January 19, 2023 | Molly Seif

5 Everyday Items That Are Way, Way Dirtier Than You Think

Cleanliness is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Most of us try our best to keep our surroundings as clean as possible, however, there are just some things that stay dirty no matter how many times we try to clean them. The worst part is, we may not even realize just how dirty these things actually are because it all exists on a microscopic level. The next time you think about touching the following items, keep in mind that they may be way, way dirtier than you actually think they are:

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#1 Tablets and cellphones

This one is probably a given, but your cellphone is one of the top harborers of bacteria and viruses when it comes to everyday items. That's because you are constantly touching it with your hands and fingers, which regularly come into contact with other contaminated surfaces. Even with regular washing of the hands, your cellphone's surface can still get easily recontaminated. It is recommended that you regularly sanitize your cellphone using antibacterial wipes or a bit rubbing alcohol.

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#2 Keyboards and controllers

When was the last time you disinfected your keyboards and TV or gaming controllers? Most of us would probably admit it's been quite a while. Just like tablets or cellphones, we are constantly touching the keys on a keyboard or the buttons on our controllers, which then allows bacteria and viruses to proliferate on their surfaces. If you are a multitasker, you might also eat while you do work or play video games, which further increases that likelihood. A simple run-down with a disinfectant cloth should be all you need to do to keep things sanitized.

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#3 Bathroom doorknobs

Hopefully, we all wash our hands after using the bathroom, however, that doesn't stop our doorknobs from getting dirty. The thing with bathroom doorknobs specifically is that they are, well, located in the bathroom. Even if you regularly clean your bathroom every day or week, millions of bacteria and viruses still linger in the air inside your bathroom and they can lace the doorknob and other surfaces. Make sure to sanitize your bathroom doorknob and all the doorknobs in your house regularly.

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#4 Cutting boards

According to some studies, foodborne bacteria that are found in the kitchen are the cause of many common illnesses. These bacteria can come from raw or spoiled foods, unwashed greens, or improperly prepared meals. Throw your cutting boards into the mix and you've got the perfect place for these harmful bacteria to be transferred into the foods you eat. Cutting boards, especially wooden ones, are some of the most effective harborers of bacteria because of the tiny cuts on their surfaces. Try soaking your cutting boards in hot, detergent-mixed water to get them as clean as possible.

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#5 Kitchen sponges

You might think a kitchen sponge is self-cleaning because it is constantly filled with soap, but that is far from the case. Sponges are actually a harborer of coliform bacteria such as Salmonella or E.coli that seeps into its little pores. If you use your sponge to wipe down your countertops, all of that bacteria gets spread onto the surfaces where you usually prepare your food. Simply putting a sponge into the microwave won't do much to clean it. Your used sponges need to be soaked in vinegar or a heavy-duty disinfectant in boiling water to get them the cleanest they can be. Better yet, just replace them often.

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