January 23, 2024 | Samantha Henman

These Parties Were NOT A Good Time

Whether you’re an attendee, or—gulp—the host, there’s nothing quite as unpleasant as a friendly gathering gone wrong. Whether it’s an uninvited guest, a ruined surprise, or an unexpected disaster, anything can make a celebration go awry. Buckle up for these stories about the worst parties ever—because they’re sure to make you cringe.

1. It Was No Piece Of Cake

Back in December, a long while back, I was employed at a company that was far from ideal. Unfortunately, we received some terrible news out of the blue. 

Our entire department was going to be laid off, with only a few days' notice. We found out just a day before our Year End party, which also happened to be our final day of work before the holiday break, after which we wouldn't return.

We were all quite disappointed, and then our boss, also facing layoffs, walked in bearing a Christmas cake. He suggested, "Even with all this, shouldn't we at least have some cake to mark the festive season?" With dampened spirits, we all agreed. However, the most degrading part was yet to unfold. 

There were no plates, spoons, knives, or even napkins. So we each had to scoop out a piece of cake with our bare hands and eat it. Meanwhile, a heavy feeling of gloom enveloped us. It was a truly dismal experience.

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2. Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

An old buddy from high school asked me and three other pals to join him for what he termed a "party". Considering it was just us four plus his wife, we thought maybe it'd be a low-key gaming shindig with some geeky board games or whatnot.

Suddenly, his wife kicks off a 90-minute showcase focusing on Arbonne and starts enthusiastically pitching women’s beauty items to a bunch of guys in their early twenties. I was blown away.

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3. Who’s Laughing Now?

Back in my college years, a pretty cute girl from one of my lectures invited me to a party. Little did I know, the theme was "Invite the less visually appealing guy". She didn't think things through, though. She seemed to forget that I was the one setting the academic standards in the class and her main source for notes and other class information.

Consequently, she couldn't pass a crucial class and ended up falling back a whole year.

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4. A Disaster In Four Parts

I attended a fancy event, but my date made things quite uncomfortable. Initially, she scolded me about the plight of cows in danger due to free-range farming. Out of nowhere, she tossed random questions my way, such as, "What's your favorite brand of sandals?" That was tame enough—but then her tactlessness really came through.

Later, she got involved in a religious squabble with a Muslim kid, telling him his God was "false". And just when I had thought things couldn't get any worse and convinced her to join me on the dance floor, she ended up spraining her ankle.

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5. What Are The Odds

I once worked at a major company, specifically, an exceedingly unpopular cable provider that was notorious for their extreme frugality. They marked their anniversary with a required company picnic. 

Not attending was not an option and if we opted out, we risked a formal warning. The event wasn't a paid one, so we had to use our PTO. Consequently, we trudged to the so-called "grand event" on a gloomy Friday afternoon.

Our unlikable boss, who really took the cake for being the worst, had the audacity to set the event at a park. As luck would have it, it was situated right opposite his house. This "park" was merely a stretch of grass under a gigantic highway overpass. And then things went from bad to worse. 

A downpour began, yet the event proceeded. The location? Beneath the overpass, next to a group of homeless folks in their makeshift dwelling. Ironically, they appeared to eat better than us, as each of us only received a frozen burger or hotdog from a nearby grocery store. And don't even think about having a drink on the side!

The event's "highlight" was a raffle we were told had extravagant prizes. It wasn't a total shock, since we regularly received opulent gifts from large vendors wooing us for purchases. The grand prize did turn out to be a head-turner: a gas-powered R/C car. The rest of the prizes? Goodie bags filled with company-branded trinkets and t-shirts.

In an unsurprising twist, our detestable boss picked his own number—totally a coincidence, he swore—and nabbed the grand prize. The number of goodie bags exactly matched the attendees, except for one—guess who the unlucky one was? 

Being the only one without a bag didn't bother me; what did was the flagrant stinginess accompanying it. To add insult to injury, our boss strolled over, laughed at my misfortune, and said, "Sucks to be you” with pure glee!

I showed extreme restraint, and started to leave. He yelled, "You can't leave yet, you've to stay until 5"! He kept poking fun at me.

So yeah, that was the absolute worst party I ever attended.

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6. Lesson Learned

In fifth grade, the class's most bookish kid threw a party for nearly all the classmates. His mom organized a major pizza bash, decorated the whole house with streamers, and planned a trip to Laser Tag afterwards.

I was the first guest, so we devoured some gummy worms and watched Digimon as we waited for others. To make a long story short, nobody else arrived. After a long wait, his mom drove us to Burger King and then back home for some Nintendo fun.

Reflecting on it, the party turned out to be really cool—we had Burger King, watched Digimon, and played Nintendo. I even brought home three party favor bags afterward. I might have grabbed more, but I didn't want to seem impolite or like an aspiring candy addict.

Later, I found out from another friend and a few kids we hung out with that many children had disposed of the invitations or hidden them from their parents to avoid spending time with the not-so-popular classmate.

The takeaway here: kids aren't charming nuggets of pure innocence; sometimes, kids can be quite mean.

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7. The Rare Reverse Surprise Party

So, about 12 months ago I head home to catch up with the folks and some old buddies. Everything was good until one night my friend and I decided to attend a birthday celebration.

Here's how it went down: My buddy and I were at a bar shooting pool since early afternoon. Now it's around 7:30 and I get a call from Mom. She's tied up at work and asks if I can stand in for the family at someone's birthday bash.

I check with her who it is and how old the person is. Turns out it's Caleb's 21st birthday. My friend and I agree, throwing the idea back and forth. Hey, 21st birthday bashes are usually a blast – why not give it a shot?

We make a quick pit-stop at a store and pick up an average-priced bottle of Scotch for this Caleb guy, whoever he is. We decide to simply get the cashier to print out a blank receipt, scrawl 'Happy Birthday from [my] family' on it, and stick it to the bottle as a makeshift card. All sorted!

We hail a cab to the adress Mom had given me and crash into this lively, wild, party. As we step in, it hits us: we've messed up. This party was wild alright, but for a 4-year-old's birthday, not a 21-year old's. The birthday boy wasn't Caleb. He didn't even live there anymore. The birthday boy's name was Jeff.

