Furious People Share The Worst Thing A Houseguest Had Done In Their Home

Opening your home up to a houseguest is one of the most generous things you can do. Your home is a precious place in your life and to allow a friend, family member, or sometimes even a stranger enter it and stay the night can be a big leap of faith and courteousness.

When you let somebody stay at your home you trust that the person is sane and understands some common-sense rules for being a guest. You know, things like not stealing or breaking valuable things. Or not driving your car through the front of your house.

Yes, that’s right. Those are just a taste of what these Redditor’s had to experience during some of their worst houseguest experiences. You will never believe the indecency in these people.

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#25 Next Time Hide the Keys!

We (the family and I) were going on a trip, and we told a family friend he could crash at our house while we were gone but he would have to take care of things and pay for his own food and such. Halfway through our trip, we get a call from the police. Apparently, he threw a huge party which trashed the house, then proceeded to take one of our cars and drive it through the front of the house, totaling the car and collapsing most of the front wall.

This was last week. We had to cut our trip short and come home to deal with this. We are currently in the process of pressing charges.


#24 I’m Sorry Miss, You Seemed to Have Dropped This

I was having a house party years ago. A pair of girls went into the bathroom together. Not uncommon. Well, one of them decided to urinate in my sink and accidentally dropped a loaf. They come out laughing and telling everyone someone must have taken a number two in my sink. I was literally the last person in that bathroom before them. I even watched them walk in. And I don’t remember defecating in my own sink. After confronting them, they got angry and left. Didn’t even bother cleaning the turd out of my sink.


#23 She Knew Who Let The Dogs Out

The guest let my new very old, very deaf foster dog out of the gate on purpose and the dog took off up the street. He just stood there smirking while I grabbed my shoes and keys and after I shouted at him for being a moron, he told me that it was for the best and maybe I should focus my time on other things. I eventually caught up to the terrified and exhausted dog and brought her back home. I told the guest to pack his bags and leave.


#22 Some People Just Have No Manners

Some friends of a relative stayed the night at our place with their kids while we were out of town. We asked if the children wet the bed so we could put plastic sheets down. They were confident the kids wouldn’t wet the bed, so we let it be. We come home to find 2 of the beds (new mattresses) soaked in urine – not even stripped or changed. The kids had wet the bed in the night, moved to another bed and wet it again. 3 weeks later we found used diapers under one of the beds. Never said thank you, never said sorry.


#21 He’ll Be Forever Known as Peeing Tom

I had a friend who had some kind of unhealthy urethra. It made him have multiple streams when he urinated. But he REFUSED to sit down and pee, because ‘that’s for women.’ He apparently also refused to clean up after himself.

Every time he left my house, without fail, I’d have to use a mop to clean up his pee. I called him out on it, and he laughed like I should be laughing with him. We weren’t friends long.


#20 At Least It Turned Out for the Better

My guest lived with me for free.

He made love with my girlfriend who is the mother of my two kids and then ran off with her.

The best thing that could have ever happened. Now I’m with an amazing, wonderful, and beautiful woman. I get the kids a lot and the ex is miserable.


#19 No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

We were housing a few homeless kids (14, 16, and 17) for a while, their mom was a substance addict and stopped coming around to see them after awhile. The youngest (female) would frequently just leave used tampons on the floor. I was 14 at the time and couldn’t invite friends over anymore because the 16-year-old (male) would hit on all my friends and try to touch and cuddle with them while they were sleeping. The youngest left after a couple months, because she didn’t like our house rules and missed her mom.

The oldest left after we found out she was lying about attending online schooling and was frequently shoplifting and stealing people’s things around the house. The 16-year-old boy ended up staying the longest (1 year) and ended up getting kicked out because we got into an argument and he ended up trying to choke me. Good times.


#18 The Really Sinks

Years ago I had a big party (which was a weekly occurrence) and these like 3 messed-up goofs went into the (tiny) bathroom. Well, they got all hyped up and ripped our sink off the wall.


#17 How Two-Faced

A houseguest stole my little sister’s Nintendo DS. He was a great friend up until then. He would eat dinner with our family every other day too. It was a real painful backstab for middle school me.


#16 Sometimes Family is Worse Than Friends

My uncle and his two sons moved in with my family.

The youngest son: He was a relaxed kid, worked a job, and pays rent to my mom. Nothing wrong with him.

The uncle: He takes older sons disability money to pay for his and the eldest’s rent instead of his own money, treats my mom like garbage (my dad -his brother- lets him because he is also garbage).

The oldest son: He has mental health issues, starts stealing items from around the house to pay for his substance addiction (including 2 high end keyboards), attempts to sneak into sisters room while she sleeps, breaks into neighbors house, caught on the second try, sets fire to our backyard and finally gets picked up by the cops and is sent with his mother so he can finally be properly medicated and taken care of.

It’s been one heck of a year folks.


#15 He Really Screwed Up That One!

My friend’s autistic son completely disassembled my VCR in the middle of the night. This was in the early 90s.


#14 Way to Make a First Impression

I once had a guest shave his entire beard at a party. It was the first time my roommate or I met him. He had a beard, and then went and used my roommate’s razor to shave it off.


#13 Who Knew Fish Soup Was So Complicated to Make

I had a wild party a few years back and some dude decided to make a “soup” in my bathtub.

