FOMO Alert! People Confess What They’re Currently Missing Out On Right Now

Fear of missing out, or FOMO, is a real thing, especially in this digital age when everyone is posting about all their amazing experiences. Whether it’s that great party last night that you didn’t go to, your coworker’s backyard barbecue or the impromptu late-night food run your friends went on, FOMO is alive and well in pretty much every life category you can think of. Be prepared to cry, laugh, and ponder the meaning of life as you scroll through this versatile list of current, real-life FOMOs.

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#1 Guitar Lessons Or Bust

Learning to play the guitar. I work 10- to 12-hour shifts so it’s hard to find the time when I’m exhausted and mentally tired out. Yes, the money is worth it, but I’d still like a lesson for at least one hour per week. I think it’s important to have some sort of creative outlet, whether it be something that involves music, visual art, writing, etc.

#2 Being A Teenager Is Difficult

My teenage years. I always stayed inside and rarely do anything exciting. I never went to a party or had a girlfriend, and that pattern continues today—I’m still very much a homebody and it takes a lot for me to go out. As much as I enjoy relaxing at home, I do often fear that I’m missing out on what are supposed to be the best years of my life.

#3 Looking For Love

A relationship. Simply knowing what it’s like to have someone genuinely want me and to be with me. I feel like I’ve been a little starved of affection and I’m a little worried that might mean I’ll accept any form of affection I’m given in the future, even if it’s unhealthy. I’m afraid of growing older by myself and being alone through the later milestones in my life.


#4 If Only The Fountain Of Youth Were Real

Youth. I have chronic pain and fatigue among other issues and they seem to compound. I had to leave university and I spent a lot of my days either sleeping or running from doctor to doctor. When I was a kid, I was grounded for sleeping too much and was even accused of sneaking out at night. (I wish!) Now, I’m 21 and nothing’s changed. I’m just tired.


#5 Making Friends Is Hard To Do

Having friends. As far back as I can remember, it’s always been hard for me. For whatever reason, I never naturally learned how to make them. Now, I’m in my late 20s and life is going well (good job, good fitness, good hobbies), but I honestly didn’t have a single friend to go to spend Halloween or the 4th of July with. I follow all the standard advice of “go-to meet-ups” or “join clubs to meet people with similar interests,” but nothing ever really comes out of that. At some point, everyone has their set group of friends already and most of them don’t feel the need to welcome anyone new.

#6 College Should Be More Than Just Studying

College. I’ve spent almost all of my time on my computer and now I have less real friends than ever before since I moved away from home this summer. College is supposed to be some sort of life-changing experience and I’m wasting all of my precious time playing video games and interacting with virtual friends.


#7 It’s Time To Get Out There And See The World

Traveling. I haven’t even visited the majority of the United States, let alone the world.


#8 Digital-Popular Is The New Popular

The social media popularity. I’m still kinda young and in my small town, almost everyone follows each other on social media. People get 500 likes and multiple comments. They all go out of their way to go events, just to dress up and take great pictures with their friends. I’ve always felt like I’m missing out on that. Not sure why; I guess it just looks like a lot of fun.

#9 Not Just Any Kind Of Love

The kind of passionate love that people write songs about. I’ve been single for pretty much my entire life, all throughout high school and university. After I finished school, I managed to move out of my parents’ house, get a good-paying job, buy a car and sign for my very own condo. The one thing missing in my life is a partner I can share a future with.

#10 He Wants To Rock And Roll All Night

Going “out on the town,” like to bars and clubs and stuff. I’ve never done this at any point in my life and I have no idea how. I guess it’s mostly because my parents were a little stricter than most. When I was in high school, they were always concerned with where I was. It was as if they made it their mission to know every little detail of what was going on in my life. I appreciate that they cared for me that much, but I think it deprived me of experiences I should have had during that time of my life.