By the time we realised this, we'd already placed our Scotch gift on the table by the front door. Imagine two dudes in their twenties showing up at a kids' party and accidentally breaking up a game of duck, duck, goose.

We beat it out of there in a flash, so flustered we even forgot the Scotch we'd coughed up $18 on. We fast-walked a few blocks away and ordered a cab.

When I finally got home, Mom was almost in tears from laughing so hard at the call she'd received from the party hosts about our 'unique' gift for a 4-year-old. She said sorry and resolved to exclude me from family envoy duties for future gatherings.

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8. Avert Your Eyes

I once attended a Super Bowl party at a church, simply because a girl I liked from school was there. Even though I'm not religious, I thought, "Why not?"

The scene was set with the game on a big projector, snacks dotting the tables, and even some video games off to the side. All in all, it wasn't too bad. What I was really looking forward to, though, was the halftime show. Little did I know that things would not work in my favor.

Just as halftime was about to kickoff, the church staff turned off the projector. In its place, a church official started with a sermon. I should have expected something like this given that we were in a church, nonetheless, I felt a bit annoyed because the halftime show, in my opinion, is often the Super Bowl's pièce de résistance.

Feeling frustrated, I ended up leaving early and tried to shake it off. However, when I returned to school the following day, everyone was talking about the biggest thing that I missed out on: Janet Jackson's infamous "wardrobe malfunction."

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9. A Sobering Experience

I remember it quite clearly. I was 19, in the second semester of college, brimming with ambition and always ready for a good time. My first semester was all clean fun and good grades but over winter break, I had discovered the thrill of drinking.

My roommate had this really cool girlfriend who was pretty attractive, too. She'd often visit our place and tag along to the parties we attended in and around the city. Even though she seemed to have a blast at these parties, she'd always complain about feeling awful the next day while seeming quite alright. It didn't add up. Something was amiss.

One day, brimming with energy, she bounds into our room to let us in on an exciting plan. She tells us that some of her friends are having a house party and she wanted us to join her. From my previous casual encounters with these friends, they seemed nice and were pretty easy on the eyes—a very tempting proposition for a teen guy like me.

That evening, we stroll over to the girlfriend's dorm to pick her up, ready to head to the party. Now, before proceeding, I should admit that I had been pre-drinking to set the buzz for the night.

Upon reaching the venue, we notice a few cars already parked, suggesting the party has started despite us being early—a promising sign for the night ahead.

But my hopes were about to be dashed. As we entered the house, I was hit by the intense disapproval on everyone's faces. I was the only person who'd brought drinks, keeping up my end of the party pact. This would remain the case for the entire evening.

And then the penny dropped. My roommate's girlfriend chose this moment to reveal a crucial piece of information which would have changed my entire approach to this party: All of her friend circle, the party hosts included, were practicing Mormons. Suddenly, I found myself stranded amongst 25 Mormons and my roommate, with no exit strategy.

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10. My Time Or Yours?

At our office Christmas bash, we received a strict memo hinting that failure to work an additional hour to compensate for the time off at the party, or to not use our PTO, could lead to our dismissal. 

On top of that, the budget was slashed to a mere $50 and we were all instructed to bring our own food. Such a boost for team spirit, isn't it?

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11. Attack In Black

I mixed up the location of my buddy's new home where he was throwing a get-together. You know, one of those houses I had never visited before, the address of which was a couple of digits off from where I ended up—a place with balloon-adorned mailbox. 

My buddy's party was an airsoft party and I had brought along a reasonably-priced katana I found at a swap meet and a bunch of authentic looking, all-black airsoft machines.

As I entered, I noticed no one inside. However, a background hum of laughing and conversation led me to the backyard. I placed the katana, decorated with a cute Hello Kitty bow, on the entrance hall table. 

The sound echoed as it hit the table. I pulled out my metallic airsoft machines, fitted my bandana over my face and lowered my aviator sunglasses before making my way outside.

To my shock, I was met with a garden packed with clearly alarmed parents and a handful of shocked little kids playing in a sandbox. Recognizing my mistake, I quickly said, "Oh, sorry, my bad. I'm at the wrong party. Enjoy the birthday celebration!" Scrambling to recover from my embarrassing mix-up, I made a quick exit.

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12. Psychological Warfare

The tale of my 18th birthday party. My troubled ex had successfully alienated me from the few friends I had left. Their patience was thin due to her antics and my blind loyalty towards her. They'd had enough and decided to distance themselves from us.

But wait, there's more! She rubbed salt in the wound by inviting all of them to my 18th birthday bash hosted at her place. She got a bunch of food, cake, music, and everything. However, none of my now former friends were willing to set foot in a chaotic house just for a "celebration".

So, imagine the scene at my 18th birthday. It was her telling me, "These are your so-called friends? They don't even show up to your 18th birthday party simply because of their dislike for me."!

She later fessed up, confirming my suspicion that she had orchestrated the entire drama, solely to make me realize that I allegedly had no one else in my life apart from her, thus making it impossible for me to leave her.

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13. Zero Chemistry

For my prom, I made the bold move of asking a girl I'd admired from afar but never actually chatted with. Mere moments after our interaction, an eruption of cheers and enthusiastic high-fives from my buddies hit my eardrums. It was an exhilarating feeling, only to be followed by a less-than-stellar end of night party.

The weeks that followed and led up to the prom were pretty rough. I attempted to strike up conversations between classes, but to little avail. The prom itself was a disaster. I ended up with tons of expensive photos—courtesy of my parents. At least I'm looking sharp in the yearbook! 

Although she had politely declined to dance—which was honestly fine with me since I'm far from being a dancing pro—the further downside was her reluctance to talk. We ended up spending the chilly night outside in peace and quiet while watching others have fun on the dance floor.

Eventually, we reluctantly headed to an after-party where both of us seemed out of place. We sat, sober, catching occasional stray ping-pong balls whilst trying to keep up minimal small talk. Then, her ex-boyfriend decided to make an appearance and all of a sudden, she needed to leave, driving me home seeing as I was license-less.