He was very inclusive in his approach and allowed anyone to add their own “ingredients,” but he was the chef and protected it all night. I didn’t find out until the early morning because I was busy being off my rocker and all that.

Included in the soup was: blood, a couple of sanitary products (not used), a lot of water, spirits, and adult beverages – some noodles, pasta, cereal, milk and a fish someone had taken from my neighbor’s pond which subsequently died.

There was a ton of other stuff too, but that is what I remember.


#12 It’s Hard Being Friends with a Princess

I had a really spoiled princess-type friend who always expected me to cater to her when she would come visit (I didn’t really want her to visit, but she’d just announce she was coming and I dealt with it).

One morning she texted me to wake me up, saying “Can you please get up and make me breakfast?”

I wish I could say that was the last straw, but it wasn’t until she pitched a fit that I didn’t make her a bridesmaid and boycotted my wedding that I finally called it quits.


#11 Always Use Soap and Shampoo!

When I was in college, a friend of a friend fell on hard times and we happened to have a spare bedroom, and we let her stay there for a couple months. She would shower at most once a month, and didn’t use soap or shampoo when doing so. She did not wash her clothes at all, they were all just kept in a large unwashed pile and she wore them over and over again. Eventually, my dad and I put all of her clothes in two trash bags and put them in the garage, and he told her she could bring them back into the house after she washed them.

It was a month after she left until you could enter that room without gagging.


#10 Never Eat anything on a White Sofa

Our houseguests seemed to break or ruin everything. They broke our toilet, they put a hole in the wall, they allowed their toddler to eat spaghetti on our white sofa, it spilled everywhere, and they just turned the cushion over. Our bathroom lock broke clean off and there was a giant gouge out of our new kitchen counter.

Obviously, we weren’t there – we loaned our house to them while we were out of town. Also, I was not allowed to bring any of this up because it was my partner’s really good friend and he didn’t want to compromise their relationship.


#9 That Party Brought Out His Inner Beast

This happened to my best friend in high school. She’s a crafty and eclectic person so back then she’d buy stuffed animals from Goodwill and sew them together Frankenstein-style. She threw a large party at her house one night and the next day someone had romantically released themselves onto one of them. All over its poor koala/monkey face and everything.


#8 This Started Out Creepy From the Start

I had a party when I was about 15 – more jelly and ice cream than adult beverages and going wild as we were fairly sheltered. Somebody brought along their friend, who looked a similar age to us (quite short) but he was actually 23 at the time. He brought along a bottle of an adult beverage and proceeded to drink 3/4 of it within a couple of hours; we’re talking 7 pm here. Nobody else at the party was drinking at all, just hanging and playing cards. He proceeded to ignore the two different bathrooms and went into the kitchen, where my parents were trying to avoid being embarrassing to me, and vomited into the kitchen sink all over the plates, and then left without saying anything or helping to clear up.

The following day, he went on Facebook and made a number of very cruel personal comments about me, and then when I rang him in tears to tell him to take it down and that he should apologize for the mess he’d made of the kitchen (which I had to clean up) he recorded the conversation, uploaded it to YouTube and then made great efforts to distribute it on Reddit and across Facebook. No idea why his embarrassment at being an under the influence jerk evolved into being a bully, but it’s been 10 years and I still avoid him if I bump into him in the street. Psycho creep.


#7 Hey, Digimon Was a Classic!

When I was young, a kid from down the street was around my house. We were messing about in my room, he saw my Digimon cards and started going through them. We then went outside to play. While kicking a ball about on my driveway, a load of Digimon cards fell out of his pocket. I went over to look at them, of course, they were mine. I looked at him, his face was red, obviously embarrassed. I calmly picked up all the cards, without a word and took them inside my house. Went back out to play, like nothing ever happened. Thinking back on it now, WHO THE HECK STEALS DIGIMON CARDS! THEY WEREN’T EVEN POPULAR!


#5 That’s One Way to Throw a Potty

I had a party and my roommate’s friend took a number two on the floor in the middle of the night.

He had the decency to clean it up, but still…


#4 That Must Have Smelled Horrible as it Got Warmer…

I once had a party at my mom’s flat while she was gone (with her permission). One of my less close friends begged me to let her invite her boyfriend and I agreed. Well, the boyfriend puked on my mom’s balcony and never told anyone. It was also January so we discovered the puke two months later when it started to melt. I asked around and was told it was him by two people who saw him puke. I have no idea why they didn’t let me know then.


#3 Maybe It Was a Kink of Theirs?

We hosted a married couple at our house for a weekend. Both days they were there, in the middle of the afternoon, they would take a shower. Together, for like an hour. You could hear… the noises. It was so awkward and they did it both times while we were home.

I’m fine with romantic time, just maybe be a little more discrete?


#2 More Like Home Invasion Than a House Guest

My brother made copies of my house keys, came into my house when I was visiting our dad in the nursing home, dug through our unborn daughter’s crib to find my safe. He broke into the safe, stole ALL of my dad’s perscription medication.


#1 An Equal and Fair Punishment for the Crime

Somewhere along the way, someone threw away one of my forks. Now I have seven forks and eight of everything else.

I want to find out who this person is and make him/her sit in a room segregating M&Ms for me for the rest of his/her life.