arms would let me. I didn’t know he was crawling around, because he was still pretending to be a dog, and I cracked him in the head with it. I knew I was in big trouble because my parents didn’t beat me for it. It took like ten stitches on the back of his head to fix it.

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#11 Free Ear Piercing

At summer camp one time, our group of boys was having a wrestling night. It started off fine but eventually, three or four of them decided to turn and wrestle just me. I remember them starting to call me names and saying how weak I was because I couldn't hold them off. What made it even worse in my mind is that they were all some of my really good friends.

Anyway, I eventually got fed up with them and I stormed out of the tent. Actually, it was a bigger teepee made with a tarp. I grabbed the stick I had been sharpening earlier that day. I say stick but it was probably an inch in diameter and three feet long, and I had gotten it really sharp. So, I grabbed my "spear" and without thinking too much, I jabbed it into the side of the teepee quite a way and with some significant force.

I remember it being a pretty hard stab. And then I ran a little way into the woods and cried. Luckily, I hadn't hit anything or anyone, although I found out later that I had come within an inch of one of my friend's heads, who was sitting right up next to the side of the teepee. If I had hit him I don't know what the ramifications would have been, but based on how hard I remember stabbing the teepee and the nature of my "spear," I imagine it wouldn't have been good.

This all happened when I was 12. I still go to the same camp nine years later and am now a head counselor. And one of the friends I had invited is now one of the camp directors.

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#12 Tit for Tat

I was being baited by a couple of people online. One of the girls tragically had lost her parents in the tsunami in Asia back in 2004/2005. Well, she really kept calling me heinous names online and started getting others to do the same. She told me to say the worst thing I could as I was clearly too thick to think of any rebuttal. But I thought of something really, really horrible.

I told her: "Your parents purposefully jumped in the water to end their lives as it'd be less painful than dealing with you." Needless to say, when I got into sixth form (UK 16-18yrs) the next day, I got suspended pending investigation for three days. The silver lining is that they found evidence she and her friends baited me a lot and frequently bullied me, so they had to apologize to me in writing.

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#13 Unlucky Guess

My brother kept taking my car without my permission repeatedly to drive his friends around. So, I called it in as a drunk driver. Guess what the authorities found? He was drunk and driving.

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#14 A Bumpy Ride Down

In middle school, one of my classmates was permanently in a wheelchair. He was also a bit of an intimidator. He was making fun of me and a friend and in the middle of it I said, "Come on, let's go find some stairs." I still cringe pretty hard about that.

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#15 Freezing Angry

I cry when I get angry. This girl at my job ticked me off so badly that I kicked a dent in a freezer door and then embarrassed myself by crying uncontrollably for about 20 minutes. It has been years since that happened, but if I go visit, I am still embarrassed by that freezer door incident—even though the girl was fired shortly afterward anyway.

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#16 Wrong Doll

When I was a kid (12+,) my sister and I were home alone together frequently because both of our parents worked and I was old enough to babysit. We lived in a house that was too small for all four of us, in a bad neighborhood, and it was a permanently dirty old house that was falling apart. So, background stress levels were high, just to set the tone.

My sister went to a friend's house to play across the street. Meanwhile, I couldn't find my Jem doll that I'd got from a friend online and was looking everywhere for it. They don't make Jem anymore, so it was a very important doll for me. While I'm looking, my sister comes home and timidly asks for me. Something in her voice told me something was wrong.

She said, "So, you know how I went over to Neighbor's house to play? Well, her dad got mad at us and ripped the head off of the doll to punish her but actually it was the one I brought over and I think it was your doll...." So naturally, I lost my mind and TORE INTO HER. I was furious, not only was that my doll, but it was rare and not made anymore and already older than either of us, so how dare she take it from my room and play with it and get it broken??

I yelled at her so loud and hard I went hoarse, and she crumbled into tears. I demanded she give me my doll back and not talk to me until mom and dad got home. She collapsed onto her bed and sobbed, and I took the doll back into my room. I looked at it...and it was a grungy old Barbie doll. I felt so, so guilty for screaming at my sister, and hearing her sob through the walls made me feel like a monster.

