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People Share What Made Them Lose Interest In Their Crush

Everyone remembers their first crush. For many of us, it almost felt like love at first sight. It was as if you had known this person for all of your life, even though you may have not exchanged many words with each other, or if any at all. If you're lucky, your crush ends up being exactly as you think they are: kind, smart, and funny. Other times, they end up being the exact opposite. The following stories are of the latter scenario. Read on for some juicy tales:

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#1 The Litterbug

She littered. It was supposed to be a nice walk in the park. We got Subway and she threw the wrapper and napkins in a garden. I picked it up and threw it out myself after she called me weird and walked away. People who litter just because there's someone who will pick it up are the worst. It's shameful when people don't want to maintain basic hygiene and decency.

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#2 Totally Inconsiderate

Once, I was seeing a guy who littered! He threw some stuff right out the car window while we were driving. I told him I didn't like that and he shouldn't do that, but he just kind of laughed about it. Then, HE DID IT AGAIN a minute later. That's when I knew it was never going to work. I can't date someone who's that inconsiderate about the environment.

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#3 The Poor Cat

She took a cat she had adopted and allowed to run away because it had become noisy at night. I knew she allowed him to run away because a day later, he came back smelling of the outside and meowing at her door. I took him in, washed him in the bathroom, and she kept sarcastically saying, "That's your cat now!" Yeah, he is—I still have him and he's still annoying and loud, but I love him anyway. It's the ugliest sort of person who selfishly adopts a cat while depressed and then tries to rid themselves of this life they took responsibility for.

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#4 Undeserving Of Pets

When she's feeling lonely or down, she adopts a pet. She puts NO effort into training it and then dumps it when it's "out of control" or "destroying the house" or "annoying." Umm, when that seems to happen with every pet you've ever owned then where is the problem? I wish I lived closer to them if only to make it my business to be sure that she was blacklisted at every area shelter and rescue. She sucks and I'm not sad that she will most likely not be a part of my life much longer.

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#5 Better Off

My roommate did this three times in the six months that I lived with her. She’d get a cat, promise she’d take care of it, and then two weeks later, she would neglect it and make me take care of it. I ended up giving away two-thirds of the cats because I didn’t want them either and I’m not going to take on the responsibility of something I don’t want. Both cats went to very good homes and are now way happier than they ever could’ve been with her.

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#6 A Bad Impression

I was on a date with a girl. We were taking a little walk. The weather was quite cold so she was wearing a big coat. She took her hands out of her pockets. Her hands were full of tissues, scraps of paper, candy wrappers, and she just dumped it all on the floor. We were a couple of meters away from a bin. I pretty much went straight home.

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#7 Too Attached

She was a bad parent to her kids. Kids tend to ruin crushes, to begin with for me. Not just because I don't want them but because what if you start dating this person and get close to those kids and then break up? You don't get visitation rights. I guess I'm just the type to get way too attached and I'd feel powerless if I couldn't do something for the kids.

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#8 Book-Ruining Barbarian

He asked to borrow my hardback of Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban. That was my favorite of the series and I happily lent it to him... Six months later, he finally returned it. The dust jacket was torn, the corners were dented and the spine was broken. That book had been in pristine condition and I nearly cried that he took such little care of it. My sixth-grade nether-regions were turned to dust. Screw you, Trevor, you book-ruining barbarian.

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#9 The Friend Zone

He wasn't interested in me that way. Lack of interest from the other person is kind of a deal-breaker for me. This is why I never get the griping about being "friend-zoned." If he doesn't like you, stop trying to "win his heart" and go find yourself a guy who appreciates you for you. Throughout college, I asked out three different guys (if it matters, I'm a woman) and all three of them simply told me they just liked me as friends.

I liked them because they were my friend. But because their reasoning was solid, after the awkward period of rejection, I was able to keep talking to them like normal afterward because I wanted to continue being in their company. But I also knew it wasn't worth me trying to change his mind.

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#10 The One-Upper

I noticed he was an attention seeker. I heard the same cool stories he told me when I first met him that drew me in again and again and realized he was egotistical. Basically, if you say you've climbed a mountain he would interrupt to say he's climbed a bigger one that was more dangerous. For example, if you've been to Tenerife, he's been to Elevenerife.

