5 Things We Can Learn From Dean Martin

Classic crooner Dean Martin (Dino Paul Crocetti) has been a household name for decades now. Given that he was one of the coolest guys on the planet with a voice that somehow made Christmas even better, it’s not hard to see why. Martin has been worshipped as a beautiful singer for years, but his notoriety wasn’t easily come by. He struggled to earn his spot as a legend, and here are some of the things we can take away from his journey.

#1 Aim to Persevere 

Martin may be famous in our hearts now, but that wasn’t the case when he started. As a matter of fact, when he performed with comedian Jerry Lewis, the act wasn’t so hot. Back in 1946, they were even threatened to be fired if they didn’t get their act together (so to speak). So, they tossed out their original scripts and basically rose to fame through improvisation.

He also didn’t do super great when he first started. Having been up against the likes of Frank Sinatra, Martin wasn’t as appreciated as he should have been. It would be a while before Martin officially became part of the Rat Pack.

#2 It’s Okay to Have Fears

If you didn’t know, Martin suffered from claustrophobia. This impeded how he’d travel sometimes as he avoided elevators whenever he could. While I can’t say I blame him, it’s important to note that he persisted through his hangups, even if it meant climbing 18 flights of stairs.

#3 You Don’t Need to Like Parties

It’s pretty well known by now that Martin also hated parties. Back in the glory days of the Rat Pack, Martin was usually the first to bail from parties. It’s been said that he much rather preferred early morning games of golf or just to spend some time with his family.

This sentiment stuck with Martin as he aged. During the reunion of the Rat Pack in 1988, he still didn’t enjoy partying his nights away. His daughter Deana has also gone on record to say that when Sinatra tried to bring him to a party, Martin reluctantly went. When he got there, he evidently wanted to dip so he could watch some westerns. So, if one of the coolest guys ever didn’t like parties, that’s good enough reason for you not to either.


#4 Crack Out the Comics

Martin was also a fan of comic books. In Shawn Levy’s 2005 piece, he mentioned that the legacy of Martin and Jerry Lewis lives on in Lewis’ word. Levy wrote that while Lewis’ stories are often peppered with some embellishments, Martin would never have penned a memoir himself as “his idea of serious reading was a couple of comic books.” It’s also been said that Martin asked Lewis to buy comic books for him, which he would read in his dressing room.

If you’re looking for comics for yourself, Martin and Lewis had a comic book built around their adventures. Literally called Adventures of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, there are about 40 archived issues you can take a look at.

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#5 You Can Sing Like Him

One of the last things you can learn from him is how to capture his voice. There are countless lessons available online that teach you to croon in a similar manner. If you’re interested in keeping his memory alive with your own rendition, hit up the web and check out which lessons you can find.