November 18, 2020 | Jess Silverberg

Disturbed People Share The Weirdest Thing They've Caught Somebody Else Doing

Have you ever witnessed a fight between a man and invisible ninjas? Or watched someone prepare a pancake feast in their Pontiac on a busy highway? Or seen an elderly neighbor nearly burn down her house trying to cremate her bird? While these situations may sound too ridiculous to be true, these are only a few of the real and strange experiences that the innocent bystanders on this list have been forced to witness.

There is a fine line between “peculiar” and “horror,” and these unlucky souls have been forced to cross it. Whether their disturbing tales involved friends, family, or complete strangers, there are some situations that you never want to find yourself walking into.

For most, these memories get vaulted deep in our brains for a long time. But luckily, many have been selfless enough to share their odd encounters of woe with the world.


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#25 Strange And Soapy Snack

I was in the bathroom at work when a man who was maybe in his 30s or 40s entered. While I was washing my hands, he cupped his under the automatic soap dispenser, filled them with soap, and put the handful of soap into his mouth. He just kinda swooshed it around before swallowing it, doing that satisfied lip smack thing, and walked out of the bathroom.

#24 Ranch-Chugging Roommate

I was walking up to a friends place and looked through the window and saw his roommate sitting alone in the semi-darkness chugging ranch dressing from the bottle. He saw me see him drinking it. He put it down very quickly and I went and knocked. The roommate answered the door, and I just pretended I hadn't seen him and haven't said anything about it to him to this day.

24-1531330714176.jpgMegan Leigh Barnard

#23 A Brutal Battle With Invisible Ninjas

I lived in Vegas for a while, and one day I was driving along Koval Lane, a road that parallels Las Vegas Boulevard behind the casinos. As I was waiting on a red light, a young man came waking up the sidewalk to my right where there was a small area landscaped with several large rocks arranged in a sort of a circle. As the young man reached this rock circle, he suddenly stopped and took on a Bruce Lee Enter the Dragon sort of stance. Then he reached over his head with both hands and pulled out the most magnificent imaginary ninja sword the world has never actually seen. With the grace of a ballerina, he commenced killing no less than 8 imaginary bad guys before my very eyes. After this bloody slaughter, he calmly returned his sword to its sheath and continued walking as if nothing happened. It was amazing.


#22 Caught Barking By A Coworker

I was the one who got caught. I was listening to a lot of DMX at the time and was practicing barking like him and practicing his raspy voice in what I thought was an empty room in my office. My co-worker poked his head around the corner and said "are you... barking?"

I was.

dmx_orig-1532022769251.jpgUnsportsmanlike Conduct

#21 Old Man's Flaming Rat Fun

Saw an old man rolling a flaming dead rat down the street towards a puddle. I asked him if he wanted some food, and he said, "No thanks, I'm just having some fun."


#20 Comedic Character In Sweltering Heat

On a hot, overcast day, I was driving through town, when I saw an older man wearing a tuxedo, complete with a large top hat. He was riding a Segway, controlling it with one hand, and holding up an umbrella with the other.

20-1531331893434.jpgMartin Argles

#19 Pancake Preparation In A Pontiac

I once saw a guy with a camping grill in the passenger seat making pancakes while driving his little Pontiac as fast as it could go down a busy highway.


#18 Argument With Enraged Squirrel

I was waiting in my car to pick up my boyfriend from campus and a guy was making his way across the otherwise empty sidewalk gesticulating wildly while conversing angrily with a squirrel. The squirrel was following him and every few feet he turned around to yell at it. It would stop and listen, but every time he tried to walk off the squirrel resumed following him and the whole cycle would start over. It was amazing. I'll never forget it.

18-1531332282708.jpgNational Geographic

#17 A Sock And Lime Subway Facial

Man on the subway casually took a halved lime out of his sock, squeezed the juice into his hands, rubbed it on his face and neck, and then put the half back in his sock as if nothing had happened.

1430776905-lime-1532023106569.jpgMarie Claire

#16 Shower In A Company Sink

While I worked at a factory, I was using the bathroom and opened the stall door when I was finished to see this coworker. He was kind of a nutty older guy. Anyway, we had these big round metal fountain-style sinks in the middle of the floor. So he is standing there wearing his work pants and his shirt is off and he is fully lathering up his whole body with soap and water. I'm just looking at him like, "what the heck?"

Finally, I say, "we can't shower in here man."

Turns out, a hydraulic hose had burst, soaking him in fluid. He was just trying to clean it off while someone fetched a company picnic t-shirt from a box in the office that he could wear home.

It was really funny though, I really thought he had finally cracked.


#15 The Abnormal Rainy-Day Behaviors Of Puddle Man

I used to deliver pizza in downtown Seattle. It was a cool job, and I got to know the whole city. As you probably know, it rains here often.

There's a stretch of old highway 99 (AKA Aurora Ave) just barely north of downtown where the road starts to change from a highway into a city street. There's an old hotel there that has too many stories for comfort. Also, importantly, a dip in the road over by the curb where rainwater would pool during heavy precipitation.

Puddle Man would stand right there, on the corner, in the rain. Right next to the fast moving highway and the large pool of rainwater on the road. We saw him all the time. Puddle Man was overweight and wore a yellow rain slicker with the hood up. Sometimes he was under an umbrella. You know, because he didn't want to get rained on. Pretty sensible. Oh, except he forgot to button the rain slicker up. And he forgot to wear pants.

Puddle Man would stand right there for hours, in the perfect spot to get COMPLETELY SOAKED by the huge bow waves of water that would be splashed up by all the cars driving past. Calmly, facing the street, no expression on his face, rain bouncing from his hood or umbrella. Just letting the waves wash over him as car after car fwoomed through his puddle.