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#11 The Petty Game

I used to work with a chap like this in a club I volunteered for. He would butt into conversations he wasn't a part of to minimize the experience of whoever was telling a story, and then explain, at length, why his experience was better. We eventually made a game out of it—who could bait him to give the pettiest or childish one-up. My personal favorite bait began with: "I took a massive dump this morning..."

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#12 A Mean Girl

I realized she was mean. About four years ago, I moved in next door to a beautiful woman. She was fun and we got along great. We started doing activities together. We hiked, we worked out, we watched movies. Then one day, we went to a fast-food drive-thru and she completely berated the workers for no good reason. I was mortified. Then, as we were driving away, she said: "They're the stupidest people. They never listen." Then I said, "You know they probably spit in your food, right?" She gave me a "thanks a lot" look. My crush ended that day.

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#13 Bye Then

This just happened to me the other week! The dude ended up contacting me on social media asking if I was seeing the same girl he was. He told me they were hooking up, and he thought I should know about it. It was wild. She didn't admit to it until I told her some random guy hit me up with screenshots of their conversations. Then she said they got intimate but that she didn't want to so they stopped... like okay, bye then.

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#14 Made Of Vibranium

In elementary school, I bought a cheapo ring from the school bookstore and tried to give it to my crush. I gave it to her a few days later and she tried to stomp on it and destroy it. Must’ve been made out of vibranium because that little plastic ring didn’t even crack. I took it back and gave it to my mom instead. Then, in seventh grade, I brought another girl a slice of cheesecake at lunch for Valentine's Day and she laughed at me in front of her friends. I was socially awkward at the time but dang, that messed me up.

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#15 The Backstabber

I got a promotion at work, he got butthurt and then stabbed me in the back. He was given a part of the promotion that I was given, but not even half of the responsibilities. When I realized that he was a weasel but also not GOOD at being a weasel, he wasn’t sexy anymore. It took a long, long time for me to heal from that one.

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#16 Not Interested

Declaring my interest in him. I simply told my crush (my best friend at the time, we were 19 and 20) that I had feelings for him. He is straight, but received that quite well, of course, saying that the feelings weren't mutual. It really didn't affect the friendship, to be honest, but simply telling him kind of made me get over that.

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#17 A Hurtful Rejection

It hurts pretty badly at first. My best friend is a straight woman and the first female I crushed on. I met her in college and confessed with a handwritten letter, but she calmly rejected me. Ten years on, we're still best friends and she's rooting for me that my relationship with my now-girlfriend will succeed. What I'm saying is, the fish in the sea are not all straight.

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#18 Evaporated Feelings

I saw someone's crush on me leave their body so I'm going to tell you that. It was the end of the fourth grade and this girl was being very playful, chasing me around the past few days. She wrote her number in my yearbook and wrote "call me any time."  But we had a class party because it was the last day and I had to clean up the bowls of snack food.

I didn't want to throw the food away so I came up with the idea of stuffing my pockets full of the pretzels and Cheese-Itz. My friend thought it was a genius idea and he did it too. Around this time the girl came around and asked what we were so happy about and I showed her my pocket full of snacks.

She recoiled and said it was weird. She also said something like, "I can't believe I chased you" and walked away. We said probably like four words to each other after that including high school.

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#19 Stuck In College

I liked this really pretty, outgoing guy, who generally had many friends and seemed cool. But going deeper, he didn't actually have any interests, aside from partying, getting tipsy, and hooking up. Conversations were always some tipsy-laden story of his, and it was so, so unattractive. He then got upset at me for ending things... He literally had zero interests nor ambition; and somehow he thought telling me how tipsy he got last Tuesday was a good idea??

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#20 A Jerk Move

I can make people laugh. A lot. My ex, eh, not so much. In all our time together, he never wanted to admit that I was the funny one in the relationship. I made him laugh a lot too but admitting it was such a big deal to him. I gave him compliments all the time and said he was the smart one, but he could never return the compliment. Bit of a jerk move, come to think of it.