I'd ripped her a new one over nothing. An old raggedy Barbie with missing hair and chewed up feet. My Jem doll was somewhere in my room; she'd never taken it. Eventually, I came out of my room and apologized to her. I explained why I was so mad and what I had incorrectly assumed, and I told her that it wasn't her fault the neighbor girl's dad was a crazy jerk.

He later apologized to her and his daughter too, but that made me feel just as bad as he was. It's been over a decade since that happened, and my sister and I have both moved on and have a great sibling relationship, but I still feel so, so horrible about how I treated her when I was a teenager. I wish I had been more level-headed.

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#17 Thanks, Home Alone

When I was really young (under seven years old) I would get spankings if I’d done something particularly bad. On this occasion I was maybe five years old. I don't recall what the offense was that earned me the spanking but regardless after it was over my dad sent me sore and sobbing to my bedroom. This was when I hatched my plan for revenge.

The living room where my parents were in is at the far end of the hallway. Their room was across from me. I tiptoed over, careful not to squeak the door too loudly when I crept into the bedroom. I rifled through the sewing bag my mom kept on her dresser and retrieved a single sewing needle. I blame movies like Home Alone for giving me the idea, but I threaded the needle into the carpet outside my bedroom door so that it was pointing straight up.

Now that the trap was laid, I placed the bait, screaming every horrible thing five-year-old me could think of at the time to entice further punishment. As soon as I heard my dad's first thunderous step, I slammed my door and ran to my bed to hide. Only in those impending moments of doom did it occur to me that maybe I should have placed more than one needle. I watched the knob turn for a split second before I heard the yell from the other side, "AAH! (Mom’s name) ONE OF YOUR FRIGGING SEWING NEEDLES!"

When the screaming subsided after several minutes I went out to find my dad hunched over and near tears with the needle coming out the top of his foot and my mom trying to pull it out muttering about how she doesn't know how the needle could have gotten there.

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#18 Respect Ya Motha

I told my mom I hated her. I was a kid, I absolutely forgive myself for having done it, I've had my own kids do the same thing to me when they didn't get their way. It happens, kids don't understand. But I know it hurt my mom and that hurt is still with her today, and I certainly regret it. She did nothing to deserve me saying that.

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#19 Real Gangster Stuff

I had a really cliché high school enemy situation. Even explaining why sounds incredibly stupid to 30 something year old me. He was a year older and liked my girlfriend, despite having his own girlfriend. He and my girlfriend graduated the same year, all of us broke up, I became friends with his girlfriend. Friends. Operative word.

He started showing up at the school, places where I was, etc. He egged my mom’s house and took her mailbox. He showed up at my house during a party with all his friends and tried to fight me, but couldn't really explain himself when questioned and had no real response when I was like "Bro, I'm just not gonna fight you."

But I still knew I had to get revenge on him for what he did to my mom. I borrowed some paintball guns from a friend, got another friend, and the three of us drove up to the frat we knew he lived in on a Friday—he went to college like one town over—and waited. It had a big long porch they all always hung out on. I did homework.

After maybe half an hour, he comes outside to smoke a cig on the porch with a few of his bros. To those bros: I'm sorry you got wrapped up in this but...a fight is a fight. We got out of the car a few doors down, had the driver go to the next block, and me and my friend crept up to the side of the porch, where there was a second staircase up onto it.

And then, like a Superbad version of Seal Team 6, we lit that porch up bad. All of them. We did not discriminate. I'm talking we were within 10 feet of them, they only had like portable chairs as cover, and were drunk and caught totally off guard. This was a hit a mobster would have been proud of. We took off and our driver grabbed us a block away.

A week later he sucker-punched me in the face at a football game at my high school, I smashed nachos in his face, and like 15 people got involved in the brawl. He was banned from campus, and I got a cool detention slip for inciting a riot.

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#20 Pony Power!

I chucked a My Little Pony at my sister’s head and hit her smack in the middle with the unicorn horn. This was because she wouldn’t let me play as Rarity.