Though the whole experience was cringe-worthy, it did make me realize the necessity of really knowing someone before liking them, rather than just admiring their looks from afar. It turns out my prom date had a pretty bland personality and a sense of humor that wouldn’t even rival a six-year-old's—I would confidently say, mine at least matches up to a seven-year-old's.

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14. The Freeloader

My friend invited me to a Christmas Eve get-together, requesting that I'd bring a couple of chicken dishes since everything else was accounted for. So, I spent $20 on some sumptuous stuffed chickens and even brought the tastiest (and priciest) hot sauce in the country, because it's nice to splurge for your best pals during holiday season, right?

I got there a bit early and noticed the house was quite dark. I assumed that I was the first to arrive or perhaps they were doing fun Christmas activities by candlelight.

But upon entering the living room, I was baffled. The house was totally empty.

Then, from out of the dark, my bud emerged, trudging down the stairs in just his boxers. He was yawning, wiping away drool, with pillow impressions on his face and his stomach growling audibly.

Mumbling something about a power outage, he got straight to devouring my delicious chicken meal, tearing into it with no regard for manners or etiquette.

Reluctantly, I started to realize this whole thing might have been a trick to snag a free dinner from me by this freeloader.

In one brief instance of decorum, he managed to offer me a glass of water before he resumed his feasting frenzy, devouring MY chicken and slurping up MY gourmet hot sauce.

He was fortunate that the electric company had cut his power or else he'd have seen just how furious I was, sitting in the dark, clutching a lukewarm glass of water.

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15. Double Whammy

My girlfriend of two years and I split up a week before her birthday. Despite the split, I'd already planned and paid for a surprise party for her, so I decide to go ahead with it anyway. Her birthday arrives, I've spent $200 on drinks, $100 on food, and made sure everything is perfectly decorated.

She arrives with her friends and pulls me aside. She unexpectedly thanks me for the party, but requests that I leave to avoid it being too awkward. Being the gentleman that I am, I oblige her. The next day, everyone who was at the party was wondering why I wasn't there, even my ex expressed a similar sentiment.

A few weeks later, a close friend invites us to her birthday party. The vibe between my ex and I had been decent. It seemed like we were transitioning into friends. But, the night of the party turns awkward. We're all trying to engage in normal conversation, while my ex sits quietly, constantly texting.

Whenever I step away for a moment, she'd spring back to life and interact with others. Unfortunately, as soon as I returned, she'd abruptly quiet down. Suddenly, to my surprise, an uninvited guy shows up. Turns out, my ex was texting him all night and invited him over.

As you can probably predict, the party didn't last much longer after his arrival. However, the discomfort didn't stop there. The next day, I received a text from my ex blaming me for ruining the party. I felt foolish for caring so much about her.

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16. Everybody Hurts

On my 21st birthday bash, my parents took off for a vacation. I had this deep crush on a girl who kept avoiding commitment by saying "Now's not the right time for me to date". But I never accepted her implied rejection; I'd just try asking her out a month or two later. My pals and I partied continuously that summer and my place became party headquarters once my parents left a week before my big day.

Throughout that week, my place would go from a wreck to a home, thanks to friends crashing over and then helping out with the clean-up. Things seemed rosy, mainly because the girl I was infatuated with spent five straight nights at my place—we were just sleeping, though.

On my birthday, which fell on a Saturday, we had a big setup: my brother had arranged for a keg and my band was supposed to play in the basement. The place was buzzing when some stranger showed up. I didn't care—the more, the merrier.

After our band performance, disaster struck. I found the object of my affection in the backyard, cuddling the stranger. Devastated is an understatement for how I felt. To top it off, around 9, a majority of my visitors—including her—left for our bassist’s place. I remained wallowing in self-pity until they returned around 2 AM.

During that time, I found solace staring at the ceiling from my bed. But before the inevitable confrontation, I stepped outside for a smoke. Returning to my room, I found her and four other friends occupying my bed. The entire house was crowded; every bed, couch and cozy chair taken. Feeling sorry for myself, I ended up sleeping on the kitchen floor, feeling utterly isolated in a house full of “friends”.

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17. Not Today

My old roommate threw a Memorial Day barbecue and invited loads of people, including his cousin who brought her toddler. His grandma and aunt were there too. They're wonderfully quirky folks that I enjoyed being around, but I hadn't met his cousin before this.

Just imagine, I had bruised myself through a brutal string of 10-day waitressing shifts, each 10-12 hours long. After being swamped by awful customers and badly behaved children, all I needed was to unwind with a drink and some good barbecue. 

Much to my dismay, the cousin abruptly handed over her child to me and bolted for the backyard. The others followed suit, unwittingly leaving me with the impression that I was meant to babysit, which was far from what I wanted.

So, I headed outside, found the cousin, and made it clear that I wasn't there to babysit, now or ever—she needed to keep an eye on her own kid. Her response was maddening. In front of everyone, she retorted, "But it's a party! I want to have fun!" The nerve! As if I wasn't entitled to fun at my own house's party. I shot back, "So do I, look after your own child!" and stomped off.

About half an hour later, I went to use my bathroom and screamed in horror as I found her child taking a messy dump right beside the toilet. Commotion ensued with people flooding in from all corners. The nerve of the cousin to berate me for not supervising her child, the same child I had asserted I wasn't going to look after.

I fired back, demanding that she clean up the mess. In response, she swooped up her child and vamoosed.

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18. Unhappily Ever After

I recently attended a wedding that was a complete disaster. Let me give you a quick rundown: The flowers kept toppling over mid-ceremony, and the organizers had to resort to duct tape to fix them on the spot. 

Adding to the chaos, the bride herself arrived 45 minutes late. There was no proper carpet; instead, a large sheet of fabric taped down served as an aisle. And mind you, this makeshift arrangement was done after all the attendees were already seated.

During the cocktail hour, the available food was shockingly scarce. Once the delectable shrimp salad was over, there was no replenishment. Worse still, there was no meat served during dinner. 