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#21 The Lazy Academic

She was getting a master's degree and she mentioned casually one time that she was paying people to write her papers for her. She didn’t seem phased by it at all. I worked my butt off to get my master's, so hearing someone thinking nothing of just paying people to basically get it for her really lowered my opinion of her.

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#22 Good Riddance

He told me in front of our entire ninth grade classroom: "It's not like anyone's ever going to want to marry you." For some reason, this was in Geography class and we were talking about child brides and the teacher awkwardly used the two of us as an example, hence the response... I'm engaged now, so ha. Not to him, though.

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#23 A Messy Situation

When I realized I was the only one trying to maintain the friendship. Yes, I had a crush on him and he knew. He made me think there was something there between us when there never was. We had a two-week thing when we were 18 that didn’t progress beyond kissing and hanging out while listening to music. He would always answer his phone when I called (he didn’t have to, he could have ignored me but chose not to) but eventually, I got to the point where I was tired of putting effort into a friendship.

Any romance prospects at this point had long gone and we were both in relationships, but I still thought we were friends. I said to myself that I wasn’t going to call or text him anymore; if he wanted to speak to me then he knew where to find me. That was 18 years ago. He’s never bothered. He’s seemingly dropped off the face of the earth, no social media, no anything, so even if I wanted to track him down, I wouldn’t know where to start. I hope he’s okay and happy, wherever he is!

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#24 Unlucky Matches

When she flat out told me the races should remain separate and only bad things happen when genetics are not kept pure. I think she may have been too dense to even comprehend the argument. I had another that behaved like an MLM. Kind of pay to play. Apparently, she was accustomed to being plied with gifts.

Then, there was one time I saw a crush at a bar in my twenties. She came over and was super friendly. She got pretty upset when she flat out asked me to pay for her drink and I said no. She walked over with that drink and expected me to pay her bar tab. Which, in my mind, is very different from me offering to buy her a drink. Any crushing I had on her died right then.

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#25 Homer Simpson Ambitions

After getting to know him a little bit, I found out he wanted a modern version of a 1950s housewife. We got on the topic of kids for whatever reason. He said he excepted his future wife to do all the childcare, and all the housework, and all the cooking. He wanted to be a Homer Simpson-type person where he sits on his but all day and does nothing.

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#26 He's Lost It

He started listening to Glenn Beck's radio show and referred to Beck as "one of the few people who really gets it." Even as a conservative, whenever I hear that jerk talk, I got to change the channel immediately. One time, he started spewing his Mormon nonsense on his show, talking about blessing his sick kid with olive oil instead of taking him to the doctor and I realized that dude has lost it.

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#27 Zero Ambition

I realized she had zero ambition whatsoever. No interest in getting a job after university because looking stressed her out. Life has a lot more stressful situations than just looking for a job in your early 20s... Maybe she has a mental health issue and gets severe anxiety over this stuff, but if that's the case I am not well-equipped to take care of someone like that, no offense.

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#28 Superficial Reasons

I have a friend, wicked smart, funny, and outgoing with an amazing personality. But I have to admit, she’s pretty big. Whatever, the package is bigger than usual because she just has way more to offer than most people. But a guy friend of her’s once told her something like, “If you didn’t look like you do, I’d marry you.” That's horrible.

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#29 Spreading Rumors

I had a crush on a dude during my freshman year of college but he had a girlfriend in high school. However, he continuously flirted with me all the time and I just went with it. Then, one day, his girlfriend came to visit and she wrote a demeaning word on the whiteboard on my door... I still have no idea what the heck this guy told his girlfriend about me, so I ignored him after that.

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#30 Center Of The Universe

When my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and I told her I just wanted to be friends for a while because I wasn’t emotionally in a spot to build a new romantic relationship with anyone. She called me a bunch of names and made it all about her. It made me wish I would have just ghosted her, but I don’t have it in me to do that to anyone.

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#31 Just... No.