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#21 The Ultimate Betrayal

One time I stopped talking to my mom for a week because she went to my favorite pizza place without me.

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#22 Taking the Shirt Off Your Back (Literally)

My sister was wearing one of my shirts, and I ripped it off of her in front of my friends. At the time I snapped, I could not deal with having absolutely no possession that was solely mine. There were much bigger issues but that is what I snapped about. I want to crumple up and perish of a thousand paper cuts when I remember it.

We're good now. We have fights, as sisters do, but we are best friends. Not even being an awful person in anger can get in the way of the bond that grows when you survive the stuff we got through. It is still the worst memory I have though. I wish I understood things then the way I do now, but we were both young teens drowning in hormones.

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#23 Biblical-Style Revenge

When I was 12 I was at a church camp with some friends. One of my friends had a messed-up arm like the guy from Scary Movie 2. Another was picking on him, and my friend shoved the tormentor. The tormentor retaliated by punching him, and I responded by pinning his arms from behind and trying to keep him from hitting my friend, non-violently, like a good little Christian boy.

Then he bit me and I blacked out. I don't remember any of this, but the other kids told me I was screaming incoherently and had the kid off the ground, up against a wall, by his throat. Apparently, I was trying to end his life. Luckily I wasn't a huge kid, so the other boys were able to drag me away.

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#24 A Regretful Wish

My dad was a loving father and I loved him with all my heart. He was like my best friend and there was nothing I couldn’t tell him. But he was an alcoholic. Sometimes things got really bad and he was a mess and I tried to help him get better. There were also times when he didn’t drink, but that time he was drinking a lot and had a couple of seizures.

I was so worried about him and stayed at his place almost every night for a year. When I wasn’t there, I always slept with my phone so he could call me if something was wrong. I was only 19 years old at the time, and one day I was so tired of taking care of him that I said, “Sometimes I wish he was dead so I could start living my own life.”

After I said it, I felt so bad and realized I didn’t mean it. I loved him so much. Only two days later he was found dead at his house. He had a seizure because he had taken alcohol and some pills. That was the worst thing I have ever said and I wish I never said it.

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#25 The Ol’ Chair Pull

I was in ninth grade and a boy pulled the chair out from under me and I fell on the floor. I picked up the chair and pinned him to the wall screaming at him. It was before the teacher came in and nobody told on me. I felt out of control but in control at the same time.

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#26 Collect Call From: Heaven

When I was three years old I got into a fight with my grandma. Nobody remembers what it was about anymore, but apparently it ended with me telling her to call me when she dies, so I could come visit grandad. She says she never laughed so hard in her life before. Still, I can't help but feel kind of bad each time she mentions it.

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#27 Where Do You Even Get…

I once put fox pee down someone’s car AC intake when I was mad at them.

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#28 McFury

When my brother and I were kids—I think I was 10 and he was 6--we used to play Yu-Gi-Oh Forbidden Memories on PlayStation. I discovered a bug by accident that would allow you to duplicate cards, so I did it for our Meteor B Dragons on both memory cards. The next day we had McDonald's and my McFlurry was missing, and I accused him of eating it.

I was so mad that I took his memory card and got rid of the duplicated dragons, with a nasty little note. He was heartbroken and we later found out it was our mum that ate it. I still feel awful all these years later, but we have a great brother-sister relationship now.

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#29 Misdirection

My mom had closed the car door on her own finger. My stepdad immediately started yelling at me and blaming me for it. That was the first time I snapped, I just walked away and started yelling. I walked into my building punching the life out of the door. Then when my mom said I should apologize for that, I started full-on yelling at her.

He didn't come around for two weeks, and things were tense with me and my mom. It's all good now. But that was the worst thing, and I'm not proud of it.

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#30 Not Safe for Church

Back in like 2003 teenage me created a fake AIM name because I suspected my girlfriend was cheating on me. Not only did she flirt with this fake random stranger I created, she confessed to getting with many different guys. Just bragging about it. Instead of handling this well, I logged into her AIM—I knew her password—and hit on every man she knew and convinced them she liked to do the dirty with dogs.