The ceremony had its own share of odd moments, the priest, for instance, made a quirky comment, "It doesn't matter if it's your 1st, 2nd or 3rd attempt at it", knowing it was the bride's second wedding.

The entertainment was equally bad. The DJ or band, whoever they were, didn't play a single good song. The absolute low point was when they informed the bride's father that they did not have the song he had picked out for the father-daughter dance. The entire event lacked proper planning.

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19. All’s Well That Ends Well

I attended a party with a workmate from the eatery where we worked. The bash was at a coworker's place who invited a bunch of us. It seemed fun until I discovered it was in an area known for its...rustic charm.

Getting there was quite an adventure and by the time we rolled in, it was already past ten. We were the first ones to arrive, apart from the party host. He assured us that others were on their way and took us on a tour around his home. He informed us his kids, aged 5 and 3, were tucked in for the night, and his spouse was out enjoying a ladies' night.

Soon, a few folks from work sauntered in, including our boss who came hand-in-hand with a cook from our restaurant. It appeared they were an item, which gave an awkward flavor to the party...but that was just the appetizer for what was to come.

Suddenly, the host's sister barges in, berating him for throwing a party while his kids were home. He hushed down like a caught-off-guard adolescent, receiving his scolding in silence. Amidst the ruckus, my friend and I along with a few others, retreated to the cellar. 

It felt like we were holed up there for eternity, especially with our awkwardly coupled boss and cook, but I suppose it wasn't as long as it felt.

Finally, the quiet upstairs signaled it was safe to venture out. But what we came upon was far from normal. We found our host locked in a deep kiss with his sister on the couch! My brain and heart were in a frenzy but the sheer shock of it all immobilized us. We just stood there, watching as the situation intensified and clothes began to peel off.

That jolted us out of our stupor and we hurried for the door, tripping over each other to escape. We hopped into my car but soon realized I was too shaken up to drive. The host emerged from his house, but I didn't roll down my window, not yet ready to face the uncomfortable situation. But then, the truth came out.

After some time, I lowered my window and he confessed that it was his wife we saw him with, and our hasty exit had woken the kids. Sheepishly, we reentered the house and passed the remaining hours with a few rounds of Wii bowling.

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20. A Series Of Awkward Events

So, there was this socially awkward chap in high school who decided to throw a party and extended an invitation to every one of our classmates. Despite his home being anything but spacious, he went ahead and hosted it anyway. Around 15 of us showed up.

The fellow hosting the party was freaking out—mainly because he'd invited girls. He hadn't had much experience in that arena, probably because he was rather sheltered. 

While he managed his nerves, the rest of us kicked off the party with a dice game to lighten the mood. Later on, we all got involved in a Wii boxing competition. I managed to snag the victory and won a modest $3 gift card to Sonic.

As the party was winding down, I accidentally bumped a buddy into the stair railing, causing one of its supporting beams to break. To cap off the night, our host rallied us around his Christmas tree and we each got to pick an ornament to take home.

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21. Escape Plan

In my first year of high school, I became a member of the Speech Team. Post every competition, we would have a party. However, being an introverted person, the idea of going to these parties with the older students was daunting.

One weekend, I gathered some courage and decided to attend one. My mom drove me and, although I arrived a little late, I knocked on the door. Seeing the relief on the host (a senior)'s face when he saw me, I started doubting my decision.

Upon entering, I saw an enormous amount of food—enough for at least 30 people—in the living room. The only people present from the 15-member speech team were myself and another senior girl who was known for not being very pleasant to deal with. 

She was always correcting others, had a loud breathing habit, and was rude and argumentative. The host insisted I try some food, so I had a slice of microwaved pizza that was now cold and soggy.

The host then pulled out a complex European board game with movable tiles and plastic armies. The level of difficulty and confusion seemed to trigger the other girl's frustrations, making her even more difficult to be around.

Later, one of the coaches walked in and seemed visibly taken aback by the scene. He sat down for the game, but left after just 15 minutes. I seized the opportunity, slipped into the bathroom, phoned my mom, and left shortly after.

The host would later tell me that the other girl stayed for several more hours after my departure.

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22. Help Me, Indeed

I was at a wedding where the groom decided to sing "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails, in all its raw form, for karaoke. Just as we thought the bride was about to put a stop to it, she surprised us by joining in instead! However, some of the older folks present at the wedding didn't quite appreciate it.

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23. New Year, Old Drama

Years ago, I noticed that whatever happens on New Year's Eve seems to set the tone for my entire year—wild party leads to a wild year, no celebrations result in a dull year.

When the millennium came around, I was thrilled to be invited to an extravagant party hosted by a wealthy friend. His apartment—a two-story penthouse in a posh Boston area overlooking the Charles River—was the perfect party scene. 

His generosity was unmatched with every guest receiving a bottle of Dom Pérignon upon entry and unlimited drinks all night. Dressed to impress, I was optimistic about the prosperous post-college life waiting for me.

But just minutes after we arrived, my then-girlfriend was snubbed by the host. Her reaction was explosive, we ended up spending most of the time in the coat room with her refusing to leave and escalating her outbursts, seeking an apology.

When I stepped in to rectify the matter, the host explained that my girlfriend had violated his trust. Apparently, he'd rescinded her invite and wished we would either join the party or leave. Taken aback but inclined to stay, I decided to make the best of the situation.

It was unkind of me not to console her, but I was spent. Engaging with other guests, my apprehensions began to fade. But the ordeal resumed immediately after the clock struck midnight.

We decided to head home via subway as the transit authority had buses running all night. Missing a connecting bus set her off again – she raged, kicked a wooden box, and screamed about betrayal. A sympathetic bus driver came to our rescue, but her mood remained unchanged.

That night, I had a moment of clarity—I should've seen she wasn't right for me. Yet, I stayed. I brushed the incident off, thinking I would not abandon our relationship over one party.

Then I uncovered the truth. She had promised to write a recommendation letter for the host's grad school application but never followed through. It wasn’t her first fabrication and I felt remorse for defending her at the party. Furthermore, she'd known about the disinvitation and showed up regardless.