I'm generally considered liberal. She too was quite liberal. She argued passionately and arrogantly that farmers ought to be forced to change their crops to reduce their carbon footprint. That's not how that freaking works. She posted an incorrect South American Crisis death count infographic on the anniversary of 9/11. What a dunce. Man, she was hot, but

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#32 A Wrong Justification

Years ago, I went on a first date with a man I had a crush on. We went to the movies and when it was finished, he placed all the wrappers from his snacks on the seat, instead of throwing them in the trash can on our way out. I asked him about this, and he said he earned the right to do that because of the high cost of the ticket. I lost interest immediately.

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#33 Unnecessary Remark

I had a crush on this one boy in my class back in elementary school. On Valentine's Day, our class did the "gifting" thing. Everyone had to write their name on a piece of paper and basically whoever's paper you got was the person you had to buy a gift for. My crush got the paper with my name. He made a disgusted face and said something like, "Ugh, why her?" He probably did it because everyone in our class shipped us, but I was pretty sad anyway.

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#34 Take The Hint

He would brag to me how many women he'd been with (as if I cared), but then he'd say how he hoped I hadn't gotten with anyone else. Are you insane? He'd also just make low-key sexist jokes and then berate me when I called him out. He'd act as if I was overreacting. Hint: being a freaking jerk will not win you any dates.

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#35 Made For Each Other

He laughingly told a story about how he had told some girls that they were fat. That was basically the whole story. He saw a couple of girls dressed up for a party and he just walked up and told them they were fat. I had just met this dude freshman year of college and I thought he seemed kind of cute, but after that, I avoided him like the plague. Who the heck does that? He later married this girl who was all over him that whole year, despite the fact that it turns out he had a girlfriend at another school. They both sucked so I guess they deserved each other?

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#36 Some Friend You Are

I’d had a crush on this guy for a while who was admittedly out of my league. One night after a few drinks, I confessed it to our mutual friend just to sort of gauge whether or not I should go for it, and the friend immediately burst out laughing. Like doubled over, tears in the eyes laughing, and wouldn’t tell me why (I mean, I knew why). It immediately killed the crush and I felt ashamed whenever I looked at him after that.

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#37 Problem Shaming

I dated a dude for about eight months. While we were dating, I unknowingly got mono and chalked up my severe fatigue to depression to that (since my depression usually manifests pretty physically). He told me I was depressed because my depression meds were actually just poisoning me and that I was no better than an addict for taking them. That relationship ended REAL fast.

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#38 Friends First

I thought he was super sweet and kind. He was really attractive. Sharp blue eyes and dark hair. We hardly spoke but he was very nice and polite to me the entire time. So yes, I developed a crush instantly. One day, he called me out of the blue to hangout. I was already with friends so I invited him to join us. He came by and chatted with my friends and I was happy to see them all get along well. At the end of the day, I walked him out and he hugged me. Then, he told me I deserve better-looking friends. I immediately lost interest in him. I didn't think he would have said anything close to that. Once you disrespect my friends I lose interest.

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#39 Ugly On The Inside

I was on a date with a girl. She was American and I'm from London. Throughout the night, she kept insulting my British accent saying it was fake and stupid. Also, she kept telling me I was pronouncing English words wrong. I wasn't. Then she kept telling other British people in the bars that they were pronouncing English words wrong. She was stunning, but her behavior instantly made me think of her as ugly.

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#40 Stuck Up

I had a celebrity crush on a singer. She has a great voice, charming looks, and everything. I remember running to my friend's house just to tell him how cool she was. Fast forward to about two years—I was very excited about getting to watch an interview that was hosted by a legendary comic. Everything was going well until she gave an answer to a question. She said something like "Oh, I don't know, you could know about this if you were famous. This is something only famous people know."

And I was blown away. I realized the power and importance of humility, and how power can corrupt a person. I instantly lost my respect for her. Fast forward to last month, she faced nationwide critiques for irresponsibly throwing a party. I am talking about Kanika Kapoor. Look her up if you want a background. A lesson learned.