Word got around and she got kicked out of her church. Definitely worst angry thing I've done.

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#31 Pimp My Ride

I was heading home from work late at night. I was tired and stressed and it was late at night, I was the only car on the road so I was driving at a slow pace in the appropriate lane while listening to some podcasts. Some other speeding driver came up and started tailgating me, on the slow lane. I moved to the middle lane, and he followed.

I moved back to the right lane, he followed. The guy was just being a jerk for no reason. Then he floored it past me while bringing the side of his car inches away from mine. A few minutes later I saw the same guy at a stoplight. I had a large paint can sitting on the floor of my car. I picked up the can. I put it in my lap. I opened it.

I floored through the lights while yelling "SCREW YOU", spilling paint all over me, my car and steering wheel, and hurled the paint can through the guy’s open window. First, I see this bald douchebag staring at me with terror in his eyes, then a magnificent white liquid explosion, followed by me laughing like a maniac as I watch his windshield turn pearly white.

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#32 Restraint

It's not something that I did, but something I came close to doing, that snapped me out of my rationalizing of a relationship and lingers as a warning forever in the back of my brain. I was in a very unhealthy (borderline abusive) relationship for two years with a woman who controlled me, isolated me from friends, etc.

We argued constantly, and one night after what felt like weeks of arguing, we were screaming at each other again, while I held a heavy drinking glass with water in it in my hand. I was overcome with fury, and at that moment I came so, so close to just chucking the glass at the ground to shatter it, or at her to hit her.

I just wanted to let my anger show, or prove a point, something, I don’t know. At the last moment, I stopped myself. I've never hit or thrown anything during a fight, but that was my watershed moment because I knew if I did I could never take it back, could never un-shatter the glass or un-hurt her. We ended the relationship shortly after, but I try to keep that moment in mind in general.

Words can't be unsaid and glass can't be unshattered. No anger is worth that much hurt.

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#33 Dumping on the Dumpster

I just beat the life out of a public trashcan this morning because I'd had a horrible night. The guy I was talking to decided to tell me he had a girlfriend. My car broke down, so I had to ride my severely messed up bike to my babysitting job. I saw the guy I was talking to driving while I was sweaty and irritated from the bike ride.

Then it got worse. My bike chain broke off. It was the last straw. I threw it into a huge dumpster and then proceeded to kick, punch and scream at a helpless public dumpster.

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#34 Not Cool, Dude

I was helping two guy friends fix a transmission. One of them thought it would be funny to grab my breasts with his hands, leaving big oily handprints. I was ticked and ran after him, but he wasn't taking it seriously, laughing as he skipped away. I saw red, picked up a huge wrench, and chucked it at him. I saw it fly end over end and then hit his head in slow motion, but he dropped in fast forward.

I just ran to get someone else; I knew he needed medical attention. He got four or five staples in his head. He should've gotten stitches, but was afraid of needles. He also has a crazy scar. Funny thing is, he won't talk about it because he got "beat by a girl." Freaking ridiculous. The boys in the group stopped messing with me as much as they used to after that.

But I could've seriously hurt him, or even ended his life. It was a bad move.

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#35 Slippy!

When I was about nine, I was away from home in a foreign country for about a month visiting distant family. They lived in some remote foresty area. I went outside and tripped over what I thought was a rock. Fell in some dirt and got covered in absolute filth. So, I ran up to the supposed rock and booted it as hard as I could.

Later noticed I’d killed a toad. I still get pangs of guilt 15 years later.

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#36 Fired or Freed?

I often hold my emotions in and they all come bursting out at once with explosive consequences. At a job where I was just there for the paycheck and not much else, never going above and beyond, never volunteering, I had two bosses, one of whom was fair, and the other who was a complete jerk. Day after day, I cataloged things the bad manager did that were ineffective and useless, or just plain mean.