As trends predicted, the rest of that year was full of chaos. After enduring infidelity, moving to a new apartment, and finally ending our relationship, she spent a year convincing every possible person that I was at fault—even to the point of losing friends. Given her sly manipulation of the truth, I should have anticipated this chain of events.

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24. Cover Charge

A girl I knew had just graduated high school and decided to throw a massive birthday bash at her house, swearing up and down that her folks wouldn't be around. Contrarily, her parents made a grand appearance and didn't just mingle – they perched on the staircase, intensely observing the crowd of nineteen-year-olds like guard birds.

The highlight was a surreal stare-down between the young party-goers and the hawk-eyed parents staring awkwardly from above. But the real head-scratcher came later.

The hostess went to negotiate peace terms with her parents. When she returned, she relayed a bizarre request: five bucks from each guest, because according to her folks, "parties aren't free". I promptly said my goodbyes.

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25. Seven Seconds In Heaven

Back when I was in 7th grade, I attended a party where, believe it or not, everyone started smooching. I was the only boy left out. Feeling out of place, I headed upstairs and informed the host's mom about the goings-on downstairs. 

She ended up joining us in the basement for the remainder of that evening and there was no more kissing after that.

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26. Last Night The DJ Threatened My Life

I was at a party, hanging out with my cousin when she began to kiss this guy. The guy instantly got smitten and started following her around everywhere. He kept on praising her and boasting about being an amazing DJ. 

Eventually, my cousin got tired of it all and dared him to prove his DJ skills. He then took off to the place where the music setup was, which was in the kitchen.

Just a few moments later, he rushed past us, covering his face as if he didn't want my cousin to notice his exit. Then, about 20 minutes later, there came a loud banging on the door accompanied by a firm, "POLICE, OPEN THE DOOR". It seemed a little out of place since this is the UK, and it's not exactly common for the police to disrupt parties like that.

Almost everyone dismissed it as a prank and told whoever it was to get lost. And then the door got kicked open. Lo and behold, it was a group of actual law enforcement officers. 

They began interrogating everyone there, shining flashlights in our faces and throwing random questions at us like "What have you taken? Do you know where so-and-so is? Where's the knife?"

Knife? That's when we started becoming more aware of our surroundings. There was blood all around us—on the floor, on my friend's purse, even on the front door. An officer then walked by holding an evidence bag with a breadknife inside it. That’s when we pieced it all together. 

Turns out my cousin’s friend wasn't trying to hide his embarrassment when he left the room, but rather, was clutching his injured face. Apparently, the self-proclaimed DJ didn't take kindly to anyone else touching his equipment.

I figured it was time to head out.

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27. In The End, it Doesn’t Even Matter

My sweet sixteen bash. You know, that's a big deal for any girl, and I had it all sorted in my head. A delightful pool party was all queued up, and my dad's band was supposed to play a popular Linkin Park track, with yours truly as the lead singer. Yeah, it was quite the rage back in the day!

I sent the invites to everyone I knew, but the turnout was hardly impressive. My best friend showed up, along with two girls who made a swift exit roughly half an hour in, and a boy who got dragged there because his mom was chummy with my mother.

Quite the disaster, huh? All the same, my best friend and I tried to salvage the situation, but my ego ended up taking a serious hit.

Here's an odd twist though, the other day my dad tells me a girl who knew me back in high school walks into his work holding the flyer I'd hand out for that party. This just happened and I'm 26 now. It's strange she held onto it all those years but never turned up. Really, life has its uncanny moments.

Worst. Party. Ever.Shutterstock

28. A Man On A Mission

When I was 16, I had a crush on this girl who lived in my neighborhood. One day, after we both got off the school bus, she said, "We're having a small gathering at my place tonight, just us girls. You should come." I excitedly agreed. I showed up around 8pm, and there were just three girls there.

Soon after I arrived, I noticed there weren't any drinks around. I saw pictures of Jesus and crosses hung on every wall. I've been an atheist since birth and have only been to church twice, so I was pretty clueless about Christian symbolism. It's not something I've ever felt the need to learn about. After a bit, she suggested we go downstairs to play charades.

By this point, I was seriously considering leaving, but I didn't want to seem impolite, so I decided to stick around. The next part is one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. 

When it was my turn, I pulled out a card that read "missionary". Being an uninformed 16-year-old atheist, my mind took a second to process it. But, I mistook the meaning and began acting out the missionary position, raising a few eyebrows in the process.

One of the other girls finally asked what I was trying to mime, and I told her "missionary". She explained to me what it really meant. I could feel my face burning red as I grabbed my jacket and made a quick exit. I was so mortified that I even changed my bus route to avoid running into them again.

Evil Pranks factsShutterstock

29. Crushing The Crush

Back in high school, I once got invited to a party where a girl I sort of liked was also attending. I was a pretty big kid with not much confidence, so I never made a pass. 

She surprised me by suddenly hopping onto my back (and she later confessed to having a crush on me too). Trying to be light-hearted, I leaned back, intending to gently lower her to the ground.

But she didn't let go.

Eventually, as she clung to my neck and my balance was thrown off, I ended up toppling right over onto her.

Worst. Party. Ever.Shutterstock

30. Doesn’t Add Up

When I was 17 and in my final year of high school, my friends and I found an empty mansion in a ritzy neighborhood. We figured the place was worth over $2 million. Intrigued, we decided to explore. The place was hill hidden, so not easily spotted. Surprisingly, the back door was open, and we went in to find huge, barren rooms.

Later, I mentioned the mansion to a friend who's quite popular at school. He suggested throwing a party there. A week later, I saw Facebook statuses about a "Mansion Party." Assuming it was the same place and knowing this friend lives nearby, I headed over. I was shocked to find over 200 people there, partying hard. But things escalated.

I spotted a guy nailing a killer Beirut shot from about 30 feet away. Victorious, he began to wreck things, smashing walls, and even ramming his head into one. Next thing I knew, everyone began to demolish the place.

Windows shattered, stairs cracked, chandeliers tumbled, walls crumbled, the kitchen lay in ruins, and litter was everywhere. The destruction was intense. But the party ended abruptly when sirens wailed in the distance. Everyone split, while I lingered, finding out no one actually came.

