December 4, 2019 | Molly Seif

Parents Share The Secrets Their Kids Are Currently Trying To Hide From Them

Parents always do their best to stay in the loop with what's going on in their kids' lives. However, it's still important to respect their privacy. It's when parents accidentally come across a hidden piece of information that their kid has been protecting that problems start to arise. Parents who know their kids' secrets have to decide: do they confront their kids about it, or do they just let them be? Parents from around the world took to the internet to share the secrets their kids are currently trying to hide from them. Many of their stories are funny and heartwarming, while others are a little more serious. What do you think these parents should do in their situations? Read on and give your two cents:

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#1 A Politician In The Making

My six-year-old got out of bed early on Sunday morning to sneak downstairs and steal Monopoly money from the bank in the unfinished game from the night before which was left out on the table. I told my friends about this and they say he's a politician in the making. I mean, I guess they kind of have a valid point...


#2 Tomato Thief

My kid would get up in the middle of the night to get a snack. He would sneak into the kitchen and eat a whole tomato except the little circle where it connected to the stem. He hid the little stem circles under whatever was on top of the trash and would go to sleep. We always made sure there were tomatoes for him.


#3 The Candy Saver

The Pez dispensers in his night stand. He eats them in secret pretty sparingly so I let it go. He's six years old. Also, every Halloween, he would still have a few pieces of candy left from the year before. He'd ration it until the next year so she never ran out. Mine was always gone by Remembrance Day. I guess I could learn something from him.


#4 Blanket Storage

My kid is five years old. She sneaks food under her blanket (wrapped snacks, that is) and saves them for later. She is always amazed when I find them. It's happened three times in a 12-month span, so I'm certain that she does not have an eating disorder. She is also not overweight. Kids will be kids, I guess.



#5 What To Believe...

My 22-year-old son starts work at 6 a.m. He left the house at 6:30 a.m. and came back thirty minutes later. I think he got fired. He later gave me an update: I asked him if he went to work yesterday and he said everything was locked up. They had changed the unloading schedule that day and didn't tell him. I'm still not sure what to believe.


#6 The Good Kind

My daughter, who's nine years old, thinks she's being crafty hiding a book under her pillow to read after bedtime. I've known for about a year and let her have half an hour "secret reading time" after she goes to bed. It's a bit harder to know if she's not reading after half an hour now that it's summer and she doesn't need to use a lamp, but I can tell if she's turned her lamp off in winter.


#7 A Blueberry Mess

When my son was five years old, he stashed a bunch of blueberries under his pillow for later. Problem is, not only did they get squished one night, but he forgot about them until we changed his sheets a few days later. Ugh. It was a huge mess.


#8 A Spaghetti Lover

We had a foster kid that hid about two handfuls of spaghetti with sauce under his pillow. I found it the next day while he was at school and got it cleaned up. I never told him we found it. We made sure to have spaghetti twice a week thereafter. I've heard of foster parents that keep minifridges with food in the kid's room to help them with anxiety. We might try that.


#9 Warming Up The Game

We went on a trip this summer that involved a plane ride. My son looked at me and said, "Mom, do you think the waitress (the flight attendant) is pretty?" I said, "Yes, she is pretty, why? Do you think she is pretty?" He giggled and said, "Yes, I think she is pretty. Don’t tell though!" He’s six years old. The kid's warming up his game early and double-checking his standards.



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#10 Crayons Vs. Glue

Everybody’s kids are hiding books to read secretly. Mine’s hiding in his bedroom trying to use a glue stick like lip balm. I got to keep an eye on that. The regular weirdos ate crayons and turned out okay. The kids eating paste were the delinquents. I mean, as far as I remember...



#11 The Marble Hustler

Our son, who is nine years old, is taking his marbles to school and screwing other kids out of their marbles. He's got a real hustle going on there. He's not allowed to take any toys to school, hence why he's hiding them. I checked his school backpack and found probably a kilogram worth of marbles in there. We are having a talk this afternoon.


#12 The Lettuce Tosser

My daughter throws her lettuce under the table for the dog to eat. The dog doesn’t like lettuce. Imagine just a giant mountain of lettuce on the floor and the kid saying, “I don’t know how that got there.”

Salad Vegetables GreenMax Pixel

#13 The Dinner Finisher

Here's a conversation I had with my daughter:

"Okay, so while I was changing your sister did you finish dinner"

"Yes, daddy."

"ALL of it?"


"So if I look in the garbage can I'm not going to find any of your food in there?"



#14 Framing Mommy

My four-year-old son is currently trying to hide that he wets his bed. His dad questioned him the other morning asking if he did and he said no... Even though we were holding his wet pants. When we asked whose pants we were holding, he said, "Mommy's." We asked again if wet his bed and he said: " No, mommy did it." Little jerk.


#15 The Oblivious Dad

I dropped some classes a few years ago and would still pretend to go, just sort of hanging around town to keep my parents thinking I was enrolled. On one skip day, I was window shopping in my hometown when I saw my dad walking towards me from down the street. I thought the jig was up, so I kept walking towards him, and he passed me by before I could even say anything. He just didn't notice me even though I was within arm's length. I thought he wanted to pretend it didn't happen or something, but when I told him I saw him on the street later that night, he asked why I didn't say hello.