It was clear he wasn’t very good at his job and often used the punishment of others to mask his incompetence. One day, when he wrote me up for being five minutes late to work, I said fine. Later that day he wrote me up for taking a break that was too long by two minutes. Whatever. Even later, he called me into his office and said he was writing me up for “delaying work” because he’d observed me moving slowly.

This was a bridge too far and I let him have it. I told him he was out of his league, ten years older than me, and would never amount to anything beyond the associate degree from community college and a job most high school seniors could do without the number of screw-ups he had. I said he spent his time writing people up for being late when he waltzed in later than most workers most shifts and was trying to hide his own flagrant rule-breaking by pretending to be on top of others.

No, I knew I wasn’t a perfect employee, but if he spent less time on his computer and more time with the workers he wouldn’t have to write me up for being slow, he’d have to write himself up for being slow because he’d realize how completely incompetent he was at even moving boxes. And then he fired me. I couldn’t have been happier.

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#37 Breaking the Cycle

When I was six or seven I raised my fist to hit my mom. But I stopped. After that day I was never violent again, no matter how bad my fights got with my brother or what he'd do to me. Later in life I thought back on it and realized that the behavior probably came from my dad because he used to beat her. Ever since I had that realization, I’ve been even more determined to be a pacifist.

I practiced karate and aikido until I was about 14 but that was about as violent as I got since then.

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#38 Necessary Anger

On my 21st birthday I had to work. No problem, I worked at a bar. I figured I'd get off and have a drink or two to celebrate. My dad and uncle show up already hammered. I love my dad and uncle, but they have issues with alcohol. I drink maybe half a beer because I’m so embarrassed by my dad and uncle at my job and suggest we leave.

My dad decides he is going to drive and I think, "Huh, not a great idea but he's the adult." He nearly crashes twice until he stops at a gas station for more beer. I get into the driver's seat angry because I don't want him to drive. We get home and I scream at him, "Get your miserable life together. You're hammered drunk and just tried to drive with your freaking kid in the car. Come on, figure it out."

I saw the hurt but I think he needed it. He still has issues with alcohol but I can't figure out how to help him. Ultimately, it’s his choice to get help but it hurts to watch him drink himself to oblivion.

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#39 Nine Lives

Earlier in my career, I struck out on my own to do freelance. I was extremely stressed. Long hours of struggling, not a lot of money, bills piling up, terrible, tiny studio apartment...and probably the bane of my existence: An old, terrible HP computer that struggled to do the most basic of tasks. The catch was that I knew I couldn't take any frustrations out on my computer because I needed it to do my job.

At the same time, it complicated my job tenfold because it was so freaking slow. I couldn't afford a new computer, so I had to just deal with the freaking thing. Inevitably, it would always seize up right when I was in the home stretch of an important, time-sensitive project and I would freak out. I found an old DVD remote that no longer worked and kept that on my desk for just such an occasion.

As soon as the computer would freeze, I would grab that DVD remote and just BASH THE EVER-LIVING TAR out of it on my bed frame or desk. It was so gratifying to beat the life out of something even though the DVD remote was innocent. Nothing in this world frustrates me like a piece of technology that won't do the one job it's designed for.

The only time I've ever been as mad is at a drill that had a loose chuck and the bit kept falling out while I was trying to drive some screws into an old cabinet. I got so mad at the drill I flung it across the room...right where the cat happened to be walking! The cat narrowly dodged the drill and I felt so bad that I almost injured something out of my inability to control my rage that I never ever let my anger get the better of me again.

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#40 Conquering Villainy

A few years ago, when I was 17, my dad, for lack of a better term, had “everything” failure. One after the next his organs just stopped functioning. And he was being kept alive by just about every machine medical science has produced so far. And in turn, my father lost his ability to speak so he needed someone to take over “guardianship,” so he had someone to make decisions for him.

You have to be 18 to be a guardian and I was only 17 at the time so my mom applied for guardianship, why wouldn’t she be his guardian, right? Well, she was denied. So, as a result the court-appointed some hoity-toity lookin’ idiot as his guardian instead. And this man would listen to NOTHING we had to say. I hated this man more than anything.