File:Kim Kardashian Tribeca portrait 2009.jpg - Wikimedia CommonsWikimedia Commons

#41 Overly Obsessed

I had a really bad crush on a guy from my school and we started dating. It was all good and fun at first but then he started to get really obsessed with me. He started saying that he wanted us to be together forever and that we would get married... We were just 14 years old. He started getting too obsessed with me as the time passed and I thought it would be better to stop it now than let it get worse. I was trying to make him understand that I was breaking up with him for like two hours until I just stopped texting. I'm sorry for that guy but he was too obsessed to a creepy level.

Creepy Man Without a Face in a HoodiePikrepo

#42 Gained And Lost

I developed an interest in Guns and Roses because they were his favorite band. I started listening to their music for something to talk about but I found out I liked them a fair amount. Sweet Child of Mine remains one of my favorite songs. I bought a Guns and Roses shirt and in our gym class when we were sitting on the bleachers, he asked me what my favorite song was.

Before he even let me answer, he made it clear he thought I wouldn't know one and was just pretending to like them. I talked for a bit about how I liked all their songs that were covered because I really like covers and so many of their biggest songs were covers. He seemed to gain some respect for me but I lost respect for him.

File:Guns n Roses Nottingham 2012.JPG - Wikimedia CommonsWikimedia Commons

#43 Geez, Calm Down

She has a last name that is one letter off from a fairly common Latin name. I wrote it down incorrectly and she hissed, "I'm not a Mexican." Well, okay then. Also, shortly after that, she asked me to do a homework assignment for her, for a class I wasn't even taking. She wouldn't even tell me any of the parameters for the report.

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#44 Not A Good Look

I had a crush on this guy in middle school. I sat behind him in social studies and we would chat. I thought he was very charming, but it was also a time in my life when I had a crush of some degree on anyone who gave me any attention. Anyway, one day in class something about gay marriage came up and he busted out with: "It's Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve." That was the QUICKEST I'd ever gotten over someone in my LIFE. I'm a woman but being hateful is not a good look my guy.

Strikingly beautiful Sad girl free imagePixy

#45 Secretly Online

I hooked up with a girl I knew from Tinder. We had the beginnings of a relationship going, then she told me she had mental issues and couldn’t be in a relationship with me at the time. Sure, no problem, focus on yourself and get better. So I re-downloaded Tinder and lo and behold, she was on there... with an updated profile including a picture of her and me that was taken a week previously.

Tinder Home Page Online Dating - Free photo on PixabayPixabay

#46 No Consideration

We sat in the cinema, about to watch Endgame. It was completely sold out, and she had her coat on the seat next to her. I just let her know that she was going to have to move it because it was a sold-out theatre. She refused to move it because she didn't need to until someone wanted the seat. A person who was directing people to seats asked if her seat was free. She said no since her "friend" just went to the toilet would be back soon ... That's when I realized she had no consideration for others.

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#47 It Was My Fault

She never cared. I told her how I felt, but I only got refused and mocked. Then I moved to a different city. Slowly I realized there are more important things in my life than her. P.S: I also should have stopped when she refused to love me. It was my fault. I was stupid to lose my reputation in front of my friends for the sake of her.

#48 Gone Away

I was in the talking phase with my crush and I took her out to IHOP. She kept bringing up some other guy who was a foreign exchange student who went to a different college. She willingly showed me pictures of him without me even asking. But while looking at the photos, I noticed that the guy she was crushing on was completely unaware of her presence; almost as if she was stalking him... I walked away, dumbfounded, and left her the bill to pay. She didn't even realize I was gone.

IHOP | IHOP, Manchester, CT, 9/2014, by Mike Mozart of TheTo… | FlickrFlickr

#49 True Colors

She was really good looking but not too smart. Stereotypical blonde, but I thought it was kind of cute. We had been friends for a couple of years and I thought I had a chance with her. Turned out, she and her friend had been catfishing dudes and breaking up with them for kicks. Right after I heard about it, her stupidity wasn't cute anymore and neither was her looks.

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#50 A Huge Strike

She was literally perfect in every way, I don't know why she was interested in me. But she chewed with her mouth open... and man, I just couldn’t eat with her because it was so off-putting. She’s off to college at the end of summer but I still have one more year of high school. I'm not sure what decision I would’ve made regarding our relationship if she hadn’t been about to move away, but the chewing part was a huge strike against her.

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