#11 Family Matters

I moved to a different country for work 12 years ago. I never felt the distance until last year when my ex and I divorced. He had his family backing him up and I have no one. I am definitely missing my family and support system. They are far away from me and are not able to psychically help with the day-to-day stuff. Instead of saying I am missing out, I want to look at it from a hopeful place and say that I just want to have my own support system now.


#12 The Most Comfortable Pants On Earth

Yoga pants seem pretty sweet. I know they make them for guys, but I really don’t think I could pull that look off.

#13 Get Outside Of Your Comfort Zone Already

Half of the time I’m living under a rock because I do what I enjoy and not much else. This means (when I’m not at work or visiting family who invite me to places) I sit at home cooking my own food, teaching myself to play the piano, messing around with photo editing stuff, and playing a ton of video games. It’s a good life. I’m happy and I learn new things most days, I enjoy doing what I do, and I’m not in any sort of financial trouble. But I don’t see a lot of new things or have new experiences unless they’re related to food or gaming. It also means there’s a stupidly-low chance of me getting a girlfriend any time soon unless I make some major lifestyle changes.

#14 You Just Gotta Go For The Gold

Not finding my passion. I’m a 27-year-old software engineer but I’d rather be doing medicine. I was always told I was too stupid and poor to go to medical school.

#15 Looking For A Genuine Bestie

Having a best friend. In movies and television shows, you always see people just showing up at their friends’ houses unannounced and doing pretty much everything with that person. I wouldn’t even say that I have one good friend. I’ve had acquaintances, but I never had that one best friend I knew inside and out. Now that I’m older, I’m afraid I’ll never be able to find myself someone like that.


#16 Too Many Video Games, Not Enough Time

All the insane looking video games coming out. Since having kids, I’ve barely had time to play anything. I can’t justify even buying a current-generation console. I read reviews for things like Red Dead Redemption 2 and I’m like cool, maybe I’ll get to that in 20 years. I’m still plugging away at Skyrim on PS3. I have a copy of the first Red Dead Redemption that I’ve barely played any of yet.


#17 Baby Fever

Having children. I’m nearly 41 and the older I get, the less appealing it looks. I mean… I don’t think I can be bothered with the hassle. Not only that but biologically speaking, I’m afraid I won’t be able to handle it.  Sometimes I get sad because I remember dreaming about having kids when I was younger. I guess I always thought it was the normal thing to do.

#18 Crippling Debt Is No Joke

Financial freedom. I am buried up to my eyelids in debt. How will I afford a house? How will I get a ring for my lovely girlfriend? How can I stop feeling paralyzed by monthly dues?


#19 Craving That Blood-Bonded Closeness

Family. I realize it can be both good and bad, but because of the time I was born, I have very few people on either side of my family that were close in age growing up. My siblings were way older, as were my first cousins. My second cousins were way younger. As a result, I never really got close to any of my family growing up. I developed some relationships when we got older, but there’s no going back on those types of close relationships during your formative years.


#20. Wanting To Want To Play Video Games

I feel like I’m missing out on something associated with video games. During my younger years–back when I was in high school and college–I was definitely a gamer. The release of a new title would leave me with a feeling like that of a kid on Christmas morning, albeit without the disappointment of opening a promising package and discovering socks.

As I got older, though, the prospect of sitting down to play through a campaign stopped appealing to me… and I feel like it must be because I’m missing something. See, it used to be that games like the Red Dead Redemption sequel–which is the recent release that has everyone abuzz at the moment–would have me rushing through the day so that I could get back to holding a controller. Nowadays, I just see a vaguely interactive movie.

Everyone went on about how Spider-Man was the best superhero title since Batman: Arkham Asylum, but both of those struck me as being a bunch of scripted sequences designed to trick players into thinking that their button-presses were influencing the action. Year after year, all I could see is Shootin’ Dudes IXGo Get The Thing VIGrinding Chronicles OnlineDrivin’ Around: Delaware Edition, or Sports Game 2019. Every so often, someone will come out with another installment of Vaguely Unique Indie Title, but even those don’t hold my interest all the way through.