The next day, police cars surrounded the mansion. Now, you may think this party sounds epic, but let me tell you why it was the worst party ever.

A month later, I find police officers on my doorstep, handing me an arrest warrant. Apparently, they had photos of me at the party and were charging me with trespassing and mischief. 

My punishment: over $3,000 in fines, a 14-week class on underage drinking, 60 hours of community service, and a 6-month probation. All because I went to that party. 84 others were also charged, plus there was $200,000+ worth of damage to the mansion. Sure, the party was a blast, but the aftermath? Not worth it at all.

The Kids of Helicopter ParentsFlickr, 28704869

31. Party For Me? No, Party For Thee

My girlfriend decided to host a birthday bash for me. I had a hunch about it, so I proposed to her, "If you're planning a party, could I potentially share with you a list of my friends to include?" She feigned ignorance as though she wasn't scheming anything.

To cut a long tale short, the "surprise" party ended up being a gathering of her friends, not mine. The most aggravating part? They were devouring all my food which my girlfriend purchased using a gift voucher I had for a nearby restaurant... I was holding onto that voucher for later!

Fights That Ended Friendships factsShutterstock

32. Unexpected Consequences

I was at a buddy's birthday bash, and when things started to calm down, there was a cluster of four dudes who stubbornly refused to leave despite being asked to. One of the guys challenged us with, "Who wants us to take off?" 

Without any hesitation, I raised my hand. Soon enough, I found myself enclosed by him and his three friends and we were being hemmed in by a massive crowd.

I remember feeling assured, knowing I was flanked by my pals who were sure to support me. Also, none of these guys were notably tough or big, so I stood my ground. However, I overlooked one crucial detail.

Once the fists began to fly, it dawned on me that the large crowd of my buddies around us were all girls. As soon as the brawl broke out, they immediately stepped aside, leaving me at the mercy of the four guys. 

I had to take a fair share of hits before some of my guy pals noticed the ruckus and came to my rescue. The fight left me with a broken nose and orbital bone.

My Worst Work MistakeShutterstock

33. A Good Excuse Is Worth A Million Dollars

A few years back, I attended either a Christmas or Halloween party at a friend's apartment with a few buddies. The whole place was already buzzing with loud, boisterous party-goers, which made us want to bail shortly after arrival. 

To skip out without creating any drama, I pretended to receive a distressing phone call and put on a convincing show of dismay. Casually, I said, "Oh no! I've got to leave, my dog just exploded." We left without anyone questioning us.

From then on, whenever we find ourselves in a sticky situation we wish to leave... someone's pet has an unfortunate "explosion."

Worst. Party. Ever.Shutterstock

34. Silence Is Golden

My buddies are always floored when I bring up this story. I once attended a "silent" party where there were around 10-15 of us gathered at a girl's place, and no one was permitted to talk (or write). We were restricted to communicating solely through body language.

I was only acquainted with one girl there, and the setup was supremely uncomfortable. I was honestly at a loss of action, and it eventually turned into an extended period of gazing at each other. 

The strangest moment was when I chose to depart but couldn't tell everyone due to the party rules. So, I just picked up my jacket and left discreetly, without making a sound.

Despite all the oddity, like every party I've been to, I had this thought of possibly crossing paths with a girl there.

Worst. Party. Ever.Shutterstock

35. A Different Kind Of Surprise Party

So, my most memorable day? That's got to be my seventeenth birthday. It was an average school day, really. Nothing out of the ordinary, except that I was going to be picked up instead of taking the bus home. When my brother pulled up instead of my mom, I could instantly tell something wasn't right.

He looked as if he'd been in tears all day, which soon made sense when I found out why. Turns out, that was the day his girlfriend had revealed that she was pregnant, which, unsurprisingly, hadn't gone down well with my mother. 

They'd spend the entire day arguing about it. As you can imagine, dinner that evening was incredibly uncomfortable for me. I was caught in the crossfire of deep resentment between my mom and brother while also trying to keep a cheerful facade for my birthday.

Worst Birthdays EverShutterstock

36. A Different Kind Of Pool-Hopping

A while ago, I was at a pool gathering. As the evening drew on, nearly everyone had had a fair share of drinks. One partygoer decided to pull a prank by using a Jagermeister bottle filled with ipecac. They went around offering shots to folks in the swimming pool. It was a recipe for disaster—and that's exactly what ensued.

Around a dozen people took up the offer, despite noticing a peculiar taste. Not long afterward, the pool turned into a literal vomit chaos. A real life depiction of that scene from Family Guy, but only this time, it's in water. People were shrieking and hustling to escape the pool as vomit swirled about them.

Fatal Mistake factsShutterstock

37. A Divine Gathering

One of my most uncomfortable encounters happened during a high school classmate's 18th birthday party. Though I didn't hang out with my classmates often, I felt it would've been rude to decline the invite to such a significant event.

This classmate and several others were notably religious, which is somewhat out of the ordinary in Sweden. Nevertheless, I was taken aback when I arrived at a church, the venue for her birthday party. The warning bells in my head were already ringing.

Things got even stranger, but I stuck around and connected with my familiar buddies: two Muslim girls from class. As it turned out, most of the attendees were members of her church. While nothing unusual really happened, I couldn't shake off the feeling of being in a cult. 

Everyone's friendliness seemed unsettlingly excessive. I made my exit after a reasonable amount of time, feigning an early morning commitment and headed to a different party.

The following Monday at school, my Muslim friends shared tales of the bizarre happenings they witnessed after I left, which shocked me. The party took a strange turn, marked by soothing music and everyone lying on the floor contemplating God. 

When one of my friends' phone rang, things escalated. The birthday girl's father seized her phone in a fit of anger, locking it away to prevent any further 'disturbances.' Hence concluded my classmate's peculiar 18th birthday party.

Dark Secrets UnleashedPexels

38. Silver Linings

My buddy had a birthday bash for her 11th birthday. A whole load of guests were invited to a venue that was part arcade, part restaurant. Surprisingly, I turned out to be the only guest to make an appearance. 