#14 Desperate French Dog-Whisperer

About 11 p.m. one October night in Cambridge, Massachusetts about 8 years ago, I saw a man in a beret who had locked himself out of his car, which was a little two-door Peugeot. He'd left a small dog inside, a little white fluffy thing.

In heavy French accent, he's yelling at the dog, "Open zee door. Open zee door."

The dog is just wagging its tail and has no clue, and the French guy just keeps trying over and over to absolutely no effect.

If my wife wasn't there with me, I'd have sworn it was a delusion.


#13 A Pencil-Sniffing Pal

My friend used to like the smell of pencils. But not just plain pencils, pencils that had been in the oven for a while. It would be weird to walk into a room where he'd be sniffing hot pencils.


#12 Weird Place To Practice Your Trumpet Skills

My mom just told me about someone she came across at a lake somewhere in Colorado today.

She saw an outhouse and headed toward it, but heard a trumpet coming from it (which of course makes no sense). As she got to the outhouse, she noticed it said "occupied," even though it sounds like LIVE music is coming from it.

So she knocked, the trumpeting stopped, and the door opened. There was a guy, about 65, standing there fully clothed with his trumpet in-hand and the music sheet over the open toilet "hole." He said, "oh, do you need to use this?"

12-1531334056681.jpgVancouver Sun

#11 Jars?

I walked in on my dad with his pants down farting into baby food jars with about a half an inch of water in them. Turns out, he was making the world's most potent cologne.

He told me if you put them in a dark place for two weeks, you can't wash the smell off.

He was planning on pouring it into a neighbor kid's car who kept throwing our glass outdoor table and chairs into the pool, putting nails under people's tires, and leaving long strands of duct tape in the street for people to run over.

My pops got even.


#10 Scary Surplus Of Unopened Mail

I once saw an elderly woman at our storage unit. She walked in with a handful of letters and when she opened her locker there was nothing inside but a heap of unopened letters that was almost as tall as she was. We left before she did, and she apparently had parked next to us because there was a car that had the interior completely filled with mail. There was literally only a small space for the driver; everything else all the way to the ceiling was mail.

10-1531336597465.jpgDeviant Art

#9 Freaky Pet Falcon

One time I was driving through a small village at 2 a.m. and I saw a guy out walking with a falcon on his shoulder.

9-1531334640207.jpgThe Arabian Post

#8 A Strange Ruckus (With An Even Weirder Source)

One night in college, I was woken up by a loud voice outside my dorm room. I had to be at work at the crack of dawn, so I did not appreciate the disruption. I hauled myself off my bed and peeked out the door to see Chad, the loud jerk from next door. He was alone in the hallway and was wearing an over-sized pair of scrub pants. He was waddling down the hall, knees bent and legs wide apart, holding the waist of the pants stretched out far in front of him, all while yelling, "hurr nah hurr nah hurr nah hurr!"


#7 Hilariously Innocent Kid's Bathtub Confusion

When I was 5 or 6, I caught my dad in the bathtub with his new girlfriend. I vividly remember thinking, "they're stupid, there's not enough room to play boats if they're both in the tub at the same time."


#6 A Fiery, Bird-Cooking Old Woman

I'm a cop. I went to a "fire" one time (we go to many because we are a faster response than the fire department and can help get people out) that was just a lady trying to cremate her dead pet bird in her oven, and it caught fire and made a lot of smoke. Another officer got in trouble when she filed a complaint because he walked out to the fire department as they arrived and said, "it's just some lady cooking her bird."

6-1531335602821.jpgPhoto by Getty

#5 A Businessman's Full-Suit Swim

During swimming lessons about 5 years ago, a man walked into the pool area in full business attire. He put down his briefcase and then jumped into the pool in all of his clothes. Shirt, jacket, slacks, leather shoes, the whole shebang. Then he just climbed out, grabbed his briefcase, and left.


#4 Strangely Unsatisfied Shoplifter

At a gas station, I watched my friend walk into the mini-mart, slip a Snickers into his pants, and walk out. He got to the car at the pump (not knowing I was in the car watching him), removed the Snickers bar, looked at it, and then dropped it into the trash. The dude had no intention or desire for the candy bar, just the shoplifting.

4-1531335945385.jpgSeung-bin Lee

#3 Odd Sugar-Sneaking Dishwasher

I work in a restaurant and for a while, we had a dishwasher who was kind of weird. The dish pit was in the basement with the prep and dry storage, so he was by himself most of the time. One night, I went downstairs to get something from the dry storage room and walked in to find him with the 5 gallon container of sugar open on the prep table, just shoveling handfuls of straight-up dry sugar into his mouth. Like a man in the desert drinking water from an oasis. His back was kind of turned toward me a bit so he didn't see me and I was so shocked it took me maybe 10 seconds to react. I just stood in the doorway confused until I was like "hey dude, what are you doing?" His reaction was to just put the lid on the container and walk past me back to the dish pit and casually resume washing dishes. I was perplexed.


#2 Oddball With An Odd Habit

Late to the party, but I once saw a man in a blue-and-white-striped nightdress walking along the road picking up horse manure and putting it in a grocery bag. Then he lifted up his nightdress to reveal that he was not wearing anything under it, and started relieving himself into said grocery bag. I don't even know.


#1 Just A Flesh Wound

I was working drive-thru at Taco Bell one Sunday when a girl pulled up and ordered like 10 cheese rollups. When I went to hand her card back, it slipped and fell beside her car door. She was pretty cool about it, opened her door, and her left arm just fell out and is warped kind of broken.

I asked her why she was AT TACO BELL ORDERING FOOD and not at a hospital and apparently her mom wanted her home first.

She made a joke about consuming too many adult beverages, took her food, and drove off.

Image result for flesh


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