#16 I'm Just "Hiding"

My two-year-old daughter hides every time she goes #2. She starts by asking, “Am I wearing a diaper?” Then she loudly announces that she’s “going to hide over there.” If I ask her if she’s going #2, she screams at me, saying: “Don’t say those words! I’m just hiding!!!”  My kid is the funniest person on this planet. She makes me laugh every day. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Even if she hides every time.



#17 The "Secret" Girlfriend

My kid Noah, who is 15 years old, is trying to hide the fact that he's found a girlfriend. He thinks he's really smart by just saying he's going out to get food every now and then, but it's so easy to tell that he's going to see someone. Also, his girlfriend snitched on him... She told us that she liked him... He probably doesn't want to tell me because he doesn't want me to crack jokes about his newfound relationship.


#18 An Origami Enthusiast

My daughter is trying to impress me by learning origami. She's seven years old and doesn't think that her dad can see all the missing paper and the paper cranes hidden throughout her room. I bought two more reams of paper and just left them out by accident. Just lazy old dad not putting up his office supplies... Sometimes, you just need to let them be.


#19 Too Cool To Admit It

My son, who is seven years old, is hiding that he secretly loves forest school (summer club). Each day I pick him up, he complains that they don't do many activities, that it's terrible, that no one wants to play with him, and that it isn't fun. The photos posted on their social media say otherwise, as well as the occasional slip-ups he has when he tells us stories around the dining table...

#20 The Secret Letter

My four-year-old 'wrote' a letter that she keeps in her bottom drawer. When my husband and I pass away, she will come home and get it. We're not allowed to look at it or touch it, but apparently it says that we gave her loads of money and she gave us loads of pictures. I'm not sure what this says about her or us, but it will be interesting how long she keeps the letter. It's been a month so far.


#21 The Jenga Wash

My freaking dishes and plates. They sneak food up to their rooms so they can game and digest at the same time but forget to bring the dishes downstairs. When I get in a hissy fit because I have to make my sandwich on a Tupperware-lid, they swear they have NOT used any plates; but when I enter my kitchen later, a wonky tower of china looms in my sink for me to Jenga-wash. Arg!


#22 Starting Young

My 12-year-old son went on a double "date." My husband happened to be driving through town and saw the four of them together. I asked him about it later and he said they "just happened to be going to the same place." The mother of the other boy had the scoop and filled me in. I let my son know that he shouldn't lie to me and it is perfectly fine for him to be going on a double date. He apparently paid for the fries. I offered to drive him and the others somewhere if they wanted to go again.



#23 The Way To A Man's Heart

A few years ago, I was going through my son's third-grade backpack and found a can of ravioli. That's all well, except I never bought any ravioli. When I asked him about it, he burst into tears and pulled out a box under his bed filled with ravioli! He then proceeded to tell me about this girl who picks on him and says they are married. She gives him ravioli every day and makes him take it. I can just picture this girl's mother telling her the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.


#24 Teenage Experimentation

My neighbors across the street have an 18-year-old daughter. Most nights, at around 9:30 p.m., she has a young man crawl in through her window. I realized this because I’m usually wrapping up our evening dog walk at about that time. I’m not sure but, I’ve counted at least five different young men based on build and race. Is it wishful thinking to hope she is doing a study for school and needs lots of test subjects?


#25 Private Time

I just found out that my six-year-old locks the bathroom door so he can get some privacy. Last night I looked across the kitchen to see the door slightly ajar and my son engaging in his private time... doing push-ups. I didn't say anything, just watched him finish his five reps, flex in the mirror and then walk out of the bathroom.

181103-F-IK439-0168Goodfellow Air Force Base

#26 Ruining Alexa

My two-year-old dropped our Echo and it split into two pieces. She attempted to sandwich it back together and put it back where it was. Now, he says stuff like, "Alexa, play Mickey Mouse," and then when nothing happens, she says, "Uh oh, Alexa, what happened?" You know dang well what happened and it's HAPPENED.


#27 Hide-And-Seek

Our three-year-old son thinks he’s hiding his body when we play hide and seek. Really, he just makes eye contact with us until he goes into his spot... softly counting “1... 2... 3” until 10. He proceeds to cover his eyes and says, “Try to find me, mommy and daddy," and it’s the cutest thing to us. I think this is my favorite age. They are just so funny.


#28 A Dog Mission

My two-year-old attempts to hide the family dog (who is 75 pounds) in various places in his room so that the dog can sleep in there with him. So far, I've found the dog in the closet, behind the curtains, surrounded by stuffed animals to "blend in," and, on numerous occasions, I've walked in the room to see a giant mound under the comforter at the foot of the bed. My son is astonished every single time that I have not only found the dog but was even looking for him in the first place. On more than one occasion, he even attempted to persuade me that he didn't even know we had a dog.