Despite preparation for a big crowd—her mom had reserved an exclusive area and arranged amazing goody bags for all who promised to come—we had a blast. Even today, we continue to be best pals.

Worst. Party. Ever.Shutterstock

39. Party Pooper

Once upon a time, when I was living with my then-girlfriend, we had this huge gathering. She used to work at a famous supermarket and among her many friends from work, it felt like she invited at least thirty of them to the party.

Here's a crucial part of the story: we had a Siberian Husky, which, let's just say, didn't fully understand the concept of indoor manners. He was only trained to relieve himself at a particular corner of our home because I was unable to walk him due to my wheelchair-bound condition. 

Meanwhile, my girlfriend was swamped with work and couldn't take him out that often. The solution was a makeshift bathroom behind our couch, covered with flattened cardboard boxes. Not ideal, I know, but it was the best we could do.

On the party day, I had made sure the house was sparkling clean. As for the doggy restroom behind the couch, we had to remove the cardboard because it would definitely raise some eyebrows.

My girlfriend got busy mixing up cocktails in the blender. She might have gotten a bit carried away as she ended up overdoing it and retiring to her room, leaving me to play host to all these barely familiar faces. 

Despite the lack of seating—except for my wheelchair, the couch, and two kitchen chairs—everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Guess who else was at the party? Our Husky. And true to form, he found himself needing a bathroom break. With the cardboard "bathroom" missing, he relieved himself right on the bare floor behind the couch.

Being the only one who saw this, I had a front-row seat to the impending disaster. And boy, did it stink. The first victims were the people on the couch who quickly abandoned their spot once the stench hit them. 

This unexpected vacancy was soon filled by other guest who had been standing for so long. But their relief was short-lived as they too bolted from the odor. This cycle continued for a while until the smell finally drove everyone out the door.

That was the end of the party without a proper farewell, and my girlfriend woke up to an unexpectedly empty house. Needless to say, she never hosted another party for as long as we were together. Poor doggy gained an infamous reputation!

Elizabeth Holmes FactsWikimedia Commons

40. Uninvited

Three years ago, after finishing high school, a funny thing happened: I wasn't invited to any post-graduation party. You might think, "Well, maybe there just weren't any parties?" Guess again. In fact, a party took place at a nearby country club with an attendance exceeding 200—my graduating class was only 192.

How do I know all these details? Simple. I was there when the invitations were both sent digitally on Facebook and handed out in person. Our class president, the creator of the Facebook event, unchecked my name (and a couple others) right before sending out the invites. 

And that's even the end of it—when it came to passing out paper invites during homeroom, I somehow didn't receive one. Just to give you an idea, my school didn't even host official graduation events outside of the regular honors day and commencement.

Now isn't that a tale for the books?!

Biggest BetrayalsPexels

41. Spite Party

When I turned 16, my mom and I went all out and created a nightclub-themed birthday bash. We enlisted event planners to deck out an entire warehouse, complete with white drapes, a sparkling disco ball, a live DJ, lighting, and a chill lounge area. 

Each table was adorned with glowing centerpieces. Considering some family issues we'd been having, it was an incredible thing for my mom to arrange, and it cost a pretty penny too.

I handed out invitations at school, making a point not to invite one particular jock who'd taken to making my life difficult. I was anticipating over a 100 guests.

However, on the day of the party, I was flooded with texts from people who said they "weren't able to make it". I could sense something wasn't quite right, but I had no idea how bad things really were. 

The jock I hadn't invited had thrown a competing party, poaching nearly all my guests. My turnout ended up being around 30, with more than half from outside school – almost no one from my school showed up.

Desperate, my mother reached out to the jock, asking him to either attend our party or not wreck my birthday; it was, after all, my Sweet 16. What happened next was a total nightmare. 

The following Monday at school, I was the talk of the town for all the wrong reasons. The humiliation was unbearable, prompting me to switch schools. It's an experience that will always stay with me.

My Worst Work MistakeShutterstock

42. Ghosted

My buddy's birthday bash was yesterday. For a while now, the agenda was to hit up a super big mall for some food, drinks, and all-around good times. Around 20 folks were on the guest list.

So, I arrive right on time and, surprise, it's a ghost town — not even the birthday boy himself is there! I give him a ring to see what's going on. Turns out, he had a last-second change of heart and decided to move the party to his pad instead — a whole hour's drive away, clear across town. 

I offered to give him a hand calling everyone about the location switch, but he's like, "No need, they're all here already." So, I was like, "Alright, I'm heading back home then."

Worst. Party. Ever.Shutterstock

43. Micromanaging

The story I want to share is from my 11th birthday party that my twin sibling and I organized. We were clueless about how to throw a party and so ended up making a list of games and activities to be done at certain times. 

Unfortunately, I sucked the fun out of the party by obsessively checking the time. I would then panic and blurt out something like, "Hey everyone, it's 6:31, we should've finished the game by now"! In hindsight, it makes me feel a bit silly...

Worst. Party. Ever.Shutterstock

44. The Jig Is Up

I remember holding down a job at a local furniture shop and coming across a really eyebrow-raising scenario. The boss's wife decided to throw him a surprise birthday bash at their residence and extended an invite to the entire team. We, a group of 15 employees, set off to celebrate our manager's special day. 

Once we entered, we were dumbfounded—all the furniture decking out their house had come straight off the shelves of our very own store. Without an ounce of doubt, it was clear that this furniture had been unlawfully taken. Talk about a surprise, huh?

We all hung in there, an awkward knot of unease unraveling as we anxiously awaited the guest of honor. And boy, when the manager walked through that door, the surprise on our end swiftly pivoted to sheer shock! In the ensuing strained silence, we all decided to exit stage left, and within 15 minutes, the party came to a jarring halt.

The very next day, the owner of the store relieved the manager of his duties. Nailing the final blow, he was given an ultimatum—either honorably return all the filched furnishings or brace himself for pending theft charges.