My mom and I had decided at a point that the next time my dad would have some sort of “organ attack” we would allow the doctors to make him comfortable and let him go. The appointed guardian denied it. Finally, about six months later, I meet this monster for the first time in my father’s hospital room. He legally needed to tell my dad something in person I guess, I’m not exactly sure.

But my mom and I were there at the time and the second I saw his wormy face I got up to give him a piece of my mind. I didn’t ask. I didn’t plead. I didn’t beg. I DEMANDED! That the next time they can make him comfortable to let him go. And this monster, this scum of the earth had the audacity to look me in the eyes and tell me, “I’m keeping your father alive because by doing so, he’s earning me $10,000 a month”

Let me tell you guys something. You’ve had road rage, maybe you’ve gotten mad at a game you’re playing, you’ve probably had a pretty nasty argument with someone before. But pure, raw, unfiltered anger is the most intense emotion you will ever feel in your life. And when that man said that to me, I was literally seeing red.

My blood started to rush and my knuckles turned hot. I punched this guy so hard in the face that it cracked his jaw. It was 100% adrenaline. If I tried punching anyone that hard again, I’d come up so short they’d probably laugh at me. But he stumbled backward, fell, and hit his head on the door handle. And I am INCREDIBLY thankful that this nurse was in the room because he was this huge buff meat man that looked nothing like a nurse, but he was able to hold me back and restrain me.

And I don’t like to think this way, but had that nurse not been there that day, I may have actually taken this guy’s life. Some other nurses came by and escorted the piece of garbage someplace, and my mom said we needed to go. The car ride home was pretty quiet. But as we approached the house my mom parks the car and says, “I love you, I’m not mad at you for what you did. But brass tax, you did assault that man. And you should prepare yourself to talk to the authorities.”

A couple more months pass and I finally turn 18. The DAY I turned 18, I went and applied for guardianship of my dad. The court hearing was about a week later. Not only did I never hear from garbage man or the authorities, but he handed over guardianship without any resistance. The hearing lasted all but 20 seconds.

I like to think I knocked some sense into that guy. But who knows? Not like I was gonna ask him or anything. But yeah, that’s the worst thing I’ve ever done out of anger.

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#41 Respectfully Disrespected

I said this to my mom, in reference to my dad, whom I have had many struggles with: "Respect is earned, not owed. Didn't he learn this lesson with his first son?" My dad was previously married and he has lots of regrets in regard to not having contact with his son from that marriage. I feel as though I have somehow put a terrible burden on my mom by saying that.

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#42 How to Cure Amnesia

When I was in middle school, I had a friend that liked to pretend they had amnesia. It annoyed me to no end and they did it ALL THE TIME. Not only that, but they were a pretty terrible actor so it was always obvious they were faking. I rode the bus with them because despite what I might have led you to believe, they were actually one of my best friends.

I greeted them and sat down on the aisle side. They were trying to ask me basic things about their life that they obviously knew already and I got so fed up that I grabbed them by the hair and slammed their head into the side of the bus as hard as I could. They never "had amnesia" again, but I still feel bad about that.

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#43 Young Love

I yelled at my dad to screw off and stop criticizing my girlfriend because one day she might be my wife. I was 23 at the time. She dumped me a year later. A month after she dumped me, she began dating her neighbor. Right next door. Three months after she dumped me, they married. Five months after she dumped me, they had a little girl.

You don't know how much I regret what I said to my father.

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#44 Not a Morning Person

When I was younger, like 16, I had some…anger issues. Well, my younger siblings (15 and 5) were running around very early in the morning, I didn’t have to get up for about four more hours and I’d had a very bad night’s sleep. My siblings were running around literally screaming down the hallway, so I yelled at them to quit it or I’d come out there.

Things didn’t stop and finally I snapped. This is by far one of my least proud moments. I got up out of bed and before I knew what I was doing I chased my 15-year-old brother into his room. When he tried to get away, I tackled him into a beanbag on the floor and wrapped my hands around his throat. I screamed about an inch from his face, "I TOLD YOU TO STOP. I AM GOING TO BEAT YOU IF YOU DONT QUIET DOWN WHILE I’M TRYING TO SLEEP!"