I see other people playing these games and really enjoying them…and frankly, I kind of miss that feeling.

#21 Ignorance Is Bliss?

I seriously envy people who aren’t aware of anything. I’m not sure if that makes sense, but I feel like I’m missing out on being a person who can be blind to everything. They seem happy. I, on the other hand, am constantly nervous because I tend to overthink every situation. I feel like my anxiety prevents me from living my fullest life.


#22 Missing Out On Love, Or Am I?

Dating. I’m 27 and I’ve never had a serious relationship, mostly because I’ve just never tried to. I’ve always felt pretty content being single. The idea of having another person so closely involved seems scary and uncomfortable. But other people seem to enjoy it so much; it fulfills them and makes their lives better. The human experience just seems so defined by the idea of love and companionship sometimes and it’s just something I don’t really get.


#23 Time To Build A New Kind Of Social Life

I recently quit drinking, and it makes me feel like I’m missing out on socializing and being included. Especially last Halloween—I stayed home and went to bed early instead of going out and getting trashed. I felt like I was really lame and boring at the time. Then, I woke up without a raging hangover, and now feel like I’d been missing out on feeling good in the mornings all this time!


#24 You’ll Never Get Your 20’s Back

I missed out on my 20s. When I was 19, I met my wife, had a kid (unplanned) by 21, entered college by 22, and started my career by 24. I wouldn’t change any of it, but I’ve never lived by myself. In college, I had a full-time job, a new-born, and I might as well have been married, so I feel like I missed out on that as well. I don’t know, I just think I missed a big chunk of life.


#25 Take Me Back To Australia

Live Australian music. I’m an Aussie living in Canada and I love it here, but the one downside is that I don’t get to see my favorite Aussie bands perform anymore. It’s extra special whenever John Butler or the Cat Empire make their way over here, but there’s definitely a void in my life from missing so many amazing home-country tours over the past five years. Canadian music is wonderful and I’ve gotten into a bunch of bands since I’ve been here, but nothing beats a live experience of the music you grew up with.


#26 A Life Alone

I’m a “shut-in.” It’s been around six to seven years and it’s hard to say. I leave my home, at most, probably three times per year. I never see anyone. Occasionally, I speak to my dad or sister on the phone. The last time anyone physically touched me was for a blood test earlier this year. I’m missing out on life. I try not to think about it. Just take each day as it comes.

If I really stew on it for too long, thinking about all the relationships I’m missing out on (with family, friends, significant others), all the experiences people my age are having—travelling, working and contributing to society, marrying and having children, everything that people do—I spiral deeper and deeper into the depression. My life means nothing to anyone. Except maybe my two kitties, whom I adore.

I try to just focus on my own little goals. Taking a shower, eating a decent meal, doing a load of laundry… they’re victories for me. Self-care is a huge issue, so anything I can do to help myself is a win. It’s pathetic, being a grown woman and feeling like taking a shower and putting on clean clothes is a monumental victory, but that’s my life.


#27 All He Wants To Do Is Dance

Dancing. I can’t dance at all. I’ve even noticed girls and guys moving away as soon as I start to dance.

#28 Dating Apps Are Making Him Jealous

My wife and I got together a little over six years ago. While I am perfectly happy in my marriage, I do wish I got a chance to experience the whole “finding people through an app” thing. I’m sure it’s an awful slew of unsolicited pics and cat-fishing, but still, it’s late on a Saturday and you need someone over? Open an app and poof. You don’t even have to buy a drink. What is this?


#29 It Takes A Village, And She Wants In On That

The “tribe” of help some moms have and speak about. Grandparents, parents, siblings or even great babysitters and friends that will help in the slightest ways to give you a much-needed break. I do have an amazing husband and I’m thankful for him every day… but I can’t help but feel a total void of support otherwise. I don’t have any family nearby. I don’t even have much family at all.