Surprise gone wrongShutterstock

45. Lesson Learned: Never Party With Co-Workers

So, my girlfriend and I, who both work at a movie theater, were invited over to a coworker's house. Word of caution: the house was out in the boonies. Seriously, a place so remote that our modern world seemed to have forgotten about it. We arrived, but bizarrely, our host was nowhere to be seen.

After an hour's wait, she finally appeared, making our trio a party. More people gradually trickled in, including her middle-aged sister, her baby who’s less than a year old, and her untidy-looking husband. Seeing the scene, we opted out of drinking, as we were keen to make our exit gracefully and quickly.

Unlike us, the sister seemed to have no plans to leave. She was guzzling down shot after shot as if there were no tomorrow. Jump an half-hour later, and she's yelling at us, having completely forgotten that we were guests in the house—which by the way, wasn't even her place. 

By now, it was late, and predictably, her baby started crying loudly, sounding like a full-blown male lion at full roar. My exit strategy was definitely forming by then.

Just as we were contemplating our escape, their scruffy husband, with uncanny resemblance to Joe Dirt, brought out some substances. "Fancy a try?" he asked us with a cocky grin. We politely turned him down, our minds already halfway out through the kitchen window.

Everyone was happily passing around the pre-roll when a shocking twist happened. Suddenly, a nine-year-old kid appeared out of thin air from the rear of the house. 

You won't believe what he did next. He casually picked up the pipe, had a puff, refilled and repeated the process! My girlfriend and I were stunned, clueless about what to do. We quickly left without another word.

Honestly, the whole ordeal felt like an audition for a grim reality show like ‘Cops’. The mix of peculiar characters, the setting, and the unfolding events seemed to set the stage for an unforgettable episode!

Paranormal StoriesShutterstock

46. Plot Twist

Back in high school, around my sophomore year, a classmate started distributing party invites. This guy was in several of my classes, and was widely known. He was a total ROTC enthusiast. He loved all things military and even had the military haircut to match. So, about a week before, he started handing out these invites.

As the party's date approached, he told me "Man, the guest list has grown so large, I might need to backtrack on some invites". I grew excited about this potentially massive party.

Long story short, when I arrived with a friend, we found just the host, his parents, and a spread of party snacks. For the three hours we were there, no one else showed up—we stayed just to keep our friend's spirits up.

During our visit, his quirky stepdad gave us a tour of his saber collection, displayed his prowess in doing handstands, and joined us to watch The Last Samurai. The following week at school, I described the party as really fun, lifting our friend's morale sky-high.

Worst. Party. Ever.Shutterstock

47. Welcome To Adulthood

On my 18th birthday, my mom decided to pull a fast one for laughs. We were out eating, and everyone vanished just when I went to the restroom, leaving me to foot the bill. But that wasn't all. When I got back to the house, the locks had been changed, and all my belongings were packed into trash bags and tossed across the street.

Absolutely unforgettable. The punchline was that, as an adult, I would now need to fend for myself.

Worst giftsShutterstock

48. Raise The Roofie

I once attended a college party that a female friend invited me to. As I arrived, she was heading out due to an unforeseen issue. She handed me a drink in a red cup, said sorry for leaving and urged me to enjoy the party. I had a pretty good time, even though I drank only that one drink she gave before I moved on to another party with my roomie.

That's all I can recall. I woke up in chilling 40-degree weather, wearing shorts and a shirt, snuggled up to a minivan in an unknown parking lot. Dazed and still a bit tipsy, I dusted off and walked a three-mile distance back home. On my way, I stopped at a Qdoba and managed to score a free breakfast burrito—they must've felt sorry for me.

As it turns out, my female friend received the "complimentary" red cup from some stranger at the party but didn't drink it herself. Lucky me. It's one of my funniest and most mystifying college anecdotes to date. But wait, it doesn't stop there—evidently, my roommate, who I left with, also got slipped a substance that night.

We vaguely recall leaving the party with the intention of heading home and joining a neighbor's party, then everything became a blur. I woke up in a parking lot cozied up to a van, while his situation was a tad more extravagant.

He woke up in a forest, nestled in a makeshift den made of sticks and tree branches that strangely resembled an animal's dwelling. We only knew because we spent the entire next day trying to backtrack our steps to locate our ending spots since neither of us remembered where the parking lot and forest was located. Plus, we needed to find his hat and phone that he'd left behind. We were in serious trouble.

Armed with faint snippets from the night, we retraced our route and managed to locate our ending spots. I remembered a vibrant wheel, and he recalled passing through some construction site. Those were our only clues. We found the construction and a nearby forest. On a trail, we saw a large, vibrant wheel in someone's yard which was some sort of a kid's toy.

When we reached his makeshift den, we found his lost items along with a 2-liter Sprite bottle and a bottle of liquor. As we were going through his call log, we discovered a call to a mutual friend during our blackout period.

We called her the next day, and she told us that we were acting silly when we called her previously and an unknown woman was making peculiar comments in the background. Neither of us remember a woman accompanying us, and till date, we have no clue who she was.

My Worst Work MistakeShutterstock

49. Blending In

Back when I was much younger, I attempted to dive into the goth culture—and it ended up in a very awkward situation. As it happens, I spent 10 minutes at a wake, confusing it for the party I thought I was headed to.

Luckily, my attire didn't let me stand out. However, all was revealed when I couldn't keep quiet. I uttered, "Wow, you guys are really into this. You even brought a...oh" before realizing my mistake.

Inappropriate funeralPexels

50. Join Us

When I was in college, my lab partner asked me to join her at a hotel party with her "camp buddies". Since I didn't know many folks around, I thought it was a good opportunity to make friends.

Wrong decision.

She took me to a cult gathering. There was a lecture first, which required a lot of restraint on my part to prevent facepalming. Feeling somewhat out of place in a new city, I didn't want to upset the girl, so I decided to stick around. Post-lecture, they divided us and interrogated us about personal stuff. They also asked me to enroll for more sessions and donate money.

Throughout this bizarre event, I kept my cool. As I was about to leave, she chose to stay back with her cult friends, leaving me to make a long, lonely drive back to my apartment. This was unexpected since I was supposed to be her ride back.

Shocking Family SecretsPexels

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