#29 Long-Term Planning

My nine-year-old stepdaughter was in her room one day for like hours with markers and papers. I thought she was drawing or making a picture book or something, so I let it slide. It turns out, she had our calendar and was making cards for everyone for every holiday and birthday coming up. I haven’t asked her about it, but I’m honestly super proud of her logic and long-term planning abilities.


#30 Girl, Bye

Fortunately, my teenager (who is 16, going on 17) doesn't try to hide much from me. She's a terrible liar and gets busted right away every time, so she just casually admits stuff these days. It's pretty great. However, she's been sneaking her boyfriend over to the house during the day while I'm at work and thinks I'm clueless. Girl, I know you eat a lot, but there's no way you're going through half a loaf of bread by yourself in one day. You also left his glass of water on the coffee table...


#31 Ball Bamboozled

My three-year-old son "lost" his ball. When I asked him about it, he said he didn't know where it was. We assumed it had been left outside and blew away in a storm, or that some kid took it. So we bought him a new ball. As soon as we gave it to him, he said, "Thanks! I'll get my other ball!" He then ran straight to a bush in the neighbor's yard and pulled out his ball.


#32 Like Father, Like Daughter

My three-year-old thinks I don't know that she raids the snack cupboard when I'm out of the room. Her face is usually full of chocolate after. She also thinks I can't see her when she covers her eyes, so sneaks around me thinking she's in stealth mode to get to something she shouldn't. She definitely inherited these behaviors from her father, not me...

The sun shines in the eyes of the childLibreshot

#33 Dump Him

My teenage daughter is hiding the fact that she and her "boyfriend" got into a huge fight over "something dumb to one of them, but important to the other." She did end up telling me it was important to him but dumb to her. Turns out, after some snooping, he asked her for racy pictures and told her that if she didn't send them to him, they were through. I'm really proud of how she handled the situation, but not so proud of how I found out... so I just have to stay quiet.


#34 "Mom Jones"

When I was in the third grade, I didn't do my homework and my parents needed to sign a form acknowledging I didn't. I forged my mom's signature as "Mom Jones." I had no clue my mom's name wasn't mom. I am still not a smart man.


#35 A Dark Rabbit Hole

I got a 12-year-old and I definitely know his online account because the little jerk used my email to sign up. He must not have thought that one through. I’m too scared to look at it though.

1280px-Wiki_Education_at_USF_April_2018_74Wikimedia Commons

#36 The Snack Sneaker

My five-year-old sneaks into the food pantry and takes snacks when I'm not looking. She hides the wrappers all over her room. I was bagging all of her toys on the floor because she wouldn't clean her room... there were candy and snack wrappers EVERYWHERE.


#37 Not So Smart

My kids are little (four years old and eight years old), so nothing major yet. The little one constantly eats in his room and in MY BED, then denies it when I find it. The older one sneaks and eats in her room but then leaves the wrappers and dishes in there so I see them when I walk by. Every. Time. I mean seriously, clean your mess up and I’d never know!


#38 Deny At All Costs

My five-year-old is currently hiding a massive box of Quality Streets that I got for my birthday under his pillow. The fact his pillow ist covering it and its clearly visible doesn't stop him denying it very angrily.


#39 She Thinks She's Slick

My daughter has a stash of "candy" wrappers under her bed. She is four years old and thinks she's slick. The "candy" is dried prunes though. I put those in the candy jar because she kept stealing candy.


#40 The Pokemon Play

The Pokemon cards he takes to camp. He thinks I don't know. He wraps them in a sweater each morning. Soon, some will be lost stolen or ruined and he won't be able to cry to me unless he tells me he took them. I'm waiting to see how it plays out.


#41 Our Little Secret

Not a parent, but my story. I was on a cruise ship when I was 15 and I paid some dude to buy my friends and I a couple of small bottles. My dad came down the hall as I came out of the room when I had one in my hand. I thought I got it in my pocket fast enough but turns out he saw and never said anything until just recently. I’m 22 and he never said a thing.


#42 Hiding Her Boyfriend

My 18-year-old daughter has had a boyfriend for three months. She swears they haven’t done it yet. Uh-huh. I came home early from work on Friday, walked upstairs and I could hear them in the act. I covered my ears, ran outside and sat in my car, blaring music. Having daughters is difficult sometimes. I want her to be free to make her own decisions, but I also worry. I should probably set stricter boundaries.


#43 The Hail Mary Play

He's much older now... but when he was about eight years old, he would get up before everyone and play Madden online. We were limiting their online interaction and he was never allowed to play on my account. We found out because someone messaged me about how stupid I was for throwing a Hail Mary every play and quitting at three touchdowns.

48994300953_2c3bc2292b_k (1)Flickr

#44 A Happy Doggo

My three-year-old is currently feeding his breakfast to the dog very carefully. I think that he thinks I can’t tell because I’m sitting facing away from him. Meanwhile, the doggo is doing tippy taps and my son is whispering, “Do you like those waffles? Are they good?” I’m four feet away.


#45 A Wild Imagination

My almost-two-year-old has started telling me crazy stories as if they are real. He recently told me that our dog rides a motorcycle to go play with her friends.


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