I moved around a ton and don’t have any best or close friends. My husband’s parents work extremely hard and are in their 60s, so they’re always exhausted. The last four times I tried to hire a sitter, something came up on their end and it fell through, so I just feel disheartened about even trying. I’ve never spent the night away from my two-year-old son and we are expecting a new baby in late December.

Sometimes I feel my skin turning green with envy when I hear people around me saying how often they go on dates or how their mom came over so they could nap. Most of the time, I just shake it off and stay entirely thankful for the family I am creating, but sometimes I sob. I swear with everything I have that I’ll be the best grandmother there ever was if given the chance.


#30 Wanting To Go Deeper

Deep, meaningful relationships with people I genuinely care about. Meeting people who make me grow. I don’t open up to people easily and the one time I did expose myself completely, I got hurt deeply and I don’t think I will heal. It sucks that all it took was a single bad experience to scar me for life. I think I need to talk to someone about this.


#31 Missing Mom

Spending quality time with both my parents. My mom passed away last year, and so much has changed in that short year. I accept the fact that I wouldn’t have grown and matured in the way I have if not for her passing, but I can’t help but look at it and think, “What would life look like with a couple more years past the teenage angst phase?” I’ve seen so much I want to talk to her about, met so many people I want her to meet, and just generally lived a life I wish she were still a part of.

#32 Pretty Soon The Fog Will Clear

Being fully here and not in a mental fog. I’ve had sleep apnea for a while now, but never had health insurance to get it diagnosed and treated. I have insurance now and finally had it diagnosed. I start treatment very soon. I was diagnosed with a severe case. In order to be in a severe category, you have instances of not breathing, which causes your brain to panic and wake you up, 30+ times per hour throughout the night.

It started out as just being tired all the time, but at this point, it’s like I’m not even on this planet anymore. If I’m physically up and about, I can manage to function. However, my mind just doesn’t feel as sharp as it used to, and I forget so many things. I’ve become passive about everything since I don’t have the energy to deal with anything.

Most of my day consists of me struggling to stay awake. As soon as I get comfortable, my brain thinks it’s time for bed. I cannot watch more than one episode of anything without passing out. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t doze off in a movie theater. Sitting on the toilet? I’m out. Stuck in traffic? I always put my car in park because I’ll be dozing immediately. I’ve dozed off three times so far writing this.

And it’s a vicious circle because I know being overweight can cause sleep apnea, but it’s hard to do anything about because I have no energy and end up snacking all day to help stay awake. I’m looking forward to getting my mental and physical health back on track after treatment.


#33 A Spiritual Vow To Save His Virginity Leaves Him Wondering

I’m a 22-year-old male, and people tell me I’m attractive and I don’t have much issue talking to girls. I’ve had girlfriends, but because of my religious beliefs, I have chosen to remain abstinent until marriage. The intention is that it will be something special that I only share with my wife and by not having any prior sexual partners, I will never have anyone to compare her to.

Sometimes hearing about other friends’ college experiences or having girls interested in me who don’t share my same beliefs makes me wonder if I’m missing out or if it will even be worth it. I feel like I’ve avoided several opportunities to lose my virginity. I think in the long run it will be good for my marriage and will keep me on track spiritually.


#34 The More You Know, The Scarier It Gets

Being blissfully ignorant of societal, political, macroeconomic issues. The more I study and research, the angrier and more defeated I get. And then there are those people whose ignorance turns into their identity and they will vehemently argue that whatever new information you try to share with them is false or “fake news”.  It must be nice not caring or understanding. Then again, I’m sick of those people.


#35 Dreaming Of… Dreaming

Dreaming. I’m talking about the sleep visions, not dreams of the future. I mean, I’m sure I have dreams, but I never remember them. Actually never, I don’t remember one time where I had a dream with vivid details. Sometimes on a good night, I remember having had a weird dream or a nightmare, but not the content of the dream. I listen to my mates tell me about their dreams and I feel like I miss out.