He was completely white, partly from the lack of oxygen, and I cooled off enough to realize I was overdoing it so I got back up and walked into my room and shut the door and immediately felt really awful about it. I didn’t get in trouble either because my mom told them I’d get mad if they didn’t stop. They never woke me up that early again.

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#45 A Little Dramatic, Dad

Back when I was 12, I wanted to watch a documentary I had recorded onto a VHS tape. My sister wanted to watch something else. We had an argument and ran to our parents in the basement. My dad, who always took my sister's side, said she could watch her show. Angered, I threw the tape onto the ground, shattering it.

A small piece of it hit my dad in the neck (didn't penetrate anything) and I ran upstairs to my room. He later went off on me and told me that could have severed a vein in his neck and ended his life.

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#46 Man Vs. Cabinet

I ended up getting exceptionally disappointed and angry when I got the tax bill last year. It was a ridiculous amount that will take a long time to pay off. It's the second time this has happened. Anyway, I punched a cabinet a couple times with a stifled shout. I lived in an apartment with neighbors connected. I didn't break anything, fortunately, save for the skin on my knuckles.

Sadly, it would've just cost me more.

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#47 Unphased Ent

I punched a tree. Left a small dent in the tree. My hand hurt after that, it got swollen and went to get an X-ray. Broke the knuckle on my ring finger. The tree no longer has the dent.

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#48 The Worst Kind of Karma

My brother was in middle school, and he biked there every day. I told him that I hoped he got run over. He was hit by a car that very morning and had to be revived 12 times that day. Nobody expected him to live. I've never gotten over what I said.

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#49 No TV and No Beer Make Homer Something Something

When I was a kid, my parents punished me for an act that I didn't commit. When they realized that it was their mistake, the punishment remained because of reasons I can't quite remember. I just recall that it was garbage, whatever it was. Either way, I came up with an ingenious plan to get revenge. I was the one who helped setup the cable wiring and such, so I messed with the wires in such a way that the house didn't have cable for as long as I was punished.

This was the time when internet was in its infancy, so my family gorged on cable TV. My parents nearly ended up like Jack Nicholson's character in The Shining because of cable withdrawal.

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#50 Couples Counseling

I rolled my car. I had recently found out my girlfriend was cheating. For reasons that are fairly irrelevant to this story, we had decided to stay together. We were fighting, as we often did, and I wound up going on a drive with a friend which had been pre-planned. He wanted to show me some roads he found fun to drive on, so we were in what was essentially a two-man caravan.

After a while, we pull over, and the argument with my girlfriend continues over text message, as it had at stop signs and red lights. After deciding our next direction, my friend and I decided to drive around some more. Still heated from the ongoing argument, I drove a little too hard, and a little too fast. I experienced what I can only describe as a black-out of anger before coming to awareness in a moment where my car was shaking, and surrounded by too-high grass coming up into view in the side windows.

I felt a hard hit, and then I was upside-down, then right side up, then upside-down. I realized then that I was screaming, and the car had come to a halt on its roof. I unbuckled, found my phone, clambered out a back door, and what felt like instantly my friend pulled up behind me. I was incredibly lucky, to be honest. I walked away with some bruising, and no more car.

That was a night that I learned a serious lesson about compartmentalization and self-control and is a night that will be forever burned into my memory. It’s been four or five years since it happened, and I will never forget the absolute terror that I felt. Oddly enough, that event also convinced me that I had a real desire to live. Dangerous thoughts of self-harm are no longer a daily or even weekly occurrence.

Other than that, it was probably when I was in an argument with the same girl. We were in front of her house and I screamed at the top of my lungs in my tiny little '93 Toyota Camry, “Get the eff out of my car right now”. I inherited a lot of my dad's volume, and when he's upset the house can shake due to the volume of his voice. I yelled at her so loud that my throat hurt. I still feel bad about that one.

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