#36 A Bucket List Of All The Fast Food In The World

Eating fast food. I’m Muslim (and proud) but I just feel like I am missing out a lot. I have never tried a Big Mac, or bacon or just food that involves meat in general. I honestly love food but to watch food shows that make amazing fast food products just crushes me. I have always heard that In-and-Out burgers are amazing and to be honest, they do look amazing. It’s sad that I can’t try one out, but I just have to get over it. One thing on my bucket list is to go to Dubai and eat all the burgers and meats that most kids ate during their childhood… the ones that I couldn’t eat.


#37 What It’s Really Like Being An Only Child

A sibling! I used to tell people I was a “lonely child” (I thought that was the phrase). I will never know what it’s like to have a brother or a sister who grew up with me or can take some of my parents attention or who I can turn to in hard times. I imagine it’s like having a built-in best friend.

#38 Dying To Play The Stocks

The stock market. I’m subbed to personal finance, penny stocks, and other market subs. I’m paying off debt right now and don’t have money to put towards investments that seem to be relatively lucrative.

#39 Sleep Is Not Overrated

Sleep. I get four to five hours a night. It’s destroying my energy levels and overall health. By extension, I’ve never been at full health. I struggle with chronic pain for most of my adolescent and now adult life. I want to know what it feels to be healthy and lead a genuinely worry-free lifestyle.


#40 A Deadly Peanut Allergy Is Especially Bad News In The Candy Department

Reese’s cups. I’ve had a peanut allergy my whole life so I’ve never gotten to taste one. According to my friends last night, I’m missing out on a lot. Though, I read somewhere that if I consumed peanut butter little by little every day, I could train my body to overcome the allergy. I don’t think I’d ever try it because it’s so risky, but you could imagine why I’ve considered it.


#41 She’s A Foodie But She Can’t Enjoy It

Food. I have Crohn’s disease. I can’t really eat without being in pain ever, so I watch my husband and my kids eat. I make them amazing meals and send my husband the information for cool-sounding restaurants and food trucks that pop up. But for me… I have to stick to rice noodles and juice most of the time. If I feel daring, I eat mashed potatoes.

And that’s about it. I sometimes get sad about it. Depressed even. But I want them to experience what I can’t. I don’t want to hold them back. I’m a major foodie. I even wrote a cookbook. But ironically, I’m never able to eat or taste what I make. I just randomly create things in my head and then live vicariously through my family’s eating experiences.


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#42 Must Get On The Cilantro Train

Cilantro. It tastes like soap to me, and I wish it didn’t, because to everyone else that it doesn’t taste like soap for, it’s the greatest thing in the world to add to any dish, pretty much.

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#43 There Are So Many Fish In The Sea

As someone who’s getting married at 25, I’m worried I’m going to miss out on experiencing different people intimately. I’m sorry. I feel bad for saying this. I know I need to verbalize that I’m feeling under-appreciated, but speaking straight-forwardly has never been a strong suit of mine, and I’m working on it. My fiance is a wonderful person, but as the only boy of a single mother, he was clearly doted on. So without asking and frequent reminding, if it doesn’t pertain directly to him, and sometimes even if it does, he forgets because it’s just not a priority for him. He’ll wait for me to do it.


#44 Finally A Kid Who Wants To Go To School

I’ve been homeschooled my entire life, and I’m in my senior year of high school. I feel I’ve missed out on a normal childhood.


#45 Traveling Is Hot Right Now

Traveling. I just turned 29, and I see recent graduates barely out of their 20’s talking about traveling all the time like it’s normal. Meanwhile, all I can think is: how do you afford it? Aside from assuming that these people live with their parents and/or have a significant amount of their living costs subsidized by them, I don’t understand how they’re able to go on international trips multiple times a year.




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